11 Best Airlines To Fly Business Class To Europe From The USA

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Our guide covers the best airlines to fly business class to Europe from the USA, delivering insider tips, exclusive perks, and unbeatable comfort. Whether you crave gourmet dining at 30,000 feet or desire spacious lie-flat seats, get ready to elevate your journey to new heights!

Why settle for less when you can soar across the Atlantic in the plush comfort of business class? With so many airlines offering routes from the USA to Europe, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve scoured the skies to bring you a list of the top 10 airlines renowned for their exceptional business class services. These carriers have pulled out all the stops to ensure that your journey is as enjoyable as the destination itself.

Curious about who makes the cut? From lie-flat beds to fine dining at 30,000 feet, let’s discover the best ways to fly to Europe in style.

Quick Tip to Find Cheap Business Class Flights to Europe from the USA

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The Best Business Class Flights to Europe from the US

Get ready to elevate your transatlantic experience as we explore the crème de la crème of business class travel. The fare prices listed below are what you can typically get if you score a good deal, use miles and points, or subscribe to fare alerts.

No time to read? Here’s a rundown of the best business class flights to Europe:

Best for Seamless ConnectionsDelta Air Lines
Most LuxuriousEmirates
Exemplary Service ExcellenceSingapore Airlines
Most Sophisticated In-Flight DiningAir France
Premier Lounge ExperienceBritish Airways
Friendliest and Most Welcoming CrewKLM
Ideal for Business ProfessionalsLufthansa
Superior In-Flight ComfortSwiss International Air Lines
The top airlines to fly business class to Europe from the USA right now

1. Delta Air Lines

Hop on board with Delta Air Lines and discover what luxury in the sky really feels like. Their Delta One suite turns a regular flight into a spa retreat with fully flat beds that whisk you to sleep on a cloud of comfort. Imagine snoozing behind high partitions that guarantee your privacy, with every seat providing easy aisle access.

Get pampered with plush oversized duvets and pillows courtesy of Westin Heavenly, not to mention a chic TUMI amenity kit stuffed with LE LABO goodies—it’s like a first-class spa up in the air! Hungry? Indulge in gourmet meals curated by a Master Sommelier, paired perfectly with top-tier wines.

Delta connects you from big cities like New York, Atlanta, and LA straight to over 25 spots across Europe. They make everything smoother with SkyPriority—speed through check-ins and skip to the front of the boarding line.

Boredom doesn’t stand a chance against Delta Studio’s vast selection of entertainment, all enjoyed with noise-canceling headphones. Need to stay online? Free messaging and Wi-Fi options keep you connected. Time your dates right and you can get direct one-way business class flights from New York to London with Delta for just $1,815. The airline flies non-stop to several destinations in Europe including London, Amsterdam, and Paris.

Delta Air Lines is one of the best airlines to fly business class to Europe from the USA.
Delta Air Lines’ Delta One suite offers fully flat beds, high partitions for privacy, and easy aisle access.

2. Emirates

Fly Emirates and step into a world of unmatched elegance and comfort. Known for its iconic Airbus A380s, Emirates sets the bar high in business class travel. Settle into your seat and let the journey transform into a luxury experience. Each seat is a gateway to comfort, offering direct aisle access and converting into a fully flat bed—perfect for relaxing on long flights.

Emirates’ A380 business class isn’t just about comfort, it’s also about exclusive onboard experiences. Enjoy the unique ambiance of their famous lounge bar, where you can sip on premium drinks and socialize with fellow travelers high above the clouds. This feature makes Emirates a standout choice among frequent flyers.

Service on Emirates is top-tier, with gourmet meals and complimentary champagne to kick off your voyage. Choose from an extensive menu of multi-course dishes inspired by global cuisines, all crafted with the highest quality ingredients.

For entertainment, lose yourself in Emirates’ in-flight system, offering over 6,500 channels of movies, shows, and games. Stay connected with onboard Wi-Fi, ensuring you miss nothing on the ground while you’re miles up in the sky.

Operating on key routes like JFK to Milan and Newark to Athens, Emirates offers direct flights that connect major U.S. cities with Europe effortlessly. Each flight is an opportunity to experience the peak of air travel luxury. Book during the low season with Emirates and you can snag direct one-way business class flights from New York to Athens for just $1,550.

Emirates aircraft ready for take off

3. Singapore Airlines

Traveling to Europe gets a luxurious upgrade with Singapore Airlines. The airline flies to various destinations in Europe, including cities like London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Zurich. Their seats are among the widest in the sky, transforming into fully flat beds when it’s time to rest. With direct aisle access from every seat, your comfort is guaranteed.

