Top 13 Dental Tourism Destinations in the World in 2024

by Jen
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Are you looking for the best countries for dental tourism? I’ve compiled a list of 13 destinations offering high-quality (and safe) dentistry at affordable prices.

I’ve spent years exploring the globe and sharing insights on the best travel experiences.  Recently, I’ve seen a spike in folks looking abroad for dental care—high quality but without the steep prices. This article is your go-to guide for finding the best places for dental tourism in 2024.

I’ve visited many of these spots myself, talking to locals and trying out services. My aim is to share what I’ve learned with you, helping you find reliable dental care at a good price.

We’ll cover everything from Thailand’s renowned clinics to the advanced facilities in Costa Rica. I’m here to show you how you can manage your dental needs effectively while enjoying new cultures.

Best countries for dental care
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1. Costa Rica

If you’re eyeing a dental vacation, Costa Rica should be at the top of your list. It’s not hard to see why. This Central American gem is politically and economically stable, and incredibly welcoming. Plus, it’s just a direct flight away from the U.S.

Dental care in Costa Rica costs a fraction of what you’d pay back home. We’re talking about savings of up to 75%. Plus, the quality of dental care here is top-notch. Everything from simple cavity fillings to advanced dental implants and full mouth restorations is available.

Costa Rica’s healthcare system gets high marks internationally, and this extends into dental care as well. All dentists must complete five years of college and register with the National College of Dental Surgeons. This ensures they meet strict professional standards. You can even check a dentist’s license online, which adds an extra layer of reassurance.

I recommend Goodness Dental in San Jose for anyone seeking the best dentists in Costa Rica. It’s an American-owned clinic, featuring English-speaking staff and the latest in dental technology.

Costa Rica is one of the dental tourism destinations in the world in 2024.
Consider Costa Rica for a dental vacation; it’s stable, welcoming, and just a direct flight from the U.S.

2. Hungary

Hungary, particularly Budapest, has earned its nickname as the “capital of dental tourism.” For anyone looking for the top countries for dental tourism in Europe, hopping on a flight to Budapest is a no-brainer. With numerous low-cost airlines serving the city, getting there is easy and affordable.

Dental care in Hungary costs 50-70% less than in Western Europe, which is why thousands flock to Budapest’s clinics every year. And let’s clear something up: lower prices don’t mean lower quality. In fact, Hungarian dentists are known for their top-tier expertise and are highly respected on the international stage. They often teach and practice globally.

Dental practices in Budapest, such as Helvetic Clinic, are modern marvels equipped with cutting-edge technology. The doctors and surgeons are well-trained and fluent in English. Plus, Hungary boasts some of the lowest MRSA rates in Europe, ensuring that you receive your treatment in one of the safest medical environments possible.

If you’re looking to stretch your euros and get high-quality dental work done, Budapest is a fantastic choice. It’s also one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, so you’ll enjoy both the savings and the stunning sights.

A nighttime view of Hungary

3. Mexico

Mexico stands out as one of the best dental tourism destinations for Americans. Each year, over a million U.S. residents head south for dental procedures, drawn by savings of up to 80% compared to prices back home. Dental clinics in Mexico match their affordability with high-quality care and state-of-the-art technology.

Mexican dentists invest heavily in their training and equipment to stay competitive, particularly in towns known for dental tourism. This means you can expect top-notch service and hygiene standards. Plus, most dentists speak very good English, easing any concerns about language barriers.

What’s more, the clinics are often more efficient. Many house multiple specialists, which significantly cuts down on waiting times. To give patients even more peace of mind, a lot of Mexican dental clinics have secured international accreditations like those from the Joint Commission International (JCI).

For the best experience, I’d suggest cities like Mexico City or Cancún. They are safe, welcoming, and well-prepared for international visitors. While cities closer to the border like Ciudad Juárez might seem convenient, the deeper you go into Mexico, the more you might save.

Mexico is a top dental tourism destination for Americans, offering significant savings and high-quality care.
Mexico is a top dental tourism destination for Americans, offering significant savings and high-quality care.

4. Thailand

Thailand has quickly become one of the top dental tourism destinations in the world. It draws travelers with its blend of exotic culture and high-quality, affordable dental care. On average, dental treatments here cost 60% less than in Western countries. It’s a massive draw for anyone looking to save on healthcare.

The clinics in Thailand are equipped with the latest technology, including digital panoramic X-rays and CT scanning equipment. They offer everything from simple tooth fillings and whitening to more complex procedures like dental implants and orthodontics. The high standard of patient care and safety mirrors what you’d expect back home.

Thailand’s dentists often hold degrees from prestigious local universities, and many have bolstered their expertise with international training. The commitment to quality is evident, with many clinics holding accreditations from major international dental organizations, such as JCI. Some even boast ISO certification, like Bangkok Smile Dental Clinic and CIDC in Chiang Mai.

