Guide to Flying Condor: All You Need to Know in 2024

by Jem
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Want to fly in style? In this Condor airline guide, we’ll show you what flying looks like with one of Germany’s best airlines. From the booking experience to in-flight amenities, we’ll cover all the perks of Condor.

When I think about flying to Europe, Condor is often my first choice. It’s 2024, and in the competitive world of air travel, Condor stands out, particularly among German airlines. If you’re wondering, “Is Condor worth it?” this guide is for you. We’re not just skimming the surface – we’re diving deep into what makes Condor unique.

From their diverse fleet, which includes modern marvels like the Airbus A320, to the upscale experience of Condor business class, I’ll walk you through every detail. We’ll explore their travel classes, route network, and the exceptional in-flight services they offer.

Condor isn’t just another airline. It’s a symbol of quality and comfort in the skies. As we unfold the layers of Condor’s offerings, you’ll understand why it could be the perfect airline for your next adventure.

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Overview of Condor

Condor, a trailblazer in the skies since 1956, has been connecting travelers to stunning destinations worldwide. As a proud subsidiary of Thomas Cook, Condor has grown to be one of Europe’s best airlines. With over six million passengers annually, it’s clear why Condor is a top choice for many.

The airline’s fleet is a blend of efficiency and modernity, boasting 48 aircraft. This includes Airbus A320-200s, A321-200s, Boeing 757-300s, Boeing 767-300s, and most recently, Airbus A330-900s. Each aircraft is maintained with the highest standards.

Condor’s route network is as diverse as it is extensive. They fly to about 80 destinations across Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. Notably, Condor has expanded its fleet with the brand new Airbus A330-900neo. This signifies Condor’s commitment to offering state-of-the-art travel experiences.

Whether it’s a holiday in the Mediterranean, a safari in East Africa, or exploring the vibrant cultures of Central America, Condor’s routes cater to a wide array of travel desires. This versatility makes Condor not just an airline, but a gateway to global adventures.

Flying with Condor for all types of travelers.

Benefits of Flying Condor

When I fly with Condor, I’m always struck by the unique blend of value and quality they offer. It’s a full-service airline that enhances your travel experience. Let’s dive into the perks that make Condor a standout choice:

  • Affordable Nonstop Routes: Condor offers competitively priced nonstop flights from various US cities to Germany. This includes routes from cities with limited options for direct flights to Europe.
  • Competitive Premium Cabin Fares: Their premium cabin fares, especially for US-Europe routes, are often more affordable than other major carriers.
  • Generous Meals Across All Classes: Condor doesn’t skimp on in-flight dining. Expect tasty and well-portioned meals in every class.
  • Diverse Fleet and Destinations: With a fleet that includes both narrowbody and widebody aircraft, Condor serves a wide range of international destinations.
  • Comfortable Travel Classes: From Economy to Business Class, each travel class is designed to maximize comfort and convenience.
  • Flexible Baggage Options: Condor offers a range of baggage options to suit different needs and budgets.
  • Innovative Livery Design: Their aircraft livery, inspired by vacation vibes, adds a touch of fun to your journey.
  • Strong Safety and On-Time Ratings: Condor maintains high standards in safety and punctuality.

Whether you’re jetting off on a holiday or a business trip, Condor’s blend of comfort, value, and service makes it a top choice.

Tips for Booking Condor

Booking a flight with Condor can be a smooth and cost-effective process if you know the right tips and tricks. Here’s a quick guide to help you find cheap Condor flights:

