12 Best Airlines to Fly Business Class Internationally in 2024

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12 Best Airlines to Fly Business Class Internationally in 2024
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Welcome to our guide on the best airlines to fly business class internationally, where we explore the extraordinary amenities and unique experiences these top carriers offer. From seats that convert into beds to gourmet meals that delight your palate, these airlines redefine luxury travel. Get ready to learn about the standout features that make these airlines exceptional in the skies!

As we look ahead to 2024, the best international business class experiences are those that turn the journey into a highlight of your trip. Imagine reclining in a seat that feels more like a personal mini-suite and enjoying service that makes you feel like the only passenger on the plane.

From the privacy of Qatar Airways’ Qsuites to the sheer luxury of All Nippon Airways’ “The Room,” get ready to be pampered at 30,000 feet. Let’s check out the best airlines that make traveling as good as the place you’re visiting.

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The Best International Business Class Airlines in 2024

As we dive into the specifics, each airline will be evaluated based on several criteria including seating comfort, service excellence, culinary offerings, and overall passenger experience. Let’s discover which airlines are setting the benchmarks for business class travel globally.

In a hurry? Here are the best business class airlines to fly internationally in 2024:

Most luxuriousQatar Airways
Best serviceANA All Nippon Airways
Top for innovationEtihad Airways
Best for comfortSingapore Airlines
Most opulentEmirates
Best for foodTurkish Airlines
Most reliableEVA Air
Best for frequent fliersCathay Pacific
Best for long-haulQantas
The top airlines to fly business class internationally in 2024

1. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways tops our list of best international business class airlines for plenty of compelling reasons. This airline has redefined flying luxury with its Qsuites, available on select Airbus A350s and Boeing 777s. These suites boast privacy doors, allowing you to enjoy your personal space high above the clouds. The seats are not only spacious but also feature a transformation into fully flat beds, perfect for those long-haul flights where rest is prized.

Every detail seems carefully curated in Qatar Airways’ business class—from dine-on-demand catering that rivals high-end restaurants to exclusive amenities like pajamas and luxury toiletries. The entertainment options are extensive, ensuring that boredom is kept at bay, no matter the flight’s duration. Add reasonably priced high-speed Wi-Fi, and it’s clear why this airline is a favorite.

If luxury, comfort, and exceptional service are what you seek in your travel experiences, Qatar Airways Business Class should be at the top of your list.

Qatar Airways is one of the best airlines to fly business class internationally in 2024.
Qatar Airways tops our list for best international business class with luxurious Qsuites and fully flat beds.

2. ANA All Nippon Airways

Step into “The Room” by All Nippon Airways (ANA) and find yourself in a business class that rivals first-class experiences. Launched with a design by architect Kengo Kuma, this suite features wood paneling inspired by Japan’s lush landscapes and offers an ambiance of calm and exclusivity. Every suite comes with sliding doors for privacy, making your space a sanctuary at 30,000 feet, making it one of the top airlines in Japan.

Flying ANA takes the best business class international flights to new heights. “The Room” is exceptionally spacious, boasting a seat width of 38 inches—practically double the average economy seat. Whether you’re looking to sleep or work, the adjustable table and personal lighting ensure comfort and functionality throughout your journey. Dishes are crafted by a team of world-renowned chefs, bringing gourmet Japanese and international dishes to your seat.

Adding to the sophisticated travel experience, ANA’s impeccable service makes each guest feel uniquely valued, with attendants providing thoughtful and prompt responses to every request. From the extensive 4K entertainment system to the plush amenities provided, ANA ensures that your journey is as memorable as your destination.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) at Tokyo International Airport.

3. Etihad Airways

Think flying business is just about extra legroom? Think again. Etihad Airways redefines high-flying luxury with its Business Studio. Imagine kicking back in a seat that stretches out into a fully flat bed, complete with privacy and direct aisle access. Flying on their Boeing 787 Dreamliners or 777s, you’re set for smooth sailing—or should we say, smooth flying!

Thanks to a slick collab with Armani/Casa, every meal is served on chic dinnerware that complements the top-notch food. Fancy a three-course meal or some gourmet snacks whenever you like? They’ve got you covered. And let’s talk perks—those Acqua di Parma amenity kits are like a first-class spa in a bag.

