Top 7 Retreats in Sedona, AZ (Wellness, Spiritual, & More)

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Amazing retreats in Sedona, Arizona
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Discover the best retreats in Sedona with our guide to 7 must-visit locations. Find the perfect spot to relax and recharge in this beautiful desert oasis!

I’ve explored Sedona extensively over the years, falling in love with its vibrant landscapes and transformative retreats. As a seasoned travel blogger, I’ve experienced firsthand the profound impact these places can have. That’s why I’m excited to share my top picks for the best retreats in Sedona.

In this guide, you’ll find a selection of retreats that promise relaxation and renewal. Each location is chosen for its ability to offer something truly special, from serene environments to invigorating activities. These are places where I’ve left feeling refreshed and inspired.

I’m here to help you discover the ideal retreat in Sedona. Let’s explore together the best spots for a memorable escape that could be just what you need to recharge.

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Why choose Sedona for a retreat?

Sedona, a gem in Arizona, is a top pick for anyone looking to unwind or find some clarity. The scenery alone, with its iconic red rocks and expansive skies, offers a calm that’s hard to find elsewhere, making it one of the top places to live and visit in Arizona.

It’s not all about looks, though. The energy vortexes scattered around Sedona are said to boost healing and self-discovery.

There’s a retreat for every taste here, whether you’re into yoga, need some meditation time, or are looking to engage in deeper spiritual practices.

Best Sedona retreats at a glance

Sedona is a special place in the Southwest US that offers a variety of retreats tailored to different desires and needs. Here’s a quick guide to help you pick the right one:

With these options, you’re sure to find a retreat that aligns with what you’re looking for. Let’s start with a closer look at High Vibe Collective, where customization and connection to nature meet to create an unforgettable retreat experience.

1. High Vibe Collective

If you’re looking for a place to reset and recharge, High Vibe Collective near Sedona is worth checking out. Tucked away about 20 minutes from the city center, this retreat doesn’t require you to leave its grounds once you arrive. Set on a sprawling 2.5 acres, it’s designed specifically for wellness and healing.

What’s really cool about High Vibe Collective is how customizable the experience is. Whether you want a brief escape or an extended stay, they offer retreats ranging from 1 to 7 days. Starting at $2,760 for a three-day retreat, you can tailor your visit to fit your schedule and budget.

The wellness activities here are top-notch. You can choose options like hypnotherapy, Shamanic Reiki, and emotional release breathwork. Each program is tailored to meet your personal needs and goals. Plus, there’s always a spiritual life coach on hand to guide you through your journey.

They’ve got something for everyone with their three main retreat types: Wellness Retreats packed with massages and healing practices, Spiritual Healing Retreats focusing on energy work and life coaching, and Couples Retreats that blend relationship astrology with sound healing and more.

Looking for wellness retreats in Sedona? High Vibe Collective could be your perfect fit for a transformative experience.

High Vibe Collective is one of the top 7 retreats in Sedona, AZ.
High Vibe Collective near Sedona offers a secluded wellness retreat for resetting and recharging. | Image Credit: TripAdvisor

2. Sedona Sacred Journeys

If you’re thinking about a retreat in Sedona that really gets personal, check out Sedona Sacred Journeys. It’s run by Gregory Drambour, a master at both spiritual teaching and shamanic healing. What’s great about this place is how tailored your experience can be. You fill out a questionnaire before you arrive, and Greg uses that to really dial into what you need.

The retreat mixes up the incredible energy of Sedona’s vortexes with one-on-one sessions. It’s all private, so no worries about being part of a crowd. You really get to connect with nature here. If you’re looking for couples retreats in Sedona, this could be a perfect fit—think of it as a reboot for your life or love.

Since everything’s customized, prices vary, but the payoff is a deeply personal journey. Sounds like something you’d be into? Sedona Sacred Journeys could be just what you’re looking for.

A vortex in Sedona, Arizona, renowned for its spiritual energy and healing properties.
Image Credit: TripAdvisor

3. SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats

Ever thought about a retreat that feels like it was made just for you? SpiritQuest in the heart of Sedona is your spot. They’re all about personalizing the experience to help you handle life’s challenges or just step up your self-care game.

It’s located right at the epicenter of Sedona’s most powerful vortex sites—Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa, Thunder Mountain, and Boynton Canyon. Not only are these sites stunning, but the natural energy they emit is a huge boost to the transformative work you’ll do here.

SpiritQuest is the only retreat in Sedona with its own dedicated center. This means every part of your retreat is crafted around what you need—whether it’s emotional healing, life transitions, or deepening self-mastery. You can choose to have your sessions inside one of their healing rooms, in a tepee, or out among the majestic red rocks.

Private retreats at SpiritQuest are intensive and personalized, running 4-6 hours per day. They operate year-round, seven days a week. Rates range from $695 to $995 per day for individuals, and $995 to $1295 per day for couples. Additionally, SpiritQuest offers group retreats on select dates throughout the year, priced at $795 for a three-day experience.

If you’re looking for a retreat that’s all about personal attention and situated in some of the most energetically powerful spots in Sedona, SpiritQuest could be exactly what you need.

Consider SpiritQuest in Sedona for a personalized retreat to address life's challenges or elevate your self-care routine.
Consider SpiritQuest in Sedona for a personalized retreat to address life’s challenges or elevate your self-care routine. | Image Credit: TripAdvisor

4. The Elysian Retreat Sedona

On the lookout for a peaceful escape that really helps you tune into nature? The Elysian Retreat Sedona might just be the place. Tucked away among thousands of acres of stunning red rocks, this retreat offers you a chance to unwind with the soothing sounds of Oak Creek as your backdrop.

