Best Things to Do in Uluwatu, Bali: 12 Must-See Attractions

by Emil Backup
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Are you thinking about visiting Uluwatu, Bali soon? Here are some of the most fun and unique things to do in Uluwatu. These breathtaking sights, activities, and attractions are sure to make for an unforgettable vacation experience.

Ahh Uluwatu—a name synonymous with golden sunsets, towering cliffs, and waves that dance to their own rhythm. Nestled on the southern tip of Bali’s Bukit Peninsula, this enchanting locale is a haven for surfers and nature enthusiasts.

With many things to do in Uluwatu, from surf sessions and ancient temples to local cuisine and the vibrant arts scene, every moment here becomes a cherished memory. Whether you’re a first-timer or a Bali regular, this corner of the island offers a unique blend of activities that seamlessly marry tradition with modernity.

But let’s not forget the culinary scene. Imagine feasting on freshly caught seafood as you watch the sky transition from shades of orange to a deep, inky blue. Or sipping on a cocktail at a cliffside bar, the ocean breeze gently tousling your hair. Uluwatu’s gastronomic offerings are as diverse as its landscapes, ensuring that every meal is an adventure in itself. I was absolutely blown away by the food during a recent visit there, and I’m sure you will be too!

So, if you’re yearning for a destination that offers more than just pretty Instagram backdrops, then Uluwatu should be at the top of your travel bucket list. Ready to explore? Here’s everything you need to know about these fun things to do in Uluwatu.

The best things to do in Uluwatu, Bali right now.
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Best Places to Visit in Uluwatu

Ready to jump into all the coolest things to do in Uluwatu? As noted above, there’s something for everyone at this exquisite vacation spot. So keep reading to discover all these unique Uluwatu places to visit.

Are you looking to surf the pristine waves and engage in thrilling surf sessions? Or would you prefer discovering ancient temples? Whatever you’re planning, these must-sees in Uluwatu can accommodate your needs. Here’s all the best attractions in Uluwatu that you should know about.

1. Uluwatu Temple

Where to go in Uluwatu to witness a spiritual site? Uluwatu Temple, or Pura Luhur Uluwatu is your go-to destination. Perched on a cliff 70 meters above the roaring Indian Ocean, this sacred temple is a spectacle that offers some of the most breathtaking views in Bali. As you walk through the intricately carved gates, you’ll feel a sense of serenity wash over you, as if the temple itself is whispering ancient secrets.

The real magic, however, begins as the sun starts its descent. The sky transforms into a canvas of oranges, pinks, and purples, casting a golden glow on the temple’s stone facade. It’s a sight so mesmerizing, you’ll want to freeze time just to soak it all in.

But that’s not all. The temple is also home to a troop of mischievous monkeys, who, despite their antics, are considered guardians of the temple. Just keep an eye on your belongings; these little guys are known for their thieving skills!

Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or someone simply looking to experience Bali’s spiritual side, Uluwatu Temple offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. It’s one of those Uluwatu attractions that you’ll want to revisit, each time discover something new.

Perched on the cliffs, where spirituality meets breathtaking views.
Perched on the cliffs, where spirituality meets breathtaking views.

2. Padang Padang Beach

Ah, Padang Padang Beach—where the waves are legendary, and the vibes are nothing short of magical. This beach is a surfer’s paradise, offering some of the amazing waves you’ll find in Bali, and a must-see in Uluwatu. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie looking to catch your first wave, Padang Padang has something for everyone.

The beach itself is a beauty, with golden sands and turquoise waters that seem to stretch on forever. It’s one of those unique places in Uluwatu where you can spend the entire day and never get bored. From sunbathing to beach volleyball, the activities here are endless.

Let’s get back to the waves. They’re the real stars of the show, offering a thrilling ride that you’ll be talking about long after your vacation is over. And if you’re not into surfing, no worries! The beach is also perfect for snorkeling, with a vibrant underwater world just waiting to be explored.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your surfboard or snorkel gear and make your way to Padang Padang Beach. It’s one of those Uluwatu things to do that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Padang Padang Beach: Paradise found in every wave and grain of sand.
Padang Padang Beach: Paradise found in every wave and grain of sand.

