10 Best Airlines to Fly to Taiwan (Updated 2024)

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Planning a trip to Taiwan in 2024 and searching for the top airlines? We’ve meticulously reviewed over 150 airports globally to present you with airlines that excel in affordability, onboard comforts, and customer satisfaction. Let’s discover these best airlines to fly to Taiwan right now!

Embarking on a journey to Taiwan? The key to a memorable trip lies in selecting the right airline. Taiwan, a land of contrasts, offers vibrant cityscapes and serene natural beauty, making it a must-visit destination. To start your adventure, choosing the best airlines to fly to Taiwan is crucial. They promise not just a means to reach your destination, but a part of the experience itself.

Consider this: The joy of travel begins the moment you board the plane. Picture yourself settling into a comfortable seat, with attentive service and top-notch amenities that set the tone for your Taiwanese adventure. It’s not just about the destination; it’s about the journey. These airlines don’t just transport you; they transform your travel experience.

Selecting the right airline can make a significant difference. With customer-focused services, these airlines understand the nuances of a traveler’s needs. Whether it’s extra legroom, gourmet meals, or in-flight entertainment, they ensure your journey to Taiwan is as enjoyable as the destination itself.

So, as you plan your Taiwanese escapade, remember that the choice of airline is more than a practical decision—it’s the beginning of your adventure. The best airlines to fly to Taiwan offer more than just travel; they offer a gateway to an unforgettable experience. Get ready to embark on a journey that starts with comfort and style, setting the stage for the wonders that Taiwan has to offer.

Best Airlines to Fly to Taiwan right now

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Now, let’s dive into the 10 best airlines to fly to Taiwan in 2024.

1. China Airlines

Embark on a journey with China Airlines, where the essence of Taiwanese hospitality shines through every aspect of your flight. Not only does this airline connect you to major destinations across Asia, North America, and Europe, but it also offers a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Taiwan.

In the skies, China Airlines stands out with its unique blend of traditional aesthetics and modern comforts. Passengers are treated to a luxurious experience, with spacious seating, gourmet dining, and an impressive entertainment selection. This airline takes pride in its cultural roots, often showcasing local art and cuisine onboard.

Budget-conscious travelers, rejoice! China Airlines frequently offers attractive deals, making it a top pick for savvy adventurers. Their competitive pricing, coupled with top-tier service, ensures a value-packed journey to your desired destination.

The airline’s main hub, located at the bustling Taoyuan International Airport, serves as a gateway to the world. From here, explore the globe with ease, thanks to their extensive network. Whether it’s a business trip to Asia or a leisurely vacation, China Airlines caters to all travel needs.

What truly sets China Airlines apart is its commitment to sustainability. Their efforts in reducing carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly practices have been recognized globally, making them a responsible choice for the eco-conscious traveler.

Take off on an adventure with China Airlines, where the spirit of Taiwanese warmth infuses every facet of your travel.
Take off on an adventure with China Airlines, where the spirit of Taiwanese warmth infuses every facet of your travel.

2. EVA Air

When it comes to choosing the best airlines to Taiwan, EVA Air emerges as a front-runner. Renowned for its exceptional service, this airline turns every journey into a memorable experience. With routes spanning across Asia, North America, and Europe, EVA Air connects travelers to Taiwan’s wonders and beyond.

What truly sets EVA Air apart is its relentless pursuit of excellence. Each flight is a testament to their commitment, offering comfort and style in equal measure. The cabins are designed for relaxation, and the in-flight meals, curated by top chefs, add a gourmet touch to your travel.

Travelers seeking a blend of luxury and value find solace in EVA Air’s offerings. Their regular promotions and deals cater to both budget-friendly and upscale preferences, making it a versatile choice for various travelers.

EVA Air’s hub, the dynamic Taoyuan International Airport, is not just a transit point but a part of the journey. This well-connected airport makes navigating to and from Taiwan a breeze, adding to the overall travel ease.

EVA Air’s dedication to environmental sustainability is notable. Their initiatives in reducing carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly practices in aviation set them apart as a responsible choice for the eco-aware traveler.

EVA Air is the clear winner when it comes to the best airlines flying to Taiwan.
EVA Air is the clear winner when it comes to the best airlines flying to Taiwan.

3. Cathay Pacific

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Cathay Pacific, where every flight is a blend of comfort and elegance. As a leading airline in Asia, they offer expansive routes, connecting travelers to various destinations, including the vibrant heart of Taiwan.

Among the best airlines to go to Taiwan, Cathay Pacific holds a special place. Their exceptional in-flight service, punctuated by luxurious seating and a rich entertainment library, makes every trip a pleasure. Their attention to detail transforms travel into an experience in itself.

For those seeking deals, Cathay Pacific doesn’t disappoint. Their competitive pricing for various classes, including budget-friendly options, means you can fly without breaking the bank. They strike a perfect balance between cost and luxury.

