10 Best Airlines to Fly to Dubai (Updated 2024)

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Planning to fly to Dubai in 2024? We’ve scoured over 150 airports globally to identify airlines offering the best deals, outstanding amenities, and stellar customer feedback. Let’s explore the best airlines to fly to Dubai right now!

Dubai, a city where tradition meets futurism, beckons travelers with its skyscraping wonders and cultural depth. Stepping aboard one of the best airlines to fly to Dubai is the first chapter of an unforgettable tale. Every flight promises not just a journey across miles but an introduction to Emirati hospitality and luxury.

As you chart your course to this desert gem, choosing the right airline is crucial. Think plush seats, gourmet meals, and service that makes you feel like royalty. These airlines don’t just transport you; they transform travel into an art form, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction soar as high as the Burj Khalifa.

Imagine gliding over the Arabian Gulf, your anticipation building with each passing cloud. Dubai’s skyline, a testament to human ingenuity, awaits. These airlines offer not only a passage but a promise – the promise of starting your Arabian adventure in style and elegance.

Your trip to Dubai should begin with an experience as spectacular as the city itself. The airlines we’ve handpicked embody the essence of Dubai – opulence, innovation, and a spirit of welcome. Ready to discover which carriers make the cut? Let’s embark on this journey together.

Best Airlines to Fly to Dubai right now

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Now, let’s dive into the 10 best airlines to fly to Dubai in 2024.

1. Emirates

When it comes to an opulent flight experience, Emirates stands out. As one of the premier airlines that fly to Dubai, this carrier is synonymous with luxury. From spacious seating to a sumptuous dining experience, Emirates ensures your journey is as memorable as the destination itself.

Emirates connects you to Dubai from numerous global cities. Whether you’re flying from London, New York, or Sydney, the expansive network makes Dubai accessible like never before.

Emirates isn’t just about comfort; it’s about an experience. With onboard lounges, showers in first class, and an award-winning entertainment system, every moment onboard is a delight. While known for its luxury, Emirates also offers competitive deals. Keep an eye out for promotions that bring Dubai closer without breaking the bank.

Based in Dubai, Emirates operates from the ultra-modern Dubai International Airport, a hub that matches the airline’s stature in every way. Catering to diverse budgets, there are Emirates economy, Emirates business-class, and Emirates first-class options, each promising a unique experience.

Emirates’ commitment to reducing environmental impact includes modern, fuel-efficient fleets, making it a responsible choice for eco-conscious travelers. Emirates isn’t just an airline; it’s the beginning of your Dubai story. With exceptional service and unmatched luxury, it sets the tone for an unforgettable Dubai adventure.

Emirates provides a luxurious flying experience that is unmatched.
Emirates provides a luxurious flying experience that is unmatched.

2. Etihad Airways

A name synonymous with luxury, Etihad Airways takes your travel experience to new heights. Renowned as one of the best airlines to Dubai, it promises comfort and elegance from takeoff to landing. Etihad’s extensive network connects you from cities worldwide to Dubai. Its routes are designed for convenience, making your journey smooth and hassle-free.

Distinctive features set Etihad apart. Enjoy gourmet meals prepared by in-flight chefs, relax in luxurious lounges, and appreciate the thoughtful service of the ‘Flying Nanny’ for a stress-free flight. Striking the perfect balance, Etihad offers affordable access to opulence. Stay alert for promotions that

With a robust network, Etihad connects you effortlessly to Dubai from major cities worldwide. Etihad’s in-flight experience is a blend of luxury and uniqueness. Indulge in gourmet meals prepared by onboard chefs, unwind in the exclusive lounges, and relish the comfort provided by the ‘Flying Nanny’ service, ensuring a delightful journey for all.

Balancing luxury with value, Etihad offers affordable elegance. Regular promotions and deals make luxury travel to Dubai more accessible, proving that premium experiences don’t always come with a hefty price tag.

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Known as one of the top airlines to fly to Dubai, Etihad Airways offers luxury and ease from takeoff to landing.
Known as one of the top airlines to fly to Dubai, Etihad Airways offers luxury and ease from takeoff to landing.

3. Qatar Airways

Begin your Dubai adventure with Qatar Airways, renowned for its luxurious travel experience. As one of the best airlines to go to Dubai, it offers a blend of elegance and comfort. Qatar Airways connects you to Dubai with its extensive network, making your journey seamless and enjoyable.

Onboard, indulge in their exceptional service, including gourmet meals and top-notch entertainment. This combination of luxury and hospitality ensures a memorable flight experience.