The chance to recover by exploring Thailand’s vibrant street markets or tranquil beaches makes the trip doubly worthwhile. It’s practical and, quite frankly, a bit thrilling to mix dental care with travel!

Image showing Thailand temple

5. Colombia

Heading to Colombia for dental work? You’re looking at saving up to 70% on costs compared to back home in the U.S. But it’s not all about the savings. The care you’ll receive is top-tier, too. Dentists in Colombia often train internationally and are equipped with the same high-quality materials used in North America and Europe.

The practicalities are also appealing. Flights from the U.S. to Colombia are quick and usually inexpensive. This means no jet lag and more time to enjoy your visit. Accommodations are also very affordable, allowing you to relax without stretching your budget.

There’s something special about blending a trip for dental care with the excitement of exploring a new place. Colombia offers this blend perfectly—exceptional dental care with the chance to explore vibrant cities and stunning landscapes.

Save up to 70% on dental work compared to U.S. costs in Colombia, with top-tier care and high-quality materials.
Save up to 70% on dental work compared to U.S. costs in Colombia, with top-tier care and high-quality materials.

6. Poland

One of the top dental tourism destinations in Europe is Poland. With dental costs here running 50-75% lower than in the UK, it’s no wonder that cities like Warsaw and Krakow are becoming hotspots for those seeking quality dental care without breaking the bank. Flights to these cities are frequent and affordable from most major European cities.

Polish dental care is renowned for its high standards. The country has a robust system to ensure dentists are well-trained and up-to-date with the latest practices. Every dentist in Poland is required to revalidate their expertise every five years through the Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists, ensuring they maintain the highest standards of care.

I highly recommend Index Medica in Krakow. Being ISO 9001 certified since 2008, and recognized as one of the top dental clinics in Poland, they offer a level of service that truly stands out. They even offer follow-up consultations in the UK and Ireland.

Image showing Poland's colorful buildings

7. Turkey

Turkey is not only a stunning destination for tourists but also a top choice for both cosmetic and general dentistry. While it’s famous for high-quality cosmetic procedures like veneers, Turkey’s capabilities extend to all areas of dental care. This includes routine check-ups, cleanings, and root canal treatments.

Over 1,300 dental clinics across the country offer services at prices much more affordable than many other countries known for dental tourism. All these clinics operate under strict regulations set by the Turkish Health Ministry and the Turkish Dental Association.

One clinic I’d highlight is Smile Dental in Antalya. Not only is it ISO 9001 certified, indicating it adheres to international standards, but it also boasts advanced technology such as a Cone Beam CT scanner and the latest CAD/CAM systems.

This combination of affordable prices, advanced technology, and strict regulation makes Turkey particularly appealing as a dental tourism destination.

Turkey offers top-quality dental care, including cosmetic procedures like veneers, as well as routine treatments.
Turkey offers top-quality dental care, including cosmetic procedures like veneers, as well as routine treatments.

8. India

India is an incredibly cost-effective destination for dental tourism, offering savings of up to 90% compared to the USA or UK. Whether you’re looking at getting Invisalign, which can cost as little as $890 in India, or just a routine teeth cleaning for around $25, the price differential is substantial.

Aside from the cost savings, the quality of dental care in India is high. The country is renowned for its skilled healthcare professionals and the dental clinics here adhere to rigorous international standards. They use state-of-the-art sterilization protocols, which makes India a safe choice for dental work. Plus, communication is easy since English is widely spoken.

I personally recommend the Teeth Care Centre in Ahmedabad. It’s an ISO 9001 certified hospital, known for its comprehensive 7-step sterilization process that aligns with ADA and CDC guidelines. The clinic is equipped with top-notch equipment from Germany, Japan, the UK, and Canada, which includes sophisticated digital imaging systems.

India is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. There’s plenty to explore from bustling markets to serene landscapes. It’s one of the best countries for dental tourism, hands down.

Cityscape with buildings in India.

9. Croatia

Facing lengthy NHS waits and high costs for dental care in the UK, many are finding an appealing alternative in dental tourism—specifically to a destination that may not first come to mind: Croatia. Here, dental costs are significantly lower, with treatments ranging from 40%-70% cheaper than in Britain.

Dental care in Croatia meets rigorous international standards. The Croatian Dental Association is part of both the World Dental Federation and the European Regional Organization, which helps ensure quality and consistency in dental practices. Croatian dentists often receive part of their training abroad, further enhancing their expertise.

The clinics here, such as Dentum, use modern equipment, such as Panoramic and Digital X-rays, and intra-oral cameras. They follow the same strict safety protocols as in the UK. This includes sterilized equipment and sanitary conditions. In fact, Croatia is one of the safest dental tourism destinations in Europe.

Beyond just cutting costs, there’s a lot more to love about getting dental work done in Croatia. It’s a place where you can bask in the beauty of the Adriatic Sea, wander through stunning landscapes, and indulge in mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine. With plenty of low-cost flights and affordable places to stay, it’s easy to turn a trip for a dental appointment into a full-blown adventure.

