10 Cheapest Airlines to Fly (in the world)

by Jon Miksis
here are the cheapest airlines to fly with in the world
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Are you looking for the cheapest airlines to fly with in the world? It’s a noble endeavor! After all, traveling isn’t cheap, and prices only seem to go up, never down. And flying preferences are different for everyone. Some travelers love to fly in style. They might always spring for first or business class and enjoy all the finer things about travel. Other people love to get where they’re going on a budget. They don’t necessarily need first-class lounges, the best (or any) in-flight food, or the most comfortable seating.

For economic travelers, the cheapest airlines in the world are for you. Depending on where you’re leaving from and where you’re going, there’s a low-cost airline to take you there. I personally love ultra low-cost airlines because they let me direct more time and energy to where I actually want to go. Airlines do their best to make things pleasant for their passengers, but ultimately, we all just want to get where we’re going as fast as possible.

Below, I’ve compiled some of the cheapest airlines to fly with in the world. I have broken them down by continent to help you stay organized. Most of these cheap airlines fly beyond the immediate region where they are based. But obviously, the closer you are to their airport hubs, the more destination options you’ll have.

So, if you’re ready for liftoff, let’s set out on our latest journey! Here are some of the cheapest airlines in the world!

What are the cheapest airlines in the world to fly with? Discover them here
This article on the cheapest airlines to fly with in the world contains affiliate links, where I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Quick tip on how to find the cheapest airlines to fly with

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And now, on to the cheapest airlines to fly with in the world, broken out by continent!

North America

If you’re like me, your hunt for the cheapest airlines to fly with in the world will start in North America. If I’m going to be flying out of Boston, I want a cheap and reliable airline to get me where I’m going. Let’s get into them!

1. Spirit Airlines

Good old Spirit Airlines. Even if you’ve never flown with this U.S.-based carrier before, you probably know who they are or at least the thing that makes them most famous. And that is their status as an ultra low-cost airline.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, budget airlines like to keep things cheap. They know how expensive traveling by air can get, so they work hard to transfer all of their efficiencies on to you, the passengers. From a purely financial perspective, it’s pretty amazing. Flying with Spirit could mean paying $80 for a ticket that might cost you $200 with a larger airline.

The important point to remember, though, is that those cheap tickets come with a catch. Where Spirit can offer you cheap tickets, they’re going to charge a bit more for everything else. You may end up paying for wifi or not having access to any free snacks on the flight. If you’re aware of this before you buy your ticket, you’ll have an amazing experience.

Not to mention, Spirit’s staff have always focused on my comfort and satisfaction on my flights with them. That kind of customer service you just can’t buy. If you want to fly with one of the cheapest airlines in North America, go right to Spirit.

Spirit Airlines is one of the cheapest airlines to fly with
Spirit Airlines is one of the cheapest airlines in the world | Image Credit: Airbus A320-232(w) ‘N643NK’ Spirit Airlines

2. Air Canada Rouge

You’ve heard of Air Canada, but what about its long lost son, Air Canada Rouge? Actually, Air Canada Rouge is not a son, but rather a subsidiary of Air Canada. That carrier is the largest in Canada, so what does that make the Rouge subset? Air Canada Rouge is the low-cost variant of Air Canada. It’s designed to provide cheaper options to travelers who fly for leisure rather than for business.

What makes Air Canada Rouge one of the cheapest airlines in the world is its ticket pricing, as you’d expect. Of course, those lower ticket prices echo throughout your experience with Rouge. You get simple cabin setups on your flights. Seats are economic and close together. You won’t get entertainment screens on the seatbacks. You’ll only get meals for purchase on flights over two hours.

That’s all okay, though! Cheap airlines are what we’re after here. You can always upgrade to Premium Rouge to enjoy more of a business class experience (you’ll also receive complimentary wifi in this cabin class).

All in all, though, you can’t go wrong with any subsidiary in the Air Canada class. Air Canada Rouge flies in Canada and to the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, and some major cities in Europe. I highly recommend Air Canada Rouge!