  • Explore Fare Types: Condor offers different fare types within each class, like Economy Light in Economy class. Each fare type has its own set of restrictions and inclusions, so choose based on your needs.
  • International Flight Deals: Again, if you want to find the best possible deals on flights to Europe, I highly recommend signing up for Scott’s Cheap Flights ( While the free version is great for finding discounted economy flights, the Elite version is what you’ll need to find cheap business and first class deals.
  • Baggage Fees: Understand the baggage allowances and fees, as they vary by class and fare type. For instance, Economy Light doesn’t include free checked baggage, while Business class allows two bags up to 70 lb each.
  • Seat Selection Fees: Seat selection on Condor can cost around $35 per seat per flight in Economy and Premium Economy. Business class generally doesn’t charge for seat assignments, except for Prime Seats.
  • Be Flexible: Condor’s flights don’t operate daily, so flexibility can help you find better fares or alternative routes, especially for nonstop flights from North America.
  • Check for Deals: Keep an eye out for deals, especially during peak seasons. Condor often offers competitive fares compared to other major airlines.
  • Consider Extra-Legroom Seats: If you value comfort, extra-legroom seats in Economy are available for an additional fee, providing a more comfortable journey.

Condor’s Fleet: A Detailed Comparison

Condor’s fleet is a fascinating mix of aircraft. If you’re jetting off on a short hop or a long-haul adventure, there’s a Condor plane perfectly suited for the journey. Let’s break down the fleet:

Airbus A320 & A321

  • Use: Ideal for European routes.
  • Seats: A320s have 180 economy seats; A321s seat between 212 and 220 passengers.
  • My Tip: For the best views and extra legroom, snag a seat near the front.
  • Age: A320s average 18.1 years, A321s are younger at 9.1 years.

Airbus A330-900

  • Use: New addition for long-haul flights.
  • Seats: 280 in economy (64 with extra legroom), 30 in business class.
  • My Tip: Business class here is a treat. Opt for a window seat for privacy and great views.
  • Age: Just 1 year on average, making them the fleet’s youngsters.

Boeing 757-300

  • Use: Known as the ‘flying pencil’, it’s a rare and unique aircraft.
  • Seats: 275 in a 3-3 configuration, offering a cozy experience.
  • My Tip: Middle of the plane for less engine noise and smoother ride.
  • Age: Averaging 23.8 years, they’re vintage yet reliable.

Boeing 767-300ER

  • Use: The workhorse for transatlantic and long-haul routes.
  • Seats: 242 in economy (39 with extra legroom), 18 in business class.
  • My Tip: In economy, go for an exit row seat for that precious extra legroom.
  • Age: The oldest, averaging 29 years, but still going strong.

Each aircraft in Condor’s fleet has its charm and purpose. No matter where you’re headed, you’ll have a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

The variety of planes in Condor's fleet is intriguing.
The variety of planes in Condor’s fleet is intriguing. | Image Credit: Condor

Condor’s Route Network

Condor’s extensive route network always impresses me. They connect 18 North American cities directly to the heart of Europe, which makes transatlantic journeys a breeze. Here’s a snapshot of where Condor can take you.

From the bustling streets of New York (JFK) to the serene landscapes of Anchorage, Condor’s reach is vast. Cities like Boston, Baltimore/Washington, and Minneapolis/St. Paul are on the list, along with sun-soaked destinations like Cancún and Las Vegas. They even fly from less commonly served airports like Edmonton, Halifax, and Whitehorse, offering unique travel opportunities.

Condor’s flights are leisure-focused, so many routes are seasonal. For instance, Anchorage and Whitehorse are mainly summer destinations. This means planning ahead is key, especially for those once-in-a-lifetime summer trips.

Condor serves a total of 81 destinations, with Frankfurt International Airport as their main hub. This hub is your gateway to further adventures, with connections to top destinations in the Mediterranean and Africa. While Condor’s flights might not be daily, their partnership with Lufthansa opens up even more possibilities for connecting flights.

For short and medium-haul flights, Condor operates from several bases across Europe This includes Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Leipzig/Halle, Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna, and Zürich. This network makes Condor an excellent choice for exploring Europe’s most beautiful places.

