The Cold Plunge Review (Updated 2023)

by Jon Miksis
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Looking for a low-maintenance cold plunge to elevate your mood, speed your recovery, and boost your wellness? The Cold Plunge cold water immersion tub can do all that and more. 

Cryotherapy and cold water immersion (CWI) have long been popular among professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts to relieve muscle pain, sprains, and swelling. Now, as more people have become aware of the many benefits of cold water immersion, the options are endless. This means more people can experience the many restorative benefits of ice bath recovery

While ice bath practices are centuries old, they are experiencing a renaissance. The increased popularity of modern ice baths can be attributed to Guinness World Record holder Wim Hof, whose method of breathwork and cold immersion went mainstream. Celebrities like Chris Hemsworth, Lizzo, and Tony Hawk have also posted about their love of ice baths on social media. 

As more celebs promote ice baths and their benefits, more ice bath products have become available. While some keep it simple, some are completely revolutionizing how we think about cold water therapy. 

With so many options on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This is why, as part of my own wellness journey, I’ve been testing various cold tubs on the market. I’ve tried out over 20 types of cold plunges, and The Cold Plunge is among the best. 

Are you looking for a cold immersion tool that world-famous celebrities can stand behind? If so, The Cold Plunge is for you!

Here’s everything you need to know about The Cold Plunge in 2023.

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A quick look at the Cold Plunge by PLUNGE

PLUNGE currently offers one flagship product, the Plunge, with various configuration options, including size and commercial use. For this review, I will primarily be talking about the standard Cold Plunge tub for non-commercial use. However, I will make note of the other features to give you a comprehensive look at the brand. 

The flagship Cold Plunge is a revolutionary cold tub that uses powerful cooling, filtration, and sanitation to give you cold, clean water every time. With a cooling system that goes down to 39F, it’s cool enough for the Ice Man himself. And because it’s an iceless ice bath, you don’t have to buy large amounts of ice to keep it cold.

In addition to the standard Cold Plunge, PLUNGE also offers a Pro XL model. This model is 3 inches taller, 6 inches longer, and 1.5 inches wider than the standard tub. The Plunge Pro Model also cools three times faster than the standard cooling system. This is a great option if you live in a hot climate and want to cool your water quickly. 

Looking for a cold plunge that can do both? The Hot & Cold Plunge offers heating capabilities in addition to cooling. This dual style allows you to turn your plunge into a hot tub with a max temp of 103°F.  

For businesses looking to add ice bathing to their wellness retreats, athletic competitions, or accommodations, the Plunge Pro Commercial includes a commercial warranty in addition to the pro features.

And if you’re looking to get your blood pumping and rev up your lymphatic system, the Rebounder will get you jumping. It’s the perfect addition to your post-cold exposure routine. 

The Cold Plunge tub can be used outside
The Cold Plung is PLUNGE’s standard cold water immersion tub. | Image source: PLUNGE

PLUNGE at a glance

Plunge is a company based out of Lincoln, California. They started making cold immersion tubs in 2020. While most of the world shut down due to the global pandemic, co-founders Michael Garrett and Ryan Duey found a way to bring wellness into people’s homes on a large scale. With the goal of creating an affordable at-home cold plunge, they set out on a venture that would make them one of the best-selling at-home cold immersion tubs on the market. 

The makers behind Plunge are very familiar with the benefits of cold therapy tubs. As a result, The Cold Plunge tubs are crafted intentionally with wellness in mind. They are engineered to be comfortable, insulated, durable, stylish, and easy to use without sacrificing effectiveness or efficiency. 

The product appeared on Shark Tank in season 13, episode 21, after about a year in business. In a short time, they went from manufacturing cold plunges in a garage to a full-size warehouse in California. This rapid increase in popularity was thanks to celebrities like Tony Hawk.

A Plunge Cold Plunge Tub with an iceless cooler
Plunge is available in the classic Cold Plunge or the Hot & Cold Plunge Pro. | Image source: PLUNGE

What sets Plunge apart from other cold plunge manufacturers? 

