Unique Restaurants in Toronto: 12 Fun Places to Eat

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Unique Restaurants in Toronto
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Are you searching for the most unique restaurants in Toronto, Canada? Here’s your ultimate guide to the best places to eat in Toronto that you simply can’t miss!

Toronto is a gem in Canada that’s as eclectic as it is thrilling, especially when it comes to its food scene. Here, every meal is an adventure and the city’s eateries are as unique as the neighborhoods they’re located in. From sky-high dining at 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower to the pitch-black experience at ONoir Toronto, your taste buds are in for a ride!

Dig into the gamey goodness at Antler Kitchen & Bar or cheer on knights at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. Believe me, the best places to eat in Toronto double as experiences that stay with you long after the plates are cleared.

Whether it’s the creative fusions at Ten Restaurant or the beachy vibe of The Shameful Tiki Room Toronto, this city’s dining scene is a playground for the curious. This isn’t just about good food. It’s about unique places in Toronto to eat that turn dinner into a story worth telling.

Without further ado, let’s dive into my handpicked list of twelve of the most unique restaurants in Toronto. Get ready to explore the best food in Toronto that’s as diverse and dynamic as the city itself!

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Unique Restaurants in Toronto, Canada: 12 Memorable Toronto Eateries

Are you eager to explore the unique dining experiences Toronto has to offer? As we’ve touched on, there’s a wide variety of places to eat in Toronto, promising delights for all types of diners. Stay with us as we reveal where to eat in Toronto, Ontario.

Craving locally-sourced game or a meal that takes you on a journey through darkness? Maybe you’re in the mood for a dinner that comes with a side of live entertainment? Whatever your taste adventure, Toronto is ready to meet it. Here’s your exclusive guide to the most unique restaurants in Toronto, ON.

1.  ONoir Toronto

Imagine eating in complete darkness, where you can’t see your hand in front of your face, let alone what’s on your plate. That’s ONoir Toronto, a spot that turns a meal into an unforgettable experience. Here, the idea is simple but revolutionary: when you eat without your sight, your other senses take over.

Hands down, ONoir is one of the coolest places to eat in Toronto. It’s about the surprise in each bite, the laughter as you guess what you’re eating, and the conversation that flows when you’re not distracted by your phone or what’s happening at the next table.

The menu is a secret until you taste it, which adds to the fun. You might think you know what a steak tastes like, but when you’re dining in the dark at ONoir, it’s a whole new game. This place is perfect for the adventurous eater looking for unique restaurants in Toronto for dinner, or anyone who wants to spice up their night out.

Be sure to book ahead. ONoir is a hit with both locals and travelers. And remember, it’s all about trust here. Trust in the expert hands of your visually impaired servers, trust in the chef’s creations, and trust in the experience that you’re about to have one of the most unique meals in your life, right here in Toronto!

ONoir Toronto is one of the unique restaurants in Toronto.
At ONoir Toronto, dine in complete darkness for an unforgettable experience where senses, not sight, define your meal.

2.  Ten Restaurant

In the heart of the city, Ten Restaurant is a hidden gem among the best places to eat in Toronto, serving up an inventive menu that’s all about bold flavors. It’s where tradition meets innovation, and every dish tells a story.

At Ten, the menu is a curated collection of fusion dishes that will take your palate on a tour around the globe. Think classic meals with a twist that turns them into something new and unexpected. You could be biting into a familiar pasta dish, only to find it’s been reimagined with a dash of global spice that completely transforms it.

Ten isn’t just unique for its food. The ambiance strikes the perfect balance between cozy and chic. As such, it’s one of the most unique places in Toronto to eat whether you’re on a date or out with friends. It’s casual enough to relax but special enough to feel like an event.

While the prices are on the higher side, the portions are generous, and the experience is worth every penny. As a personal recommendation, try their signature dish that locals rave about. Make sure to ask for the day’s special—you never know what new creation might be on offer!

No need to dress to the nines, but a reservation is recommended. Ten Restaurant fills up fast with those in the know, looking for a meal that’s as memorable as it is delicious.

