10 Best Airlines to Fly to Manila (Updated 2023)

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Searching for the best airlines to fly to Manila? You’re in the right place! Our comprehensive guide showcases ten top-notch airlines connecting Manila with over 150 global airports. Dive in to uncover these stellar options!

Manila, with its rich tapestry of history and modernity, is a destination that beckons travelers from all corners of the world. The bustling streets, historic landmarks, and vibrant nightlife make it a must-visit spot in Southeast Asia.

The flight to Manila is just as crucial as the destination. With the right airline, you can kickstart your adventure even before you land, ensuring that every moment of your trip is memorable. From the moment you book your ticket to the time you disembark, the airline you choose plays a pivotal role in shaping your Manila experience. Whether it’s the warmth of the cabin crew, the comfort of the seats, or the delectable in-flight meals, every detail counts. And with so many airlines that fly to Manila, making the right choice can feel overwhelming.

But fret not! We’ve done the legwork for you, curating a list of the best airlines to fly to Manila. Whether you’re a luxury traveler looking for top-notch amenities or a budget explorer seeking value for money, there’s an airline tailored just for you. And from there, you’ll have many other beautiful places in the Philippines just a stone’s throw away!

So, buckle up and get ready to dive deep into the world of aviation as we guide you through the best airlines to Manila. By the end of this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed choice, ensuring your Manila adventure starts on the right note.

The best airlines to fly to Manila right now
This article on the best airlines to fly to Manila contains affiliate links where I may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

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Now without further ado, here are the best Manila flights in 2023.

1. Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines, affectionately known as PAL, is a representation of Filipino pride and hospitality. As the nation’s flag carrier, every PAL flight offers passengers a genuine Filipino experience, even before they touch down in Manila.

Established in 1941, PAL has grown exponentially, both in fleet size and reputation. Today, it stands as one of the best airlines to travel to Manila, connecting the city to a myriad of global destinations. From the bustling streets of New York to the serene landscapes of Sydney, PAL ensures that Manila is accessible to travelers worldwide.

PAL is among the top airlines for traveling to Manila, offering connections to numerous global destinations from the city.
PAL is among the top airlines for traveling to Manila, offering connections to numerous global destinations from the city.

Onboard, PAL’s commitment to passenger comfort and satisfaction is evident. The in-flight menu is a gastronomic journey in itself, featuring a curated selection of Filipino delicacies alongside international favorites. This culinary experience, combined with the airline’s top-notch entertainment system, makes for an enjoyable flight. For those who prioritize luxury and comfort, the Mabuhay Class offers spacious flatbed seats, premium amenities, and personalized service.

Interestingly, PAL has been at the forefront of sustainability efforts in the aviation industry. They’ve initiated eco-friendly programs, such as “Fly Green” which focuses on carbon offsetting. This allows passengers to contribute to environmental projects, making their flights carbon-neutral. For the eco-conscious traveler, flying with PAL means not only experiencing Filipino hospitality but also contributing to a greener planet.

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2. Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific, often recognized by its bright yellow and blue livery, has revolutionized budget travel within the Philippines and beyond. As one of the leading low-cost carriers in Asia, it offers an affordable gateway to Manila and numerous other destinations. As such, the archipelago’s stunning beaches and vibrant cities are more accessible than ever.

However, as with many budget airlines, there are certain nuances travelers should be aware of. First and foremost, baggage allowances on Cebu Pacific can be a tad restrictive. While carry-on luggage is typically included in the ticket price, checked baggage often comes at an additional cost. It’s advisable to pre-book your baggage allowance online to avoid higher fees at the airport. Similarly, in-flight meals aren’t complimentary. Hungry travelers can either pre-order meals or purchase snacks onboard.

Cebu Pacific is a prime selection when searching for the finest flights to Manila.
Cebu Pacific is a prime selection when searching for the finest flights to Manila.

Another key consideration is the check-in process. Cebu Pacific strongly encourages passengers to check in online to streamline the boarding process and avoid potential airport surcharges. It’s a simple step that can save both time and money.

One of Cebu Pacific’s standout routes is its mammoth flight from Manila to Dubai, operated in an all-economy format. This route, one of the longest for low-cost carriers, showcases the airline’s ambition and commitment to connecting Filipinos to the world, all while maintaining competitive prices.

