24 Tips on International Travel: Things to Do Before Traveling Abroad

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International Travel Tips
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Looking to travel abroad? Here are some top tips for international travel

International travel can be pretty stressful. At the same time, it opens our eyes to the world – making us smarter travelers and better people. Equipped with the right international travel tips, you can truly enjoy your vacation abroad and all of the unique experiences that come with it.

Whether you’re traveling abroad for the first time or you’re a seasoned globetrotter looking for a refresher, we’ve got you covered. Here are 24 tips on international travel that will serve you well on your next adventure!

Tips for international travel that every traveler should know about.
Tips for international travel that every traveler should know about.

1. Decide which international destination you want to visit

There are so many places to visit and so little time! Here are some helpful questions you can ask yourself to narrow down the options:

How far away do you want to go? How far are you willing to fly (or drive)?

Are you looking for a touristy place where English is broadly spoken or a hidden gem? How comfortable are you traveling abroad to a place with a culture and lifestyle that is very different to yours?

What type of trip are you looking for? A beach getaway or cruise, a nature trip to the mountains, or a city break with nightlife?

Whether this is your first international trip or your 100th, these tips for traveling internationally will help you prepare for it!

This international travel tip is particularly important if you’re traveling abroad to places in Asia or Africa, where medical experts believe there are heightened health risks.

In addition to contacting your doctor, government websites are also a valuable resource. I always check the US Department of State website for advisories and recommended vaccinations prior to traveling. Such government resources are crucial, as they tend to be updated regularly, as health conditions in a given place can suddenly change. This is especially true during these COVID times, as many countries and cities have instituted rules and restrictions.

Though you may already have the required vaccinations for most countries, it’s always a smart idea to double check. This is absolutely one of the top tips for first time international travel.

One of the best tips for international travel: always check to see if vaccinations are required for your destination.
One of the best tips for international travel: always check to see if vaccinations are required for your destination.

3. Ensure your passport will not expire within 6 months of visiting

This is one of the most important tips that should be on your international travel checklist.

Most countries don’t allow entry for tourists unless their passport will expire at least 6 months after the final travel date. In other words, if your passport has less than 6 months until expiration, you must renew it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to travel internationally. Don’t wait until the last minute – be sure to check your passport’s expiration date now!

Haven’t had a passport before? Here’s a link to the official U.S. government website that processes passports. As of 2022, the application fee for U.S. passports is $130 for adults and $100 if you’re under 16 years old. There’s an extra fee of $60 if you need to expedite the process. Despite there being COVID-related passport delays last year, I received an expedited passport within a few weeks. This is among the most important tips for traveling abroad, hands down.

International Travel Passport

4. Make copies of your passport

Got a valid passport? Great! Now make a few copies and bring at least one with you on your trip. This is a good idea in case your passport gets lost or stolen. This happens more than you think. When I studied abroad in Barcelona back in 2014, some of my friends were robbed and pickpocketed, and two people had to get new passports issued. Though it’s not super common, it does happen. Better safe than sorry!

If such a thing ever happened to you, having a copy will help you prove your citizenship and allow you to get back into your home country.

5. Another tip for international travel: Register with your country’s embassy

This is a best practice wherever you go, but it’s especially important if you’re heading to a country that’s known for having crime or political/social unrest. By registering with the embassy in your destination, you’ll have a contact that can help you in case of an emergency.

It's always a good idea to register with your country's embassy when traveling internationally.
It’s always a good idea to register with your country’s embassy when traveling internationally.

6. Check to see if the country you’re visiting requires a visa

This tip on international travel is often overlooked (or put off until the last minute), but it shouldn’t be.

In addition to needing a passport, some nations require that visitors obtain a visa before entering. In some countries like Turkey and Oman, you can purchase the visa upon arrival at the airport. However, countries with strict immigration laws (i.e. China) require that you submit a visa application well in advance.

Obtaining a tourism visa can sometimes take a long time (and be a cumbersome process), so it’s best to get a jump start on that early.

7. Compare costs of accommodations prior to booking flight

This is one of the most crucial world wide travel tips that you should be aware of.

