Unique Restaurants in Mexico City: 12 Coolest Places to Eat in CDMX

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Unique Restaurants in Mexico City
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If you’re searching for the most unique places to eat in Mexico City, you’re in the right place. Our guide will take you through 12 of the best restaurants in CDMX. Your tastebuds will thank you!

Hola from the heart of Mexico City! As a fellow food enthusiast, you’re about to embark on an adventure that’s as colorful and diverse as the city itself. I’ve been exploring the local food scene and am excited to share with you some of the coolest restaurants Mexico City has to offer.

In this guide, you’ll discover restaurants where the ambiance rivals the cuisine, each meal reflecting a blend of tradition and innovation. Are you searching for unique restaurants in Mexico City? Then keep reading! From quaint, easy-to-miss eateries to celebrated gastronomic landmarks, Mexico City’s best restaurants are full of surprises.

For those who love a dash of fun with their food, the city’s dining scene won’t disappoint. Picture savoring your meal in themed restaurants in Mexico City or relaxing in cafes with a unique twist only this city can offer. Each spot on our list is a doorway to an unforgettable experience. Ready to dive into the vibrant and diverse world of Mexico City’s best eateries? Vamos!

The top restaurants to visit in Mexico City right now

Unique Restaurants in Mexico City

Ready to discover the coolest eateries in Mexico City? This vibrant metropolis is brimming with amazing eateries, from high-end dining experiences to charming, quirky cafes. Join me as we explore the best places to eat in Mexico City.

Are you in the mood for a fairy tale-themed cafe or perhaps tacos that are a local legend? Mexico City has it all. Whether you’re seeking a magical dining experience or the best street food around, this city delivers. Here’s your ultimate guide to the most unique restaurants in Mexico City. Get set for a journey where every meal is an adventure!

1. Doncella Café

Welcome to Doncella Café, a Disney-themed wonder in the heart of Tabacalera. This café is a childhood dream come to life. When I first stepped in, the blend of nostalgia and modern buzz was simply enchanting.

Doncella is a realm of four uniquely themed areas, each offering a slice of Disney magic. ‘Under the Sea’ immerses you in an underwater fantasy, while the ‘Desert Palace’ feels like a page straight out of Aladdin. The ‘Oriental Garden’ is a serene escape, and the ‘Grand Hall’ is a tribute to the classic Disney library, complete with a hidden spindle that screams Sleeping Beauty.

What makes Doncella Café truly unique is its Disney theme and how it brings these tales to life. It’s where adults can relive their favorite childhood stories in a sophisticated, yet whimsical setting. The café has quickly become a social media sensation, for its decor and the whole experience it offers.

For Disney fans, lovers of unique cafés, or those in search of fun places to eat in Mexico City, Doncella is a must-visit. Remember, it’s popular, so booking ahead is wise, but there’s always a chance for walk-ins. Trust me, stepping into Doncella is like walking into your own personal fairy tale!

Doncella Café is one of the unique restaurants in Mexico City.
Doncella Café is where childhood dreams meet modern enchantment in Tabacalera’s heart. | Source: https://www.reforma.com/

2. Pujol

Pujol in Mexico City is where traditional Mexican cuisine gets a mind-blowing twist. Trust me, dining here is an experience you won’t forget. As one of the unique restaurants in Mexico City, you’ll discover flavors you never knew existed!

I had their famous ‘Mole Madre, Mole Nuevo’, and wow, it was a revelation. Imagine a dish that evolves right on your plate, blending centuries-old recipes with modern flair. And the tacos at their Omakase Taco Bar? Absolutely next level! Each bite is a surprise, mixing familiar tastes with unexpected twists.

The vibe at Pujol is modern and lively. It’s the kind of place that’s perfect for a special night out or a fun gathering with friends. The staff are super passionate about their food, and it shows. They’re all about giving you an unforgettable culinary journey.

For anyone looking for unique places in Mexico City to eat, Pujol is a must-visit. It’s popular, so make sure to book in advance. The prices reflect the quality and creativity of the food, making it totally worth it. If you’re a foodie in Mexico City, Pujol is your dream destination!

Pujol: where traditional Mexican cuisine gets an unforgettable twist, revealing new flavors in one of the city's finest restaurants.
Pujol: where traditional Mexican cuisine gets an unforgettable twist, revealing new flavors in one of the city’s finest restaurants.