I fly Air Canada Rouge when I'm in Canada and want one of the cheapest airlines in the world
Air Canada Rouge is one of the cheapest airlines ever | Image Credit:
Air Canada rouge Boeing 767-300 C-GHLT (1)

South America

Some of the cheapest airlines to fly with are located in South America. That should come as a relief to anyone who likes flying to or within South America. Air travel in the region is known for being expensive compared to, say, flights in Europe. There are several reasons for this, but mostly it comes down to the market not being developed enough yet. There aren’t a ton of low-cost carriers to ease the burden for passengers. The good news is that I’m going to list two of the best ones right here!

Sky Airline

If you want to talk about the cheapest airlines in the world, you have to mention Sky Airline. This one is based out of Santiago, Chile, and it’s pretty straightforward.

Sky pulls no punches with the fact that it offers budget flights to destinations inside Chile and to multiple neighboring countries in South America. If you want the cheapest ticket available, you’ll be allowed one personal item onboard with you. If you want to bring a carry-on bag or check a bag, you’ll pay extra for that.

Other conveniences will run you a tab, too. In-flight food, choice of seating, and even securing a ticket via the phone and checking in at your terminal all cost extra (buying and checking in online save you on those costs). If you want to reap the full benefits of flying with Sky Airline, you’ll have to consider all these added expenses and what you can and can’t live with as you fly.

The good news is that, even with all those extra costs, a flight with Sky still adds up to just a fraction of what a U.S.-based airline ticket would cost. You could get a domestic flight within Chile for just over $50, while adding a carry-on bag would only cost $12.

Overall, you won’t go wrong when you fly Sky Airlines. Just keep in mind it’s essentially a regional carrier, flying within Chile and to adjacent countries in South America.

Flying with Sky Airline is a good idea when you're in South America
Sky Airline is a cheap airline to fly with when you’re in Chile | Image Credit: Sky KoreSCL

GOL Airlines

Next on our list of the world’s cheapest airlines to fly with is GOL (officially Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes S.A.). It’s a budget airline based in Brazil, the largest country of South America. It’s also unapologetically economic, and you just have to love it.

Like other low-cost carriers, GOL offers a tier of options, but if we just look at the cheapest ones, we can see what GOL is all about. The most affordable airfare will get you a nonrefundable ticket, charge you 100% for a cancellation, and charge you for seat selection and checked baggage. GOL keeps things simple by allowing only one personal item and carry-on bag for the lowest ticket amount.

However, like many other low-cost airlines that want to stay competitive in their markets, GOL also offers choices for passengers willing to pay more. As you go up the tier scale, you can select your seats for free, reschedule a flight for no cost, and bring a checked bag for no charge.

If you choose to fly around South America with GOL, keep in mind it sticks mainly to that continent. However, the carrier will fly to other destinations in the overall region. Those locations include cities in Central America and the extreme southern United States, such as Miami.

Flying with GOL is a great idea when you're looking for the cheapest airlines ever
GOL is one of the cheapest airlines to fly with | Image Credit: Rafael Luiz Canossa


Moving right along on this listicle of the cheapest airlines ever, we’re heading to Asia. The continent has only recently gotten into the low-cost airline game. But that’s okay, because despite the budget market’s young age, it’s actually doing pretty well. Here are some of the carriers to check out in Asia.

Cebu Pacific

If you’re looking for the cheapest airlines in the world, and you’re in Asia, you’ll want to direct your attention to Cebu Pacific in the Philippines. This is actually the carrier with the largest network in the country. It’s also the oldest budget airline in Asia.

Cebu is based out of multiple hubs in the Philippines. It flies to domestic destinations and also a variety of international ones. Those locations include Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Sydney, Australia; Bangkok, Thailand; and Tokyo, Japan.

Like other budget airlines across the world, Cebu Pacific works hard to keep prices low for its passengers. That means you won’t have access to too many niceties that you’ll find on larger airlines. However, the basics are all here. Meals are available for purchase, of course. Passengers also get one carry-on bag plus a specific type of personal item (necessary medical device, bag for parents with children, a small bag for under the seat, etc.).

With its efficient operations and commitment to sustainability, Cebu Pacific has become the largest airline in the Philippines. Definitely check them out if you’re in the market for the cheapest airlines to fly with!