Condor Travel Classes

Choosing the right travel class can make all the difference in your journey. Condor offers a range of classes, each designed to cater to different needs and preferences. Let’s explore what each class has to offer:

Economy & Economy Light

  • Short and Medium-Haul: Economy Class on these routes offers ergonomic leather seats for a comfortable journey. Hand baggage allowance is one item of up to 8 kg.
  • Long-Haul: Enjoy delicious hot and cold meals served on board. The personal monitor provides a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and music. Hand baggage allowance remains the same, while hold baggage can be up to 20 kg.
  • Economy Light: Ideal for travelers carrying only hand luggage, focusing on essential comfort.

Premium Economy

  • Long-Haul Routes: Premium Economy enhances your experience with more legroom, footrests (except the first row), and greater seat recline. Passengers enjoy the ‘Taste the World Premium Menu’, along with hot and cold snacks. The hand baggage allowance is one item of up to 10 kg, and hold luggage can be up to 25 kg.

Business Class

  • Long-Haul: Business Class offers lie-flat seats (more than 180 cm length on Boeing 767 and 199 cm on Airbus A330neo), personal mattress toppers on the A330neo, and adjustable headrests. The ‘Taste the World Gourmet Menu’ is complemented by an exclusive beverage selection, including champagne. Hand baggage allowance is two items with a total weight of max. 16 kg, and hold baggage can be up to 30 kg (or 2 x 32 kg for flights to/from the US/Canada).
  • Short and Medium-Haul: Business Class ensures extra comfort with an empty center seat, a choice of seat, and the ‘Taste the World Menu’ or snack. Hand and hold baggage allowances are similar to long-haul flights.
Selecting the appropriate travel class can significantly impact the entirety of your trip.
Selecting the appropriate travel class can significantly impact the entirety of your trip. | Image Credit: Condor

Baggage Allowance with Condor

Navigating baggage allowances can be tricky, but I’ve got you covered with a straightforward breakdown of Condor’s policies:

Checked Baggage for North America-Germany Flights

  • Economy Light: No free allowance.
  • Economy: One bag up to 50 lb (23 kg).
  • Premium Economy: One bag up to 70 lb (32 kg).
  • Business: Two bags, each up to 70 lb (32 kg).

Checked Baggage for Other International Routes

Condor’s checked baggage allowance varies depending on the route and travel class. Here’s a general overview:

  • Short and Medium-Haul Flights:
  • Economy Class: Typically, one bag up to 20 kg.
    • Premium Economy: Usually includes a higher weight limit than Economy.
    • Business Class: Often allows two bags with a generous weight allowance per bag.
  • Long-Haul Flights (excluding North America-Germany):
  • Economy Class: Generally, one bag up to 20-23 kg.
    • Premium Economy: Usually one bag with a higher weight limit, often up to 25-32 kg.
    • Business Class: Typically includes two bags, each with a weight limit similar to Premium Economy.

It’s important to check Condor’s specific baggage policy for your particular route, as allowances can vary based on destination and fare type.

Excess Baggage Fees

  • First Bag (Economy Light only): $180 for up to 50 lb (23 kg).
  • Second Bag: $120 for up to 50 lb (23 kg).
  • Third Bag: $175 for up to 50 lb (23 kg).

Remember, these fees are cumulative. For example, an Economy passenger with three bags will pay for the second and third bags. In Business, the third bag incurs the $175 fee.

Overweight and Oversized Baggage

  • Overweight Baggage: $120 per bag, for bags over the allowance but under 70 lb (32 kg).
  • Oversized Baggage: $240 for bags exceeding a total dimension of 158 cm.

Carry-On Baggage

  • Economy Light: No free allowance, but you can book one for about $32 (up to 17 lb/8 kg).
  • Economy Classic: One bag up to 17 lb (8 kg) included.
  • Premium Economy: One bag up to 22 lb (10 kg) included.
  • Business: Two bags included, with a combined weight limit of 35 lb (16 kg), and no single bag over 22 lb (10 kg).

For passengers connecting from another airline to Condor, baggage fees are determined by the first carrier’s policy.