While Cebu Pacific offers incredible value, being informed and prepared can enhance the travel experience. For those seeking an affordable journey without compromising on essential comforts, Cebu Pacific is a top choice when looking for the best flights to Manila.

3. AirAsia

When you think of vibrant red in the skies, one name often comes to mind: AirAsia. As the trailblazer of low-cost aviation in Asia, it’s no wonder that many regard it as one of the best airlines to fly into Manila. With AirAsia, the journey to Manila’s bustling streets and historic landmarks becomes an adventure in itself.

Every flight with AirAsia offers an experience. The in-flight magazine, “Travel 3Sixty°,” captivates with tales of distant lands and culinary delights, ensuring passengers are entertained throughout their journey. Speaking of culinary delights, AirAsia’s menu boasts a range of dishes that celebrate the rich tapestry of Asian flavors. These include the spicy tang of Malaysian rendang to the savory goodness of Filipino adobo.

Choosing AirAsia means embracing a brand that evolves, providing top-notch service on each journey for passengers.
Choosing AirAsia means embracing a brand that evolves, providing top-notch service on each journey for passengers.

Travelers should be aware of AirAsia’s specific policies to make the most of their budget-friendly fares. While the ticket price might be light on the wallet, services like checked luggage and meals come at an additional cost. Booking these services in advance, especially online check-in, can lead to significant savings.

Here’s something you might not know: AirAsia isn’t just about flying. They’ve ventured into the world of e-commerce, food delivery, and even telemedicine. Choosing AirAsia means embracing a brand that continually evolves, ensuring passengers receive top-notch service on every journey.

4. Emirates

Emirates, the Dubai-based airline, is my go-to flight to Manila. With its fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft and a reputation for unmatched service, Emirates is a premier choice for travelers worldwide. For those seeking the best business class to Manila, Emirates promises an experience that’s nothing short of spectacular.

Step aboard an Emirates flight, and you’re immediately transported into a world of luxury. The plush seats ensure maximum comfort, while the in-flight entertainment system boasts an extensive collection of movies, music, and games. Every detail, from the ambient lighting to the gourmet meals, is curated to provide passengers with an unparalleled flying experience.

A significant feature of choosing Emirates for a flight to Manila is the airline's Young Flyers program.
A significant feature of choosing Emirates for a flight to Manila is the airline’s Young Flyers program.

For US and European travelers, Emirates offers an added advantage: the opportunity for an extended layover in Dubai. This vibrant city, known for its futuristic skyline and luxury shopping, is the perfect pitstop. Whether you wish to ascend the Burj Khalifa, explore the historic Al Fahidi district, or simply relax at a desert resort, a layover in Dubai is the way to go.

Emirates’ commitment to excellence isn’t limited to its in-flight amenities. The airline’s hub, the Dubai International Airport, is a marvel in itself. Travelers can indulge in some pre-flight shopping at the airport’s high-end boutiques or relax at the exclusive Emirates lounges.

A noteworthy aspect of flying with Emirates to Manila is the airline’s Young Flyers program. Catering to children aged between two and sixteen, the program ensures that young travelers are well-taken care of, with special meals, toys, and even dedicated entertainment channels.

Flying with Emirates means opting for a journey where every moment is crafted to perfection, ensuring that your trip to one of Asia’s cheapest places to visit starts and ends on a high note.

5. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways, the flag carrier of the State of Qatar, is synonymous with luxury and elegance. Known for its impeccable service and world-class amenities, it’s a top choice for discerning travelers. For travelers seeking the best flight to Manila with a touch of opulence, Qatar Airways offers an experience that’s unparalleled.

The crown jewel of Qatar Airways is undoubtedly its QSuite. Touted as the “world’s first fully lie-flat double bed in business class,” the QSuite offers passengers a private sanctuary in the skies. With adjustable panels and movable TV monitors, passengers can create their own private room. Whether you’re traveling solo or with companions, the QSuite can be tailored to fit your needs.

For travelers in search of a Manila flight with a touch of luxury, Qatar Airways provides an unmatched experience.
For travelers in search of a Manila flight with a touch of luxury, Qatar Airways provides an unmatched experience.