Created from a deep love for Sedona and a desire to find balance in life’s chaos, The Elysian Retreat is perfect for those seeking an intimate setting. They’re all about eco-friendly living and creating spaces that encourage you to reconnect with yourself and nature.

Rooms here are inspired by the four elements—fire, water, earth, and air, which adds a unique touch to your stay. They offer health retreats in Sedona with private access to Oak Creek and beautifully designed spaces perfect for anyone looking to have a transformative experience.

What’s more, The Elysian doubles as an Airbnb and a dreamy wedding venue. They don’t have set programs, but a dedicated retreat coordinator is on hand to help design and market your perfect retreat.

So, if you’re aiming for a Sedona retreat that’s all about personal reflection and eco-conscious living, The Elysian Retreat could be the sanctuary you’re searching for.

Wellness group practicing meditation
Image Credit: The Elysian Retreat Sedona

5. Western Spirit Enrichment Center

Thinking of doing something different for your next break? I highly recommend checking out Western Spirit Enrichment Center in Sedona. It’s a chance to really focus on your own growth and well-being. Over a long weekend, from Friday to Monday, they offer one of the best spiritual retreats in Sedona, AZ.

Marian Carol runs the show here, and she’s amazing at what she does—helping people find more peace, self-love, and a clear sense of purpose. Her retreats are all about fun and laughter, combined with deep insights and emotional healing. It’s a mix that really works and keeps things light yet impactful, offering a unique experience among things to do in Arizona.

And here’s something else you’ll love—the retreat is all-inclusive. For $2,395 (+ tax) for individuals or $2,895 (+ tax) for couples, you get 4 nights in a private room, access to empowering workshops, and the chance to partake in outdoor activities.

For anyone looking to refresh and come back feeling stronger, Western Spirit offers a great setup in one of the most beautiful places in the U.S.

At Western Spirit Enrichment Center in Sedona, enjoy a top retreat for personal growth and well-being over a weekend.
At Western Spirit Enrichment Center, enjoy a top retreat for personal growth and well-being over a weekend. | Image Credit: Western Spirit Ranch

6. Vita Pura Yoga & Hiking

Vita Pura Yoga & Hiking offers one of the best yoga retreats in Sedona, hands down. It’s a five-day yoga and hiking retreat that’s all about rejuvenating in one of the most beautiful settings you can imagine.

The retreat is hosted at the Hilton Resort at Bell Rock, where luxury meets the rugged beauty of nature. You get to stay in your own private suite, enjoy meals at the upscale ShadowRock Grille, and have access to the resort’s pools, jacuzzis, and a full-service spa.

What I love about Vita Pura is how they make everyone feel welcome, no matter your yoga experience. With only 12 spots per retreat, it’s a cozy, intimate setting where you can really focus on your wellness journey.

Thinking of a yoga retreat in Sedona that’s more than just stretching? Vita Pura Yoga & Hiking could be the perfect spot for your next escape.

Wellness group practicing yoga in a vortex
Image Credit: TripAdvisor

7. Sedona Self-Love Retreats

If you’re on the hunt for a truly personal retreat experience, you’ve got to check out Sedona Self-Love Retreats. They’ve been voted Sedona’s Best Retreat Center for two consecutive years, 2023 and 2022, and for good reason.

What’s unique about this place is that everything is private and customized. Whether you’re going solo, with a partner, or even with family, they set up retreats that are all about self-love and personal transformation. You can book any time that fits your schedule, Monday through Saturday. They don’t do group sessions—so it’s all about your individual journey.

Their retreats are held in a cozy guest house and include over 60 types of sessions. These range from emotional healing and spiritual growth to wellness and spa treatments. Everything takes place in West Sedona, either at their charming retreat center or outdoors in the breathtaking Sedona landscape.

Whether you’re looking for the best Sedona retreats or just a place to reset, Sedona Self-Love Retreats might be the perfect spot for you. They really make it about your journey and what you want to get out of it.

For a deeply personal retreat, explore Sedona Self-Love Retreats, voted Sedona’s Best Retreat Center for two consecutive years.
For a deeply personal retreat, explore Sedona Self-Love Retreats, voted Sedona’s Best Retreat Center for two consecutive years. | Image Credit: TripAdvisor

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the best retreats in Sedona, Arizona

Get insider tips on Sedona’s best retreats with our FAQs. Find out everything you need to know before booking your dream getaway.

Why do spiritual people go to Sedona?

Sedona attracts spiritual seekers for its powerful energy vortexes known to enhance meditation and healing, making it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Arizona. Plus, the stunning red rocks and peaceful vibes are perfect for anyone looking to connect more deeply with themselves or nature.

Why is Sedona so healing?

Sedona is a healing place due to its vortex sites, which many believe amplify spiritual and emotional healing. It’s also a serene place to chill and let nature do its thing, offering plenty of things to do in Sedona.

Cathedral Rock, a renowned vortex site in Sedona, Arizona
Cathedral Rock, a renowned vortex site in Sedona, Arizona

What do you do at a vortex in Sedona?

At a Sedona vortex, you can meditate, practice yoga, or simply sit and absorb the uplifting energy. Many visitors use these spots for reflection and to seek deeper connections with themselves and the environment, making it one of the top things to do in the Southwest USA.

Where is the most magical place in Sedona?

Cathedral Rock is hands-down one of the most magical spots in Sedona. It’s not just the view—though that’s amazing—it’s also the energy. People go there to feel inspired, grounded, and connected to something bigger, making it a must-stay in Arizona.

The top retreats in Sedona, AZ (wellness, spiritual, & more) right now
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