Singapore Airlines is acclaimed for its service excellence and attention to detail. The cabins, available on routes from New York to Frankfurt and Houston to Manchester, are laid out in a spacious 1-2-1 configuration. This arrangement ensures that personal space and convenience are prioritized.

The in-flight dining experience is a gourmet affair. Meals are crafted by internationally renowned chefs, considering the nuances of altitude to enhance flavors. The wine list is expertly curated, complementing your dining experience with the perfect pairings. Entertainment options are abundant, with over 1,800 choices on an 18-inch HD screen.

Singapore Airlines also excels in ground service. Depending on the airport, you might access several luxurious lounges. This includes the Polaris lounge in Houston or the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse in New York, offering an oasis of calm before your flight.

The airline offers direct business class flights from Houston to Manchester for just $1,248. This price is available when you catch a deal or book during the low season.

Singapore Airlines offers luxurious travel to Europe with wide seats that convert to fully flat beds and direct aisle access.
Singapore Airlines offers luxurious travel to Europe with wide seats that convert to fully flat beds and direct aisle access.

4. Air France

Embark on your European adventure with Air France and savor the epitome of French elegance in the skies. Air France offers great deals during the low season, with business class flights from New York to Paris set at $1,877.

Step into the cabin and you’ll discover a personal retreat. The seats in their Airbus A330s, A350s, Boeing 777s, and 787s recline into fully flat beds. Slide the privacy door shut, snuggle into a soft duvet, and a fluffy pillow transforms your space into a peaceful sanctuary.

At the airport, passengers benefit from priority check-in, fast-track security, and access to exclusive lounges. These lounges offer gourmet dining, complimentary beverages, and relaxation areas, with some featuring luxurious amenities like Clarins spa treatments and private shower suites. Notably, the lounges at Paris CDG provide an especially refined pre-flight experience.

Onboard, the experience is equally impressive. Air France’s Business Class seats on long-haul flights transform into fully flat beds, ensuring a comfortable rest. The seating configurations vary by aircraft, but all are designed to maximize privacy and convenience.

Passengers can enjoy a multi-course gourmet meal crafted by renowned chefs, featuring dishes like foie gras and lobster, paired with a selection of fine French wines and champagnes. The in-flight service is attentive and polished, reflecting the airline’s dedication to hospitality.

In-flight, lose yourself in the latest movies, games, or music on a personal 20-inch HD screen, ensuring your entertainment needs are fully met.

Image showing Air France aircraft in flight

5. British Airways

Welcome to Club World, where your seat is your entry to a realm of comfort. At the airport, passengers enjoy dedicated check-in, priority security lanes, and access to over 30 lounges worldwide. These lounges, such as the Galleries Club Lounges at Heathrow, offer complimentary food and drinks, WiFi, and showers.

Onboard, the new Club World Suites on the Airbus A350-1000 and Boeing 787-10 provide fully flat beds, direct aisle access, and doors for added privacy. Each suite has an 18.5-inch entertainment screen and luxurious bedding by The White Company, ensuring a comfortable and private experience.

Dining in Club World includes a three-course meal with gourmet options like grilled beef filet and pan-seared salmon, paired with a selection of fine wines and Champagnes. The attentive in-flight service ensures passengers feel pampered and refreshed, making the journey as enjoyable as possible.

British Airways connects you extensively across Europe, making it a top pick for business travelers. With a network as vast as yours, why not make every trip an occasion? Sign up for fare alerts and get direct roundtrip business class flights on British Airways from Orlando to London for $2,211!

INSIDER TIP: Don’t miss out—sign up for Going.com (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) to uncover unbeatable deals. Investing in the Elite version is a game-changer, but signing up with the free version is a smart move to start saving big on airfare this year.

Welcome to Club World, where your seat unlocks comfort, priority services, and access to 30+ lounges worldwide.
Welcome to Club World, where your seat unlocks comfort, priority services, and access to 30+ lounges worldwide.

6. KLM

Step aboard KLM and see how the Dutch have perfected the art of luxury travel. For a direct roundtrip flight from Boston to Amsterdam priced at $1,659 during the low season, you gain access to an experience where every detail matters. The airline offers direct flights to Amsterdam from these US cities including San Francisco, Houston, Minneapolis, and Atlanta.

Each business class seat at KLM transforms into a full-flat bed, ensuring you arrive well-rested. With smart design, these seats also provide extra privacy and easy aisle access, letting you move freely without disturbing your neighbors.