Starting your trip is just as swanky. Opt in for a chauffeured ride straight to the airport and bypass the crowds with fast-track security. Etihad’s lounges? They’re little slices of paradise, complete with spa treatments and top-shelf bubbly.

Etihad Airways redefines luxury with its Business Studio, offering fully flat beds and direct aisle access.
Etihad Airways redefines luxury with its Business Studio, offering fully flat beds and direct aisle access.

4. Singapore Airlines

Welcome to Singapore Airlines Business Class, where every flight turns into a luxury escape. Whether you’re zipping across the region or settling in for a long haul, the comfort levels are sky-high. With their leather-back throne-like seats designed for privacy, you’ll feel like royalty. Each one converts into a lie-flat bed, ensuring you arrive as refreshed as you left.

But let’s talk dining because it’s here that Singapore really shines. Even short flights feature multi-course meals served on fine china. And for those who plan ahead, “Book the Cook” offers an expanded menu, including gourmet treats like Lobster Thermidor. Imagine choosing your fancy feast days before you even pack!

In the world of best international business class airlines, Singapore Airlines stands out not just for comfort but for impeccable service too. Their attention to detail shines everywhere, from the unlimited free Wi-Fi for business passengers to amenity kits filled with travel essentials available upon request.

Singapore Airlines preparing for takeoff

5. Emirates

Kicking off with a chauffeur-driven ride from your doorstep to the plane, Emirates ensures your journey starts in style. Once at the airport, breeze through with priority check-in and relax in one of Emirates’ opulent lounges worldwide.

Onboard, settle into your lie-flat seat and decide whether to snooze or cruise. With a massive screen for movies and a stand-up bar for mingling, staying awake might just win. Flying Emirates isn’t just about reaching your destination; it’s about enjoying every moment up in the air.

As one of the best business class airlines for international flights, Emirates stands out with unmatched in-flight luxury. Their Business Studio on the Airbus A380 ensures every seat has direct aisle access, and the onboard lounge and bar elevate the flying experience, making socializing at 40,000 feet a breeze. With gourmet meals served on fine china and unlimited Wi-Fi to keep you connected, Emirates crafts an experience that’s hard to match.

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Emirates is one of the best airlines to fly business class internationally in 2024.
Emirates starts your journey with a chauffeur ride, priority check-in, and access to opulent lounges worldwide.

6. Turkish Airlines

Start your trip in style with Turkish Airlines Business Class. From your home to the airport, you’re covered with a free chauffeur service. At the airport, skip the lines and unwind in Turkish Airlines’ grand lounge at Istanbul Airport. This lounge is filled with perks like a huge play area for kids, private sleeping rooms, and an exclusive art showcase in collaboration with Istanbul Modern.

Once you’re on the plane, stretch out in your lie-flat seat, guaranteed on all transatlantic flights. Flying on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner? Enjoy direct aisle access from every seat, giving you all the space and privacy you need. But, if you’re on a Boeing 777, remember the 2-3-2 configuration might mean stepping over someone if you’re in a middle seat.

Mealtime is an event with the flying chef service. Kick off with a welcome drink, then dive into a selection of gourmet dishes, from appetizers to soups, all served on elegant porcelain. Wrap up your feast with traditional Turkish coffee and delightful sweets.

Turkish Airlines in flight against clouds

7. EVA Air

Step onto EVA Air’s Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner and discover the epitome of business class luxury with Royal Laurel Class. From the moment you check in, experience seamless service and swift baggage handling. Before boarding, relax in EVA Air’s exclusive lounge, The Garden, where you can enjoy a pre-flight meal like the renowned Ding Tai Fung beef noodles.

Once aboard, the fresh, new-plane scent welcomes you into a cabin of understated elegance. Settle into your seat, crafted by BMW Designworks, arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration ensuring direct aisle access for all. These seats not only offer a lie-flat experience but also come with intuitive controls for different seating positions, including a massage option and ambient lighting to enhance your comfort.

Dining aboard is a culinary journey, starting with a welcome beverage followed by a selection of fine dishes, crafted to your taste and served on porcelain tableware. As you dine, enjoy mood lighting and starry skies that add to the ambiance. Post meal, convert your seat into a bed with plush pillows and covers for a restful sleep.

EVA Air’s 787-10 Dreamliner offers Royal Laurel Class luxury and exclusive lounge access.