Based in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific’s hub is a gateway to Asia and beyond. The strategic location of their base airport facilitates easy connections, enhancing the convenience of your travel itinerary.

Cathay Pacific’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the skies. Their dedication to creating a seamless, enjoyable travel experience makes them a top choice for discerning travelers. If you’re looking for top business class flights to Asia, add Cathay to the list!

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When it comes to the best airlines to fly to Taiwan, Cathay Pacific is a particular favorite.
When it comes to the best airlines to fly to Taiwan, Cathay Pacific is a particular favorite.

4. Singapore Airlines

Embark on a journey with Singapore Airlines, where the fusion of luxury and comfort redefines air travel. Known for its expansive global network, this airline connects you seamlessly to Taiwan and beyond, ensuring every destination is within reach.

Renowned for its exceptional service, Singapore Airlines makes each flight an unforgettable experience. From the plush seating to the gourmet cuisine, every detail is carefully curated to enhance your journey. If you want luxury in the sky, choose to fly Business Class with Singapore Airlines.

Among the best airlines to fly into Taiwan, Singapore Airlines stands out. Their commitment to in-flight excellence, including state-of-the-art entertainment and connectivity options, sets a new standard for air travel.

Offering a range of fares, Singapore Airlines caters to diverse budgets. Whether it’s a lavish suite or a more economical seat, they provide options without compromising on quality, making them a preferred choice for various travelers.

Strategically located in Singapore, their hub is a vibrant crossroads of East and West. This prime location not only facilitates smooth transitions but also adds an extra layer of charm to your travel experience.

Singapore Airlines is one of the best airlines to fly to Taiwan.
Singapore Airlines is one of the best airlines to fly to Taiwan.

5. Japan Airlines

Flying with Japan Airlines means embarking on a journey where traditional Japanese hospitality meets modern convenience. Their extensive network includes flights to Taiwan and other major global destinations, offering travelers a world of exploration.

The airline’s unique features, like the award-winning Sky Suite, elevate the travel experience. Japan Airlines goes beyond just getting you to your destination; they ensure your journey is as enjoyable as the stay.

In the fourth paragraph, the best airlines that fly to Taiwan are often defined by their amenities, and Japan Airlines excels in this regard. Their commitment to passenger comfort, combined with cutting-edge technology, ensures a travel experience like no other.

Based in Tokyo, Japan Airlines operates from hubs that are models of efficiency and connectivity. This strategic positioning allows for smooth, hassle-free connections to Taiwan and beyond.

Japan Airlines is one of the best airlines that fly to Taiwan in terms of amenities, and it's hard to argue with them.
Japan Airlines is one of the best airlines that fly to Taiwan in terms of amenities, and it’s hard to argue with them.

6. Korean Air

Taking to the skies with Korean Air introduces you to a seamless fusion of contemporary amenities and traditional Korean hospitality. With its global network, this airline ensures Taiwan and other destinations are just a flight away.

In the realm of best business class to Taiwan, Korean Air shines brightly. Their luxurious business class experience offers unmatched privacy and comfort, making long-haul flights a breeze. These features demonstrate their dedication to passenger satisfaction and set them apart in the aviation world.

Their in-flight offerings reflect a commitment to quality, with a selection of gourmet meals and entertainment options. Korean Air doesn’t just fly you to your destination; they ensure the journey is an integral part of the travel adventure.

Seoul’s Incheon Airport, the main hub for Korean Air, is renowned for its efficiency and traveler-friendly amenities. This hub’s strategic location makes traveling to Taiwan both convenient and pleasant.

Flying with Korean Air allows you to experience a smooth blend of modern conveniences and customary Korean friendliness.
Flying with Korean Air allows you to experience a smooth blend of modern conveniences and customary Korean friendliness.

7. Philippine Airlines

A beacon of Filipino hospitality in the skies, Philippine Airlines is the preferred choice for travelers headed to Taiwan and beyond. This airline doesn’t just connect you to various destinations; it invites you on a journey filled with warmth and care, reflective of the Filipino spirit.

Philippine Airlines’ extensive route network is a major draw for globetrotters. With flights to numerous international destinations, including Taiwan, the airline makes global travel accessible and enjoyable. This network is particularly beneficial for those seeking seamless connections to various cities around the world.

The airline’s standout feature is its perfect blend of comfort and value. Philippine Airlines provides a pleasant flight experience without breaking the bank. This balance makes it an attractive option for both vacationers seeking affordability and business travelers looking for convenience and comfort.

Onboard, Philippine Airlines takes entertainment to new heights with the myPAL eSuite. This in-flight entertainment system offers a diverse selection of movies, TV shows, music, and games, ensuring that passengers are engaged and relaxed throughout their flight. It’s a testament to the airline’s commitment to enhancing the overall travel experience.

