Barcelona on a Budget

by Global Viewpoint
Image of the Barcelona Cathedral
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As the capital of Catalonia—the wealthiest region of Spain—Barcelona is among the top cultural and economic hubs in Europe. Striking a unique balance between culture, beach, cuisine, history, and nightlife, Barcelona can also be quite pricey—especially in the touristy parts of the city.

In order to keep your Barcelona vacation costs within reason without holding back, I strongly recommend considering the following 5 tips to experience Barcelona on a budget.

1. Choose Airbnb 

Hotel prices in Barcelona can be outrageously expensive, especially during high season (May-August). To avoid these steep accommodation prices, it is best to stay in an Airbnb—where you can uncover cheap deals in some of the best parts of the city.

I recommend Airbnbs on the streets adjacent to the Ramblas (the premier shopping street connecting Plaza Catalunya to the waterfront). There, you can expect to pay between $50-80 per night for a fully-equipped studio (or in the $25-40 range for something more basic). This option is most appealing for travelers in groups of 2-3 who wish to pay less than the price of a hostel.

Why stay in a hotel when you can be equally as comfortable in an Airbnb? Or better yet, why stay in a hostel when you can save money and have a more authentic experience with Airbnb?

Barcelona is a great destination during all times of the year
Barcelona can definitely be visited while on a budget.

2. Shop at Mercadona

Though I highly advise that you splurge on Barcelona’s delicious tapas and paella, I also recommend checking out Spain’s premier budget supermarket—Mercadona—to keep costs down while discovering some authentic Spanish foods.

At Mercadona, you can expect to pay in the €5 range for a baguette, package of chorizo, 5 liter tub of water, and decent bottle of wine (or my guilty pleasure, Don Simon sangria). Rather than buying out everywhere as you explore the city, shopping for meals and snacks at Mercadona will ensure a satiated and low-cost day.

3. Try paella along the Barceloneta

The best paella in Barcelona is not served on the touristy Ramblas street or in the Gothic quarter, but rather near the beach— along the Barceloneta.

Have you ever seen perfect competition in action? Along the Barceloneta, there are nearly 10 restaurants with identical menus and competitive deals. If you stroll along this strip of restaurants and show curiosity about their food offerings (even though all menus are exactly the same), a restaurant promoter may offer you a discounted rate or complimentary bottle of wine to accompany your meal. For only €15, you can expect wine, a starter, and the best paella which will leave you wanting to return.

Barcelona's beach is the best place to find paella on a budget
Barcelona’s beach.

4. Purchase the T-10 Metro Pass

Beginning when you arrive at the airport, do not be fooled into buying a one-way ticket into city. Barcelona is a very spread-out city that cannot be exclusively explored on foot. The T-10 metro pass—which can be purchased at the airport for only €9.95— will offer you 10 rides, with the airport commute comprising 1 of them. In how many major cities can you reach the city center from the airport for only €1?!

There are no separate zones within the city, so each trip on the metro only counts as one ride. When jumping between the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and the beach, use the T-10 metro pass to maximize your time!

Authentic Spanish cuisine
Tapas are an important part of Spanish life.

5. Keep your wallet in your front pocket

Barcelona is widely considered the pickpocketing capital of Europe. I have heard of too many people losing their valuables to pickpocketing in Barcelona. These street thieves are professional pickpocketers, who have a repertoire of techniques to commandeer your money and personal belongings.

I recommend informing yourself on the most recent techniques being used (based on police accounts and Barcelona-based tourist guides). The best advice is to keep your wallet in your front pocket and avoid large crowds on the streets. Keep a watchful eye of your bags and personal belongings on the metro more than you otherwise would.

Barcelona seafront area
Barcelona’s seafront area is perfect for a stroll.

By adhering to these five tips, you will ensure that your stay in Barcelona is an economical one. I hope you find these tidbits of advice helpful in your quest to enjoy Barcelona on a budget!

The Spanish capital is well-known for its paella
Paella is a must when visiting Barcelona.

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Happy Travels! -Jon

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Karen July 3, 2017 - 15:29

I didn’t realize this! Awesome!

Karen July 3, 2017 - 13:18

I never know what public transportation tickets to get because day passes always seem to be such a rip off. I didn’t realize the T10 Pass was such a good deal. Next time I’ll have to buy it.

Kaitlyn Diane July 3, 2017 - 13:04

Very well written and informative! Nice work! And I love the layout of your blog! It looks great! Can’t wait to follow along!

Eveline July 2, 2017 - 17:41

Very useful tips, I was victim of your mentioned pick pocketing. Someone tried to pull down my golden necklace! So be really careful there. But the city is so wonderful that good memories predominance absolutely !


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