9 Cheapest Places to Fly from LAX

by Jon Miksis
an airplane taking off from LAX airport in California
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Are you looking to escape the hustle and bustle of LA? Want to find the cheapest places to fly from LAX for an affordable vacation? Look no further! We have scoured the internet to find you the cheapest flights from LAX to anywhere. Whether you’re looking to book a cheap domestic or international flight from LAX, we’ve got you covered. 

Los Angeles is a great city that most people flock to rather than try to leave. But as California’s most populous city, sometimes you need a tropical escape to the Caribbean islands. Or maybe you want to explore this country’s many wonderful cities on a budget. In either case, I can help you find the cheapest flights this year so you can finally become the world traveler you’ve always wanted to become. 

It’s no surprise that Los Angeles is among the most expensive cities. And it’s even less surprising that travel can get expensive if you don’t know how to find the cheapest airline tickets. The good news is that because LAX is so busy, it is one of the cheapest airports in California! You can find great flight deals from LA at any time of year as long as you know what to look for. 

So, what are the cheapest places to fly to from LAX? There are so many affordable flights from LAX that it would be impossible to name them all. However, I’ve rounded up some of the most popular cheap flights from the Los Angeles International Airport. Let’s get to it!

cheapest places to fly from LAX text overlay of a play flying above california
This round-up of the cheapest places to fly from LAX contains affiliate links, where I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

My #1 tip for finding cheap flights from LAX

Looking for cheap flights from LAX? Before diving into the most affordable cities and airports to fly to from LA, I want to share a quick tip on how to save some serious cash on airfare.

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Scott’s has free and paid memberships. If you do a lot of traveling like me, the premium version pays for itself after one or two trips. I’ve saved SO much money compared to the $49 per year charge for the premium version. Don’t do much traveling yet? Check out the free version first to see what great deals are available.

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Other considerations when finding cheap places to fly from LAX

Are you ready to take a short break from the City of Angels to explore the rest of the known world? We’ve got you covered! We’ve scoured the data from major airports in North America, Europe, and beyond to find 8 of the most popular destinations and cheapest flights from LAX. 

It’s important to note that flights from Los Angeles can and will vary throughout the year. Ticket prices are like the stock market: they go up and down daily. They are also subject to supply and demand. You can expect higher fares during peak travel times, especially for popular vacation destinations. For example, it’s more expensive to fly to Hawaii in December than in March due to its high season. Other tropical destinations will be similarly more expensive in the winter.

Looking to save BIG on airfare? I recommend signing up for Dollar Flight Club. Thanks to DFC, I saved $5,000+ on travel in 2023…so I couldn’t recommend it more!

Los Angeles city skyline

Another factor to consider is location. When looking for cheap flights from LAX, west coast cities and Pacific islands like Hawaii will always be cheaper than if you were flying from Boston, for example, regardless of the time of year. You can also find cheaper flights to Asia due to proximity. 

While the cheapest flights from LAX may vary in exact price, overall, the cheapest destinations will remain relatively the same. The simple truth is some places will always be cheaper to fly to, and some will always be more expensive, regardless of the season.

Cheapest places to fly to from LAX: cheap flights deals from Los Angeles 

Below are some of the cheapest flights from LAX to popular vacation destinations. For this article, I have not included any cheap destinations from LA that are within easy driving distance. Sure, you can find inexpensive flights to cities like Oakland and Las Vegas, but we’re looking beyond cities within driving distance. 

From domestic to international flights, here are 8 cheapest places to fly to from LAX in 2023.

1. LAX to Salt Lake City, Utah ($98 roundtrip) 

Looking for cheap domestic flights from LAX? Add Salt Lake City, Utah, to your bucket list! Not only is this flight easy on your pocketbook, but it’s also easy on your itinerary. A direct flight from LAX to Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) is under 2 hours. You don’t have to worry about long layovers or losing a day to travel. 

Salt Lake City is one of the cheapest places to fly from LAX
Salt Lake City is the capital and most populous city of Utah, with so much to see and do.

