9 Best Remote Work Programs in 2022: Travel Abroad as a Digital Nomad

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Imagine working remotely from a tropical beachfront bungalow in Bali, waking up every morning to the sounds and smell of the ocean. You spend part of your day at a vibrant and modern coworking space with other digital nomads. You also have plenty of time to socialize with others, attending yoga and meditation classes and doing other community events and outings. This is what a day looks like in some of the best remote work programs around the world!

Work doesn’t have to be done in an office. It doesn’t have to entail the same old routine…waking up, working, eating, and falling asleep – only to do it all again the next day. In 2022, you can remotely work from just about anywhere. This includes the comfort of your home to the most exotic destinations around the world. By being a digital nomad, you can travel the world while also doing your job. It’s definitely one of the top ways to travel!

Sure, you can figure out how to work and travel on your own. However, by doing a remote travel-work program, all the logistics and trip planning is taken care of. You won’t have to look for like-minded travelers, an accommodation, coworking spaces, and activities – it’s all included in the price. These programs also help you with COVID requirements and health insurance. So, it’s totally worth it for the peace of mind!

Below, we’ll cover all the best remote work programs in 2022. This includes the travel destinations, length of the trip, program costs, and more. Now, let’s pack your bags and explore these top travel work programs abroad!

Digital nomad programs for all types of travelers
Disclosure: In this round-up of the top remote travel programs for digital nomads, I may earn affiliate links at no additional cost to you.

What is a remote work program?

Remote working programs allow you to travel and work in unique places. They bring together passionate and hardworking individuals—including digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and other location independent workers—to live, work, and experience the destination together.

When working remotely from another country, the idea is that you’ll also gain access to activities, events, and other outings. Also, expect to have your own private or shared accommodation, co-working spaces, and local immersive experiences.

In this article, I have included the following types of remote working programs:

– Short-stay work and travel programs

– Long-term abroad experiences

– Digital nomad retreats

Remote work travel programs help you to see new places, meet new people, and get inspired. Now, let’s help you find a digital nomad program that’s right for you!

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With remote work programs, you get to immerse yourself in the local culture.
With remote work programs, you get to immerse yourself in the local culture.

9 Coolest Digital Nomad Programs in 2022

1. Hacker Paradise

Cost: Starts at $2,290 USD per month

Includes: Private room, 24/7 coworking space, complimentary breakfast and dinner, activities and workshops, onsite facilitators

Hacker Paradise is a remote work program that caters to all types of digital nomads, including creatives, developers, designers, and entrepreneurs. It’s totally transforming the way remote workers live, leveraging technology and lifestyle trends to create the ultimate work-life balance.

As part of the program cost, you can expect lots of fun activities, professional development events, and weekly lunches and potlucks. It also includes a local Sim card filled with data. If you plan to do housing through HP, it includes private rooms with cleaning. Additionally, if you wish to find your own housing, you can do the program only at $1,300 per person.

Take advantage of all the local events, workshops, and community outings, and you’ll see why Hacker Paradise is among the best remote work programs.

Interested in Hacker Paradise? Click on this link and use the discount code: GLOBALVP to save BIG on this adventure!

2. Remote Year

Cost: Starts at $1,535 USD per month

Includes: Private accommodation (including utilities), co-working spaces, transportation between destinations, professional and social activities

Unlike the other remote work programs on this list, Remote Year offers everything from weeklong retreats to annual work-travel arrangements. It’s truly a digital nomad’s dream, offering group travel opportunities in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Central and South America.

Spend a week in Cape Town or a longer retreat (a 4-month journey) in Asia. Remote Year is one of the best ways to work remote from another country, and it’s easy to see why.

Programs to travel and work don't get any better than Remote Year.
Programs to travel and work don’t get any better than Remote Year.

3. WiFi Tribe

Cost: Starts at $1,200 USD (per retreat) per month

Includes: Housing with private or shared rooms (includes utilities), co-working spaces, social activities and community outings

Looking to work abroad with other digital nomads? WiFi Tribe is calling your name! This travel work program will truly help you find your tribe, as it conducts a personality test during the application process to assess your values and whether you’re a good fit. Such a great idea!

WiFi Tribe offers four-week “chapters” in different cities around the world, where you get to work and live. These chapters are not just ordinary trips, instead you can think of them as types of retreats. There are no structured itineraries; each experience is unique. However, unlike typical wellness retreats, there is a strong emphasis on professional growth and staying productive while traveling – thus making the nomad lifestyle sustainable.

If you’re looking to work remote in another country, WiFi Tribe is for you!

Workations are a new trend in the travel industry.
Workations are a new trend in the travel industry.

