7 Best Portable Saunas of 2023: Sauna Blankets, Tents, Chairs + More

by Jon Miksis
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The only thing better than having access to the benefits of a sauna, is having access to the benefits of a sauna anytime, anywhere. Think it’s just a dream? Think again. With the best portable sauna on the market, you can take your sauna with you anywhere. Planning a vacation? A business trip? A camping excursion? You don’t have to put your workout and recovery routine on pause. Check out my picks for the best portable saunas available now!

When I’m at home, I use my sauna pretty much every day. Paired with regular ice baths, it’s a key part of my hot-cold therapy regimen. The only problem with that is that, until recently, it was difficult keeping up with my regimen considering how much I travel. That all changed when I started exploring the world of portable saunas. Now I can maintain my health and wellness no matter where I am. It’s incredible!

Along the way, I’ve learned a thing or two about what to look for when shopping. Are you like me? Do you need something a bit more compact to complement your home’s indoor or outdoor sauna? Let me share with you my knowledge about the best portable saunas. That way you can find enjoy the same level of comfort and convenience that I’ve experienced!

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The best portable saunas at a glance

Highest Quality Sauna Tent: SaunaSpace Luminati Portable Infrared Sauna

Best Portable Sauna Chair: SereneLife Portable Therapeutic Infrared Sauna

Most Useful Sauna Blanket: Gizmo 3-Zone Infrared Sauna Blanket

Most Luxurious Capsule Sauna: Clearlight Curve Sauna Dome

Biggest Value for Money: Durasage Oversized Portable Steam Sauna

Most Complete Sauna Experience: SereneLife Full-Size Portable Steam Sauna

Best Sauna for Safety: VANELL Infrared Sauna Blanket

What are the Different Kinds of Portable Saunas?

How exactly do you make saunas portable? Just like traditional saunas, the best portable saunas come in many different shapes and sizes. No two are the same, so it helps to know what you’re getting into before you start shopping.

Here are some helpful descriptions of the four main types of portable saunas:

Sauna Blankets

Portable sauna blankets are heat-retaining wraps designed to cover your body. They consist of a heat-generating element, such as infrared heating coils or carbon fibers, embedded within the fabric. These blankets are typically equipped with adjustable temperature settings and timers.

To use one of these blankets, you simply wrap it around your body, securing it in place with straps or Velcro closures. The heat generated by the blanket helps increase your body temperature, induce sweating, and provide relaxation and detoxification benefits.

Sauna Tents

Portable sauna tents are designed like small enclosed cabins or tents. They are typically made of moisture-resistant fabric or materials like nylon or polyester. The tent features a collapsible frame that provides structural support and stability. The heat source in these tents can vary, with options including infrared heaters or steam generators.

When using a portable sauna tent, you sit inside the tent, which is spacious enough to accommodate your body comfortably. Once inside, you zip up the tent to create an enclosed sauna environment. Sauna tents often have openings for your head and hands, allowing you to read, listen to music, or perform other activities while enjoying the sauna experience.

Sauna Chairs

Resembling folding chairs surrounded by tents, sauna chairs and are designed to provide a sauna-like experience for your upper body. They typically have an integrated heating system, such as infrared heaters or heating pads, incorporated into the chair’s structure.

To use a portable sauna chair, you sit on it and adjust the temperature and other settings as needed. The chair generates heat, which targets your upper body, including the back, shoulders, and neck. Suna chairs are often lightweight, foldable, and easy to store, making them a convenient option for those with limited space.

Sauna Capsules

Portable sauna capsules are compact, enclosed units that provide a full-body heat therapy experience. They are designed to accommodate your entire body, allowing you to lie down comfortably inside. Portable sauna capsules often feature infrared heat technology, where infrared heaters are strategically placed within the capsule to emit radiant heat.

The capsule may have adjustable temperature controls, timers, and additional features such as built-in speakers for a more immersive experience. These capsules typically have zippers or openings to enter and exit. Portable sauna capsules are convenient for individuals who prefer a reclining position or desire a more enclosed therapuetic experience.

Note: It’s worth remembering that the specific features, designs, and functionalities of portable saunas may vary between brands and models. Consider your preferences, available space, and desired experience when choosing the most suitable portable sauna for your needs.