Why travel to Salt Lake City, Utah? It’s a vibrant city with plenty of activities and attractions to offer. During the winter, skiing and snowboarding are among the best things to do. As America’s best ski destination, Salt Lake City offers four world-class resorts: Alta, Brighton, Snowbird, and Solitude.

Outdoor enthusiasts will also enjoy the breathtaking scenery and hiking trails of Big Cottonwood Canyon. Be sure to also visit Great Salt Lake, the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere. It’s also the biggest lake in Utah and the city’s namesake. The area is open to fishing, swimming, hiking, and boating. For those interested in the arts, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts has a vast collection of art from around the world, including works by local artists. 

Great Salt Lake, lake is the largest inland body of salt water in the Western Hemisphere
Great Salt Lake is one of the most popular destinations around Salt Lake City.

Prices for flights from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City can vary depending on the time of year, with flights in the peak tourist season often being more expensive. The cheapest time to fly to SLC from LAX is in March, which should give you enough time to hit the slopes!

2. LAX to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico ($234 roundtrip) 

For a cheap international getaway, look to Mexico! Specifically, Cabo San Lucas. This popular travel destination is located in Mexico’s southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula. It is known for its beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, and vibrant nightlife. It’s also known as one of the cheap international flights from LAX. 

Cabo San Lucas is one of the cheapest places to fly from LAX
Californians love Cabo San Lucas for its beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, and vibrant nightlife.

Visitors from California often choose Cabo San Lucas as their travel destination for many reasons. For one, it is among the cheapest places to fly from LAX. It is also convenient due to its proximity and accessibility. A flight from LAX to San Jose Del Cabo (SJD) is under three hours, making it an ideal choice for a quick, affordable getaway.

One of the most popular attractions in Cabo San Lucas is El Arco, a natural rock formation that marks the division between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. Many visitors take a boat tour to see El Arco up close and explore nearby Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach. Another popular activity is fishing, as Cabo San Lucas is known as the “Marlin Capital of the World.” This city is also excellent for snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing.

beautiful Lovers Beach in Cabo San Lucas
Lovers Beach in Cabo San Lucas.

For those looking to enjoy the local culture, Cabo San Lucas offers a variety of restaurants serving authentic Mexican cuisine, as well as shops and markets selling handmade crafts and souvenirs. Cabo San Lucas has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or an action-packed adventure. LAX to anywhere, here we come!

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3. Los Angeles to Austin, Texas ($177 roundtrip)

Curious about cheap destinations from LAX? Pack your bags, LA dwellers! Your next adventure awaits in Austin, a city that marries Southern charm with a vibrant arts scene. Known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin is a haven for music lovers, foodies, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Austin has it all
Austin has it all

Just a short 3-hour flight from LAX, Austin is an affordable and accessible getaway. With around 20 non-stop flights per day, you can easily find a time that suits your schedule.

Once there, immerse yourself in the city’s eclectic culture. Explore the graffiti art at HOPE Outdoor Gallery, take a dip in the natural Barton Springs Pool, or indulge in some world-famous Texas BBQ. And let’s not forget about the music. From the legendary Austin City Limits to countless live performances happening every night, Austin is a symphony for the senses.

So, why wait? With its affordable flights and rich cultural offerings, Austin is a city that deserves a spot on your travel bucket list. As they say in Austin, “Keep it weird” and keep exploring! It’s truly one of those cheap places to fly from LAX that keeps on giving.

Cheap flights from LAX are no match for Austin
Cheap flights from LAX are no match for Austin

4. LAX to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada ($195 roundtrip) 

Looking for the cheapest flights from LAX to Canada? Flight deals from LAX can’t touch Edmonton! The capital city of Alberta, Edmonton, is a popular destination for travelers looking to explore the beauty of Western Canada. It has numerous museums, galleries, cultural centers, stunning parks, and inviting outdoor spaces. 

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is one of the cheapest places to fly from LAX
Edmonton is a must-visit destination for travelers looking to explore the beauty and culture of Western Canada.