For frequent cold plungers, finding a reliable way to take an ice bath has been a challenge. Buying 40+ pounds of ice to fill a bathtub gets annoying fast, especially when you have to replace it daily. Other less permanent options can be equally tedious with the constant need to dump and refill the water.

PLUNGE offers a different, more permanent solution. The Cold Plunge is like having an extra bathtub at home. Only with this one, you don’t have to worry about refilling. Thanks to its circular filtration system and 20-micron filter, you always have cold, clean water at your fingertips. 

The Cold Plunge is also an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home or yard. Because it can be filled up with a simple garden hose, you don’t need to worry about any special outdoor plumbing setup. With its hearty construction, it can withstand all elements, rain or shine. 

Have you ever wanted to do cold immersion under a starry sky? Now you can! The built-in underwater light shines at night to illuminate the Plunge and makes night Plunging effortless. I recommend using the tub cover when you’re done. 

When the co-founders set out to create Plunge, they aimed to create an affordable at-home cold plunging kit. While not the cheapest cold tub on the market today, Cold Plunge is of great value in terms of quality construction and performance. 

How PLUNGE’s cold plunge is answering market demand

Cold immersion offers many benefits backed by science, ranging from muscle recovery to immune support. It’s no wonder, then, that cold plunges are the coolest thing on social media right now. And they live up to the hype. 

With its flagship product, Cold Plunge, the company isn’t just helping to answer the market’s ever-growing need for at-home cold tubs. They are also partially responsible for this growing trend of at-home plunging. 

If you live in a climate with cold winters, you can certainly take a plunge into an icy lake, but what about the rest of the year? Sure, you can fill a barrel, freezer, or water trough filled with ice, but there’s something different about having a dedicated cold plunge at home.

PLUNGE’s products are beautiful enough in their minimalist design to occupy your home or backyard. And they don’t retail nearly as much as similar tubs. While the standard Cold Plunge tub will run you about $5,000, other permanent solutions retail for $10,000+. Even the XL Hot & Cold Plunge Pro is a steal at $7,490, since you’re essentially getting two products for the price of a hot tub.

While PLUNGE may not offer an extensive lineup of cold plunge tubs with various designs and styles, it’s hard to improve perfection. The Plunge is a long-lasting, durable tub with the most important features. You don’t need an app, and you don’t need plumbing to use the Cold Plunge. Simply fill your Plunge up with a hose, turn it on, set your temperature, and start your wellness journey.

Ready to take a deeper dive into the Cold Plunge? Here’s what you need to know about this incredible cold immersion tub.

a Cold Plunge tub outside next to a swimming pool
Cold Plunge’s sleek design fits in just about any part of your home or garden. | Image source: PLUNGE

Highlights of using the Cold Plunge ice bath

While $5k isn’t exactly a “cheap” purchase, there is less risk for anyone considering purchasing a Cold Plunge compared to higher-cost ones. However, because this tub requires space and electricity, I really recommend this option for people who are experienced with cold water immersion and will use the tub more than sporadically. 

For dedicated cold therapy enthusiasts, the Cold Plunge has everything you need to elevate your energy, boost your performance, and relieve your stress. Whether you’re looking for an iceless cold tub or a 2-in-1 ice bath/hot tub combo, PLUNGE is a solid investment. 

Here are some of my favorite features of the Plunge:

– The Plunge is available in two sizes: standard is 67” L x 43” W x 24” H, and the XL is 73” L x 47” W x 28” H. The standard Cold Plunge has a water capacity of about 100 gallons and weighs 150 lbs when empty and 1,000 lbs when filled. I myself am 6’4” tall and prefer the XL model. I recommend the larger tub for anyone over 6 feet tall. 

– The Hot & Cold Plunge has a combination chiller/heater unit that gives you a 2-in-1 ice bath and hot tub. The Unit cools as low as 39°F and as high as 103°F. 

