8 Cheapest Airports to Fly into Switzerland (Updated 2023)

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Exploring the serene landscapes and vibrant cities of Switzerland begins with choosing the right gateway, and finding the cheapest airports to fly into Switzerland can significantly enhance your travel experience. This guide aims to show you the various airport options, ensuring your Swiss adventure starts on an affordable note.

Switzerland is a dream with its breathtaking landscapes and buzzing cities. But before you start your adventure, a big question is: which airport should you fly into? Sure, you’ve got the big players like Zurich, Geneva, and Basel. They’re popular for a reason with tons of international flights. But if you’re hunting for deals, you might want to check out smaller airports like Bern or Lugano. Finding the cheapest airport in Switzerland to fly into can make a big difference for your wallet.

Thankfully, Switzerland’s got top-notch public transport and great roads, so even if you land a bit away from your main stop, the ride’s bound to be scenic and smooth. From the hustle and bustle of Zurich International Airport to the cozy vibes of Altenrhein Airport, each spot gives you a different taste of this awesome country. Ready to start your Swiss journey? Let’s go!

The cheapest airports to fly into Switzerland right now
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Now without further ado, here are the best Switzerland flights in 2023.

Cheapest Places to Fly to in Switzerland in 2023

Below are the cheapest flights to Switzerland from the US and around the world.

1. Zurich

Zurich is where modern vibes meet timeless charm, making it a perfect spot to start your Swiss adventure. Did you know that Zurich International Airport (ZRH) is often seen as the cheapest airport to fly into Switzerland from the USA? And while Zurich might not always be the first name you think of as the cheapest city to fly into Switzerland, with a little planning, it can be pretty budget-friendly.

Here’s a pro-tip: aim for spring or autumn flights. Not only could you find sweeter deals, but Zurich’s beauty shines with mild weather and fewer tourists around. Once you land, there’s so much to dive into – like dreamy lakeside views, the charming old town (Altstadt), and a buzzing arts scene.

Zurich combines modern vibes with timeless charm, making it an ideal starting point for your Swiss adventure.
Zurich combines modern vibes with timeless charm, making it an ideal starting point for your Swiss adventure.

But Zurich’s more than just banks and business. It’s a city that surprises, from lively food markets to peaceful walks by Lake Zurich, one of the best lakes in Switzerland. And if you’ve got a wanderlust itch to explore more of Switzerland, Zurich’s the place to be. Fancy a trip to Lucerne and its iconic Chapel Bridge? It’s just a short train ride away. And scenic spots like Interlaken? Only a couple of hours.

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2. Geneva

Geneva, nestled at the meeting point of the Rhône and Arve Rivers, is more than just a diplomacy powerhouse. Sure, it’s home to big names like the Red Cross and the United Nations, but it’s also a lively spot for travelers, especially through Geneva International Airport (GVA). With two buzzing terminals, GVA doesn’t just serve Switzerland—it’s also a gateway to neighboring France.

Among the reasons GVA stands out is its place among the cheapest airports to fly into Switzerland. Its prime spot and a mix of airlines, including budget-friendly options like EasyJet, give travelers a good chance of scoring great airfare deals. Book early or during sales, and you might be in for a pleasant surprise.

One of the standout features of GVA is its position among Switzerland's most affordable airports to fly into.
One of the standout features of GVA is its position among Switzerland’s most affordable airports to fly into.

Once you land, Geneva’s cultural treats await. Dive into a city bursting with art galleries, museums, and history at every turn. Wander through the Old Town’s cobbled streets, or soak up the modern buzz in the international quarters.

But Geneva is more than a one-stop wonder. It’s a launchpad to a bunch of cool spots, from ski resorts to the dreamy Swiss countryside. Fancy a quick trip to France? It’s right next door! Whether you’re thinking of Chamonix in France or a hop over to Lausanne, Geneva makes it convenient. And with the city center just a quick 15-minute train ride away, you’re all set for an epic European adventure.

3. Basel

Basel is where three countries – Switzerland, France, and Germany – come together. The city offers travelers a unique starting point via the EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (BSL). What’s interesting about this airport is that it’s jointly managed by both France and Switzerland, making it a hub of diverse flight options.

