Guide to KLM Business Class: Everything You Need to Know in 2024

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Ready for luxury in the skies? Welcome to our comprehensive guide to flying KLM Business Class. We’ll cover everything from booking to landing, in-flight amenities, and tips on how to save money on your airfare. Dive in to discover what makes KLM one of the best airlines in 2024.

Welcome aboard the ultimate guide to KLM Business Class – your ticket to discovering why it’s hailed as one of Europe’s finest in the skies! Imagine stepping into an exclusive world where comfort meets luxury, and every detail is tailored for your pleasure.

If you’re jetting off for business or leisure, KLM Business Class promises an experience that’s not just a flight but a journey in itself. From the moment you check in to the second you disembark, KLM ensures a seamless, top-tier experience. As someone passionate about aviation, I’m excited to give you a detailed tour of KLM’s Business Class product.

Fasten your seatbelts as we embark on a journey exploring one of the best airlines for Business Class. Get ready to be wowed by what many consider the epitome of flying luxury in Europe.

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Overview of KLM Business Class

KLM Business Class is a gateway to exceptional flying experiences, combining Dutch elegance with global connectivity. As part of the Air France-KLM group, KLM boasts a significant presence in the aviation world, connecting passengers to over 170 destinations across the globe. This extensive network ensures that whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, KLM offers a route that suits your needs.

KLM’s Business Class is all about making your journey memorable. Think priority services that whisk you through the airport and a cabin crew that knows how to make you feel special. It’s no wonder they’re a top pick in Europe’s skies. Ready to dive into what makes KLM Business Class the go-to for savvy travelers? Let’s roll!

KLM Business Class flight for all types of travelers.

Benefits of Flying KLM Business Class

If you’re wondering which airline is the best to fly to Europe, here’s a sneak peek at the perks that make KLM a top choice:

  • Priority Treatment: From the get-go, enjoy priority check-in and boarding. Feel like a VIP every step of the way.
  • Lounge Access: Step into the KLM Crown Lounge, a haven of relaxation. It’s an experience with great food, comfy seating, and even sleeping quarters.
  • Seats that Pamper: On long-haul flights, settle into pod-style seats in a 1-2-1 layout. Want more privacy? The Boeing 777’s new seats come with sliding doors. Say hello to comfort and goodbye to cramped legs!
  • Gourmet Dining: Ready for a culinary adventure? KLM serves up delicious meals and premium drinks. Think seared tuna tataki or braised beef with a glass of fine wine.
  • Entertainment Galore: With a 16-inch screen at your seat, dive into a world of movies, music, and games. Over 4,000 options mean you’ll never be bored.
  • Top-Notch Service: KLM’s crew knows hospitality. They’re there to make your flight smooth and enjoyable.
  • Extra Goodies: Enjoy an amenity kit from Rituals, packed with essentials to keep you refreshed.
  • Special Touches: Ambient lighting and thoughtful cabin design add to the serene atmosphere.

Tips for Booking KLM Business Class Tickets

KLM’s Business Class offers more than just a luxurious flight experience. Their loyalty program and booking strategies add even more value. Here’s what you need to know to score cheap KLM flights:

Flying Blue

  • Earn Miles: Flying Blue, KLM’s loyalty program, is your ticket to earning and redeeming miles. You can accumulate miles quickly through various credit card programs and spending.
  • Promo Rewards: Keep an eye out for Flying Blue Promo Rewards. They offer reduced award pricing on specific routes, sometimes as low as 27,500 miles one-way between North America and Europe.
  • Transfer Bonuses: Credit card programs often have transfer bonuses to Flying Blue. These can significantly increase the value of your points.

Booking Business Class

  • Dynamic Pricing: KLM uses dynamic pricing for award seats, so flexibility is key. Booking far in advance or close to departure can yield better availability.
  • Subscribe to Cheap Flight Alerts: Again, if you want to find the best possible deals on business class airfare, I highly recommend signing up for Scott’s Cheap Flights ( While the free version is great for finding discounted economy flights, the Elite version is what you’ll need to find cheap business and first class deals.
  • Partner Programs: You can also book KLM Business Class through partner airline loyalty programs like Delta SkyMiles. However, availability might be more limited compared to Flying Blue.

Upgrading to Business Class

  • Miles Upgrade: If you’ve booked an economy ticket, you can use miles to upgrade to Business Class. The number of miles required varies based on the route and availability.
  • Last-Minute Upgrades: Check for upgrade options during check-in. KLM sometimes offers last-minute upgrades at a reduced cost, payable with a combination of miles and cash.

Additional Tips

  • Stopovers: Flying Blue allows for stopovers of up to one year on KLM business class tickets, adding flexibility and value to your travel plans.
  • Award Availability: KLM generally has good award seat availability, especially if you’re flexible with your travel dates and departure airports.
Beyond just providing an opulent flying experience, KLM's Business Class delivers more.
Beyond just providing an opulent flying experience, KLM’s Business Class delivers more. | Image Credit: KLM

KLM’s Fleet: A Detailed Comparison

Let’s dive into the different aircraft in KLM’s fleet and what they offer in Business Class. Each one has its unique charm!