4. The Nomad Escape

Cost: Starts at €899 per event/retreat (€1849 includes housing)

Includes: Housing at a 4* property with outdoor and indoor pools and a spa, daily meals, co-working spaces, daily physical training (HITT, Yoga, etc.), daily interactive workshops and social activities

The Nomad Escape is a business and networking club for digital nomads. They host retreats and other events in exotic places around the world, focusing on building skills and networking with like-minded business professionals and entrepreneurs.

Later this fall, I’ll be attending two events with them in Madeira, Portugal: Nomad Island Fest and Level Up Club Business Retreat. Each are designed with growth in mind, bringing together creative and motivated individuals from around the world to hone their skills and build relationships that will last a lifetime.

From masterminds and workshops to outdoor adventures and other personal development opportunities, The Nomad Escape truly has it all. It’s no wonder this is among the best digital nomad programs out there!

5. Unsettled is one of the coolest remote work programs

Cost: Starts at $2,000 USD per month

Includes: Housing with private or shared rooms (includes utilities), co-working spaces, social activities and community outings, access to local experts and group leaders

Unsettled is a remote work program like no other, offering plenty of opportunities for adventure and personal growth. It brings together unique groups of people outside of just entrepreneurs and business professionals. This includes artists, designers, and other location independent workers. Enjoy exotic destinations like Bali, Argentina, Medellin, or Tuscany while you’re working. Such an amazing remote travel arrangement!

In addition to the professional development stuff, Unsettled coordinates other fun outings, including dinner parties, happy hours, local getaways, weekend excursions, and more. Work remote programs truly don’t get any better than this.

Travel work programs like this one are ideal for digital nomads.
Travel work programs like this one are ideal for digital nomads.

6. Project Getaway

Cost: Starts at $425 USD for 6 days

Includes: Accommodation, co-working and entertainment spaces, three meals per day, speaker sessions and workshops, social activities and community events, laundry service, adventure outings

For work retreats and start-up teams, there’s no better way to work remote from another country than through Project Getaway. This community-inspired organization offers bucket-list-worthy experiences in Bali. They brand themselves as offering “workcations” – a type of experiences that bridges vacation with work. In other words, this new travel trend seeks to combine business trips with leisure travel.

Take advantage of fun group activities like sunrise volcano treks, rafting trips, and weekend overnights. This truly takes work remote in another country to a whole new level.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur looking to build team camaraderie, Project Getaway has got you covered.

7. Behere is among the best remote work travel programs

Cost: Starts at $1,530 USD per month

Includes: Apartment rentals in central locations, co-working spaces, fitness studios, access to local guides

Want to work remotely? Behere is a great service that will help you find your dream digital nomad program. The site allows you to search for fully furnished apartments, workspaces, and fitness studios around the world – perfect for traveling and working.

Some popular Behere locations include Bali, Barcelona, and Austin, Texas. Their team has vetted more than 1,200 spaces in 100+ countries, so you can trust them to find a space that’s right for you.

Remote working programs don’t have to break the bank, and Behere is a great testament of that.

Remote work programs are geared for entrepreneurs, business owners, and other location independent workers.
Remote work programs are geared for entrepreneurs, business owners, and other location independent workers.

8. Venture with Impact

Cost: Starts at $2,100 USD per month

Includes: Accommodation with utilities, co-working spaces, social activities and community outings, access to local experts, coordinating events with local volunteer organizations and nonprofits

Looking for a remote work program that also encourages volunteering? Venture with Impact is the answer.

This form of remote travel is for digital nomads who are seeking a social impact. In addition to offering professional development opportunities, the main goal behind VWI is to help people rediscover their purpose. I wish I had known about this company during the early days of my own inner journey!

Venture With Impact has upcoming retreats in places like Lisbon, Mexico City, and New Orleans. Learn more about this work remote program here.

9. Another top digital nomad program: Cowork Paradise

Cost: Starts at €2,885 for an 8-day retreat

Includes: Private accommodation, co-working spaces, social activities and excursions, food, mastermind with other successful entrepreneurs

As far as working remote abroad goes, Cowork Paradise is among the most exclusive. They cater to business professionals who make over $250,000 per year – offering high-end experiences and masterminding with other successful business owners. Most of the accommodations offered on these retreats are luxury villas in Bali and Europe.

Work remote from another country with a program like Cowork Paradise, and you’ll never want to go home!

Remote work programs to travel and work remotely in 2022

Hope you enjoyed reading this round-up of the coolest digital nomad programs. There are so many unique ones to choose from all around the world. Programs to travel and work come in all shapes and sizes, and I did my best to identify the coolest ones.

Have you ever worked alongside other digital nomads, remote workers, and entrepreneurs? Let me know where you worked remotely from another state or country, as I’m always looking to add to this list of the best digital nomad programs.

Cheers! -Jon

Working remotely in another country with other digital nomads
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