13 Best Countries to Visit in October 2024

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Best Countries to Visit in October 2024
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October’s around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to explore some of the world’s most stunning spots. Think sipping on freshly pressed wine in France’s lush vineyards, or catching the vibrant burst of fall colors in Japan’s peaceful gardens. Or maybe you’re itching for something off the beaten path, like marveling at the Northern Lights in Iceland, or wrapping up the dry season with a safari in Africa.

October is that sweet spot in the calendar when the weather is just right in many parts of the world—cool enough to roam comfortably, yet warm enough to skip the heavy layers. It’s also the month packed with festivals, less crowded attractions, and great deals, making it a prime time to travel.

Ready to map out your October adventures? Whether you’re craving the cozy cafes of Italy or the ancient wonders of Peru, we’ve got the scoop on the best places to visit. Dive into our guide and discover where this October can take you for epic memories. Let’s go see what the world has in store!

The top countries to visit in October 2024

Top 13 Places to Visit in October

Ready to uncover the most captivating destinations to visit in October? Whether you’re seeking an adventure in your own backyard or on the other side of the globe, this guide is your passport to discovering the ultimate October vacation spots. Let’s dive in!

1. Germany – The world shares a beer at Oktoberfest

Let’s kick off our October travels with a bang and head over to Germany, where Oktoberfest turns Munich into the ultimate party town. Oktoberfest is the godfather of beer festivals. It’s where the beer flows like rivers and the pretzels are as big as steering wheels.

Clink steins with new friends from around the globe, sway to the beat of oompah bands, and dive into plates of mouthwatering Bavarian grub. It’s the kind of party where everyone’s family, and the vibe is pure joy. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to spend a day (or three) living it up in the world’s happiest beer garden?

Take a stroll through the English Garden, where the autumn leaves paint the perfect backdrop for a crisp walk. Or hit up Marienplatz to gawk at the New Town Hall – it’s like stepping into the middle of a fairy tale.

A hop, skip, and a jump from Munich, you’re at Neuschwanstein Castle, a magical destination that’s Instagram gold. Or cruise down the Romantic Road for a taste of medieval towns and postcard-perfect scenery.

Germany is one of the best countries to visit in October.
October’s ultimate party awaits in Munich, Germany, at Oktoberfest, where beer flows and pretzels abound.

2. Vietnam – Lanterns, lush landscapes, and lip-smacking cuisine

Next up, let’s jet off to Vietnam, a country that, in October, is truly something else. Every turn reveals a new adventure, from lantern-lit streets in Hoi An to the misty mountains of Sapa. It’s a feast for the senses and a treat for the soul.

First off, Hoi An. This ancient town turns into a lantern dream in the evenings, with colorful lights reflecting off the river. And the Full Moon Lantern Festival? It’s like the town throws a birthday party every month, and you’re always on the guest list.

The country’s natural beauty in October is off the charts. Take a cruise through Ha Long Bay, where limestone karsts jut out of emerald waters, creating a labyrinth of natural wonder. Or head north to Sapa, where the rice terraces carve a patchwork of green into the mountains.

And let’s talk food – because, in Vietnam, eating is an adventure all its own. Street food is a journey through flavors you didn’t even know existed. From the zesty zing of a bowl of pho to the crunch of a banh mi, every bite is a story of tradition.

Experience Vietnam's October magic: lantern-lit streets in Hoi An, misty mountains in Sapa.
Experience Vietnam’s October magic: lantern-lit streets in Hoi An, misty mountains in Sapa.

3. Jordan – Petra’s timeless wonder and desert majesty

Onward to Jordan, a land of ancient stones and vast deserts. October in Jordan is a sweet spot – the summer heat mellows, making it the perfect time to explore the city of Petra and the majestic Wadi Rum.

Witnessing Petra is like a moment of pure magic, a real “Indiana Jones” vibe, but way cooler in real life. Petra is a masterpiece carved into the very earth by the Nabateans thousands of years ago. Exploring it feels like you’re walking through the pages of history.

Hop into a 4×4 and cruise into Wadi Rum, the “Valley of the Moon.” This desert landscape is a sea of red sand and towering cliffs, where the silence is so profound, you can hear your own heartbeat. Spend a night under the stars in a Bedouin camp, sharing stories and sipping tea by the fire. It’s an experience that’s as humbling as it is breathtaking.