3. El Mesón de los 3 Magos

El Mesón de los 3 Magos is a portal to a Harry Potter-inspired wonderland right in Mexico City. This place is a dream come true for fans and a delightful surprise for anyone who loves a bit of magic with their meal. It’s one of the coolest places to eat in Mexico City for Harry Potter enthusiasts and fantasy lovers.

The magic of El Mesón de los 3 Magos starts with its homemade offerings. Imagine savoring artisanal bread, handcrafted pizzas, and four types of unique butter. And yes, they have their own version of butterbeer! The attention to detail here is spellbinding, with each dish crafted to bring a piece of the wizarding world to your table.

The ambiance is straight out of the pages of a fantasy novel. Stepping inside, you’re transported to a world where magic is real and every corner tells a story. It’s perfect for families, Potterheads, or just anyone looking for fun restaurants in Mexico City that are out of the ordinary.

The staff at El Mesón de los 3 Magos are wizards in their own right, adding to the enchanting experience with their knowledge and enthusiasm. For a fun restaurant in Mexico City that combines great food with an immersive magical theme, this place is a must-visit. Be sure to book in advance, as this magical dining experience is no secret among locals and visitors alike!

El Mesón de los 3 Magos: Harry Potter-inspired haven—a magical delight for fans and fantasy lovers alike.
El Mesón de los 3 Magos: Mexico City’s Harry Potter-inspired haven—a magical delight for fans and fantasy lovers alike.

4. Mesón del Cid

Mesón del Cid is a culinary bridge between Spain and Mexico, situated in the heart of Mexico City. Founded in 1972, this restaurant is a celebration of Spanish regional cuisine, both traditional and avant-garde. It’s a must-visit for anyone looking for cool restaurants in Mexico City, especially if you’re a fan of authentic Spanish flavors.

What makes Mesón del Cid stand out is its commitment to authenticity. They’ve been following a tradition over 80 years old from Segovia and over 500 years in Spain, specializing in roasting three-week-old suckling pig. This dish is cooked to perfection in an oven and traditionally cut with the edge of a plate, a testament to its tenderness.

But there’s more! Every Saturday, Mesón del Cid transforms into a scene from the past with its Medieval Dinners. These events have been a hit for over forty-four years, offering a unique dining experience in CDMX that’s both fun and historical. It’s like stepping into a different era!

If you’re a lover of Spanish cuisine or just looking for a fun place to eat in Mexico City, Mesón del Cid offers an experience that’s rich in history and flavor. Remember to book in advance, especially if you’re planning to attend one of their famous Medieval Dinners!

Mesón del Cid: Since 1972, this gem fuses Spanish and Mexican cuisine.
Mesón del Cid: Since 1972, this Mexico City gem fuses Spanish and Mexican cuisine.

5. Salem Witch Store & Coffee

Get ready for a magical escape at Salem Witch Store & Coffee in Mexico City! This café is a full-on adventure into the enchanting world of witchcraft and esoteric arts. If you’re hunting for themed restaurants in Mexico City, this spot is a spellbinding choice.

Located in the lively Narvarte neighborhood, just a broomstick ride from Etiopia metro station, Salem Witch Store & Coffee is a quirky and captivating three-story wonder. Open daily from 10 am to 10 pm, it’s where coffee meets magic in the most delightful way.

On the ground floor, the café serves up bewitching brews and tasty treats like organic coffee, fresh salads, crepes, and chapatas. Head upstairs for workshops on all things mystical, or climb to the top floor for the Tap Room bar experience. Here, in a Viking-themed setting, you can enjoy thematic snacks, artisanal beers, and live music that’ll make your night magical.

But the real charm? Their store! It’s packed full of esoteric goodies and protective trinkets. Whether you’re a seasoned witch or just curious, there’s something to enchant everyone. They even offer courses and readings for those looking to dive deeper into the mystical arts.

With prices that won’t hex your wallet, Salem Witch Store & Coffee offers an experience that’s both unique and accessible. The staff are as friendly as they are knowledgeable, adding to the fun and mystical vibe. For a coffee break that’s out of this world, Salem Witch Store & Coffee is your go-to spot in Mexico City!

Experience a magical journey at Salem Witch Store & Coffee in Mexico City!
Experience a magical journey at Salem Witch Store & Coffee in Mexico City!

6. Churrería El Moro

Churrería El Moro is a must-visit in Mexico City for anyone craving a sweet treat with a side of history. Since 1935, this iconic spot has been dishing out the best churros in CDMX. What’s more, they’re quite affordable. It’s a top pick for cheap eats in Mexico City.

