10 Best Airlines to Fly to Nice, France in 2024

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Seeking the ultimate airlines for your 2024 trip to Nice, France? Our comprehensive analysis of 150 global airports reveals the top carriers, highlighting their competitive fares, superior amenities, and glowing customer feedback. Let’s explore the best airlines to fly to Nice in 2024!

Embarking on a journey to Nice, France? The key to an exceptional trip lies in choosing the right airline. Renowned for its scenic beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture, Nice beckons travelers from all corners. But, before you’re mesmerized by its charm, selecting the best airline is crucial.

Each airline offers a unique experience, ensuring your journey to Nice is as memorable as the destination itself. Comfort, service quality, and punctuality are essential factors to consider. Airlines excelling in these areas stand out, making your travel hassle-free and enjoyable.

The best airlines to fly to Nice, France, cater to diverse preferences. Whether it’s luxurious amenities, budget-friendly options, or eco-friendly choices, these airlines have you covered. They ensure your adventure starts the moment you board the plane, setting the tone for an unforgettable Nice experience.

As you plan your trip, consider these top airlines. They don’t just transport you to Nice; they promise a journey that complements the beauty and allure of your destination. Ready to discover which airlines make the cut? Let’s delve into the finest options for your French Riviera adventure!

Best Airlines to Fly to Nice right now

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Now, let’s dive into the 10 best airlines to fly to Nice in 2024.

1. Air France

Air France stands out as a top choice among airlines that fly to Nice, France. This airline isn’t just about getting you from point A to B; it’s about making the journey part of your French adventure.

Picture this: gourmet French cuisine at 30,000 feet, a glass of fine wine in hand, and a selection of French films to get you in the Riviera mood. Air France elevates the flying experience with these little touches of French elegance.

With its main hub at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, Air France seamlessly connects the U.S. to Nice. Imagine flying from New York, Los Angeles, or Miami and stepping out into the chic streets of Nice.

Frequent flyers praise Air France business class for its comfortable seating. And if you’re a deal hunter, keep an eye out for their attractive offers, especially in the off-season.

While not always the cheapest, this airline offers a range of options, from budget-friendly economy to the splendor of Air France first class. It’s a blend of luxury and value that’s hard to beat.

Air France is committed to reducing its environmental footprint, making strides in sustainable aviation fuel usage and carbon offset programs. It’s not just about flying; it’s about flying responsibly.

Get ready to say “Bonjour” to Nice with Air France, where the journey is as delightful as the destination. Next up, we’ll explore another top airline that offers exceptional service to the French Riviera.

These subtle nods to French elegance enhance the flying experience on Air France.
These subtle nods to French elegance enhance the flying experience on Air France.

2. Delta Airlines

Renowned for its expansive network, Delta Airlines offers excellent service for those looking for the best airlines that fly to Nice, France. This American carrier turns your flight into an experience to remember.

Delta’s focus on customer comfort is evident. Enjoy upgraded cabin features and personalized in-flight entertainment that cater to your preferences, making your journey to Nice as enjoyable as the stay.

Operating from major U.S. hubs like Atlanta and New York, Delta connects you effortlessly to Nice. Their extensive network means more options for flight times and fewer worries about connections.

Delta surprises with periodic deals, especially for those who plan ahead. Their SkyMiles program is a bonus, offering rewards that savvy travelers can use for future adventures.

Delta strikes a balance between cost and comfort. While they might not always be the cheapest, they consistently deliver value for money, especially in Delta One and Delta First Class.

Delta has been a leader in implementing biometric scanning for faster check-ins, ensuring your journey is smooth right from the start.

With Delta, you’re not just flying; you’re embarking on the first chapter of your Nice story. Up next, we’ll uncover another airline that makes traveling to the French Riviera a breeze.

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For travelers searching for the best airlines that fly to Nice, France, Delta Airlines provides exceptional service.
For travelers searching for the best airlines that fly to Nice, France, Delta Airlines provides exceptional service.

3. United Airlines

United Airlines, with its robust service and customer-centric approach, is a fantastic choice for the best airlines that fly to Nice, France. They ensure your journey is as enjoyable as your destination.

United Airlines excels in providing a pleasant and comfortable flight experience. Their attention to detail, from the seat comfort to the quality of in-flight meals, makes your trip to Nice memorable.

