13 Best Places to Live for Entrepreneurs in 2024

by Jen
Best Places to Live for Entrepreneurs
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Are you on the hunt for the perfect place to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey? Choosing the right spot to set up shop can be absolutely critical to your startup’s success. With 2024 in full swing, cities around the globe are buzzing with opportunities that go beyond just great wifi and coffee—think big networks, cultural vibrancy, and a vibe that screams ‘innovation.’

As a digital nomad running an online travel business for the past 7 years, and spending 3-6 months each year exploring new countries, I’ve experienced firsthand how the right environment fuels creativity and growth.

Looking for a bustling tech hub with endless networking possibilities? Or maybe a quieter, emerging city with a growing creative scene? From the vibrant streets of Melbourne to the tech circles of Silicon Valley, the world is brimming with destinations that not only welcome entrepreneurs but inspire them to new heights.

Dive into our curated list of the best places to live for entrepreneurs in 2024. Discover where you can find top-tier coworking spaces, investor interest, lifestyle perks, and a community that supports and drives forward thinkers like you.

The top places to live for entrepreneurs right now

Top places to live around the world for entrepreneurs

Get ready to explore the 13 best places to live for entrepreneurs in 2024. Join us as we delve into the most dynamic locations where innovation thrives and dreams take flight. Prepare to be inspired by the magic these entrepreneurial hubs have to offer.

1. Melbourne, Australia: Set up your start-up Down Under

Here, innovation is a way of life. You’re in a place where the tech scene is booming. Thanks to initiatives like the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP), hundreds of startups have blossomed since its inception. It’s not just about tech, though. Creative industries thrive here, supported by a community that values art, sustainability, and social enterprise.

But what really sets Melbourne apart? Let’s talk specifics. First off, the city’s connectivity. With one of the highest rates of internet penetration in Australia, digital entrepreneurs find a seamless fit. Then there’s the culture of collaboration. Spaces like Inspire9 and The Commons offer hubs where ideas cross-pollinate and partnerships form over kitchen spaces and community events.

And when the laptop closes, Melbourne shines just as brightly. This city understands the balance between grind and relaxation. You’ll find green spaces like the Royal Botanic Gardens and a food scene that rivals any in the world. Plus, with its calendar packed with cultural festivals, creative inspiration is never in short supply.

Melbourne, Australia is one of the best places to live for entrepreneurs.
Melbourne: Innovation hub with thriving tech and creative scenes, collaborative spaces, green havens, and vibrant culture.

2. Austin, Texas, USA: A Hub for Creative Entrepreneurs

Step into Austin, where the air vibrates with music, tech innovation, and a palpable entrepreneurial energy. This city, with its unofficial motto “Keep Austin Weird,” champions the unique and the innovative. Here, startups are part of a larger movement towards creativity and innovation.

Austin’s startup ecosystem is robust, thanks to a blend of factors. There are top-tier universities, a supportive local government, and an abundance of venture capital. The city is home to South by Southwest (SXSW), an annual conference for creative and tech professionals to meet and mingle.

But what truly makes Austin unique are the specifics that cater to the entrepreneurial spirit. For instance, the Texas capital has no personal or corporate income tax. This financial advantage is a boon for startups looking to maximize their growth potential. Additionally, co-working spaces and incubators like Capital Factory provide the resources and networks essential for budding businesses to flourish.

Life in Austin extends beyond work. The city’s rich cultural tapestry offers an array of activities, from live music to outdoor adventures around Lady Bird Lake. Also, foodies revel in a diverse culinary scene that spans food trucks to fine dining.

Experience Austin's dynamic atmosphere pulsating with music, tech innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit.
Experience Austin’s dynamic atmosphere pulsating with music, tech innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit.

3. Madeira, Portugal: My personal favorite digital nomad hotspot

Madeira, with its mild climate and stunning landscapes, is becoming a hotspot for entrepreneurs and digital nomads. The island offers a low cost of living and a high quality of life, making it ideal for those looking to stretch their entrepreneurial wings without the financial pressures of major tech cities.

I visited Madeira for a digital nomad program and was blown away by how beautiful it is! The island is known for its lush, mountainous terrain and vibrant culture, providing ample leisure activities from hiking to exploring local markets.

