13 Cheapest Places to Fly From Spokane (Right Now)

by Flora
here are the 13 cheapest places to fly from Spokane in 2023
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Are you looking for the cheapest places to fly from Spokane? Hoping to find a unique and exotic vacation destination with affordable flight options from Spokane International Airport? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got some fantastic options for you.

If you’re from Spokane, you know that it’s a captivating, lively place to be. But as wonderful as Spokane is, there’s so much more to experience in the world. That’s where traveling comes in!

But you might be thinking, “I can’t afford to travel, especially from Spokane where costs can sometimes get high.” Don’t worry – there are plenty of cheap flights from Spokane that can get you to some astonishing places. With a bit of research and flexibility, you can discover terrific deals on airfare that will let you journey around the world without straining your wallet. Flying affordably from Spokane is definitely achievable on a budget!

So, if you’re itching to travel but aren’t sure where to begin, consider delving into these budget-friendly destinations from Spokane. Who knows where your adventures might lead you?

Whether you’re from the Spokane Valley, the heart of the city, or another part of the Spokane region, you’re going to be thrilled by these economical flights from Spokane in 2023.

The cheapest places to fly from Spokane right now
This article on the cheapest places to fly from Spokane contains affiliate links where I may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

#1 tip for finding cheap flights from Spokane

Looking for cheap places to fly from Spokane? Before jumping into all the coolest cities and airports to fly into, I want to share a quick tip to save money on airfare.

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Other considerations when finding cheap places to fly from Spokane

To find the cheapest places to fly from Spokane, I focused on major airports in the Western US, Canada, and other accessible parts of North America. Sure, you can occasionally find flight deals to more distant locations. However, more often than not, these destinations will offer the cheapest fares and are the most reachable from Spokane.

Note that flight prices from Spokane can vary significantly throughout the year. For example, a flight to Seattle might be more expensive in the summer than in the fall, due to the allure of the Pacific Northwest during warmer months. If you’re looking to explore further into Canada or the US, consider traveling during the off-peak seasons. Although the cost of a roundtrip fare may fluctuate, the cheapest destinations from Spokane should largely remain consistent, regardless of when you’re setting off.

For the purposes of this article, I removed nearby destinations from this list. This includes cities like Missoula, Yakima, Tri-Cities, and Coeur d’Alene, which have affordable flight deals from Spokane but are within driving distance. Instead, I turned my attention to flights from Spokane to a broader range of locations.

From domestic to international flights, here are the 13 cheapest places to fly from Spokane International Airport in 2023.

Looking to save BIG on airfare? I recommend signing up for Dollar Flight Club. Thanks to DFC, I saved $5,000+ on travel in 2023…so I couldn’t recommend it more!

1. Spokane to Seattle ($29 roundtrip)

Seattle, a jewel of the Pacific Northwest, often tops the list of cheapest places to fly from Spokane. When you think about iconic skylines, lively markets, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, Seattle undoubtedly springs to mind. With Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, and the enchanting Chihuly Garden and Glass, there’s no shortage of reasons to make the short hop over!

Leading the rankings of cheapest place to fly from Spokane, Seattle shines as a gem in the Pacific Northwest.
Leading the rankings of cheapest place to fly from Spokane, Seattle shines as a gem in the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (often called Sea-Tac) serves as the primary gateway to this bustling city. From Spokane, Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines often provide the most competitive prices, especially for those non-stop flights that get you there in a jiffy. But here’s a little secret: if you’re on the hunt for the cheapest flights from Spokane to anywhere, especially to Seattle, consider flying during Seattle’s “shoulder seasons” in late spring and early fall. Not only will you snag some budget-friendly flight deals, but you’ll also get to witness the city’s true charm without the heavy tourist traffic.

But why Seattle? Well, apart from the mesmerizing views of Mount Rainier and Puget Sound, the city’s vibrant arts scene, rich musical history (think Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix), and incredible seafood are unbeatable. Plus, with it being one of the cheap destinations from Spokane, your wallet will thank you!