Fly Cebu Pacific when you're looking for affordable flights in Asia
Cebu Pacific is one of the cheapest airlines to fly with when you’re in Asia | Image Credit: Masakatsu Ukon


The other cheap airline I want to talk about in Asia is the Indian low-cost airline IndiGO. Though it’s been around only since 2006, this is one popular and reliable airline! From its multiple hubs throughout India, IndiGO has worked hard over the years to become India’s largest passenger airline.

IndiGO flies to multiple destinations in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Where the carrier really shines, though, is in its domestic flights. As a budget airline, IndiGO holds itself up on three pillars to keep its flights pleasant for passengers: affordable costs, flight timeliness, and excellent customer experiences.

Passengers have noticed IndoGO’s efforts to make things simple and affordable. It really is one of the cheapest airlines in the world. Here’s an idea of what the average passenger could expect to pay for a flight. In U.S. dollars, you could fly non-stop from Delhi to Kolkata, a distance of more than 970 miles, for $75.

As I’m sure you’ve come to expect by now, IndiGO keeps costs so low by offering all other services for extra fees. You can get food on your flight, select your seat, or stow extra baggage, but it will all cost you. That’s okay, though, because at least you have the option if you need it. With its always-expanding fleet of planes, IndiGO is sure to be a go-to cheap airline for a long time!

IndiGO offers many cheap flight options
IndiGO is one of the cheapest airlines to fly within India | Image Credit: Md Shaifuzzaman Ayon


We now come to the European leg of our journey through the cheapest airlines to fly with in the world. Europe is the second-smallest continent, but it contains a large number of countries packed pretty close together. With that kind of proximity, it makes sense that Europe would have so many options when it comes to budget airlines. It was actually hard to pick just two to talk about here!


First up in Europe is Ryanair, an ultra low-cost airline of Ireland. Ryanair has been in business since 1984. That’s a bit older than many other low-cost airlines around the world. And that means the carrier has had the time to figure things out to a point where it is one of the cheapest airlines ever.

Ryanair is one of the largest airlines in Ireland and the largest low-cost airline in Europe. It has a truly gigantic network and continues to offer cheap flights to Europe through its smart business decisions and efficient operations. Now, those low costs do come with somewhat of a catch for passengers, but what low-cost fares don’t?

For example, the most basic cabin type on a Ryanair plane, Standard Fare, only allows you a carry-on bag. Other options cost extra, including a checked bag and the ability to select your seat. You’ll also pay more for checked bags if you present them at the gate rather than checking them in online. Even seat selection next to the others in your party comes at a cost (for that, you’d have to pay to select your seats; otherwise, your party will be all split up). The seats on Ryanair planes are also packed close together, a small price to pay for the cheap airline ticket.

Between their prices, staff, and route map that goes all over Europe and even into northern Africa, Ryanair is amazing. Ultimately, I love Ryanair as one of the cheapest airlines to fly with. I use them a lot when I’m in Europe, and you should, too!

I always try to fly Ryanair when I'm in Europe
Ryanair in Ireland is one of the cheapest airlines in the world | Image Credit: KonradWyszyskiPlanespotting


If you’re looking for another budget airline that will take you wherever you want in Europe, you have to go with EasyJet. This is a British carrier based in London but with hubs in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Founded in 1995, EasyJet rivals Ryanair as one of the cheapest airlines that flies in Europe.

Like Ryanair, EasyJet’s route map takes it heavily throughout Europe, with a focus on Western and Central Europe. As you might expect, the real selling point is the cheap tickets. You can get from one place in Europe to another for less than $112. You have to act quickly to get the routes and flight times you want, though.

EasyJet’s offerings are similar to others in this listicle. Selecting a seat costs extra, as does bringing more than just one carry-on onto the plane with you. Food is available for purchase in-flight, as well.

With its large network and ever-expanding operations across Europe, trust me, it’s not hard to go with EasyJet.

fly with EasyJet if you're looking for some really cheap airline tickets in Europe
EasyJet offers cheap flights all across Europe | Image Credit: Eric Salard


The final region we’re visiting here to learn about the cheapest airlines to fly with is Australia. I feel it’s important to cover the Oceania area because not all flights with carriers nearby–say, in Southeast Asia–fly to Australia. So let’s cover two of the best airlines available there.