Edmonton is a popular destination from Los Angeles because it’s easy to access from the west coast and offers a change of pace for most Angelenos. Visitors from LAX can expect a flight time of around three and a half hours to Edmonton International Airport (YEG). Because Edmonton International is a major hub serving most major airline carriers, it’s easy to find cheap flights from LAX to Edmonton. 

When you arrive, the West Edmonton Mall is one of the most popular attractions. It is one of North America’s largest shopping and entertainment centers, featuring 800 stores, an indoor amusement park, a water park, an ice rink, a miniature golf course, and an aquarium. 

North Saskatchewan River Valley is the largest urban park in North America
The North Saskatchewan River Valley in Edmonton, Alberta.

Another popular destination in Edmonton is the North Saskatchewan River Valley, a vast park system of over 7,000 acres. It’s the largest urban park in North America, with numerous hiking, biking, and jogging trails. For stunning views of the river valley, take a ride on the High Level Bridge Streetcar! It’s definitely one of the cheapest international flights from LAX.

5. LAX to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ($149 roundtrip)  

Looking for a cross-country flight that won’t break the bank? Check out the City of Brotherly Love! Philadelphia is one of the most vibrant cities on the East Coast and offers a wealth of experiences for visitors. It’s also one of the cheapest places to fly from LAX domestically. 

Philadelphia, PA, is one of the cheapest places to fly from LAX
Philadelphia is Pennsylvania’s largest city.

Flying from LAX to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) takes approximately five hours, depending on the specific flight schedule. Direct flights are available from LAX to Philly, making it easy for West Coasters to reach this exciting destination. When you arrive, you’ll probably be tempted to grab a cheesesteak from Pat’s or Geno’s. However, locals will likely point you toward Dalessandro’s or JRP.

Next to cheesesteaks, the most popular tourist attraction is the Independence National Historical Park, which includes the iconic Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Another must-see is the Philadelphia Museum of Art, famous for its impressive collection, including works by famous artists such as Van Gogh and Monet. Before you leave, you can hit your cardio goal by running up the famous Rocky Steps.

the philadelphia museum of art at night
The Philadelphia Museum of Art.

While Philly is known for its sports teams, shopping, and food, it also has great outdoor recreation. The Schuylkill River Trail is a popular hiking, running, and biking destination. Fairmount Park is the largest urban park in the country and features over 9,200 acres of trails, forests, and meadows. The Wissahickon Valley Park is another popular destination, offering over 50 miles of hiking and biking trails through lush forests and scenic river views.

Whatever your interests are, Philly has something for everyone. And if you want to talk like a native, the official greeting is “go birds,” cheesesteaks are ordered “wit” or “without” (onions), and “jawn” can refer to anything.

6. LAX to Madrid, Spain ($539 roundtrip)  

Looking for the cheapest countries to fly to from LAX? Do you love expansive, manicured parks and European art? Then you must visit Madrid! The capital of Spain, Madrid is a popular destination for tourists worldwide, famous for its elegant boulevards and beautiful parks. 

Madrid is wide open
Madrid is famous for being an open city.

Madrid is also renowned for its significant collection of European art at the Prado Museum, including works by Goya and Velázquez. The Royal Palace of Madrid is another must-see, where visitors can admire the impressive architecture and stunning interiors.

Food and drink are a significant part of Madrid’s culture, emphasizing local ingredients and traditional recipes. While in the city, try cocido madrileño, a meat and vegetable stew, and churros con chocolate, a popular breakfast pastry. Madrid is also home to numerous wine bars and cocktail lounges, where you can enjoy local and international wines, beers, and spirits.

To enjoy the beauty of Madrid, the city has many parks, gardens, and nature preserves. Casa de Campo is the city’s largest park, with over 1,700 hectares of forests, lakes, and gardens. Retiro Park is another popular destination, with walking paths, bike trails, and a boating lake. Take a day trip to the nearby mountains of Sierra de Guadarrama and enjoy hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities.

park benches and a walking path in Retiro Park
Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain.

