10 Unique Restaurants in Delaware: Belly Dancing, Malaysian Eats, & More

by Jen
Unique Restaurants in Delaware
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Ready to discover Delaware’s most unique restaurants? We’re diving into everything from all-you-can-eat sushi in Wilmington, authentic Russian cuisine in Rehoboth Beach, to waterside seafood feasts in Fenwick Island. Join me as we check out the coolest restaurants in DE.

If you’re like me, always chasing that next unbeatable meal, Delaware, one of the unique places to visit in the US, has some surprises waiting for you. I’ve stumbled into places that might not catch your eye at first glance, but believe me, the experiences inside are nothing short of extraordinary.

Imagine diving into a meal that transports you straight to Morocco, enjoying sushi so fresh you’d swear you’re in Japan, and discovering a hidden spot where sandwiches become an art form. Intrigued? You should be!

In this guide, I’m taking you through 10 of the most unique places to eat in Delaware for a fun vacation in the US. From authentic Russian cuisine to fresh local crab on the waterfront, this gem on the East Coast has it all. Ready to dive in? Let’s hit the road!

The top restaurants to visit in Delaware right now

Unusual places to eat in DE

Ready to fly to Delaware and explore its best eateries? From an enchanting Moroccan spot in New Castle with belly dancing to a vibrant Jamaican eatery in Wilmington, Delaware is a foodie’s dream. Join me as we uncover the most unique restaurants in DE.

1. Casablanca Moroccan Restaurant

You’ve got to check out Casablanca Moroccan Restaurant in New Castle. This place is easily one of the most fun restaurants in Delaware. Think delicious food, top-notch service, and an atmosphere that’s just plain fun. And get this – on Friday and Saturday nights, they ramp up the entertainment with belly dancing.

I went for the 7-course meal for just $25, and wow, was I in for a treat. The experience kicked off with the server draping towels over our laps to wash our hands with rose water. It felt like a royal welcome! My top picks from the menu? The veggie appetizer, especially the eggplant, was out of this world. Another highlight was the spicy stewed chicken, which had the perfect kick. The mint tea paired with baklava for dessert was the cherry on top.

The portions? Huge! You’re guaranteed to leave with a smile. Plus, there’s a separate hookah lounge for those who enjoy a laid-back puff after their meal. The decor is super authentic, too. You feel transported to another world.

It’s a popular spot, and I highly recommend making a reservation. Trust me, after a meal here, you might just find yourself planning your next visit before you’ve even left.

Casablanca Moroccan Restaurant is one of the unique restaurants in Delaware.
Casablanca Moroccan Restaurant is one of Delaware’s most fun spots, with great food, service, and live belly dancing on weekends.

2. Krazy Kat’s

Next up on the list of cool places to eat in Delaware is Krazy Kat’s. Located in Montchanin, just north of Wilmington, this spot gives cozy a whole new meaning. It’s housed in an old blacksmith shop, but here’s the twist – the place is decked out in whimsical cat decor. We’re talking tiger-print chairs and portraits of cats dressed in military uniforms.

Their food is spot-on, with a focus on fresh, locally sourced, farm-to-table ingredients. I swung by for brunch and dove into the French Toast. It was divine. My wife opted for the smoked salmon avocado toast, and she couldn’t stop raving about it.

Krazy Kat’s is the kind of place that surprises you in the best possible way. Not only do you get to feast on delicious, thoughtfully prepared dishes, but you’re doing so in a setting that’s straight-up enchanting.

After you’re done eating, you’re perfectly positioned to explore the northern part of Wilmington. I’d recommend heading over to the nearby Brandywine Creek State Park, one of the most beautiful places in Delaware. It’s a beautiful outdoor escape where you can walk off your meal among rolling hills, lush woodlands, and the picturesque Brandywine Creek.

Krazy Kat's in Montchanin: Cozy dining with whimsical cat decor.
Krazy Kat’s in Montchanin: Cozy dining with whimsical cat decor.

3. Rasa Sayang

Let me tell you about Rasa Sayang, a spot in Wilmington that needs to be on your radar. As a huge fan of Malaysian cuisine, I can honestly say this spot serves up some of the best Malaysian flavors I’ve experienced outside of Malaysia itself.

I went for the wasabi pork shumai on my visit, and it was delicious. Be warned, it packs a spicy punch that wakes up all your senses in the best way possible. If you’re into cocktails, you’re in for a treat. I tried a Malaysian margarita with infused pineapple, and it was the perfect balance of sweet and tangy.

Rasa Sayang nails it with a vibe that’s as genuine as its food. It’s the kind of place where you can chill, enjoy great company, and feast on dishes that are hard to find elsewhere. If you’re into spice and love a good cocktail, Rasa Sayang will not disappoint. It’s one of the best places to eat in Delaware, hands down.