For travelers keen on snagging deals on such prestigious airlines, websites like Going can be invaluable. By monitoring fare fluctuations and offering alerts on price drops, Going ensures travelers can experience luxury without burning a hole in their pockets. With a bit of research and flexibility, flying QSuite to Manila can be more attainable than one might think!

Layover options are another highlight of flying with Qatar Airways. Doha, the airline’s hub, offers travelers a chance to explore a city that’s a blend of the traditional and the modern. From the stunning Museum of Islamic Art to the bustling Souq Waqif, a layover in Doha can be a journey in itself.

Qatar Airways, with its commitment to luxury and excellence, ensures that every journey is memorable. And with tools like Going, even the most luxurious experiences become accessible to the modern traveler.

6. Singapore Airlines

For a best airline to fly to Manila, look no further. Heralded by its iconic silver bird emblem, Singapore Airlines stands as a beacon of the Lion City’s dedication to perfection. With accolades from every corner of the globe, this carrier is the epitome of luxury and reliability, especially for voyages to Manila.

Step into the world of this airline, and you’re greeted with an ambiance that whispers sophistication. The cabin interiors, reflecting Singapore‘s rich cultural heritage, radiate elegance. Every seat, from the cozy corners of economy to the opulent suites, is crafted with meticulous attention to passenger comfort.

Singapore Airlines represents the Lion City's unwavering commitment to perfection.
Singapore Airlines represents the Lion City’s unwavering commitment to perfection.

KrisWorld, the airline’s in-flight entertainment system, offers a treasure trove of over 1,000 entertainment options. Whether you’re in the mood for the latest Hollywood hit or a deep dive into a documentary, KrisWorld has you covered. Complement this with a menu that celebrates both international and Singaporean culinary delights, and your journey becomes a feast for the senses.

Changi Airport, the airline’s hub, is more than just an airport – it’s an experience. Often voted as the world’s best, it boasts attractions like a butterfly garden and a rooftop swimming pool. It’s a transit haven that feels like a vacation spot.

A little-known fact: Singapore Airlines was the first to fly the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger aircraft. This innovation underscores their commitment to providing passengers with the latest in aviation technology and comfort. As you consider the best airlines from the US to Manila, Singapore Airlines emerges as a top contender, seamlessly blending innovation with luxury, setting the stage for your next travel adventure.

7. Cathay Pacific

Originating from the bustling heart of Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific is an embodiment of a city that never sleeps. As travelers search for the best airlines to travel to Manila, Cathay Pacific emerges as a blend of tradition, innovation, and impeccable service. It is, without a doubt, one of the premier airlines that fly to Asia.

Upon entering a Cathay Pacific aircraft, passengers are immediately embraced by an ambiance that marries modern luxury with subtle Asian elegance. The meticulously designed cabins with their ambient lighting and plush seating promise a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation.

For travelers looking for the best airlines to Manila, Cathay Pacific is a blend of tradition, innovation, and superb service.
For travelers looking for the best airlines to Manila, Cathay Pacific is a blend of tradition, innovation, and superb service.

Entertainment aboard Cathay Pacific is a global affair. Their system, loaded with a vast array of movies, music, and shows, caters to diverse tastes and ensures hours of engagement. The dining experience is equally captivating. With a menu that celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Cantonese cuisine alongside international dishes, meals become a highlight of the journey.

The airline’s hub, Hong Kong International Airport, is a transit wonderland. With its sprawling shopping arcades, gourmet restaurants, and relaxation zones, it offers a taste of Hong Kong’s dynamism.

A noteworthy aspect of Cathay Pacific is its green initiatives. The airline leads the way in sustainable aviation with efforts ranging from waste reduction to investing in next-generation aircraft. As you embark on your journey to Manila, Cathay Pacific offers luxury combined with a commitment to a greener tomorrow.

8. Etihad Airways

From the golden sands of Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airways rises like a mirage, offering travelers a touch of Middle Eastern opulence. As one of the younger global carriers, Etihad has quickly ascended the ranks. It’s become a favorite for those seeking the best international airlines to Manila.