And Jordan’s charm doesn’t end with its deserts and ancient cities. From the waters of the Dead Sea to the streets of Amman, this country is a mosaic of experiences waiting to be discovered. From floating in the salty sea to feasting on mansaf, every moment is a blend of wonder, adventure, and warmth.

October in Jordan unveils ancient Petra and majestic Wadi Rum, inviting desert adventures.
October in Jordan unveils ancient Petra and majestic Wadi Rum, inviting desert adventures.

4. Namibia – Dunes, wildlife, and starry skies

Next on our list, let’s venture to Namibia. October here is a spectacle of nature, from the towering dunes of Sossusvlei to the plains of Etosha National Park. It’s a destination for those who crave adventure and awe in equal measure.

Stand atop Dune 45 as the sun rises, painting the sea of sand around you in shades of orange and red. The silence of the Namib Desert is profound, broken only by the soft whisper of the wind. It’s an otherworldly experience, making you feel like the first explorer on Mars.

Head to Etosha National Park, where October’s dry conditions draw animals in large numbers to the waterholes. It’s a live-action nature documentary right before your eyes. Elephants, lions, giraffes, and rhinos – the gang’s all here, and you’ve got a front-row seat to the show.

As the day fades, the Namibian sky transforms into a canvas for the cosmos. Far from city lights, the Milky Way stretches across the sky in a dazzling display of stars. Whether you’re camping in the desert or staying at a lodge, stargazing in Namibia is a must.

In October, Namibia dazzles with Sossusvlei's dunes and Etosha's plains, a thrill for adventurers.
In October, Namibia dazzles with Sossusvlei’s dunes and Etosha’s plains, a thrill for adventurers.

5. Argentina – Spring fever and the tango beat

Alright, let’s shimmy on down to Argentina next, where October is a spring fiesta! Let’s start in Buenos Aires, where the streets are lined with blooming jacarandas, and every corner has a story to tell. It’s where European flair meets Latin heat, and trust me, the mix is electric.

Buenos Aires in spring is like the city’s thrown open its doors and invited everyone to the party. You could be tangoing in San Telmo one minute and devouring the juiciest steak of your life in Palermo the next. And let’s not forget about football – it’s way more than just a game here. Catching a match is like stepping into a whirlwind of passion and pride.

Ever heard of Mendoza? It’s wine country, baby, and in October, the vineyards are just showing off. Sipping on a glass of world-class Malbec with the Andes as your backdrop? Yes, please.

And for the wild at heart, Patagonia in the spring is like stepping onto another planet. Think towering mountains, glaciers that sparkle under the sun, and lakes so blue they’ll make your heart ache. Hiking, kayaking, or just gawking – it’s nature’s playground, and everyone’s invited.

Buenos Aires in October bursts with spring fiesta vibes, as jacarandas bloom and stories unfold.
Buenos Aires in October bursts with spring fiesta vibes, as jacarandas bloom and stories unfold.

6. Italy – Harvest season and rustic charm

Next stop on our October odyssey is Italy, a country where the landscapes seem painted with a richer palette. October in Italy is all about embracing the rustic charm of the countryside and diving into the harvest season.

Stroll through the vineyards of Tuscany, the air crisp and the leaves turning shades of gold and red. It’s harvest time, and the excitement is palpable. You can join in on the grape harvest and learn the art of winemaking.

Truffle hunters in Piedmont are on the prowl for the elusive white truffle, and you’re invited. Journey through misty forests with an expert and their trusty dog, unearthing these culinary treasures. It’s an earthy adventure that ends with a meal where the truffle is the star.

And let’s not forget about the cities. Rome, Florence, Venice – they’re all a bit quieter in October, which means you can wander the cobblestone streets, explore the museums, and marvel at the architecture without the peak-season crowds.

Italy in October is a feast for the senses, a blend of natural beauty, culinary adventures, and timeless culture. Bring your appetite and a sense of wonder, and let Italy show you the magic of the harvest season.

Italy in October: rustic countryside charm and harvest delights await.
Italy in October: rustic countryside charm and harvest delights await.

7. South Africa – Wildlife wonders and spring blooms

As we continue our journey through the best places to visit in October, let’s head to South Africa. It’s a time when nature puts on a show, from the wildflowers carpeting the Western Cape to the wildlife gatherings in the national parks. It’s a destination for those who love nature in all its glory and are ready for some adventure.

