10 Best Hostels in Albania (2024 Guide)

by Jen
Best Hostels in Albania
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Are you thinking of visiting Albania this year? Don’t miss out on the incredible hostels! From Tirana to Gjirokastër, I’ve picked eleven of my favorite places to stay in Albania. Get ready to make some memories!

Albania is a backpacker’s dream in the Balkans, packed with beautiful landscapes and a vibrant culture that’s just waiting to be explored. As someone who’s slept in more hostels than I can count, I know that finding the right place to stay is key to experiencing what this hidden gem in Europe has to offer.

In this article, I’m going to share with you some of the best hostels across Albania. Whether you’re after a quiet spot to work or a lively base to party, I’ve personally checked out these places and can’t wait to tell you about them.

The top hostels in Albania right now

Best places to stay in Albania

Here’s a concise overview to help you quickly choose the best hostel in Albania based on your travel preferences:

Now, let’s dive into more detailed reviews, starting with one of my favorite hostels in Europe – Stone City Hostel in Gjirokastër.

1. Stone City Hostel

  • Location: Gjirokastër
  • Price per night: €14 – 18
  • Hostelworld rating: 9.9/10

Located right at the beginning of Gjirokastër’s vibrant bazaar, Stone City Hostel is your go-to for an award-winning stay. In fact, Stone City has clinched the title of ‘Best Hostel in Albania’ three times!

This spot is all about prime views and comfort. Kick back in a historical house that looks straight out to the castle, perfect for some great photos or just to soak in the scenery.

For €14 to €18 a night, you get a choice of air-conditioned dorms, all featuring custom-made beds with spacious lockers underneath. A private triple room is available, priced at €55 per night for two people or €65 per night for three.

The common areas are a real treat. There’s a large shaded garden filled with fruit trees where you can escape the sun, and a huge roof terrace for evening chills. The common room has a fully equipped kitchen if you feel like cooking. Let me tell you, the free breakfast here is the real deal, packed with all you need to fuel your explorations around Gjirokastër.

It’s run by Brenna from the U.S. and Walter from the Netherlands, alongside a crew of well-traveled locals and foreigners. They’re always up for organizing something fun—think swim trips, city walks, or board game nights.

If you’re planning to explore Gjirokastër on your own, ask them for some tips and maps. They know the area inside out and love to share their favorite spots. Oh, and if you stick around long enough, you might get to try one of Brenna’s famous cakes!

Stone City Hostel is one of the best hostels in Albania.
Stone City Hostel is an award-winning stay in Gjirokastër, offering prime views and comfort in a historical setting.

2. The Wanderers Hostel

  • Location: Shkoder
  • Price per night: €20 – 25
  • Hostelworld rating: 10/10

Looking for the best hostels in Shkodër? I highly recommend The Wanderers Hostel. Right on one of the prettiest streets in town and just minutes from the city center, this family-owned hostel combines modern comfort with a historic vibe.

With rates from €20 to €25 per night, you’re just minutes from the lively city center and the bus station. Even closer is the vibrant Pedonale road, decked out with historic buildings alongside cool bars and restaurants. Trust me, it’s the ideal base for all your city adventures.

They offer various room types, including airy dorms and a private room that can accommodate up to four people. The private option, with its own bathroom, is perfect for groups and starts at €45 for two, scaling up to €85 for four.

Now, here’s a tip from me: take advantage of the hostel’s organized trips. They helped me plan my trip from Valbona to Theth, renowned as one of the best hikes in the Albanian Alps. The price includes accommodation and transport. They also offer excursions to Kelmend, perfect for seeing more of Albania’s stunning landscapes.

The Wanderers Hostel offers complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and affordable laundry services. They provide bike rentals for exploring Shkodër, too. Unwind in their two large gardens, relax in the open lounge, or grab a drink at the outdoor bar to share stories with other travelers. This place is one of the best places to stay in Albania for good reason.

Try The Wanderers Hostel, offering a mix of modern comfort and historic charm.
Try The Wanderers Hostel, offering a mix of modern comfort and historic charm.