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for cheap trips from Spokane that pack in culture, adventure, and fantastic food, Seattle’s your answer. Ready to embrace the Emerald City? Grab those tickets and let’s jet!

2. Spokane to Portland ($55 roundtrip)

Welcome to the hipster haven of the West Coast: Portland! Known for its vintage stores, food trucks, and indie music scene, Portland stands out as one of the cheapest places to fly from Spokane. Not only does its proximity make it wallet-friendly, but it’s also a destination that packs a punch in experiences.

Portland, renowned for its vintage boutiques and independent music culture, ranks among the cheapest places to fly from Spokane.
Portland, renowned for its vintage boutiques and independent music culture, ranks among the cheapest places to fly from Spokane.

Portland International Airport boasts a unique fun fact: it’s often voted as having the best airport carpet, inspiring its own range of quirky souvenirs. Catch a non-stop flight with airlines like Alaska Airlines, ensuring you’re getting the best deals out there. And if you’re thinking of the perfect time to visit, spring emerges as a winner, with the city’s gardens, especially the renowned Japanese Garden, in full bloom.

Venture into Powell’s City of Books, the largest independent new and used bookstore in the world, or dive into the local coffee culture that rivals any in the world. Sustainability, an unwavering commitment to biking, and a delightfully “weird” spirit set Portland apart from its counterparts.

So, when scouting for the cheapest places to fly from Spokane, let Portland top your list. It’s not just about the savings; it’s about diving into a world bursting with creativity and charisma. Adventure is calling; answer it in Portland!

3. Spokane to Boise ($79 roundtrip)

Nestled in the heart of Idaho, Boise emerges as not just an affordable escape but a destination rich in cultural vibrancy and scenic allure. Recognized as one of the cheapest destinations to fly from Spokane, Boise beckons travelers seeking an authentic Northwestern experience.

Located in the heart of Idaho, Boise is a destination brimming with cultural vibrancy and captivating natural beauty.
Located in the heart of Idaho, Boise is a destination brimming with cultural vibrancy and captivating natural beauty.

Upon arrival at the Boise Air Terminal, also known as Gowen Field, travelers are often pleasantly surprised by its efficiency and charm. A lesser-known fact about this terminal is its impressive footfall—serving over 4 million passengers annually.

For budget-conscious traveler, airlines such as Alaska Airlines offer non-stop flights from Spokane to Boise. The average flight duration is a manageable 1 hour and 15 minutes, positioning you swiftly into the heart of Idaho’s capital.

Beyond its accessibility, Boise’s allure lies in its harmonious blend of urban sophistication and outdoor splendor. Downtown Boise pulsates with a mix of eclectic boutiques, culinary delights, and artistic venues, such as the renowned Freak Alley Gallery. Simultaneously, the Boise River Greenbelt offers a refreshing touch of nature amidst the cityscape.

With competitive flights from Spokane to Boise and a plethora of experiences awaiting, it becomes evident that Boise offers more than just a destination—it promises memories that last a lifetime. Consider Boise for your next adventure; the city awaits with open arms.

4. Spokane to Salt Lake City ($101 roundtrip)

Looking to discover diverse landscapes, intriguing history, and the grandeur of the Wasatch Mountains? Salt Lake City, a gem in Utah‘s crown, is an invitation to explorers looking for something extraordinary. Especially for Spokane residents, the city emerges as a delightful intersection of affordability and adventure, solidifying its reputation as one of the cheapest places to fly from Spokane.

For Spokane residents, SLC is an affordable adventure hub, confirming its standing as the cheapest place to fly from Spokane.
For Spokane residents, SLC is an affordable adventure hub, confirming its standing as the cheapest place to fly from Spokane.

Setting foot at Salt Lake City International Airport, one is instantly greeted by a state-of-the-art facility reflecting Utah’s commitment to eco-consciousness. Salt Lake City stands as one of America’s greenest airports, a nod to the region’s reverence for its natural wonders.

Jetting off from Spokane to this captivating city? Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines frequently rule the roost when it comes to economical non-stop flights. And while Salt Lake City’s magnetism is year-round, a visit during the spring or fall brings out a tapestry of colors that’s pure visual poetry.

