10 Best Remote Work Travel Programs in 2024 (for International Work + Travel)

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Ready to trade your usual corner café for a beachside bungalow or bustling city halfway across the globe? You’re in the right spot! I’ve explored some of the coolest remote work travel programs out there, and guess what? 2024 is shaping up to be an epic year for digital nomads!

Imagine spending a week (or longer) in one of the world’s most exotic destinations. Think places like Bali, Tulum, or Costa Rica! You start each morning with sunrise yoga on the beach before heading to a chic coworking space with other cool travelers. This is what a day looks like in some of the best remote work programs in the world!

Sure, you can travel and work on your own, but these programs take care of all the logistics for you. No need to research accommodations, coworking spaces, and organized activities – it’s all included in the price. Digital nomad programs even help you with visa requirements and health insurance. A win-win!

Ready to work and travel abroad? Here are my top picks that offer way more than just a decent Wi-Fi spot. We’re talking about experiences that spark your creativity and connect you with fellow travelers. Now, let’s explore these top travel work programs abroad!

Top travel programs for remote professionals

What is a remote work program?

Remote working programs are where travel meets work in the coolest spots around. They bring together folks who are all about that hustle—from digital nomads to entrepreneurs, all living the location-independent dream, ready to work and play together in some amazing places.

When working remotely from another country, you’ll dive into local activities and fun outings. Plus, you’ve got your own spot, whether it’s private or shared, alongside coworking spaces and some seriously local vibes.

In this article, I have included the following types of remote work travel programs:

  • Short-stay: work and travel programs
  • Long-term: abroad experiences (coliving)
  • Digital nomad retreats

Remote work travel programs help you see new places, meet new people, and get inspired. Ready to find the digital nomad program that fits your vibe? Let’s dive in!

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With remote work programs, you get to immerse yourself in the local culture.
With remote work programs, you get to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Best remote working locations

Before we jump into the coolest digital nomad programs and remote work adventures, let’s scope out the top spots to hit up.

Today, you’ve got some countries dishing out digital nomad visas, while others are all about that perfect weather, epic travel spots, and speedy internet.

Below, I’ve got the rundown on the hottest places for remote work and travel in 2024. Keep these on your radar as we dive into the remote work travel programs later. Ready to find your next work-play paradise? Let’s roll!

  1. Bali, Indonesia
  2. Medellin, Colombia
  3. Austin, Texas
  4. Florianópolis, Brazil
  5. Cape Town, South Africa
  6. Madeira, Portugal
  7. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  8. Tulum, Mexico
  9. Chiang Mai, Thailand
  10. Prague, Czech Republic
  11. Barcelona, Spain
  12. Phoenix, Arizona
  13. Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
  14. Bangkok, Thailand
  15. Mexico City, Mexico
  16. Seoul, South Korea
  17. Lisbon, Portugal
  18. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  19. Da Nang, Vietnam
  20. Tenerife, Spain
Bali is one of the best remote working locations
Bali is one of the best remote working locations

10 Coolest Digital Nomad Programs in 2024

1. Hacker Paradise

  • Cost: Starts at $2,400 USD per month
  • Includes: Private room, 24/7 coworking space, complimentary breakfast and dinner, activities and workshops, onsite facilitators

Hacker Paradise is all about redefining your work and play. It’s perfect for every kind of digital nomad out there, whether you’re an artist, coder, designer, or entrepreneur. It’s flipping the script on remote work, blending the latest tech and lifestyle vibes for the ultimate work-life mashup.

Hacker Paradise is among the top remote work and travel programs
Hacker Paradise is among the top remote work and travel programs

At HP, you’ll meet folks from all walks of life, each with their own cool story and skills to share. They get it. They’re all about mixing work with an adventure.

And it’s not all work, work, work. After you shut your laptop, dive into local culture, food, and whatever else is calling you. They plan some pretty epic outings, too.

With what you pay, get ready for a lineup of cool activities, professional development events, and weekly eats together. They even sort you out with a local SIM card loaded with data.

Opting for housing through HP? You’ll land a private room with cleaning services. Or, if you prefer doing your own thing, just join the program for $1,300.

Dive into the local scene with workshops and community hangouts, and you’ll see why Hacker Paradise is among the best remote work programs.

Interested in Hacker Paradise? Follow this link and use the discount code: GLOBALVP to save $100 on this adventure!