Many opt for dental tourism in Croatia, with treatments 40%-70% cheaper than the UK.
Many opt for dental tourism in Croatia, with treatments 40%-70% cheaper than in the UK.

10. Malaysia

One of the top dental tourism countries in Asia is Malaysia. With new laws ensuring that every dentist is registered and certified, you know you’re getting top-notch care. Whether it’s a routine check-up or something more complex like jaw surgery, Malaysia’s dentists are well-equipped to handle it.

Malaysia is also incredibly affordable. You can expect to pay significantly less for dental services here compared to the U.S. or Europe. Plus, getting to Malaysia is a breeze. Malaysia Airlines offers direct flights from London to Kuala Lumpur.

One thing I really appreciate about Malaysia is how easy it is to communicate. Everyone speaks English, from the dentists to the staff at clinics, and all the signs are in English. You won’t face any language barriers here.

If you’re looking for reliable, affordable dental care in a country that’s easy to reach, Malaysia should definitely be on your list.

Twin towers in Malaysia at night

11. Albania

Albania is on the rise as one of Europe’s premier destinations for dental tourism, attracting visitors with its blend of advanced dental technology and remarkably low costs.

Dental clinics here, like the well-regarded Kissdent in Tirana, boast the latest in dental tech such as CAD/CAM systems, 3D scanners, and 3D printers. These tools help provide top-tier dental services ranging from simple procedures to complex surgeries like implants and laser dentistry.

What’s particularly appealing about Albania is the affordability. The cost of dental care here is much lower than what you’d typically expect in other parts of Europe. For example, treatments that might strain your wallet in the UK or Italy are far more budget-friendly in Albania, without any compromise on quality.

Plus, getting to Albania is easy, especially from other European countries with many affordable flight options. This makes it not only a practical choice for dental care but also an accessible one.

Albania is rising as a top dental tourism spot in Europe, offering advanced technology at low costs.
Albania is rising as a top dental tourism spot in Europe, offering advanced technology at low costs.

12. Singapore

Singapore is becoming a favorite for folks looking for top-notch dental care without the hefty price tag. The cost is lower than you might expect, and the quality is among the best globally. It’s clean, efficient, and most importantly, safe — something that keeps healthcare standards here sky-high.

The dentists in Singapore often hold degrees from prestigious schools in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia. This international experience not only enhances their expertise but also means that they’re fluent in English.

Plus, checking your dentist’s credentials is a breeze thanks to the Singapore Dental Council’s thorough online registry. This helps you feel secure that you’re seeing a professional who’s recognized and reliable.

Located at the heart of Asia, Singapore is also a prime travel hub. Changi Airport, frequently cited as one of the best airports worldwide, serves as a central node. Singapore is easily accessible from virtually anywhere in the region.

So, if you’re considering where to go for dental work, Singapore offers a compelling mix of professional healthcare and easy travel.

Supertrees in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

13. Vietnam

Looking for serious savings on dental work without skimping on quality? You might want to check out Vietnam. Here, procedures like dental implants and crowns cost a whole lot less—think 50-70% cheaper than what you’d pay in the U.S. or UK.

In places like East Meets West Dental in Da Nang, they’ve got the latest Western tech right at their fingertips. The clinic started in 1996 and has built a solid reputation, supported by dental experts from all over the globe. This means you can expect some of the best care at much lower prices.

There’s more to your visit than just dental work. Vietnam is a stunning place to explore, from its lively cities to breathtaking natural scenery. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to combine health needs with a bit of adventure.

Consider Vietnam for quality dental work at 50-70% cheaper prices than the U.S. or UK.
Consider Vietnam for quality dental work at 50-70% cheaper prices than the U.S. or UK.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the world’s top dental tourism destinations

Still unsure where to go for dental tourism? Explore our FAQs about the top destinations worldwide. From safety concerns to cost considerations, find all the answers you need here.

Which country is best for dentistry?

The best country for dentistry depends on your needs for quality, affordability, and travel preferences. Countries like Thailand, Hungary, and Costa Rica are renowned for combining excellent dental care with cost savings, often featuring state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained dentists.

What are the potential risks and drawbacks of dental tourism?

Potential risks of dental tourism include communication challenges, varying quality standards, and complications that may arise after returning home. It’s important to thoroughly research the credentials and reputation of the clinic and staff before making arrangements.

Dental surgeon reviewing X-ray images for patient's treatment
Dental surgeon reviewing X-ray images for patient’s treatment

Where is the cheapest place in Europe to get dental work?

Hungary is often considered the cheapest place in Europe to get dental work. Known as the dental capital of Europe, it offers a range of affordable dental services with high standards of care.

Which country has the least dental problems?

Countries with the lowest rates of dental problems tend to have strong preventive dental care programs. Sweden and Switzerland are often cited for their low levels of dental decay and disease, attributed to their robust healthcare systems and high standards of living.

The top dental tourism destinations in the world in 2024 for all types of travelers
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