Salt Lake City is also the gateway to an epic past, with its roots intertwined with the history of the Latter-Day Saint movement. The iconic Salt Lake Temple stands as a testament to this rich heritage. Moreover, foodies will find a burgeoning culinary scene, from food trucks offering diverse global fares to fine dining experiences that can rival any major metropolis.

In essence, Salt Lake City seamlessly combines a historic core with modern-day vibrancy, making it not just a pocket-friendly destination but a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be unveiled.

5. Spokane to Denver ($122 roundtrip)

Denver, often referred to as the “Mile-High City,” stands out not only for its elevated position but also as a premier destination for travelers, particularly those coming from Spokane. Strategically situated, Denver seamlessly merges the vibrancy of a metropolitan city with the breathtaking beauty of mountainous terrains. An added advantage for Spokane travelers is the affordability of flights to this destination.

Denver is a sanctuary for craft beer enthusiasts.
Denver is a sanctuary for craft beer enthusiasts.

Denver International Airport, renowned for its expansive size, ranks among the largest airports in the U.S. This ensures a broad spectrum of airlines, offering competitive rates, for potential travelers. Interestingly, the airport has also been the subject of various conspiracy theories, adding a layer of intrigue to its stature.

For a direct and economical flight connection between Spokane and Denver, prospective passengers might consider options like Frontier and Southwest Airlines. Both airlines have established a reputation for providing cost-effective travel solutions.

Denver is distinguished for its year-round appeal. However, those keen on experiencing the city’s essence might target the spring or fall months. This period accentuates Denver’s aesthetic appeal, setting an ideal backdrop for outdoor dining or trekking through adjacent trails.

Moreover, Denver’s diverse offerings extend beyond its picturesque landscapes. The city’s skyline, juxtaposed against the Rocky Mountains, is truly mesmerizing. A burgeoning brewing industry, marked by an array of microbreweries, positions Denver as a haven for craft beer aficionados. The rich cultural tapestry, further woven by its vibrant music scene, historic locales, and eclectic art districts, substantiates Denver’s appeal.

In conclusion, Denver represents more than a mere travel spot; it offers a holistic experience without imposing a hefty price tag. It beckons with a promise of memorable moments.

6. Spokane to Las Vegas ($107 roundtrip)

In the radiant heart of the Mojave Desert lies a city synonymous with luxury, entertainment, and the thrill of the unexpected. Beyond the shimmering casino lights and renowned performances, Las Vegas stands out as a prime and economically advantageous travel choice for those in Spokane.

Delve deeper into airfare dynamics, and one discovers that the city’s vast appeal to both holiday seekers and business professionals ensures a high frequency of flights. Such volume often leads to competitive ticket pricing, rendering Las Vegas an attractively priced destination, especially when juxtaposed against other urban hubs. Landing at McCarran International Airport, visitors are not only afforded a panoramic view of the iconic Las Vegas Strip but are also introduced to over 1,300 slot machines — an initiation into the city’s ethos right from the start.

Las Vegas shines as a top cheapest places to fly from Spokane especially for Spokane residents.
Las Vegas shines as a top cheapest places to fly from Spokane especially for Spokane residents.

For those eyeing an optimal travel window, the transitional seasons of spring and fall come highly recommended. These periods offer a mild climate and often present more flexible accommodation rates.

For travelers with an eye on their budget, Las Vegas unveils a treasure trove of experiences. Aside from upscale shows and fine dining options, the city boasts a plethora of complimentary or modestly priced attractions. Among these are the mesmerizing Bellagio fountains, captivating art installations at the LINQ, and a handy complimentary tram service linking renowned spots like Mandalay Bay and Excalibur.

Las Vegas is where grandeur meets value. It beckons Spokane travelers with the promise that every cent invested yields a memorable return.

7. Spokane to Sacramento ($120 roundtrip)

Have you ever considered Sacramento as your next getaway? Often overshadowed by its flashier Californian siblings, Sacramento stands tall as one of the cheapest flights from Spokane to anywhere. The city is a delightful medley of historic charm, lush parks, and a burgeoning food scene, making it a tantalizing trip for the curious traveler.

