Unique Restaurants In Brooklyn: 12 Quirky And Unusual Places To Eat In Brooklyn

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Unique Restaurants In Brooklyn
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Ready to explore the unique restaurants in Brooklyn that offer more than just great food? This guide introduces you to places that offer unforgettable dining experiences. Dive into a world where food and creativity meet in Brooklyn’s vibrant neighborhoods!

Welcome to the heart of creativity and taste, Brooklyn – a place where the food scene is as diverse as its residents, exuding that unmistakable New York charm. If you’re on the hunt for extraordinary dining experiences, this guide will take you on a journey through the most unique eateries that Brooklyn has to offer. From eco-friendly spots that buzz with life to hidden gems where the food sings with flavor, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re craving the spicy kick of Caribbean cuisine, the comfort of a classic American burger, or the novelty of dining in a place that feels like a movie set, Brooklyn’s unique restaurants are ready to serve up a feast for your senses.

Join us as we explore places that are not just about great food, but also about the vibe, the people, and the stories behind each dish. So, grab your fork and your sense of adventure – let’s dive into the culinary wonders of Brooklyn!

The top restaurants to visit in Brooklyn right now

Unique Restaurants in Brooklyn: 12 Incredible Brooklyn Eateries

Brooklyn is a bustling hub where food lovers can find a world of flavors. For this reason, it’s one of the most sought-after places to stay in NYC. With Brooklyn’s unique restaurants, every meal becomes an adventure, blending traditional tastes with modern twists. Join us as we journey through these culinary hotspots, where each dish tells a story of this vibrant New York borough!

1. MyMoon

In the vibrant heart of Williamsburg lies MyMoon, a Spanish haven that’s a standout among the unique restaurants in Brooklyn. This moonlit garden oasis offers a sensory journey. With a courtyard deck adorned in fairytale lighting and a fully retractable roof, MyMoon is enchanting year-round.

The menu is a tribute to Spanish terraza dining, with Chef Marco Paz del Alamo at the helm. He reimagines traditional Spanish staples, turning fresh ingredients into culinary art. Whether it’s a casual evening out or a grand celebration, the atmosphere here is always inviting.

The space itself is a marvel, with 25-foot ceilings and a spacious garden courtyard. It’s one of the coolest places to eat in Brooklyn, where every dish tells a story and every bite takes you on a trip to the Iberian Peninsula. MyMoon is a destination for those seeking magic in their dining experience!

MyMoon is one of the unique restaurants in Brooklyn.
MyMoon is a standout Spanish oasis, enchanting visitors with a moonlit garden and fairytale courtyard.

2. Habana Outpost

Step into Habana Outpost, Brooklyn’s first eco-eatery, and discover one of the unique places in Brooklyn to eat. This Fort Greene staple is an experience that’s both eco-conscious and kid-friendly. With solar panels and a bike-powered blender, this place is as green as it is vibrant.

The menu here is a flavorful mix of Mexican, Caribbean, and Latin American cuisines. The famous corn, slathered in mayo, cotija cheese, and chili powder, is a must-try. It’s a spot where the community gathers, whether for a casual lunch or to enjoy the bar scene!

Habana Outpost is a hidden gem restaurant in Brooklyn, doubling as a flea market by day and a lively outdoor boîte by night. The picnic benches made from recycled lumber and the colorful umbrellas create a laid-back setting perfect for groups. Rain or shine, the party never stops thanks to the attractive indoor space with its graffiti-style mural.

Habana Outpost is an eco-eatery, blending green innovation with family-friendly vibes.
Habana Outpost is an eco-eatery, blending green innovation with family-friendly vibes.

3. Kokomo

Nestled in Williamsburg, Kokomo stands out as one of the best restaurants in Brooklyn, serving up extraordinary Caribbean cuisine. The chef’s Jamaican roots infuse the menu with a delightful blend of pan-Caribbean, Asian, and African flavors. The Red Peppa Jerk Chicken, tender as butter, and the Coconut Lime Salmon Filet, with its perfect crisp-tender balance, are just the beginning of the culinary delights that await.

Inside, Kokomo enchants with soft lighting, a skylight, and tasteful tapestries, creating a magical dining atmosphere. The inventive menu features vegan options, pasta, and the chef’s special, KoKo’s Chicken & Waffles. Each dish is a masterpiece, cooked with passion and precision.

Kokomo is also one of the unique Brooklyn restaurants that offer a visual feast as well as a gastronomic one. The sauces, like the coconut lime on the salmon, are beyond description, bursting with flavors that are both familiar and novel. The restaurant’s commitment to creativity extends to its cocktails, with names as imaginative as their ingredients.

Kokomo in Williamsburg is a top spot for delightful Caribbean fusion dishes.
Kokomo in Williamsburg is a top spot for delightful Caribbean fusion dishes.