2. The Nomad Escape

  • Cost: Starts at €829 per event/retreat (€1839 includes housing)
  • Includes: Housing at a 4* property with outdoor and indoor pools and a spa, daily meals, co-working spaces, career development, daily physical training (HITT, Yoga, etc.), daily interactive workshops and social activities

The Nomad Escape is a business and networking club for digital nomads. It’s a game-changer for anyone looking to shake up their work routine with a hefty dose of adventure. Imagine swapping your usual workspace for a vibrant, sun-soaked setting with a bunch of cool, like-minded folks.

Jeep tour of Madeira, Portugal
Epic jeep ride in Madeira, Portugal

They host some epic retreats, digital nomad meet-ups, and other cool events in jaw-dropping spots across the globe. The Nomad Escape is all about leveling up your skills and making connections with other ambitious, adventure-loving folks.

I’ve been to a couple of their retreats on the beautiful island of Madeira and one in Canggu, Bali. Here are the ones that totally rocked my world:

Each are designed with growth in mind. You’ll meet a bunch of creative, driven peeps from all over, all there to sharpen their skills and forge friendships that’ll stick way beyond the retreat.

From masterminds and workshops to outdoor adventures and other personal development opportunities, The Nomad Escape has it all. It’s no wonder this is among the best digital nomad programs out there!

The Nomad Escape is a leader in remote travel
The Nomad Escape is a leader in remote travel

3. Remote Year

  • Cost: Starts at $1,532 USD per month
  • Includes: Private accommodation (including utilities), co-working spaces, transportation between destinations, professional and social activities

Ahh Remote Year! This program’s a total gem for anyone itching to mix up their work scene with some serious globetrotting. Imagine spending each month in a new, exciting city, your laptop tagging along for the ride.

Remote Year vibes
Remote Year is where professional and social programming meet

Whether you’re up for a quick weeklong escape or a full-on year of wandering, they’ve got you covered. It’s the ultimate digital nomad’s playground, with group trips spanning Asia, Africa, Europe, and all over the Americas.

What’s really cool is the community you’ll be part of. You’re sharing this adventure with a group of soon-to-be friends from all over. Everyone’s in it together, working and exploring.

Spend a week in Cape Town or four months in Asia. Remote Year is one of the best ways to work remote from another country, and it’s easy to see why.

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Programs to travel and work don't get any better than Remote Year.
Programs to travel and work don’t get any better than Remote Year.

4. Selina CoLive

  • Cost: Starts at $330 per month
  • Includes: Accommodation, coworking space access, wellness classes (yoga, workouts, nature walks, etc.), online community, onsite facilities

Selina CoLive is a game-changer for anyone craving a fresh backdrop for their workday. Imagine waking up in a new city or a lush jungle retreat every few weeks, laptop in hand, ready to conquer the day. Some popular destinations for coliving include Bogota, Colombia and Dakhla, Morocco.

Selina CoLive is where digital nomads connect around the world
Selina CoLive is where digital nomads connect around the world

I’ve stayed in my fair share of hostels, and Selina is always my go to. Their colive program truly takes hostel life to the next level – appealing to digital nomads, backpackers, and travel addicts alike. This makes it ideal for a flexible work arrangement.

What I especially love about it is the sheer number of locations in Latin American countries. We’re talking about top fitness destinations in Colombia, Mexico, and Costa Rica!

The program itself allows you to colive in up to 3 Selina locations during a 30-day period. With CoLive Flex, you can stay in up to 5 Selina destinations for 30 nights.

What sets Selina apart is its vibe. It’s not just about a place to stay and work; it’s about feeling the pulse of each destination. They’ve got spots in some of the coolest corners of the world, each with its own unique flavor.

You’ll find yourself in a community of fellow wanderers, all sharing stories, tips, and maybe a coffee or two. It’s the kind of place where new friendships spark at communal tables and last long after you’ve checked out.

Selina CoLive nails the balance between work and wanderlust. With comfy workspaces and adventurous outings, it’s like they read the mind of every travel-loving remote worker.

5. WiFi Tribe

  • Cost: Starts at $1,320 USD (per retreat) per month
  • Includes: Housing with private or shared rooms (includes utilities), co-working spaces, social activities and community outings

Looking to work abroad with other digital nomads? WiFi Tribe is calling your name! It’s not just any travel work program; it’s about finding your people. They even run a personality test when you apply to make sure you’ll vibe with the tribe. Pretty cool, right?

