These Are The 4 Cheapest Airlines To Fly To Europe in 2024

by Jon Miksis
Group of friends toasting on a plane overlooking Paris
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Craving a European escape but your wallet’s holding you back? Say no more. As we usher in 2024, there are several budget airlines that will whisk you away to Europe from the US on the cheap.

In recent years, air traffic has been on the rise – causing flight prices to soar to all-time highs. However, low-cost carriers have been slow to meet this demand.

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That is, until now.

Forget the days when flying to Europe was expensive and inaccessible.

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These four airlines are redefining budget travel across the Atlantic, offering deals that feel like a steal. And the best part? They’re offering flight deals to Europe from U.S. cities for as low as $214 roundtrip.

Whether you’re dreaming of sipping espresso in Rome, exploring the art in Paris, or taking that long-awaited ancestry trip to the Scottish Highlands, these airlines are your ticket to Europe in 2024.

So pack your bags and get ready to jetset across the Atlantic. Europe is calling, and it’s more affordable than ever. Let’s dive into the airlines that are making travel dreams a reality, without draining your bank account.

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Norse Atlantic Airways

A Fly Norse aircraft landing at London Gatwick Airport

This is an airline you probably haven’t heard of, but you will hear much more of in 2024. Headquartered in Norway, Norse Atlantic Airways is making waves in the budget travel scene with its sleek fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Unlike other budget airlines in Europe, it promises an efficient and modern flight experience.

Currently, Norse operates 15 flight routes between the U.S. and Europe. From cities like Boston, NYC, Miami, and Los Angeles, you can get to places like London, Paris, and Rome on a budget. In April and May 2024, flight deals are below $350 roundtrip to select European cities.

Norse’s economy options range from the no-frills ‘Light’ to the ‘Flextra’ that rolls out all the perks. And if you’re looking to stretch out, their Premium Class offers spacious seating and free inflight goodies that’ll make the hours fly by.

Norwegian fjords with partly cloudy skies

Once you’re up in the air, kick back with on-demand entertainment, savor some delicious bites, and get comfy in their modern seats. They’ve also partnered up with Norwegian, Spirit, and easyJet to give you seamless connections to over 600 spots globally. So your adventure doesn’t have to stop at just one destination.

Play Airlines

Play Airlines plane flying during sunset

Play Airlines is an Icelandic low-cost carrier that’s making it easy to get to Europe in 2024. With a focus on affordability without compromising safety, Play operates a fleet of new Airbus aircraft, ensuring a modern and comfortable journey.

Play’s business model is centered around offering cheap flights, primarily between North America and Europe. It offers the option of a stopover in Iceland, allowing travelers to explore the volcanic island’s natural beauty.

The airline promotes a variety of deals, including last-minute flights, summer destinations, and special offers for those looking to catch the northern lights or soak in Iceland’s famous hot springs. For an additional fee, passengers can book a “Space” seat, which provides more comfort during the flight.

In terms of amenities, Play keeps it simple and cost-effective, offering basic services catering to the needs of modern travelers. Their online check-in system is designed to save time and reduce hassle at the airport. While they don’t offer a luxury experience, their streamlined service model allows for some of the most competitive pricing on flights to Europe.

Recently, Play Airlines released a flash deal with $99 flights to Europe. This is something they do on a semi-regular basis, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for flight deals.

Lush canyon in the Icelandic Highlands

With its no-frills approach, Play Airlines is the ideal carrier for adventurers who prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than expensive flights. It’s truly the go-to airline for the young, budget-conscious, and experience-driven traveler.


LEVEL airplane flying through the sky to Europe

LEVEL is your ticket to Europe without breaking the bank. This budget airline is based in Spain, offering long-haul flights to Europe from the US, Canada, Argentina, and Chile.

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Imagine jetting off to the vibrant streets of Barcelona, where every corner bursts with culture and color. And doing it all on a dime! With LEVEL’s wallet-friendly fares—think round trips starting at just $359—you’re not just saving money. You’re unlocking the freedom to explore more.

LEVEL keeps it simple and sweet, with easy online check-ins and deals delivered straight to your inbox. And with flights to 26 destinations in 13 countries, the airline is making European travel more accessible than ever before.

It’s no wonder savvy travelers are bookmarking LEVEL as their go-to for transatlantic jaunts. So, if you’re itching for adventure but your wallet’s less enthusiastic, make LEVEL your go-to.

Azores Airlines

Azores Airlines overlooking sea cliffs

Dreaming of exploring the lush, volcanic landscapes of the Azores? With Azores Airlines, this hidden gem in the middle of the Atlantic is more accessible than ever.

Azores Airlines offers a variety of routes connecting North America and Europe, with a focus on the Azores as a central hub. Through the summer of 2024, you’ll find cheap flights from Boston, New York, and Toronto to Ponta Delgada. And from there, you can easily get to cities like Lisbon, Barcelona, and Paris on a budget. There are also great deals from Boston to Terceira, another popular Portuguese island.

With Azores Airlines, you’re not just booking a flight. You’re unlocking a gateway to both the Azores and the wider wonders of Europe. The Azores themselves are a treasure trove of natural beauty, a perfect pit stop for adventurers or a final destination for those looking to immerse themselves in the tranquility of island life.

So if you’re keen on finding cheap airlines to Europe, add Azores Airlines to your wish list.

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The Azores are a popular gateway when flying to Europe from the USA

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