The amount of checked baggage allowed varies according on the route and class of travel.
The amount of checked baggage allowed varies according on the route and class of travel. | Image Credit: Condor

Condor Ground Experience

Check-In Options

When I fly with Condor, I always appreciate the flexibility of their check-in options. Online check-in is a breeze and available for all classes, allowing you to get your boarding pass on your mobile or print it at the airport. For those who prefer the traditional way, airport check-in is free across all classes except Economy Light. Economy Light travelers can pre-book this service for $12, a small price for convenience. If you don’t book in advance, the cost at the airport is $30.

Late-Night Check-In

Condor also offers late-night check-in at select German airports. This service is particularly handy as it lets you check-in and drop off your baggage the evening before your flight. It’s complimentary for Business, Premium Economy, and higher-fare Economy passengers. Economy Light passengers can access this service for $30, which includes any pre-booked airport check-in.

Condor Lounge Access

As a Business Class passenger with Condor, unique lounge access is given at most European and North American airports. While Condor doesn’t have its own lounges, they make sure you’re well taken care of. In the US, you’re likely to relax in “The Club” lounges, and in Frankfurt, Lufthansa Business lounges are the go-to. For other classes, lounge access can be purchased through Condor’s partnership with Lounge Pass, offering a peaceful retreat before your flight.

Boarding Process

Boarding with Condor is a straightforward affair. Families with small children and passengers with disabilities get priority, followed by Business and Premium Economy, then Economy. It’s a traditional approach that ensures order and efficiency. One thing to note: Condor is quite particular about carry-on size and weight, so it’s wise to check your baggage compliance before heading to the airport.

Flying with Condor is a simple process.
Flying with Condor is a simple process. | Image Credit: Condor

In-Flight Comfort & Amenities on Condor

Flying with Condor, you’ll find that each class offers its unique set of comforts and amenities.

Economy Class

In Economy, the seats are modern with a 30” pitch, ensuring a comfortable space for relaxation. The seatback entertainment system, available for a fee (with a slight discount if pre-booked), offers a range of options to keep you entertained throughout the flight. For those needing to stay connected, USB power ports are available. On the A330neo aircraft, Wifi options range from $7 for unlimited chat to $20 for high-speed internet access.

Premium Economy Class

Stepping up to Premium Economy, you’re greeted with larger seats, more legroom, and increased recline space. The in-flight experience is further enhanced with an amenity kit, pillow, blanket, and headset. Entertainment is included, adding value to your journey. The added perks like priority boarding make this class a sweet spot for those seeking extra comfort without the price tag of Business Class.

Business Class

Business Class on Condor is where luxury meets comfort. Depending on the aircraft, you’ll either experience the slightly older but comfortable lie-flat seats on the Boeing 767-300 or the modern pod-style lie-flat seats on the Airbus A330neo. The A330neo’s seats are a game-changer with their flat design, larger in-seat monitor with 4K resolution, and multiple USB ports for charging devices.

For those who opt for the Prime Seats in Business Class on the A330neo, expect an elevated experience. These seats offer more privacy, space, and comfort, complete with additional amenities like pajamas and a prime travel kit. The gourmet menu in Business Class, served on china with a choice of three main dishes, and a selection of beverages, rounds off a truly premium experience.

Discover that every class has a special set of conveniences and facilities.
Discover that every class has a special set of conveniences and facilities. | Image Credit: Condor

On-board Dining with Condor

Dining on a Condor flight is an experience I always look forward to. Whether you’re flying short-haul or venturing across the ocean, the culinary offerings are thoughtfully curated to enhance your journey.

Short-Haul Flights

On short-haul flights, Condor’s “Taste the World” meals are a delight. Available for pre-order starting at €4.99, these meals are a great way to start your trip. In Economy Light and Economy Classic fares, in-flight catering isn’t included, but you can pre-order a snack along with water or orange juice.