Ten Restaurant offers bold flavors and a menu where tradition meets innovation.
Ten Restaurant offers bold flavors and a menu where tradition meets innovation. | Source: https://www.10restaurant.ca/

3. The Sultan’s Tent and Cafe

Located in the bustling downtown of Toronto, The Sultan’s Tent and Cafe offers a dining escape to a Moroccan oasis. It’s a place where the best food in Toronto is served with a side of exotic flair. Here, you don’t just grab a bite – it transports you to the streets of Marrakech!

Drapes and plush pillows set the scene for a meal that’s as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate. The Sultan’s Tent serves up aromatic tagines and couscous dishes that are a love letter to Moroccan cuisine. This spot is perfect for foodies and travelers alike, who crave a scenic place in Toronto to eat and the thrill of trying something new.

The cafe’s charm lies in its ability to pair authentic Moroccan flavors with a performance. Belly dancers weave through the tables, adding a pulse to the night. It’s recommended to come with time to spare, as dinners here are leisurely and meant to be savored, much like the entertainment.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic night out or a cultural experience, The Sultan’s Tent and Cafe doesn’t just serve delicious meals, it serves up stories. And remember, while walk-ins are welcome, a reservation ensures you a front-row seat to the magic.

The Sultan’s Tent and Cafe, a culinary escape to a Moroccan oasis, serving the best food with an exotic flair.
The Sultan’s Tent and Cafe, a culinary escape to a Moroccan oasis, serving the best food with an exotic flair.

4. Mysteriously Yours Mystery Dinner Theatre

At Mysteriously Yours Mystery Dinner Theatre, dinner comes with a side of intrigue. This Toronto staple stands out as a thrilling evening option where guests can enjoy a meal while engaging in an interactive detective story. It’s part dinner, part theatre, and all about the experience. In my opinion, it’s one of the most fun restaurants in Toronto.

As you dine on a menu of classic favorites with a contemporary twist, the room buzzes with the energy of a live mystery unfolding around you. It’s one of the best themed restaurants in Toronto that invites diners to become part of the story, solving clues and interacting with characters to crack the case.

The crowd here is a mix of amateur sleuths and those looking for a dinner that breaks the mold of a typical night out. It appeals to anyone up for a good puzzle and a lot of laughs. The theater’s fame for these murder mystery dinners means it’s often filled with both locals and tourists seeking a unique night on the town.

To get the most out of this experience, book your tickets in advance and come ready to play detective. There’s no strict dress code, but if you feel like dressing up, it only adds to the fun. Mysteriously Yours offers a distinctive twist on fine dining in Toronto, proving that the city’s culinary scene can be as playful as it is diverse.

Mysteriously Yours Mystery Dinner Theatre: a thrilling dinner, interactive detective story, and one of the city's most fun restaurants.
Mysteriously Yours Mystery Dinner Theatre: a thrilling dinner, interactive detective story, and one of the city’s most fun restaurants.

5. Antler Kitchen & Bar

Antler Kitchen & Bar stands out in Toronto’s dining landscape with its focus on wild and foraged foods. This place is a celebration of Canadian cuisine, where the wild flavors of the great outdoors are brought to the urban table. It’s renowned not only for its unique culinary approach but also for its commitment to local and sustainable practices.

The menu at Antler is a showcase of the country’s bounty. Think venison, wild boar, and foraged mushrooms, all plated with a modern edge. Trust me when I say that the famous ‘Game Burger’ is a must-try. Truly, it’s a testament to the kitchen’s creativity and respect for homegrown ingredients.

This spot is a draw for the environmentally conscious eater and the gastronomically adventurous alike. It’s a venue where both discerning food critics and casual diners can revel in the hearty, robust flavors that define Canada’s wild cuisine.

Antler is a spot that combines the rustic with the refined. This makes it an exemplary choice for anyone searching for the best restaurants in Toronto. The atmosphere is warm, the beers are local, and the dishes are talked about long after the meal is over. To secure a table at this sought-after locale, be sure to book in advance — Antler is no secret among those who cherish a truly Canadian dining experience.