Sacramento International Airport is your landing strip in this golden gem. Seeking the cheapest places to fly from Spokane? Southwest often waves the flag with enticing deals on non-stop flights from Spokane. It’s as though Sacramento is extending an olive branch to those scouting for cheap cities to fly from Spokane, though it’s still domestic territory!

Sacramento offers an enticing blend of green spaces and thriving culinary scene, making it an alluring destination for travelers.
Sacramento offers an enticing blend of green spaces and thriving culinary scene, making it an alluring destination for travelers.

A visit in the spring paints Sacramento in vibrant hues, making it an ideal time for exploration. Not only do you stumble upon the cheapest cities to fly from Spokane, but you’re also treated to a city blooming in its prime.

But, what treasures await in Sacramento? Roam the cobblestone streets of Old Sacramento, a living testament to the Gold Rush era. Dive fork-first into the “Farm-to-Fork” capital’s dynamic food scene, where fresh is always on the menu. Explore the majestic California State Capitol, or let the American River’s gentle flow guide you through a day of relaxation.

So, if you’re on the hunt for cheap destinations from Spokane that offer a blend of history, nature, and gastronomy, Sacramento is the golden ticket. So, pack those bags and discover California’s heart!

8. Spokane to Phoenix ($200 roundtrip)

Elevate your travel expectations and prepare to be enchanted by Phoenix, an idyllic merger of sprawling desert vistas, pulsating cityscapes, and a vibrant tapestry of art and culture. This Southwestern gem offers not only an enthralling visual feast but also emerges as a cost-effective vacation choice for those departing from Spokane.

Your journey into this sun-drenched paradise commences at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. For travelers keen on maximizing their budget, look no further than Southwest and American Airlines. Both carriers frequently present enticing non-stop offerings, solidifying Phoenix’s reputation among the affordable destinations accessible from Spokane.

Phoenix seamlessly combines expansive desert landscapes and a rich tapestry of art and culture, creating an idyllic destination.
Phoenix seamlessly combines expansive desert landscapes and a rich tapestry of art and culture, creating an idyllic destination.

To experience Phoenix at its peak, consider visiting during the winter and spring months. These seasons not only bring forth competitive airfares but also ensure you’re greeted with a climate that’s refreshingly warm, as opposed to overwhelmingly scorching.

So, what sets Phoenix apart as a must-visit metropolis? Embark on a sensory journey through the Desert Botanical Garden, a verdant testament to the region’s diverse plant life. Immerse yourself in its bustling arts districts, where walls come alive with dynamic murals, or ascend the rugged terrains of Camelback Mountain to capture panoramic vistas. As dusk envelopes the city, indulge in Phoenix’s eclectic gastronomic offerings, promising a delightful palate expedition.

Curious about the cheapest places to fly from Spokane right now? For those seeking value-packed escapes from Spokane, Phoenix effortlessly melds unparalleled experiences with budget-friendly options. Embrace the allure of the desert and let Phoenix captivate your wanderer’s heart.

9. Spokane to Los Angeles ($159 roundtrip)

As you leave Spokane’s vistas behind and set your compass toward the allure of Los Angeles, anticipate an experience like no other. Los Angeles is not only a canvas of Hollywood dreams and golden shores but also an impressively affordable journey from Spokane. Truly, it’s a fusion of iconic landmarks and budget-friendly travel.

Did you know? Los Angeles International Airport, commonly abbreviated as LAX, boasts a unique horseshoe design. A fortuitous shape for a promising trip, perhaps? On the topic of flights, carriers such as Southwest and Alaska Airlines frequently roll out appealing fares for the Spokane-Los Angeles trajectory. Opt for one of these, and you’ll be swapping Spokane’s tranquility for LA’s vibrancy in a mere 2 hours.

Shift from Spokane's serenity to the vibrant energy of Los Angeles.
Shift from Spokane’s serenity to the vibrant energy of Los Angeles.