BSL stands out when considering the enticing destinations in Switzerland. Although the airport is in France, a customs-free road connects it to Basel, so hopping from your flight to the Swiss city is a breeze.

With an excellent public transport system, Basel can serve as your entry point to explore the rest of Switzerland.
With an excellent public transport system, Basel can serve as your entry point to explore the rest of Switzerland.

Because of its tri-national location and the blend of airlines it hosts, including budget-friendly options like EasyJet and Ryanair, BSL often ranks as the cheapest city in Switzerland to fly into. Its positioning, serving Basel, Mulhouse, and Freiburg, and the resulting competition often mean travelers can snag some great airfare deals. This is especially true when they’re flexible with dates and catch off-peak offers.

But Basel is more than just a landing spot. It’s a cultural treasure trove, boasting 40 museums, timeless architecture, and the scenic Rhine River. Renowned for its world-class museums and vibrant art scene, Basel’s culinary offerings are equally compelling, offering a range of flavors that beckon food enthusiasts from around the globe. And with a top-notch public transport system, Basel can be your gateway to the rest of Switzerland. It also offers opportunities for quick trips into France and Germany. Think of it as a Swiss holiday with a European twist!

4. Bern

While many travelers look for the cheapest airport in Switzerland, they often overlook Bern Airport (BRN) in favor of its bigger siblings, Zurich and Geneva. But smaller can sometimes mean better. Bern Airport, with its quieter ambiance, offers a peaceful and straightforward travel experience. And while it might not host a ton of low-cost carriers, keep an eye out for seasonal deals, especially during ski season. Booking early could get you a sweet deal.

Set against classic Swiss landscapes, Bern Airport is your gateway to gems like the Jungfrau Ski Region and Bern city itself. Imagine strolling through cobbled streets and soaking up medieval vibes. Imagine watching the Aare River flow, and marveling at landmarks like the Zytglogge clock tower and the Rosengarten. All this, packed in a city that’s super easy to get around, whether you’re there for a day or a week.

Bern Airport (BRN) is often overlooked by travelers seeking the most economical Swiss airport.
Bern Airport (BRN) is often overlooked by travelers seeking the most economical Swiss airport.

Now, when it comes to finding the cheapest airport in Switzerland to fly into, remember it’s about more than just price—it’s about the whole experience. Bern might not always be the lowest-priced ticket, but the calm, charming start to your Swiss adventure? Priceless. Plus, with its closeness to skiing spots and nature’s wonders, you’ll be diving into the best of Switzerland in no time.

5. Lugano

Tucked away in the scenic south of Switzerland, Lugano Airport (LUG) is your quiet doorway to the Swiss-Italian charm. Imagine landing with the grand Alps and peaceful Lake Lugano setting the scene. This smaller airport is a sweet starting point, especially if the lush and lively Ticino region is on your list where there are a plethora of things to do in Ticino to make the most of your visit.

Lugano, with its blend of Swiss calm and Mediterranean flair, feels like a dream. Think vibrant squares, green parks, and the captivating Lake Lugano. All of them are a testament to Swiss precision and a chill Italian vibe. Sure, the airport isn’t as big as some others, but it offers a smooth start, quickly getting you from the runway to roaming the city’s delightful streets.

Lugano Airport, despite its size and limited links, is a potential cost-effective gateway to Switzerland
Lugano Airport, despite its size and limited links, is a potential cost-effective gateway to Switzerland

Looking for the cheapest place to fly into Switzerland? While Lugano Airport might not be top of mind because of its size and fewer international links, don’t dismiss it yet. Catering mainly to domestic and a few European routes, you’ll find competitive prices, especially on flights within Switzerland. And if you’re traveling during the summer, keep an eye out for regional deals that can make your trip even more wallet-friendly.

Once in Lugano, you’re in for a treat with its tantalizing food, relaxing vibes, and heaps of lakeside and mountain fun. Plus, its spot-on location means you can easily hop over to other Swiss spots or even jet off to lively cities like Milan in Italy.

6. Milan

Just over the border from Switzerland, Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) in Italy is an unexpected entry point for folks wanting to check out southern Switzerland and the northwest part of Italy. Thanks to plenty of international flights and its close location to some Swiss hotspots, it’s a neat choice if you want to experience Switzerland but not land smack in the middle of it.