Etihad’s commitment to luxury is evident the moment you step onboard. Their cabins, inspired by the hues of the desert and the blues of the Gulf, exude a sense of calm and luxury. The Residence, available on select aircraft, is a testament to their dedication to opulence. This suite provides a three-room suite in the sky, complete with a personal butler!

Selecting Etihad means opting for an airline that comprehends and foresees your every requirement.
Selecting Etihad means opting for an airline that comprehends and foresees your every requirement.

In-flight entertainment on Etihad is a class apart. With E-BOX, their state-of-the-art system, passengers have access to a plethora of movies, shows, and interactive games. The culinary journey is equally mesmerizing, with chefs curating dishes that span global cuisines, yet always with a touch of Emirati flair.

Abu Dhabi, Etihad’s home, serves as a strategic layover point. The city, with its blend of modern skyscrapers and historic sites, offers travelers a chance to experience the UAE‘s rich culture. Moreover, with Etihad’s partnership deals, passengers can enjoy city tours, desert safaris, and more during their layover.

What sets Etihad apart? Their attention to detail. From offering nannies to assist families to providing in-flight connectivity for business travelers, Etihad ensures every journey is tailored to the passenger’s needs. Opting for Etihad means choosing an airline that understands and anticipates your every need. Your voyage to Manila will b truly memorable.

9. United

Hailing from the vast landscapes of the United States, United Airlines offers a direct and convenient gateway to the vibrant city of Manila. For travelers seeking the best airlines from the US to Manila, United stands out with its extensive network and seamless connections.

One of United’s significant advantages is its broad range of direct flights to Manila, especially from its major hubs. Whether you’re jetting off from San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Houston, United provides a straightforward, no-fuss route to the Philippines. This direct connectivity not only saves time but also offers a hassle-free travel experience, eliminating the need for multiple layovers.

Selecting United Airlines ensures embarking on a journey tailored to provide maximum comfort and convenience for every detail.
Selecting United Airlines ensures embarking on a journey tailored to provide maximum comfort and convenience for every detail.

Onboard, United ensures a comfortable journey. Their cabins, designed with the modern traveler in mind, offer ample legroom, a vast entertainment selection, and meals that cater to a variety of palates. The Polaris Business Class, in particular, is a haven of luxury, with lie-flat seats and a dedicated in-flight dining service.

But why choose United over other carriers? Aside from the direct routes, it’s their commitment to customer service. Their MileagePlus program is one of the most generous loyalty programs in the industry, allowing frequent travelers to accrue and redeem miles with ease. Additionally, their partnerships with various hotels and car rental services make the entire travel experience, from start to finish, smooth and rewarding.

Choosing United Airlines means embarking on a journey where every detail is tailored for your comfort and convenience. From the moment you book to the second you touch down in Manila, United ensures a travel experience that’s both rewarding and memorable, setting the stage for an unforgettable Philippine adventure.

10. EVA Air

Emerging from the vibrant island of Taiwan, EVA Air offers travelers a unique blend of Asian hospitality and world-class service. For those on the hunt for the best airline to fly to Manila, EVA Air presents a compelling case with its exceptional offerings and strategic connections.

EVA Air’s commitment to passenger comfort is evident in every aspect of the flight experience. Their cabins, adorned with soothing colors and ergonomic designs, promise relaxation even on the longest journeys. The Royal Laurel Class, EVA Air’s business class, takes luxury to new heights with its spacious lie-flat seats, gourmet meals, and a curated entertainment selection.

For those seeking the finest airline for flights to Manila, EVA Air makes a compelling argument.
For those seeking the finest airline for flights to Manila, EVA Air makes a compelling argument.

One of the standout features of EVA Air is its hub, Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport. This modern airport serves as a convenient layover point for travelers, offering a range of amenities and quick connections to various destinations, including Manila.

EVA Air’s dedication to going the extra mile is truly commendable. Their Star Gallery, an advanced in-flight entertainment system, boasts a vast collection of movies, music, and games. Additionally, their award-winning service, punctuated by thoughtful touches like themed flights and special edition amenities, makes every trip feel special.