For those eyeing the optimal LA experience, consider visiting between March-May or September-November. These months offer a temperate climate complemented by fewer tourists, ensuring uninterrupted views of the pristine beaches.

Beyond its glitzy facade, Los Angeles is a tapestry of diverse cultures, gastronomic delights, and artistic expressions. Explore the vibrant Olvera Street, find inspiration at the Getty Center, or enjoy a serene afternoon at Griffith Park, with the legendary Hollywood sign setting the backdrop. It’s a city that constantly hums with inventiveness and iconic moments.

To the astute voyagers, Los Angeles extends an invitation. Transition from the calm of Spokane to the dynamic pulse of Los Angeles and embrace a world of luxury that doesn’t necessitate extravagance. Prepare for an Los Angeles odyssey!

10. Spokane to San Francisco ($212 roundtrip)

Can you envision that iconic silhouette of the Golden Gate Bridge piercing the horizon? Allow us to introduce you to San Francisco – not just any destination, but a cost-effective gem for those setting out from Spokane! With its undulating terrains, heritage trams, and an ambiance as invigorating as the bay’s gentle zephyrs, San Francisco is an odyssey waiting to unfold.

Your portal to this urban adventure? None other than San Francisco International Airport. For the savvy traveler keen on maximizing value, Alaska Airlines and Delta should definitely be part of your itinerary considerations. These carriers offer swift, non-stop flights that effortlessly transport you from Spokane’s serenity to the heart of San Francisco’s vibrant tapestry. If your quest has been to uncover a destination that seamlessly melds culture with charisma, San Francisco is your muse.

San Francisco beckons with its rolling landscapes and a refreshing atmosphere, inviting an unforgettable journey.
San Francisco beckons with its rolling landscapes and a refreshing atmosphere, inviting an unforgettable journey.

Though San Francisco’s summer veiled in mist has its own allure, it’s during the spring and fall that the city truly sparkles. These months not only present affordable travel options but also showcase the city in an unparalleled glow.

Every corner of San Francisco narrates a tale. Delve into eclectic neighborhoods from Chinatown to the Mission. Savor gastronomic wonders at Fisherman’s Wharf, meander the quirky lanes of Haight-Ashbury, or let the literary echoes of City Lights Bookstore fuel your imagination. And, of course, the promise of vineyards in nearby Napa Valley is ever-enticing.

For those pinpointing economical departures from Spokane, San Francisco is a universe in itself. Are you set to embark on this Bay Area escapade?

11. Spokane to Missoula ($199 roundtrip)

Touted among the cheapest places to fly from Spokane, this Montana marvel is nestled amidst the state’s awe-inspiring landscapes. It’s where the pristine wilderness flirts with urban charm, making it a destination of dreams for those with an appetite for both adventure and culture. What’s even more enthralling is that for Spokane residents, this gem is not just a stone’s throw away but also astoundingly affordable to jet off to.

Touching down at Missoula International Airport, there’s a delightful tidbit that might pique your interest: the airport, while compact, boasts of a heartwarming display of local art and craftsmanship, embodying the spirit of Montana right from the get-go.

Explore Missoula, and you'll discover a diverse array of experiences woven into a vibrant tapestry.
Explore Missoula, and you’ll discover a diverse array of experiences woven into a vibrant tapestry.

Looking for that swift and wallet-friendly air passage from Spokane? Your best bet lies with Alaska Airlines, known for their frequent and direct routes to Missoula. And within a blink, or roughly an hour, you’re transported from the hubbub of Spokane to the serene embrace of Montana’s “Garden City.”

As for the optimum seasons to immerse oneself in Missoula’s splendors, late spring and early fall emerge as the front-runners. During these months, the city is drenched in a delightful temperate climate, and the surrounding nature bursts in a palette of colors, from verdant greens to rustic golds.

Dive into the world of Missoula, and what unfolds is a rich tapestry of experiences. From the serene Clark Fork River running through its heart, beckoning kayakers and anglers alike, to its vibrant arts scene, there’s an abundance to explore. Music festivals, local breweries, and the historic downtown only scratch the surface of its offerings.