Flights from LAX land at Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas International Airport (MAD), the fifth-busiest airport in Europe. A flight from LAX to Madrid will take around 11 hours, depending on the specific flight schedule and any layovers. Direct flights are available from LAX to Madrid-Barajas, making it easy for visitors to reach this exciting destination! Flight deals from LAX are found throughout the year.

7. LAX to Kahului, Hawaii ($210 roundtrip) 

Looking for a tropical island vacation?  Kahului is among the cheapest places to fly from LAX. It’s located in central Maui and is home to the Maui Kahului Airport (OGG), one of the cheapest airports in Hawaii. A direct flight from LAX to Maui will take about six hours, enough time to watch a movie and nap.

Kahului is one of the cheapest places to fly from LAX.
Kahului Bay

Kahului is a beautiful destination that attracts tourists from around the world. The town offers a mix of beautiful beaches, lush greenery, and exciting attractions. One of the most popular attractions is the Maui Ocean Center, home to over 60 species of marine life. You can explore a shark tank, a sea turtle sanctuary, and a tropical reef display. Another popular attraction is the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens, which showcases over 700 native plant species. 

For those looking for For outdoor recreation, check out the beautiful beaches, including Kanaha Beach Park, which is a popular spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Visitors can also hike the Waihee Ridge Trail for stunning views of the valley and ocean. For those who want to explore the ocean, snorkeling, and scuba diving are popular activities in the area.

The Waihee Ridge Trail in Kahului offers stunning views of the valley and ocean
Hike the Waihee Trail up in the west Maui mountains.

Before you head back to LA, try some famous Hawaiian dishes. One must-try dish is the poke bowl, which consists of fresh fish, rice, and vegetables. Other popular dishes include loco moco, a dish made with rice, hamburger patty, and gravy, and spam musubi, a snack made with spam and rice wrapped in seaweed. If you’re looking for souvenirs, the Maui Crafts Guild is a great place to find unique, handmade items!

8. LAX to Denver, Colorado ($138 roundtrip) 

Looking to swap out the Hollywood Hills for the Rocky Mountains? Book a vacation to Denver! This Colorado capital is a popular tourist destination with a unique blend of urban and outdoor adventures. It’s the perfect mountain getaway for travelers of all kinds. LAX to anywhere never felt so right!

Denver, Colorado, is one of the cheapest places to fly from LAX
Denver is known as the Mile High City.

A flight from LAX to the Denver International Airport (DEN) only takes about 2 hours. Don’t let the DIA conspiracy theories get to you when you arrive. The famous blue Mustang statue dubbed “Blucifer” is not cursed, and the gargoyles aren’t sinister, either. 

While you can find great art inside the airport, you can find more outside. The Denver Art Museum, for instance, boasts an impressive collection of artwork from around the world. Another must-visit attraction is the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, which offers breathtaking city views and hosts outdoor concerts year-round. Grateful Dead, Stevie Nicks, and Dave Matthews Band have all played at this famous venue. 

Of course, no trip to Denver would be complete without trying some of the city’s famous food and drinks. One must-try dish is the green chili, found at many local restaurants. Other popular foods include bison burgers and Rocky Mountain oysters. As for drinks, Denver is known for its craft beer scene. Some local favorites include Great Divide Brewing Company, Denver Beer Co., and Wynkoop Brewing Company.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater offers breathtaking city views and hosts outdoor concerts year-round.
Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver

Love the outdoors? Denver’s got it! The famous Rocky Mountain National Park is just a short drive from the city. Here, visitors can hike, camp, and enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains. Another popular outdoor destination is the Denver Botanic Gardens, which features various exhibits showcasing the beauty of the region’s flora and fauna.

9. LAX to Grand Cayman Islands ($373 roundtrip) 

Looking for cheapest flights from LAX to anywhere? Visiting Grand Cayman Island from LA is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean.

The island offers a variety of attractions for tourists, including some of the best beaches in the world, stunning coral reefs, and vibrant culture. Seven Mile Beach is one of the most popular attractions, famous for its crystal-clear waters and pristine white sand. You can also explore the island’s many other beaches, including Rum Point and Smith Cove.