WiFi Tribe adventures
WiFi Tribe adventures

WiFi Tribe offers four-week “chapters” in dope cities worldwide, where you live and work with your new crew. These aren’t your average getaways, instead you can think of them as types of retreats.

You won’t find rigid schedules here. Every chapter is its own unique adventure, but with a solid focus on keeping your work game strong. Unlike typical wellness retreats, it’s all about nailing that nomad life without putting your career on pause. This makes it a remote working journey like no other.

So, if you’re all about that remote work life and want to do it with a bunch of awesome people, WiFi Tribe might just be your next move!

Workations are a new trend in the travel industry.
Workations are a new trend in the travel industry.

6. Unsettled

  • Cost: Starts at $2,995 USD per month
  • Includes: Housing with private or shared rooms (includes utilities), co-working spaces, social activities and community outings, access to local experts and group leaders

Unsettled is a breath of fresh air for those of us craving more adventure in our work lives. Their experiences tend to attract high performing individuals – think heads of companies and industry experts. Though it’s not just for the business crowd; it’s for creatives, designers, and anyone living that location-free life.

Unsettled is a great travel work experience for established professionals
Unsettled is a great travel work experience for established professionals

What’s unique about Unsettled is its focus on personal growth and community. It’s about sharing stories, learning from each other, and growing together. Sounds epic, right?

They offer retreats ranging from one week to one month, each in a stunning location you’ve probably been daydreaming about. Bali, Guatemala, Tahiti — take your pick! And these aren’t your cookie-cutter trips. Each one is carefully crafted to inspire and challenge you, blending work and exploration.

But it’s not all work. Unsettled hooks you up with cool stuff like dinner parties, happy hours, and local adventures. Think weekend trips and spontaneous outings that’ll make your Insta pop. This isn’t just another work program; it’s the ultimate blend of work, play, and everything in between.

The average age of participants is anywhere between mid-30s and mid-40s. Though you’ll find people of all ages on these experiences. And if you’re looking for professional and language support, rest assured that there’s an onsite manager at all times. Ready to live Unsettled?

Travel work programs like this one are ideal for digital nomads.
Travel work programs like this one are ideal for digital nomads.

7. Noma Collective

  • Cost: Starts at $1,550 (for 3 weeks) up to $5,500
  • Includes: Accommodation, remote working spaces, yoga classes, curated events itinerary, access to pool/bikes/workouts, adventure outings

Noma Collective is the go-to for anyone looking to blend work, wanderlust, and wellness. It’s a community where creatives, entrepreneurs, and freelancers come together to live, work, and grow in some of the world’s most inspiring locations.

Noma Collective is one of the fastest growing remote travel programs

In 2024, Noma Collective is all set to take you to places that’ll make your feed and your spirit come alive. Picture yourself working from a cozy café in the heart of Lisbon, or brainstorming your next big project on a sunny beach in Belize. They’re also hitting up spots like the cultural hubs of Barcelona and the scenic landscapes of Antigua.

What’s special about Noma is the people you’ll meet. It attracts a diverse group of passionate, open-minded individuals, all looking to share this journey of work and exploration. You’ll network, collaborate, and maybe even start a new venture with someone you meet.

Noma takes care of the details, so you can focus on what you do best. They sort out comfortable accommodations, reliable workspaces, and local experiences that go beyond the tourist track.

So, if you’re itching for a change of scenery and a community that gets the nomad spirit, Noma Collective might just be your ticket to an unforgettable 2024. It’s a great idea if you want to take your passion project to the next level, that’s for sure!

8. Nomadize

  • Cost: Starts at $2,900 USD per month
  • Includes: Luxurious accommodations in central locations, coworking spaces, workshops, airport transfers, ultra high-speed wifi, community events

Ready for another glimpse into the location independent lifestyle? Nomadize is all about crafting epic trips for folks who crave a bit more than the usual 9-to-5 grind.

If you’re all about chasing thrills, prioritizing wellness, sparking change, and living for the adventure, you’re in the right place. Their crew is made up of visionaries ditching the typical workday for a life where work and play blur into one awesome lifestyle.

Nomadize caters to freelancers, consultants, creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, and business owners. They also attract people looking to shake things up in their careers and taking structured sabbaticals.

