11 Best Airlines To Fly Business Class To Japan From The USA

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Best Airlines To Fly Business Class To Japan From The USA
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Explore the top options for the best airlines to fly business class to Japan from the USA. We’ll review seating comfort, service quality, and additional perks offered by each airline. Find out which airline fits your needs for a luxurious and restful journey!

Heading to Japan? Start your adventure the moment you’re airborne with these top business class airlines from the USA to Japan. Experience comfy seats, gourmet menus, and exceptional service that set the tone for an unforgettable trip.

From the finest champagne to luxurious seating, these airlines elevate your journey to Japan. Ready to kick off your adventure with a dash of panache? Let’s get started.

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The Best Business Class Flights to Japan from the US

Let’s discover the best airlines to fly business class to Japan from the USA with our detailed roundup. We compare comfort, service, and amenities to help you choose the perfect airline for your next luxurious trip! The prices indicated below are what you can usually get if you book during the low season, use miles and points, or sign up for fare alerts.

Don’t have time? Here are the best business class airlines to Japan from the US:

Best In-Flight ServiceJapan Airlines
Best Business Class AmenitiesAll Nippon Airways (ANA)
Best ConnectivityUnited Airlines
Best Frequent Flyer ProgramBritish Airways
Best Domestic NetworkAmerican Airlines
Best North American AirlineAir Canada
Best Lounge ExperienceCathay Pacific
Best Overall ExperienceKorean Air
The top airlines to fly business class to Japan from the USA right now

1. Japan Airlines

Buckle up for a ritzy ride with Japan Airlines’ business class to Japan. With direct roundtrip fares from New York clocking in at $3,300 during off-peak season, this isn’t just a seat—it’s your ticket to sky-high luxury. Start your voyage with a stop at the JAL Sakura Lounge. High ceilings, elegant floral touches, and a quiet buzz set the stage for the indulgence to come, making it one of the top airlines of Japan.

Aboard the JAL 787-9 Dreamliner, dive into your personal oasis— the Sky Suite. Renowned for its privacy, this suite turns into an intimate cocoon with maroon cushions and a trio of windows for panoramic views. The mood lighting shifts with the sky, crafting a serene backdrop for your journey.

Feeling peckish? The menu dazzles with choices from Wagyu beef to exotic sashimi, paired perfectly with top-tier champagnes and fine sakes. Even the entertainment system impresses, boasting one of the largest screens in business class.

Snagging this premium seat is best done through the American Airlines AAdvantage program—a savvy 60,000 miles gets you there with style. Whether for business or pleasure, Japan Airlines makes every mile a moment to cherish. Ready for takeoff into luxe? Japan Airlines is your gateway.

Japan Airlines is one of the best airlines to fly business class to Japan from the USA in 2024.
Japan Airlines offers luxurious business class to Japan from New York at $3,300 roundtrip off-peak.

2. All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways, or ANA, takes flying seriously, especially when it comes to their best business class airlines to Japan. For a deal price of $3,713, a direct roundtrip business class fare from New York to Japan on ANA is a plush, hotel-room-like experience in the sky. Imagine stepping aboard and finding your seat in ‘The Room’—a business class innovation that combines luxury and privacy like never before.

With a 1x2x1 layout, every seat has direct aisle access, meaning no more clambering over fellow passengers. The privacy doors transform your space into a secluded retreat, ideal for relaxation or catching up on work. The cherry on top? A massive 24-inch 4K screen right in front of you, ensuring you’re entertained no matter how long the journey.

The cuisine on offer includes both Japanese delicacies and international favorites, making each meal a culinary exploration. Pair your food with some of the finest wines and beverages on offer at 35,000 feet.

Boarding at JFK and alighting in Tokyo, your experience with ANA in business class encapsulates what modern, luxurious air travel should be. From start to finish, ANA aims to make your journey not just bearable, but enjoyable and memorable.

All Nippon Airways parked at the tarmac of Tokyo International Airport

3. United Airlines

Elevate your journey to Japan with United Airlines’ business class. At $3,500 for a direct roundtrip flight from New York during the low season, United’s cabins are designed to enhance every aspect of your air travel.

Settle into your Polaris seat, where space and privacy let you relax or work with ease. These pods transform into fully flat beds, making jet lag just a memory. Each seat is thoughtfully appointed with direct aisle access, ensuring that your comfort is never compromised.

Onboard dining is a treat, with multi-course meals inspired by global flavors. Expert chefs curate a menu that complements your flight, served with premium wines and spirits that make dining above the clouds a delightful experience.

