Guide to Turkish Airlines Business Class: All You Need to Know

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Dive deep into the world of luxury air travel with our comprehensive guide to Turkish Airlines Business Class. Discover what sets this airline apart in the competitive realm of premium flying. From exclusive lounges to gourmet meals, we unveil every facet of the Turkish Airlines Business Class experience.

Turkish Airlines has a special place on the world map of air travel. With its wings spread across five continents, it’s no wonder they’ve picked up awards like the Best Airline in Southern Europe. But beyond the awards and the vast number of cities they fly to, there’s something else that makes them stand out: their Business Class.

Without a First Class to divert their attention, Turkish Airlines pours all its energy into making Business Class truly exceptional. Think of mouth-watering dishes that could rival top restaurants, thanks to their partnership with DO & CO. Imagine settling into a seat that becomes a comfy bed on long flights. And then there’s the unique touch of Turkish warmth and hospitality, making every flight feel a bit like coming home.

In the world of flying, Business Class is where luxury meets purpose. It’s for those who want to arrive refreshed, enjoy good food, and get that bit of extra care. And with Turkish Airlines leading the way, it’s clear why their Business Class is a topic of many travel tales. This guide dives deep into the heart of Turkish Airlines’ Business Class. Pulling back the curtain on what makes it a favorite among many travelers.

Turkish Airlines flight for all types of travelers.
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An Overview of Turkish Airlines Business Class

From its inception in 1933, Turkish Airlines has grown to be a significant player in the aviation world, connecting five continents with unmatched service. Their dedication to reaching destinations that many other carriers overlook has solidified their position as a crucial link in global transportation.

Over the years, the airline has made strategic decisions to enhance its offerings, especially in the realm of business class. One of the standout choices was to streamline their service classes, focusing on economy and business. Without a Turkish Airlines First Class to divert resources, the airline has channeled its energy into perfecting the Turkish Airlines Business Class experience. This commitment shines through in their partnership with Do & Co, which has transformed in-flight dining into a culinary adventure, rivaling some of the world’s best restaurants.

However, the journey to perfection has had its bumps. While many passengers laud the luxurious amenities and attentive service of Turkish Business Class, others have noted inconsistencies. The experience can vary based on the aircraft type and the crew on duty. But when the stars align, with state-of-the-art cabin products and impeccable service, passengers are to experience something that’s second to none.

The airline’s dedication to its passengers extends beyond the flight. With loyalty programs like Miles & Smiles and affiliations like Star Alliance, all Turkish Airlines classes offer added benefits, making every journey more rewarding.

Future Developments

While the airline has always been celebrated for its top-notch service, the current 2-3-2 layout of the business class seats on the Boeing 777 has been seen as dated. This layout, though spacious, compromises on privacy and has the less-favored ‘middle seat’.

The airline plans to upgrade its 777s with a business class seat. It promises direct aisle access and “full privacy” for every passenger. Ahmet Bolat, the Chairman of Turkish Airlines, shared that this new seat design will be unique to Turkish Airlines. It’s crafted by the carrier’s Turkish Cabin Interior arm. The aim is to maximize the use of space without reducing the number of premium seats. This bespoke business class design will stand apart from the conventional 1-2-1 layouts seen in many airlines.

The new seats, designed and manufactured in Turkey, are expected to feature modern amenities. This includes sliding privacy doors, wireless device charging, and large video screens. While the timeline for the rollout of these new seats across the Boeing 777 fleet remains unspecified, there are hints that the same business class seat might be introduced in Turkish Airlines’ future ultra-long-range fleet, connecting cities like Istanbul, Sydney, Melbourne, and more.

Booking Experience

Booking Turkish Airlines Business Class flights is a breeze. The airline’s official website serves as the primary hub for ticket purchases. But, there are other avenues to explore as well.

Booking Turkish Airlines Business Class

Travelers can also leverage points from partner credit card programs, such as Citi ThankYou or Capital One, by transferring them to the Miles&Smiles program. This flexibility in booking options ensures that passengers can find the best deals and maximize the value of their miles and points.