In 2024, they are offering remote work travel experiences in places like Chiang Mai, Reunion Island, and Buenos Aires. You can choose from anywhere between two weeks and one month. In my opinion, the two week adventures give you more than enough time to explore the destinations.

If this sounds like your kind of tribe, Nomadize is here to turn that dream into your new reality. Let’s disrupt the ordinary together!

Remote work programs are geared for entrepreneurs, business owners, and other location independent workers.
Remote work programs are geared for entrepreneurs, business owners, and other location independent workers.

9. Venture with Impact

  • Cost: Starts at $2,100 USD per month
  • Retreat Cost Includes: Accommodation with utilities, co-working spaces, social activities and community outings, access to local experts, partnership with local nonprofits and volunteer organizations

Looking for a remote work program that also encourages volunteering? Venture with Impact is the real deal for anyone looking to sprinkle some purpose into their work-from-anywhere lifestyle.

Remote travel doesn't get any better than Venture With Impact
Remote travel doesn’t get any better than Venture With Impact

This program attracts a special kind of crowd. Think social entrepreneurs, passionate freelancers, and professionals who aren’t just dreaming about change; they’re making it happen. It’s for those who want their work to mean something more. I totally wish I’d known about this company during the early days of my own inner journey!

What’s unique about this program is the focus on the local community. You’re not just passing through; you’re connecting, learning, and leaving a positive mark. And when the laptop closes, get ready for adventures that dive deep into the local scene. This includes everything from street food tours to off-the-beaten-path explorations. The professional and social programming here is next level!

In 2024, Venture With Impact is set to hit some seriously cool spots. It features upcoming retreats in places like Lisbon and Mexico City. So bring your friends along and travel with purpose. Learn more about this work remote program here.

10. Cowork Paradise

  • Cost: Starts at €2,885 for an 8-day retreat
  • Includes: Private accommodation, co-working spaces, social activities and excursions, food, mastermind with other successful entrepreneurs

Cowork Paradise is where work meets paradise, literally. It’s the ultimate escape for high-flying entrepreneurs and professionals looking to swap city skylines for tropical horizons without missing a beat on their projects.

Mastermind with thought leaders at Co-Work Paradise
Mastermind with thought leaders at Co-Work Paradise

This program is a magnet for driven, ambitious folks who are killing it in their fields but crave a change of scenery. Think startup founders, tech wizards, and creative minds who love sharing insights and energy. It caters to those who make over $250,000 per year – offering high-end experiences and masterminding with other successful business owners.

In 2024, Cowork Paradise is all set to take you to some dreamy destinations, including Bali and Croatia. Work remote from another country with a program like Cowork Paradise, and you’ll never want to go home! If you’re looking for upcoming trips in 2024, this a great way to dive into international travel.

Remote travel is becoming a major trend in 2023
Remote travel is becoming a major trend in 2024

How do you choose the best program for remote workers

Choosing the best travel program for remote workers is all about figuring out what makes you tick. First, think about what you’re itching for. Is it adventure, professional growth, community vibes, or maybe a mix of all three?

Next, consider the vibe you’re after. Some programs are all about hustle and networking, while others are more chill, focusing on balance and self-discovery. Picture your ideal workday in paradise — what does it look like?

Don’t forget the practical stuff. Check out the destinations on offer and see if they spark that wanderlust. Also, peek at the accommodations and workspaces; you’ll want somewhere comfy and inspiring.

Lastly, dive into the community aspect. The people you’ll meet can make or break your experience. Look for programs that attract like-minded souls who’ll fuel your journey with energy, ideas, and maybe a few laughs along the way. The other remote workers who show up will have the greatest impact on the experience.

Take your time, trust your gut, and when you find a program that makes your heart race a little faster, you’ll know you’re onto something special. Ready to find your perfect remote work paradise? Let’s make it happen!

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Final thoughts: Remote work programs to travel and work remotely in 2024

Hope you enjoyed reading this round-up of the coolest digital nomad programs. There are so many unique ones to choose from all around the world. Programs to travel and work come in all shapes and sizes, and I did my best to identify the coolest ones.

Have you ever worked alongside other digital nomads, remote workers, and entrepreneurs? Let me know where you worked remotely from another state or country, as I’m always looking to add to this list of the best digital nomad programs.

Cheers! -Jon

Working remotely in another country with other digital nomads
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