Jetstar is based in Melbourne and has a workable route map for passengers flying out of Australia. It obviously thrives domestically, with routes going to major cities such as Adelaide, Canberra, and Sydney. But then Jetstar also goes off the mainland to other nearby destinations you’d expect, from Tasmania to New Zealand to Vietnam, Singapore, and even Hawaii.

Along the way, you have the choice of riding in economy, premium economy, and business classes. For a low-cost airline, it has a bit more than you might be used to. Even in economy class, you get both food to purchase and touchscreens for in-flight entertainment. With the price of your ticket, you can also bring one small carry-on bag. Much more is available in the higher cabin classes.

One main selling point of Jetstar is its membership in the alliance Jetstar Group. That alliance links a number of budget airlines together to make the whole stronger than the sum of its parts. As a result, Jetstar has been infused with resources from its owner, Qantas (Australia’s flag carrier airline). Passengers can also use their frequent-flyer “Qantas Points” to book flights with Jetstar.

Fly with Australia's Jetstar when you want a dependable cheap airline
Jetstar is a reliable low-cost airline in Australia | Image Credit: Damien Aiello


The last carrier on this list of the cheapest airlines in the world is Bonza. It’s also one of the smallest and newest, having begun operations in January of 2023.

Bonza entered Australian airspace with an express purpose: to open up air routes to more of the country’s smaller, regional destinations. Right now, Bonza is based on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, in northeastern Australia. Its routes stick mainly to the eastern third of the country. Because Bonza is all about flying to those out-of-the-way destinations, you might not immediately recognize many of the cities on its route map. Mildura, Gladstone, or Albury, anyone? But Bonza still provides an important service to its passengers, and it should be commended for that.

Given the incredibly small nature of the carrier right now, there are some peculiarities for the time being. For example, you can only book flights on its app, not on the website.

Overall, though, Bonza is a pleasantly unusual cheap airline, so give them a shot if you’re in the area!

Australia's Bonza is one of the cheapest airlines in the world right now
Bonza is an up-and-coming cheap airline in Australia | Image Credit: Mitchul Hope

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the cheapest airlines to fly with in the world

When we’re talking about the cheapest airlines to fly with in the world, I understand that things can seem overwhelming. If you’re in a different area of the world and want to fly somewhere else regionally, you might feel more like a fish out of water than a knowledgeable traveler. That’s okay! I love helping fellow travelers who need a tip here and there. Here are some frequently asked questions about the cheapest airlines in the world.

How can I save even more money on the cheapest airlines to fly with?

I love the idea of travel cost savings building up to make your final bill as small as it can be. So that’s why I want to recommend another money hack to save you money on these already cheap flights. My hack is Scott’s Cheap Flights (now called Going). It’s a website that lets you sign up to receive free email alerts with crazy-cheap flight offers. The tickets are so cheap because they come from mistake fares and other discounted routes that are then passed along to you. You can get the free version of the service, or pay $49 a year for the premium. That one sends you more emails, and much sooner than with the free one. That way, you can get on those deals before anyone else!

a plane flying under sunny skies above the clouds
The cheapest airlines to fly with are out there – you just have to look

What is the world’s largest low-cost airline?

The largest budget airline in the world is the U.S.-based Southwest Airlines. The carrier started flying in 1971, and in that time, it has expanded to multiple hubs around the country. With its low-cost ticket options, service-first values, and efficient operations, Southwest has become synonymous with being low-cost and reliable. If you’re looking for one of the best budget carriers out there, fly Southwest!

What month is the cheapest to fly abroad?

The cheapest month to fly abroad can vary depending on the destination and other factors, but typically the months of January, February, and September tend to have lower prices due to being outside of peak travel seasons. However, it’s always a good idea to compare prices and check for deals to find the best possible option for your specific travel plans.

Which country has the cheapest airlines to fly with?

Malaysia is typically the country pointed to as the one where you can get the cheapest flights in the world. Many budget carriers operate out of Malaysia, including MYAirline, AirAsia, and Cebu Pacific. I have seen flights in Malaysia costing just a few U.S. dollars. If you find yourself in the region and want a super-cheap flight, look for those Malaysian flights!

these are the cheapest airlines in the world
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