Insider Tips: Funchal, the capital, is bustling with coworking spaces and networking opportunities. The recently launched Digital Nomads Village in Ponta do Sol is another hub, offering free working facilities and community events geared towards global entrepreneurs.

For a balance of work and island life adventure, Madeira is an awesome choice. Out of the 60+ countries I’ve been to, Madeira is among my top 3 favorite travel destinations. Highly recommend checking it out!

Me exploring Madeira with other digital nomads during an event called Nomad Island Fest
Me exploring Madeira with other digital nomads during an event called Nomad Island Fest

4. Stockholm, Sweden: The Green Tech Capital

Welcome to Stockholm, a city where innovation and sustainability create a haven for entrepreneurs. Stockholm’s breathtaking waterways and green spaces mean sustainable living is at the core of its entrepreneurial spirit. This city is all about launching startups that matter.

Stockholm has emerged as a global leader in sustainable solutions, making it the first European Green Capital. The city’s commitment to environmental sustainability is woven into the very fabric of business here. From clean tech to renewable energy ventures, Stockholm offers a thriving ecosystem for green startups. All of this is supported by initiatives like the Stockholm Green Tech Hub.

Stockholm is also home to some of the world’s most successful tech companies, including Spotify and Skype. You’ll find a highly educated workforce, strong support from the government, and a culture that encourages innovation and risk-taking. The city’s tech scene is bolstered by events like Stockholm Tech Fest, which brings together the industry’s brightest minds.

Whether it’s kayaking in the archipelago or enjoying the Nordic tradition of fika, Stockholm offers an unmatched  quality of life for entrepreneurs.

In Stockholm, innovation meets sustainability for purpose-driven entrepreneurs amidst scenic waterways and green spaces.
In Stockholm, innovation meets sustainability for purpose-driven entrepreneurs amidst scenic waterways and green spaces.

5. Toronto, Canada: A Mosaic of Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Step into Toronto, Canada’s largest city. Here, diversity is driving one of the most dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystems in the world. This city offers a unique blend of global perspectives, making it perfect for startups looking to make an international impact. In Toronto, your business idea can grow in a city that grows with you.

With over half of its residents born outside of Canada, the city is a living mosaic of cultures, languages, and ideas. This environment fosters a creative and inclusive startup scene, supported by some of the top university-based incubators in the world. Here, entrepreneurs find resources, mentorship and a community that celebrates every success, big or small.

From tech and finance to health and creative industries, the city’s economy is as diverse as its people. Toronto’s MaRS Discovery District stands as a testament to this. It’s one of the largest urban innovation hubs globally, where science and technology entrepreneurs converge to create solutions that matter.

Life in Toronto is vibrant and varied. Whether you’re networking or finding inspiration along Lake Ontario, Toronto is where every entrepreneur can find their place.

Toronto: Diverse hub for global startups in a city that evolves with you.
Toronto: Diverse hub for global startups in a city that evolves with you.

6. Berlin, Germany: The Heartbeat of European Innovation

Welcome to Berlin, a city known for its vibrant history and its dynamic role in the European startup ecosystem. Get inspired amidst graffiti-splashed remnants of the Berlin Wall and the sleek offices of Mitte. Berlin is a city that thrives on the new, the bold, and the unconventional.

Berlin’s startup scene has a particular strength in tech, media, and creative industries. The city is a magnet for young entrepreneurs, drawn by its living costs, cultural scene, and an open-minded approach. Programs like Berlin Partner offer tailored support to startups. No matter where you’re from, you can find a home for your business in Berlin.

This is a city that has rebuilt itself time and again, a place where change is the only constant. This atmosphere of transformation makes Berlin the perfect backdrop for startups looking to disrupt the status quo. From blockchain to sustainable fashion, Berlin’s entrepreneurs are at the forefront of global trends.

Life in Berlin is an eclectic mix of the old and new. You can spend your mornings in a co-working space in Kreuzberg and your afternoons exploring art galleries in Charlottenburg. The city’s rich history and contemporary flair provides endless inspiration for those looking to create and innovate.

In Berlin, vibrant history meets a leading role in Europe's startup scene amidst the new, bold, and unconventional.
In Berlin, vibrant history meets a leading role in Europe’s startup scene amidst the new, bold, and unconventional.