Antler Kitchen & Bar celebrates Canadian cuisine, focusing on wild, foraged foods.
Antler Kitchen & Bar celebrates Canadian cuisine, focusing on wild, foraged foods.

6. 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower

No list of the most unique Toronto restaurants would be complete without mentioning 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower. Here, you can experience a dining experience that quite literally tops all others. Perched high above the city, this restaurant gives ‘scenic places in Toronto to eat’ a whole new meaning. With a panorama that takes in the sweep of the city and Lake Ontario, the views are as spectacular as the food.

Here, the menu revolves around Canadian cuisine, featuring local ingredients that celebrate the region’s diversity. The award-winning wine selection is as impressive as the rotating view. Diners can indulge in dishes like the succulent Ontario lamb or the fresh catch of the day while watching the sunset paint the city in hues of gold and pink.

This landmark isn’t only about fine dining in Toronto. It’s about moments that take your breath away. It’s popular with tourists and locals celebrating special occasions, all looking for that high-up, once-in-a-lifetime meal.

Booking ahead is essential at 360, especially if you want a window seat during sunset. There’s a smart-casual dress code, so it’s the perfect opportunity to dress up and toast to the city lights. For those searching for the best restaurants in Toronto with a view, it doesn’t get any better than this!

360 The Restaurant is one of the unique restaurants in Toronto.
At 360 The Restaurant, CN Tower, offering a culinary experience at new heights.

7. Richmond Station

Richmond Station is a bustling eatery in the heart of downtown Toronto. It’s known for its vibrant atmosphere and a menu that captures the essence of the city’s dynamic food scene. This restaurant is a culinary hub for those who appreciate the art of cooking as much as they enjoy eating.

The kitchen is an open concept, allowing diners to witness the creation of dishes that are both inventive and comforting. Richmond Station stands out for its commitment to local farmers and artisans, which is reflected in their seasonally inspired dishes. The charcuterie boards are a local favorite, showcasing the best of Canadian meats and cheeses.

Richmond Station is the go-to for urban foodies and casual diners seeking the best food in Toronto. It’s an unpretentious spot where the quality of the ingredients speaks for itself, and the staff’s passion for food is contagious.

An insider tip: don’t skip dessert! The pastry team at Richmond Station crafts sweets that are the perfect end to any meal. Reservations are wise, as this popular spot fills up quickly with those in the know about Toronto’s best restaurants.

Richmond Station is a vibrant culinary hub capturing the essence of the city's dynamic food scene.
Richmond Station is a vibrant culinary hub capturing the essence of the city’s dynamic food scene.

8. Banh Mi Boys

If you’re looking for cheap eats in Toronto, look no further! Banh Mi Boys redefines street food with a twist. One of the most fun places to eat in Toronto, they serve up Vietnamese-inspired sandwiches that have quickly become a staple. This is where vibrant flavors and fresh ingredients come together in a casual setting. It’s a great choice for a quick lunch or a hearty snack while exploring the city.

Their banh mi is a canvas of texture and taste, with crusty bread filled to the brim with pickled vegetables, cilantro, and your choice of savory meats or tofu. Don’t miss out on their steamed bao – fluffy buns packed with equally flavorful fillings. And for the daring, the kimchi fries are a fusion favorite.

Banh Mi Boys has cemented its status as a must-visit for food lovers looking for unique places in Toronto to eat without breaking the bank. It’s ideal for the on-the-go traveler or anyone in search of a quick, delicious bite.

You’ll find no reservations here. It’s a walk-in spot that’s all about great food served fast and with a smile. With several locations around the city, a mouth-watering meal is never far away.

Banh Mi Boys redefines street food with Vietnamese-inspired sandwiches in a vibrant, casual setting.
Banh Mi Boys redefines street food with Vietnamese-inspired sandwiches in a vibrant, casual setting.

9. Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Step back in time at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, where the clashing of swords and the cheers of the crowd blend with a feast fit for royalty. This dinner theater takes you to an age of bravery and honor, delivering an exhilarating show of knights and horses, right at your tableside!