If you’ve ever contemplating visiting popular destinations like Venice or Santorini, you’ll know that each of these places can be fully booked out during the busy summer months. As such, it’s a good idea to do a quick scan of hotels and other accommodations prior to booking a flight.

Imagine if you booked a trip to Santorini, only to find out moments later that all the hotels under $500/night are booked out during your travel dates? You’d either have to stay in a hotel for over $500 per night or find another island to spend your vacation. Not fun!

Though the aforementioned scenarios aren’t likely an issue for most destinations, better safe than sorry! For risk averse people, this is among the best tips for traveling internationally.

International travel tips for those wishing to visit Europe: don't wait until the last minute to book accommodations.
International travel tips for those wishing to visit Europe: don’t wait until the last minute to book accommodations.

8. Get a credit card with no foreign transaction fees

This is definitely one of the top tips on international travel.

Thanks to credit cards, the days of carrying copious amounts of local currency are over. I have the Chase Sapphire Card, which offers no foreign transaction fees, 2x points on travel and dining, and 25% additional value when redeeming travel expenses (airfare, hotels, car rentals and cruises). I highly recommend getting a credit card like this, so you won’t have to worry about international transaction fees. It also allows you to rack up travel rewards that you can use for future trips!

American Express also has some solid international credit cards, which include benefits like Lounge Access and airline fee credits. Is this one of the best traveling abroad tips? Absolutely!

Getting a travel credit card is one of the top travel tips before traveling abroad.
Getting a travel rewards credit card is one of the best tips for traveling internationally.

9. Make sure your credit card works internationally

Before traveling to another country, there are two things you’ll want to do with your credit card.

Firstly, make sure the card actually works abroad. Some countries in Europe, for example, require that you use a card with chip and PIN technology. If you’re using an outdated card with a magnetic strip, you’ll want to make sure establishments in your destination will accept it. Many European eateries and other businesses will accept a signature in lieu of a PIN/chip, but things are changing fast. It wouldn’t surprise me if magnetic strip cards stopped working over there in the near future.

In addition, notify your credit card company about your international travel plans. This will ensure the card is “unlocked” so it works abroad and you won’t have to worry about it being declined due to suspicious activity. To do this, either call your credit card company directly or set it up yourself on the company’s website or app. Some credit card companies nowadays do this automatically as well. If you’re unsure how this works, be sure to call the toll free number on the back of the card.

10. Always carry local cash

Though credit cards can cover most international expenses these days, you should still carry local cash when visiting a foreign country. Not all establishments take credit cards, particularly in off-the-beaten-path destinations.

If there are any overseas travel tips that you should heed, it’s definitely this one!

As an international travel tip, It's always prudent to carry local currency.
One of the top travel abroad tips: it’s prudent to always carry local currency.

11. Look up the exchange rate before arriving in your destination

Here’s another one of the most important tips for traveling abroad: Before getting to your destination, be sure to familiarize yourself with the currency conversion or exchange rate. Whether you’re buying street food or souvenirs, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of the local currency so you won’t get ripped off.

Doing so could even prevent a mini heart attack. For example, seeing 10,000 Icelandic Króna on my dinner bill sent a jolt through my body (thankfully it’s only $75). In addition to doing quick mental math, Travel apps like XE Currency can help with this. This is definitely one of the most important tips on international travel.

International travelers should have a rough idea of the exchange rates prior to visiting.
International travelers should have a rough idea of the exchange rates prior to visiting.

12. Get local currency from an ATM in your destination (rather than at home)

Exchange rates tend to be more favorable in the destination than at home. As such, you should plan to go to a bank or ATM once you arrive in the country you’re visiting to get the best bang for your buck.

Note: the exchange rates provided at airports (and even at currency conversion centers in the city), are typically a rip off. Instead, go to a bank or ATM, where there are no hidden fees beyond what your credit/debit card company may charge. That way, you’ll know you’re getting a fair conversion rate that’s in alignment with the market.