In the Western Cape, the wildflower season reaches its peak. Places like the Namaqualand Flower Route are transformed into a vivid tapestry of colors, with blooms as far as the eye can see. It’s like walking through a painting, with every step revealing new hues and patterns. And the best part? The backdrop of mountains and clear blue skies that make the colors pop even more.

South Africa’s wildlife is also on full display in October. Head to Kruger National Park, where the dry season makes it easier to spot the Big Five. It’s a reminder of the raw beauty and power of the natural world.

And for those who crave a bit of city life, Cape Town is buzzing with energy. The weather is perfect for hiking up Table Mountain, exploring the vibrant streets and markets, or just chilling on the beaches.

In October, South Africa dazzles with wildflowers in the Western Cape and wildlife gatherings in national parks
In October, South Africa dazzles with wildflowers in the Western Cape and wildlife gatherings in national parks

8. Cyprus – Endless summer and historical treasures

As October rolls around, not everyone is ready to say goodbye to summer. If you’re looking to cling to those sun-soaked days a little longer, Cyprus is your perfect escape. Nestled in the Mediterranean, Cyprus in October is like a secret summer extension.

Dip your toes in the warm sands of Nissi Beach, where the water is so clear you can see the fish darting around your feet. The beaches in Cyprus during October are serene, with just the right amount of warmth from the sun.

The island is steeped in history, with ancient ruins and UNESCO World Heritage sites waiting to tell their tales. From the mystical Tombs of the Kings in Paphos to the ancient city-kingdom of Kourion, it’s pure ancient excitement.

Places like Omodos and Lefkara offer a glimpse into traditional Cypriot life, with their cobblestone streets and local artisans crafting lace and silver. It’s here, among the vineyards and the olive groves, that you can truly savor the island’s culinary delights. Enjoy traditional meze platters and commandaria, the world’s oldest named wine still in production.

Whether you’re lounging on a beach or enjoying the local cuisine in a mountain village, Cyprus offers a warm embrace that’s hard to resist.

October in Cyprus extends summer's embrace, offering a sun-soaked escape in the Mediterranean.
October in Cyprus extends summer’s embrace, offering a sun-soaked escape in the Mediterranean.

9. The Canary Islands – Eternal spring and diverse landscapes

Next up, let’s catch a flight to the Canary Islands, Spain’s subtropical paradise, where the concept of eternal spring comes to life. In October, while much of the world starts to feel the chill of autumn, the Canary Islands bask in perfect weather.

Hike up the lunar landscapes of Mount Teide in Tenerife, the highest peak in Spain, surrounded by a surreal, moon-like terrain. Or get lost in the ancient laurel forests of La Gomera, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, where the air is fresh and the greenery is lush.

Each island has its own unique vibe and set of attractions. Lanzarote boasts otherworldly landscapes and the creative architecture of César Manrique. Gran Canaria offers a mix of beaches, picturesque villages, and the bustling city of Las Palmas. Fuerteventura, with its endless sandy beaches, is a haven for water sports enthusiasts, especially surfers and windsurfers.

And the food, I hear you ask? Fresh seafood, mojo sauces, and papas arrugadas (wrinkly potatoes) are just a taste of what’s on offer. Pair it with a glass of local wine, and you’ve got a meal to remember.

So, pack your adventurous spirit (and maybe a light jacket for the evenings) and set off for this archipelago of wonders.

The Canary Islands in October bask in eternal spring, offering perfect weather and a subtropical paradise.
The Canary Islands in October bask in eternal spring, offering perfect weather and a subtropical paradise.

10. Mauritius – Island paradise in full bloom

Let’s set our sights on Mauritius, a jewel in the Indian Ocean that truly comes alive this month. October in Mauritius is a sweet spot – the winter chill has lifted, and the summer’s humidity hasn’t quite set in, making it the perfect time to enjoy everything this island paradise has to offer.

Lounge on powdery white beaches, the crystal-clear waters lapping at your feet, and the sun gently warming your skin. Mauritius is ringed with these idyllic spots, from the lively shores of Grand Baie to the tranquil stretches of Le Morne.