To cap it off, if Spokane to Missoula is on your horizon, rest assured, it’s not just a journey; it’s an enchanting escapade waiting to be penned in your travel memoirs.

12. Spokane to Calgary ($156 roundtrip)

Ready to embark on an adventure without breaking the bank? Let’s take a flight from Spokane to Calgary! Hopping on a plane to this Canadian jewel has become one of the cheap trips from Spokane, making it both affordable and absolutely thrilling for those with an itch to explore.

Calgary International Airport is your gateway to the city’s unique blend of urban sophistication and rugged outdoor charm. Most travelers vouch for Alaska Airlines for offering those coveted non-stop flights, ensuring you’re sipping on Tim Hortons or exploring the Calgary Tower in no time.

Boarding a flight to this Canadian gem, Calgary, has become one of the budget-friendly getaways from Spokane.
Boarding a flight to this Canadian gem, Calgary, has become one of the budget-friendly getaways from Spokane.

The best time to visit? Aim for the shoulder seasons – late spring or early fall. These periods give you that sweet spot of mild weather and fewer crowds. Plus, cheap flights from Spokane  to Calgary seem to pop up more frequently during these times.

But let’s talk about why Calgary should be on your radar. Beyond its famous Calgary Stampede which garners worldwide attention, the city is a stone’s throw away from the majestic Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park. Dive into its dynamic arts scene, innovative eateries, and pulsating nightlife. The Bow River is perfect for a leisurely afternoon and the nearby mountains beckon with their snowy peaks and verdant trails.

Cheap countries to fly from Spokane might be limited, but with Calgary offering so much zest, it’s a no-brainer! Pack your bags, because Calgary’s allure is irresistible!

13. Spokane to Vancouver ($199 roundtrip)

Vancouver! The gleaming beacon of Canada’s west coast. It is where the shimmering Pacific meets the towering peaks, and where cosmopolitan vibes meld with nature’s bounty. The allure of this city is undeniable. What makes it even more irresistible for those based in Spokane is the delightful affordability of reaching this haven.

The secret sauce of airfare! Vancouver’s broad appeal to tourists, coupled with its strategic location, results in a flight frequency bonanza. This cascade of incoming and outgoing flights often prompts competitive pricing. This makes Vancouver a budget traveler’s dream relative to pricier international jaunts. And, as you descend into Vancouver International Airport, here’s a zesty tidbit to zest up your landing: YVR is adorned with a massive aquarium showcasing local marine life. Yes, you’re greeted by Pacific wonders even before you step out!

Vancouver's widespread tourist appeal, combined with its strategic location, leads to an abundance of flight options.
Vancouver’s widespread tourist appeal, combined with its strategic location, leads to an abundance of flight options.

If you’re charting out the best months to indulge in Vancouver’s tapestry of experiences without the rain playing spoilsport, circle in late spring to early fall. During this period, the city basks in the perfect blend of sunshine and cool breezes. This allows for outdoor explorations sans the umbrella.

Budget-savvy travelers, Vancouver is your oyster! Beyond the glamour of Robson Street shopping and gourmet eateries, the city offers a trove of cost-effective delights. Saunter along the scenic Seawall, immerse yourself in the cultural mosaic of Granville Island, or simply enjoy a sunset at English Bay. And for those with a penchant for heights, the Grouse Mountain Skyride offers panoramic views without the premium price tag.

To wrap it up, from Spokane’s calm to Vancouver’s charisma, this journey is an alchemy of adventure and affordability. So, pack those bags and set course for a city where every turn whispers tales of the Pacific, all without breaking the bank!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Cheapest Flights from Spokane

Looking to expand your knowledge about the cheapest destinations from Spokane? Here are some common questions I get a lot about cheap flights from Spokane to anywhere.

What are the cheapest places to fly from Spokane?

The cheapest places to fly from Spokane often include popular domestic destinations with frequent flight services. Cities such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Missoula regularly feature competitive airfare deals from Spokane. These destinations benefit from multiple airlines operating on these routes, leading to affordable ticket prices. Additionally, their proximity to Spokane and high demand contribute to the cost-effectiveness of the flights.