3. Suluban Beach

Situated between towering cliffs and lush greenery, Suluban Beach is one of Uluwatu’s hidden gems. This secluded beach is not just a feast for the eyes but also a playground for adventure seekers. From exploring hidden caves to diving into crystal-clear waters, Suluban Beach offers a variety of coolest activities in Uluwatu.

The journey to the beach itself is an adventure. You’ll descend a series of steps and navigate through limestone caves before the breathtaking view of the ocean greets you. Once you arrive, you’ll find a stretch of golden sand, perfect for sunbathing or building sandcastles.

For the surfers among you, the waves here are equally enticing but less crowded than other popular spots. It’s a fantastic place to catch a wave without the usual hustle and bustle. And if surfing isn’t your thing, snorkeling is another great way to explore the underwater beauty Suluban has to offer.

The beach transforms into a tranquil oasis as the day winds down, making it a perfect spot for a romantic evening. It’s one of those Uluwatu places to visit that offers both solitude and excitement, depending on what you’re in the mood for.

A hidden paradise nestled beneath dramatic cliffs, where azure waves meet golden sands.
A hidden paradise nestled beneath dramatic cliffs, where azure waves meet golden sands.

4. Nyang Nyang Beach

Are you looking for a heart-pounding adventure? Nyang Nyang Beach is among the best places in Uluwatu that you shouldn’t miss. Imagine soaring through the sky, feeling the wind rush past you, all while taking in the panoramic views of Uluwatu’s coastline. Yes, paragliding here is one of the coolest things to do in Uluwatu.

The beach is a launching pad for paragliders, and it’s an experience that will leave you speechless. The adrenaline rush is unparalleled, and the bird’s-eye view of the turquoise waters and rugged cliffs is absolutely mesmerizing. Even if you’re a beginner, don’t worry; experienced instructors are available to guide you through the process.

Nyang Nyang Beach isn’t just about paragliding. Once you’re back on solid ground, you can explore the beach’s pristine beauty. The soft, white sand is perfect for a leisurely stroll, and the clear waters invite you to take a refreshing dip.

With the sun’s descent, the sky becomes a painted tapestry of colors, forming an ideal backdrop for capturing Instagram-worthy photos. This stands as an example of Uluwatu’s attractions, seamlessly blending adventure and natural beauty into an exhilarating experience.

A secluded stretch of pristine white sand and turquoise waters, a tropical haven far from the crowds.
A secluded stretch of pristine white sand and turquoise waters, a tropical haven far from the crowds.

5. Single Fin Beach Club

When it comes to Uluwatu attractions, Single Fin Beach Club is a must-see. Perched on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, this iconic venue is the epitome of Bali’s laid-back yet vibrant lifestyle. It’s not just a place to sip cocktails; it’s a culinary adventure that you won’t want to miss.

The menu is a fusion of local and international flavors, offering something for everyone. From freshly caught seafood to mouthwatering burgers, the choices are endless. And let’s not forget the cocktails. Crafted to perfection, they’re the ideal companion for a sunset view that will take your breath away.

What truly sets Single Fin apart is the atmosphere. Live music and a bustling crowd are a must-visit. Whether you’re there for a romantic dinner or a lively night out with friends, the vibe is always electric.

As evening embraces the scene, the club undergoes a metamorphosis into a vibrant dance floor, where DJs weave melodies that sustain the infectious energy. Within these walls, memories find their form, tales are exchanged, and the very spirit of Bali is encapsulated in each passing moment.

Single Fin Beach Club is one of those places where you can truly unwind by the sea while also enjoying some lively nightlife.
Unwind by the sea while also enjoying some lively nightlife. Photo credits:

6. Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, or GWK for short, is a sprawling cultural oasis that celebrates Indonesia’s rich heritage. This 60-hectare park is home to one of the tallest statues in the world, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue. Towering at a height of 121 meters, a visit to this statue is a sight to behold and among the best things to do in Uluwatu.

