225 Unique Travel Blog Names: Ideas for Every Niche

by Global Viewpoint
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Looking for a unique travel blog name? An idea that hasn’t already been taken that you can use for your travel blogger site and social media channels? Keep reading to discover the top travel blogger names in 2023.

If you’re ready to start a travel blog, but you’re stuck coming up with a cool blog name, you’re in luck. Below is a comprehensive list of travel blog name ideas, which cover all niches in the tourism industry. This includes adventure travel, luxury travel, budget travel, group travel, couple’s travel, solo travel, family travel, woman travel, nature tourism, and so much more.

A fun and catchy travel blog name will get you one step closer to getting paid to travel the world. So, be sure to find a unique one that you can use for your website, Instagram, YouTube, and other social platforms. Think for the long term, too, as it isn’t easy to change names later on.

Be warned…these names will likely go quickly. So, be sure to reserve your domain name pronto! More details on how to do that here: 10 Tips for Starting a Travel Blog in 2023.

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Now, here are some unique names for travel blogs.

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Travel blogger names come in all shapes and sizes
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Tips for choosing a good travel blog name

Before jumping into all the travel blogger name ideas, let’s first discuss some tips to find the right one. Here are 6 quick pieces of advice to help you come up with a practical and memorable travel blog name.

1. Figure out which niche you want to focus on

While it’s totally acceptable (and encouraged) to write about a variety of destinations and travel lifestyles, it’s helpful to focus on a niche. Here are some questions that will help you narrow this down:

– What is your area of expertise in the travel space? What can you offer your readers that they might not know?

– Which type of destinations do you like to visit? (i.e. nature getaways versus city trips)

– Do you typically travel alone, with a partner, or in groups?

The goal here isn’t to pigeonhole yourself, but rather to find a place to start. As you continue your travel blogger journey, you will change and what you enjoy will change. The purpose of this exercise is to have some principal focus for your travel blogger name and the content you share, but to not paint yourself into a corner.

When coming up with a travel name, be sure to consider all the different niches out there
When coming up with a travel name, be sure to consider all the different niches out there

2. Avoid using numbers, special characters, or hyphens in your travel blog name

There are millions of amazing travel blogs out there, so if you want to stand out, choose a name that’s easy to remember. As such, don’t use any special characters, numbers, or hyphens. Not only is it more memorable this way, but it’s also easier to search for. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a brand partner with a travel blog with such complicated characters, so better safe than sorry!

3. Plan for the long term

Before choosing a name for your travel blog, think about your long-term goals. Where do you see yourself one, five, or ten years from now? What are some travel blog name ideas that you can grow into? Though you might be a budget backpacker in college right now, a few years from now, you may want to dabble in luxury travel. So, if that’s a possibility, it’s best to avoid names like “hostel world traveler” or “college backpacker.” Don’t pigeonhole yourself!

4. Stay away from clichés

To stand out in the travel blogger community, you’ll want to refrain from using an overused blogger name and instead, choose something more creative. So, instead of picking “Travel Blogger Jon,” consider something like “Jon on a Jaunt.”

In general, using alliterations and words that rhyme is a great option. Clichés and common blogger terms are not. Try to come up with a traveling name that’s catchy, simple, and relevant to your niche.

5. Action verbs can absolutely be used in your travel blog name

Descriptive, verb-driven names can very engaging and powerful. Some fun travel blog name ideas include “Lets go Everywhere,” “Exploring Albania,” and “Gallivanting Germany.” The idea here is to have the name clearly paint a picture of what the content is about.

6. Choose a name that is easy to read and pronounce

Hoping to come up with a cool travel nickname? Make it short and sweet. Ideally, you’ll want your keep your name under 15 characters and between 3-5 syllables. After all, you want your travel name to be memorable. If someone asks for your travel blogger name, you’ll want it to roll off the tongue and be easy to understand and write down. Don’t overthink it!

