10 Best Airlines to Fly to Indonesia in 2024

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Searching for the top airlines to jet off to Indonesia in 2024? Our extensive research across 150 global airports has culminated in a curated list highlighting airlines that excel in affordability, onboard amenities, and customer satisfaction. Join us as we explore these top choices for the best airlines to fly to Indonesia in 2024!

Indonesia, an archipelago of over 17,000 islands, beckons travelers with its vibrant cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and rich history. Selecting the best airlines to fly to Indonesia is crucial for starting your adventure on the right note. These carriers promise not only a seamless journey but also a glimpse into the Indonesian hospitality that awaits.

Each airline offers unique experiences, from luxurious amenities to exceptional service, ensuring your travel is as memorable as the destination itself. Whether you’re yearning for a tranquil beach escape in Bali or an adventurous trek in Sumatra, these airlines cater to diverse travel preferences.

When planning your Indonesian getaway, consider these top airlines for their reliability, comfort, and value. They connect you to the heart of Indonesia, making every mile flown an integral part of your journey. With customer-focused services, these airlines enhance your travel experience, setting the stage for an unforgettable exploration of Indonesia’s wonders.

So, gear up for your Indonesian adventure with confidence, knowing your flight is part of a journey filled with discovery and delight. These airlines don’t just transport you; they are your first step into the enchanting world of Indonesia, promising an experience that starts the moment you board.

Best Airlines to Fly to Indonesia right now

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Now, let’s dive into the 10 best airlines to fly to Indonesia in 2024.

1. Emirates

When it comes to airlines that fly to Indonesia, Emirates stands out as a symbol of luxury and comfort. This Dubai-based airline transforms your journey to Bali into an extravagant experience. Imagine gliding in the sky with the world beneath you, wrapped in the opulence of Emirates’ first-class private suites or stretching out on the lie-flat beds in Emirates’ business class. Even economy travelers get to enjoy extra legroom, ensuring a comfortable flight.

Emirates connects Europe, Africa, and the Middle East to Bali through its Dubai hub. The airline is not just about getting you to your destination; it’s about making the journey as memorable as the stay. You’ll land at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, just minutes away from Bali’s stunning beaches and verdant landscapes.

The airline’s in-flight services are a feast for the senses. Think over 4,000 channels of entertainment and personalized service by a multilingual cabin crew. For those flying first or business class from select cities, Emirates even offers a complimentary chauffeur service.

While it’s a luxury airline, Emirates frequently runs special promotions, making it more accessible for budget-conscious travelers. The Skywards loyalty program is a cherry on top, offering numerous ways to earn and redeem miles.

Whether you’re a luxury seeker or a savvy traveler looking for a deal, Emirates offers a range of options to suit different budgets. This airline isn’t just a mode of transport; it’s the start of your Indonesian adventure, setting a high bar for what’s to come in the beautiful archipelago​​.

Emirates is a prominent airline that represents comfort and elegance when it comes to flights to Indonesia.
Emirates is a prominent airline that represents comfort and elegance when it comes to flights to Indonesia.

2. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways, the Abu Dhabi-based carrier, is renowned for its commitment to comfort and luxury, making it one of the best airlines to Indonesia. Picture yourself on a journey where the journey itself becomes a part of your vacation narrative. Etihad’s seats are not just seats; they transform into flat beds, offering a restful haven in the skies.

Serving travelers from Europe, North America, and the Middle East, Etihad Airways flies to Bali via its Abu Dhabi hub. Your arrival at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport marks the beginning of your exploration of Bali’s rich culture and breathtaking nature.

Every aspect of the Etihad experience is designed to delight. Their “Flying Nanny” service is a boon for parents traveling with kids, ensuring a stress-free flight for the entire family. The airline’s entertainment options are vast, and the gourmet meals are a culinary journey in themselves.

For those mindful of budget, Etihad often presents special promotions and package deals. Their loyalty program, Etihad Guest, adds value to your trip, offering a variety of ways to earn and redeem miles. The airline’s partnership with various carriers also opens up flexible routing options for your itinerary.

Etihad Airways isn’t just about getting you to Bali; it’s about elevating your travel experience to new heights, blending luxury with practicality. Whether you’re seeking indulgence or value, Etihad Airways offers an experience that’s hard to match​​.