– The Cold Plunge doesn’t need anything fancy for setup. It’s truly a plug-and-play ice bath. You just need access to a standard GFCI 110 outlet inside or outside. The longest part about the setup is waiting for the tub to fill. 

– The tub comes equipped with a built-in filtration system that constantly circulates clean water. Ozone sanitation breaks down unwanted contaminates, and a 20-micron filter pulls hair, skin cells, and other debris out of the water. Additionally, PLUNGE recommends customers use Sirona Oxidizer and Sanitizer to help keep water crystal clean. With their water maintenance pack, you don’t have to worry about changing the water for six months or longer. 

The Cold Plunge can be used both indoors and outside. If using the Cold Plunge outside, its cover adds protection from weather and debris. 

– The built-in underwater light makes evening plunges much more enjoyable!

A woman relaxing in a cold plunge tub outside
Whether you like taking ice baths indoors or outdoors, The Portal is a perfect choice. | Image Source: PLUNGE

Who should buy The Cold Plunge?

– Plunging enthusiasts who are experienced with cold water therapy and want to take regular ice baths at home.

– Athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to accelerate their recovery and performance. This includes reduced pain and inflammation, increased immune system performance, and weight loss. 

– Cold water therapy practitioners looking for a permanent ice bath solution that doesn’t need ice or frequent draining/filling.

– Gyms and wellness center owners who are interested in offering ice bath services to their customers.

– Retreat hosts, event organizers, and Vrbo hosts looking for a long-lasting, durable cold tub.

– People who care about their health and are pursuing ultimate wellness.

Who shouldn’t get The Cold Plunge?

– Anyone who is brand new to cold water immersion and doesn’t plan to take regular cold plunges every week. 

– People on the fence looking for a budget cold plunge tub are better off with a cheaper alternative on Amazon

– Those with limited indoor or outdoor space may prefer an inflatable cold tub rather than the freestanding Cold Plunge. 

In addition to PLUNGE, here are the other tubs I recommend for cold water immersion:

Budget: $Ice Barrel
Mid: $$Polar Monkey
Luxury: $$$Renu Therapy

My tips for using the Cold Plunge

1. Upgrade to the XL if you’re tall:  If you’re over 6 feet tall, consider upgrading to the XL Pro. It costs more money, but the extra space will give you plenty of room to submerge comfortably. And since the XL automatically upgrades to the Pro version, you’ll have colder water 3x faster!

2.  Position your body for maximum benefit: The Cold Plunge has plenty of space for most people (especially if you upgrade to the XL). To achieve maximum impact of your plunge, submerge your body up to your neck. This will help stimulate the vagus nerve!  

3. Pick the right spot for your ice bath installation: The Cold Plunge is versatile because it can be used indoors and outdoors. You don’t need plumbing to set it up. However, you do need electricity (specifically a standard GFCI 110 outlet) to keep your Cold Plunge running. 

4. Take advantage of built-in financing options: PLUNGE offers 12, 24, or 36-month financing through Affirm. APR starts at just 0% if you qualify, so it’s something to take advantage of! Given that cold plunges are a big investment, a 0% loan with no credit check helps make this product significantly more affordable for more people.

someone soaking in a cold plunge tub with a view of a city skyline
Enjoy the wellness benefits of the Cold Plunge wherever you call home. | Image source: PLUNGE

Other things to consider before buying the Cold Plunge

In addition to the information above, here are some other important items to consider before you buy The Cold Plunge cold water immersion tub for yourself:

What comes with The Cold Plunge?

The base price for the standard Cold Plunge includes the following:

– A durable acrylic tub with plumbing attached to the back.

– A chiller with a circulation pump and water sanitation feature

– A spare five-micron filter

– Skimmer net to scoop up any floating debris

– Cell phone holder

– Insulated cover 

– Rubber duck 

How long does it take to set up?

