10 Best Airlines to Fly to Sicily (Updated 2024)

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Planning your 2024 trip to Sicily and wondering which airlines offer the best mix of value, comfort, and service? Our comprehensive analysis of over 150 airports worldwide reveals the top airlines for traveling to this Mediterranean gem. Stay tuned for insights into the best deals, onboard amenities, and customer satisfaction ratings. Let’s explore these best airlines to fly to Sicily right now!

Embarking on a journey to Sicily, a land of ancient wonders and gastronomic delights, begins with a crucial choice: selecting the best airline for an exceptional travel experience. As you consider your options, it’s not just about reaching this enchanting destination; it’s about starting your Sicilian adventure the moment you board the plane.

The ideal airline doesn’t just transport you; it immerses you in comfort and quality service, setting the tone for your Sicilian escapade. Picture yourself gliding through the skies in a cabin where every detail is curated for your comfort, hinting at the luxury and allure awaiting in Sicily.

Choosing among the best airlines to fly to Sicily is more than a practical decision. It’s the first step in weaving your own Sicilian tale, one that begins with a seamless, enjoyable flight. With our insights, drawn from a vast pool of global travel data, we guide you to make a choice that aligns with your expectations and desires.

Get ready to unfold the layers of Sicily’s rich history and vibrant culture. Your journey starts here, in the skies, aboard an airline that promises not just a journey, but an experience that echoes the beauty of Sicily. Let’s embark on this discovery together, finding the perfect airline that complements your dream Sicilian adventure.

Best Airlines to Fly to Sicily right now

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Now, let’s dive into the 10 best airlines to fly to Sicily in 2024.

1. TUI Fly

With its vibrant, holiday-focused approach, TUI Fly is a top choice for travelers flying to Sicily. This airline, known for its budget-friendly fares, combines cost-effectiveness with quality service. Onboard, passengers enjoy a comfortable experience in their modern fleet, complemented by a selection of snacks and beverages.

The airline’s unique feature is its seasonal flight schedule, tailored for vacation periods. This makes TUI Fly particularly attractive for those planning a summer getaway to Sicily. Their flights connect Sicilian cities with several European must-visits, offering convenient access for travelers.

In addition to its affordable prices, TUI Fly’s streamlined booking process and transparent pricing are big pluses. The airline’s hub, located in Belgium, serves as the gateway for many European tourists heading to Sicily. This geographical advantage is enhanced by a network of routes covering key European cities.

On a TUI Fly flight, the journey to Sicily starts with a cheerful and welcoming cabin crew, setting the tone for an unforgettable vacation. When considering airlines that fly to Sicily, TUI Fly stands out for its mix of affordability, convenience, and a holiday-ready atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for your Sicilian adventure.

TUI Fly is one of the best airlines to fly to Sicily because of its lively, vacation-focused style.
TUI Fly is one of the best airlines to fly to Sicily because of its lively, vacation-focused style.

2. Brussels Airlines

Known for its excellent service and broad network, Brussels Airlines is a top pick for travelers seeking the best airlines to Sicily. This airline is celebrated for its quality in-flight experience, featuring comfortable seating and a diverse range of entertainment options.

Brussels Airlines’ uniqueness lies in its Belgian hospitality, offering a taste of Europe’s heart through its cuisine and service. The airline’s extensive network connects Sicily to numerous global destinations, making it a convenient choice for international travelers. Their commitment to punctuality and efficient service ensures a hassle-free journey.

The airline’s hub in Brussels gives it a strategic advantage, linking Sicily with major cities across the world. This global connectivity is paired with competitive pricing, catering to both budget-conscious travelers and those seeking luxury. Additionally, Brussels Airlines has a strong focus on sustainability, actively working to reduce its environmental impact.

Choosing Brussels Airlines for your Sicilian adventure means embarking on a journey marked by Belgian elegance and global connectivity. From the quality of their in-flight offerings to their environmental efforts, they stand out as one of the best airlines to go to Sicily, ensuring a memorable travel experience.

When looking for the best airlines to fly to Sicily, Brussels is a great choice given its wide network and excellent client service.
When looking for the best airlines to fly to Sicily, Brussels is a great choice given its wide network and excellent client service.

3. Ryanair

Renowned for its ultra-low-cost model, Ryanair is a favorite for budget-savvy travelers heading to Sicily. Its appeal lies in offering some of the most competitive prices in the industry, making Sicilian adventures accessible to a wider audience.

What sets Ryanair apart is its extensive network across Europe’s most beautiful places, including numerous routes to Sicilian cities. This vast network allows travelers flexibility and convenience in planning their Sicilian getaways. Despite being a budget airline, Ryanair has made strides in improving customer experience, now offering more direct routes with fewer layovers.