A fun fact about EVA Air: They were one of the first airlines to introduce “Hello Kitty” themed flights, complete with specially designed aircraft, meals, and crew uniforms. Choosing EVA Air means embarking on a journey filled with delightful surprises, ensuring your trip to Manila is memorable from takeoff to touchdown.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Best Airlines to Fly to Manila

If you’re still curious about what airlines fly to Manila, here are some common questions that might help you decide.

What is the best airline to fly to the Philippines?

Choosing the best airline to fly to the Philippines, one of the most beautiful places in Asia, largely depends on your departure point, budget, and personal preferences. Here are some top picks for various scenarios:

  • From the U.S.: United Airlines offers direct routes from major hubs like San Francisco and Los Angeles.
  • From the Middle East: Etihad and Qatar Airways provide luxurious options with potential layovers in Abu Dhabi or Doha.
  • Budget-friendly: Cebu Pacific and AirAsia are popular choices for those looking to save.
  • For luxury: Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific are renowned for their top-tier services.

Which airlines offer flights nonstop to Manila from the US?

Traveling nonstop from the U.S. to Manila is a breeze with these carriers:

  • United Airlines: Operates from San Francisco and Los Angeles, ensuring coast-to-coast coverage.
  • Philippine Airlines: Known for its warm hospitality, it has regular flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and occasionally New York.

What are the top 3 airlines in the Philippines?

The Philippine skies are dominated by these three carriers:

  1. Philippine Airlines: As the nation’s flag carrier, it offers an expansive network, both domestically and internationally.
  2. Cebu Pacific: Renowned for its affordable rates, it’s a top choice for island-hopping within the Philippines.
  3. AirAsia Philippines: With competitive prices and a significant regional presence, it’s a go-to for many travelers.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Manila?

The months of January to March are often the most budget-friendly for Manila-bound flights. This period, post-holiday and before the summer rush, sees fewer tourists, leading to competitive airfares.

In this extensive guide, we've examined top airlines for Manila travel, each providing distinct amenities, service, and travel quality.
In this extensive guide, we’ve examined top airlines for Manila travel, each providing distinct amenities, service, and travel quality.

What is the safest airline in the Philippines?

Philippine Airlines holds a prestigious 7-star safety rating and has been incident-free for years. As such, it’s a top choice for safety-conscious travelers.

Is there a direct flight from the UK to the Philippines?

Absolutely! Philippine Airlines bridges the UK and the Philippines with its direct service from London Heathrow to Manila, eliminating the hassle of layovers.

What methods can I use to find cheap flights to Manila?

Securing the cheapest flights to Manila requires a blend of tactics:

  • Flight comparison websites: Platforms like Skyscanner or Kayak aggregate deals.
  • Fare alerts: Tools like Google Flights notify you of price drops.
  • Off-peak travel: Flying during non-touristy months can yield savings.
  • Early bookings: While last-minute deals are tempting, early birds often get the worm.
  • Alternate airports: Explore flights to nearby airports like Clark or Cebu.
  • Loyalty programs: Airlines reward frequent fliers with discounts and perks.
  • Promotions: Regularly check airline websites for flash sales.
  • Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights): This service curates top flight deals.
  • Round trips: Sometimes, return flights are more economical than one-way tickets.
  • Flexible dates: Shifting your travel dates by a day or two can lead to significant savings

Concluding Comments on the Best Airlines to Fly to Manila

The allure of Manila, with its harmonious blend of past and present, is best experienced when the journey itself becomes a part of the adventure. Each airline, from the luxurious cabins of Emirates to the direct routes of United, offers a unique perspective, setting the tone for your Philippine escapade.

Harnessing the power of modern tools and platforms can transform the often-overwhelming task of flight hunting into a rewarding endeavor. Platforms like Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) demystify the process, spotlighting deals that offer both value and comfort. Moreover, diving deep into airline loyalty programs can unlock a treasure trove of benefits, from priority boarding to exclusive lounge access.

Beyond the tangible perks, there’s an intangible joy in finding an airline that resonates with your travel ethos. It could be the eco-friendly initiatives of Cathay Pacific or the unparalleled hospitality of Qatar Airways.

In the grand tapestry of travel, the flight is the first brushstroke, setting the color and mood for the experiences to come. With the right airline by your side, your Manila story begins even before touchdown. Safe travels and clear skies ahead!

The best airlines to fly to Manila for all types of travelers
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