12 Unique Restaurants in India: Where Meals and Magic Meet

by Jen
Unique Restaurants in India
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Ready to explore India’s most unique restaurants? I’m here to guide you through spots where sign language ignites your meal and an Airbus A310 offers cockpit dining. Follow along as we dive into the coolest restaurants in India.

Have you ever been to a place where your waiter uses sign language, or dined in a setup that feels like you’ve been locked up (in a fun way)? I have, and let me tell you, it’s a blast.

India’s packed with spots that aren’t your typical dinner venues. We’re talking dining at 14,000ft in the Himalayas, meals that come with a side of runway views, and places where the decor takes you straight to Cambodia. I’m here to spill the beans on where to find these hidden gems in India, making it a destination among beautiful Asian countries to visit.

From silent service to feasting in a cave, these spots will leave you dazzled. If you’re hunting for unique places to eat in India or just a fun place to hang with friends, I’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into this list and discover where your next meal could be anything but ordinary.

The top restaurants to visit in India right now

Coolest places to eat in India

Ready to discover what India has on its menu? From silent conversations in sign language to dining inside a cave, we’re set to explore the country’s most extraordinary eateries. Join me as we uncover the quirkiest places to eat in India.

Craving authentic biryani served by toy trains? Or perhaps you’d prefer momos at the world’s highest restaurant? India has all of that and more. Let’s dive right into the best eateries in India.

1. Mirchi & Mime

In Mumbai, there’s this gem called Mirchi & Mime, where dining turns into a heartwarming exchange. The staff here are hearing and speech-impaired, and they’ve mastered the art of service through sign language.

It’s not every day you get to order your meal with gestures, but here, it’s the norm. The menu even guides you on how to sign for your favorite dishes, which means you’re in for a mini sign language lesson as a side dish.

I remember digging into the tandoori potato and paneer tacos, and wow, were they a treat! These dishes alone make Mirchi & Mime one of the best restaurants in India that you’ve got to experience.

I highly recommend booking in advance. This place is no secret to locals and travelers alike, so snagging a spot can be tricky but totally worth the effort. Plus, Mirchi & Mime is located right next to Powai Lake, one of the best places to visit in Mumbai. You’re in a great spot for a post-dinner stroll.

Mirchi & Mime is one of the unique restaurants in India.
Heartwarming dining at Mumbai’s Mirchi & Mime, with staff fluent in sign language.

2. Gufha Restaurant

Bangalore hides a quirky secret that feels straight out of an adventure book – Gufha Restaurant. This place takes the cake for being one of the coolest restaurants in India, thanks to its cave theme.

Imagine dining surrounded by torches of fake fire, intricate carving replicas, cobwebs, and even beehives decorating the walls. And yes, the staff dressed as shikaris (hunters) really add to the whole Indiana Jones vibe.

When I dropped by, the tiger chicken kabab, matka chicken, and tandoori roti were my picks, and they did not disappoint. Everything tasted incredible, and the service was excellent.

If you’re planning a visit, aim for a weekday. Weekends get packed, and you’ll want to snag a good seat to soak in all that cool cave atmosphere. Plus, their menu is pretty extensive, catering to both meat lovers and vegetarians alike. If you’re all about finding hidden gem restaurants in India, Gufha is your kind of spot.

Discover Gufha Restaurant, a cave-themed eatery offering an adventurous dining experience.
Discover Gufha Restaurant, a cave-themed eatery offering an adventurous dining experience.

3. Farmlore

Just north of Bangalore, located within a sprawling 5-acre mango farm, you’ll find a retreat that feels worlds apart from the city’s hustle. One of the best places to eat in India, Farmlore is the epitome of peace and quiet. It’s a scenic escape that offers something far beyond your usual dining experience.

At Farmlore, meals are a theatrical act, served as either a 5-course or 10-course adventure. The menu changes weekly based on the freshest produce from the farm itself or neighboring lands. Dining here, you’re in for a treat. Each dish’s preparation is shared in detail, highlighting the organic, top-notch ingredients sourced locally, some right from the farm!

Scoring a chef’s table is the cherry on top, where you can watch the magic happen right before your eyes. Remember, spontaneity has no place here; you can’t just walk in. Bookings are essential, often needing to be made three months in advance. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.

Escape the city buzz at Farmlore, offering a serene dining experience.
Escape the city buzz at Farmlore, offering a serene dining experience.

4. Kaidi Kitchen

Ever fancied dining in a jail cell? Well, Chennai has got you covered with Kaidi Kitchen. This place takes themed restaurants in India to a whole new level. You walk in, and boom, you’re in a mock prison, complete with bars, cells, and even staff dressed as jailers and inmates. The attention to detail is spot on, from the paintings on the walls to the overall ambiance that screams ‘jail’ (but in the most inviting way possible).

The twist? It’s all vegetarian here. And let me tell you, their butter naan and paneer butter masala combo is a game-changer. The naan is the softest I’ve had in ages, creating the perfect partner for the rich, creamy paneer butter masala. It’s a flavor lockup you won’t mind being in.