United doesn’t skimp on entertainment, either. Personal on-demand systems offer a range of movies, TV shows, and games to keep you engaged. If you need to stay connected, Wi-Fi is available, letting you keep in touch with the ground or finish up last-minute projects.

From the moment you check in, experience United’s signature service. Business class flights to Japan grant access to United Club lounges, where you can relax before your flight. Priority boarding and baggage handling streamline your airport experience, letting you breeze through formalities.

United Airlines offers business class to Japan from New York for $3,500 roundtrip during the low season.
United Airlines offers business class to Japan from New York for $3,500 roundtrip during the low season.

4. British Airways

British Airways’ business class, called Club World, offers a premium experience, especially on the Airbus A350-1000 and Boeing 787-10. These aircraft feature the new Club World Suites with doors for privacy, lie-flat seats, and 18.5-inch entertainment screens. Passengers enjoy luxury bedding from The White Company, ample storage, and personal power outlets.

At the airport, business class passengers benefit from priority check-in, generous baggage allowances, and access to over 30 dedicated lounges and 100 partner lounges. Lounges like those at Heathrow and JFK offer complimentary food, drinks, WiFi, and other amenities. In-flight, passengers enjoy gourmet meals, with options to pre-order and a three-course dining experience that features British influences, as well as an open bar with premium beverages.

Flying business class with British Airways ensures a blend of luxury, privacy, and comfort. The lie-flat beds and premium bedding provide restful sleep, while the high-quality dining and extensive in-flight entertainment make the journey enjoyable. Book your tickets during off-peak seasons and you can score direct one-way business class flights with British Airways for as low as $2,200.

British Airways in flight after take off against blue sky

5. American Airlines

American Airlines’ business class on the Boeing 777-200, known as Flagship Business, offers a premium experience designed for comfort and convenience. Each seat converts into a 180-degree lie-flat bed, ensuring a good night’s sleep on long-haul flights. The seats are equipped with direct aisle access, so you never have to step over your neighbor.

 There’s also ample storage, including nooks for smaller items and larger spaces for your carry-on. You’ll find a personal entertainment screen loaded with movies, TV shows, and music, along with noise-canceling headphones provided for a more immersive experience.

Before your flight, you can take advantage of priority check-in and boarding, which helps you avoid long lines and get settled in quickly. If you’re flying internationally, you can access the Admirals Club and Flagship Lounges.

These lounges offer a variety of amenities, including showers, comfortable seating, and a selection of complimentary food and beverages. Some lounges even feature Flagship First Dining, where you can enjoy a gourmet meal before your flight.

Once on board, the dining experience is a highlight. American Airlines partners with the James Beard Foundation to create a menu featuring dishes from renowned chefs. Meals are served in multiple courses, starting with an appetizer and salad, followed by your choice of main course, which could be beef, chicken, seafood, or a vegetarian option.

Dessert often includes a cheese plate or an ice cream sundae with customizable toppings. The cabin crew is attentive and ensures that your drink is always topped up, offering a selection of wines, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the flight​. American Airlines offers direct roundtrip flights from New York to Tokyo for a deal price of $3,600.

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American Airlines' Flagship Business on the Boeing 777-200 offers lie-flat beds and direct aisle access.
American Airlines’ Flagship Business on the Boeing 777-200 offers lie-flat beds and direct aisle access.

6. Air Canada

Air Canada’s business class, known as Signature Class, offers a luxurious experience on the Boeing 777, Boeing 787, and A330-300. With a little bit of timing and research, you’ll find deals for a connecting roundtrip flight from New York to Tokyo, with a layover in Toronto, priced at $3,000.

These aircraft feature lie-flat seats with direct aisle access and an entertainment system with touchscreen monitors. The seats are designed for comfort, with adjustable cushions and massage functions. Each seat also includes a large pillow and a plush duvet, ensuring a restful sleep during the flight.

At the airport, business class passengers benefit from priority check-in and boarding, as well as access to Air Canada’s exclusive lounges. The Air Canada Signature Suite in Toronto and Vancouver provides an upscale experience with gourmet dining curated by chef David Hawksworth, as well as premium beverages. The Maple Leaf Lounges offer a more relaxed environment with snacks, drinks, and free WiFi, making it easy to unwind or catch up on work before your flight.

In-flight, Air Canada’s Signature Class excels with its dining options. Passengers can enjoy a three-course meal featuring dishes like seared salmon tartare and braised lamb. Meals are crafted by top Canadian chefs, ensuring high quality and a taste of Canada’s culinary scene.

The drink menu includes wines from renowned vineyards and a selection of crafted cocktails.

Passengers also receive an amenity kit filled with essentials like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and skincare products, which add to the overall comfort of the journey.

