Unique Restaurants in Oklahoma City: 11 Extraordinary Eateries and Cafes in Oklahoma City

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Unique Restaurants in Oklahoma City
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Our guide to unique restaurants in Oklahoma City takes you on a tour of the city’s most distinctive dining spots, from quirky themed eateries to historical culinary treasures. You’ll learn about each restaurant’s special features, menu highlights, and the unique experiences they offer. This guide is your ticket to exploring the diverse and exciting flavors of Oklahoma City.

From the quirky charm of tiki bars to the mystery of detective-themed dinners, Oklahoma City’s dining scene is as diverse as it is exciting. Imagine sipping a tropical drink under neon lights or solving a crime as you savor your meal. Or, how about stepping back in time in a speakeasy or a retro bowling alley?

For those who love a bit of history with their meal, Oklahoma City offers dining experiences in historic settings that tell a story of the past. Picture dining in a restored railcar or a castle, where each bite takes you on a journey through time. And for the sushi lovers, imagine a train delivering your favorite rolls right to your table.

Every restaurant in this city has its own unique flavor, not just in the dishes they serve but in the experiences they offer. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these dining spots are must-visits for anyone looking to add a dash of adventure to their meal. So, let’s embark on this culinary journey through Oklahoma City and discover the unique flavors and experiences that make each of these restaurants a destination in their own right.

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Unique Restaurants in Oklahoma City: 11 Incredible Oklahoma City Eateries

Oklahoma City’s unique restaurants offer a feast for the senses, blending delicious flavors with unforgettable atmospheres. From dining in historic railcars to enjoying themed culinary adventures, the city’s food scene is a treasure trove of experiences. Dive into this journey of taste and discover the hidden gems in Oklahoma that make dining in truly special.

1. Flamingo Tiki Room

One of the coolest places to eat in Oklahoma City is the Flamingo Tiki Room, a vibrant addition to the city’s Paseo District. It stands out with its bright pink exterior and a tropical color palette that extends indoors, creating an ambiance reminiscent of an upscale beach resort.

Inside, you’ll find a large central bar surrounded by curved banquette seating, perfect for enjoying their array of traditional tiki cocktails. Unlike typical dark tiki rooms filled with nautical and Polynesian artifacts, the Flamingo Tiki Room offers a fresh take with its “Baja Tropical” theme. Thi is similar to its sister location, Oso on Paseo. This theme is beautifully complemented by indoor planting, LED planted lighting, and hanging planters, enhancing the tropical vibe.

The menu features delicious Baja tacos, a favorite from Oso on Paseo, and the drinks are served in an assortment of unique tiki mugs, adding to the experience. The Flamingo Tiki Room is a journey into a tropical paradise. This makes it one of the most unusual restaurants in Oklahoma City.

Flamingo Tiki Room is one of the unique restaurants in Oklahoma City.
Try the Flamingo Tiki Room, a vibrant eatery with a tropical, upscale beach resort vibe. | Source: https://osopaseo.com/

2. Dinner Detective

In the heart of Oklahoma City, the Dinner Detective stands out as one of the most intriguing themed restaurants in Oklahoma City. It’s an immersive experience that combines a murder mystery with a fantastic dinner. As you step into this unique venue, you become part of a thrilling narrative where actors, hidden among the diners, bring a crime story to life.

The Dinner Detective is different from traditional murder mystery dinner theaters. Here, the action unfolds around you in real time, with no specific theme or time period. The performers, dressed just like the guests, blend in seamlessly. This makes the experience more engaging and unpredictable. As the evening progresses, a crime occurs, and hidden clues emerge. Guests, along with professional detectives, work together to crack the case. The excitement peaks when the top sleuth, who comes closest to solving the mystery, receives a prize package.

This fun restaurant in Oklahoma City offers shows several times a month, providing a perfect setting for a unique night out. The ticket includes an interrogation reception, a multi-course dinner, and an interactive show experience. The Dinner Detective is ideal for adults looking for a blend of entertainment and dining. This makes it a must-visit for those seeking an out-of-the-ordinary dining experience in Oklahoma City.

Dine in a thrilling murder mystery with hidden actors at Dinner Detective.
Dine in a thrilling murder mystery with hidden actors at Dinner Detective.

3. 51st Street Speakeasy

51st Street Speakeasy is a gem among fun places to eat in Oklahoma City. Known locally as “The Speak,” this popular neighborhood bar offers a blend of classic cocktails, an extensive local beer selection, and home-style food that includes great burgers. Beyond the food and drinks, the 51st Street Speakeasy is also celebrated for its vibrant live music scene. This makes it a unique restaurant in Oklahoma City.