The story of El Moro is as delightful as its churros. It all started with Francisco Iriarte, who brought a taste of Spain to Mexico with his churro cart. Today, El Moro is a beloved part of the city’s culinary landscape, where tradition meets tasty in every bite.

El Moro has several locations across the city, so you’re never far from a churro fix! If you’re near Centro Histórico, Polanco, Condesa, Roma, or any of their other spots, a warm, sugary churro is waiting for you.

Each location of Churrería El Moro has its own charm, but the magic is the same – crispy, golden churros, perfect for dipping in hot chocolate. It’s a simple joy that has delighted generations of locals and tourists alike.

Affordable, delicious, and steeped in history, Churrería El Moro is a sweet slice of Mexico City life. Whether you’re starting your day or ending your night, make sure to stop by El Moro for a treat that’s both timeless and tasty.

Churrería El Moro: Since 1935, Mexico City's go-to for the best, affordable churros—a taste of history in every bite.
Churrería El Moro: Since 1935, Mexico City’s go-to for the best, affordable churros—a taste of history in every bite.

7. Down The Rabbit Hole

Hop into Down the Rabbit Hole for a fun, Alice in Wonderland-themed café adventure in Mexico City! This quirky spot is all about diving into a world of whimsy and wonder. It’s the perfect hangout for anyone looking for unusual restaurants in Mexico City with a dash of fantasy.

Imagine sipping coffee surrounded by John Tenniel’s iconic Alice illustrations. This café is a playful wonderland, complete with cheeky “eat me” and “drink me” signs that add to the fun. It’s like stepping right into the pages of a storybook!

The menu is a whimsical delight. Try the Cheshire affogato or the pork and pepper crepe for a savory treat. Veggie lovers, don’t miss the caterpillar crepe or the matcha frappé. Every bite is a part of the adventure.

Located in the Álamos area, Down the Rabbit Hole is a cozy spot to chill with friends or enjoy a whimsical date. They’re open Tuesday to Sunday, and it’s pet-friendly, so bring your furry pals along! A heads-up: it’s a popular spot, especially on weekends, so booking ahead is a good idea.

So, for a magical escape with tasty treats, Down the Rabbit Hole is your go-to spot in Mexico City. One of the best cafés in Mexico City, it’s an experience that’ll have you grinning like the Cheshire Cat!

Explore a whimsical adventure at Down the Rabbit Hole, an Alice in Wonderland-themed café.
Explore a whimsical adventure at Down the Rabbit Hole, an Alice in Wonderland-themed café in Mexico City.

8. El Turix

Tucked away in the bustling streets of Polanco, El Turix is a hidden gem in Mexico serving some of the best tacos in Mexico City. For over 30 years, this cozy spot has been dishing out incredible Yucatecan flavors, making it a go-to for taco enthusiasts.

El Turix, meaning ‘the dragonfly’ in Maya, is renowned for its mouth-watering cochinita pibil. It’s a tiny place, but the flavors are huge! Patrons line up for their chance to savor a range of delicious antojitos – from lime soup and panuchos to tortas loaded with habanero sauces and pickled onions.

The highlight here is undoubtedly the tacos de cochinita. Each bite is a perfect blend of tender meat, zesty flavors, and traditional Yucatecan seasoning. It’s a simple yet unforgettable taco experience that keeps locals and visitors coming back for more.

Located at Emilio Castelar 212 in Polanco, El Turix is open every day from 11:30 to 22:00. If you’re on a quest for the best food in Mexico City, El Turix is a must-visit. Just be prepared to wait for your turn. Believe me, it’s worth it!

Hidden in Polanco's bustling streets, El Turix is a taco haven, serving top-notch Yucatecan flavors for over 30 years.
Hidden in Polanco’s bustling streets, El Turix is a taco haven, serving top-notch Yucatecan flavors for over 30 years.

9. Páramo

Step into Páramo, a buzzing hotspot in Mexico City that’s all about vibrant nights and unforgettable eats. This place is a blast, perfect for anyone scouting for the coolest places to eat in Mexico City. It’s where the city’s lively spirit comes alive, which makes every visit a memorable one.

I recommend diving into their tuna ceviche. It’s a culinary masterpiece that captures the bold, lively flavors of Mexico City. Every bite is a celebration, a fusion of tradition and innovation that’ll have your taste buds dancing.