Which airlines offer the best deals from Spokane?

Several airlines offer competitive deals from Spokane, with the best deals often fluctuating based on promotions and seasons. Southwest and Alaska Airlines frequently have cost-effective fares for many domestic routes. Frontier Airlines can also provide budget-friendly options for certain destinations. While Delta maintains a significant presence and occasionally features special fare promotions. The most favorable deals typically depend on the specific destination and time of year.

How can I find the cheapest flights from Spokane to anywhere?

To find the cheapest flights from Spokane to anywhere, start by using flight comparison websites or apps like Skyscanner, Kayak, or Google Flights. These apps aggregate fares from various airlines and booking platforms. Setting up fare alerts for desired destinations will notify you when prices drop. Traveling during off-peak seasons or being flexible with your travel dates can also lead to significant savings. Lastly, consider subscribing to airline newsletters, as they often share exclusive deals and promotions.

What’s the best time of year to find cheap flights from Spokane?

The best time of year to find cheap flights from Spokane typically aligns with the travel industry’s off-peak seasons. Late fall (after Thanksgiving) until early spring (before Easter), excluding major holidays, often sees lower airfares due to decreased demand. However, specific deals can vary based on the destination. It’s also beneficial to monitor fare sales, be flexible with travel dates, and consider flying on less popular days, like Tuesdays or Wednesdays, to increase the chances of securing a deal.

Are there direct flights for these cheap destinations from Spokane?

Yes, Spokane International Airport offers a range of direct flights to various destinations. Some of which can be quite affordable depending on the season and airline promotions. The availability of direct flights to cheap destinations will depend on the specific cities you have in mind. For the best information, it’s recommended to check the current flight schedules on the Spokane International Airport’s official website or with specific airlines that operate out of Spokane. Popular airlines such as Alaska Airlines, Southwest, and Delta often offer direct flights to major cities from Spokane.

You can definitely find the cheapest places to fly from Spokane with ease!
You can definitely find the cheapest places to fly from Spokane with ease!

Are international destinations also cheap to fly to from Spokane?

Flying internationally from Spokane International Airport (GEG) can sometimes be more expensive than from larger U.S. hub airports. This is due to the higher volume and frequency of flights at those bigger airports.

However, it’s not uncommon to find competitive fares on certain routes or during promotional periods. Destinations like Vancouver or Calgary in Canada might offer relatively affordable options given their proximity. To secure the best deals, it’s essential to book in advance, remain flexible with travel dates, and keep an eye on airlines’ special promotions. Always compare prices from Spokane with those from nearby major airports to ensure you’re getting the best rate.

Do prices vary much between Spokane International Airport  and Felts Field?

Most commercial, passenger flights operate from Spokane International Airport, while Felts Field caters more to smaller aircraft. It’s always good to check, but Spokane typically offers a broader range of options for destinations and prices.

Any tips for ensuring I get the cheapest flights from SFF or GEG?

Book in advance, be flexible with your dates, consider flying out on weekdays, and keep an eye on promotions and deals from airlines. If you’re looking for commercial flights, you’ll likely be comparing prices at Spokane International Airport. Felts Field wouldn’t be the right comparison point for standard airline fares since it doesn’t serve the same commercial capacity.

How early should I book to ensure I get the best deals?

For flights within the U.S., booking your ticket about 2-3 months in advance is usually optimal. This window allows you to capitalize on fare fluctuations and snag a deal before prices start to rise as the departure date approaches.

For international journeys, a booking window of 3-6 months in advance is often recommended. Some routes, especially those to popular destinations or during peak seasons, might even require a bit more lead time to secure the best prices.

Can I get good last-minute deals from Spokane?

While possible, it’s a bit of a gamble. If you’re not tied to specific travel dates, you’re more likely to stumble upon a last-minute deal. Airlines occasionally slash prices on unsold seats a few days before departure.

Last-minute deals are more common during off-peak times, such as outside of major holidays or tourist seasons. Flying mid-week or during times when there’s lower demand can increase your chances.

The cheapest places to fly from Spokane for all types of travelers
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