7. Chicago, USA: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Dive into a city where skyscrapers and historic architecture form the backdrop to a burgeoning startup scene. Chicago is a city that’s as renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit as it is for its deep-dish pizza and jazz. Chicago is a place to grow roots and thrive in a community that values hard work and big dreams.

Chicago’s startup ecosystem is vibrant and diverse, spanning industries from fintech to food tech. The city’s central location makes it a strategic hub for businesses looking to connect with markets across North America. Initiatives like 1871, named after the year of the great Chicago fire, embody the city’s phoenix-like spirit. You’ll find resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to startups ready to rise from the ashes of their challenges.

But what truly makes Chicago a haven for entrepreneurs is its supportive community. The city boasts a rich network of venture capitalists and seasoned entrepreneurs all eager to back the next big idea. Moreover, Chicago’s cost of living is significantly lower than other major tech hubs.

Life in Chicago is also super dynamic. The city offers a wealth of cultural experiences, from blues clubs of Wicker Park to the art galleries of the Loop.

Chicago: Skyscrapers, startups, deep-dish pizza, jazz, and a supportive community for dreamers.
Chicago: Skyscrapers, startups, deep-dish pizza, jazz, and a supportive community for dreamers.

8. Siargao, Philippines

Siargao is gaining traction among entrepreneurs and digital nomads, thanks to its laid-back island vibe combined with modern amenities like Starlink’s lightning-fast internet. I visited here back in January and found it to be one of the coolest digital nomad spots I’ve ever seen!

Famous for its epic surf breaks, the island is also dotted with cool coworking cafes that are perfect for getting work done. One of my favorites is Green House Siargao, which is right on the ocean. Want to mix a little adventure with your workday? Try island hopping or snorkeling right after your Zoom calls.

For those considering a longer stay, General Luna is the hub with the best facilities and community vibe. I met tons of successful entrepreneurs there from all countries and backgrounds. And let me tell you… it’s easy to feel inspired there!

Me surfing in Siargao after working on my business
Me surfing in Siargao after working on my business

9. Istanbul, Turkey: Where Continents and Cultures Converge for Business

Embark on a journey to Istanbul, a city that seamlessly blends the ancient with the ultra-modern. This is where East meets West, in the bustling bazaars, majestic mosques, and sleek office spaces overlooking the Bosphorus. Istanbul is a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and opportunities waiting to be explored.

Istanbul’s strategic location has made it a historical crossroads for trade and now, a burgeoning center for startups and innovation. The city’s unique position allows easy access to European, Asian, and Middle Eastern markets. It’s an ideal base for businesses looking to expand globally. Initiatives like Teknopark Istanbul and the Istanbul Startup Hub mean tech startups, especially, can thrive.

But what sets Istanbul apart is its vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, fueled by a diverse and youthful population. The city’s universities are teeming with ambitious graduates, eager to make their mark in the world of business. This talent pool, combined with more angel investors and venture capitalists, creates a dynamic ecosystem where startups can flourish.

The gem in Turkey offers a rich tapestry of history, culture, and cuisine, with something new to discover around every corner. From enjoying a Turkish tea to networking in one of the city’s co-working spaces, Istanbul provides a backdrop.

In Istanbul, ancient meets modern in a melting pot of cultures and opportunities.
In Istanbul, ancient meets modern in a melting pot of cultures and opportunities.

10. Boulder, Colorado, USA: Where Startups Thrive Amidst the Rockies

Next up, let’s venture to Boulder, a city where the Rocky Mountains provide a metaphor for the heights your startup can reach. This Colorado gem is a thriving hub of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. Here, startups flourish in an ecosystem that values sustainability, health, and tech innovation.

Boulder is home to a high concentration of venture capital and a dense network of tech talent. The city is home to the University of Colorado, Boulder, which fuels the local economy with fresh ideas. Additionally, Boulder’s Techstars accelerator program has become a cornerstone of the local startup ecosystem. It’s helped to launch a wide array of businesses in tech and beyond.