3. Trip’n’Hostel

  • Location: Tirana
  • Price per night: €15 – 20
  • Hostelworld rating: 9.5/10

Trip’n’Hostel is the kind of place that sticks with you long after your travels. Set in a 1920s Italian-style villa, owners Erjon and Eni have transformed this spot into a backpacker’s paradise using recycled materials from around Tirana.

Priced between €15 and €20 a night, the hostel is a hub of activity. Honestly, you might find yourself hanging out here more than you planned. There’s a well-stocked bar with prices that won’t break the bank, two courtyards, a ping pong table, and a vibe always buzzing with great tunes. If you’re up for cooking, there’s a kitchen for guests and a fresh fruit market just 20 meters away.

Located in the oldest quarter of Tirana, where Erjon grew up, the area is brimming with authentic Albanian restaurants. It might take you a few days to venture beyond the neighborhood, but it’s worth it when you do.

Rooms are cozy with enough space to spread out. Each bed has curtains for privacy, big lockers for your stuff, and small ones for valuables. There’s Wi-Fi throughout, and air conditioning to keep cool during those hot Albanian summers.

Breakfast is included and home-cooked, perfect for fueling up before a day out exploring Tirana’s best attractions.

I can’t recommend this place enough if you’re looking for party hostels in Tirana. Trip’n’Hostel knows how to keep the energy up. Believe me, you’ll have plenty of fun here!

Trip’n’Hostel is a memorable backpacker's haven in a 1920s villa, transformed with recycled materials.
Trip’n’Hostel is a memorable backpacker’s haven in a 1920s villa, transformed with recycled materials.

4. Vanilla Sky Boutique Hostel

  • Location: Tirana
  • Price per night: €17 – 19
  • Hostelworld rating: 9.4/10

One of the best hostels in Tirana, Vanilla Sky Boutique Hostel offers a vibrant, social vibe without tipping into the full party atmosphere you often find at Trip’n’Hostel. Located in the heart of the city, just steps away from the Bllok district, you’re smack in the middle of a hub for dining and nightlife.

Room rates hover between €17 and €19 per night. Each dorm room is equipped with a private locker, a bedside power socket, and an individual light. Plus, you’ll have access to clean shared bathrooms complete with showers and hairdryers.

Private ensuite rooms are available if you’re looking for a bit more privacy. It’s €50 for a double and €80 for a 4-bed family room, which is great if you’re traveling with friends or family.

If you’re someone who likes to whip up your own meals, the fully equipped shared kitchen is a big plus. Breakfast here is included in the room rate. Make sure to order it the day before and you’re set for the morning.

So, if you’re into a chill vibe but still want to be close to the fun, Vanilla Sky is your go-to. It’s perfect for enjoying the city’s social scene at your own pace, without the all-night revelry. Plus, waking up here, you’re always just moments away from your next adventure in Tirana.

Vanilla Sky Boutique Hostel, a top spot for a lively, social atmosphere in the heart of the city.
Vanilla Sky Boutique Hostel, a top spot for a lively, social atmosphere in the heart of the city.

5. Maya Hostel

  • Location: Berat
  • Price per night: €15 – 18
  • Hostelworld rating: 9.5/10

If you’re heading to Berat, one of Albania’s most beautiful places, you have to check out Maya Hostel. Set in a gorgeous 16th-century Ottoman building right by the Osun River, it’s a stone’s throw from the arched bridge of Gorica and Berat’s Old Town. What I love most about this hostel are the views. The unobstructed sight of Mangalemi Castle is simply stunning.

With dorms priced from €15 to €18 per night, Maya offers the best of both worlds: serene, clean rooms where you can unwind and sociable common areas where stories and laughs are shared. They also have private rooms with ensuites. Twins and doubles are available at 35 euros per night.

Now, the free breakfast is something they brag about for good reason. It’s delicious and exactly what you need before a day of exploring. Inside, the communal room has a snug setup with a traditional-style bar that feels like stepping back in time.

Step outside, and you’re in a large garden with a BBQ and a water fountain. It’s ideal for meeting other travelers or kicking back with a book. If you’re keen on exploring more, the hostel organizes tours to the nearby canyon and waterfall.