Find a name for travel blog in the sections below
Find a name for travel blog in the sections below

Travel niche ideas for your blog name

Before jumping into specific travel blog name ideas, let’s first cover the different niches to choose from. Here are some creative ideas for travel niches that you can incorporate into your blog name:

  • The Luxury Traveler – This niche is all about indulging in the finer things in life. It’s a great option if you love staying at 5-star hotels, dining at gourmet restaurants, and splurging on once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
  • The Budget Backpacker – Whether you’re a master at finding cheap flights, negotiating with hotel owners, and eating street food like a pro, you’ll want to consider this idea.
  • The Cultural Immerser – This one is all about immersing yourself in the local culture of the places you visit – learning about the history, customs, and traditions of different countries.
  • The Solo Adventurer – This niche entails traveling alone and finding your own way. It’s a great fit for brave and independent souls who love to forge their own paths.
  • The Family Traveler – This travel niche is all about traveling with kids and finding fun and educational activities for the whole family.
  • The Luxe Adventurer – This is all about combining luxury with adventure and roughing it in style (think glamping or luxury safaris).
  • The Sustainable Traveler – This is all about traveling in a way that is environmentally and socially responsible, and preserving the planet and supporting local communities.
  • The Digital Nomad – This niche is all about traveling while working remotely. It’s most suitable for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers who loves to see the world while still getting things done.

There are so many different travel niches out there, and the best one for you will depend on your interests, passions, and lifestyle. So get creative and come up with a wanderer name idea that truly reflects who you are as a traveler!

Best words to include in your travel blogging name

Looking for some travel-related words that you can incorporate into the name of your travel blog? Here are some top words associated with traveling:

Travel names starting with the letters A-G

A: Abroad, Accommodation, Activities, Adventure, Africa, Airfare, Airplane, Aircraft, Airport, Archipelago, Australia, Autumn

B: B&B, Beach, Bellhop, Biking, Boating, Bon Voyage, Booking, Border, Boundary, Breathtaking, Budget, Bus, Business Class

C: Cab, Café, Camper, Caravan, Celebrate, Circumnavigate, Client, Coach Class, Coast, Commute, Compass, Connection, Continent, Country, Countryside, Crisscross, Cruise, Culinary, Cultural, Culture

D: Day Trip, Deluxe, Departure, Desert, Destination, Diversity, Downtime, Dramatic, Dream, Drifting, Drive

E: Earth, Economical, Educational, Elegant, Encounter, Enjoyable, Entertainment, Environment, Europe, Escapade, Escape, Exciting, Excursion, Exodus, Exotic, Expat, Expectations, Expedition, Experience, Exploration, Explore, Explorer

F: Family-friendly, Fancy, Fare, Farewell, Fernweh, Ferry, First Class, Five Star, Fleet, Flight, Flight Attendant, Fly, Frequent Flier, Frugal, Food, Foreign, Forest, Funicular

G: Galivant, Gallop, Gastronomy, Gathering, Gear, Getaway, Gliding, Global, Globe, Globetrotter, Go, Gorge, Group Travel, Guest, Guide, Gypsy

Travel words starting with the letters H-P

H: Hedonist, Hedophile, Hideaway, Hike, History, Holiday, Horizon, Horseback Riding, Hop, Hospitality, Host, Hostel, Hotel, Hover, Hygge

I: Idyllic, Imagination, Impressive, International, Island, Itinerary

J: Jaunt, Jet, Jetset, Journey, Joyride, Jungle, Junket

K: Kayaking, Kid-friendly

L: Lagoon, Landmark, Landscape, Language, Latitude, Leaving, Leisure, Liberty, Lifestyle, Local, Locale, Location, Lodging, Longitude, Love, Loyalty Programs, Luggage, Luxurious

M: Mainland, Map, Marching, Marina, Meals, Meander, Memorable, Migrate, Moped, Motion, Mountain, Movement, Musical

N: Nation, Native, Natural, Navigate, Nice, Nightlife, Nomadic, North America, Northern Hemisphere, North Pole

O: Occasion, Ocean, Oceania, Ocean View, Odyssey, Outdoors, Outing, Overnight, Overseas

P: Packing List, Paid Time Off, Paid Vacation, Paradise, Parks, Party, Passage, Passionate, Peaceful, Peninsula, Peregrinate, Perks, Photography, Picturesque, Pilgrimage, Pilot, Planning, Play, Pleasure, Popular, Promenade, Province

Travel blog name ideas from Q-Z

Q: Quaint, Quality, Quest

R: Rainforest, Rambling, Rate, Recreation, Region, Relationship, Relaxation, Reservation, Resort, Restaurant, Retreat, Return ticket, Riding, Road-tripping, Roaming, Romantic, Round-trip, Route, Routine