The park is a hub for cultural performances, exhibitions, and even dining experiences. You’ll find an amphitheater where traditional Balinese dances like the Kecak are performed, giving you a glimpse into the island’s vibrant arts scene.

GWK’s focus on education and cultural preservation makes it one of the cool destinations in Uluwatu. There are guided tours that offer insights into the significance of the Garuda and Wisnu in Indonesian mythology. Plus, the park’s design itself is steeped in symbolism, from the intricately carved limestone pillars to the layout that mimics a Balinese Hindu temple complex.

GWK Cultural Park is a spot you won’t want to miss. It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Balinese culture while enjoying panoramic views of the island.

Golden sunset at Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, with the iconic Vishnu and Garuda statue. Among the best things to do in Uluwatu, Bali.
Golden sunset at Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, with the iconic Vishnu and Garuda statue. Among the best things to do in Uluwatu, Bali.

7. Blue Point Beach

If you’re an avid diver or snorkeler, Blue Point Beach is your underwater playground. This beach is one of the unique things to do in Uluwatu for marine enthusiasts. The water here is crystal clear, offering visibility that can make any diver’s heart sing. The underwater world is teeming with vibrant coral reefs and a variety of marine life, from colorful fish to the occasional sea turtle.

Another distinctive feature of Blue Point Beach is its easy accessibility. You don’t need to be a certified diver to explore its underwater wonders. Snorkeling is just as rewarding, and equipment rentals are readily available on the beach. Plus, the currents are generally mild, making it a safe spot for beginners.

Oh, let’s not forget the beach itself. The golden sands are perfect for sunbathing, and the towering limestone cliffs provide a dramatic backdrop for your beach day. There are also local warungs (small restaurants) where you can grab a quick bite or a refreshing coconut to sip on.

Blue Point Beach is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the diverse offerings of Uluwatu.

Surfers catching waves at Blue Point Beach under a clear sky.
Surfers catching waves at Blue Point Beach under a clear sky.

8. Tegal Wangi Beach

Tegal Wangi Beach is one of those best places to go in Uluwatu that offers a tranquil escape from the bustling tourist spots. This hidden gem is named after the temple perched on top of the cliff overlooking the beach, adding a spiritual touch to your visit. The beach is relatively secluded, making it an ideal spot for those who crave a bit of solitude.

The shoreline is adorned with natural jacuzzi-like rock pools, filled with seawater during low tide. These pools offer an incomparable spa experience, as you can sit and relax while the ocean waves gently massage your back. It’s a surreal experience that you won’t find at most beaches.

The beach is also a fantastic spot for photography. The dramatic cliffs, the azure sea, and the golden sands create a picturesque setting that’s just begging to be captured. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or just someone who loves to take Instagram-worthy shots, Tegal Wangi Beach is a canvas for your creativity.

Wondering what to do in Uluwatu that’s a bit off the beaten path? A visit to Tegal Wangi Beach should be on your list. It’s a serene haven that offers a unique blend of natural beauty and tranquility.

Exploring the best things to do in Uluwatu, Bali, including witnessing breathtaking sunsets at Tegal Wangi Beach.
Exploring the best things to do in Uluwatu, Bali, including witnessing breathtaking sunsets at Tegal Wangi Beach.

9. Pecatu Traditional Market

For a genuine cultural experience, exploring Pecatu Traditional Market is a must-see in Uluwatu. This bustling market is a feast for the senses, offering everything from fresh produce to traditional Balinese crafts. The moment you step in, you’re greeted by the aroma of exotic spices and the chatter of local vendors.

This market stands out due to its authenticity. In contrast to commercialized markets, Pecatu provides an unfiltered insight into the Balinese everyday existence. Here, a variety of vibrant, unfamiliar fruits, meticulously crafted baskets, and perhaps even local delicacies await those willing to embrace a spirit of adventure.

Don’t forget to haggle; it’s part of the experience! The vendors expect it, and it’s a fun way to interact with the locals. Plus, you might just snag yourself a fantastic deal on some unique souvenirs.