Despite the high-end offerings, Qatar Airways remains accessible, frequently providing special deals. This balance of luxury and value makes it an attractive option for diverse travelers.

Opting for Qatar Airways means choosing a travel experience that matches the vibrancy and sophistication of Dubai. Their commitment to excellence in service guarantees a journey that is as impressive as the destination.

Qatar Airways stands out as a stylish and comfortable choice for your trip to Dubai, offering a perfect start to your exploration of this dynamic city.

Qatar Airways stands out for its unique offerings in air travel. Known for its luxurious Qsuite in business class, it offers private suites and beds, a rarity in the skies. Fly with Qatar Airways First Class and experience the airline’s exceptional service, including on-demand dining and gourmet meals crafted by celebrity chefs, elevates the in-flight experience.

Passengers enjoy a vast selection of entertainment options with their Oryx One system. Additionally, the Al Mourjan Business Lounge at Hamad International Airport provides an indulgent lounge experience. These features make Qatar Airways a top choice for those seeking a premium journey.

One of the best airlines for flying to Dubai is Qatar Airways, which provides a comfortable and elegant combination.
One of the best airlines for flying to Dubai is Qatar Airways, which provides a comfortable and elegant combination.

4. Turkish Airlines

Discover the charm of flying to Dubai with Turkish Airlines, known for its unique blend of comfort and hospitality. As one of the best airlines to fly into Dubai, Turkish Airlines offers a distinct experience. This differentiates itself with its wide network and cultural richness.

Turkish Airlines connects a diverse array of destinations to Dubai. It offers passengers a chance to experience its famed service no matter where their journey begins. Onboard, enjoy the airline’s signature Turkish hospitality. This includes delightful cuisine and a diverse entertainment selection.

With Turkish Airlines, affordability meets quality. Regular deals make this premium experience accessible, offering value without compromising on service.

Based in Istanbul, Turkish Airlines provides an opportunity to experience two vibrant cities in one trip. Whether flying with Turkish Airlines business class or economy, it caters to a wide range of budgets and preferences. This has made it a versatile choice for all travelers.

Traveling with Turkish Airlines to Dubai is more than just a flight. It’s an immersion in cultural richness and outstanding service. This airline ensures that your journey to Dubai starts memorably, filled with unique experiences and attentive care.

Turkish Airlines is among the best airlines to fly to Dubai since it provides a unique experience.
Turkish Airlines is among the best airlines to fly to Dubai since it provides a unique experience.

5. Singapore Airlines

Embark on an elegant journey with Singapore Airlines, a carrier that stands out for its exceptional service and comfort. Its status as one of the best business class to Dubai providers is well-earned through its exemplary in-flight experience. With a focus on luxury and passenger comfort, Singapore Airlines offers a memorable trip to Dubai.

Their global network includes extensive routes, ensuring convenient access to Dubai from various international destinations. Onboard, passengers are treated to unique amenities like gourmet cuisine and state-of-the-art entertainment systems, setting Singapore Airlines apart from its peers.

For those seeking value, this airline often features attractive deals, making its luxurious services accessible to a broader audience. Based in Singapore, the airline serves as a gateway to Dubai’s beautiful places, offering both luxury and economy options to suit different budgets.

Traveling with Singapore Airlines is more than just a flight; it’s an experience marked by sophistication and attention to detail, ensuring a delightful start to your Dubai adventure.

Take off on a sophisticated voyage with Singapore Airlines, a carrier renowned for its outstanding luxury and service.
Take off on a sophisticated voyage with Singapore Airlines, a carrier renowned for its outstanding luxury and service.

6. Lufthansa

Embark on an exquisite journey to Dubai with Lufthansa, an airline that epitomizes German precision and quality. Known for its exceptional service and reliability, Lufthansa offers a travel experience that starts your Dubai adventure on a high note. With a fleet of modern aircraft, the airline ensures a comfortable and safe journey to this vibrant city.

Lufthansa’s extensive network connects travelers from various international locations directly to Dubai. This global reach is complemented by the airline’s commitment to punctuality and efficiency, making it a preferred choice for business and leisure travelers alike. Onboard, enjoy the comfort of ergonomically designed seating, diverse entertainment options, and a range of dining choices reflecting both German and international cuisines.

As one of the best international airlines to Dubai, Lufthansa stands out with its unique features. The airline’s in-flight amenities, such as high-quality audio-video on demand and Wi-Fi connectivity, ensure that your journey is as enjoyable as the destination itself. For those seeking relaxation, Lufthansa’s business class offers lie-flat beds, creating a restful environment.