The vibe at Páramo is electric and welcoming. It’s a blend of trendy and cozy, creating an atmosphere that’s just right for a fun evening. If you’re here for a casual hangout or a full-on night out, Páramo’s got the perfect setting.

Located in the lively Roma neighborhood, Páramo is easy to find and hard to leave. It’s become a favorite for locals and visitors alike, known for its great energy and even better food. So, if you’re looking for a place to eat that’s as fun as it is flavorful, Páramo is your go-to spot in Mexico City. Just make sure to book in advance!

Páramo: Mexico City's vibrant hotspot for unforgettable eats and lively nights—a must-visit for cool dining experiences.
Páramo: Mexico City’s vibrant hotspot for unforgettable eats and lively nights—a must-visit for cool dining experiences.

10. Mercado Roma

Mercado Roma in Mexico City is a buzzing gourmet market that’s all about amazing food and great vibes. Open since 2014 in the trendy Roma neighborhood, it’s the go-to spot for food lovers and those who enjoy a lively atmosphere.

Think of Mercado Roma as a playground for your taste buds. Here, you can hop from one stall to another, trying everything from authentic Mexican tacos to international cuisines. It’s a feast for the senses and one of the best places to eat in Mexico City for variety and flavor.

This market is designed for sharing and socializing. Picture yourself sitting at communal tables, chatting with friends or making new ones, all while enjoying some fantastic food and wine. It’s a lively, upbeat place where each meal is an adventure.

Mercado Roma is also a hub for new culinary talents. It’s exciting to see (and taste!) what these passionate chefs and producers bring to the table. The market’s ever-changing design keeps things fresh and fun.

Located in the heart of Roma, one of Mexico City’s coolest neighborhoods, Mercado Roma is a spot I recommend to all visiting CDMX. It’s perfect for a casual lunch, a fun evening out, or just a stroll through a food paradise. So, head over to Mercado Roma for a taste of the city’s vibrant food scene!

Mercado Roma is a haven for amazing food and great vibes, a must-visit for food lovers seeking a lively atmosphere.
Mercado Roma is a haven for amazing food and great vibes, a must-visit for food lovers seeking a lively atmosphere.

11. Taquería Orinoco

Taqueria Orinoco in Mexico City is a taco lover’s dream come true. Known for serving some of Mexico City’s best tacos, this spot in the Roma neighborhood is a must-visit for anyone craving authentic Mexican flavors.

The tacos de chicharrón at Orinoco are a revelation. Forget about the usual crispy pork rinds. Here, they’re soft on the inside and perfectly seared on the outside, creating a delightful mix of textures in every bite. It’s a unique take on a classic that you won’t find just anywhere.

And let’s talk about their tacos al pastor. They’re arguably the best in the city, packed with flavor and cooked to perfection. It’s the kind of taco that makes you understand why Mexican street food is celebrated worldwide.

Orinoco is the ideal spot for a late-night taco run, especially after a few rounds of mezcal. They’re open until 3:30 am during the week and even later on weekends, which makes it the perfect destination for night owls and party-goers.

If you’re in Roma and looking for an unforgettable taco experience, head over to Taqueria Orinoco. It’s simple, it’s upbeat, and it’s absolutely delicious. Trust me, these tacos are worth staying up late for!

Taqueria Orinoco: A taco lover's dream in Mexico City's Roma neighborhood, renowned for serving the city's best tacos.
Taqueria Orinoco: A taco lover’s dream in Mexico City’s Roma neighborhood, renowned for serving the city’s best tacos.

12. Joe Gelato

Joe Gelato in Mexico City’s Juárez neighborhood is a sweet revelation for ice cream enthusiasts. Since 2018, this gelato shop has been wowing locals and visitors alike with its unique, locally-inspired flavors. It’s a must-visit for anyone seeking unique places to eat in Mexico City and indulge in a frozen treat.

The genius behind Joe Gelato is José Luis Cervantes, a chef with a background in Michelin-starred restaurants. His passion for gelato shines through in every scoop. “I eat, breathe, and sleep gelato,” says Cervantes, and it’s evident in the quality and creativity of his creations.

What sets Joe Gelato apart is its commitment to local flavors. Imagine tasting gelato infused with cempasúchil (marigolds), offering a delicate blend of chamomile and vanilla notes. Or how about peach with sal de gusano (worm salt), tamarind and mezcal, or Oaxacan chocolate with guajillo chiles? These are not your average gelato flavors!