8. Cathay Pacific

Step into Cathay Pacific’s Business Class and find yourself in a luxury retreat. Their newly designed Boeing 777-300ER Business cabin welcomes you to the Aria Suite, a private haven with direct aisle access and a suite door for ultimate privacy. Settle into your large lie-flat bed and customize your space with personal lighting and ample stowage options.

Entertainment is right at your fingertips with a 24-inch 4K widescreen TV. Enjoy Disney+ Originals and live sports, ensuring your flight is as entertaining as it is comfortable. On the A350, the experience gets even better with advanced options to sync your entertainment.

Dining in the sky is a feast of flavors with dishes created by top Hong Kong chefs. Pair your meal with selections from an award-winning cellar, including exclusive Betsy beer, crafted to taste perfect at 35,000 feet. Cathay Pacific’s best business class international flights promise more than a journey; they offer an experience that begins the moment you board.

Cathay Pacific in flight against clouds

9. Qantas

Start your journey with Qantas, widely recognized as the best airline to fly business class internationally. Their Business Class offers a superior experience, starting with a smooth check-in process courtesy of priority counters. Enjoy swift boarding and quick disembarkation that streamline your travel even more.

Relax in the luxurious Qantas Business Lounges accessible worldwide, featuring seasonal menus designed by Neil Perry. These lounges provide a serene place to work or unwind, complete with fine dining options, premium drinks, barista coffee, and Wi-Fi.

Onboard, stretch out in the contemporary comfort of your private Business Suite or Sky Bed on the B787-9 or A330 aircraft. These seats recline to a fully-flat bed from take-off to landing, maximizing your rest time. Control everything from seating position to personal lighting via your touch screen, all while wrapped in 100% cotton bedding.

Entertainment is endless with a personal on-demand system that keeps you engaged throughout the flight. When mealtime arrives, savor Neil Perry’s exquisite dishes, served on stylish tableware, and consult with Sommeliers in the Sky for the perfect wine pairing.

Qantas offers top international business class with priority check-in, swift boarding, and quick disembarkation.
Qantas offers top international business class with priority check-in, swift boarding, and quick disembarkation.

10. Starlux Airlines

Starlux Airlines is Taiwan’s newest luxury airline, stepping up to rival Emirates with its premium services. It has launched with a focus on major US destinations like Los Angeles, bringing a fresh luxury to the skies. Their Airbus A350-900 features a cutting-edge business class, aiming to provide a top-notch travel experience.

The business class seats are a highlight, styled with elegant cream, sand, and gold tones to mirror a desert’s natural beauty. Arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, each seat offers privacy and direct aisle access. These aren’t just seats; they convert into fully-flat beds, complete with deluxe bedding for optimal rest on long flights.

Tech-wise, each passenger enjoys a personal 24-inch 4K screen loaded with entertainment options. Despite some initial hiccups with the Wi-Fi service, Starlux ensures passengers can stay connected while airborne. Starlux is also expanding its reach through a loyalty partnership with Alaska Airlines, making it easier and more affordable to book flights using miles.

Image showing Starlux Airlines business class

11. Delta Airlines

Delta One offers an unmatched experience for long-haul international flyers and select domestic routes. It’s where comfort meets luxury, with spacious lie-flat seats that turn into beds, complete with cozy bedding and a lumbar pillow that doubles as a mattress pad for extra comfort.

Before you even board, the perks begin. Delta One passengers enjoy free access to Delta Sky Clubs. Here, you can unwind or get some work done in a calm setting. Once on the plane, the dining experience is a highlight. Enjoy chef-prepared meals on a large tray table, complemented by a selection of fine wines, beers, and spirits.

Power outlets and USB ports at every seat ensure your devices stay charged, while Delta Studio offers a wide range of entertainment on personal or seatback screens. For those seeking privacy, the Delta One suite on most Airbus A350 and A330-900 flights features full-height doors and privacy dividers.

Travelers also receive a premium amenity kit from Someone Somewhere, filled with Grown Alchemist skincare products, enhancing the comfort of your journey.

Delta Connection soaring above the clouds

12. Virgin Atlantic

Flying Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class is quite the experience, blending luxury and comfort seamlessly. Picture yourself relaxing in a lie-flat seat, especially if you’re on the A350 or A330neo, which offer the newer Upper Class Suites with direct aisle access and more privacy.