Business Class passengers enjoy a complimentary “Taste the World” dish, customizable up to 24 hours before departure. For coffee lovers, Condor proudly serves Starbucks® hot drinks, ensuring a cozy and familiar taste in the skies.

Long-Haul Flights

Long-haul flights with Condor are a culinary adventure. In Economy Class, you’re treated to a complimentary hot standard menu and a snack before landing, with all non-alcoholic beverages included. For something extra special, you can pre-order a premium menu from the “Taste the World” selection for €17.99.

Premium Economy steps it up with the Classic Premium Menu and a variety of hot and cold snacks, with the option to select a different premium menu at no extra charge.

Business Class indulges you with the Classic Gourmet Menu, offering a global culinary tour. You can choose from vegan, vegetarian, or lactose-free gourmet menus, all complemented by hot and cold snacks throughout the flight.

Condor’s focus on fresh, quality ingredients and a range of options to suit every dietary need makes dining above the clouds a pleasure. If you’re grabbing a quick bite or settling in for a gourmet meal, the flavors and choices are designed to make your flight experience all the more enjoyable.

The food options with Condor are carefully chosen to improve your experience.
The food options with Condor are carefully chosen to improve your experience. I Image Credit: Condor

Condor Loyalty Programs

Condor offers exciting opportunities for earning miles through partnerships with Alaska Mileage Plan™ and Emirates Skywards. Here’s how you can make the most of these programs:

Alaska Mileage Plan™

  • Earn Miles: As a member of Alaska Mileage Plan™, you can earn miles on every Condor and Alaska Airlines flight.
  • Mileage Earning: The number of miles earned depends on the distance traveled and the booking class. For example, a flight from Frankfurt to Seattle in Economy Class Classic can earn you 3,820 miles.
  • Redeeming Miles: While Mileage Plan award flights and upgrades will soon be available for Condor flights, you can currently check how many miles you need for an award flight or an upgrade on Alaska Airlines flights.

Emirates Skywards

  • Earn Miles: Emirates Skywards members can earn miles on all Condor and Emirates flights.
  • Automatic Credit: Simply show your Emirates Skywards member card at check-in or provide your details during online check-in to have miles credited to your account.
  • Redeeming Miles: You can check how many miles are needed for an award flight or an upgrade award on Emirates flights. However, upgrades are not yet available for Condor flights.

These partnerships enhance the value of flying with Condor, allowing you to earn miles that can be used for future travels, upgrades, and more.

If you know the appropriate strategies and ideas, booking with  Condor may be easy and affordable.
If you know the appropriate strategies and ideas, booking with Condor may be easy and affordable. | Image Credit: Condor

Pros & Cons of Flying Condor

Flying with Condor offers a unique set of advantages and some drawbacks. Here’s a few things I love, and a few things I don’t.


  • Affordable Nonstop Routes: Condor provides cost-effective nonstop flights from various US cities to Germany. This includes routes from cities with fewer flight options to Europe.
  • Competitive Premium Cabin Fares: Their Premium cabin fares are often more affordable compared to other major carriers on US-Europe routes.
  • Generous Meals: Tasty and generously portioned meals are provided in all classes of service (including fresh pretzels!)
  • Diverse Fleet and Destinations: A wide range of destinations are covered by Condor’s diverse fleet, catering to leisure and business travelers alike.
  • Comfortable Travel Classes: From Economy to Business Class, each class is designed for comfort and convenience.
  • Partnerships for Mile Earning: Partnerships with loyalty programs like Alaska Mileage Plan™ and Emirates Skywards allow passengers to earn miles.


  • Limited Membership in US Frequent Flier Programs: Options for earning and redeeming miles with US-based frequent flyer programs are limited.
  • Extra Fees Can Be a Surprise: Some fees, such as for special dietary meals in Economy, might catch passengers off guard.
  • Confusing Baggage Allowances and Fees: The baggage policy, particularly for Business Class, can be complex and confusing.
  • Seasonal Flight Operations: Many routes operate only during peak seasons, requiring flexibility in travel planning.
  • Mixed Reviews on Comfort and Service: Some passengers have noted issues with seating comfort and service quality, though this varies.