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The Dreamliner is a game-changer. In Business Class, you’ll find pod-style seats in a 1-2-1 reverse-herringbone layout. Each seat is a haven of privacy and comfort. I recommend the “A” or “K” seats for solo travelers – you’ll be right by the window with a world of your own. Traveling with someone? The center seats are perfect for a cozy duo experience.

Boeing 777 (New Business Class)

KLM’s retrofitting its Boeing 777 fleet, and the new Business Class is something to talk about. These seats are similar to the Dreamliner’s but with a cool addition – sliding doors for extra privacy. If you’re flying solo, any seat is a great choice, but for a bit more seclusion, go for the window seats.

Boeing 777 & Airbus A330

The older Business Class on these aircraft has a 2-2-2 configuration. It’s classic and spacious. If you’re flying solo and prefer window views, aim for the “A” or “J” seats. They offer a nice balance of privacy and comfort.

Boeing 737 & Embraer E170, E190, & E195

For shorter European hops, these aircraft offer a more flexible Business Class. It’s essentially economy seats with a blocked middle seat for extra space. On the Boeing 737, this setup works well. On the Embraers, though, be ready to possibly have a neighbor if the flight’s full.

Let's examine the various planes in KLM's inventory and the Business Class experiences they provide.
Let’s examine the various planes in KLM’s inventory and the Business Class experiences they provide. | Image Credit: KLM

Baggage Allowance with KLM Business Class

When you fly KLM Business Class, say goodbye to packing woes! Here’s the lowdown on baggage:

Checked Baggage: You can check in two pieces of baggage, each up to a hefty 70 pounds (32 kilos). That’s a lot of room for everything you need. Are you a Flying Blue Silver, Gold, or Platinum member? Good news! You get to check an extra bag, making it three in total. Plus, your bags get the priority label, so they’re among the first on the carousel.

Carry-On Baggage: In the cabin, you’re allowed two pieces of hand luggage plus one personal item. The total weight limit is 40 pounds (18 kilos). In my experience, KLM isn’t strict about weighing these items, but it’s good to be prepared.

With KLM Business Class, you’ve got plenty of baggage allowance to bring back memories (and maybe some souvenirs too). Ready to pack?

Bid farewell to packing issues when you travel in KLM Business Class.
Bid farewell to packing issues when you travel in KLM Business Class. | Image Credit: KLM

KLM Business Class Airport Experiences

Flying KLM Business Class starts with a smooth, premium experience right from the best airport lounge. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Priority Services: As soon as you arrive, you’re in the fast lane. With SkyPriority privileges, breeze through check-in, security, and boarding. It’s all about efficiency and comfort.
  • KLM Crown Lounges: The KLM Crown Lounges are a highlight. In Amsterdam, there are two: the Schengen Crown Lounge and the Non-Schengen Crown Lounge. Both offer a relaxing environment with hot and cold buffets, self-serve alcohol, and premium drinks. The Non-Schengen Lounge, spread over two floors, even has sleep cabins for a fee.

At Toronto Pearson and Houston’s George Bush Airports, you’ll find KLM Crown Lounges too. They’re known for being clean, well-staffed, and offering great food and drinks. In other airports, you’ll have access to SkyTeam member lounges or third-party lounges.

  • Check-In and Boarding: KLM’s check-in and boarding process is a breeze for Business Class passengers. You’ll have access to priority lanes, which makes your journey to the gate quick and hassle-free.

The ground experience with KLM Business Class sets the tone for your journey – efficient, luxurious, and designed to make your travel as enjoyable as possible.

Traveling in KLM Business Class begins at the airport with a seamless, first-rate experience.
Traveling in KLM Business Class begins at the airport with a seamless, first-rate experience. | Image Credit: KLM

In-Flight Comfort & Amenities on KLM Business Class

Once you’re up in the air with KLM Business Class, the real magic begins. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

In-Flight Entertainment on KLM Business Class

Each seat comes with a 16- to 18-inch entertainment screen, offering a vast selection of movies, music, and games. On intercontinental flights, WiFi is increasingly available, with a free hour of messaging and options for Surf or Streaming packages.

Exclusive Amenities

You’ll receive an amenity kit designed by Dutch designer Jan Taminiau, filled with essentials like socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, and special edition Rituals lip balm and hand cream.

Let’s not forget the Delft Blue Houses – a unique KLM feature! These miniature houses filled with Dutch gin are collectible items modeled after real Dutch buildings. A delightful souvenir from your flight.

Exceptional Service

KLM’s cabin crew is renowned for their attentive and friendly service. They’re dedicated to making your flight as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, ensuring a memorable experience.

Extra Comforts

Onboard, the cabin’s ambient lighting is designed to create a relaxing atmosphere, helping you adjust to different time zones.

To enhance your entertainment experience, noise-reducing headphones are provided, letting you immerse yourself in movies or music.

The real magic starts when you take off with this airline.
The real magic starts when you take off with this airline. | Image Credit: KLM

On-board Dining with KLM Business Class

Ever wondered if KLM Business Class is worth the hype? Let’s talk about food, and you’ll see why they’re flying high in the ranks. In KLM’s new business class, every meal is like a mini celebration.