If you’re after the cheapest Switzerland airport to fly into, Milan Malpensa is worth a look. This is especially true if your trip includes both Italy and Switzerland. The airport offers several airlines, including those budget-friendly ones we all love. This means you can score a good deal and start your trip by hopping between two countries.

When the topic of the most economical airports for traveling to Switzerland arises, Milan Malpensa frequently comes up.
When the topic of the most economical airports for traveling to Switzerland arises, Milan Malpensa frequently comes up.

Now, you may be thinking. “Why fly to Italy if I’m heading to Switzerland?” Milan Malpensa pops up a lot when discussing the cheapest airports to fly into Switzerland. It’s close to the Swiss border and the Ticino area. With lots of flight options and deals, especially to other European spots, it’s a smart pick if you’re exploring the Swiss-Italian areas and watching your budget.

Kick-starting your trip in Milan? Get ready for awesome history, a buzzing fashion scene, and some seriously tasty food. Plus, places like the lake city of Lugano in Switzerland are just a hop, skip, and a jump away. So, you can easily go from Italy’s bustling streets to Switzerland’s peaceful views.

7. Altenrhein

Nestled in eastern Switzerland, Altenrhein Airport (ACH) is your relaxed entry to the dreamy scenes and calm towns of the St. Gallen region. It’s a bit of a hidden gem compared to the bigger airports in places like Zurich or Geneva, giving off laid-back vibes.

Now, if you’re scouting out the cheapest airports to fly into Switzerland, Altenrhein might not be the first name on your list. Its smaller size and fewer international flights can be deceiving. But, here’s the scoop: with a few European connections, especially from budget airlines, you could stumble upon some great deals. This is particularly handy if you’re set on touring eastern Switzerland or coming in from nearby European spots.

When discussing the most affordable airports for traveling to Switzerland, keep in mind Altenrhein.
When discussing the most affordable airports for traveling to Switzerland, keep in mind Altenrhein.

Beyond the airport, Altenrhein’s got a lot going on. Think gorgeous landscapes, historic charm, and cool local happenings. And while it’s not the busiest of airports, that’s a win! You get a stress-free start to your Swiss adventures.

When chatting about the cheapest airports to fly into Switzerland, remember to think about the whole journey. How easy is it to move around once you land? With Altenrhein, you’re close to some seriously stunning spots. This means you’re saving time, cash, and getting those picture-perfect moments from the get-go.

8. Sion

Sion Airport (SIR) in southwestern Switzerland is your direct ticket to the mesmerizing Valais region. Think of it as your quick pass to some of Switzerland’s most jaw-dropping views and top-notch outdoor fun. With ski resorts and the iconic Swiss Alps just a hop away, Sion has got your adventure cravings covered.

For those hunting for the cheapest airport to fly into Switzerland, keep Sion on your radar, especially if you’re planning a winter escape. Sure, it’s not the biggest airport around, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in cool deals. With a focus on regional and seasonal flights, you could land some great prices for ski trips or festive getaways. And although it might not have as many international routes as the big players, its seasonal flights can often be easier on the wallet. These reasons are what make it a top choice for alpine explorers.

Don't overlook Sion when seeking the most budget-friendly Swiss airport to fly into.
Don’t overlook Sion when seeking the most budget-friendly Swiss airport to fly into.

Sion is a city packed with history. Picture hilltop castles and the striking Valère Basilica waiting to be explored. And its prime spot in Valais means you’re smack in the middle of Switzerland’s legendary landscapes, ready skiing, trekking, or just enjoying the mountain views.

If you’re scouting the cheapest airport to fly into Switzerland, don’t miss out on Sion. It might be on the smaller side, but it’s a hassle-free and often more budget-friendly option.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Cheapest Switzerland Airports to Fly Into

This section addresses some of the most pressing questions about finding the cheapest airports to fly into Switzerland and planning your idyllic Swiss journey.

Which airport is cheapest to fly into Switzerland?

When considering the cheapest airport to fly into Switzerland, various factors come into play, such as the time of year, airline, and potential deals. Often, larger airports like Geneva International Airport (GVA) and Zurich International Airport (ZRH) might offer more competitive pricing due to the higher volume of flights and the presence of budget airlines to Switzerland. However, smaller airports like Sion Airport (SIR) or Altenrhein Airport (ACH) might provide seasonal or regional deals. These could be more budget-friendly, especially for travelers with flexible plans.