Understanding these pros and cons can help you make an informed decision when considering flying with Condor for your next trip.

Condor vs. Competitor Airlines

Wondering what airline to fly to Germany? Comparing Condor with airlines like Lufthansa, Eurowings, and British Airways (BA) offers a fascinating insight into the varied experiences each airline provides.

Condor vs. Lufthansa

When I fly with Lufthansa, the experience feels more premium, especially in terms of onboard service and the breadth of their global network. Lufthansa’s frequent flyer program, being part of the Star Alliance, offers extensive benefits and wider mileage redemption options. Condor, on the other hand, stands out for its affordability, particularly on leisure routes. While Lufthansa caters more to business travelers with a broader range of destinations, Condor’s focus is more on vacation destinations, often at more competitive prices.

Condor vs. Eurowings

Eurowings, like Condor, targets budget-conscious travelers, but my experience has shown that Eurowings tends to have a more no-frills approach, especially in their basic fare classes. Condor offers a more inclusive experience with meals and entertainment, even in Economy, which Eurowings often charges extra for. For travelers looking for a balance between cost and comfort on leisure routes, Condor frequently emerges as the better choice.

Condor vs. British Airways

BA operates with a distinct focus on both business and leisure travel, offering a more extensive network, particularly to major business destinations. Their Club World (Business Class) and First Class services are more refined compared to Condor’s Business Class. However, Condor’s value proposition shines in its competitive pricing, especially for travelers flying from smaller US cities to Germany. BA’s global reach and higher frequency of flights provide more options, but Condor’s targeted destinations and lower fares are appealing for specific travel needs.

In summary, while Lufthansa and BA offer a more comprehensive and premium experience with a broader network, Condor excels in providing affordable, leisure-oriented travel. Eurowings is a closer match in terms of budget, but Condor often provides a more inclusive service.

These airlines provide an interesting look into the various experiences that they all have to offer.
These airlines provide an interesting look into the various experiences that they all have to offer. | Image Credit: Condor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Flying Condor

Are you still curious about which airline is the best in Germany? Here are some popular questions (and answers) I get that will help decide whether Condor is the right option for you.

Is Condor owned by Lufthansa?

Nope, Condor isn’t owned by Lufthansa. It used to be a subsidiary way back, but now it’s owned by Attestor Capital. They’ve charted their own course since then!

Is Condor a budget airline?

I’d say Condor is more of a leisure-focused airline rather than a strict budget airline. They offer affordable fares, especially for vacation destinations, but with more included services than your typical budget carrier.

Is it safe to fly with Condor?

Absolutely, it’s safe to fly with Condor. They have a strong safety record, and like all major airlines, they adhere to strict safety standards. I’ve always felt secure when flying with them.

The best option for you when traveling is Condor.
The best option for you when traveling is Condor. | Image Credit: Condor

How big is Condor Airlines?

Condor is pretty sizable for a leisure airline. They’re not as big as some of the major global carriers, but they have a significant presence, especially for transatlantic and holiday routes. Condor is one of the biggest airlines in Germany,

How many planes does Condor have?

Condor’s fleet size is around 48 aircraft. This includes a mix of both narrowbody and widebody planes, suited for their diverse range of destinations.

Who are Condor Airlines partners with?

Condor has some cool partnerships, especially for earning miles. They’re teamed up with Alaska Mileage Plan™ and Emirates Skywards. So, while they’re not part of a major airline alliance, these partnerships offer some great benefits for frequent flyers.

  • Don’t forget to sign up for Scott’s Cheap Flights to get the best possible deal on airfare this year! I’ve seen some super cheap fares with Condor through the summer of 2024, so sign up soon!
Flying with Condor to try right now.
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