Unique Restaurants in Rome: 12 Coolest Places to Eat

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Unique Restaurants in Rome
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If you’re searching for unique restaurants in Rome, you’re in the right place! Using our industry knowledge, this guide is here to spotlight 12 of Rome’s best places to eat. Don’t miss these!

Rome’s dining scene is all about fun flavors and unforgettable meals. ​​This city is a feast for food lovers, offering a mix of unique dining experiences that are as exciting as they are delicious. From dining on a moving tram to enjoying a meal in a place brimming with history, Rome’s unique restaurants are full of surprises.

I’ve been lucky to stumble upon some real gems in Rome. Places where the food is not just good, but the whole experience is something to remember. And the best part? Some of the tastiest spots are hidden in plain sight – from cozy nooks to lively market corners.

So, let’s dive into the coolest places to eat in Rome. Whether you’re looking for stunning views or a secret garden spot, I’ve got you covered. Here are twelve unique restaurants in Rome that are sure to add flavor to your visit!

The top restaurants to visit in Rome right now

Unique Restaurants in Rome

Ready to discover Rome’s best eateries? The Eternal City is brimming with unique dining experiences, from historic trams turned into jazz clubs to cafes steeped in cinematic charm. Join me as we explore the best places to eat in Rome.

Fancy dining on a moving tram while listening to live jazz? Or how about a restaurant that’s been serving the best Carbonara since 1917? Rome offers a diverse range of dining experiences that cater to every taste and preference. Here’s your essential guide to the most unique restaurants in Rome. Prepare to turn every meal into an unforgettable experience!

1. Tramjazz

How about jazzing up your dinner plans in Rome? Tramjazz offers just that – a rolling feast with live jazz music on a vintage tram. As one of the most unique restaurants in Rome for dinner, guests are treated to a moving celebration through the heart of the Eternal City. Trust me, it’s as fun as it sounds!

Imagine hopping on an old-fashioned tram, decked out in cozy lights, and cruising through Rome’s historic streets. As the city lights twinkle outside, a live jazz band sets the mood inside, playing smooth tunes that make your dining experience extra special.

The food on Tramjazz is a delightful array of Italian favorites, each dish adding to the charm of the night. The flavors are classic, the presentation is top-notch, and the whole vibe is just lively. It’s the perfect mix of sightseeing, fine dining, and live entertainment.

This tram ride is ideal for a romantic date or a unique night out with friends. It’s a whole new way to see Rome – with a soundtrack! The prices are reasonable for such a unique experience, but remember to book in advance. Seats on this jazzy tram are hot commodities!

Tramjazz is one of the unique restaurants in Rome.
Tramjazz in Rome blends dinner and live jazz for a unique dining experience through the city’s heart.

2. La Leggenda di Avalon

Avalon (La Leggenda di Avalon) is where dining meets history in Rome. This restaurant takes you back to medieval times, offering a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else in the city. It’s not just about eating – it’s about living a piece of history.

As soon as you enter Avalon, you’re in a different world. The decor is straight out of the Middle Ages, complete with armor and tapestries. The atmosphere is lively and fun, perfect for families or anyone looking for a different kind of night out.

The menu at Avalon is all about hearty, traditional Italian dishes. You can expect big flavors with rustic, satisfying meals like stews and freshly baked bread. It’s the food that fits perfectly with the medieval theme, making your dining experience even more authentic.

Avalon stands out as one of the coolest restaurants in Rome because it’s more than a meal – it’s like stepping into a story. The prices are reasonable, especially for the unique experience and the generous portion sizes.

Booking ahead is a good idea, as this place is popular with both locals and tourists. If you’re looking for a fun, themed restaurant in Rome, Avalon is a must-visit. It’s a great way to enjoy a meal and feel like you’ve traveled back in time.

Avalon (La Leggenda di Avalon) invites you to a unique medieval experience, a true slice of living history within the city.
Avalon (La Leggenda di Avalon) invites you to a unique medieval experience, a true slice of living history within the city.

3. Spirito DiVino

Spirito DiVino in the Trastevere area is a standout destination for anyone exploring unique places in Rome to eat. Set in a 4th-century building, this family-run restaurant blends Italian history with exceptional dining. Chef Eliana Catalani brings ancient Roman recipes to life, offering a menu that’s a window into the city’s past.