Ryanair’s efficient operation model and frequent flight options make it a practical choice for spontaneous and planned trips alike. The airline’s primary focus is on making travel affordable, which it achieves without compromising on basic comfort and safety.

When considering the best airlines to fly into Sicily, Ryanair emerges as a go-to option for those prioritizing cost and convenience. Its straightforward approach to air travel, combined with its extensive reach across Europe, positions it as a smart choice for exploring the wonders of Sicily.

One of the best airlines to fly to Sicily is Ryanair, which is well-known for its extremely low cost strategy.
One of the best airlines to fly to Sicily is Ryanair, which is well-known for its extremely low cost strategy.

4. Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines, renowned for its exceptional service and extensive network, is a popular choice for those searching for the best airlines that fly to Sicily. Known for their emphasis on customer experience, Delta offers a range of amenities, including comfortable seating, a wide selection of in-flight entertainment, and excellent dining options. For a luxurious journey, check out Delta One and Delta First Class.

Delta’s extensive network, particularly from the United States to Europe, includes convenient connections to Sicily, making it a preferred choice for transatlantic travelers. Their frequent flyer program, SkyMiles, adds value to each trip, offering benefits like upgrades and free flights for regular customers.

With a commitment to innovation, Delta continually upgrades its fleet and services. They also focus on sustainability, aiming to reduce their environmental impact. This approach makes Delta not just a choice for today but an investment in a greener future of air travel.

Choosing Delta Air Lines for your trip to Sicily means enjoying a blend of comfort, convenience, and quality service. It’s a choice that promises a memorable start to your Sicilian adventure.

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When looking for the best airlines to fly to Sicily, Delta Air Lines is a popular option.

5. British Airways

Acclaimed for its premium services and global reach, British Airways is an excellent option for those seeking the best business class to Sicily. Renowned for its luxurious cabins, British Airways offers an unrivaled experience with spacious seating, fine dining, and an extensive entertainment selection.

A highlight of flying British Airways is their exceptional customer service, ensuring a seamless and comfortable journey. Their wide-ranging flight network connects major cities around the world with Sicily, providing travelers with flexible options.

Notably, British Airways is committed to sustainability, actively working towards reducing its carbon footprint. This commitment reflects a modern, responsible approach to air travel.

Opting for British Airways for your Sicilian trip guarantees a journey marked by comfort, elegance, and environmental consciousness – a premium experience aligning with the beauty and allure of Sicily. For those considering flying with style, check out British Airways Business Class and British Airways First Class.

Their Club World cabin offers flat beds on long-haul flights, ensuring maximum comfort. British Airways connects major international cities, including routes to Sicily. A wide selection of movies, TV shows, and music.

The airline is noted for its gourmet dining options, offering menus crafted by top chefs. They employ the latest in-flight technology for a seamless travel experience. Special provisions for families traveling with children, enhancing comfort for all ages.

British Airways, praised for its first-rate services and extensive international reach, is a great choice.

6. Turkish Airlines

Celebrated for its exceptional service and extensive network, Turkish Airlines is a top choice for those exploring the best international airlines to Sicily. Known for its high-quality in-flight experience, Turkish Airlines offers comfortable seating, a wide range of entertainment options, and exceptional dining experiences featuring a blend of international and Turkish cuisine.

A distinctive feature of Turkish Airlines is its renowned lounge in Istanbul, offering a luxurious wait for connecting flights. Their extensive global network, with connections from various cities to Sicily, makes them a convenient option for international travelers.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, Turkish Airlines ensures a pleasant and memorable journey, enhancing the excitement of visiting Sicily. Their commitment to providing a top-tier travel experience makes them a preferred airline for a Sicilian adventure. If you want to dive deep into the world of luxury air travel, check out Turkish Airlines Business Class.

Turkish Airlines stands out for its award-winning Istanbul Airport lounge, renowned for its luxury and comfort. The airline has a strong focus on enhancing passenger experience with amenities like onboard Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity. It also prides itself on its young and modern fleet, ensuring a comfortable and environmentally friendly journey.

Turkish Airlines’ commitment to sustainability is evident in their efforts to reduce carbon emissions and promote eco-friendly practices. This holistic approach to travel makes Turkish Airlines a top choice for passengers seeking a blend of luxury, comfort, and sustainability on their journey to Sicily.

Turkish Airlines is highly recommended due to its vast network and outstanding service.
Turkish Airlines is highly recommended due to its vast network and outstanding service.

7. Swiss International Air Lines

Renowned for precision and quality, Swiss International Air Lines stands out as a premier choice for flying to Sicily. Celebrated for its punctual services and high safety standards, Swiss Air ensures a reliable and efficient journey. Passengers enjoy a unique Swiss travel experience, characterized by impeccable service, comfortable seating, and a selection of gourmet meals influenced by Swiss cuisine.