Which month is the cheapest to travel to Switzerland?

Typically, the shoulder seasons of spring (April to June) and fall (September to October) tend to be the most affordable times. During these periods, you might find lower airfares and accommodation prices compared to the peak summer and winter months. It’s also a splendid time to explore the country, with milder weather in spring and the vibrant colors of fall.

What is the best month to visit Switzerland?

September is often hailed as one of the best months to visit Switzerland. The weather is pleasantly mild, and the summer crowds have started to dwindle. This provides a more peaceful environment to explore the cities and countryside. Additionally, the fall foliage begins to appear, especially in the latter part of the month. This offers spectacular scenic views across the country.

How can I find deals on flights to Switzerland?

To secure the best deals on flights to Switzerland, consider being flexible with your travel dates and booking well in advance. Utilize flight comparison websites and set up alerts for price drops to your preferred Swiss destination. Additionally, consider flying into one of the cheapest airports to fly into Switzerland. They might offer more budget-friendly options or seasonal deals.

In this extensive guide, we've examined top airports for Switzerland travel, each providing distinct amenities, service, and travel quality.
In this extensive guide, we’ve examined top airports for Switzerland travel, each providing distinct amenities, service, and travel quality.

Is it possible to explore multiple countries when flying into Switzerland?

Absolutely! Switzerland’s central location in Europe and its proximity to several countries, such as France, Italy, and Germany. This makes it possible to explore multiple countries in a single trip. Airports like EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (EAP) and Geneva International Airport (GVA) are particularly well-positioned for multi-country adventures due to their location near national borders.

What is the most convenient airport in Switzerland for ski enthusiasts?

For ski enthusiasts, Sion Airport (SIR) can be a convenient option. This is especially true for those looking to explore the ski resorts in the Valais region. Its proximity to prominent ski destinations and the availability of seasonal ski charters make it a practical choice for those looking to hit the slopes.

How early should I book my flight to Switzerland to get the best deals?

It’s generally recommended to book your flight to Switzerland at least three months in advance to secure the best deals. However, if you’re traveling during the peak seasons of summer or winter, consider booking even earlier to ensure availability and competitive pricing.

Where is the cheapest place to fly to in Switzerland?

Switzerland, known for its stunning landscapes and high living costs, might seem like an expensive destination. But when it comes to flying in, there are some strategies to save a few bucks:

  1. Zurich: As the largest international airport in Switzerland and a major European hub, Zurich often has the most frequent and competitive flight deals. It’s a good starting point for exploring the country and has excellent rail connections to other parts of Switzerland.
  2. Geneva: Another major gateway, especially for those looking to explore the western part of Switzerland or heading to the French Alps. Being a hub for many low-cost carriers, you can often find good deals, especially from other European cities.
  3. Basel: Basel-Mulhouse Airport serves the tri-border region of France, Germany, and Switzerland. With several budget airlines operating here, it’s a potential money-saver, especially if you’re flying from within Europe.
  4. Nearby Airports: Sometimes, flying into neighboring countries like Germany (e.g., Frankfurt or Munich) or France (e.g., Lyon) and then taking a train or budget flight into Switzerland can be cost-effective.

Can I use Swiss public transport to travel from the airport to other parts of the country?

Yes, Swiss public transport is renowned for its efficiency and extensive network. Major airports like Zurich International Airport (ZRH) and Geneva International Airport (GVA) offer seamless connections to the Swiss Travel System, allowing you to easily travel to various parts of the country by train, bus, or boat.

Final Thoughts on Switzerland’s Cheapest Airports

Choosing the right airport can set the tone for your entire journey. With Switzerland offering a range of options from bustling international hubs to quaint regional gateways, every traveler can find their ideal starting point. Whether you’re drawn to the cosmopolitan charm of cities like Zurich and Geneva or the tranquil charm of smaller locales like Sion, understanding the cheapest airports to fly into Switzerland enables you to embark on your Swiss adventure with both excitement and financial savvy.

As you explore the picturesque landscapes, immerse in the rich culture, and navigate through the serene and vibrant regions of Switzerland, may your travels be as enriching as they are economical!

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