United’s extensive network, particularly from its Chicago and Newark hubs, offers convenient connections to Nice. This accessibility means more time enjoying your trip and less time worrying about logistics.

United is famous for its periodic promotional fares and special deals. Their MileagePlus program is an added perk, rewarding frequent flyers with benefits and savings on future trips.

With a variety of fare options, United caters to both budget-conscious travelers and those seeking a touch of luxury. For those who want to travel in style, check out Polaris business class and United’s first class. Their pricing is competitive, ensuring value for money.

Did You Know? United is committed to enhancing its environmental sustainability, investing in more fuel-efficient aircraft and sustainable aviation fuels.

United Airlines not only takes you to the heart of Nice but does so with a dedication to quality and service that sets them apart. Next, let’s look at another airline that offers a unique path to the French Riviera.

United Airlines is committed to giving all passengers a comfortable journey in the skies.
United Airlines is committed to giving all passengers a comfortable journey in the skies.

4. British Airways

British Airways offers a distinctive blend of British elegance and convenience, making it a top choice for travelers to Nice, France. Their commitment to customer satisfaction ensures a journey that’s as pleasant as the destination.

Travel with British Airways and immerse yourself in a world of refined travel. Their focus on comfort, coupled with quintessentially British hospitality, sets the stage for a delightful trip to Nice.

From major U.S. cities like San Francisco and New York, British Airways provides seamless connections to Nice. Their broad network ensures flexibility and convenience in your travel plans.

With British Airways considered as one of the best airlines to fly to Nice, you not only get to your destination, but you do so with exceptional service. Their Club World (Business Class) offers luxurious flat-bed seats and access to exclusive lounges, making your journey to Nice as comfortable as it is memorable.

British Airways caters to a range of budgets without compromising on quality. Watch out for their seasonal sales for the best deals. If you’re looking for a touch of luxury, check out British Airways’ First Class.

British Airways is at the forefront of modern aviation technology, continually upgrading its fleet to enhance the travel experience and reduce environmental impact.

Choose British Airways for your next trip to Nice and experience the blend of traditional British elegance and modern comfort. Up next, let’s explore another airline that will elevate your journey to the French Riviera.

British Airways gives you a comfortable journey towards your destination.
British Airways gives you a comfortable journey towards your destination.

5. Air Canada

Canada’s flagship carrier, Air Canada is renowned for its exemplary service, making it an excellent choice for traveling to Nice, France. The airline’s focus on passenger comfort and satisfaction ensures a delightful journey.

Air Canada stands out with its friendly crew and the comfortable, modern ambiance of its aircraft. The airline takes pride in offering a distinctly Canadian hospitality, characterized by warmth and professionalism.

Operating from major North American cities, including Toronto and Montreal, Air Canada provides efficient connections to Nice. Their extensive flight network makes planning your French Riviera getaway a breeze.

Air Canada strikes a fine balance between luxury and affordability. Keep an eye out for their seasonal promotions, which offer excellent value. For those looking to indulge in a bit of luxury, check out Air Canada’s business class.

As one of the leading carriers and the best airlines that fly to Nice, Air Canada not only connects you to Nice but does so with a commitment to quality and customer care that’s hard to match. Their focus on providing a smooth and enjoyable travel experience is evident in every aspect of their service.

Air Canada is dedicated to sustainability, actively working on reducing its carbon footprint and investing in more eco-friendly aircraft.

Fly with Air Canada for a touch of Canadian hospitality and a journey that’s as smooth and enjoyable as the picturesque landscapes of Nice. Next, we’ll discover another airline that offers a unique travel experience to the French Riviera.

Air Canada is famous for its stellar reputation for customer service.
Air Canada is famous for its stellar reputation for customer service.

6. Lufthansa

Lufthansa is not just an airline; it’s a symbol of German precision and efficiency, making it a preferred carrier for journeys that fly to Nice, France. With Lufthansa, travelers can expect punctuality, top-notch service, and a pleasant flight experience.

Popular for its reliability and high standards, Lufthansa ensures that every aspect of your flight is taken care of. Their cabins, designed for comfort, and their crew, known for their professionalism, make every journey relaxing.

Lufthansa’s vast network, with its major hub in Frankfurt, offers convenient connections from various U.S. cities to Nice. This extensive connectivity means less hassle and more time to enjoy your trip.