A woman standing on the edge of a mountain looking at the horizon
With portable saunas, you can enjoy the benefits of heat therapy anywhere, even when camping.

The Pros and Cons of Portable Saunas

Portable saunas offer the convenience of enjoying a heat therapy in the comfort of your own home or while traveling. While portable saunas offer several benefits, they also come with a few drawbacks.

With that in mind, here are some pros and cons that should be considered when buying even the best portable saunas:

The Pros


One of the significant advantages of portable saunas is their convenience. You can easily set them up and use them in your home, apartment, or even outdoors. They are lightweight, compact, and can be stored away when not in use. This convenience allows you to enjoy the benefits of a sauna without the need for a dedicated sauna room.


Compared to traditional saunas that require construction, installation, and additional space, portable saunas are generally more affordable. They offer a cost-effective solution for those who want to experience sauna therapy without a significant investment.


As the name suggests, portable saunas are highly portable. They are designed to be easily transported and set up in different locations. This portability makes them ideal for people who frequently travel or move residences, as they can take their sauna experience with them.

Health Benefits

Portable saunas provide many of the same health benefits as traditional saunas. They promote relaxation, help relieve stress, improve circulation, and aid in muscle recovery. The heat generated by portable saunas can also induce sweating, which may support detoxification and cleansing of the body.

The Cons

Limited Space

Portable saunas are typically smaller in size compared to permanent saunas. While this can be an advantage in terms of portability, it also means that there is limited space inside the sauna for movement and stretching. If you prefer a more spacious sauna experience, a permanent sauna might be a better option.

Lower Heat Output

Portable saunas may have limitations when it comes to heat output. Some models might not reach the same high temperatures as traditional saunas, which could affect the intensity of the sauna experience. However, this can vary depending on the specific portable sauna model you choose.

Less Durability

Since portable saunas are designed for easy setup and transportation, their overall durability might be lower compared to permanent saunas. The materials used and construction methods may not be as robust, potentially leading to a shorter lifespan or the need for frequent repairs.

Limited Features

Portable saunas often have fewer features compared to permanent saunas. For example, they may lack additional amenities like built-in audio systems, color therapy lighting, or adjustable seating options that are commonly found in traditional saunas.

7 Best Portable Saunas of 2023: Which Portable Saunas Should You Buy?

Portable saunas bring a whole new dimension of potential to wellness travel vacations. Are you eager for a way to incorporate the soothing luxury of a sauna even into your travel plans? If so, keep reading. From infrared sauna capsules to steam sauna tents and everything in between, here are my picks for the best portable saunas right now!

1. Gizmo 3-Zone Infrared Sauna Blanket

Price: $305

Capacity: 1 person

Size: 66” x 39”

Close-ups of the Gizmo 3-Zone, one of the best portable sauna blankets
The Gizmo 3-Zone Sauna Blanket is an exceptionally versatile and customizable product.

What’s better than a high-quality portable sauna blanket? How about a high-quality portable sauna blanket that allows you to directly target different parts of your body for rejuvenation? With the incredibly versatile Gizmo 3-Zone Infrared Sauna Blanket, you can do just that.

Whereas most portable sauna products can only heat your entire body to one uniform temperature, the Gizmo 3-Zone is designed with three independent heating zones: lower body, upper body, and waist area. Each one can be adjusted to reach temperatures between 86 and 194°F. This means that if there’s a specific part of the body you’d like to focus your recovery efforts on, you can do that with ease.

The Gizmo 3-Zone is manufactured from PVC material, which facilitates better heat-trapping. It’s also very comfortable, durable, easy to clean, and even easier to fold up and take with you anywhere.

2. SaunaSpace Luminati Portable Infrared Sauna

Price: $3,900

Capacity: 1-person

Size: 52” x 52” x 63”

The Luminati Portable Sauna, one of the best portable infrared saunas available
The Luminati stands apart, offering greater aesthetic appeal than most portable saunas.

The best portable saunas aren’t always about affordability. Just because you’re on the move doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a luxury sauna experience. That is, as long as you’re willing to pay for it.