S: Sabbatical, Safari, Sailing, Sanctuary, Scenic, Seafaring, Ship, Shopping, Shows, Sightseeing, Sky, Soaring, Sojourn, Solo Travel, South, South America, Southern Hemisphere, South Pole, Souvenir, Spa, Spring, States, Storytelling, Stroll, Study Abroad, Stunning, Sublime, Suitcase, Summer, Sunshine, Swimming Pool

T: Tennis, Tents, Theme Park, Tickets, TikTok, Time Off, Timeshare, Tips, Topography, Tour, Tour Guide, Touring, Tourism, Tourist, Trail, Train, Tramp, Transit, Transportation, Travel, Traversing, Trek, Trip, Tropical, Trotting, Tundra

U: Undertaking, Undiscovered, Unexpected, Unforgettable, Unique, Universal, Universe, Upgrade, Upscale, Urban

V: Vacation, Vagabond, Variety, Verdant, Videography, View, Visit, Visitor, Vista, Volcano, Voyage

W: Walk, Wander, Wanderlust, Waterfront, Wayfarer, Weekend, Welcome, Wings, Winter, Whirlpool, Wireless Internet, World, World-class, Worldwide

Y: Yacht, Year-round, Yoga, Youth Travel

Z: Zeal, Zest, Zoo

The best ideas for travel blog names are below
The best ideas for travel blog names are below

Registering your travel blog name

Again, as soon as you come up with a cool and unique travel blog name, I recommend buying the domain as soon as possible! People are buying up domain names all the time (including ones they won’t use) in hopes that they can jack up the price when folks want to buy it. Therefore, I would reserve your travel blog name idea as soon as you have it.

Now, without further ado, here’s a list of ideas for travel blog names (by category).

Before diving into new and unique names for travel blogs, here are some bloggers who are already established in the travel space:

– Never Ending Footsteps

– Nomadic Matt

– The Planet D

– Y Travel Blog

– Global Viewpoint

– Wandering Earl

– Smarter Travel

– The Blonde Abroad

– Adventurous Kate

– Hand Luggage Only

– The Barefoot Nomad

– Nomadic Boys

– The Professional Hobo

– Expert Vagabond

– Globetrotter Girls

– Chris Around the World

– The Broke Backpacker

– Landlopers

– Going Awesome Places

– Monkeys and Mountains

Unique travel blog names

From here on out, you’ll find travel names that haven’t been used before:

– The wise wanderer

– Gallivanting the globe

– The nifty nomad

– Sailing silently

– Chasing foreign lands

– The van vagabond

– Making friends everywhere

– Hitchhike Henry

– Nature unexplored

– Points and pints

– Remote Robert

– Chasing journeys

– Breaking barriers

– Olivia overseas

– Wandering worldwide

– Polaroid travel

– This girl travels

– Boho boy travels

– The expert backpacker

– Layover Louis

– The hotel honeymooners

– Seaside Sam

– The living world

– Life on the road

– Time travel Tom

Found a travel blogger name that resonates with you? Get the rights to the domain here.

Work from home setup
Work from home setup

Cool travel blog names

More travel blogger name ideas in 2023:

– All around the world

– Taylor the trailblazer

– The diligent drifter

– Jetsetting the globe

– Weekend wanderlust

– The curious couch surfer

– Emma’s expedition

– The Pacific pioneer

– Wicked wild world

– The unexpected journey

– Lonely trekker

– Gary the globetrotter

– Roaming the frontier

– Daring Daniel

– The intrepid vagabond

– Venturing the horizon

– Peaks and valleys

– The endless escapade

– Earth trippers

– Sunsets and travel

– Backcountry trailblazers

Found a traveling name that suits you? Buy the rights to the domain here.