With competitive pricing and occasional special offers, Lufthansa strikes an impressive balance between luxury and affordability. The airline, headquartered in Frankfurt and Munich, caters to a broad spectrum of budgets and travel preferences, ensuring that every passenger experiences the best of German hospitality.

Concluding your decision to fly with Lufthansa means choosing an airline that combines quality, comfort, and value. Its dedication to passenger satisfaction and operational excellence makes it an outstanding choice for your Dubai excursion.

Lufthansa is a standout international airline to Dubai because of its distinctive features.
Lufthansa is a standout international airline to Dubai because of its distinctive features.

7. British Airways

A standout choice for flights to Dubai, British Airways offers a blend of tradition and modernity. Renowned for its British elegance, the airline provides a flight experience that combines classic charm with contemporary amenities.

Connecting major cities worldwide to Dubai, British Airways ensures a seamless journey. Onboard, passengers enjoy a mix of traditional British hospitality and modern comforts, including a variety of in-flight entertainment and dining options.

In the third paragraph, as one of the best airlines from the US to Dubai, British Airways stands out for its transatlantic routes. Its flights from the US to Dubai offer convenience and comfort, making it a top pick for travelers on this popular route.

With a range of fares and occasional promotions, British Airways caters to both luxury seekers and budget-conscious travelers. For those considering a premium flying experience, check out British Airways Business Class, and British Airways First Class. Based in London, the airline’s hub at Heathrow Airport is a gateway to Dubai and beyond.

Opting for British Airways means choosing an airline that values tradition while embracing innovation. Its balanced approach to luxury and affordability makes it a preferred airline for your Dubai adventure.

British Airways is a great option for flights to Dubai because it combines modern and traditional elements.
British Airways is a great option for flights to Dubai because it combines modern and traditional elements.

8. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific stands out as a top choice for travelers heading to Dubai. Known for its commitment to quality and Asian hospitality, the airline offers a unique journey. With its base in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific provides easy access to Dubai from various international cities.

Onboard, passengers are treated to a blend of comfort and luxury. The airline’s attentive service, along with amenities like comfortable seating and a diverse entertainment selection, makes each flight enjoyable. Enjoy Asian-inspired cuisine, showcasing Cathay Pacific’s culinary expertise.

In the realm of best airlines to fly into Dubai, Cathay Pacific is notable for its combination of excellent service, comfortable flights, and wide network coverage. Whether for business or leisure, the airline caters to a broad audience, offering competitive deals and ensuring value for money.

Choosing Cathay Pacific for your Dubai trip means starting your adventure with a touch of Asian elegance. Their dedication to providing a high-quality, comfortable, and memorable travel experience aligns perfectly with the luxury and excitement of Dubai.

With Cathay Pacific, your journey to Dubai becomes more than just a flight – it’s the beginning of an unforgettable experience. The airline’s focus on quality, comfort, and customer satisfaction ensures a delightful journey to one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

When it comes to flights to Dubai, Cathay Pacific is a clear winner.
When it comes to flights to Dubai, Cathay Pacific is a clear winner.

9. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines adds a unique European touch to your journey to Dubai. Known for its warm Dutch hospitality, KLM is a top choice for comfort and reliability. It connects many cities worldwide to Dubai, providing flexible travel options. Onboard, passengers enjoy Dutch-inspired cuisine, comfortable seating, and a range of entertainment.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines skillfully strikes a balance between luxury and affordability, catering to a range of preferences and budgets. Offering various travel classes, from economy to business and first class, KLM ensures that every passenger experiences their trademark Dutch hospitality tailored to their needs.

The airline’s main hub, based in Amsterdam, is strategically located to provide smooth and convenient connections to Dubai. This hub, known for its efficiency, significantly enhances the travel experience, making KLM a favorable choice for those traveling to Dubai from various global destinations.

KLM’s reputation as one of the best airlines to fly to Dubai shines through. The airline is lauded for its focus on passenger comfort and efficient operations, making the journey pleasant and stress-free.

Choosing KLM means opting for a touch of European sophistication on your way to Dubai. With a commitment to high-quality service, KLM ensures a memorable flight experience.

Opting for KLM means experiencing a touch of European elegance on your way to the vibrant city of Dubai. The airline’s dedication to providing a high-quality travel experience ensures a memorable journey.

KLM guarantees a remarkable flying experience by dedicating itself to providing excellent service.
KLM guarantees a remarkable flying experience by dedicating itself to providing excellent service. | Image Credit: KLM

10. Swiss International Air Lines: Elegance in the Skies to Dubai

Stands out as an epitome of Swiss excellence, Swiss International Air Lines offers an exquisite journey to Dubai. Renowned as the best Dubai airline, it combines elegance with remarkable efficiency, making every flight an experience in itself. From numerous international destinations, travelers find seamless connectivity to Dubai, facilitated by Swiss International’s expansive network.