At Rasa Sayang, experience Malaysian cuisine that's as authentic as it gets outside of Malaysia.
At Rasa Sayang, experience Malaysian cuisine that’s as authentic as it gets outside of Malaysia.

4. Ali Baba Mid Eastern Restaurant

Let’s talk about Ali Baba Mid Eastern Restaurant in Newark, DE. For those who know me, Arabic food holds a special place in my heart, and my standards are sky-high. Ali Baba didn’t just meet my expectations—it soared right past them.

First off, the lamb kabobs and Moroccan chicken were out of this world. I tried their hummus, too, which was fresh and came with warm, house-made pita bread. For my vegan friends, you’re in for a treat too. The falafels are crispy, golden, and downright delicious.

Inside, the decor is stunning, and the Middle Eastern tunes set the perfect backdrop. Plus, there’s an outdoor area where you can enjoy hookah. They even let you plug into a speaker to play your own music. How cool is that?

If you’re thinking of visiting, make sure to reserve a table. Ali Baba’s is one of Delaware’s best restaurants, and word is getting out. Whether you’re there for the food, the vibe, or a bit of both, Ali Baba delivers. Trust me, this is one spot you’ll want to come back to.

At Ali Baba Mid Eastern Restaurant in Newark, DE, experience Arabic cuisine that exceeds sky-high standards.
At Ali Baba Mid Eastern Restaurant in Newark, DE, experience Arabic cuisine that exceeds sky-high standards.

5. K & R International Restaurant & Bar

Have you ever stumbled upon a place that completely changes your view on a cuisine? That’s K & R International Restaurant & Bar for me. Situated in Wilmington, this Jamaican gem was a random pick after my wife and I spent a chilly day exploring a nearby garden. Hungry and cold, we didn’t expect much. But oh, were we in for a surprise.

The jerk chicken here is tender, juicy, and packed with flavors that sing. But the real star for me was the rice soaked in all those jerk spices – seriously, one of the best things I’ve ever had. The chef, Kevin, is a character all his own. He serves up dishes that are fresh, vibrant, and downright delicious. With great music and a dance floor downstairs, it’s hard not to love this place.

If you’re into Caribbean food or just looking for a meal that’ll leave you raving, K & R International is the spot. Make sure to drop by when you’re in Wilmington, especially if you’re looking for unique Delaware restaurants. And who knows? You might just find yourself dancing off those calories downstairs!

K & R International Restaurant & Bar in Wilmington is a Jamaican gem that completely transforms your perception of cuisine.
K & R International Restaurant & Bar in Wilmington is a Jamaican gem that completely transforms your perception of cuisine. | https://www.tagvenue.com/

6. Red Square Caviar Bar

Delaware might not be the first place you think of when you’re craving authentic Russian food, but Red Square Caviar Bar in Rehoboth Beach will change your mind. You’re in for vodka flights, hearty borscht, perfectly cooked salmon, and desserts that’ll linger in your memory.

The owner, Victoria, brings the place to life. She shares stories of her childhood memories, family recipes, and her personal collection of Russian art and dishes. She’s really the heart and soul of this place, and her passion is infectious.

I kicked things off with the vareniki in truffle butter sauce – and wow, just wow. The borscht, served with a side of black bread, was a revelation. Then there was the satsivi, a flavorful masterpiece that paired so well with roasted duck. The drink selection? Outstanding. The pomegranate martini, in particular, was a highlight.

Red Square Caviar Bar is easily one of the coolest places to eat in Delaware, where food and culture come together in a memorable way. If you find yourself in Rehoboth Beach, do yourself a favor and spend an evening here. You’ll walk away with a full belly and a heart full of stories.

Red Square Caviar Bar challenges the notion that Delaware isn't synonymous with authentic Russian cuisine.
Red Square Caviar Bar challenges the notion that Delaware isn’t synonymous with authentic Russian cuisine.

7. Harpoon Hanna’s

You have to check out Harpoon Hanna’s in Fenwick Island. This seafood spot is a true gem with its prime location right on the water. Whether you sail up by boat or cruise in by car, this place is all about enjoying the view and vibes. In the summer, it’s the place to be, with an awesome bar outside and an atmosphere that’s buzzing with energy.

Before we even talk about the main dishes, let’s get into the basket of breads they serve. Cinnamon raisin bread with icing, blueberry and coconut muffins – it sets the stage for what’s to come. The seafood here is the main event. I tried the crab cakes, which were fresh and flavorful.

With the amazing bay view and boats all around, it’s easy to see why Harpoon Hanna gets packed in the summer. It’s one of those fun places to eat in Delaware where the setting is as memorable as the meal. Try to get there a bit early to beat the crowd and secure a spot with the best view. Believe me, a sunset here with their crab on your plate is an experience you won’t forget.