The venue, often buzzing with excellent local performances, is one of the city’s best small live music spots. Weekly events add to its charm, with trivia on Tuesday evenings, a free comedy show every Wednesday, and live music on weekends. The Speakeasy’s layout includes three non-smoking bars and a separate smoking lounge equipped with pool, shuffleboard, and foosball, catering to diverse preferences.

For those seeking a relaxed atmosphere, this place is perfect. It also offers an event space featuring a private bar and balcony, ideal for private gatherings. Whether you’re in for a relaxing drink with friends or a lively night out, the 51st Street Speakeasy embodies the spirit of Oklahoma City’s nightlife.

51st Street Speakeasy offers savory burgers, cocktails, local beers, and live music.
51st Street Speakeasy offers savory burgers, cocktails, local beers, and live music.

4. Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge OKC

Step into the Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge OKC in Oklahoma City’s Midtown, and you’ll find yourself in a retro haven that’s a standout among unique Oklahoma City restaurants. This 12,000 sq ft facility, reminiscent of a 1970s bowling alley, offers 12 lanes where games are scored by hand, adding to its nostalgic charm.

Alongside the lanes, there’s a full bar serving cocktails, wine, and beer, perfect for relaxing after a game. The lounge also features a VIP room with private lanes, ideal for special occasions or a more exclusive experience. This unique restaurant in Oklahoma City offers a menu that complements the fun atmosphere. Signature dishes like the Xtreme Tots, loaded with bacon, chili, cheese, and more, are a crowd favorite. For those seeking more substantial fare, the menu includes options like the double onion burger, Dust Bowl dog, and chicken sandwich.

Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge OKC is a place where all ages can enjoy until 8 pm, after which it becomes a 21-and-over venue. With throwback arcade games, big-screen TVs for sports, and a comfortable lounge area, it’s a perfect spot for a night out!

Enjoy a unique retro bowling experience at Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge, with a menu to match the lively vibe.
Enjoy a unique retro bowling experience at Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge, with a menu to match the lively vibe.

5. Nonesuch

Nonesuch in Oklahoma City stands as a unique place to eat, offering an unparalleled dining experience. This restaurant is known for its hyper-seasonal menu and meticulous attention to detail in every dish. The chefs at Nonesuch craft each meal with artistry, making dining here a memorable event.

This concept restaurant, opened in fall 2016, initially had a modest following but quickly gained fame after being discovered on Instagram and named America’s Best Restaurant by Bon Appetit Magazine. The restaurant’s lack of dress code, and no policy on technology use for guests, combined with its Instagram-worthy plating, make it a must-visit destination for both locals and visitors seeking a unique dining experience.

The restaurant operates on a prix fixe menu, where guests buy tickets in advance for an eight-course meal, with the option to upgrade to twelve courses. This approach ensures a diverse and surprising culinary journey every time. The menu changes frequently, reflecting the freshest seasonal ingredients available.

Nonesuch offers an experience of unparalleled dining with hyper-seasonal menus.
Nonesuch offers an experience of unparalleled dining with hyper-seasonal menus. | Source: https://www.nonesuchokc.com/

6. TS Fork

TS Fork in Tonkawa is a farm-to-fork restaurant that offers one of the best food experiences in Oklahoma City. Established in 2013 by Chef Jeff Denton, TS Fork focuses on featuring local growers and artisans. The dining experience here begins with Chef Jeff ringing a dinner bell and explaining the meal’s details. This makes each dish special and personal.

The restaurant’s menu is planned around foods that diners love, with a focus on local and fresh ingredients. The famous deviled eggs appetizer, made with farm-fresh eggs, is a must-try. Vegetables are sourced from local farmers’ markets and Wooderson Farms, ensuring freshness and quality. For meat lovers, TS Fork offers proteins from local sources like Blubaugh Farms and Creekstone Farms in Ark City. Chef Jeff’s use of sous vide cooking for some meats, an immersion method that locks in juices and flavor, highlights his culinary expertise.

TS Fork is among the best restaurants in Oklahoma City for those seeking a unique dining experience. The restaurant, open only two evenings a week, features live entertainment in its upstairs dining area, adding to the ambiance. With a full bar offering local beers and wines, and the option for weekday parties and catering,

TS Fork is one of the unique restaurants in Oklahoma City.
TS Fork offers a top-notch farm-to-fork dining affair.

7. The Jones Assembly

In the heart of downtown Oklahoma City, The Jones Assembly stands out as a hub for food, drinks, and vibrant events. This venue, one of the coolest restaurants in Oklahoma City, blends a dynamic dining experience with the energy of live concerts. Its 20,000-square-foot space includes a dining area, a bar, a patio, and an event section upstairs.