Catering to a range of budgets, Lufthansa is famous for offering competitive pricing without compromising on service. Watch for their special deals and frequent flyer program perks, which add value to your travel experience.

When you fly Lufthansa’s business class, you’re in for a treat. It has one of the best business class to Nice. It’s not just about getting to Nice; it’s about enjoying world-class amenities, spacious seating, and a level of service that starts your French Riviera adventure on a high note.

Lufthansa is recognized for its commitment to sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly practices in its operations and fleet management.

Flying with Lufthansa means embarking on a journey marked by German efficiency and comfort. Next, let’s explore another airline that brings its unique charm to your travel to Nice.

Passengers flying with Lufthansa can anticipate excellent service, on-time arrivals, and a relaxing journey.
Passengers flying with Lufthansa can anticipate excellent service, on-time arrivals, and a relaxing journey.

7. KLM

The Dutch flagship airline, KLM is celebrated for its customer-oriented service and reliability. This makes it a superb option if you want to fly to Nice, France. KLM blends tradition with innovation to offer a unique flight experience.

KLM’s flights are more than mere transportation; they are an introduction to Dutch hospitality. Expect a warm welcome, attentive service, and a comfortable journey that starts your Nice trip on a high note.

With a well-established network and being one of the best international airlines to Nice, KLM flies from major U.S. cities to Nice, making your journey smooth and hassle-free. Their Amsterdam hub serves as an efficient gateway to Nice and beyond.

KLM is popular for its competitive pricing, offering deals that cater to both luxury seekers and budget travelers. If you want an extraordinary experience, check out KLM’s business class. Their frequent flyer program, Flying Blue, offers additional benefits and savings.

KLM is a leader in sustainability within the airline industry, actively working towards reducing emissions and implementing eco-friendly practices.

KLM is not just an airline; it’s a promise of Dutch efficiency and a pleasant journey. Next on our list, let’s uncover another airline that offers a distinctive experience on your way to the French Riviera.

KLM, the national carrier of the Netherlands, is praised for its dependability and customer-focused service.
KLM, the national carrier of the Netherlands, is praised for its dependability and customer-focused service.

8. Swiss International Airlines

Renowned among the best airlines that fly to Nice, Swiss International Airlines offers a travel experience that mirrors the precision and quality Switzerland is known for. Their focus on passenger comfort and efficiency makes them a favored choice for travelers to Nice.

Swiss International Airlines is synonymous with a high level of service and punctuality. From gourmet meals to attentive cabin service, they ensure your journey to Nice is as smooth as the Swiss Alps.

Flying from major U.S. cities, Swiss International Airlines connects travelers to Nice via their efficient hub in Zurich. Their extensive network makes transatlantic travel to Nice both convenient and enjoyable.

While they offer a range of fare options, Swiss International Airlines offers premium services. Keep an eye on their seasonal promotions for a chance to experience luxury at a more accessible price point.

Swiss International Airlines takes pride in their modern, efficient fleet, constantly updating to ensure the best in comfort and eco-friendliness.

With Swiss International Airlines, your journey to Nice is not just a flight; it’s an experience of Swiss hospitality and precision. Next, let’s explore another airline that makes traveling to the French Riviera a delight.

Traveling with Swiss International Airlines is like traveling with the accuracy and excellence that Switzerland is renowned for.
Traveling with Swiss International Airlines is like traveling with the accuracy and excellence that Switzerland is renowned for.

9. Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines offers a unique blend of Austrian charm and hospitality, making it a fantastic choice for your trip to Nice, France. Known for their attention to detail and quality service, they ensure a delightful travel experience.

Austrian Airlines is celebrated for its comfortable cabins and personalized service. The airline takes pride in offering a cozy, hospitable atmosphere, reflecting the culture and charm of Austria.

With flights from major U.S. cities, Austrian Airlines provides easy access to Nice via their hub in Vienna. This network ensures a seamless and convenient travel experience from the U.S. to the heart of the French Riviera.

Austrian Airlines offers competitive pricing, catering to both luxury and budget travelers. Keep an eye out for their special deals, which can provide excellent value, especially for those seeking a touch of Austrian elegance.

Austrian Airlines not only connects you to Nice but does so with a flair for Austrian hospitality and quality. It is one of the best airlines to fly to Nice not just because of its superb service. From gourmet meals to their renowned coffeehouse service in the sky, they make sure your journey to Nice is as enjoyable as your destination.