But what truly makes Boulder a unique place for entrepreneurs? It’s the city’s commitment to work-life balance. The great outdoors beckons just as strongly as the office. Entrepreneurs find inspiration in hiking, biking, and skiing. This connection to nature is woven into the very fabric of business in Boulder. Many startups focus on outdoor tech, renewable energy, and sustainable practices.

The city’s vibrant downtown, with its local shops, breweries, and farm-to-table restaurants, reflects Boulder’s eclectic and innovative spirit.

In Boulder, startups thrive amidst a backdrop of innovation, sustainability, and tech prowess.
In Boulder, startups thrive amidst a backdrop of innovation, sustainability, and tech prowess.

11. London, UK: A Global Stage for Entrepreneurs

Cross the pond with me to London, a city with a vibrant backdrop for entrepreneurs from around the globe. London is a bustling metropolis of innovation, diversity, and endless opportunities. Here, startups have the world at their fingertips.

London’s startup scene thrives across sectors from fintech to fashion tech, and everything in between. The city is home to the London Stock Exchange and a dense network of venture capitalists and angel investors. Accelerators like Techstars London provide a springboard for startups looking to make their mark on the global stage.

But what sets London apart for entrepreneurs? It’s the city’s unparalleled connectivity. With five major airports and a prime GMT timezone, doing business with both the East and West is a breeze. London’s multicultural vibe also means you can network, collaborate, and build a team that truly reflects the global market. Plus, with events like London Tech Week, the city pulses with the energy of innovation.

From the historic streets of Westminster to the creative buzz of Shoreditch, the city offers endless inspiration. Whether you’re savoring a curry on Brick Lane or jogging through Hyde Park, your next big idea is moments away.

London, UK is one of the best places to live for entrepreneurs.
In London, global entrepreneurs thrive in a vibrant hub of innovation and endless opportunities.

12. Vancouver, Canada: Where Nature Inspires Innovation

Let’s journey to Vancouver, where the majestic mountains meet the Pacific Ocean. It’s a stunning backdrop for one of Canada’s most vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems. This gem in Canada is a thriving hub for tech startups, green enterprises, and creative minds. In Vancouver, the natural world is a constant source of inspiration for innovation and sustainability.

Vancouver’s startup scene is flourishing, particularly in sectors like clean tech, digital media, and biotech. Initiatives like the Vancouver Economic Commission foster growth and innovation. Incubators and accelerators such as Launch Academy provide the support network startups need to thrive.

But what truly makes Vancouver shine? It’s the city’s lifestyle. Here, you can have a morning meeting in a downtown skyscraper and have a midday kayak before networking in the evening. This blend of urban living and outdoor adventure attracts a diverse, talented workforce.

The city’s culinary scene is a testament to its diversity, offering everything from sustainable seafood to authentic international cuisines. Plus, with its emphasis on green living, Vancouver is a place to grow personally as well as professionally, making it one of the top places to live and visit in Canada.

In Vancouver, mountains meet the ocean, framing a vibrant hub for tech startups and green enterprises fueled by innovation.
In Vancouver, mountains meet the ocean, framing a vibrant hub for tech startups and green enterprises fueled by innovation.

13. Silicon Valley, USA: The Legendary Cradle of Innovation

Finally, let’s venture into the original entrepreneur hub – Silicon Valley. This place is a phenomenon, a mindset, and the birthplace of the world’s most influential companies. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley is the global epicenter of technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

Silicon Valley’s startup ecosystem is unparalleled. Here, garage startups evolve into global giants. Ideas scribbled on napkins become technologies that change how we live. The Valley is home to tech behemoths like Apple, Google, and Facebook, and it continues to attract ambitious entrepreneurs. There’s a dense concentration of venture capital, a culture of innovation, and a community of brilliant minds.

Silicon Valley is one of the best places to live for entrepreneurs.
Silicon Valley: Innovation hub in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Failure is not seen as a setback but as a learning opportunity, a step closer to success. The Valley thrives on competition and collaboration, pushing everyone to their limits while providing an unmatched support system.

Living in Silicon Valley means being at the crossroads of the future. Every café conversation could lead to the next groundbreaking startup. The lifestyle here is fast-paced and driven, with a focus on innovation at every turn. Despite the high cost of living, the promise of being part of something world-changing draws people from all over the globe.

The top places to live for entrepreneurs
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