Creative travel blog names

– The sustainable sabbatical

– The Globetrotting Gourmet

– Hit the road

– Captain caravan

– The nerdy nomads

– Live for the moment

– The green gallivanter

– Earth up close

– The barefoot backpacker

– Never ending journey

– The Cosmic Traveler

– Africa a la carte

– Up up and away

– The Traveling Truthteller

– Dreamy destinations

– The endless bucket list

– Bob behind the scenes

– The ordinary traveler

– Britney beyond the seas

– Travel photography blogger

– Wanderlust and waterfalls

– Greeting foreign lands

– Mister migrator

– The Nomadic Narrator

– Lost in the right direction

– Exploring far and wide

– The world is my oyster

Happy with one of these travel blog name ideas? Reserve your domain on Bluehost.

Creating content online while traveling
Creating content online while traveling

Funny travel blog names

Here are some funny travel blogger names that haven’t been used before:

– Yolo youngsters

– Getting lost everywhere

– The Wandering Wordsmith

– Hell ya adventures

– Never calm travel on

– Taste the rainbow

– Homeless hitchhiker

– Traveling til I die

– Woke in the wilderness

– Lost legends

– Traveling munchies

– The Accidental Tourist

– Dating around the world

– What a funny world

– Highway to nowhere

– Beers and broads

– The Bumbling Backpacker

– Always awake adventurer

– The broke blogger

– Lost in the wrong direction

– The Unlucky Nomad

– Time traveling twenty-something

– The escape artist

– Changes in latitude

– The Clumsy Globetrotter

– Off track traveler

– Fork in the road travels

– Runaway Ryan

– The itchy travel feet

– Traveling til 5am

– The Hilarious Hitchhiker

– Running out of countries

– The Traveling Trainwreck

Found a good name for your travel blog? Click here to get your website now.

Cute nickname ideas

– The endless passport

– Abroaden your horizons

– The Vagabond Vlogger

– Alex in wanderland

– One flight at a time

– Feeling home abroad

– The endless odyssey

– Eating chocolate everywhere

– The Journeying Journalist

– Tours and terrain

– Vagabonding with Veronica

– Chasing dreams and destinations

– Flying high in the sky

– Crazy for adventures

– The Traveling Tailspinner

– Never Not Traveling

– The expert time traveler

– Venturing through life

– My epic travel diary

– The Bohemian Explorer

– Life in a suitcase

– The traveling aficionado

– She was never homesick

– The Roaming Reporter

– Born to travel blog

– The insider travelogue

– Roaming beyond borders

– The professional backpacker

Decided on a trip name for your website? Get the rights to the domain here.

Family travel blog names

– The family airfare

– Married and migrating

– The mamas and the papas

– Two parents touring

– The traveling newlyweds

– Flights for a family

– The Family Tots

– Raising kids on the road

– The family escape

– Frugal mom and dad blog

– Modern family travels

– The Family Safari

– Ancestry adventures

– The relationship rover

– Family travel matters most

– The Traveling Troop

– Devoted dad travel

– Tales of a family adventure

– The Family Fun-Seekers

– Kid-Friendly Adventures

– Their travel diary

– The nomadic family

– Family meets world

Do any of these travel name ideas sound good? If so, here’s how you can register your website online.

There are so many unique names for travel blogs out there
There are so many unique names for travel blogs out there

Inspirational names for a travel blog

– Love is everywhere

– One country at a time

– Discovering the real world

– Soaring far and wide

– Senses heightened

– Open heart travels

– Get outside and inspired

– Sincere seafaring

– Creating memories

– The Explorer’s Elixir

– The traveling mind and heart

– Discovering the universe

– To travel is to live blog

– The traveling thinker

– Chartering a path

– Traversing the unknown

– Trials and travels

– Finding a happy place

– Sky high club

– Intrepid itineraries

– Lessons from abroad

Found a traveling name that suits you? If so, here’s how you can register your website online.

Travel Instagram names

Below are some travel Instagram handles and other usernames you can use for your blog:

– The anonymous adventurer

– Paradise on Earth

– The Traveling Tastemaker

– Flying with family

– Beers and backpacking

– The travel lady

– Marching around the globe

– Go fly with me

– The country hopper

– West Coast Explorer

– Personal items only

– Navigating the globe

– The permanent pilgrimage

– Jaunting far and wide

– Trekking the unknown

– The nautical nomad

– Braving the long haul

– Legends of the world

– Forever in flight

– The adventure quest

Like any of these ideas for travel blog names? Here’s how you can get your website domain.