The Jones Assembly’s brunch menu is a delight. This features unique dishes like savory ricotta hot cakes topped with Nashville hot chicken. Dinner brings Italian classics to life, alongside a variety of salads and steak options. The restaurant effortlessly shifts from a fine dining setting to a casual concert space, adapting its dining room and patio for different events.

As an extraordinary restaurant in Oklahoma City, The Jones Assembly is more than just a place to eat. It’s a destination for diverse experiences, hosting annual events and the popular Lively Concert Series. This series showcases local talent, adding a musical backdrop to the dining experience.

The Jones Assembly is a vibrant hub for food, drinks, and live concerts.
The Jones Assembly is a vibrant hub for food, drinks, and live concerts.

8. JK by Chef King

JK by Chef King in Midtown Oklahoma City is a lavish new restaurant that transports guests to a fairy tale world. Its contemporary Asian cuisine, combined with a vibrant, hot-pink decor, makes it a standout dining destination. The restaurant’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in both its photogenic dishes and playful cocktails.

As one of the hidden gem restaurants in Oklahoma City, JK by Chef King offers a unique culinary experience. Chef King Dey’s background in Indian, London, Tokyo, and Bangkok cuisines influences the menu, blending Asian spices with French techniques. Signature dishes include eggplant miso with miso-caramel and crispy filo pastry, and the crowd-favorite oxtail and bone marrow fried rice, slow-baked for 24 hours.

The bar area, adorned with a 40-foot custom mural, adds to the theatrical experience with elaborate cocktails like the Deluxe Espresso Martinis and Hibiscus Royale. JK by Chef King is more than a restaurant. It’s a complete sensory journey, where the ambiance, food, and drinks create an extraordinary dining experience in Oklahoma City.

JK by Chef King offers lavish contemporary Asian cuisine amidst vibrant, hot-pink decor.
JK by Chef King offers lavish contemporary Asian cuisine amidst vibrant, hot-pink decor. | Source: https://jkrestaurants.com/

9. POPS 66 Soda Ranch

Located on historic Route 66 in Arcadia, POPS 66 Soda Ranch is an unusual restaurant in Oklahoma City that’s hard to miss with its iconic, neon 66-foot-tall soda bottle. This ultra-modern restaurant offers a unique dining experience, serving everything from breakfast and burgers to sandwiches and desserts.

What sets POPS apart is its incredible collection of over 700 varieties of bottled sodas, displayed from floor to ceiling. For the adventurous, there are options like Beefdrinker’s Teriyaki Beef Jerky Soda or Hot Lips Marionberry. Root beer lovers can rejoice too, with 80 different varieties to choose from.

POPS 66 Soda Ranch is more than a dining spot; it’s an experience. While waiting for a table, guests can explore the vast soda collection, making it a fun exploration in itself. After a satisfying meal, don’t forget to snap a photo under the giant neon soda bottle, a classic memory for road trippers and visitors. This restaurant is a must-visit for anyone looking for a unique and fun dining experience in Oklahoma City. Whether you’re a soda lover or just looking for a quirky place to eat, POPS 66 Soda Ranch offers something for everyone.

POPS 66 Soda Ranch is an iconic, ultra-modern restaurant with a diverse menu from breakfast to desserts.
POPS 66 Soda Ranch is an iconic, ultra-modern restaurant with a diverse menu from breakfast to desserts.

10. Southern Belle Restaurant

Have you ever dined in a 1905 model railcar? Southern Belle Restaurant in Heavener offers just that. This unusual restaurant in Oklahoma City area is a beautifully restored railcar from the 1940s. Despite its compact appearance, it comfortably seats up to 50 diners. The Southern Belle, once a part of the Kansas City Southern line, was known as the “Sweetheart of American Trains.” It traveled over 850 miles between Kansas City and New Orleans.

After retiring from service, local railroad enthusiasts rescued and refurbished one of these historic cars. The result is a unique dining venue that combines history with culinary delight. The Southern Belle Restaurant’s menu features the “Southern Belle Chicken,” a signature dish of marinated, breaded chicken strips served with a special house dipping sauce. The menu also includes steaks, burgers, fish, sandwiches, and pork chops, offering a taste of authentic “down-home” cooking.

Dining at the Southern Belle Restaurant is not just about the food. It’s an immersive experience into a bygone era. The restaurant’s unique setting and historical significance make it a standout destination for those seeking an extraordinary dining experience in the Oklahoma City area.

Southern Belle Restaurant offers dining inside a 1940s railcar.
Southern Belle Restaurant offers dining inside a 1940s railcar.