Harpoon Hanna's is a seafood gem, perfectly situated on the water for ultimate relaxation and vibes.
Harpoon Hanna’s is a seafood gem, perfectly situated on the water for ultimate relaxation and vibes.

8. Striper Bites

Next time you’re in Lewes, you absolutely have to swing by Striper Bites. Walking in, you’re immediately hit with this cozy, maritime vibe that’s just so inviting. The place is decked out with old-style boat replicas and fishing-themed decor.

The menu might not be the largest, but every item is a hit. They’ve got the classics down to an art form. I tried the crab cake sandwich, it was spot on. But let me tell you about the star of the show: the fish tacos. Each taco is a masterpiece with a giant piece of deep-fried cod, complemented by pickled onions, slaw, and the perfect drizzle of sauce, all wrapped in soft tortillas.

After enjoying your meal, why not head over to Cape Henlopen State Park? It’s a stone’s throw away, and the perfect spot for a walk on the beach or a quick hike. It’s my go-to place to unwind after a delicious meal. Striper Bites is one of the coolest restaurants in Delaware, and pairing it with a visit to Cape Henlopen? That’s how you make a day unforgettable.

In Lewes, don't miss Striper Bites' cozy maritime vibe with boat replicas and fishing decor.
In Lewes, don’t miss Striper Bites’ cozy maritime vibe with boat replicas and fishing decor.

9. Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Have you ever been to Sakura Japanese Restaurant in Wilmington? If not, let me tell you, it’s a game-changer, especially if you’re a sushi lover like me. All you can eat sushi for under $30 per person – it sounds too good to be true, but it’s real!

We went all out and ordered a variety of specialty rolls, sushi, soup, and seaweed salad. The best part? Sashimi is included in the all-you-can-eat deal. Honestly, the quality blew my mind. Everything is made to order, so it’s super fresh.

The vibe there is pretty cool, too. They’ve got a fully stocked bar if you’re in the mood for a drink, and the dining room has this beautiful Asian touch that really sets the scene.

If you’re wondering where to eat in DE, check out Sakura Japanese Restaurant. It’s the perfect spot for a laid-back dinner with friends or a casual date night. Just a heads-up, it can get busy, so making a reservation might be a smart move.

Sakura Japanese Restaurant is one of the unique restaurants in Delaware.
Sakura Japanese Restaurant is a game-changer for sushi lovers, offering all-you-can-eat sushi for under $30 per person.

10. Nasi Malay Thai Sushi

If you’re on the lookout for unique restaurants in DE, you’ve got to swing by Nasi Malay Thai Sushi in Bear. This place is a hidden treasure with a lineup of Thai and Malay dishes that are out of this world.

Let me talk about their Pad Thai for a second – it’s the champion of Pad Thais. The blend of flavors, the freshness, and that kick of heat make it a dish I daydream about. And the bok choy? Crisp, delicious, and that sauce it’s paired with is just right. Plus, the Thai Basil Fried Rice and Pork Dumplings are something I can’t recommend enough.

Nasi Malay Thai Sushi is the kind of spot that turns first-time visitors into regulars. Every dish is a hit. So, the next time you’re in Bear and craving some authentic Thai and Malay flavors, make sure to check this place out.

Don't miss Nasi Malay Thai Sushi, a hidden treasure serving Thai and Malay dishes that are out of this world.
Don’t miss Nasi Malay Thai Sushi, a hidden treasure serving Thai and Malay dishes that are out of this world. | Image Source: https://www.yelp.com/

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the quirkiest restaurants in Delaware

Are you searching for more information about where to eat in Delaware? Here are some common questions (and answers) I get asked a lot about Delaware’s most unique restaurants.

Does Delaware have a state food?

You might be surprised to find out that Delaware doesn’t officially have a state food. However, if you ask the locals, many will tell you that scrapple, a dish made from pork scraps and cornmeal, is a quintessential Delaware treat.

Is Delaware a beautiful state?

In my opinion, Delaware is one of the most beautiful states and one of the best-hidden vacation spots in the US. From the serene beaches of Rehoboth and Dewey to the enchanting landscapes of the Brandywine Valley, Delaware is a picturesque gem. Don’t miss a sunset at Cape Henlopen State Park – it’s breathtaking.

Brandywine River Museum of Art
Brandywine River Museum of Art

What is the best city in Delaware for foodies?

Wilmington is the spot for any foodie exploring Delaware, making it one of the top places to live and visit in Delaware. This city offers everything from gourmet dining to unique international cuisines. Make sure to explore the Riverfront area and Trolley Square for some top-notch eats.

What is one fun fact about Delaware?

Did you know that Delaware is the only state without any national parks, forests, or monuments? It’s pretty unique in that regard. But don’t let that fool you – Delaware’s state parks and beaches are absolutely stunning and can compete with the best of them, making it one of the top places to live and visit in the US.

The top restaurants in Delaware for all types of travelers
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