The Turkish Airlines Business Class ticket price can fluctuate based on various factors such as the route, season, demand, and booking time. For instance, a Los Angeles to Istanbul roundtrip might hover around the $4,000 mark. However, those with a keen eye for deals could find gems like a roundtrip from San Francisco to Istanbul for $2,549 or from Miami to Madrid at $2,235.

For those in the know, the Turkish Airlines Business Class guide to maximizing value is to book directly with the airline. Often, the same flight might require fewer miles when booked directly compared to partner platforms. For instance, a flight costing 45,000 Miles&Smiles miles might be priced at 77,000 United MileagePlus miles. Additionally, certain routes, like New York to Dubai in business class, might offer even better value in terms of miles required.

Upgrading to Turkish Airlines Business Class from Economy

For those who’ve booked economy but are eyeing the plush comforts of business class, there’s hope. The secret to a free upgrade lies in the airline’s Miles & Smiles program. As members of this loyalty program, travelers can accumulate points and miles not only through Turkish Airlines but also via other Star Alliance partners. These accrued miles can be a golden ticket to cabin upgrades, additional baggage allowances, and complimentary lounge access.

But what if you’re not swimming in miles? Turkish Airlines offers the possibility of a Business Upgrade for economy passengers. This can be sought at the check-in counter or even before the flight via their sales center. However, it’s contingent on the availability of seats in the business class. While Miles & Smiles members can leverage their saved miles for this upgrade, others might need to pay an additional fee. For a ballpark figure, upgrading one-way on a transatlantic flight typically falls between $1,000-$2,000, contingent on the specific route and demand. It’s a premium, yes, but often more affordable than purchasing a business class seat outright. This is one of the best tips to secure cheap business class tickets.

It is simple to make flight reservations on Turkish Airlines Business Class.
It is simple to make flight reservations on Turkish Airlines Business Class. Image Credit to Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Business Class Pre-Flight Experience

When you opt for Business class on Turkish Airlines, you’re also ensuring a seamless experience from the moment you step into the airport. The airline has meticulously crafted every aspect of the journey. This is to ensure that its business-class passengers feel pampered even before they board the plane.

Check in and lounge access with Turkish Air Business

Starting with the check-in, Turkish Airlines offers exclusive counters for its business class passengers, ensuring a swift and hassle-free process. This is particularly beneficial for those who are always on the move and appreciate a streamlined check-in experience. Once checked in, passengers can unwind in the airline’s lounges.

The crown jewel among these is the recently inaugurated lounge at Istanbul Airport. This sanctuary, accessible to Turkish Airlines Business Class passengers, offers free Wi-Fi, ensuring you stay connected. A vast children’s play area is also available to keep the little ones entertained. The lounge also boasts an array of culinary delights, including authentic Turkish cuisine.

For those looking to relax, private suites are available, and if you wish to freshen up before your flight, there are shower suites at your disposal. An added touch of culture is the 1,400-square-foot museum created in collaboration with Istanbul Modern, allowing passengers to soak in some art and history.

Beyond the borders of Turkey, the luxury continues. Turkish Airlines Business Class passengers can access lounges associated with Star Alliance at various international airports. These partnerships ensure that regardless of the location, the airline’s premium passengers always have a place to relax and refresh.

Boarding for business class passengers is a breeze. Priority boarding ensures that you’re among the first to board, giving you ample time to settle in without the usual rush. This is particularly beneficial for those who value their time and prefer a relaxed boarding experience.

When it comes to baggage, Turkish Airlines Business Class guide suggests that passengers can check in two pieces of luggage, each weighing up to about 70 pounds (32 kilograms), at no extra cost. Additionally, they can bring two pieces of cabin baggage, ensuring they have everything they need for a comfortable journey.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Cabin

Upon entering the business class cabin, passengers are greeted with seats designed for utmost comfort and style. Business class seats on Turkish Airlines come with features such as in-chair massages, reading lamps, power outlets for charging devices, and the ability to create a private area with screens. On long-haul international flights, the seats can be transformed into lie-flat beds, complete with armrests. Additionally, each seat is equipped with an 18-inch screen with adjustable angles and touchpad remote controls.