The dishes at Spirito DiVino are a creative take on traditional Italian cuisine. You’ll find specialties like lean pork “Mazio” style, a recipe from ancient Rome, and spaghetti with minced caper sauce, inspired by the island Li Galli. Each plate is a celebration of Rome’s culinary heritage, crafted with locally sourced ingredients.

Sustainability is at the heart of Spirito DiVino. As a member of the Slow Food movement, the restaurant emphasizes environmentally friendly practices. This commitment ensures your meal is not only delicious but also responsible. Complementing the food is an impressive wine cellar with over 800 selections, enhancing the dining experience.

The atmosphere in Spirito DiVino is warm and inviting, perfect for both intimate dinners and family meals. The historical setting adds an extra layer of charm to your dining experience.

Advance booking is recommended at Spirito DiVino, a popular choice for those seeking an exceptional dining experience in Rome. It’s a perfect blend of historical ambiance, innovative Italian cooking, and a dedication to sustainability.

Spirito DiVino in Rome's Trastevere: A historic gem blending exceptional dining with ancient Roman recipe.
Spirito DiVino in Rome’s Trastevere: A historic gem blending exceptional dining with ancient Roman recipe.

4. Gatsby Cafe

Ever wondered what it’s like to step into the Roaring Twenties? Gatsby Cafe in Rome offers just that – a delightful throwback to the glamor and elegance of the 1920s. This cafe is not only a spot for great food but also a vibrant tribute to the era of jazz and art deco.

At Gatsby Cafe, the ambiance is everything. With its vintage decor, jazz music in the background, and staff dressed in period attire, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time. It’s a lively, upbeat place that captures the spirit of the Gatsby era.

The menu is a mix of Italian classics and modern favorites, all prepared with a creative twist. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty pasta dish, a light salad, or just a cup of expertly brewed coffee, Gatsby Cafe has something to please every palate. And don’t forget to try their desserts – they’re a decadent treat!

Gatsby Cafe is also known for its cocktails, which are as much a work of art as they are a beverage. The bartenders mix up both classic and innovative drinks, perfect for sipping as you soak in the cafe’s vibrant atmosphere.

This cafe is ideal for a fun outing with friends, a casual date, or even solo exploration. It’s one of the best restaurants in Rome for those who love a bit of history with their meal. While the prices are reasonable, the experience is priceless. Remember to bring your camera – this is one spot in Rome you’ll want to capture and remember!

Gatsby Cafe: Relive the Roaring Twenties with jazz, art deco, and great food—a vibrant tribute to that glamorous era.
Gatsby Cafe: Relive the Roaring Twenties with jazz, art deco, and great food—a vibrant tribute to that glamorous era.

5. Movie Restaurant

Have you ever wanted to dine in the midst of movie magic? Movie Restaurant in Rome offers an experience that film enthusiasts and foodies alike will adore. This restaurant is a tribute to the world of cinema, where every meal feels like a part of a movie set.

As you enter Movie Restaurant, you’re greeted by an interior decorated with movie memorabilia, posters, and props. The atmosphere is lively and engaging, making you feel like a star in your own film. It’s a place where the glamor of Hollywood meets the charm of Rome.

The menu at Movie Restaurant is as diverse as the world of cinema itself. From classic Italian dishes to international cuisine, each recipe is prepared with a flair that matches the cinematic theme. If it’s a romantic dinner or a casual lunch, the dishes here are sure to impress.

What’s unique about Movie Restaurant is its dedication to creating a cinematic experience. Regular screenings of classic films and themed nights add to the fun. Believe me, it’s one of the most fun restaurants in Rome. It’s perfect for a night out with friends, a special date, or even a solo adventure in the world of movies.

The prices are reasonable, offering good value for an experience that’s both entertaining and delicious. Booking in advance is a good idea, especially if you want to catch one of their movie nights. For a dining experience that’s both flavorful and fun, Movie Restaurant is a must-visit in Rome.

Movie Restaurant is where dining meets movie magic—a cinematic tribute for film enthusiasts and foodies alike.
Movie Restaurant is where dining meets movie magic—a cinematic tribute for film enthusiasts and foodies alike.