The heart of Philippine Airlines’ operations is Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport, a bustling hub that offers travelers easy connections across Asia, including to Taiwan. The airport’s strategic location and the airline’s efficient scheduling make for a smooth and convenient travel experience.

Choosing Philippine Airlines for your trip to Taiwan means embarking on a journey where Filipino hospitality, combined with an extensive network, affordable comfort, top-notch entertainment, and convenient connections, come together to create an unforgettable travel experience.

One of the main attractions for travelers is the vast route network of Philippine Airlines.
One of the main attractions for travelers is the vast route network of Philippine Airlines.

8. Thai Airways

Thai Airways isn’t just an airline; it’s a cultural ambassador of Thailand. From the moment you step on board, you’ll witness the country’s rich heritage and warm hospitality. The airline’s cabin design, with its subtle Thai motifs and colors, creates a serene and inviting atmosphere, setting the stage for a comfortable and enjoyable flight.

The in-flight experience is a highlight of Thai Airways. Passengers are treated to a range of entertainment options, from the latest movies to traditional Thai music, ensuring a pleasant journey for all tastes and preferences. The airline also takes pride in its culinary offerings. Authentic Thai dishes, prepared with fresh ingredients and traditional recipes, provide a gastronomic delight that introduces travelers to the flavors of Thailand. For those who prefer other cuisines, a selection of international dishes is also available.

Another aspect where Thai Airways shines is its commitment to customer service. The airline’s staff, known for their graciousness and attention to detail, go above and beyond to ensure passengers’ comfort and satisfaction. This exceptional service has earned Thai Airways numerous accolades and a loyal customer base.

Lastly, Thai Airways’ frequent flyer program, Royal Orchid Plus, offers generous rewards and benefits, making it a smart choice for regular travelers. Members can earn miles not only on flights but also through a wide range of partnerships, including hotels, car rentals, and credit card spending.

By choosing Thai Airways for your trip to Taiwan, you’re not just booking a flight; you’re ensuring a journey filled with cultural richness, outstanding service, and a memorable travel experience that starts the moment you board the plane.

Thai Airways is more than just a plane company—it's Thailand's cultural representative.
Thai Airways is more than just a plane company—it’s Thailand’s cultural representative.

9. Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is an esteemed carrier that takes pride in offering a journey infused with Malaysian warmth and hospitality. Their network spans across Asia, connecting travelers seamlessly to Taiwan and beyond. Malaysia Airlines is a standout in the sector of what airlines fly to Taiwan, consistently focusing on passenger comfort, evident in their thoughtful service and cabin design.

Their commitment to an authentic Malaysian experience is showcased in their in-flight offerings, featuring local cuisines like their signature satay and a selection of Malaysian entertainment. This, along with their personalized service, creates a welcoming atmosphere that resonates with travelers seeking a touch of Malaysian culture in their journey.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the airline’s hub, is an architectural marvel, known for its efficiency and passenger-friendly facilities. It serves as a vital link in Malaysia Airlines’ extensive network, facilitating smooth transitions for travelers headed to Taiwan. With Malaysia Airlines, the journey to Taiwan is more than just a flight; it’s a cultural experience, wrapped in comfort and Malaysian hospitality.

An experience filled with Malaysian warmth and hospitality is what makes Malaysia Airlines such a distinguished airline.
An experience filled with Malaysian warmth and hospitality is what makes Malaysia Airlines such a distinguished airline.

10. All Nippon Airways (ANA)

All Nippon Airways (ANA) invites you on a journey where Japanese precision meets global connectivity. This airline’s extensive network ensures easy access to Taiwan and other key destinations worldwide.

ANA’s commitment to excellence is evident in its best Taiwan airline offerings. From the meticulously designed cabins to the exceptional in-flight service, ANA redefines the air travel experience.

Their signature hospitality and innovative amenities, like the ANA Sky Live TV, ensure passengers are entertained and comfortable. ANA doesn’t just transport you; they ensure your journey is a memorable part of your travel adventure.

Tokyo’s Narita and Haneda airports, the primary hubs for ANA, stand as beacons of efficiency. These hubs facilitate smooth connections to Taiwan, making your journey hassle-free.

This airline is not just about reaching your destination but enriching your travel experience with Japanese innovation and hospitality. ANA’s emphasis on technology and customer service has earned it recognition as a leader in the aviation industry.

The airline’s commitment to safety and operational excellence makes it a reliable choice for travelers to Taiwan and beyond. With ANA, every journey is an opportunity to experience the best of Japanese culture and technological advancements, ensuring a memorable and comfortable travel experience.

Join All Nippon Airways on an adventure where world-class connectivity and Japanese precision collide.
Join All Nippon Airways on an adventure where world-class connectivity and Japanese precision collide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Best Airlines for Flying to Taiwan

Looking for insights on the finest flights to Taiwan? Here’s a quick FAQ with common queries about top-tier airlines for your journey to Taiwan, shared by fellow travelers.