For entertainment, passengers are provided with high-quality Denon headphones that have noise-canceling capabilities, ensuring a peaceful flight experience. Another notable feature for business class passengers is the availability of Wi-Fi. Turkish Airlines is among the few airlines that offer limited free Wi-Fi to its business class passengers, providing up to 1GB of complimentary access.

Turkish Airlines has collaborated with the iconic fashion brand, Versace, to design the in-flight amenity kits for business class passengers. These kits include moisturizers, cosmetics, and other practical amenities. The airline’s dedicated flight attendants ensure that passengers have everything they need throughout the flight, including meals prepared by in-house flying chefs.

Boeing 777-300ER

A flagship of Turkish Airlines, the Boeing 777-300ER promises an elevated flight experience with generous legroom for all on board. The Turkish Airlines 777 Business Class cabin adopts a 2-3-2 seat layout, a slight deviation from the all-aisle-access configuration of the 787-9 Dreamliner. This aircraft frequently graces the skies between Istanbul and several U.S. destinations, notably including Miami, Houston, Chicago, and the previously mentioned hubs.

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

A marvel in modern aviation, the 787-9 Dreamliner is crafted for supreme comfort and efficiency. The Turkish Airlines 787 Business Class cabin is spaciously laid out in a 1-2-1 seating arrangement, ensuring every passenger enjoys over 100cm of legroom and unhindered aisle access. This aircraft has become a favored choice for transatlantic journeys, particularly connecting Turkey with major U.S. cities such as New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Airbus A350-900

This Turkish Airlines Airbus A350-900 business class is designed for longer flights and boasts a spacious cabin with high ceilings and larger windows. The business class seats in the A350-900 are technologically advanced, allowing passengers to adjust their seat position with a single click. Additionally, these seats come with password-protected lockable storage units. The seating configuration is a staggered 1-2-1 layout, ensuring each passenger has their own personal space. This aircraft frequently operates flights from Istanbul to destinations like London, Dubai, Seoul, and Los Angeles.

Boeing 737-900ER

This aircraft is a newer generation of the Boeing 737 family and is for long-haul flights. The business class cabin is at the front, with a few rows of reclining seats. This aircraft primarily operates international flights from Istanbul to various destinations in Europe and the Middle East.

Airbus A320-200

A smaller aircraft, the A320-200 is typically for short-haul flights. The business class section has a 2-seat configuration in each row, ensuring optimal comfort for all passengers. The cabin is equipped with modern technologies, including charging ports, large personal screens, and touch screen controls. This aircraft is frequently used for domestic flights and short-haul international routes from Istanbul.

Boeing 737 MAX 9

One of the newest additions to the Turkish Airlines fleet, this aircraft emphasizes the flight experience. It boasts larger cabins, expansive luggage compartments, and the latest in-flight technologies. The business class seating configuration consists of 3 seats in each row, meaning there are middle seats even in the business class.

Passengers are welcomed in the business class cabin that are built for maximum comfort and luxury.
Passengers are welcomed in the business class cabin that are built for maximum comfort and luxury. Image Credit to Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Business Class In-Flight Experience

Wondering about the flight experience with Turkish Business? Turkish Airlines has earned a reputation for its exceptional in-flight experience, especially in its business class.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Menu

On domestic flights, passengers are treated to meticulously prepared dishes, from homemade omelets to regional Turkish appetizers like the famed Adana kebab. The airline’s commitment to freshness is evident, with an enhanced range of baked goods, including sourdough bread, and a selection of both hot and cold beverages to complement the meal.