Grand Cayman Island is one of the cheapest places to fly from LAX
Seven Mile Beach

In addition to the beaches, Grand Cayman Island offers several other popular attractions. One of the most famous is Stingray City, where visitors can swim with friendly stingrays in their natural habitat. Another must-see attraction is the Cayman Turtle Centre, which is home to over 11,000 sea turtles and offers interactive experiences for visitors of all ages.

For those who love shopping, the island offers several shopping districts, including George Town and Camana Bay. These areas offer a range of shops and boutiques, selling everything from local crafts to high-end fashion. Visitors can also enjoy some of the island’s famous food and drinks, such as fresh seafood, conch fritters, and rum cocktails. Some of the island’s most popular restaurants include The Lobster Pot, Calypso Grill, and Blue Cilantro.

you can snorkel off the coast of Grand Cayman Island
Snorkel in the blue Caribbean Sea on Grand Cayman Island.

It’s hard to believe this island paradise is one of the cheapest places to fly from LAX. However, it’s easy to find deals on airfare to the Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM) any time of year. For the cheapest flights, I recommend flying in May. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the cheapest places to fly from LAX.

Here are some common questions people ask about finding the cheapest flights from LAX. Note that there are many more cheap destinations from LAX, and you can find the occasional rare deals via travel sites like Scott’s Cheap Flights (Going).

What is the cheapest airport to fly out of Los Angeles?

Los Angeles International is the cheapest airport to fly in and out of Los Angeles. Located 12 miles from the center of LA, it is the 2nd busiest airport in the US. Many different airlines fly in and out of LAX. In total, there are over 60 airlines operating out of LAX, serving 87 domestic routes and 69 international ones. 

Delta, United, American, Alaskan, Horizon Air, and Great Lakes Airlines use LAX as a hub. Additionally, Southwest, Virgin America, Allegiant, Volaris, Air New Zealand, and Qantas have LA as a focus city. Because LAX is such an important airport for US travel, it’s easy to find cheap flights from LAX to just about anywhere you want to go. 

LAX is the cheapest airport to fly from LA
LA at night

What is the best way to save money on flights from LAX?

When looking for the best flight deals from LAX, it’s important to have patience and flexibility. Amazing flight deals are never a guarantee. If your main goal is to find the cheapest flight from LAX, you may need patience while you wait for the right flight deal to hit your inbox. 

If you can be flexible about which days you fly, you can save a lot of money. For example, a Tuesday flight might be cheaper than a Friday one. Flying to a destination in the “off-season” can also save you money on airfare because of the “supply and demand” factor. 

When looking for the cheapest flight deals out of LA, you should always compare the prices of different airlines. Also, compare the cost of direct flights versus those with layovers. If you don’t mind longer travel times, consider booking a cheaper ticket with a layover or two. 

If you want to save money on flights from LAX, you must sign up for alerts from travel websites and airlines. This way, you can be notified of any sales and special deals. My personal favorite is Going. I’ve saved thousands of dollars on flights around the world with their email alerts. There’s truly no better way to find cheap flights! 

What are the most popular places to fly to from Los Angeles International Airport?

As the third-largest city in the US, LAX is a major airport for west coast travelers looking to book domestic and international flights. With over 60 airlines operating out of Los Angeles International Airport, flying anywhere in the world is possible. More than that, it’s possible to do it cheaply. 

Here are some of the most popular places to fly from LAX: 

  • LA to Hawaii – thanks to its location on the west coast, Los Angeles is a popular starting point for flights to Hawaii. You can find direct flights from LAX to Hawaii for under $300 roundtrip. 
  • LA to Bangkok – Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a popular destination for west coast travelers because of its cheap flights and accommodations. You can find cheap international flights from LAX to Bangkok for as low as $700 roundtrip.
  • LA to Cancun – While LA is known for its beaches, Cancun, Mexico, is a popular vacation getaway destination from California. You can find direct flights from LAX to Cancun for as low as $300 roundtrip. 
  • LA to Tokyo – Tokyo, Japan, is a popular travel destination easily accessible from LAX. While the city can be expensive, you can find flights from LAX to Tokyo for as low as $750 roundtrip. 
Maui, Hawaii is one of the cheapest places to fly from LAX
Hawaii is one of the cheapest places to fly from LAX

What are the cheapest flights from LAX?