Made from high-quality materials, including North American basswood, bamboo, stainless steel, and canvas, the SaunaSpace Luminati Portable Infrared Sauna stands head and shoulder above most heat therapy tents. In fact, SaunaSpace is so confident that you’ll love it (and that it will withstand anything you put it through), that it comes with a whopping 10-year warranty.

Though bulkier than most portable saunas, setting up the Luminati is still relatively easy, requiring no tools whatsoever. What’s more, its full-spectrum, low-EMF infrared technology enables users to work up a sweat a lot faster than in other saunas. Fortunately, that’s the only sweating you’ll have to do. Customers are granted a 100-day trial period, so there’s no reason to worry. If you don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund.

3. SereneLife Portable Therapeutic Infrared Sauna

Price: $199

Capacity: 1-person

Size: 27” x 31” x 37”

A woman using a portable sauna chair made by SereneLife
It’s easy to read a book or browse your phone while working up a sweat with this sauna chair.

Looking for a portable sauna chair you can rely on? Something that will give you all the benefits of a sauna at a fraction of the price? With the SereneLife Portable Therapeutic Infrared Sauna, functionality and reliability reign supreme.

With a maximum temperature of 140°F, this chair doubles as one of the best portable infrared saunas anywhere. A 1050-watt heating element allows the Serenelife Portable Therapeutic Infrared Sauna to heat up in mere minutes, and it also comes with a 60-minute timer so you can “set it and forget it.”

A pair of hand-accessible zippers make it easy to position your arms outside the sauna tent, meaning you can read, browse the internet, or enjoy a snack while you rest. The included seat also features a heated footpad for extra comfort. Add in some surprisingly sturdy construction and you’re looking at one of the heat therapy products today, bar none.

4. SereneLife Full-Size Portable Steam Sauna

Price: $269

Capacity: 1 person

Size: 35″ x 35″ x 70”

A woman standing next to the SereneLife Full Size Portable Sauna
Collapsible and convenient, this is one of the best portable saunas for travelers on the go.

SereneLife is the only heat therapy brand with two products on this list, and for good reason. The SereneLife Full-Size Portable Steam Sauna is everything the best portable saunas could and should be: inexpensive, convenient, and effective.

Designed to provide an experience as close as possible to that of a traditional steam sauna without breaking the bank, this sauna tent doesn’t cut corners. Its roomy 35″ x 35. 4″ x 70” dimensions provide enough space for user comfort without having to worry about hunching down or holding your arms in tight.

Likewise, a compact but high-powered heating element can be adjusted to reach temperatures as high as 122°F. Despite its impressive size and capabilities, the SereneLife Full-Size Portable Steam Sauna is affordable and transportable The collapsible design means it can be folded up and carried away quickly and easily. No muss, no fuss.

5. Clearlight Curve Sauna Dome

Price: $2,899

Capacity: 1 person

Size: 69” x 28” x 18”

The Clearlight Curve Sauna Dome, a capsule-style portable sauna
The Clearlight Curve Sauna Dome provides a premium experience for a premium price.

This is another portable sauna built to deliver a more luxurious, traditional heat therapy experience. A capsule-style unit, the Clearlight Curve Sauna Dome allows users to lie down and relax in a way that is unique from other products on this list.

A shining example of next-level form and function, this portable capsule sauna uses low-EMF FAR infrared light and a programmable timer to create a fully customizable experience. Furthermore, it’s manufactured with organic hemp and memory foam, giving you the perfect blend of comfort and support.

Of course, this all makes the Clearlight Curve Sauna pricier than most other portable saunas. But if you don’t mind paying a little extra, you can enjoy a superior level of relaxation on par with a professional sauna. Once you try it for yourself, you may never use another sauna again.

6. VANELL Infrared Sauna Blanket

Price: $135

Capacity: 1 person

Size: 74″ x 33″

A VANELL Infrared Sauna Blanket, one of the best portable saunas on the market
In addition to infrared heating technology, this blanket offers superior comfort and safety features.

Size matters when it comes to portable sauna blankets. If you’re looking for an extra-large blanket offering a high degree of comfort and superior heating technology, the VANELL Infrared Sauna Blanket is for you.