International flights elevate this experience further. Prepared daily by expert chefs, meals emphasize proteins, vegetables, and fruits, aligning with healthy nutrition trends. The rotating weekly menus ensure variety, and on intercontinental journeys, passengers are introduced to a broader palette, from homemade pasta and ravioli to coal-fired kebab varieties and grilled fish. The experience is rounded off with traditional Turkish coffee, Turkish delight, and a new range of homemade mocktails and detox beverages.

For those on intercontinental business class flights, the service begins with a welcoming drink. The meal options are diverse, with a focus on both local and international flavors. A unique “Dine on Demand” feature allows passengers on specific night flights to request their meals at their convenience, ensuring a personalized dining experience.

Comfort and Entertainment

The business class seats on Turkish Airlines are truly for comfort. On long-haul international flights, the seats are transformable into lie-flat beds, complete with armrests. Each seat is has an 18” screen with adjustable angles and touchpad remote controls. The seats also come with features like in-chair massages, reading lamps, power supply for charging, and privacy screens.

For those who like to stay entertained or connected during their flight, Turkish Airlines offers a comprehensive in-flight entertainment system. Business class passengers can enjoy high-quality Denon headphones with noise-canceling features, ensuring a distraction-free movie or music experience. Additionally, Turkish Airlines is among the few airlines that offer limited free Wi-Fi to business class passengers, providing up to 1GB of complimentary access.

Turkish Airlines' business class seats are ergonomically constructed for relaxation. Image Credit to Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines’ business class seats are ergonomically for relaxation. Image Credit to Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Business Class vs. Other Fare Classes

Turkish Airlines offers two flying classes: economy and business. Business Class offers a premium experience that stands out distinctly from its economy class. The difference begins right from the seating arrangement. In Business Class, passengers enjoy lie-flat seats that transform into beds, ensuring maximum comfort during long-haul flights. These seats come with individual power ports, noise-canceling headphones, and on some aircraft, even massage features. On the other hand, economy class provides standard seating with limited recline.

Aside from gourmet meals prepared by expert chefs, the in-flight entertainment in the Business Class studio is state-of-the-art. Additionally, the baggage allowance is more generous, allowing two pieces of luggage weighing up to 70 pounds each.

While the economy class provides a satisfactory experience with standard seating and meals, it doesn’t match the gourmet standard or the extensive entertainment variety of Business Class. The service in Business Class is also more personalized, with flight attendants ensuring a top-notch experience for every traveler.

Turkish Airlines Business Class vs. Business Class Offerings From Other Airlines

Compared to other major airlines, Turkish Airlines Business Class often gets praise for its extensive in-flight menu, inspired by Turkish and international cuisines. The airline’s commitment to quality and freshness is evident in every dish, setting it apart from many competitors. The airline’s business class seats, especially on their newer aircraft, are for maximum comfort, ensuring passengers arrive at their destinations feeling refreshed. While some airlines have adopted a more minimalist approach to in-flight entertainment, Turkish Airlines continues to invest in a diverse range of content, ensuring passengers of all tastes find something to enjoy.

However, like all airlines, there’s always room for improvement. Some travelers have noted that while the Turkish Airlines business class routes are extensive, the consistency in service quality can vary. This is especially true when comparing the airline’s older aircraft to its newer additions. Nevertheless, for many, the value proposition of flying business class with Turkish Airlines – considering the cost, comfort, and overall experience – is hard to beat.

It's difficult to match the value of Turkish Airlines' business class travel. Image Credit to Turkish Airlines
It’s difficult to match the value of Turkish Airlines’ business class travel. Image Credit to Turkish Airlines

Frequently Asked Questions About Turkish Airlines Business Class

Our Turkish Airlines Business Class guide continues with answers to the most frequently asked queries about this premium service.

Is Business Class worth it on Turkish Airlines?

Absolutely! When you opt for Turkish Airlines Business Class, you’re not just purchasing a ticket; you’re investing in an unparalleled travel experience. From the moment you check in to your arrival, every detail ensures maximum comfort and luxury. With gourmet meals prepared by in-flight chefs, spacious seating, and top-notch entertainment options, the value proposition is evident. For those who prioritize comfort, especially on long-haul flights, Turkish Airlines Business Class is undoubtedly worth the investment.