These suites have motorized seats and large screens, making long-haul flights a breeze. Onboard, you can mingle at The Loft, a social area with comfy banquettes, or indulge in a multi-course meal with a selection of fine wines and spirits.

Before you even board, the VIP treatment begins with expedited check-in and access to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouses. The flagship lounge at Heathrow, with its chic design, offers everything from a full-service restaurant to a gym with Peloton bikes. There’s even a Revivals Lounge for freshening up after a red-eye flight. If you’re at an airport without a Clubhouse, no worries—you’ll have access to partner lounges, ensuring a plush start to your journey.

Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class is perfect for those who want a blend of efficiency and enjoyment. The dedicated check-in wing at Heathrow, the privacy of the Upper Class Suites, and the exceptional in-flight service make the trip not just about getting to your destination, but savoring the journey itself. From premium meals to spacious seating, it’s clear why many travelers choose to fly in style with Virgin Atlantic.

Virgin Atlantic aircraft ascending after takeoff

Frequently Asked Questions About International Business Class Flights

Discover what makes the best international business class flights stand out and why they’re worth the splurge.

What airline is best for international flights?

Qatar Airways is often cited as the best airline for international flights due to its extensive network that connects passengers to over 160 destinations globally. Its commitment to quality service, luxurious amenities, and a superior in-flight experience with its Qsuites in business class make it a favorite among international travelers. The airline’s attention to passenger comfort and its state-of-the-art fleet ensure a pleasant journey regardless of the destination.

Which airline has the most expensive business class?

Etihad Airways is known for offering some of the most expensive business class fares, particularly on routes that feature their Residence and Apartment suites. These fares reflect the level of luxury provided, including private suites with a bed, personal shower, and a dedicated butler service. This level of opulence and privacy sets Etihad apart in the high-end market segment.

Which international airline has the most comfortable seats?

For comfort, Japan Airlines is often recognized for having some of the most comfortable seats in its business class. Their Sky Suite offers a high level of privacy and comfort, with seats that expand into fully flat beds. The padding and ergonomic design ensure that passengers can relax or sleep comfortably during long-haul flights.

Are there any airlines that offer special services for business class passengers during long layovers?

Several airlines provide special services for business class passengers during long layovers, including complimentary hotel stays, guided city tours, and access to premium lounges. Turkish Airlines, for example, offers a free hotel stay for business class passengers with layovers between 8 and 24 hours in Istanbul, enhancing the overall travel experience without additional cost.

Starlux Airlines business class seat on the A350
Starlux Airlines business class seat on the A350

What extra services do airlines provide to attract business travelers?

Airlines cater to business travelers by offering services like in-flight Wi-Fi, ample workspace, and power outlets to charge electronic devices. Some also provide fast-track security checks, priority baggage handling, and the ability to collect more frequent flyer miles. These services are designed to maximize productivity and convenience for travelers who need to stay connected and comfortable during their journeys.

How early should I arrive at the airport for an international business class flight?

For international business class flights, it’s generally recommended to arrive at the airport at least three hours before your scheduled departure. This extra time ensures you can enjoy the exclusive business class check-in services and security lanes, which are faster but still require processing. Additionally, arriving early gives you the chance to make the most of the business class lounge amenities, where you can relax, eat, or catch up on work before your flight.

Can I bring guests into the business class lounge for an international flight?

Most airlines allow business class passengers to bring at least one guest into the lounge, depending on the airline’s specific policy and the type of lounge access provided with your ticket. Some airlines might allow more guests for passengers with higher-tier frequent flyer status. It’s best to check the specific airline’s lounge access rules beforehand to understand the privileges for bringing guests. This way, you can plan accordingly and ensure a smooth experience for you and your accompanying guests at the airport.

Final Thoughts on International Business Class Airlines

Traveling in business class on international flights is all about comfort and luxury. Airlines like Singapore Airlines and Etihad Airways set the standard with top-notch service. Business class offers more than just a flight; it gives you space to relax, fine food, and extra care. These features make long trips much more enjoyable.

Airlines constantly upgrade their services to make sure passengers have the best experience. This means better seats, tastier meals, and more personal space. Whether flying for work or fun, choosing business class can make your journey smoother and more pleasant.

The top airlines to fly business class internationally in 2024
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