As one of the best themed restaurants in Toronto, Medieval Times offers a unique dining experience that goes beyond the plate. Diners can indulge in a four-course meal eaten medieval-style: no utensils, just your hands, adding to the authenticity of the experience. The roasted chicken is a crowd-pleaser, and the tomato bisque soup has a following of its own.

Families, history loverd, and anyone looking for an engaging night out will find themselves cheering for their knight in the jousting arena. It’s an interactive spectacle that’s fun for all ages and a great way to break the usual dinner routine.

To join the royal court, booking ahead is recommended. And while there’s no need for noble attire, guests often enjoy donning medieval accessories to get into the spirit of the era. Medieval Times is not just about dining. It’s a portal to another era, offering a slice of history with every bite!

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament delivers an exhilarating show of knights and horses at your tableside.
Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament delivers an exhilarating show of knights and horses at your tableside.

10. See-Scape

See-Scape is Toronto’s portal to other worlds, a sci-fi and fantasy-themed bar where the décor is as imaginative as the menu. Without a doubt, it’s one of the coolest places to eat in Toronto for gamers, geeks, and anyone who loves a side of the extraordinary with their meal. Trust me, you won’t regret eating here!

The menu features a range of playful dishes and drinks inspired by pop culture references that will have fans smiling with recognition. It’s the perfect spot for those looking to combine their love for all things nerdy with a casual dining experience.

See-Scape is also a community hub. Themed events, game nights, and art showcases bring together like-minded individuals. Whether you’re looking to dive into a board game, marvel at the local art, or just enjoy a unique ambiance, See-Scape delivers.

With its affordable eats and laid-back vibe, this spot invites you to linger longer and soak in the unique atmosphere. No reservations are required here. Just bring your sense of adventure and be ready to explore the many facets of this distinctive Toronto hangout.

See-Scape in Toronto: a sci-fi and fantasy-themed bar where imaginative décor meets an extraordinary menu.
See-Scape in Toronto: a sci-fi and fantasy-themed bar where imaginative décor meets an extraordinary menu. | Source: https://www.seescapeto.com/

11. The Shameful Tiki Room Toronto

The Shameful Tiki Room Toronto whisks you away to a tropical paradise right in the middle of the city. This spot is all about the experience. From the moment you step through the door and are greeted by the dimly lit, Polynesian-inspired decor, to the last sip of your elaborately garnished cocktail.

The menu is a tribute to the islands, with pu-pu platters to share and tropical drinks that are as strong as they are colorful. The vibe is fun and festive, which makes it one of the most unique places in Toronto to eat and drink when you’re looking to escape the ordinary.

Perfect for date nights or a gathering with friends, The Shameful Tiki Room offers an immersive atmosphere that’s miles away from the usual bar or restaurant scene. It’s a slice of the exotic, complete with a soundtrack of vintage surf and classic exotica that can turn any evening into a mini-vacation.

There’s usually a lineup, so get there early or be prepared for a bit of a wait. Believe me, it’s worth it for a chance to indulge in their famous Mai Tais and groove to the retro tunes. No reservations are needed, just bring your love for a good time and let The Shameful Tiki Room do the rest.

Shameful Tiki Room Toronto, a city oasis with Polynesian decor.
Shameful Tiki Room Toronto, a city oasis with Polynesian decor.

12. Snakes & Lattes Annex

Snakes & Lattes Annex turns a love of board games into a communal feast. As Toronto’s best board game café, it combines a library of games from around the world with a menu that keeps players sated through hours of strategizing and fun.

The café’s shelves are stocked with everything from classic favorites to the latest in tabletop gaming. The menu complements the experience with a selection of comfort foods, craft beers, and quality coffee — all the fuel needed for a game night!

Snakes & Lattes Annex is the ideal spot for gamers and non-gamers alike. It appeals to anyone looking for a relaxed evening out. It’s a hub for connection and competition, which makes it one of the most unique places in Toronto to eat and play.

The atmosphere is lively and the staff are game gurus, ready to recommend the perfect match for your group. While walk-ins are always welcome, securing a table with a reservation is smart during peak hours. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just in it for the laughs, Snakes & Lattes Annex offers a playful retreat from the bustle of the city.