Etihad Airways is one of the best airlines to fly to Indonesia due to its well-known dedication to luxury and comfort.
Etihad Airways is one of the best airlines to fly to Indonesia due to its well-known dedication to luxury and comfort.

3. Jetstar

Jetstar redefines the budget airline sector and is a standout choice for the best airlines to go to Indonesia. Imagine an airline that opens up the dream of a Bali vacation to a wider audience without compromising on the essentials. Jetstar, with its affordable ticket prices, does just that.

Operating from various cities in Australia and parts of Asia, including Singapore, Jetstar’s routes make it an appealing option for travelers heading to Bali. Their direct flights from Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne are especially noteworthy for their convenience and straightforward pricing.

Once you land at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali’s cultural vibrancy and scenic beauty are just a step away. Jetstar’s approach to travel is simple yet effective. You’ll find clean, comfortable seating and a selection of snacks and beverages for purchase, ensuring a pleasant journey.

For those looking for value, Jetstar’s promotions and Club Jetstar loyalty program offer exclusive fares and early access to sales. This airline proves that a budget-friendly ticket can still lead to an enriching travel experience, making it a top choice for those who prioritize affordability without sacrificing comfort​​.

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One of the best airlines that fly to Indonesia is Jetstar, which is redefining the low-cost airline industry.
One of the best airlines that fly to Indonesia is Jetstar, which is redefining the low-cost airline industry.

4. Turkish Airlines

With its headquarters in Istanbul, Turkish Airlines offers an exceptional blend of comfort and value. This earns its place among the best airlines to fly into Indonesia. Imagine an airline that not only connects you to the enchanting island of Bali but does so with a touch of luxury that’s surprisingly affordable.

Turkish Airlines’ global network is extensive, linking cities across Europe, Asia, and the Americas directly to Bali. Upon arrival at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, you’re just a short journey away from Bali’s renowned beaches and cultural landmarks.

For those curious about the best business class experience to Bali, Turkish Airlines stands out. Turkish Airlines’ business class features fully flat beds and gourmet meals prepared by onboard chefs. The airline’s in-flight entertainment is equally impressive, offering a wide array of options to keep you engaged throughout your flight.

Turkish Airlines is also known for running frequent promotions and offering package deals. This makes it a viable option for budget-conscious travelers. The airline’s commitment to affordability and luxury makes it a top choice for travelers looking for a high-quality, yet cost-effective, flight experience to Bali​​.

Among the best airlines that fly to Indonesia is Turkish Airlines, which provides an amazing combination of value and comfort.
Among the best airlines that fly to Indonesia is Turkish Airlines, which provides an amazing combination of value and comfort.

5. Garuda Indonesia

Indonesia’s national carrier, Garuda Indonesia is a shining example among the best airlines that fly to Indonesia. Envision an airline that not only represents the nation’s pride but also offers an unparalleled service that resonates with the warmth of Indonesian hospitality.

As a member of the global airline alliance SkyTeam, Garuda Indonesia operates flights to various local and international destinations. Its reach extends across Asia, Europe, and Australia, providing passengers with a plethora of travel options.

The airline’s service is reflective of the rich Indonesian culture, offering a warm and inviting experience from takeoff to landing. When flying to Bali, the comfort and quality of service on Garuda Indonesia set the tone for the tropical paradise that awaits you.

In addition to its renowned service, Garuda Indonesia often provides competitive pricing. This makes it an attractive option for a range of budgets. Whether you’re seeking a luxurious experience or a value-for-money journey, Garuda Indonesia offers a blend of both, ensuring a memorable journey to the heart of Indonesia.

Garuda Indonesia’s commitment to quality and service has made it a favorite for both local and international travelers. This truly makes it more than just an airline. It’s a gateway to the diverse and rich experiences that Indonesia has to offer​​.

Garuda Indonesia is known for its dedication to quality and service.
Garuda Indonesia is known for its dedication to quality and service.

6. Indonesia AirAsia

A low-cost carrier, Indonesia AirAsia stands out as a leader in offering the best business class to Indonesia. Think of an airline that not only promises affordability but also connects you to the most sought-after Indonesian destinations and beyond.