On those quick hops across Europe, you’re treated to a light but lovely meal. Picture a zesty main course salad or a sandwich that’s anything but ordinary. Perfect for when you’re on the move.

On longer flights, KLM turns it up a notch. You’re looking at a three-course affair that feels more gourmet restaurant than airline food. It’s a culinary journey that makes KLM stand out as one of the best Dutch airlines.

Now, for the long-haul flights, the experience starts with a pop – a welcome glass of Champagne. Snacks? They’ve got you covered throughout the flight. And when it’s time for the main event, the menu, refreshed every three months, is a foodie’s dream. We’re talking dishes crafted by top Dutch chefs. Whether it’s a savory chicken thigh in star anise sauce or a delightful vegetarian stew, there’s something to tantalize every taste bud.

Breakfast on KLM is a treat. Whether you lean sweet or savory, they’ve got your morning cravings sorted. Plus, eating with Marcel Wanders’ chic tableware? That’s dining in style!

So, is KLM business class worth it? Absolutely. Ready to dine above the clouds with KLM?

Every meal is like a small celebration on this airline.
Every meal is like a small celebration on this airline. | Image Credit: KLM

KLM Business Class Beverage Selection

Now, let’s talk drinks on KLM Business Class – it’s the cherry on top of their dining experience. KLM knows how to keep their passengers refreshed.

From fine wines selected by expert sommeliers to a range of spirits and beers, there’s something for every palate. Whether you’re toasting with Champagne or sipping on a freshly brewed coffee, KLM ensures your glass is never empty. If you prefer non-alcoholic options, the selection is just as impressive.

As you settle into your seat, get ready to raise a glass to a flight experience that’s as delightful as it is memorable. Cheers to KLM’s sky-high hospitality!

Let's now discuss drinks in KLM Business Class, which are the icing on the cake for their meal.
Let’s now discuss drinks in KLM Business Class, which are the icing on the cake for their meal. | Image Credit: KLM

KLM Business Class vs. Business Class Offerings From Other Airlines

When you compare KLM Business Class to other major airlines, a few things really make it stand out. KLM’s commitment to passenger comfort is evident, especially in their new business class cabins. These feature pod-style seats with privacy doors on the Boeing 777, a luxury not commonly found in business class offerings. The 1-2-1 configuration in their Boeing 787 Dreamliners ensures direct aisle access. This is a feature that’s becoming a gold standard in business class travel.

KLM’s in-flight dining is another highlight. With menus crafted by top Dutch chefs and refreshed every three months, KLM offers a culinary experience that rivals some of the best. This focus on high-quality, diverse cuisine sets KLM apart from many competitors who may offer more standardized meal options.

However, it’s not all smooth flying. While KLM’s newer aircraft boast state-of-the-art features, their older models, like the Airbus A330, still have the 2-2-2 seat configuration. This means not all seats have direct aisle access, a drawback when compared to the more modern layouts offered by some competitors.

In terms of in-flight entertainment and connectivity, KLM holds its own with a wide range of options and increasing WiFi availability. But, like any airline, there’s room for improvement, especially in ensuring consistency across their fleet.

Overall, KLM Business Class offers a compelling package. It combines Dutch hospitality with modern amenities. This makes it a strong contender, especially for flights to and from Europe. While there may be some inconsistencies in the fleet, the overall value proposition of comfort, service, and experience makes KLM Business Class a choice worth considering.

A few characteristics set this airline apart from other large carriers.
A few characteristics set this airline apart from other large carriers. | Image Credit: KLM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about KLM’s Business Class

Are you still curious about which airline is the best in the Netherlands? Here are some popular questions (and answers) I get that will help decide whether KLM business class is the right option for you.

Does KLM business class have lie flat beds?

Yes, KLM Business Class offers lie-flat beds on their long-haul flights. This feature is available in their Boeing 787 Dreamliners and retrofitted Boeing 777s, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience during your journey.

What is the free gift you receive every time you fly on KLM business class?

Every time you fly KLM Business Class, you receive a unique Delft Blue miniature house filled with Dutch gin. These collectible houses are modeled after real Dutch buildings and have been a charming tradition since the 1950s.

KLM business class is the finest choice if you're looking for the best airline.
KLM business class is the finest choice if you’re looking for the best airline. | Image Credit: KLM

Do you get fast track with KLM business class?

Absolutely! KLM Business Class passengers enjoy SkyPriority privileges, which include fast track access through check-in, security, and boarding. It’s all about saving time and enhancing convenience.

Is KLM good for long haul flights?

KLM is highly regarded for its long-haul flights. With features like lie-flat beds, top-notch dining, and excellent in-flight entertainment, KLM ensures a comfortable and enjoyable experience on longer journeys.

Does KLM offer last minute upgrades?

Yes, KLM does offer last-minute upgrades, subject to availability. These can be a great deal and are often available during check-in. You can pay for these upgrades with a combination of miles and cash, making it a convenient option for a spontaneous luxury upgrade.

KLM Business Class to try right now.
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