6. Eden Ristorante

At Eden Ristorante in Rome, it’s all about pistachios, and let me tell you, they do wonders with this little green nut! This place is a paradise for anyone who loves pistachios or just wants to try something different. Every dish here has a touch of pistachio. Hands down, it’s one of the most unique places to eat in Rome.

I tried their pistachio pasta, and it was a game-changer. The way they blend the nutty flavor of pistachios into classic Italian dishes is impressive. It’s not just a gimmick – it really adds something special to the meal. And for dessert, the pistachio gelato is a must-try. It’s creamy, rich, and full of flavor.

The vibe at Eden Ristorante is modern and upbeat. It’s a cool place to hang out, whether you’re on a date or with a group of friends. The staff are super friendly and happy to share their love for all things pistachio, which adds to the fun experience.

For anyone looking for fun places to eat in Rome, Eden Ristorante is a great choice. The prices are good for the quality and uniqueness you get. It’s popular, so booking ahead is a good idea. Trust me, if you’re into pistachios, you’re going to love this place!

Eden Ristorante offers uniquely flavored dishes for those craving something different in the city.
Eden Ristorante offers uniquely flavored dishes for those craving something different in the city.

7. Ristorante Ad Hoc

Dining at Ristorante Ad Hoc in Rome was an unforgettable experience, especially for a wine enthusiast like me. With two locations in the heart of the city, this restaurant is renowned for its exceptional wine selection and perfectly paired dishes.

The wine cellar here is impressive, offering a vast array of choices from local Italian vineyards to international labels. The knowledgeable staff recommended fantastic pairings for my meal, elevating the dining experience to a whole new level. Each course, matched with a different wine, brought out the best in both.

On the menu, the truffle dishes are the real stars. Rich in flavor and exquisitely prepared, they showcase the best of Italian ingredients. If truffles are your thing, you’re in for a treat at Ad Hoc.

The ambiance of the restaurant adds to its charm. It’s cozy yet sophisticated, perfect for a romantic evening or a special celebration. The attention to detail in service and presentation is evident.

If you’re hunting for the best food in Rome, particularly if you’re a wine aficionado, Ristorante Ad Hoc is a top pick. While the prices are on the higher side, the quality and experience justify the cost. Remember to book ahead – this popular spot is in high demand.

Ristorante Ad Hoc is renowned for exceptional wine and perfect pairings across two city-center locations.
Ristorante Ad Hoc is renowned for exceptional wine and perfect pairings across two city-center locations.

8. InRoma

Have you tried the Carbonara at InRoma? It’s a game-changer in the world of pasta! Since 1917, this restaurant in the heart of Rome has been dishing out what many call the best Carbonara in the city. And their Tiramisu? Believe me, it’s heavenly!

InRoma keeps things simple yet elegant. The atmosphere is cozy, making you feel right at home the moment you walk in. It’s the kind of place where locals and visitors mingle, all drawn by the allure of their famous dishes.

The menu, while highlighting the star Carbonara, offers a variety of Italian favorites, each prepared with care and a focus on flavor. Pair your meal with a selection from their thoughtful wine list, and you’ve got the perfect Italian dining experience.

InRoma stands out for its commitment to traditional flavors and a relaxed, friendly dining environment. It’s a great spot for a casual lunch, a hearty dinner, or just to satisfy your Carbonara cravings.

Reasonably priced for its fame and quality, InRoma is a popular choice, so booking ahead is a smart move. If you’re searching for the best pasta in Rome, InRoma’s Carbonara is a must-try.

InRoma is one of the unique restaurants in Rome.
InRoma is renowned for game-changing Carbonara and heavenly Tiramisu.

9. Pompi Tiramisu

Looking for the best Tiramisu in Rome? Head straight to Pompi Tiramisu. This place isn’t just a café – it’s a paradise for dessert lovers. Famous for its Tiramisu, Pompi has been delighting locals and tourists alike for years with its sweet creations.

Pompi’s Tiramisu comes in a variety of flavors, but the classic version is a must-try. It’s perfectly balanced, with just the right mix of coffee, mascarpone, and cocoa. Each layer is a testament to their dedication to quality and tradition. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try their strawberry or pistachio Tiramisu for a delicious twist.