Onboard, the airline showcases its commitment to excellence. Passengers indulge in luxurious seating, savor gourmet Swiss cuisine, and enjoy a vast selection of entertainment options. This commitment to quality defines the airline’s ethos, setting it apart in the competitive world of air travel.

In terms of affordability, Swiss International caters to a broad spectrum of travelers. Whether seeking luxury or traveling on a budget, the airline offers a range of pricing options. Its central hub in Zurich, a crossroads of European travel, ensures convenient and efficient travel to Dubai, enhancing its appeal to international passengers.

Choosing Swiss International Air Lines for your Dubai journey means embracing a travel experience characterized by Swiss precision, luxury, and unparalleled service. This choice guarantees a memorable and comfortable journey, reflecting the airline’s ethos of delivering the best in-flight experience possible.

Swiss International offers affordable travel options for a wide range of passengers.
Swiss International offers affordable travel options for a wide range of passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Best Airlines for Flying to Dubai

Seeking insights on the top flights to Dubai? Here, we’ve compiled frequently asked questions about the best airlines for your Dubai journey, gathered from fellow travelers.

What is the best airline in Dubai?

The best airline in Dubai is often considered to be Emirates. Emirates, based in Dubai, is renowned for its luxurious services, extensive global network, and state-of-the-art fleet. It’s known for providing a high-quality travel experience with superior in-flight entertainment, dining, and comfort. However, the choice of the best airline can vary based on individual preferences regarding service, price, and route availability.

Who flies directly to Dubai?

Several airlines offer direct flights to Dubai. Key carriers include Emirates, which is based in Dubai, Etihad Airways from nearby Abu Dhabi, and other international airlines like British Airways, Lufthansa, and Qatar Airways. The availability of direct flights can depend on your departure city and the airline’s route network. For a comprehensive list of airlines offering direct flights to Dubai, it’s best to check specific airline websites or a flight booking platform.

What is the main airline for Dubai?

The main airline for Dubai is Emirates. Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East and is based at Dubai International Airport. It is known for its extensive global flight network, including long-haul and short-haul routes, and for offering a high standard of service. Emirates plays a significant role in making Dubai a major international hub for air travel.

The top airlines to Dubai, it's evident that every airline provides a different travel experience.
The top airlines to Dubai, it’s evident that every airline provides a different travel experience.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Dubai?

The cheapest months to fly to Dubai are typically during the off-peak travel seasons. These days are usually outside of major holidays and events. Historically, late summer months like August and September, as well as early spring. These months have been known to offer more affordable flight options due to lower demand. However, airfare prices can vary greatly based on factors like airline, specific travel dates, and how far in advance you book. For the most current and specific information, it’s advisable to check flight comparison websites or contact airlines directly.

Which month is expensive in Dubai?

The most expensive month to visit Dubai is typically during the high tourist season, which is from November to April. During this period, the weather is cooler and more pleasant, attracting more tourists. Specifically, December and January, coinciding with the holiday season and the Dubai Shopping Festival, can be especially costly in terms of flights and accommodation prices. As always, prices can vary, so it’s advisable to check for current trends and specific dates when planning your trip.

What is the cheapest way to reach Dubai?

The cheapest way to reach Dubai often involves a combination of strategies:

  • Book in Advance: Reserve your flights several months ahead to get lower prices.
  • Compare Airlines: Use flight comparison websites to find the best deals across different airlines.
  • Travel During Off-Peak Seasons: Late summer and early spring usually offer more affordable flight options.
  • Consider Indirect Flights: Flights with stopovers can be cheaper than direct flights.
  • Sign Up for Alerts: Many travel websites offer alerts for price drops on flights to Dubai.

Each traveler’s situation may vary, so it’s advisable to research and compare options based on your specific travel dates and preferences.

Concluding Thoughts on Dubai’s Best Airlines

As we conclude our exploration of the best airlines to Dubai, it’s clear that each carrier offers a unique journey. Whether you seek luxury with Emirates, cultural richness with Qatar Airways, or value with Lufthansa, there’s an airline tailored to your needs. Remember, the best flight to Dubai is one that aligns with your preferences and budget.

Airlines like British Airways and Etihad provide diverse experiences, ensuring your trip starts memorably. From direct flights to exceptional services, these airlines make reaching Dubai a pleasure. Your journey to this vibrant city begins the moment you choose your airline, promising an adventure filled with comfort and style.

Best Airlines to Fly to Dubai right now
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