At almost 75 inches in length, this is easily one of the biggest portable infrared sauna blankets around. The exterior has been made with second-gen environmental protection Oxford cloth material that is both waterproof and odor-proof. The PVC interior is also waterproof, and the adjustable heating element can go as high as 176°F.

One particularly noteworthy feature of the VANELL Infrared Sauna Blanket is the security protection switch. In the event that there is any problem with the heating element’s circuits, the switch will automatically disconnect the line, stop heating, and sound an alarm. In other words, this is one portable sauna that provides both rejuvenating health benefits and peace of mind.

7. Durasage Oversized Portable Steam Sauna

Price: $164

Capacity: 1 person

Size: 31” x 33” x 41”

An oversized portable sauna chair made by Durasage
If you’re looking for the best portable sauna combing quality and affordability, this one’s for you.

The Durasage Oversized Portable Steam Sauna isn’t the cheapest product on this list, but it’s close. More importantly, it offers arguably the best value for money of any portable sauna on the market today.

Despite the Dursage’s modest $164 purchase price, this portable sauna chair unit uses a 800-watt steam generator that can be programmed for 60 minutes with its built-in timer. This allows the sauna to reach a max temperature of 115°F. The generator also features a special compartment in which users can add herbs or oils for aromatherapy purposes.

Made of polyester and PVC tubing, this Durasage sauna is impressively lightweight and easy to set up. The spacious interior provides extra room for comfort and movement, while front-placed dual pockets allow you to keep your phone, tablet, or e-reader close by for quick access.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the best portable saunas

Whether you’re a sauna newbie or a longtime user searching for portable sauna reviews before making a purchase, you probably have a lot of questions about the best portable saunas today. Below, I’ve done my best to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the best portable saunas currently available. I hope you find my answers useful.

Are portable saunas good?

Portable saunas have gained significant popularity in recent years, and rightfully so! These compact marvels offer a unique and convenient way to enjoy the many benefits of sauna therapy, even in the comfort of your own home or on the go. So, are portable saunas good? Let’s dive into their qualities and specifications to understand why they are an excellent choice for sauna enthusiasts.

Understanding the portability of these types of saunas

First and foremost, portability is the key advantage of these saunas. Unlike traditional saunas that require dedicated space and installation, portable saunas offer flexibility and versatility. They are designed to be lightweight, compact, and easily movable. Whether you live in a small apartment or travel frequently, portable saunas allow you to indulge in the sauna experience without any limitations.

Easy setup and usage

Another notable benefit is their ease of setup and use. Portable saunas typically come as a complete package, including a foldable sauna tent, a heat source such as infrared panels or steam generators, and various accessories. Setting up these saunas is a breeze, requiring minimal assembly and no permanent fixtures. Within minutes, you can turn any space into a cozy sauna oasis.

Heat and durability of portable saunas

When it comes to heating, portable saunas often utilize infrared technology. Infrared saunas emit radiant heat that directly warms your body without significantly heating the surrounding air. This efficient heat transfer promotes sweating and offers numerous benefits. This includes improved circulation, detoxification, pain relief, and relaxation. Infrared saunas are also known to operate at lower temperatures compared to traditional saunas, making them more accessible to a wider range of users.

Durability is a crucial factor to consider in any sauna, and portable saunas are no exception. High-quality portable saunas are constructed with sturdy frames and durable materials to ensure longevity. However, it’s essential to research and choose a reputable brand that provides reliable craftsmanship and warranties to guarantee your investment lasts for years to come.

Features of portable saunas on the market

Furthermore, portable saunas often come equipped with convenient features to enhance your sauna experience. These can include adjustable temperature settings, timers, interior lighting, and even built-in sound systems. Such features allow you to personalize your sauna sessions and create a soothing ambiance that enhances relaxation and rejuvenation.

One aspect to keep in mind is the size limitation of portable saunas. Due to their compact nature, they may not provide the same spaciousness as traditional saunas. However, this is a trade-off for their portability and convenience. If you value mobility and the ability to use your sauna anywhere, the slight reduction in space may be a small compromise to make.