Cheap LA flights are everywhere and are easy to find with the help of travel websites like Going, Skyscanner, and Hopper. There are many cheap destinations reachable from LAX. Some of the cheapest domestic flights from LAX include the Hawaiian Islands, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Denver, and Philadelphia. If you’re willing to travel further, popular international destinations like Cabo San Lucas, Madrid, and Grand Cayman Islands can also be affordable options.

Where is the cheapest place in Europe to fly into from LAX?

If you’re in Los Angeles and dreaming of a European getaway, you’re in a great position. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is a major hub with numerous flights to Europe, and with a bit of savvy searching, you can find some fantastic deals.

One of the most affordable European destinations from LAX is often Dublin, Ireland. Known for its friendly locals, historic landmarks, and vibrant pub culture, Dublin is a fantastic gateway to the rest of Europe. Plus, Ireland’s budget airline, Ryanair, offers cheap flights to numerous other European cities, making Dublin a great starting point for a multi-city trip.

Another destination to consider is London. As one of the world’s major travel hubs, there are often sales and discounted fares available. From London, you can easily and affordably reach other European destinations via the UK’s extensive rail network or budget airlines.

For the best deals, consider using a service like Dollar Flight Club. They constantly monitor flight prices and will send you an alert when they find a significant discount on flights from your chosen departure airport, like LAX.

Is it cheaper to book a round-trip ticket instead of one way out of LAX?

There are some key strategies to consider when searching for the cheapest places to fly from LAX. Depending on your travel dates, destination, and airline, costs can vary between booking roundtrip and two one-way tickets. 

In some cases, booking a round-trip ticket can save you money. Airlines often offer discounted fares for round-trip tickets, especially if you book well in advance. However, it’s important to compare both options’ prices to see which is the best deal for your specific itinerary. Compare the data from travel websites and airlines to see where to get the better deal. 

an aerial view of Hollywood, California
Holywood, California

What are the cheapest airports to fly out of near LA?

Los Angeles is a bustling hub for air travel, with several airports in and around the city that offer a wide range of flight options. While Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the largest and most well-known, there are other airports nearby that can sometimes offer cheaper flights, depending on your destination.

Long Beach Airport (LGB) is a smaller airport located to the south of downtown Los Angeles. It’s a focus city for JetBlue, which often has competitive fares to various destinations across the U.S. Plus, the smaller size of the airport can make for a less stressful travel experience.

John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Orange County is another option. It’s a bit further from downtown LA, but it serves a number of airlines and might have cheaper flights depending on your destination. It’s particularly worth checking if you’re heading to destinations in the western U.S.

Ontario International Airport (ONT) is located to the east of Los Angeles and is another good option to check. It’s a focus city for low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines, and also serves other major airlines like Delta and American.

Finally, don’t forget about Burbank’s Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR). It’s a favorite among locals due to its convenience and ease of use, and serves a number of domestic destinations.

What is the longest non-stop flight from LAX?

Are you looking to take your vacation farther with the longest direct flight from Los Angeles? You’re in the right place. The longest non-stop flight from LAX is to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Flying from LAX to the Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) is a distance of 8,390 miles. This flight, run by the UAE’s Etihad Airways, will take you 16.5 hours. 

What can you do on a 16.5-hour flight? Well, you could get double the recommended sleep for an average adult. You can also watch Gone with the Wind four times back-to-back.

While not exactly the cheapest international flight from LAX, a direct flight to Abu Dhabi will set you back about $1,000 or more for a direct flight.

cheapest places to fly from lax text overlay with palm trees and a blue and pink sky
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