This airline is a part of the larger AirAsia group, known for revolutionizing budget travel in Asia. Indonesia AirAsia extends its wings to 15 local destinations, including popular tourist spots like Labuan Bajo, as well as to four other countries. This wide network makes it an ideal choice for exploring the vast and diverse Indonesian archipelago.

AirAsia’s approach to travel is straightforward yet efficient, offering clean, comfortable seating and a variety of onboard purchase options. They strike a balance between budget-friendly fares and maintaining essential comforts, making it a popular choice for travelers conscious of their spending.

The airline’s frequent promotions and a loyalty program add further appeal, providing additional savings and benefits to regular travelers. Indonesia AirAsia shows that budget travel doesn’t have to come at the expense of a pleasant flying experience. It stands as a testament to the idea that exploring Indonesia’s wonders can be accessible to all​​.

Despite being a low-cost airline, Indonesia AirAsia is a pioneer in providing the best business class service to Indonesia.
Indonesia AirAsia demonstrates that an enjoyable flight experience need not be sacrificed for low-cost travel.

Citilink, a subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia, shines brightly in the realm of best international airlines to Indonesia. Picture an airline that offers not just affordability but also the reliability and quality of its parent brand, Garuda Indonesia. Citilink is your go-to for exploring the nooks and crannies of the Indonesian archipelago without breaking the bank.

Established in 2001, Citilink initially focused on connecting cities across Java island. However, it has since expanded to over 30 local destinations and four international ones, including Malaysia and Australia. This expansion has positioned Citilink as a key player in Indonesia’s air travel, making it a popular choice for both locals and tourists.

Citilink’s flights are a blend of affordability and comfort. The airline offers a no-frills experience while ensuring that all the essentials for a pleasant journey are in place. This makes it an ideal choice for budget-conscious travelers who still value quality and reliability.

Whether you’re planning a quick domestic hop or an international journey to Indonesia, Citilink provides a cost-effective and comfortable option. Its commitment to maintaining high standards at lower costs has made it a go-to airline for exploring Indonesia’s rich diversity​​.

If you want to see the Indonesian archipelago's hidden gems without going over budget, Citilink is the place to go.
If you want to see the Indonesian archipelago’s hidden gems without going over budget, Citilink is the place to go.

8. Batik Air

A part of the Lion Air Group, Batik Air is a noteworthy choice for the best airline to fly to Indonesia. It truly blends comfort with extensive network coverage. Envision an airline that not only takes you to the heart of Indonesia but does so with an enhanced level of comfort, especially for a carrier known for its affordability.

Operating in over 45 domestic and international destinations, Batik Air has established itself as a reliable option for travelers looking to explore Indonesia and beyond. Its international routes include Singapore, Chennai, Australia, and China, making it an accessible choice for a global audience.

What sets Batik Air apart is its in-flight experience. Some of their aircraft come equipped with in-flight entertainment systems, a feature not commonly found in budget airlines. This addition significantly enhances the travel experience, especially for longer flights.

Batik Air’s commitment to providing a comfortable journey at affordable prices makes it a popular choice among travelers. Whether you’re a budget traveler or someone looking for a bit more comfort on your journey, Batik Air offers a pleasant and efficient way to explore the wonders of Indonesia and its neighboring countries​​.

One notable option for the best airline to fly to Indonesia is Batik Air, which is a member of the Lion Air Group.
One notable option for the best airline to fly to Indonesia is Batik Air, which is a member of the Lion Air Group.

9. Sriwijaya Air

Another member of the Garuda Indonesia family, Sriwijaya Air stands out as one of the airlines that fly to Indonesia, particularly for regional travel. Imagine an airline that not only connects major cities but also reaches far-flung destinations within Indonesia, bringing the less explored parts of the archipelago closer to you.

As the country’s third-largest carrier, Sriwijaya Air operates flights to more than 30 cities, including remote destinations like Kupang, Gorontalo, and Merauke. This extensive network makes it an excellent choice for travelers seeking to experience Indonesia beyond the typical tourist routes.

Sriwijaya Air’s service is a blend of efficiency and comfort. While it is part of the Garuda Indonesia group, it maintains its unique identity, offering services that cater to a wide range of travelers. Whether you’re looking for a quick domestic flight or a journey to one of Indonesia’s more remote islands, Sriwijaya Air offers a convenient and comfortable option.