In conclusion, portable saunas are indeed a fantastic option for sauna enthusiasts. Their portability, easy setup, infrared heating technology, durability, and additional features make them a valuable addition to any wellness routine. Whether you want to enjoy a sauna session in your living room, take it outdoors, or even bring it along on your travels, portable saunas offer the perfect solution to enjoy the many health benefits and relaxation of sauna therapy wherever and whenever you desire.

What are the health benefits of portable saunas?

Portable saunas offer a range of health benefits. They promote relaxation and stress relief by creating a soothing environment that helps reduce anxiety and improve overall mood. The heat and warmth of the sauna induce a state of relaxation, allowing you to unwind and find relief from daily stressors.

Using a portable sauna can also aid in detoxification. The elevated temperature causes sweating, which helps eliminate toxins from the body through the skin. This process can leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

The heat generated by portable saunas improves circulation, as well. It causes blood vessels to dilate, enhancing blood flow throughout the body. This improved circulation can potentially benefit cardiovascular health and promote better oxygenation of tissues, contributing to overall well-being.

Probably the most popular use of portable saunas is to aid in muscle recovery and pain relief. The warmth helps relax muscles, alleviate tension, and reduce soreness. It can be particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing muscle aches or joint discomfort.

Another benefit is improved skin health. The heat and sweating in a portable sauna help open up pores, remove impurities, and promote healthier-looking skin. This can contribute to a clearer complexion and a healthy glow. With all these benefits in mind, it should be clear that incorporating the best personal saunas into your routine can contribute to a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle.

A group of people jogging in a meadow
After a healthy workout, there’s no better way to recover than in a sauna.

Do portable saunas work as well as traditional saunas?

The best portable saunas can provide similar benefits to traditional saunas, but their effectiveness may vary from product to product. While traditional saunas are typically larger and use higher heat levels, portable saunas are designed to be compact and offer a more portable and convenient option for home use. 

In terms of heat and temperature, traditional saunas often reach higher temperatures due to their larger size and use of powerful heaters. The higher heat levels in traditional saunas can lead to more intense sweating and potentially a greater sense of relaxation.

However, many of the best portable saunas can still generate significant heat and create a similar heat therapy experience, albeit at lower temperatures. While the heat intensity may differ, the basic mechanisms of sauna therapy remain the same.

The effectiveness of a sauna experience, whether portable or traditional, also depends on personal preferences. Some individuals may prefer the spaciousness and higher heat levels of traditional saunas, while others may find the convenience of the portable versions more appealing. Both options can provide relaxation and various health benefits.

Ultimately, though, it doesn’t pay to skimp when buying a portable sauna; stick to the best portable saunas to ensure effectiveness.

Are portable saunas safe?

Portable saunas are perfectly safe when used properly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. That said, it’s important to take certain precautions to ensure safety:

  • Read and Follow Instructions: Carefully read and understand the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Follow all guidelines regarding setup, usage, temperature settings, and recommended session durations.
  • Use on a Flat, Stable Surface: Set up the portable sauna on a flat and stable surface to prevent any potential accidents or tipping over during use.
  • Stay Hydrated: Ensure that you drink an adequate amount of water before, during, and after using the sauna to stay hydrated. Sweating can cause fluid loss, and proper hydration is essential for your well-being.
  • Avoid Overheating: Pay attention to your body’s signals and avoid staying in the sauna for an excessive amount of time or using excessively high heat settings. If you feel lightheaded, dizzy, or unwell, exit the sauna immediately.
  • Avoid Using Alone: It’s generally recommended to use a portable sauna when someone else is present, especially if you’re new to the process. This can ensure that someone can assist you if any issues arise.
  • Keep It Clean: Regularly clean your portable sauna to maintain hygiene and prevent the growth of bacteria or mold. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Check for Safety Certifications: Before purchasing any portable sauna, check if it has undergone proper safety certifications to ensure its compliance with relevant standards.

If you have any underlying health conditions or concerns, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using the best portable sauna to ensure it is safe for you.

A man and a woman relaxing in a sauna
Wellness enthusiasts no longer have to go to a professional sauna to get a true sauna experience.

How much does a portable sauna cost?

The cost of a portable sauna can vary depending on several factors such as the brand, size, materials used, heating technology, and additional features. On average, you can expect to find portable saunas in a price range of $100 to $500.