Cervantes also collaborates with local craft breweries for some unique beer-infused gelatos. The menu changes to reflect the seasons and local produce, ensuring a new experience with each visit. Two constant favorites are the dark, dairy-free cacao ice cream and the rich, fruity olive oil ice cream.

Located in the heart of Juárez, Joe Gelato is a cozy spot for an afternoon treat or a post-dinner dessert. It’s a place where traditional Italian gelato meets Mexican culinary innovation, resulting in flavors that are both surprising and delightful.

Joe Gelato is one of the unique restaurants in Mexico City.
Joe Gelato in Juárez, Mexico City: Since 2018, a haven for unique, locally-inspired flavors. | Source: https://www.cntraveler.com/

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Unique Restaurants in Mexico City

Searching for more information to help you decide where to eat in Mexico City? Here are some common questions (and answers) I get asked a lot about Mexico City’s unique restaurants.

What food is famous in Mexico City?

Mexico City is renowned for its street food, especially tacos. You’ll find tacos everywhere, filled with a variety of meats, including al pastor (marinated pork), carne asada (grilled beef), and even exotic fillings like chapulines (grasshoppers). Another famous dish is chilaquiles – tortilla chips mixed with green or red salsa, often topped with chicken, cream, and cheese. It’s a breakfast favorite but great any time of day.

Is it expensive to eat in Mexico City?

The great thing about Mexico City is its range of dining options to suit all budgets. Street food and local markets offer delicious meals for just a few pesos. Mid-range restaurants are also affordable. However, if you’re looking for fine dining in CDMX, especially in upscale areas like Polanco, prices can be on par with high-end restaurants in the US or Europe. My tip: mix it up! Try some street food for a cheap, authentic experience and splurge once or twice at fancier spots.

Does Mexico City have street food?

Absolutely! Street food is a huge part of the city’s food culture. You’ll find street food vendors on almost every corner. Tacos, tamales, quesadillas, and elotes (grilled corn) are just a few of the staples. Don’t miss trying the tamales and atole for a traditional breakfast. Street food in Mexico City is not only delicious but also an integral part of the city’s charm.

Lady preparing artesanal food in a street market in Mexico City.
Lady preparing artesanal food in a street market in Mexico City.

What do most people eat for breakfast in Mexico City?

In Mexico City, breakfast often includes dishes like chilaquiles, tamales, or molletes (open-faced sandwiches with beans, cheese, and salsa). Many locals also enjoy a quick, light breakfast of fresh fruit, pastries, or pan dulce (sweet bread) with coffee. On weekends, it’s common to have a more substantial breakfast, such as huevos rancheros or barbacoa (slow-cooked meat).

Here are five of Mexico’s most popular foods:

  1. Tacos: The ultimate Mexican street food, available in countless varieties.
  2. Tamales: Corn dough stuffed with meats, cheeses, or sweets, wrapped in corn husks.
  3. Enchiladas: Rolled tortillas filled with meat or cheese, covered in chili sauce.
  4. Pozole: A hearty soup made with hominy, meat (usually pork), and garnished with lettuce, radish, onion, lime, and chili.
  5. Guacamole: A dip made from mashed avocados, onions, tomatoes, lemon juice, and chili peppers, often served with tortilla chips.

Unique Restaurants in Mexico City: Recap

Exploring Mexico City’s unique restaurants is an absolute blast! Each place is a new discovery, a chance to taste something extraordinary and embrace the Mexican charm. From the enchanting Doncella Cafe to the spicy delights of El Turix, every meal is an adventure.

If you ask me for my top pick, it’s got to be Pujol. Dining there isn’t just eating. It’s a celebration of flavors that’ll make your taste buds dance. And for a late-night taco treat, Taqueria Orinoco is unbeatable. Those tacos are legendary!

What’s awesome about eating in Mexico City is how it fits every budget. You’ve got delicious street food that’s easy on the wallet and fancy spots for those special nights out. And the street food scene? It’s a world of flavor waiting to be explored, surrounded by the backdrop of Mexico City’s beautiful places.

In a nutshell, fly to Mexico City where its unique restaurants are a food lover’s dream. They’re fun, they’re flavorful, and they’re full of surprises. So, get ready to eat your way through the city and fall in love with every bite. Mexico City is waiting to wow you with its culinary wonders!

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