13. Give yourself time to get over jet lag

During my first international trip to Europe, I remember being under a major time crunch. I only had a couple of weeks of vacation time each year with my employer, so I had to pack it all in. As a result, I didn’t give myself much of a buffer…it was all ‘go go go’!

Learning from that experience (and many others), here’s an international traveling tip for you to consider: factor jet lag into your travel plans. I recommend setting aside at least a day in your itinerary to recover from jet lag. That way, your mind and body can acclimate to the new time zone and you’ll be able to fully take in the experience.

In addition, to help you minimize jet lag, be sure to drink plenty of water both before and during your flight. This is one of the traveling tips that should never be overlooked, especially when you’re traveling abroad.

Heed this travel abroad tip to avoid jet lag.
Heed this travel abroad tip to avoid jet lag.

14. Wear a money belt to protect your passport and valuables

I wish I had a penny for every time somebody tried to pickpocket me in Barcelona. Wearing a money belt in a foreign country is a great idea, especially if your hotel room doesn’t have a safe. I know many people who were pickpocketed without even knowing (be sure to never leave your wallet in a back pocket).

If you’re vehemently against wearing a money belt (for style or other reasons), I recommend making copies of your passport and credit cards. Better safe than sorry!

For travelers who want peace of mind, this is one of the top tips for traveling internationally.

15. Research places where the locals go

One of the best things about traveling is being able to immerse yourself in the local culture. Rather than eating at McDonalds or shopping at international chains, I recommend researching spots where you’ll find locals. This is why I love hole-in-the-wall restaurants and dive bars. TripAdvisor reviews are particularly helpful with this. There are many other travel apps out there as well. Walking tours are also a great way to learn about the hidden gems and neighborhoods where the locals hang out.

Researching what you want to see is always one of the best tips on international travel.
A local neighborhood in Hongcun Village, China.

16. Follow a travel blogger on social media who has been to the places you want to visit

Before traveling abroad, it’s always helpful to learn from people who have been there. As such, I recommend finding travel bloggers, influencers, or guides who have been to the destination you wish to visit. Not only can you subscribe to their content, but you can also send them messages and ask questions.

And now…here’s my shameless plug to follow me on Instagram: @Global.Viewpoint! 🙂

17. Purchase tickets for attractions in advance

This is definitely one of the most important international travel tips. Not only will this give you a head start in planning your itinerary, but it will also help you avoid long lines.

I’ve made the mistake of not buying tickets beforehand for the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Needless to say, this lack of planning cost me valuable time in each city. Time is precious when you’re traveling!

Here's a travel tip before traveling abroad to Barcelona: Buy your tickets online in advance for the Sagrada Familia.
Here’s a travel tip before traveling abroad to Barcelona: Buy your tickets online in advance for the Sagrada Familia.

18. Read travel blogs and guidebooks

To help you plan your international trip, read blogs about travel, guides, and itineraries from travel bloggers and experts who know the destination best. I’ve always enjoyed reading guidebooks by Rick Steves and Lonely Planet. I write some guides too! Here are some of my most popular ones right now:

Long Weekend in Barcelona: 3 Day Travel Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Newport, Rhode Island

Yangtze River Cruise in 3 Days: Travel Guide + Itinerary

Best Day Trips from Bologna, Italy

The Ultimate New England Road Trip Itinerary

Yosemite National Park in 72 Hours

More travel guides and itineraries can be found on my Travel Destinations page.

19. Find out what events are happening during your visit

This is one of those tips on international travel that will really come in handy later on.

Perhaps your visit will coincide with a cool festival or ceremony that you won’t want to miss, such as a fall harvest in the Berkshires or an outdoor concert in Verona.

Research what’s happening during the week or weekend of your trip using a simple Google search (i.e. “New England festivals in October“) That’s it. Hopefully some interesting events will be happening during your visit!

20. Print your boarding pass (in case your phone dies)

Has your phone ever died during a really inconvenient time? Then definitely pay attention to this travel abroad tip.