How does Turkish Airlines Business Class compare to Qatar Business Class?

Both Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways are famous for their business-class offerings, each bringing its unique flair to the table. While Qatar Airways is popular for its Qsuite, which offers a high level of privacy and luxury, Turkish Airlines stands out with its exceptional in-flight dining and genuine Turkish hospitality. The choice between the two often boils down to personal preferences, routes, and specific aircraft. However, both airlines promise a luxurious experience that caters to the needs of the discerning traveler.

What amenities can I expect in Turkish Airlines Business Class?

Travelers in Turkish Airlines Business Class can look forward to a range of amenities designed for their comfort. This includes lie-flat seats on long-haul flights, an extensive entertainment system, amenity kits filled with travel essentials, and gourmet meals. Additionally, business class passengers have access to exclusive lounges at various airports, ensuring relaxation before their journey.

Does Turkish Airlines have flat beds in Business Class?

Yes, Turkish Airlines offers flat beds in Business Class on their long-haul flights. The seats can be fully reclined to provide a comfortable, lie-flat bed, ensuring passengers have a restful sleep during their journey. The flat-bed feature is especially prevalent on aircraft such as the Boeing 777 and Airbus A330, which are commonly used for intercontinental routes. Additionally, Turkish Airlines provides amenities like luxury bedding and pillows to enhance the sleeping experience for Business Class passengers.

Passengers can anticipate a number of comfort-focused perks on this airline
Turkish Airlines Business Class passengers can anticipate a number of comfort-focused perks. Image Credit to Turkish Airlines

Are there special lounges for Turkish Airlines Business Class passengers?

Yes, Turkish Airlines offers exclusive lounges for its business class passengers. The most notable is the Turkish Airlines Lounge at Istanbul Airport, which boasts a range of facilities, including private suites, showers, a diverse culinary spread, and even a gaming area. Outside of Turkey, business class passengers can access lounges associated with Star Alliance, ensuring comfort across their global network.

How does the seating in Turkish Airlines Business Class compare to other airlines?

Turkish Airlines Business Class seating, especially in their newer aircraft allows maximum comfort. Most long-haul flights feature lie-flat seats, ensuring passengers can rest comfortably. The seating configuration varies depending on the aircraft but is generally spacious, rivaling many top airlines in the industry.

Can I earn loyalty points when flying Turkish Airlines Business Class?

Certainly! Turkish Airlines has a loyalty program called “Miles & Smiles.” Passengers flying in business class can earn miles, which are redeemable for upgrades, free flights, and other benefits. Being a part of this program can significantly enhance your travel experience with Turkish Airlines.

Is there a special menu for Turkish Airlines Business Class passengers?

Yes, the Turkish Airlines Business Class menu is a highlight of the flying experience. Passengers have a range of dishes options, from traditional Turkish delicacies to international favorites. The meals are by expert chefs, ensuring a gourmet dining experience above the clouds.

Do business-class seats fully recline on Turkish Airlines?

Yes, Turkish Airlines’ Business Class seats on their long-haul flights, such as those on the Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 aircraft, offer fully flat reclining seats. These lie-flat seats provide passengers with maximum comfort for resting and sleeping during long journeys. The design and features of the seats can vary depending on the aircraft type, so it’s always a good idea to check the specific aircraft configuration if you have a particular preference.

Wrapping Up Our Turkish Airlines Business Class Guide

Turkish Airlines Business Class consistently emerges as a top choice for those seeking a blend of luxury, comfort, and authentic hospitality. From the in-flight menu to the spacious seating configurations, every aspect of the journey is to elevate the travel experience. For those who are new to this airline or are considering an upgrade for their next trip, we hope our Turkish Airlines Business Class guide offers a comprehensive overview of what to expect. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, Turkish Airlines Business Class promises an experience that’s a cut above the rest.

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