An exclusive feature of Swiss Air is its commitment to a sustainable flying experience, with efforts to reduce environmental impact. Their extensive network offers seamless connections to Sicily from various global locations, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking both luxury and eco-conscious travel options.

Flying with Swiss International AirLines to Sicily promises not just a journey but an experience imbued with Swiss excellence and a commitment to sustainable travel.

Swiss International Air Lines, known for its efficiency and high-quality service, offers flights to Sicily, connecting travelers to this stunning Mediterranean island. The airline is celebrated for its punctuality and Swiss hospitality, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey for passengers.

With a focus on providing a top-tier travel experience, Swiss Air features modern aircraft equipped with the latest amenities, ensuring passenger comfort and safety. Their commitment to precision and excellence in service makes Swiss International Air Lines a preferred choice for travelers seeking a reliable and enjoyable flight experience to Sicily.

Swiss International Air Lines is a top option, with a reputation for accuracy and excellence.
Swiss International Air Lines is a top option, with a reputation for accuracy and excellence.

8. Neos Air

As an Italian airline specializing in leisure travel, Neos Air offers a unique and enjoyable experience for those heading to Sicily. Neos is known for its modern fleet, including the eco-friendly Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which provides a comfortable and efficient travel experience. Their in-flight service is characterized by Italian hospitality, offering a range of tasty meals and beverages that give a glimpse into Sicily’s culinary delights.

Neos Air, an innovative Italian airline, distinguishes itself by offering “All-Inclusive” holiday packages, combining flights, accommodations, and extra services for a seamless vacation experience. This unique approach caters especially to holidaymakers looking for convenient, all-encompassing travel solutions.

Operating from several Italian cities, Neos Air provides direct connections to Sicily, making it a convenient choice for both domestic and international travelers. They offer competitive pricing, catering to budget-conscious tourists without compromising on comfort.

Neos Air also stands out for its personalized approach to service, ensuring a friendly and welcoming experience. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in every aspect of their operation, from the booking process to the in-flight experience.

Choosing Neos Air for your Sicilian journey means embracing the warmth of Italian hospitality and enjoying a travel experience tailored to leisure and relaxation.

Neos Air is an Italian airline that specializes on leisure travel, providing a distinctive and delightful experience.

9. United Airlines

United Airlines, with its wide global network and focus on customer service, is a great choice for flying to Sicily. It’s especially handy for travelers from the United States, thanks to its many connections to Sicily.

Onboard, United makes sure you’re comfortable. You can pick from different seats, ranging from the roomy United Polaris business class or United first class. They also pay attention to food, serving a variety of dishes, and offer lots of entertainment options.

United also cares about the environment. They have plans to cut down their environmental impact, making your trip to Sicily more eco-friendly.

United stands out with services for all kinds of travelers. Their Polaris class offers luxury, with lie-flat beds and fancy extras. Economy Plus gives you more legroom. Plus, their mobile app is super user-friendly, making check-ins and flight tracking easy.

Their customer service is top-notch, and the MileagePlus program rewards regular flyers. All these things make United a go-to airline for trips to Sicily.

With its extensive worldwide network and emphasis on customer service, United Airlines is an excellent option.
With its extensive worldwide network and emphasis on customer service, United Airlines is an excellent option.

10. Easyjet Airlines

EasyJet Airlines is a top pick for travelers wondering about airlines flying to Sicily. They’re known for being affordable and having a big network. This makes trips to Sicily more budget-friendly for many people.

EasyJet’s standout feature is its wide reach across Europe. They have lots of flights to places in Sicily, making travel plans flexible. Even though they’re a low-cost airline, they still offer a comfy trip. You can even add extras like priority boarding and more luggage if you need them.

EasyJet’s approach is customer-centric, focusing on making air travel simple and affordable. Their digital platform simplifies the booking and check-in process, making travel arrangements hassle-free.

Choosing EasyJet for your Sicily trip means getting a good mix of affordability and ease. It’s great for those who want to enjoy Sicily’s beauty without spending too much.

EasyJet is known for being wallet-friendly. They have a “Flexi Fare” system that’s really handy. It lets you change flights without extra costs, perfect if you need to be flexible with your travel dates.

Also, EasyJet is big on digital stuff. They have an easy-to-use website and a mobile app that makes managing your flights simple. This focus on making things convenient and adaptable is why lots of travelers pick EasyJet, especially for trips to places like Sicily.

When it comes to airlines that offer flights to Sicily, EasyJet Airlines is a great choice.
When it comes to airlines that offer flights to Sicily, EasyJet Airlines is a great choice.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Best Airlines for Flying to Sicily

Looking for detailed insights on the best air travel options to Sicily? Here, we address common queries about top airline choices for a Sicilian journey, gathered from fellow travelers like you.

Does any airline fly direct to Sicily?