Their commitment to connecting various parts of Indonesia, coupled with their reliable service, makes Sriwijaya Air a hidden gem in the Indonesian skies. For those looking to delve deeper into Indonesia’s diverse landscapes and cultures, Sriwijaya Air provides an accessible and enjoyable flying experience​​.

Sriwijaya Air is another noteworthy member of the Garuda Indonesia family.
Sriwijaya Air is another noteworthy member of the Garuda Indonesia family.

10. NAM Air

Part of the Sriwijaya Air family, NAM Air is an excellent option for those asking what is the best airline in Indonesia for regional travel. This airline is like a friendly neighbor, specializing in connecting secondary routes across the Indonesian archipelago, from Java to Kalimantan, Papua, Sulawesi, and Sumatra.

NAM Air is special because it focuses on smaller, less-visited destinations. This makes it popular for travelers wanting to see unique places in Indonesia. NAM Air offers a cozy and personal flying experience, great for those who like finding hidden spots.

NAM Air and Sriwijaya Air are managed together but offer different experiences. Sriwijaya Air flies to main routes, while NAM Air serves secondary ones. This helps travelers reach even the most remote parts of Indonesia.

NAM Air is good for adventurous travelers and those wanting to see Indonesia’s varied culture and nature, beyond common tourist areas. Its wide range of destinations in Indonesia makes it a strong choice for a genuine Indonesian travel experience.

If you're wondering what the greatest airline in Indonesia is for regional travel, NAM Air is a great choice.
If you’re wondering what the greatest airline in Indonesia is for regional travel, NAM Air is a great choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Best Airlines for Flying to Indonesia

Are you eager to delve deeper into insights about the ideal flights to Indonesia? Below are some frequently asked questions by travelers like you, all focused on uncovering the best airlines for your journey to Indonesia.

What is the best airline to fly to Indonesia?

Choosing the best airline for flying to Indonesia depends on what you need, like and where you start from. For luxury, Emirates stands out, especially for flights to Bali. Etihad Airways is good too, offering comfort and special services like flat-bed seats and a “Flying Nanny.”

For those on a budget, Jetstar is a good choice. It’s affordable and covers the basics well. It’s popular for flights from Australia and parts of Asia to Bali. Turkish Airlines is also good, offering both affordability and luxury. It connects different continents to Bali.

Garuda Indonesia, the national airline, is known for high-quality service and a big network. It’s a good choice for both international and domestic flights in Indonesia. For regional travel, Citilink and NAM Air are great for exploring Indonesia.

The best airline for you depends on your budget, comfort preference, and where in Indonesia you want to go. It’s best to think about these things and look at recent reviews and flight routes to choose the best airline for your trip to Indonesia.

What is the safest airline to fly in Indonesia?

The safest airline to fly in Indonesia is often considered to be Garuda Indonesia. This national airline is known for its strong safety record and is a member of the global airline alliance SkyTeam. It operates scheduled direct flights to various parts of Asia, Europe, and Australia, and has been recognized for its high standards in safety and service.

Other safe and reliable airlines for domestic flights in Indonesia are Batik Air, Citilink, Indonesia AirAsia, NAM Air, and Sriwijaya Air. These airlines serve many destinations across Indonesia. Batik Air flies to over 45 domestic and international places. It is famous for its in-flight entertainment system on some planes. Citilink, a Garuda Indonesia subsidiary, flies to more than 30 local destinations and some international ones.

These airlines are usually safe and have good safety records. But it’s best to check their latest safety ratings and reviews before booking. Airline safety depends on things like how old the fleet is, how well they maintain their planes, and if they follow international safety standards.

Is Garuda better than AirAsia?

Whether Garuda Indonesia is better than AirAsia depends on what aspects of air travel you prioritize. Both airlines have their unique strengths and cater to different traveler needs.

Garuda Indonesia:

  • Service Quality: As the national carrier of Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia is known for its high service quality. It offers a more traditional airline experience with complimentary in-flight meals, entertainment, and checked baggage on most flights.
  • Network: Garuda Indonesia has a broad network, including both domestic and international routes, and is a member of the SkyTeam alliance, offering extensive connectivity.
  • Safety Record: Garuda has a strong safety record and is known for its adherence to international safety standards.