KLM elevates your dining experience with gourmet meals designed by top Dutch chef Jonnie Boer. These are paired with fine wines and a selection of snacks and drinks available throughout your flight. Upon settling in, celebrate your departure with a complimentary glass of champagne or jus d’orange.

Stay productive or entertained: each seat comes with in-seat power and USB-A for device charging. Meanwhile, the in-flight entertainment system boasts popular movies and TV shows to keep you engaged. Personal high-quality headphones enhance your experience, and you can bring a Bluetooth adapter if you prefer your own.

KLM’s business class comes with thoughtful amenities like an amenity kit filled with essentials such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, and lip balm. Plus, all passengers receive a collectible Delft Blue miniature house filled with Dutch gin as a unique souvenir.

Enjoy the streamlined services of SkyPriority, from faster check-in to priority boarding, and relax pre-flight in the luxurious Crown Lounges at Schiphol.

Image showing KLM aircraft on runway

7. Lufthansa

Embark on a smooth journey with Lufthansa’s direct one-way flights from Boston to Munich for just $2,000. At the airport, passengers benefit from dedicated check-in counters, priority security lanes, and access to Lufthansa’s Business Lounges. These lounges feature self-service stations with beverages and light snacks, while the more exclusive Senator Lounges offer hot meals and showers.

Onboard, Lufthansa Business Class seats transform into fully flat beds. The 2-2-2 configuration on most aircraft ensures comfort, though some passengers may lack direct aisle access. The dining experience includes a three-course meal with options like spiced salmon or roast chicken, accompanied by a selection of German wines and Champagnes. A pre-arrival meal is also provided, ensuring passengers remain well-fed throughout their journey.

Lufthansa’s courteous service and high-quality amenities make for a pleasant flight, despite the lack of privacy dividers in the current seat design. With planned upgrades to their business class cabins, Lufthansa aims to enhance privacy and comfort, making future flights even more enjoyable.

Fly Lufthansa direct from Boston to Munich for $2,000, with priority services and lounge access included.
Fly Lufthansa direct from Boston to Munich for $2,000, with priority services and lounge access included.

8. Swiss International Airlines

Board with Swiss International Air Lines and find out why it’s a top pick for business class flights to Europe. With a typical roundtrip fare from Miami to London through Zurich priced at $1,788 during the low season, Swiss offers an unmatched blend of Swiss hospitality and comfort.

Settle into your seat that effortlessly transitions into a fully flat bed, ensuring a rejuvenating rest. Designed with privacy in mind, each passenger enjoys direct aisle access, so your space remains truly your own.

The culinary experience is a highlight, featuring menus crafted by top chefs. Meals are paired with fine wines and chocolates, celebrating Switzerland’s rich gourmet traditions. It’s a taste of Swiss culture, served up high above the clouds.

For entertainment, Swiss doesn’t hold back. Your personal screen features a wide array of movies, music, and games, ensuring your flight is anything but dull. Stay connected with onboard Wi-Fi, making it easy to keep up with emails or social updates.

Swiss goes beyond the seat. Business travelers can access luxurious lounges across the globe, offering serene environments perfect for relaxation or catching up on work. Fast-track services at airports make your journey smooth from start to finish.

Image showing SWISS International Airlines in flight against clear sky

9. Virgin Atlantic

Wondering how to get to Europe for cheap? Whether you’re flying from New York to London or any of their other US gateways, Virgin Atlantic caters to your comfort and taste. At the airport, Upper Class passengers enjoy dedicated check-in desks and swift security clearance, which makes navigating the airport a breeze.

Once past security, travelers have access to the exclusive Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse lounges. These lounges are a haven of relaxation and indulgence, featuring amenities like gourmet dining, cocktail bars, and even spa services. The Heathrow Clubhouse is particularly renowned for its chic design and exceptional service.

Onboard, the Upper Class experience continues to impress. The A350 and A330neo aircraft feature Upper Class Suites with fully flat beds, direct aisle access, and plenty of personal space. The seats are designed with privacy in mind, allowing you to retreat into your own world of comfort. For those who prefer to socialize, the aircraft includes unique spaces like The Loft and The Bar, where passengers can mingle and enjoy drinks mid-flight.

Dining in Upper Class is a treat, with a menu that rivals top restaurants, offering a selection of multi-course meals and a variety of beverages, all served by attentive and friendly staff. Stay connected or switch off; the choice is yours. Virgin Atlantic flies to several destinations in Europe, including the UK, France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, and Iceland.