Yes, you can find direct flights to Sicily from many airlines. This includes big international ones and budget-friendly options too. You can fly directly from major cities in Europe and sometimes from other places, especially in the busy tourist season. This makes it easy for travelers from all over to get to Sicily.

Which airports have flights to Sicily?

You can fly to Sicily from many airports around the world. Big ones in Europe, like London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle, and Frankfurt, all have flights to Sicily. Also, smaller airports in Italy and other Mediterranean countries offer direct or connecting flights to Sicily’s main airports in Catania and Palermo. With so many options, travelers from different places find it easy to get to Sicily.

Which airport is better to fly into for Sicily? 

When flying to Sicily, pick the airport that’s closest to where you’re going. If you’re headed to eastern Sicily, like Taormina or Mount Etna, Catania-Fontanarossa Airport is your best bet. For western Sicily, like Palermo city and its nearby spots, Palermo Airport is a better choice. Both airports have flights from top airlines, giving you lots of options. Make sure to choose the airport that matches your travel plans in Sicily for a smoother trip.

Selecting the ideal airline can enhance the uniqueness of your Sicilian exploration experience, making it a trip to remember.
Selecting the ideal airline can enhance the uniqueness of your Sicilian exploration experience, making it a trip to remember.

How do I get to Sicily?

To get to Sicily, you have great choices. Fly with well-known airlines like Delta, British Airways, or Turkish Airlines. They have some of the best international routes to Sicily, landing at big airports like Catania and Palermo. If you’re looking to save money, budget airlines Ryanair and EasyJet offer cheaper flights from many European cities. Once you’re in Sicily, you can travel around the island by renting a car, catching a bus, or taking a train. This way, you’ll get to see Sicily’s amazing culture and beautiful scenery.

Is it worth going to Sicily?

Absolutely, Sicily is a must-visit destination! Its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture make it a unique travel experience. From ancient Greek temples to beautiful beaches, Sicily has something for every traveler. Airlines like Swiss and Delta provide Best airlines from the US to Sicily, making the journey as memorable as the stay. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, food lover, or nature admirer, Sicily offers an unparalleled adventure that’s definitely worth experiencing.

Which airlines fly out of Sicily?

Several airlines operate flights out of Sicily, providing both domestic and international connections. The island has a few key airports, with the main ones being Palermo Airport (Falcone Borsellino Airport) and Catania-Fontanarossa Airport. Here are some airlines that commonly fly out of these Sicilian airports:

  • Alitalia: Italy’s national carrier, offering flights to various destinations in Italy and Europe.
  • Ryanair: A low-cost airline providing budget-friendly flights to numerous European destinations.
  • EasyJet: Another popular low-cost carrier with routes to various cities in Europe.
  • Lufthansa: German airline offering connections to Germany and other international destinations.
  • Air Italy (formerly Meridiana): This airline, based in Sardinia, offers flights from Sicily to various Italian and international destinations.
  • Vueling: A Spanish low-cost airline with European destinations.
  • British Airways: Offering flights to the UK and connecting to its extensive global network.
  • Air France: Providing connections to France and beyond.
  • KLM: Dutch carrier connecting Sicily with the Netherlands and other international destinations.
  • Swiss International Air Lines: Connecting Sicily with Switzerland and other locations.

Flying out of Sicily, you have plenty of options. Airlines here offer both flights within Italy and to places across Europe and beyond. Remember, the airlines and where they fly to can change with the seasons. It’s a good idea to always check the latest flight schedules for the most current information. This way, you can plan your trip knowing exactly what options are available from Sicily.

Concluding Thoughts on Sicily’s Best Airlines

Exploring Sicily is truly a journey to remember, and the right airline can make it even more special. Whether you’re looking for luxury, a tight budget solution, or a flight with unique perks, there’s an airline that fits your travel style.

For those who love to travel in comfort, Delta Air Lines and British Airways are top choices. They offer excellent flights to Sicily with a wide range of amenities. On these flights, you can expect high-quality service and a comfortable journey.

If you’re watching your budget, don’t worry. Ryanair and EasyJet offer affordable flights without compromising on safety and essential comforts. These airlines are perfect for savvy travelers looking to save money for more adventures in Sicily.

But there’s more to consider. Each airline has its unique charm. Some offer amazing in-flight meals, while others have great entertainment options or extra-comfy seats. Think about what matters most to you during a flight.

Also, remember the little details. Check baggage allowances, flight times, and layover durations. These can greatly affect your travel experience.

As you plan your trip to Sicily, remember that the journey is part of the adventure. The right airline can set the tone for your entire Sicilian experience. Think about your preferences, do a little research, and choose the airline that best suits your travel needs. And of course, consider these top winter destinations in January to find the ideal spot in Sicily to visit.

Best Airlines to Fly to Sicily right now
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