Image showing Air Canada aircraft in flight

7. Cathay Pacific

Jet off to Japan with Cathay Pacific’s business class, where affordable meets luxury, making it one of the best airlines for business class. You can snap up a connecting one-way flight from New York to Tokyo with a layover in Hong Kong for just $1,500 when you sign up for fare alerts. The airline offers the luxurious Aria Suite aboard the Boeing 777-300ER, your personal haven high above the clouds.

Kick back in a seat that flattens into a bed, perfect for dozing off or just stretching out. Need juice for your gadgets? No problem. Each suite is decked out with personal charging ports and wireless charging—stay powered up from takeoff to touchdown.

Flip on your personal 24-inch 4K screen and dive into a world of entertainment. From blockbusters to binge-worthy series, tune in with Bluetooth audio that keeps your space totally yours. And with serene ambient lighting and soothing art pieces around you, it’s a calm retreat in the sky.

Mealtime is a global tour of flavors. Savor dishes crafted by some of Hong Kong’s finest chefs, paired with top-shelf wines and champagnes. It’s dining done right—high above the clouds. Cathay’s business class mixes function with flair, making every detail count. From privacy doors to lie-flat beds and luxury bedding, every element ensures you land as fresh as you lifted off.

Fly Cathay Pacific business class to Japan for $1,500 with a New York to Tokyo flight and Hong Kong layover.
Fly Cathay Pacific business class to Japan for $1,500 with a New York to Tokyo flight and Hong Kong layover.

8. Korean Air

Looking to add a touch of Korean hospitality to your trip? Korean Air’s Prestige Class, especially on the Boeing 747-8, offers a top-notch experience. During the low season, it’s not impossible to book a $3,150 roundtrip flight from New York to Tokyo. The stylish layover in Incheon adds more to your adventure!

The Apex Suite is a standout feature, providing direct aisle access and plenty of space. The suite spans five windows, offering a private and expansive feel. Comfort is a priority with lie-flat seats, adjustable cushions, and a massage function, though some passengers might find the bedding a bit minimal with just a blanket provided.

At the airport, Prestige Class passengers benefit from priority check-in and boarding. Lounges like the Korean Air lounges at Incheon offer a relaxing environment with complimentary food and drinks.

Once on board, the dining experience is a highlight, featuring multi-course meals like bibimbap and high-quality beverages, including Perrier-Jouët champagne. The cabin crew ensures a high level of service, although the in-flight entertainment options could be more extensive.

Flying Korean Air Prestige Class on long-haul routes, particularly on the 747-8, guarantees a luxurious journey. The spacious suites, gourmet dining, and attentive service make it a great choice for both business and leisure travelers. Just be sure to check your specific aircraft to ensure you get the Apex Suite experience for the best comfort and privacy

Image showing Korean Air just landed

9. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines’ business class, known as Delta One, offers a luxurious experience on both international and select long-haul domestic flights. The airline offers deals on its roundtrip flights from New York to Tokyo, with a layover in a US state, for as low as $3,150 during the off-peak season.

Each Delta One seat reclines into a 180-degree flatbed and comes with cozy bedding and a lumbar pillow that doubles as a mattress pad. You’ll find a 110-volt outlet and USB ports at every seat, so your devices stay powered throughout the flight. Enjoy Delta Studio for in-flight entertainment on your personal device or seatback screen, complete with a noise-canceling headset.

When flying Delta One, you start your journey with Sky Priority services, including expedited check-in, security, and baggage handling. You also have complimentary access to the Delta Sky Club, where you can relax with premium snacks, beverages, and high-speed WiFi.

Onboard, savor chef-curated meals made from fresh, regionally-sourced ingredients. The dining experience includes a choice of premium wines, spirits, and craft beers, ensuring a top-notch culinary experience at 35,000 feet.

Delta One’s amenities enhance comfort and convenience throughout your flight. Enjoy a hot towel service, premium bedding made from recycled polyester, and an amenity kit featuring Grown Alchemist skincare products. For privacy, the Delta One suite on select aircraft features full-height doors and privacy dividers.

Delta One offers luxury flights from New York to Tokyo with roundtrip deals starting at $3,150 off-peak.
Delta One offers luxury flights from New York to Tokyo with roundtrip deals starting at $3,150 off-peak.

10. EVA Air

EVA Air’s business class, called Royal Laurel Class, on the Boeing 777-300ER offers a luxurious experience. Snag a fantastic deal for just $3,100 on a connecting round-trip flight from New York to Tokyo, with a relaxing layover in Taipei, during the low season.