11. Primrose at Castle Falls

Looking for a touch of medieval romance in your dining experience? The Primrose at Castle Falls is your destination. This restaurant, set in a grand castle, offers an enchanting backdrop for fine dining in Oklahoma City. Built by war hero Bill Blecha, the castle is a testament to his passion for architecture and history. Using materials from historic Oklahoma buildings, he crafted a three-story castle that now houses The Primrose.

The dining area, located on the second level, provides a semi-private experience in a library setting. The menu features a five-course meal, including their signature Filet Stroganoff, along with chicken and pork entrees. A full-service bar complements the dining experience. This makes it perfect for special occasions or romantic evenings.

This restaurant is also one of the most scenic places in Oklahoma City to eat. The castle’s unique architecture and the surrounding gardens offer a picturesque setting. The Cellar at Castle Falls, another dining option within the castle, serves European cuisine and includes outdoor seating in the garden areas.

The Primrose is one of the unique restaurants in Oklahoma City.
The Primrose at Castle Falls offers fine dining in a grand castle crafted from historic local materials.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Unique Places to Eat in Oklahoma City

Explore our Oklahoma City restaurant guide for answers to your top dining questions, helping you discover the city’s best eats.

What is Oklahoma’s most famous food?

Oklahoma is renowned for its barbecue, particularly smoked meats. The state’s barbecue style includes a variety of meats like beef brisket, pork ribs, and sausages, often slow-cooked to perfection. The sauces tend to be rich and flavorful, with a balance of sweet, spicy, and tangy notes. This culinary tradition reflects Oklahoma’s rich cultural heritage and is a must-try for visitors.

What food places are in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma boasts a diverse range of food places, from traditional Southern and Native American eateries to modern, fusion restaurants. You’ll find everything from classic steak houses and barbecue joints to Mexican, Asian, and Italian cuisines. The state is also home to some unique restaurants in Oklahoma City, offering one-of-a-kind dining experiences.

What is the most visited fast food place in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, the most visited fast food place is often a tie between national favorites like McDonald’s and local chains. Braum’s Ice Cream and Dairy Stores, a regional chain known for its burgers, ice cream, and fresh dairy products, is particularly popular among Oklahomans for its quality and variety.

TS Fork's Chef Jeff explains the meal's details.
TS Fork’s Chef Jeff explains the meal’s details. | Source: https://www.tsfork.com/

Are there vegetarian options in Oklahoma restaurants?

Yes, Oklahoma restaurants offer a variety of vegetarian options. Many eateries have adapted their menus to cater to a more health-conscious and diverse clientele, including vegetarians. From upscale dining to casual cafes, you’ll find vegetarian dishes that range from hearty salads and veggie burgers to creative, plant-based entrees.

Where can I find cheap eats in Oklahoma City?

For cheap eats in Oklahoma City, explore local diners, food trucks, and small eateries. These places often offer delicious, budget-friendly meals. Look for taco stands, burger joints, and barbecue shacks for a taste of local flavors without breaking the bank. Many of these spots serve generous portions, ensuring a satisfying meal at a low cost.

What are some must-try dishes in Oklahoma?

When in Oklahoma, you must try dishes like chicken fried steak, fried okra, and pecan pie. These are staples of Oklahoma cuisine, reflecting the state’s agricultural roots and Southern influence. Also, don’t miss the chance to try the state’s famous barbecue and Native American-inspired dishes like frybread.

Can I find international cuisine in Oklahoma?

Absolutely! Oklahoma’s culinary scene includes a wide array of international cuisines. You’ll find Mexican, Italian, Asian, Middle Eastern, and even Ethiopian restaurants throughout the state. These eateries offer authentic flavors and dishes, providing a global dining experience in the heart of America.

What unusual restaurants in Oklahoma City should I visit?

In Oklahoma City, don’t miss the chance to visit unique restaurants like Flamingo Tiki, Dinner Detective, and the Southern Belle Restaurant. These places offer unique themes and atmospheres, from a tiki bar vibe to dining in a historic railcar. Each restaurant provides a distinctive experience that adds to the charm of Oklahoma City’s dining scene.

Final Thoughts On Unique Oklahoma City Restaurants

Exploring the culinary landscape of Oklahoma City is an adventure in itself, filled with Southwest charm. From the historic charm of railcar dining to the intrigue of themed restaurants, there’s something to satisfy every palate and interest. This Oklahoma City restaurant guide is just a starting point to the diverse and rich dining experiences the city offers.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Oklahoma City’s unique blend of traditional and innovative cuisines makes it a must-visit destination for food lovers. Remember, each meal here is about the stories, the atmosphere, and the memories you’ll create. So, embark on this flavorful journey and discover the tastes of Oklahoma City, whether you’re flying from or into this vibrant culinary hub!

The top restaurants in Oklahoma City for all types of travelers
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