Though I use mobile boarding passes whenever possible, I always print one as a backup. There was an instance last year when my phone was at 70% battery life, and suddenly died at the gate prior to boarding. Bad luck? Perhaps. But this traumatic experience proved to me that it’s always smarter to have a physical backup.

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21. One of the most underrated tips for international travel: Bring snacks

Airport food is grossly overpriced, so I recommend eating a big meal before arriving at the airport, and bringing snacks with you on the plane.

Once you reach your destination, it’s equally as important to be prepared with snacks. Packing them for the day gives you more flexibility and saves you money.

Unless you’re on a guided tour, you can expect that your international travels will never go exactly according to plan. It’s likely that you won’t be having lunch at 12:00pm sharp, so plan accordingly and pack some tasty snacks!

Snacks are always a good idea on a flight.
Snacks are always a good idea on a flight.

22. Pack extra clothes in your carry-on

This is one of those international travel tips that many overlook.

If you’re planning to bring a checked bag on your flight, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Even in 2022, there is a possibility that airlines can mishandle your checked luggage.

Some of my family members and friends have been the last people at the baggage claim, only to find out that their luggage didn’t arrive. Sometimes, there could be a 24-hour delay before receiving your luggage. In order to avoid having to purchase clothes at your destination (who has time for that?), I recommend packing a few clothing items in your carry-on just in case.

Packing extra clothes in your carry on is one of the best tips for international travel.
Packing extra clothes in your carry-on is one of the most important travel tips before traveling abroad.

23. Bring an international travel adapter

This international travel tip applies to everyone, especially those who use cell phones and cameras to document their adventures.

Many countries around the world have different voltages. Rather than buying individual adapters, and having to remember how many prongs apply to each place, I recommend buying a universal travel adapter/converter.

In case you were wondering – American outlets take 2 flat prongs, continental Europe takes two round prongs, and the UK takes three rectangular prongs.

24. Plan ahead on your phone plan

Don’t wait until you arrive at your destination to figure out your phone and data plan arrangement. Instead, be proactive by researching local SIM cards, or activating a global phone/data plan with your cell phone provider.

Each of these options are infinitely cheaper than the roaming charges you might accidentally incur. Be careful of that, and when in doubt, remember to put your phone on airplane mode (and use Wi-Fi)!

International travel tips and gift ideas

Looking for a travel-themed gift for a family member or friend on your next international vacation? Here are a few essential travel accessories that will enhance your next international adventure:

*Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases from the affiliate links below.

– A neck pillow for long flights. Nothing is worse than having neck and back pain during long flights. I recently bought a neck pillow, which has made long flights and bus rides much more bearable.

– A drone to capture the perfect vantage point. Not only are drones a fun toy, but they also capture spectacular landscapes and memorable moments. My best travel investment was the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum, which I use to take aerial shots and videos. A more portable and cheaper alternative is the DJI Mavic Air. Both drones are very fun and easy to use!

An international travel adapter. A universal travel adapter isn’t the most exciting gift idea out there, but it’s absolutely necessary for international travel.

A nifty travel suitcase with packing cubes. During international travels, it’s all about packing light and efficiently. That’s why I prefer to travel with a nifty suitcase wherever I go. In addition, I always use packing cubes, an awesome way to efficiently pack the space inside.

A travel backpack with sufficient compartment space. I prefer to travel with a versatile Swiss Gear backpack at all times. This backpack contains a lot of durable compartments – perfect for city trips and nature walks! Having one of these is among the top world travel tips.

These tips show you how to make international travel easier.
These tips show you how to make international travel easier.

Travel tips and tricks for your next international adventure

Whether you’re a frequent globetrotter or an occasional traveler, I hope these international travel tips and tricks will serve you well! Traveling abroad should be all about enjoying new experiences, rather than feeling stress and anxiety.

Are you planning a trip to Europe in 2022? Looking for ideas and inspiration of cities to visit on this beautiful continent? If so, check out my long weekend itinerary in Barcelona and top things to do in Verona, Italy blog posts!

Are these tips helpful? Are there any other important international travel tips that you think I should mention? Please feel free to let me know! Happy Travels! -Jon

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Happy Travels! -Jon

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