Maya Hostel is easily one of the coolest hostels in Albania, offering fantastic views, tasty breakfasts, and a chance to mingle or unwind. Don’t miss out!

Discover Maya Hostel, a historic Ottoman building by the Osun River with stunning castle views.
Discover Maya Hostel, a historic Ottoman building by the Osun River with stunning castle views.

6. Himara Downtown Hostel

  • Location: Himare
  • Price per night: €20
  • Hostelworld rating: 9.8/10

Situated in the heart of Himare, just a quick stroll from the sparkling blue waters of the beach, Himara Downtown Hostel is the perfect spot for beach lovers and social butterflies alike.

Priced at €20 per night, this family-run hostel puts you right in the middle of everything. You’re never more than a few steps away from markets, lively bars, and cozy cafes.

The hostel boasts shaded terraces where you can kick back, dive into a good book, or share stories with fellow travelers. Want to catch up on some shows or stay connected? Their outdoor lounge area comes equipped with a TV, and free Wi-Fi reaches every corner of the place, dorms included.

Speaking of dorms, you can choose from comfortable 4 or 6-bed setups. Each has its own security locker, fresh linens, and towels. If you’re traveling as a couple or prefer more privacy, they also offer a private double bedroom. Be aware, it’s without a window, but it’s cozy and well-priced.

Himare is one of my favorite places to visit on the Albanian Riviera. If you’re heading there, Himara Downtown Hostel offers a comfy and accessible spot right in the heart of town. It’s the perfect base to enjoy everything Himare has to offer, from its sandy shores to the bustling local scene. When exploring things to do in Albania, I highly recommend checking it out!

Himara Downtown Hostel is ideal for beach lovers and social butterflies, just steps from the beach.
Himara Downtown Hostel is ideal for beach lovers and social butterflies, just steps from the beach.

7. Saranda (SR) Backpackers

  • Location: Saranda
  • Price per night: €13
  • Hostelworld rating: 9.6/10

If you’re planning a trip to Saranda and looking for the ultimate place to stay, you can’t miss Saranda (SR) Backpackers. Priced at just €13 a night, this hostel sits in the perfect location. It’s right next to the Corfu ferry, near all the cool local spots, and just a short walk from the beach.

Run by local guys who know Saranda inside out, this hostel feels like dropping by a friend’s place. They speak English, Italian, and Greek, and are experts at making you feel welcome. They’ll clue you in on where to grab the best seafood without spending a fortune and how to navigate local attractions for less.

The rooms here are comfortable and all come with air conditioning. Each connects to terraces that offer stunning views over Saranda Bay. Plus, they organize beach BBQs that are perfect for making new friends and enjoying the laid-back beach atmosphere.

If you’re after a friendly spot with killer views and easy access to everything Saranda has to offer, Saranda Backpackers is your go-to. It’s one of the most fun hostels in Albania, hands down.

Stay at Saranda (SR) Backpackers for €13, a hostel located near the Corfu ferry, local spots, and the beach.
Stay at Saranda (SR) Backpackers for €13, a hostel located near the Corfu ferry, local spots, and the beach.

8. The Bearded Dad Hostel

  • Location: Tirana
  • Price per night: €11 – 14
  • Hostelworld rating: 9.5/10

One of the best places to stay in Tirana, The Bearded Dad Hostel is a cozy little retreat right in the hustle and bustle of the city. For only €10 to €12 a night, you get to stay in a charming 2-story villa that’s a short walk from all the cool cafes, shops, and must-see attractions of the city.

The hostel boasts lovely outdoor areas on both sides of the villa, perfect for enjoying those sunny Tirana days. Inside, you’ll find plenty of room to relax, with various living areas to lounge or mingle with other guests.

If you’re traveling with a couple of friends or just want a bit more privacy, there’s a three-person private room available for €45 a night. It’s a great option if you like having your own space but still want to enjoy the hostel vibe.

The Bearded Dad Hostel is ideal for travelers looking to explore Tirana’s vibrant streets and attractions by day and return to a calm, friendly spot at night. Consider this hostel if you want to be right in the heart of the action with a peaceful place to wind down.