Austrian Airlines is committed to enhancing the travel experience, constantly innovating in terms of service, comfort, and efficiency.

Travel with Austrian Airlines and experience the unique blend of Austrian hospitality and service excellence on your way to Nice. Next, let’s dive into another airline that offers an exceptional journey to the French Riviera.

A distinctive fusion of Austrian charm and friendliness is provided by Austrian Airlines.
A distinctive fusion of Austrian charm and friendliness is provided by Austrian Airlines.

10. Alitalia

Alitalia, Italy’s national airline, is known for its stylish service and Italian charm, making it the best airlines that fly to Nice, France. They blend Italian elegance with comfort, offering a unique flying experience.

Alitalia is celebrated for its stylish interiors and warm Italian hospitality. Their flights provide a taste of Italy, with exquisite cuisine and a selection of fine wines, setting the mood for your Riviera holiday.

Alitalia operates flights from key U.S. cities, connecting you smoothly to Nice through their primary hub in Rome. This network allows travelers to start their French Riviera experience with an Italian touch.

Alitalia provides a range of pricing options, accommodating both luxury seekers and budget-conscious travelers. Keep an eye out for their special offers, which often include attractive fares to European destinations.

Alitalia has a rich history in aviation, known for its fashion-forward cabin crew uniforms and a fleet that showcases Italian design and engineering.

Choose Alitalia for your next trip and enjoy the best airline in Nice, France, where Italian flair meets the elegance of the French Riviera. This combination of style and service ensures a memorable journey to your dream destination.

Italy's primary airline, Alitalia, is renowned for its chic service and authentic Italian charm.
Italy’s primary airline, Alitalia, is renowned for its chic service and authentic Italian charm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Best Airlines for Flying to Nice, France

Looking for insights on the finest flights to Nice, France? We’ve gathered some frequently asked questions from fellow travelers about the top airlines for a trip to Nice, providing you with the answers you need.

Which is the best airline in France?

The best airline in France, as voted at the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2023, is Air France. This is the third consecutive year that Air France has been awarded the title of best airline in Western Europe. The airline is especially recognized for its outstanding La Première service, which includes best-in-class features like its first-class airport lounge, onboard catering, and a dedicated lounge in Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport designed by architect Didier Lefort. Air France is known for its commitment to delivering a high-quality travel experience, particularly through its La Première service​​.

What airport do you fly to for Nice France?

To fly to Nice, France, you would typically land at Nice Côte d’Azur Airport (NCE). This airport is the primary international gateway to Nice and the third busiest airport in France. It serves a wide range of airlines and destinations, making it the ideal airport for travelers looking to explore Nice and the surrounding French Riviera. Conveniently located, the airport provides easy access to the city and the scenic Côte d’Azur region.

Which airlines fly out of Nice, France?

Nice Côte d’Azur Airport (NCE) in Nice, France, is served by a variety of airlines, offering travelers numerous options for both domestic and international travel. Among these airlines, some of the major ones include easyJet, Air France, British Airways, Delta, Lufthansa, and KLM. These airlines connect Nice with various destinations around the world, ensuring that travelers can reach this beautiful city from numerous locations globally.

The airport itself is the third largest in France and operates flights to about 100 destinations with 56 airlines in scheduled passenger traffic. This includes recently added routes such as flights to Philadelphia operated by American Airlines and flights to Rabat operated by easyJet. Popular international destinations from Nice include London, Rome, and Paris, with the most departures being the route to Paris Orly Airport.

There are several airline options open when flying to Nice, France, and each one offers a distinctive travel experience.
There are several airline options open when flying to Nice, France, and each one offers a distinctive travel experience.

How do I get to Nice, France?

Getting to Nice, France, offers various convenient options:

By Plane: The primary airport serving Nice is Nice Côte d’Azur Airport (NCE), located approximately 7 km southwest of the city center. This airport is one of the main ones in France in terms of passenger volume and has regular year-round flights from many European destinations. The airport is well-connected to the city, and you can reach the city center by bus, tram, or private transfer. For those arriving with lots of luggage or in large groups, private transfers might be more convenient.