Installing The Cold Plunge is easy (but heavy). It helps to have a second person help you lift and position the tub. All you have to do is find a sturdy surface near a standard GFCI 110 outlet, and you’re good to go. The longest part of the setup process is filling the tub with water. Keep in mind the tub weighs 100 lbs empty and 1,200 pounds when filled. 

How long does it take to cool the water?

The standard Cold Plunge cools down water at a rate of about 1 to 2 degrees per hour. The Pro, on the other hand, cools 3x faster at a rate of 8-10 degrees per hour. Once your tub reaches your preferred temperature, the water will remain that cold until you change it. 

Warranties and guarantees

Every Plunge comes with a 1-year residential manufacturer warranty and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The warranty covers defects in the structure, equipment, control malfunctions, and plumbing defects. For additional coverage, you can also purchase a 3 or 5-year protection plan. If you don’t love your Cold Plunge, you can return it within 30 days for a refund. 

Where to buy the Cold Plunge

You can buy the Cold Plunge and other tub configurations directly from PLUNGE’s website. They also sell useful supplies, such as a 6-month residential maintenance pack, neck pillow, snorkel, and a phone/tablet mount

Cold Plunge: ice bath specifications

Looking for some technical details about the Cold Plunge cold therapy tub from PLUNGE? Here are some product specifications collected together in one spot for easy reference:

Tank Dimensions:67″ L x 43″ W x 24″ H
Tub Capacity:100 gallons (850 lbs)
Temperature Range:39°F – 103°F (only Hot & Cold Plunge)
Electricity: CFCI required
Energy Use:4Kwh per day

Despite its budget-friendly price, the Cold Plunge offers a state-of-the-art CWI experience. Without a doubt, PLUNGE makes one of the best cold plunge products on the market in 2023.

My final thoughts on the Cold Plunge by PLUNGE

Whether you’re still learning about the benefits of CWI or have been taking ice baths for years, the Cold Plunge is a top-rated cold therapy tub. It offers durable construction, a sleek, minimalist design, functionality, and an affordable price. As someone who has tried many different ice baths, I have no problem recommending the Plunge to anyone looking to improve their wellness routine. 

Thanks to its simplistic yet beautiful design, the Cold Plunge can seamlessly fit into your space. Whether you’re adding it to a home gym, Florida room, or your back garden, the Cold Plunge tub will always look like an intentional addition to your space. 

If you choose to upgrade your to the Hot & Cold Plunge, you even have the added benefit of a two-in-one wellness product. Not many people have the space for a cold plunge and a hot tub. With PLUNGE, now you don’t have to choose between cold water and hot water therapy. You get the best of both worlds in one solid product design. 

Is The Cold Plunge worth it?

If you are looking to be more intentional with your wellness journey, ice baths are certainly worth your consideration. Cold water immersion has been shown to help with muscle recovery, stress reduction, and overall mood balancing. Not only do ice baths contribute to your physical health, but they also contribute to greater mental health. 

Buying a cold plunge is always going to be an investment, no matter which route you take. A cheaper tub, for instance, requires the ongoing investment of buying ice every time you want to take a plunge. So, when choosing the right cold plunge for you, it’s important to weigh all the pros and cons and determine what is really important to you. 

If you plan on engaging in cold water immersion or a daily or weekly basis, I recommend looking into a permanent cold tub. If you want something that is low-maintenance and doesn’t require frequent water changes, I recommend the Cold Plunge.

With a one-year limited warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee, trying out the Plunge at home is low risk with great reward. To make things even easier, PLUNGE offers financing through affirm. With payments as low as $174 per month, you don’t need to have a spare $5k to enhance your wellness journey. In short: if you want a reliable, low-maintenance ice bath that you can use inside or outside, the Cold Plunge is absolutely worth the investment.

PLUNGE – Company contact info

Want to get in touch with the cold water therapy experts at PLUNGE? Check out their official website Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram!

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