Here’s one of the many coolest things to do in Uluwatu that offers a slice of local life. Make sure to carve out some time for Pecatu Traditional Market. It’s not just a place to shop; it’s a cultural experience that will enrich your understanding of this beautiful destination.

Relaxing on the pristine shores of Pecatu Beach, is a must-do experience.
Relaxing on the pristine shores of Pecatu Beach is a must-do experience.

10. Uluwatu Yoga Retreats

If you’re yearning for a soul-soothing experience, Uluwatu Yoga Retreats should be on your list of coolest activities in Uluwatu. Secluded within verdant foliage and commanding serene ocean views, these retreats provide a haven for individuals seeking self-renewal.

You don’t have to be a yoga aficionado to appreciate the serenity that envelops you here. The retreats offer various programs, from beginner to advanced, and even some that incorporate Balinese spiritual practices. Imagine starting your day with a sun salutation as the first rays of sunlight kiss the ocean, or meditating to the natural symphony of crashing waves and chirping birds.

The instructors are not just skilled; they’re passionate about helping you achieve a state of inner peace. They’ll guide you through poses, breathing techniques, and even some local meditation practices that you can take home with you.

Yet, the true standout feature of these retreats is their wholehearted focus on holistic well-being. Many offer nutritious, locally-sourced meals and wellness activities like herbal walks or even Balinese cooking classes. So, it’s not just about yoga; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that nourishes both body and soul.

Basking in the serenity of Uluwatu Yoga Retreats, where the tranquil beauty of nature harmonizes with the inner peace of yoga practice.
Basking in the serenity of Uluwatu Yoga Retreats, where the tranquil beauty of nature harmonizes with inner peace.

11. Karang Boma Cliff

Where to visit in Uluwatu to see the panoramic view of the ocean? Welcome to Karang Boma Cliff. Perched high above the Indian Ocean, this cliff offers a view that will leave you speechless. The sheer drop into the ocean below is both exhilarating and humbling, reminding you of the grandeur of nature.

The cliff is a popular spot for photography enthusiasts, and it’s easy to see why. The way the sun sets, casting its golden glow over the ocean, creates a magical atmosphere that even the most seasoned travelers find captivating. And let’s not forget the dramatic cliff formations that add an extra layer of awe to the whole experience.

Getting to Karang Boma Cliff is part of the adventure. A short trek through a forested area leads you to this hidden gem. The path is well-marked, and the journey is as rewarding as the destination itself. Along the way, you’ll encounter local flora and fauna, adding another layer to your Uluwatu experience.

Pack your camera and your sense of adventure, and make your way to this cliff. It’s not just a place to visit; it’s a place to feel alive.

Perched atop the Karang Boma Cliff, a breathtaking vista unfolds, revealing nature's artistry at its finest.
Perched atop the Karang Boma Cliff, a breathtaking vista unfolds, revealing nature’s artistry at its finest.

12. Uluwatu Labyrinth

If you’re looking for the best things to do in Uluwatu, the Uluwatu Labyrinth should be on your list. This intricate maze is not just a walk in the park; it’s a journey into the heart of Balinese spirituality. Designed as a meditation path, the labyrinth offers a tranquil setting for introspection and spiritual connection.

The labyrinth is situated in a secluded area, surrounded by lush greenery and the soothing sounds of nature. As you navigate the winding paths, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world far removed from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Each turn brings a new perspective, both literally and metaphorically.

The distinctive aspect of this labyrinth lies in its profound spiritual significance. It’s modeled after ancient labyrinths used for meditation and prayer, making it a deeply enriching experience. Many visitors find that walking the labyrinth is a form of moving meditation that calms the mind and uplifts the spirit.

Keen to explore the spiritual side of Uluwatu? The labyrinth is a must-visit. It’s a place that offers more than just a physical challenge but a sanctuary for the soul.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Best Things to do in Uluwatu

Looking for more content on the top things to do in Uluwatu? Here are some popular questions (and answers) I get that will help you plan your trip to Uluwatu:

What’s the best time to visit Uluwatu?

The ideal time to visit Uluwatu is during the dry season, from April to September. This period offers pleasant weather for beach activities, surfing, and exploring the sights. However, consider fewer crowds and lower prices in the shoulder months of April, May, June, and September.