Subscribe to fare alerts or time your dates right, and you can get roundtrip business class fares with Virgin Atlantic starting at $1,440 from Boston to London.

Virgin Atlantic caters to comfort and taste on flights from New York to London and other US gateways.
Virgin Atlantic caters to comfort and taste on flights from New York to London and other US gateways.

10. Austrian Airlines

Jet off to London affordably with Austrian Airlines and discover why their cheap business class flights to Europe offer a harmony of comfort and gourmet delights. A direct one-way business class flight from Los Angeles to Vienna is priced as low as $2,100 if you time your dates right, bringing European elegance within easy reach.

Prepare to be pampered in a cabin where the business class seats transform into nearly two-meter-long fully flat beds. With noise-canceling headphones and an adjustable air cushion system, Austrian ensures your rest is as luxurious as it is tranquil.

Dining with Austrian is a high-altitude culinary adventure. Their partnership with DO & CO brings you exclusive menus that celebrate Austrian gastronomy. Before you fly, sample and select from main courses that blend global flavors with regional products. Onboard, you’ll even enjoy a coffeehouse service featuring Austrian coffee specialties like the “Einspänner” and “Wiener Melange”.

Austrian doesn’t just excel in the air; their ground services are equally thoughtful. Enjoy priority check-in, fast-track security, and two free checked bags ensuring a smooth start to your journey. Once in the air, immerse yourself in up to 400 hours of entertainment on a 15-inch touch screen, making the miles disappear.

Austrian Airlines in flight against cloudy sky

11. United Airlines

United Polaris Business Class is perfect for those seeking luxury and comfort on long-haul flights. The seats convert into fully flat beds up to 78 inches long, ensuring a restful journey. Passengers also enjoy Saks Fifth Avenue bedding, an Away amenity kit with Sunday Riley products, and gourmet meals designed by top chefs. For flights over 12 hours, pajamas are available upon request.

Travelers benefit from two free checked bags, Premier Access for priority services, and access to exclusive Polaris lounges in major hubs like Chicago and Newark. These lounges offer full-meal catering, spa-like shower facilities, and high-speed Wi-Fi.

Entertainment is top-notch, with a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and more on large personal screens, complemented by noise-reducing headphones. United Polaris combines comfort, convenience, and excellent service, making it a top choice for business class travel.

If you use your miles or find deals during the low season, you can score direct business class flights on United Airlines from New York to London for as low as $1,946.

United Airlines aircraft in flight against clear blue sky

Frequently Asked Questions About USA to Europe Business Class Flights

Discover everything you need to know about scoring the best business class flights to Europe from the USA!

Which airline has the best business class from the US to Europe?

When searching for the best business class fares to Europe, consider airlines like Delta Air Lines and Emirates. Delta offers exceptional comfort with fully flat beds and direct aisle access from all seats, while Emirates is renowned for its luxurious A380 with onboard lounges. Both provide top-notch service, gourmet dining, and extensive entertainment options, making them leaders for transatlantic business class travel.

How to get the best deals on business class tickets?

To secure the cheapest business class to Europe from the USA, start by booking early or searching for last-minute deals. Airlines often release discounted fares during low travel seasons or special sales events. Signing up for airline newsletters and frequent flyer programs can also alert you to flash sales and exclusive deals. Additionally, using flexible date searches on airline and travel comparison sites can help you spot the lowest fares.

Is traveling business class worth it?

Traveling business class is worth it for many, especially on long-haul flights to Europe. The benefits go beyond just extra legroom; you get a fully flat bed, premium meals, and access to lounges. This level of comfort and service can significantly reduce jet lag and increase productivity, particularly for business travelers who need to arrive ready to work.

Air France Business Class seat with meal service
Air France Business Class seat with meal service

Are there any additional fees with business class tickets?

Business class tickets typically include most amenities and services without additional fees. However, some airlines might charge for specific seat selections or extra baggage beyond the generous allowance. Always check the terms of your ticket and airline policy to avoid unexpected charges. In general, the inclusive nature of business class tickets means fewer additional costs compared to economy class.

Final Thoughts on Business Class Flights to Europe from the US

As we wrap up our exploration of the best business class airlines for flights from the USA to Europe, it’s clear that the options are both varied and luxurious. Each airline we’ve discussed offers unique features that cater to the needs of discerning travelers looking for comfort, convenience, and class.

Whether you choose the unparalleled service of Emirates, the understated elegance of Swiss, or the innovative comforts of Virgin Atlantic, your journey to Europe will be nothing short of spectacular.

The top airlines to fly business class to Europe from the USA
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