The island’s interior is a lush wonderland of mountains, waterfalls, and rainforests waiting to be explored. Take a hike in the Black River Gorges National Park, where the trails wind through dense foliage and lead to breathtaking vistas. Or visit the Chamarel Coloured Earth, where the sands form a palette of seven colors, creating a stunning natural phenomenon.

With a mix of Indian, African, European, and Chinese influences, the island’s culture is rich and diverse. From savoring a plate of Dholl Puri to celebrating Diwali, every moment in Mauritius is an opportunity to learn and connect.

In October, Mauritius blossoms, offering a perfect blend of winter's end and summer's beginning.
In October, Mauritius blossoms, offering a perfect blend of winter’s end and summer’s beginning.

11. Greece – Autumnal warmth and Aegean adventures

As we sail further into our October journey, let’s dock at the shores of Greece. October is a golden opportunity to explore ancient ruins, bask on sun-drenched beaches, and indulge in this rich tapestry of culture and cuisine without the peak season crowds.

The Acropolis in October, with cooler temperatures, is a joy rather than a sweltering chore. The golden light of autumn casts a magical glow over the Parthenon, making it feel like you’re walking through history itself.

The islands, from the iconic cliffs of Santorini to the lush landscapes of Corfu, are at their most inviting. The beaches, less crowded now, offer tranquil spots to unwind and soak up the Mediterranean sun.

Greek cuisine, with its emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients, is a revelation in October. From the olive harvest yielding the first press of oil to the grape harvest promising new wines, it’s a time of abundance. Enjoying a meal at a seaside taverna, with dishes like fresh grilled fish and creamy tzatziki, is pure bliss.

Greece in October is an invitation to experience the best of both worlds: the enduring legacy of its ancient past and the vibrant culture of the present.

October in Greece beckons with ancient ruins, sun-drenched beaches, and rich culture, sans peak season crowds.
October in Greece beckons with ancient ruins, sun-drenched beaches, and rich culture, sans peak season crowds.

12. USA – Autumn splendor and Halloween festivities

Alright, let’s zip over to the USA, where October is basically a month-long celebration of all things autumn and spooky. Imagine road-tripping through New England, where every turn reveals trees dressed in their fall best, showing off shades of fiery red and golden yellow. It’s like nature’s own fireworks display, and honestly, it never gets old.

But hey, October in the States is Halloween central, baby! Places like Salem, Massachusetts, take spooky to a whole new level. Ready for witch trials history and ghost tours that will have you sleeping with the lights on? And if you’re into the whole haunted house scene, you’re in luck because they’re pretty much everywhere, from theme parks to local neighborhoods.

And because it’s the USA, you know there’s a festival for just about everything. Craving some beer and bratwurst? There’s an Oktoberfest for that. Into indie films or live music? Check out the lineup of festivals happening coast to coast. It’s a month where you can fill your calendar with as much culture, food, and fun as you can handle.

So, if you’re all about those fall vibes, pumpkin everything, and getting a little (or a lot) spooked, the USA in October is where you want to be.

October in the USA means autumn celebrations and spooky vibes.
October in the USA means autumn celebrations and spooky vibes.

13. Morocco – Where every day’s an adventure

Alright, let’s wrap this up with a bang and head over to Morocco. Think less scorching sun, more perfect exploring weather. It’s the stuff of legends, a place where every corner is a story waiting to happen.

Navigate the twists and turns of Medina, a Marrakech gem, where the air is a cocktail of spices, leather, and mint tea. It’s like a treasure hunt, but you decide what’s worth taking home. Discover the most Instagrammable spots, from the electric blue of Jardin Majorelle to the sunset over Koutoubia Mosque. And the street food? Let’s just say your taste buds are about to throw a party.

Morocco is one of the best countries to visit in October.
Let’s head to Morocco for perfect exploring weather and legendary adventures around every corner.

The Atlas Mountains are calling, offering you trails that lead to Berber villages stuck in time. And the Sahara? It’s an overnight camel trek away, where you can play Lawrence of Arabia, sleeping under a blanket of stars so thick, you won’t miss your Wi-Fi.

October also means it’s festival time. Sway to spiritual rhythms at the Sufi Culture Festival in Fez. Or celebrate the humble date in Erfoud – it’s like Morocco is throwing a month-long party, and guess what? You’re invited.

The top countries to visit in October 2024 for all types of travelers
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