What do people do in Uluwatu?

Uluwatu is a haven for surfers, culture enthusiasts, and those seeking a serene coastal escape. Here’s what people typically do when they visit Uluwatu:

  1. Surfing: Uluwatu is renowned for its world-class surf breaks. The powerful waves and crystal-clear waters attract surfers from around the globe.
  2. Uluwatu Temple: This ancient sea temple, perched on a magnificent cliff, offers panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. It’s also the venue for traditional Kecak dance performances during sunset.
  3. Beach Hopping: Uluwatu boasts some of Bali’s most pristine beaches, such as Padang Padang, Bingin, and Suluban. These are perfect for sunbathing, swimming, or simply enjoying the scenic beauty.
  4. Dining with a View: There are numerous cliff-top restaurants and bars in Uluwatu where visitors can savor delicious meals while overlooking the vast ocean.
  5. Exploring Caves: The coastline of Uluwatu has several hidden caves that adventurers love to explore.
  6. Yoga and Wellness: Many visitors indulge in rejuvenating yoga sessions or spa treatments, with several retreats and wellness centers dotting the area.
  7. Shopping: Uluwatu has a range of boutique shops selling local handicrafts, surf gear, and unique souvenirs.
  8. Enjoying Sunsets: The elevated position of Uluwatu on the Bukit Peninsula ensures some of the most breathtaking sunsets in Bali.

How do I get around Uluwatu?

Getting around Uluwatu is convenient with various options. Renting a scooter or car offers flexibility, while ride-hailing apps provide easy transportation. Taxis and shuttle services are also available. Exploring on foot or by bicycle suits the local environment. Choose according to comfort and preferences.

How many days in Uluwatu is enough?

The ideal duration for a visit to Uluwatu largely depends on individual preferences and the kind of activities one wishes to indulge in. However, for most travelers, 2 to 3 days in Uluwatu is generally sufficient to:

  1. Explore the iconic Uluwatu Temple and witness the Kecak dance performance.
  2. Spend time at the various beaches like Padang Padang, Bingin, and Suluban.
  3. Try out surfing or take a beginner’s lesson.
  4. Enjoy the local dining scene, especially the cliff-top restaurants and bars.
  5. Visit local attractions and indulge in activities like yoga or spa treatments.
  6. Explore the local markets and shops.

If you’re a surfing enthusiast or someone looking for a more relaxed, extended beach vacation, you might want to stay longer. Conversely, if Uluwatu is just one of the many stops in your Bali itinerary, a 1 or 2-day visit might suffice to cover the main attractions.

Exploring the stunning Uluwatu Beach, where golden sands meet the azure sea, creating a picture-perfect paradise.
Exploring the stunning Uluwatu Beach, where golden sands meet the azure sea, creating a picture-perfect paradise.

Is Uluwatu safe for tourists?

Uluwatu is generally safe for tourists, but typical travel precautions apply. Watch for traffic when walking or cycling, be cautious with personal belongings, and use reputable transportation services. Respect local customs, follow COVID-19 guidelines, and stay informed about surf conditions. Overall, exercise awareness and enjoy your stay.

How to spend 2 days in Uluwatu?

Spending 2 days in Uluwatu offers a perfect blend of cultural experiences, beach relaxation, and culinary delights. Here’s a suggested itinerary to make the most of your time:

Day 1: Explore and Immerse

  1. Morning:
    • Start your day early with a visit to the Uluwatu Temple. Perched on a cliff, the temple offers panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. It’s best to visit in the morning to avoid crowds.
    • Take a walk along the cliffside paths surrounding the temple for more stunning views.
  2. Afternoon:
    • Head to Padang Padang Beach. This beach is famous for its turquoise waters, golden sands, and limestone caves. It’s also a great spot for surfing if you’re up for it.
    • Grab lunch at a local warung (small restaurant) by the beach.
  3. Evening:
    • Return to Uluwatu Temple to watch the Kecak dance performance at sunset. This traditional Balinese dance narrates the Ramayana epic with the backdrop of the setting sun.
    • Dine at one of the cliff-top restaurants, enjoying the ocean views and fresh seafood.