AirAsia (Indonesia AirAsia):

  • Cost: As a low-cost carrier, AirAsia typically offers more competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers.
  • Flexibility: AirAsia provides a more flexible “pay for what you need” model, which can be appealing for those who prefer to tailor their travel experience based on budget.
  • Regional Reach: AirAsia has a strong presence in Southeast Asia and is a popular choice for regional travel.

Comparing the Two:

  • Comfort vs. Cost: If you prioritize in-flight comfort and a full-service experience, Garuda Indonesia might be the better option. However, if cost is a major factor and you are fine with a no-frills experience, AirAsia could be more suitable.
  • Travel Purpose: For business travel or longer international flights, Garuda’s additional services and comfort might be preferable. For short-haul or budget travel, AirAsia’s model may be more practical.

Ultimately, the better airline for you will depend on your specific preferences regarding cost, comfort, service level, and travel needs. Both airlines have their own advantages and cater to different segments of the air travel market.

Traveling to Indonesia, a country known for its captivating beauty and rich cultural diversity, is an experience of a lifetime.
Traveling to Indonesia, a country known for its captivating beauty and rich cultural diversity, is an experience of a lifetime.

Where is the best to fly to in Indonesia?

Indonesia offers a variety of stunning destinations to fly to, each with its unique charm:

  • Bali Island: A favorite vacation spot in Asia known for its diverse attractions, including waterfalls, jungles, beaches, temples, and rice terraces.
  • Nusa Penida Island: Near Bali, it’s famous for its exotic scenery, including the Kelingking Cliff and Diamond Beach.
  • Nusa Lembongan Island: Offers sites like Dream Beach and Devil’s Tears, along with a laid-back atmosphere.
  • Nusa Ceningan Island: Known for its nice hotels, seaside cafes, and a relaxed vibe.
  • Lombok Island: Similar in size to Bali but less traveled, it’s known for Mount Rinjani and beautiful beaches.
  • Java Island: The most populated Indonesian island, home to incredible volcanic landscapes and ancient temples.
  • Flores Island: Offers a mix of natural attractions, including the Kelimutu Lakes and traditional villages.
  • Komodo Island: Famous for the Komodo dragons, pink sand beaches, and coral reefs for diving.
  • Padar Island: Known for its scenic viewpoint overlooking bays with different colored beaches.
  • Sulawesi Island: Offers unique cultural experiences, volcanic hot springs, and diverse nature reserves.

These destinations each offer a unique glimpse into Indonesia’s rich natural and cultural diversity. For more detailed information, visit The World Travel Guy.

What airport should I fly into for San Diego?

For flying into San Diego, the primary airport is the San Diego International Airport (IATA: SAN). This is also formerly known as Lindbergh Field. It’s conveniently located just three miles northwest of downtown San Diego. This makes it the most suitable and closest airport for accessing the city and its surrounding areas. The airport serves a wide range of domestic and international flights. It truly offers easy access to San Diego’s attractions, businesses, and accommodations.

What is the main airline of Indonesia?

The main airline of Indonesia is Garuda Indonesia. It is the national flag carrier of the country, offering extensive domestic and international flight services. Garuda Indonesia is known for its quality service and has been recognized in the aviation industry for its high standards.

What is the cheapest month to go to Indonesia?

The cheapest month to fly to Indonesia is typically April. This period is considered the off-season, resulting in fewer tourists and generally lower flight prices. Booking your flight during this time can be a cost-effective way to visit Indonesia. Additionally, May, October, and November are also considered off-season months, so you might find good deals during these times as well. For the best prices, it’s advisable to book your flights in advance and keep an eye out for promotions and discounts.

Concluding Thoughts on Indonesia’s Best Airlines

Embarking on a journey to Indonesia, a land of enchanting beauty and diverse cultures, is an experience of a lifetime. The key to a perfect start lies in choosing the right airline. Whether it’s the luxurious Emirates, the cost-effective Jetstar, or the reliable Garuda Indonesia, each airline offers a unique pathway to this tropical paradise.

From the beaches of Bali to the streets of Jakarta, the right flight sets the tone for an unforgettable adventure. Remember, the best flight to Indonesia is one that aligns with your preferences and needs. This ensures not just a journey, but an experience filled with comfort, convenience, and memorable moments.

So, pack your bags and set off on this incredible journey with the airline that best suits your travel dreams!

Best Airlines to Fly to Indonesia right now
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