Which is the best airline in Taiwan?

The best airline in Taiwan is often considered to be EVA Air, especially for its high standards in safety, service, and overall passenger experience. Renowned for its exceptional in-flight services and comfortable seating, EVA Air consistently receives positive reviews from travelers.

Additionally, it’s known for its extensive network, connecting Taiwan to various international destinations. However, preferences can vary, and another major Taiwanese airline, China Airlines, is also highly regarded for its quality service and network. For more personalized recommendations, consider your specific travel needs and preferences.

What month is the cheapest to fly to Taiwan?

The cheapest months to fly to Taiwan are typically during the off-peak travel seasons. Generally, the best deals are found in the late winter months, especially February, when fewer tourists travel. Additionally, the fall months, particularly October and November, can offer lower fares due to reduced travel demand.

Prices usually rise during holidays and peak travel periods, such as the Chinese New Year and summer months. For the best deals, it’s advisable to monitor fare trends and book in advance.

What is the main airline in Taiwan?

The main airline in Taiwan is China Airlines, which is the largest carrier in the country. It operates a significant number of international and domestic flights, connecting Taiwan with destinations across the globe. Known for its comprehensive route network and quality service, China Airlines plays a pivotal role in Taiwan’s air travel industry.

With so many great airline alternatives, a trip to Taiwan can be just as memorable as the location itself.
With so many great airline alternatives, a trip to Taiwan can be just as memorable as the location itself.

Is Eva Air a good airline?

EVA Air is widely regarded as a good airline, known for its high safety standards, excellent in-flight services, and overall quality. It consistently receives positive reviews from passengers for its comfortable seating, good food, and attentive cabin crew. Additionally, EVA Air often ranks well in global airline ratings, reflecting its commitment to passenger satisfaction and service quality.

What are the weaknesses of EVA Air?

EVA Air, like any airline, has its own set of challenges and weaknesses. However, specific details regarding these weaknesses are not readily available in the public domain. The SWOT and PESTLE analyses typically include such information, but these reports are often behind paywalls and are not accessible without purchase.

From a general perspective, some common challenges faced by airlines, which could be relevant to EVA Air, include operational issues like managing fuel costs, labor relations, and responding to fluctuating demand.

Additionally, airlines often need to navigate complex international political relations, which can impact their routes and operations. The aviation industry also faces increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices and reduce environmental impact.

For a comprehensive understanding of EVA Air’s specific weaknesses, it would be necessary to access detailed industry reports or official company statements that delve into these aspects. However, as a highly regarded airline known for its safety and service quality, any weaknesses of EVA Air may have been typically balanced by its strengths in other areas.

What are better Thai Airways or EVA Air?

Choosing between EVA Air and Thai Airways for a flight to Taiwan can depend on various factors, as both airlines have their own strengths.

Travelers on forums like Tripadvisor have shared their experiences, often highlighting EVA Air’s advantages in terms of slightly more legroom and slightly wider seats on certain aircraft, along with better overall service.

Some travelers have expressed a preference for EVA Air over Thai Airways, citing more efficient operations and newer planes. However, others appreciate the service of Thai Airways, mentioning aspects like food and the genuine Thai smile and service.

It’s also noted that personal preferences play a significant role. For instance, flight times, whether you prefer a night or day flight, and the overall cost can influence the decision. Some travelers mentioned they would choose based on whichever option is cheaper or offers the best flight times.

While EVA Air often receives praise for its superior service and comfort, Thai Airways is also appreciated for its unique service offerings, making the choice largely dependent on personal preferences and specific flight requirements.

Is EVA a 5-star airline?

EVA Air has been certified as a 5-Star Airline by Skytrax for eight consecutive years, including in 2023. This prestigious rating is based on the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service, highlighting its excellence in various areas such as seating, amenities, food & beverages, inflight entertainment, and overall customer service both on the ground and in the air​.

Concluding Thoughts on Taiwan’s Best Airlines

In wrapping up, your flight to Taiwan can be as remarkable as the destination itself, thanks to a variety of excellent airline options. EVA Air, known for its luxurious service, and Thai Airways, with its unique Thai comforts, stand out for those seeking a special experience. For those who prioritize extensive flight networks, China Airlines and Singapore Airlines are top picks, offering vast connections and dependable service.

These airlines cater to all preferences, from budget-friendly options to high-end travel experiences. Your Taiwanese adventure awaits in the skies, and with such diverse choices, every traveler can find their ideal match. A great journey is defined not just by where you’re going, but also by how you get there. So, choose wisely and make your flight to Taiwan a memorable part of your adventure.

Best Airlines to Fly to Taiwan right now
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