Day 2: Relax and Revel Uluwatu

  1. Morning:
    • Visit Suluban Beach, also known as Blue Point Beach. It’s a surfer’s paradise and offers a unique beach experience with its limestone caves.
    • If you’re into surfing, catch some waves. If not, simply relax and enjoy the scenery.
  2. Afternoon:
    • Explore Bingin Beach, another beautiful spot known for its clear waters and coral reefs. It’s quieter than some of the other beaches and perfect for relaxation.
    • Have lunch at a beachside café.
  3. Evening:
    • Head to Single Fin Beach Club for a vibrant nightlife experience. It’s one of Uluwatu’s most famous spots to enjoy cocktails, music, and sunset views.
    • End your day with a sumptuous dinner at any of the local restaurants, savoring Balinese cuisine.

What should I pack for my trip?

Pack light, breathable clothing suitable for Bali’s tropical climate. Essential items include swimwear, sunscreen, a hat, insect repellent, and comfortable footwear for exploring and beach activities. Bring a reusable water bottle, medications, and a universal adapter. Pack respectably for temple visits and consider a light rain jacket.

Are there any cultural norms I should be aware of?

Respect Balinese culture by dressing modestly, especially when visiting temples. Cover your shoulders and knees, remove shoes before entering temples, and avoid public displays of affection. Use your right hand for giving and receiving, and never point with your feet. Greet with a smile and show appreciation for local customs.

Is Uluwatu Bali worth visiting?

Absolutely, Uluwatu in Bali is a must-visit destination. Known for its stunning cliffside temples, world-class surfing spots, and vibrant nightlife, it offers a unique blend of cultural richness and natural beauty. Whether you’re an adventure seeker or a peace chaser, Uluwatu has something for everyone.

Is 1 day enough for Uluwatu?

One day in Uluwatu is a bit tight, but it’s definitely possible to get a taste of its beauty and charm in that time. Here’s how you can make the most of a single day:


  • Uluwatu Temple: Start your day early and head straight to the Uluwatu Temple. This sea temple, perched on a cliff, offers breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. The morning hours are less crowded, allowing for a peaceful experience.

Late Morning:

  • Beach Time: Visit Padang Padang Beach or Suluban Beach (Blue Point Beach). Both are renowned for their turquoise waters, golden sands, and unique limestone formations. If you’re a surfer, catch some waves. If not, relax and soak in the sun.


  • Enjoy a meal at a local warung or a beachside café. The fresh seafood in Uluwatu is a must-try.


  • Explore the cliffside paths around Uluwatu for more panoramic views.
  • If you’re into shopping, there are several boutique shops selling local crafts, clothing, and souvenirs.


  • Kecak Dance Performance: Return to Uluwatu Temple to witness the mesmerizing Kecak dance performance during sunset. This traditional Balinese dance, set against the backdrop of the setting sun, is a cultural highlight.
  • Dinner: Conclude your day with a meal at Single Fin Beach Club or any cliff-top restaurant, enjoying the ocean views and vibrant atmosphere.

What is Uluwatu Bali known for?

Uluwatu, Bali, is renowned for its iconic Uluwatu Temple perched on towering sea cliffs, mesmerizing sunsets, and world-class surfing beaches. The area also boasts traditional Kecak dance performances, upscale beach clubs, and hidden coves. Its blend of cultural and natural attractions makes it a standout destination in Bali.

Concluding Thoughts on Visiting Uluwatu, Bali

So, there you have it—your ultimate guide to Uluwatu places to visit and experiences that will make your trip unforgettable. From hidden beaches to spiritual labyrinths, Uluwatu is a destination that caters to every kind of traveler. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a foodie, or someone in search of spiritual enlightenment, Uluwatu has something for you. It’s not just a place; it’s a vibe, an experience, and most importantly, it’s a must-see on any Bali itinerary. So pack your bags and set your sights on Uluwatu—you won’t regret it!

Best things to do in Uluwatu Bali for all types of travelers.
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