Seats in EVA Air business class are in a reverse herringbone layout, providing privacy and direct aisle access. Each seat converts into a fully lie-flat bed, about two meters long, with thoughtful touches like a retractable armrest, shoe cabinet, and cocktail table. The in-flight entertainment system includes an 18-inch HD touchscreen and noise-canceling headphones, ensuring you stay entertained and comfortable.

Passengers can look forward to gourmet dining, with dishes like lobster and beef steak, and snacks from Din Tai Fung and Haagen-Dazs ice cream. The airline’s award-winning wine and champagne selection enhances the dining experience.

Pre-ordering meals online allows you to choose from a variety of options tailored to your preferences. EVA Air also provides an exclusive amenity kit, comfortable sleepwear, and evian natural mineral water, ensuring a high level of comfort throughout your flight.

Before boarding, Royal Laurel Class passengers enjoy access to EVA Air’s VIP lounges, offering a relaxing space with premium amenities. Priority check-in and baggage handling streamline the airport experience, making travel smooth and stress-free.

EVA Air on the tarmac with airport ground staff

11. Asiana Airlines

Fly in luxury with Asiana Airlines’ business class for just $1,550 on a one-way trip from New York to Tokyo, including a layover in Incheon, when you sign up for fare alerts. The Business Smartium seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, ensuring direct aisle access and ample privacy. Each seat converts into a fully flat bed and comes with a large entertainment screen, noise-canceling headphones, and a personal storage compartment.

The dining experience in business class is top-notch, featuring both Western and Korean cuisine options. Meals are served on linen-lined tables and include dishes like bibimbap, designed in partnership with the Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine. Passengers can enjoy a wide selection of wines, spirits, and other beverages throughout the flight.

Before boarding, business class passengers have access to Asiana’s lounges, offering a range of amenities such as hot and cold buffets, self-service bars, and comfortable seating areas. The lounge at Incheon International Airport is particularly noteworthy, with its relaxing atmosphere and excellent facilities.

Asiana Airlines is one of the best airlines to fly business class to Japan from the USA in 2024.
Fly Asiana Airlines business class from New York to Tokyo via Incheon for $1,550 one-way.

Frequently Asked Questions About USA to Japan Business Class Flights

Get all your questions answered about business class flights to Japan from the USA in our comprehensive FAQ section.

Which airline has the best business class from the US to Japan?

Japan Airlines and ANA are highly regarded for their best business class fares to Japan. They offer luxurious amenities, excellent food, and superior service. Look for spacious seating that converts into fully flat beds, high-quality meal services, and additional perks like ample legroom and privacy partitions.

How to get the best deals on business class tickets?

To find the cheapest business class to Japan from the USA, book in advance and keep an eye on airline sales and promotions. Utilize frequent flyer programs and travel credit cards that offer mileage bonuses. Also, check if flexible travel dates could fetch lower rates. Airlines often offer better prices during off-peak times.

Is traveling business class worth it?

Yes, especially for long flights. Business class provides comfort that can significantly improve your travel experience. Enjoy superior meals, extra space, and access to airport lounges. This class often offers faster check-in and additional baggage allowance, making it ideal for those looking to travel with ease and style.

Air Canada Business Class seats onboard
Air Canada Business Class seats onboard

What are the benefits of flying business class?

Business class enhances your flying experience. Expect top-notch service, gourmet meals, and extra privacy. Seats usually fully recline, allowing better rest during flights. Additional perks include increased baggage limits, lounge access, and priority boarding.

How can I use miles to book a business class seat to Japan?

Use airline loyalty programs to book flights. Transfer credit card points to airline miles. Airlines like ANA and Japan Airlines offer good value for mile redemption. Always check both the miles required and any additional taxes or fees.

How does business class differ from first class?

Business class offers excellent service and comfort, slightly below first class. While both provide premium seating and meals, first class might offer more privacy and luxury, such as private suites. Business class is a cost-effective alternative with many similar benefits.

What is the best time to book business class flights to Japan?

To secure the best rates, book your business class tickets well in advance, ideally several months before your planned travel. Airfare tends to be lower during off-peak seasons such as late winter or early spring for Japan. Keep an eye out for airline sales and last-minute deals, which can also offer significant savings.

Final Thoughts on Business Class Flights to Japan from the US

Flying business class to Japan offers an unmatched travel experience. Enjoy luxurious seats that turn into beds, gourmet meals, and world-class service. You’ll arrive refreshed and ready to explore. From extra legroom to exclusive lounge access, the perks make the journey as memorable as the destination.

For the best experience, book early and watch for deals. Whether for business or pleasure, business class travel ensures your trip to Japan starts and ends on a high note. Ready to fly in style? Your adventure awaits.

The top airlines to fly business class to Japan from the USA for all types of travelers
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