Stay in the heart of Tirana at The Bearded Dad Hostel, a cozy retreat close to cafes, shops, and attractions.
Stay in the heart of Tirana at The Bearded Dad Hostel, a cozy retreat close to cafes, shops, and attractions. | Image Credit: Hostelworld

9. Guest House Rrashkadoli

  • Location: Theth
  • Price per night: €20
  • Booking.com rating: 9.6/10

Theth is a must-visit when traveling through Albania, and there’s no better place to stay than Guest House Rrashkadoli. Tucked away in the mountains, this place offers a quiet escape at €20 per night, breakfast included. It’s right near Theth National Park, perfect for hikers or anyone wanting to soak in some nature.

Rosa, the owner, is a standout feature of the guest house. She’s amazing—super helpful and a fantastic cook. You’ll feel like part of the family here, and her meals are a highlight. You get free WiFi and plenty of parking space, which is always a plus.

They have both dorms and private rooms. If you’re with a couple of friends, the private triple room is €50 for two or €65 for three. It’s a great deal, especially with the stunning views and peaceful atmosphere.

Guest House Rrashkadoli is a great spot to start or finish your hikes in the Albanian Alps, like the trek to Valbona. The place offers a quiet atmosphere to unwind, whether you’re in the garden or on the terrace. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a cozy base amidst the mountains.

Guest House Rrashkadoli is a quiet mountain escape near Theth National Park.
Guest House Rrashkadoli is a quiet mountain escape near Theth National Park.

10. Guesthouse Arben Selimaj

  • Location: Valbona
  • Price per night: €30
  • Booking.com rating: 10/10

After a hike, Guesthouse Arben Selimaj in Valbona is just the ticket. It’s a great alternative to Guest House Rrashkadoli if you’re coming from Theth or planning to head there. For €30 a night, not only do you get a comfortable dorm bed, but dinner, breakfast, and even a packed lunch are all included. That’s a deal that’s hard to beat!

The guesthouse has a fantastic balcony view of the mountains. There’s a river nearby and the fresh mountain air is revitalizing. If you’re starting your hike in Valbona, they’ve got a drop-off service to the trailhead.

If you’re coming from Theth, the walk to the guesthouse is long—about an hour—but I loved it. The valley views are stunning, and walking is my way of unwinding. But if walking more isn’t for you after a long hike, catching a taxi or hitchhiking is totally doable.

This place was recommended to me by the folks at The Wanderers Hostel in Shkodër. They booked my bed for me, and they can do the same for you if you shoot them an email. It’s super convenient and takes the hassle out of planning!

Without a doubt, Guesthouse Arben Selimaj is one of the coolest hostels in Albania. Whether you’re resting before the next leg of your hike or just stopping by, it’s a cozy spot to catch your breath and meet other travelers.

Guesthouse Arben Selimaj, €30 per night includes dinner, breakfast, and packed lunch for a post-hike retreat.
Guesthouse Arben Selimaj, €30 per night includes dinner, breakfast, and packed lunch for a post-hike retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the best Albanian hostels

Looking for more information about where to stay in Albania? Here are some common questions I get that should help plan your trip.

What are the best hostels in the Albanian Riviera?

In my opinion, The Himara Downtown Hostel and Saranda (SR) Backpackers are the best hostels in the Albanian Riviera. Both offer great vibes, prime locations close to the beach, and they’re perfect for meeting other travelers.

Are hostels in Albania cheap or expensive?

Hostels in Albania are generally quite affordable, making them a great option for cheap vacations in Europe. Prices usually range from €10 to €30 per night, depending on the location and the type of accommodation you choose.

Boat to Saranda, with tourists on board
Boat to Saranda, Albania, with tourists on board

Is Albania good for a family holiday?

Absolutely! Visiting Albania has a lot to offer for families, from beautiful beaches and historical sites to kid-friendly activities. Places like Saranda and Tirana have lots of attractions that are enjoyable for all ages.

How safe is Albania for tourists?

Albania is generally safe for tourists in Eastern Europe. Like anywhere, it’s good to stay aware of your surroundings, especially in busy areas. But the locals are friendly and helpful, making it a welcoming place for visitors.

The top hostels in Albania for all types of travelers
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