Snakes & Lattes Annex is one of the unique restaurants in Toronto.
Snakes & Lattes Annex transforms offers a communal feast in the best board game café.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Unique Restaurants in Toronto

Searching for more information to help you decide where to eat in Toronto? Here are some common questions (and answers) I get asked a lot about Toronto’s best restaurants.

What is a unique food in Toronto?

If you’re hunting for a bite that screams Toronto, grab a peameal bacon sandwich. This isn’t your average bacon but a juicy, tender slice rolled in peameal and cooked until golden. Head over to St. Lawrence Market tp snag one of these iconic sandwiches.

What foods are famous in Toronto, Canada?

Here are some of the famous foods that are a must-try in Toronto:

  1. Peameal Bacon Sandwich: Often considered Toronto’s signature sandwich. It consists of peameal bacon—a type of back bacon rolled in cornmeal—stacked on a bun. You can enjoy this sandwich with simple condiments like mustard.
  2. Butter Tart: A classic Canadian dessert, butter tart is a sweet and sticky treat. It consists of butter, sugar, syrup, and egg filling baked in a flaky pastry shell.
  3. Maple Syrup: Toronto, like much of Canada, is known for its maple syrup.
  4. Craft Beer: The city has a booming craft beer scene. You’ll find many local breweries offering a wide range of innovative and traditional brews.
  5. Toronto Street Food: The street food scene in Toronto is bustling. It includes food trucks and stalls offering everything from Korean tacos to gourmet grilled cheese.
Delicious peameal bacon sandwich with a crispy exterior, tender meat, and a soft bun.
Delicious peameal bacon sandwich with a crispy exterior, tender meat, and a soft bun.

Is Toronto a good city for foodies?

Oh yes! For a foodie, Toronto is like hitting the jackpot. Every street and alley offers something delicious. You can hop from tasting the best food in Toronto at a pop-up vendor to dining at a top-tier restaurant in the evening. The city is a feast of flavors, with eateries that’ll satisfy those craving home-style cooking or gourmet dishes.

Are there any themed restaurants in Toronto?

You bet! Themed restaurants in Toronto add a dash of drama to dining out. Want to travel back in time? Check out Medieval Times. If you prefer a journey of the senses, ONoir will have you dining in complete darkness. For something out of this world, See-Scape’s sci-fi setting is a blast.

Where can I eat in Toronto for a special occasion?

Special occasions call for special settings. I recommend popping the cork with a view at 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower. For something a little more down-to-earth but equally charming, Richmond Station’s cozy corners are perfect for making memories. Want a sprinkle of exotic? The Sultan’s Tent wraps up romance with its Moroccan flair.

What is the most famous restaurant in Toronto?

Alo and Barberian’s Steakhouse are among the most famous restaurants in Toronto. Alo is renowned for its exquisite multi-course tasting menus and offers a refined dining experience in the Queen West area. Barberian’s Steakhouse, with its old-school charm on Elm Street, is celebrated for its quality steaks. It’s a favorite among both locals and visiting celebrities​. These establishments are known not only for their exceptional cuisine but also for their distinctive atmospheres and the memories they help create.

Recap: Unique Restaurants in Toronto

Toronto’s dining scene is a treasure map, and each restaurant we’ve talked about is a gem waiting to be discovered. These eateries don’t just serve food. They serve experiences that linger in your memory long after the last bite, capturing the essence of Toronto’s charm. If I had to pick just one unique restaurant in Toronto that you absolutely can’t miss, The Sultan’s Tent stands out. Its enchanting atmosphere and flavors transport you straight to Morocco, inviting you to fly to Canada through your taste buds!!

From the sky-high delights of 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower to the interactive fun at Snakes & Lattes Annex, there are plenty of incredible Toronto restaurants. Antler Kitchen & Bar brings the wild heart of Canada to your table with local, foraged ingredients, while Banh Mi Boys showcases how street food can pack a gourmet punch.

Each restaurant on this list brings its own flavor to the table. When you’re here, every meal is an opportunity to create a story you’ll be eager to share.

The top restaurants in Toronto for all types of travelers
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