And when you’re done, I recommend heading to Foreshore Estate Beach. It’s much quieter and less crowded than Chennai’s famous Marina Beach. The perfect place to unwind after your meal in a cell!

Experience dining at Kaidi Kitchen, where the restaurant is transformed into a mock prison.
Experience dining at Kaidi Kitchen, where the restaurant is transformed into a mock prison.

5. Under the Neem Trees

Under the Neem Trees in Ahmedabad is a spot you can’t miss. The vibe here is incredibly peaceful. It’s all about choosing that perfect outdoor seat, right under the trees and next to a pretty lily pond. Imagine relaxing in a garden, flowers everywhere, while you dine.

Sitting outside, with live music in the background, elevates everything. They cook your meal right at your table, which is super cool. We went for the authentic Gujarati cuisine—think palak paratha and parwal veg. Delicious doesn’t even start to cover it.

A heads-up: book a table in advance. This place is popular for its unique dining under the stars. Believe me, you’ll want to end your day here, especially after wandering through Ahmedabad’s lively streets. If you ask me, it’s one of India’s best restaurants.

Dine peacefully under Ahmedabad's Neem Trees by the lily pond for a serene experience.
Dine peacefully under Ahmedabad’s Neem Trees by the lily pond for a serene experience.

6. Runway 1 Delhi

Runway 1 Delhi is your ticket to an out-of-the-box dining adventure, right in the heart of Delhi, one of the top places to live and visit in India. Picture this: you’re about to eat in a real Airbus A310. Yes, an aircraft turned café that nails the in-flight dining vibe without leaving the ground.

The whole setup is in Rohini’s Adventure Island. First, you get a boarding pass, just like a real flight. Then, the wait for your “boarding call” adds to the excitement. Dining options? You’ve got the whole plane, from cockpit to wings!

The feel of checking in, walking through an actual aircraft, and choosing your seat for a meal is surreal. After this meal, make sure to check out Swarn Jayanti Park right next door. It’s a beautiful spot to walk off your meal, and hey, it’s free to enter.

Booking ahead is a must here. It’s one of those fun places to eat in Delhi where demand is sky high. After your visit, tell me if dining on the wings didn’t just make your day fly!

Runway 1 Delhi is one of the unique restaurants in India.
Dine in a real Airbus A310 at Runway 1 Delhi, bringing the in-flight experience to the heart of the city.

7. The Black Pearl Koramangala

Ahoy there! Ever dreamt of dining aboard a pirate ship? The Black Pearl in Koramangala, Bangalore, brings that fantasy to life. This spot nails the pirate ship theme, decking out the place with statues and skeletons that’ll have you doing a double-take. It’s a blast, especially if you’re all about themed dining.

The food’s just as exciting as the setting. They serve up a buffet with BBQ, and the desserts are all pirate-themed. Plus, there’s a live grill and pizza corner to watch your food get fired up, right before your eyes.

If you’re looking for fun restaurants in India, you’ve gotta check out The Black Pearl. Trust me, dining here is one of those unique experiences you’ll want to brag about.

Experience pirate-themed dining at The Black Pearl for an immersive adventure.
Experience pirate-themed dining at The Black Pearl for an immersive adventure.

8. Ishaara

Ishaara in Mumbai is one of those places that makes you feel right at home, but with a twist. The space is bright and welcoming, with natural light flooding in and plants that just bring the whole place to life.

Here’s the cool part: the staff are hearing and speech impaired, so you get to order using sign language. Sounds challenging? It’s actually a breeze because the menu guides you through the whole process with numbers and easy directions for each sign.

Visiting Ishaara for the first time, I was a bit unsure how it would go. The vibe is so friendly, you’ll be signing away in no time. Plus, the live music adds a special touch that just elevates the whole experience.

Let’s talk about the food. The biryani here is something else. Absolutely packed with flavor, it’s a dish you’ll be dreaming about for days.

It’s a lot like Mirchi & Mime in this unique approach, yet each spot shines in its own special way. Ishaara finds its home in Palladium Mall towards South Mumbai, while Mirchi & Mime takes up its spot in Powai, to the north. I’d recommend both restaurants to anyone wondering where to eat in India for a unique experience.

At Ishaara Mumbai, feel at home with a twist in bright, welcoming spaces adorned with lively plants.
At Ishaara Mumbai, feel at home with a twist in bright, welcoming spaces adorned with lively plants.

9. Khmer Kitchen

Khmer Kitchen in Bangalore is your go-to spot for a dive into Khmer/Cambodian cuisine. Tucked away in what used to be the former residence of Girish Karnad, this place is a feast for the eyes and the palate. I particularly loved the lanterns and koi pond.

Inside, you’ll find lush greenery, soft ambient lighting, and stunning Cambodian architecture everywhere you look. I particularly loved the lanterns and koi pond. It’s a really charming place

You’ve got to try their Minced Pork with Na Tang and the Lamb Shank Saraman Curry with Khmer signature rice. Trust me, these dishes will transport you straight to Cambodia with just one bite. The flavors are rich, authentic, and absolutely unforgettable.