The vibe at Pompi is lively and welcoming. It’s always buzzing with people enjoying their sweet treats. The staff are friendly and quick to serve up your dessert, which makes it a great spot for a quick stop or a leisurely afternoon treat.

Besides Tiramisu, Pompi also offers a range of other desserts and coffees. Everything is made with the same attention to detail and quality ingredients.

Pompi Tiramisu is reasonably priced, especially considering the fame and quality of its offerings. It’s a popular spot, so be prepared for a bit of a crowd, but trust me, it’s worth the wait. For a sweet taste of Rome, Pompi Tiramisu is a must-visit.

For the best Tiramisu, head to Pompi Tiramisu: not just a café, but a dessert lover's paradise.
For the best Tiramisu in Rome, head to Pompi Tiramisu: not just a café, but a dessert lover’s paradise.

10. Blackmarket Hall

Blackmarket Hall in Rome’s Rione Monti is not your ordinary dining spot. It’s a place where fusion cuisine and top-notch mixology meet an eclectic music scene. This quirky restaurant in Rome, set in the former “Overlook Hotel,” offers a dining experience that’s both innovative and entertaining.

The food at Blackmarket Hall is a creative blend of traditional Italian flavors and exotic Eastern influences. Their aperitivo options are a great start, but the real magic happens when you dive into their à la carte menu. The fish tartare is a standout, and for those with dietary preferences, they offer vegan and raw options too. Their take on classics like fish n’ chips keeps things interesting.

Blackmarket Hall’s mixology is an art form. The cocktails here are crafted with high-quality spirits and unique ingredients, making each drink a masterpiece. It’s the kind of place where sipping a cocktail feels like a journey in flavors.

The ambiance is just as impressive, with two floors housing four rooms and two cozy gardens. It’s perfect for intimate gatherings or lively nights out. The music events range from swing to indie rock, adding to the vibrant atmosphere.

For anyone looking for Rome’s most unique restaurants and enjoy a night out, Blackmarket Hall is a must-visit. The fusion of flavors, music, and a lively atmosphere makes it a standout choice in Rome’s dining scene.

Blackmarket Hall in Rione Monti is a fusion of cuisine, mixology, and eclectic music in a quirky setting.
Blackmarket Hall in Rione Monti is a fusion of cuisine, mixology, and eclectic music in a quirky setting.

11. Pasta Imperiale

Looking for some amazing cheap eats in Rome? Pasta Imperiale is your go-to spot! This place is a little corner of pasta paradise, where you can enjoy freshly made pasta without breaking the bank. It’s a bustling, cheerful spot that’s all about celebrating Italy’s favorite dish.

Pasta Imperiale is a no-frills kind of place, but don’t let that fool you. The variety of pasta they offer is simply incredible. From classic spaghetti to more adventurous shapes and flavors, there’s something for every pasta lover. And the best part? You can watch them make it fresh right in front of you!

What I love about Pasta Imperiale is its casual, friendly vibe. It’s always full of locals and tourists alike, all there for a quick, delicious meal. You can either grab a seat and enjoy your pasta right there or take it to go and eat as you explore the city.

The prices at Pasta Imperiale are a real steal, especially considering the quality and taste of their pasta. It’s the perfect place for a quick lunch, a casual dinner, or just a mid-day pasta fix.

For anyone searching for pasta restaurants in Rome that don’t compromise on flavor, Pasta Imperiale is a must-try. It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s downright delicious. Just be ready for a bit of a queue – this place is popular for all the right reasons!

Pasta Imperiale: A pasta paradise for amazing yet affordable eats, celebrating Italy's favorite dish in a cheerful setting.
Pasta Imperiale: A pasta paradise for amazing yet affordable eats, celebrating Italy’s favorite dish in a cheerful setting.

12. Cencio la Parolaccia

Ready for a dinner show like no other? Cencio La Parolaccia in Rome’s Trastevere district is where food and fun collide. This isn’t just a restaurant. It’s an entertainment hub where the waitstaff dish out delicious Roman cuisine with a side of playful insults and jokes.