By Train: Nice is well-connected by train. The main train station in the city is Nice-Ville, located in the downtown area. You can travel from various European destinations to Nice, although most journeys require at least one connection. For example, from Milan, it takes under five hours with one change, and from Geneva, it takes under eight hours with one or two changes. The TGV, France’s high-speed rail service, runs directly from Paris to Nice, taking approximately 6 hours.

By Bus: For budget travelers, buses are a practical option. Nice’s main bus station is Vauban Bus Station, near the IAE Nice Business School. Companies like BlaBlaCar Bus, Alsa, and FlixBus run buses to Nice from various European cities.

By Car: Driving to Nice offers flexibility and can be enjoyable. However, the roads around Nice and the Côte d’Azur can get congested, so off-peak travel is advisable.

Each of these options has its own advantages, depending on your starting point, budget, and preferences. For detailed planning, you may refer to the guides from Seenice​​, France Bucket List​​, and other travel resources.

Is it better to fly or train from Paris to Nice?

Choosing between flying and taking the train from Paris to Nice depends on several factors, including time, cost, convenience, and environmental impact.


  • Flying: The flight from Paris to Nice is quicker, with the actual flight time being around 1 hour and 25 minutes. However, this doesn’t include the time taken to travel to/from the airports, check-in, security checks, and potential delays.
  • Train: The TGV (high-speed train) from Paris to Nice takes about 5 hours and 30 minutes. While this is longer than flying, trains usually depart and arrive from city centers, which can save time on additional travel to and from airports.

Convenience and Comfort:

  • Train: Trains offer more legroom, the ability to walk around, and generally a more relaxed atmosphere. Train stations are located in the city centers, making it easier to reach your final destination.
  • Flying: Airports are typically farther from city centers and require more time for check-in and security. However, for some, flying may feel more straightforward, especially if they are staying near the airport in Nice.


The cost can vary for both modes of transport, depending on how far in advance you book and the time of year. Generally, high-speed trains can be expensive, but booking in advance offers cheaper fares. Flights can also be quite economical, especially with low-cost airlines.

Environmental Impact:

Trains are generally more environmentally friendly compared to planes, producing significantly fewer emissions.

Ultimately, the best option depends on your priorities. If you value speed and are flying light, flying might be better. If you prefer scenic routes, more space, and less hassle with security checks, then taking the train could be more enjoyable.

What is the best time of year to visit Nice, France?

The best time to visit Nice is typically between June and September when the weather is warm and sunny, perfect for enjoying the beaches and outdoor activities. However, if you prefer fewer crowds and milder temperatures, consider visiting in the shoulder seasons, April to May or October to November. During these times, the city is less crowded, and hotel prices can be more reasonable.

Can I explore Nice, France, easily without a car?

Yes, Nice is well-suited for exploring without a car. The city has an excellent public transportation system, including buses and trams, that cover most areas of interest. Additionally, Nice is pedestrian-friendly, especially in the Old Town (Vieux Nice) and along the Promenade des Anglais. Bicycles and electric scooters are also popular modes of transport, with rental services readily available.

Concluding Thoughts on Atlanta’s Best Airlines

Embarking on a journey to Nice, France, presents an array of airline choices, each offering unique experiences. From the unparalleled elegance of Air France to the efficient service of Lufthansa, selecting the best flight to Nice, France, enhances your travel adventure. Whether you seek luxury or affordability, these airlines cater to a spectrum of preferences and needs.

Opting for the best airlines from the US to Nice, France ensures a smooth, comfortable journey. Imagine sipping a glass of champagne aboard Air France or enjoying Delta’s state-of-the-art entertainment system. Each airline excels in its own way, promising a memorable start to your French Riviera experience.

For travelers prioritizing comfort and service, best business class to Nice, France options like Lufthansa and Swiss International Airlines stand out. They redefine luxury, offering spacious seating and gourmet dining. Budget-conscious adventurers can rely on competitive deals from airlines like easyJet, balancing cost with quality.

Nice, a city of timeless beauty, is just a flight away. Whether you’re drawn by its sun-kissed beaches or vibrant cultural scene, flying with one of these top-notch airlines makes your trip more than just travel; it becomes part of your Riviera story.

In conclusion, your choice of airline is as important as your destination. It sets the tone for your adventure in Nice. With this guide, you can make an informed decision, ensuring your trip to Nice is as splendid as the city itself. Bon voyage!

Best Airlines to Fly to Nice right now
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