Here’s a little tip: this spot’s pretty popular, especially on weekends. So, a bit of planning ahead will ensure you get the best seat in the house. After a meal at Khmer Kitchen, you’ll find yourself already planning your next visit. It’s one of those unique India restaurants that perfectly blends history, ambiance, and amazing food.

Discover Khmer/Cambodian cuisine at Khmer Kitchen, with charming lanterns and a koi pond.
Discover Khmer/Cambodian cuisine at Khmer Kitchen, with charming lanterns and a koi pond.

10. Platform65

Platform65 takes dining in Bangalore to a whole new level with its train-themed setup. Here, your food is delivered right to your table on mini railway tracks. Yes, toy trains bring your dishes! Plus, each table is named after a station, adding to the fun.

The vibe? Absolutely fun and a bit whimsical, perfect for shaking up your usual dining routine. The food’s just as impressive, with plenty of vegetarian and meat options. It’s easily one of the quirkiest places to eat in India, offering a whole new twist on the theme restaurant scene.

After you’ve filled up on the good stuff at Platform65, why not keep the adventure going? Just a stone’s throw away, you’ve got the lush Bannerghatta National Park. One of the most beautiful places to visit in India, it’s the perfect spot to get up close with nature.

At Platform65, food arrives on mini railway tracks, enhancing your dining experience with playful charm.
At Platform65, food arrives on mini railway tracks, enhancing your dining experience with playful charm.

11. World’s Highest Restaurant

Eating at the World’s Highest Restaurant in Komic, you’re in for something amazing. One of the most unique restaurants in India, it sits at 14,000 feet in Himachal Pradesh. It’s special because Komic is the highest village you can get to by car. Up here, enjoying ginger tea and momos feels like a privilege, with the sky almost touching your shoulders.

It’s cozy inside, but sitting outside lets you truly appreciate the thin air and the expansive views. And the Maggi here? It’s something else, especially with those breathtaking views of the village and surrounding mountains.

Komic itself is stunning, surrounded by landscapes that make you want to explore more. It’s quiet, peaceful, and offers views that photos can hardly do justice. After your meal, the area around Komic is perfect for soaking in the beauty of the Himalayas.

Note: The World’s highest restaurant doesn’t have an official website, so I recommend using Google maps to find all relevant location info.

Dine at the World’s Highest Restaurant at 14,000 feet for a unique culinary experience.
Dine at the World’s Highest Restaurant at 14,000 feet for a unique culinary experience.

12. NAAR

NAAR in Himachal Pradesh, a short drive north from Kuthar, is like finding a secret. It’s a cozy place with only 16 seats, nestled among the mountains. Here, they celebrate local ingredients and cooking styles. Plus, they’ve got a cocktail saloon that’s just as unique as their menu, which, by the way, changes with the seasons to keep things exciting.

Sitting there, you’re surrounded by farms, with views of the mountains that’ll take your breath away. Add to that the chilling temperatures and the sound of wood fire crackling—it’s like a scene from a dream.

It’s around a two-hour drive from Chandigarh, totally worth it for the food and the views. Remember to book ahead. It’s a small but unforgettable spot for anyone exploring the best fine dining restaurants in India.

NAAR is one of the unique restaurants in India.
Discover NAAR for a cozy dining experience with seasonal menus celebrating local ingredients. | Image Source: https://elledecor.in/article/

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the quirkiest restaurants in India

Are you searching for more information about where to eat in India? Here are some common questions (and answers) I get asked a lot about India’s most unique restaurants.

What food is India famous for?

India is famous for its diverse and flavorful cuisine, with dishes like biryani, butter chicken, dosas, and samosas making waves globally. It’s the spices and the variety, from rich curries to vegan delights, that put Indian food on the map. I’d say, don’t leave without trying a thali – it’s the best way to sample a bit of everything, making it a must-visit in Asia.

What is the most eaten meat in India?

Chicken is the most eaten meat in India, hands down. It’s versatile and finds its way into countless dishes, from street food favorites like tandoori chicken to home-cooked meals. If you’re a meat-eater, chicken dishes here are a must-try. They’re marinated in a mix of spices that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Beef skewer with onion, peppers, Indian curry style
Beef skewer with onion, peppers, Indian curry style

Are there any Michelin star chefs in India?

Yes, there are Michelin star chefs from India, like Vikas Khanna and Vineet Bhatia, who’ve brought Indian cuisine to the global stage, making it a destination for food enthusiasts who fly to India. They blend traditional flavors with innovative techniques, creating dishes that are a feast for the senses. If you get a chance, dining at one of their restaurants is an experience you won’t forget.

Is tikka masala British or Indian?

Tikka masala is a delicious blend of cultures, with roots in both British and Indian cuisine. While it’s beloved in Britain and often considered a British dish, its flavors and preparation are deeply rooted in Indian culinary traditions, offering a taste experience worth exploring for those who fly to Asia. Think of it as the best of both worlds.

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