Cencio La Parolaccia has been spicing up the Roman dining scene with its unique blend of humor and traditional dishes. The menu is a hearty tribute to Roman culinary traditions – think generous portions and rich flavors. But the real draw here is the experience. The staff, dressed in quirky outfits, engage with guests through witty banter and light-hearted roasting. It’s all in good fun, and the lively atmosphere is infectious.

The restaurant’s interior adds to the charm, with a cozy, rustic feel that makes you part of the show. It’s perfect for a night out with friends or a fun family dinner – as long as everyone’s ready for a bit of humor!

At Cencio La Parolaccia, you’re not just going out to eat. You’re signing up for a memorable evening filled with laughter, good food, and a unique Roman twist. The prices are reasonable, especially for the entertainment value you get. Just a heads-up: it’s not for the faint-hearted or those easily offended. But if you’re up for experiencing one of Rome’s fun restaurants, this place is a blast!

Cencio La Parolaccia is where food meets fun—an entertaining hub serving Roman cuisine with playful staff banter.
Cencio La Parolaccia is where food meets fun—an entertaining hub serving Roman cuisine with playful staff banter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Unique Restaurants in Rome

Searching for more information to help you decide where to eat in Rome? Here are some common questions (and answers) I get asked a lot about Rome’s best restaurants.

What is the number one restaurant in Rome, Italy?

It’s tough to pinpoint the best restaurant in Rome as it really depends on what you’re looking for. However, if you’re after a truly unique experience, I’d recommend Tramjazz. It combines great Italian cuisine with live jazz music on a moving tram. The food is classic Italian, and the journey takes you past some iconic sights. It’s perfect for a special night out.

Where do the Italians eat in Rome?

Italians in Rome often eat at places that might not be on the typical tourist trail. One such spot is Da Enzo al 29 in Trastevere. It’s a small, family-run trattoria known for its authentic Roman dishes. I highly recommend trying the Cacio e Pepe here. Get there early or book in advance because it’s always packed with locals!

What food should you not miss in Rome?

You absolutely can’t miss trying a classic Carbonara when in Rome. InRoma is famous for its Carbonara, and it’s a dish that truly represents Roman cuisine. Also, Roman pizza, thinner and crispier than its Neapolitan cousin, is a must-try. For dessert, indulge in gelato from places like Giolitti. And don’t forget to sample Roman street food like supplì (fried rice balls).

Outdoor dining at InRoma restaurant
Outdoor dining at InRoma restaurant in Rome

How expensive is Rome to eat and drink?

The cost can vary widely. For a meal at a mid-range restaurant, expect to pay around €15-€30 per person. If you’re looking for cheaper options, places like Pasta Imperiale offer delicious pasta at great prices. For drinks, a coffee typically costs around €1-€1.50, and a glass of wine can range from €4 to €8.

What is a typical breakfast in Rome?

Breakfast in Rome is typically light and sweet. A cappuccino and a cornetto at a local café is the norm. I enjoy starting my day at Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè. It’s a bustling place near the Pantheon, perfect for people-watching and soaking in the morning Roman atmosphere. Another favorite is Roscioli Caffè Pasticceria for their delicious pastries.

Unique Restaurants in Rome: Recap

Exploring Rome’s beautiful spots through its unique restaurants has been an incredible journey. Each restaurant we’ve visited offers something special. From the jazzy vibes of Tramjazz to the historic charm of InRoma, there’s a flavor and experience for every taste.

If I had to pick one unique restaurant in Rome that truly stands out, it would be Tramjazz. The combination of live music, moving scenery, and delicious Italian cuisine creates an unforgettable experience.

For those seeking a more traditional yet equally memorable Italian gem of an experience, InRoma’s Carbonara is a dish that you simply can’t miss. It’s a classic Roman recipe perfected over decades. And for a sweet treat, Pompi Tiramisu is a must-visit. Their variety of Tiramisu flavors will satisfy any dessert lover.

Rome’s dining scene is diverse and vibrant. From high-end dining experiences to delightful cheap eats, it’s among the many things to do in Italy. My journey through these unique restaurants has been a highlight of my time in Rome, and I’m sure it will be for you too.

Remember, part of the fun is discovering your own favorite spots. So, when you fly to Rome, eat as the Romans do, and enjoy every bite of this culinary adventure!

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