Chill Out Like a Star: Top Celebrity Cold Tub Picks (2024)

by Jon Miksis
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What do top celebrities do when they need to recover and rejuvenate? They’ve got a secret: diving into high-end cold tubs from the comfort of their own homes! Whether it’s on a sunlit patio in LA or a cozy home gym, cold plunging is the ultimate celebrity trick for staying sharp, energized, and ahead of the game. In 2024, these chilling routines are more than just a trend—they’re a lifestyle.

But what makes these icy dips so irresistible to the rich and famous? Below, we’ll dive into the cold plunge practices of five celebrities who swear by this cool routine. From high-tech setups to DIY barrels, you’ll get an inside look at how these stars chill out and why they believe freezing water is their fountain of youth. Get ready to be inspired, chilled, and maybe a little envious. It’s time to discover how you can cool down like a celebrity!

Best Celebrity Cold Tubs at a Glance

Don’t have time to read the full article? Here are the top cold plunges used by your favorite celebrities:

  • The Edge Tub: Used by Mike Posner (songwriter), Auston Matthews (NHL), Brandon Moreno (UFC), Rob Machado (Pro Surfer)
  • BlueCube: Used by Joe Rogan (Internet Personality), Jocko Willink (Retired Navy Seal), Tim Kennedy (UFC/Mixed Martial Artist), Joel del Rosario (Entrepreneur),
  • Ice Barrel: Used by Eric Hinman (Endurance Athlete), Brittany Weiss (CrossFit Athlete), Amy Bream (Internet Personality), Brooke Wells (CrossFit Atlete)
  • Polar Monkeys Star Treatment 2.0: Davey Fisher (Fitness Trainer), Justin Barcia (Motorcycle Racer), Luke Rockhold (UFC Fighter), Koa Rothman (Pro Surfer)
  • Plunge: Gary Brecka, Paul Chek (Holistic Coach), Brian Pruett (Internet Personality), Devon Levesque (Entrepreneur & Philanthropist), Evan Merger (Internet Personality)
Famous cold plunge athletes and notable people in 2024

1. Mike Posner (The Edge Tub)

Mike Posner isn’t just about making hits. He’s also big on hitting the reset button with his Edge Tub by Edge Theory Labs. After his impactful journey across America, Posner found a new way to rejuvenate and revive through cold plunging. “This cold plunge is not just about recovery, it’s like hitting a reset button for my whole system,” he explains.

Known for its solid build and easy setup, the Edge Tub fits perfectly into Posner’s life, promoting not just physical recovery but profound mental clarity. “When I start my day stepping out of the cold, I step into my life with a clear head,” Posner adds, highlighting how the plunge prepares him for challenges ahead. “[It gives me] courage to deal with the hardship that comes with being alive and a human.”

Over the years, Posner has been no stranger to cold water immersion. Recently, he’s gone on Wim Hof retreats in Poland and has even hiked Mount Everest.

Whether it’s writing new songs or exploring new peaks, his cold plunge routine is a critical part of his wellness philosophy.

2. Joe Rogan (BlueCube & Morozko)

Joe Rogan is well-known for his role as the host of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” one of the most popular and influential podcasts globally. More recently, he’s also become vocal in his endorsements of cold plunging, which he incorporates regularly into his wellness routine.

Rogan uses two cold tubs; one at his home and another in his studio, which he often discusses on his podcast. He currently uses a Morozko Ice Bath at home and a BlueCube cold plunge at his studio. The latter is the more intense of the two, as it circulates the water – thus eliminating the “thermal layer” that body heat can generate.

On his podcast, Rogan often talks about the mental and physical benefits of cold water immersion. This includes improved mental clarity, recovery, and overall health enhancement. He also has frequent guests on the show like Dr. Andrew Huberman, who is knowledgable on the benefits of cold water immersion.

Rogan’s epic setup allows him to maintain precise temperatures, ensuring an optimal cold plunge experience that he attributes to helping manage stress and boost vitality.

3. Eric Hinman (Ice Barrel)

Eric Hinman is a fitness influencer, entrepreneur, and hybrid athlete known for his intense dedication to wellness and performance optimization. He is an advocate for holistic health practices, including the use of cold plunges for recovery and mental clarity.

Hinman uses the Ice Barrel, a fully insulated cold therapy tool that is straightforward to use and effective for ice baths. He uses this in his backyard in Colorado, along with his Sisu barrel sauna. This aligns perfectly with his routine, emphasizing recovery as a critical component of his overall fitness and health strategy.

The Ice Barrel is vertical, making it easy to enter and exit. And its compact footprint allows it to be used in various settings, from backyards to personal gyms. Crafted from durable, UV-protected materials, it is built to withstand various weather conditions.

This cold plunge solution is particularly favored for its simplicity. Unlike Rogan, who uses cold plunges that cost around $20,000, Hinman’s Ice Barrel goes for only $1,199.

4. Davey Fisher (Polar Monkeys)

Davey Fisher, a fitness enthusiast and trainer, has incorporated the Polar Monkeys Star Treatment 2.0 cold plunge into his routine. He praises its effectiveness, noting he uses it at 50 degrees for 5 minutes, four to five times a week, typically in the morning.

The Polar Monkeys Star Treatment 2.0 cold plunge offers durability and comfort with its stainless-steel interior and Canadian Red Cedar wood exterior. It features an efficient cooling system that can reach temperatures as low as 37°F. This also includes automatic filtration and chlorine-free ozone sanitation.

The Polar Monkey ice bath comes with an app, making temperature adjustments convenient. Its compact barrel shape fits seamlessly into any home setting, requiring no plumbing and is easy to install.

Fisher emphasizes that this cold plunge regimen is part of his intensified focus on recovery, especially as he experiences changes in how his body recovers from intense workouts as he ages. This commitment reflects his broader dedication to maintaining peak physical condition through innovative wellness practices.

5. Gary Brecka (Plunge)

Gary Brecka, the founder of 10X Health Systems, is well-known in the biohacking community. He’s a strong advocate for The Plunge cold plunge tanks, praising their ability to enhance recovery, boost immunity, and improve mental clarity.

With his deep understanding of biology, Brecka specifies the optimal temperature for cold plunging as 48 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, with a duration of 3 to 6 minutes. He suggests integrating this practice into your morning routine for consistency, preferably before exercise to enhance muscle recovery and performance.

top celebrity cold tub picks for athletes and famous personalities
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