Coming up with travel nicknames for social media is no easy task
Coming up with travel nicknames for social media is no easy task

The importance of personal branding for your travel blog name

When it comes to choosing a travel blog name, branding is crucial! Here are some tips for creating a personal brand as it relates to your blog name idea:

A strong travel brand helps you stand out

In the crowded world of travel blogging, it’s important to have a brand that sets you apart from the competition. A catchy and memorable blog name is a great way to grab people’s attention and stand out.

A strong brand helps build trust

A strong brand conveys professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness to your readers. By choosing a thoughtful and cohesive blog name, you can establish yourself as an authority in the travel industry and build trust.

A strong brand helps you connect with your audience

A strong brand is more than just a logo or a catchy tagline. It’s a way to connect with your audience and establish an emotional connection with them. By choosing a travel blog name that reflects your personal style, interests, and values, you can build a stronger bond with your readers.

A strong brand helps you create content consistently

A strong brand helps guide your content creation and ensures that all of your blog posts, social media updates, and marketing efforts are consistent and cohesive. This helps your readers know what to expect from your blog and makes it easier for them to engage with your content. To help you implement this, you’ll want to make sure you have a solid travel hosting provider.

So, as you can see, branding is an important consideration when choosing a travel blog name. Take the time to think about what your brand represents, what you want your blog to be known for, and how you want to connect with your readers. With a strong and cohesive brand, you’ll be well on your way to building a successful travel blog!

As you come up with unique blog travel names, personal branding is essential
As you come up with unique blog travel names, personal branding is essential

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on travel blog names

What are travel blog name generators?

As its name suggests, this is a tool that helps you come up with a unique travel blog name. All you have to do is type in relevant keywords and you’ll see a list of available travel website names. However, in my experience, the blog name generators don’t work very well and churn out irrelevant and awkward names.

Can I use a travel blogger name that is similar to someone else’s?

In general, I would advise against using a travel nickname that’s similar to someone else’s, as it may be challenging to build a distinct brand. For example, if you chose a name like “Nomadic Natt,” it would be difficult to differentiate yourself from the top travel blog “Nomadic Matt.” You are better off picking your own unique travel blogger name to avoid confusion and ensure that the social media handles are available.

Wanderer name ideas in 2023 come in many forms
Wanderer name ideas in 2023 come in many forms

What should I name my travel channel?

Looking for travel names for your website or social media channels? Here are some ideas that you can explore:

– “Wanderlust with (Your Name)”

– “Roaming with (Your Name)””Journeys with (Your Name)”

– “Globetrotting with (Your Name)”

“The (Your Name) Wayfarer”

– “The (Your Name) Nomad”

– “Discovering the World with (Your Name)”

– “Exploring with (Your Name)”

– “The (Your Name) Adventurer”

– “Voyages with (Your Name)”

Can I start a travel blog without choosing a name?

Yes – here’s how to create a blog using Bluehost even if you haven’t decided on a travel blog name: starting your blog with Bluehost.

I want my travel blog name to be SEO-friendly. Any advice?

Definitely! Consider using keywords related to travel in your blog name, like “adventure”, “explore”, or “journey”. You could also include your location or specific travel niche, like “The European Explorer” or “The Beachside Bum”. This will help make your blog more searchable on the internet.

Good travel names are not quick to come by
Good travel names are not quick to come by

Why is naming your travel website important?

If you’re looking to build brand recognition and have good search engine optimization (SEO), then it’s vital that you choose a relevant name for your site. Ultimately, you want to name your blog in a way that aligns with your goals and persona.

What are 10 synonyms for travel?

Here are 10 synonyms for the word “travel” that you can consider for your travel blogger name. You can come up with so many wanderer name ideas from these simple words.

  1. “Venture”
  2. “Explore”
  3. “Roam”
  4. “Wander”
  5. “Journey”
  6. “Peregrinate
  7. “Saunter”
  8. “Trek”
  9. “Vacation”
  10. “Tour”

Finding the right title for your travel blog

Hope you enjoyed reading this round-up of the best blog name ideas for travel! There are so many good and catchy names for a travel blog, so it can be a bit overwhelming. Hopefully you’ve found a travel nickname that can stand the test of time!

If you’ve found the travel blogging name you’re looking for, remember to register it ASAP before somebody else takes it! Happy travels! -Jon

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