Lower-priced options usually consist of simple and compact designs with basic features, such as a foldable sauna tent and a heating element. These saunas are more budget-friendly and provide a cost-effective way to experience the benefits of sauna therapy.

On the other hand, higher-priced portable saunas often offer more advanced features, such as adjustable temperature settings, timers, digital controls, and even built-in sound systems. They may also incorporate premium materials, sturdier construction, and improved heat distribution. These portable saunas cater to those who seek a more luxurious and customizable sauna experience.

Remember, investing in a reputable brand is essential to ensure the quality, durability, and safety of your portable sauna. Additionally, it’s worth considering any warranties or customer support provided by the manufacturer to protect your investment in the long run.

What are the differences between infrared and steam portable saunas?

The best infrared portable saunas and the best steam portable saunas differ primarily in the way they generate heat and the type of heat they emit. Here’s a helpful breakdown of their main differences:

  • Heat Generation: Infrared saunas use infrared heaters or panels to emit infrared light, which directly heats your body without significantly raising the temperature of the surrounding air. On the other hand, steam saunas rely on heating elements to heat water, creating steam that raises the overall temperature within the sauna.
  • Temperature: Infrared saunas typically operate at lower temperatures, usually between 120°F (49°C) to 150°F (66°C), while steam saunas can reach higher temperatures, ranging from 150°F (66°C) to 190°F (88°C) or more.
  • Humidity: Infrared saunas produce very little humidity since they primarily focus on heating your body using infrared radiation. In contrast, steam saunas create a humid environment due to the water being heated to produce steam.
  • Heating Time: Infrared saunas usually have a quicker heating time compared to steam saunas. Infrared heaters can reach their desired temperature in a matter of minutes, while steam saunas may require more time to heat the water and generate steam.
  • Sensation: Infrared saunas emit a dry heat that feels similar to being in the sun, warming your body directly. Steam saunas, as the name suggests, have a moist environment due to the presence of steam, which can create a different sensation and level of comfort.
  • Setup and Maintenance: Infrared saunas are generally easier to set up and maintain since they do not require water connections or regular refilling like steam saunas. Steam saunas may need additional care to ensure proper water levels and prevent issues like limescale buildup.

How long should you stay inside a portable sauna?

The duration of each session can vary depending on individual tolerance, and health status. If you’re new to using the best portable saunas, I recommended starting with shorter sessions, around 10-15 minutes. This allows your body to gradually acclimate to the heat. As you become more comfortable, you can gradually increase the duration of your sessions by a few minutes at a time.

For regular users, sessions of 20-30 minutes are typically considered sufficient. However, it’s important to pay attention to your body’s signals and adjust the duration based on your comfort level. If you feel lightheaded, dizzy, or unwell, exit the sauna as soon as possible.

It is crucial to stay hydrated before, during, and after using a portable sauna. Drinking water before your session and having fluids readily available to replenish the fluids lost through sweating is important. Individual heat sensitivity and the temperature setting of your portable sauna should also be considered. Higher temperatures usually mean shorter sessions, while lower temperatures allow for longer sessions.

Are portable saunas expensive to run?

Portable saunas, particularly those that utilize infrared heating technology, are generally more energy-efficient compared to traditional saunas. This means they tend to be less expensive to run. The operating cost of a portable sauna depends on factors such as the power consumption of the heating elements and the duration and frequency of use.

Infrared portable saunas typically use low-wattage heating panels, which consume less electricity compared to the high-temperature heaters found in traditional saunas. This allows for a more efficient heat transfer, minimizing energy waste. Additionally, portable saunas often have built-in timers and automatic shut-off features, allowing you to set specific session durations and prevent unnecessary energy consumption.

To reduce operating costs further, you can consider using your portable sauna in conjunction with energy-saving practices. For example, you can preheat the sauna before entering, insulate the area around the sauna to retain heat, and avoid excessive sauna temperatures that may require more energy to maintain.

Overall, while the cost of running a portable sauna will vary depending on your specific usage patterns, their energy-efficient design and features make them a cost-effective option for enjoying the benefits of sauna therapy without breaking the bank.

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