4. Sea Witch

Dive into Sea Witch, a nautical escape among the themed restaurants in Brooklyn. This spot doesn’t rely on flashy decor. Instead, it charms with subtle sea-inspired touches. Think starry lights and an underwater mural. It’s a place where you can sip on craft beers or classic brews in a setting that feels like an ocean voyage.

The food at Sea Witch is all about comfort, and you won’t find a sea of fish dishes here. Instead, there’s a tasty clam roll and a burger that might just remind you of Shake Shack. It’s a unique restaurant in Brooklyn where the vibe is as good as the food!

At Sea Witch, the details make all the difference. Stools made from chains and a blue-lit fish tank set the scene. It’s a treasure hidden in plain sight, perfect for those who love a good burger and a pint with a side of sea breeze!

Sea Witch offers an oceanic ambiance to enjoy craft beers or classic brews.
Sea Witch offers an oceanic ambiance to enjoy craft beers or classic brews.

5. House of Wax

Tucked away in the City Point center, House of Wax houses a collection of wax figures that are over a century old, originally from Berlin’s Castan’s Panopticum. This museum and restaurant is a portal to another era, making it one of the most unique themed restaurants in Brooklyn.

The collection, saved by oddities collector Ryan Matthew Cohn, includes over 100 anatomical models and 25 wax death masks. It’s a place where you can gaze at wax depictions of birth, syphilis, and lungs with tuberculosis. The bar’s theme is a nod to the sensational and the macabre, with drinks categorized as “Anatomicals, Pathologicals, or Geographicals.”

As one of the coolest restaurants in Brooklyn, House of Wax offers a backdrop of history and horror with your meal. You can sip on a cocktail named after a serial killer or admire the artistry of wax figures that have survived two world wars. This venue is a fun place to eat in Brooklyn for those who appreciate the peculiar. It’s a dining experience wrapped in the intrigue of the past, where every corner tells a story.

House of Wax is a unique restaurant hosting a century-old wax figure collection.
House of Wax is a unique restaurant hosting a century-old wax figure collection.

6. Zombie Hut

Zombie Hut is a Carroll Gardens hideaway that tops the list of fun restaurants in Brooklyn. With its dim lighting and strong tropical drinks, it’s a place where dates can turn into adventures. The tiki bar vibe is strong here, with bamboo walls and Polynesian masks that transport you to an island paradise.

The drinks are the main draw, with names like Gilligans and Scorpion Bowl. They’re colorful, sweet, and pack a punch, perfect for sharing with friends. Beyond the cocktails, you can also grab a Bud Light or Session Lager if you’re in the mood for beer.

As one of the best places to eat in Brooklyn, Zombie Hut offers more than just drinks. The outdoor dining space is a casual spot where you can enjoy the buzz of Smith Street. It’s a place where the music varies from Eminem to Simon and Garfunkel, fitting the laid-back yet lively atmosphere.

Zombie Hut is one of the unique restaurants in Brooklyn.
Zombie Hut blends dim-lit tropical vibes and strong drinks for date nights in a tiki bar paradise. | Source: https://www.zombie-hut.com/

7. Dinner Party

Looking for a truly unique dinner experience? Dinner Party is a culinary gem that shines among the unique restaurants in Brooklyn for dinner. Founded in 2021 by six women with a passion for food and no formal cooking training, this venue quickly became a place where strangers turn into friends over a shared meal. The atmosphere is designed to feel like a cozy gathering at a friend’s home, where laughter is as much a part of the experience as the food.

The cuisine at Dinner Party is a rustic yet sophisticated blend of French, Italian, and what the chef playfully calls “Californian.” The menu changes weekly, reflecting the diverse culinary directions the team explores. From a hearty stew that warms your soul to a zesty pasta that dances on the palate, the dishes are balanced and crafted with love.

This venue stands out among unique restaurants in Brooklyn, offering a prix-fixe menu that defies the typical upscale dining scene. It’s approachable, yet every dish is thoughtfully prepared, aiming to surprise and delight. The setting is intimate, sometimes seating guests with others to spark conversation and new friendships.

Dine at Dinner Party where food and friendship blend in a cozy, unique dining experience.
Dine at Dinner Party where food and friendship blend in a cozy, unique dining experience. | Source: https://www.dinnerpartybk.com/

8. Action Burger

Calling all gamers! Action Burger is a playground for both your imagination and your taste buds, making it one of the most unique places to eat in Brooklyn. It’s America’s only sci-fi, comic book, and free retro video game-themed restaurant, where you can indulge in a universe of flavors. Whether you’re a hero or a villain, the menu has something special for you. Heroes can enjoy healthier options like veggie burgers, while villains might dive into tasty beef burgers and wings.

With over 50,000 free retro video games and more than 100 game systems, Action Burger is a haven for gamers and foodies alike. It’s a place where you can battle it out in Super Smash Bros or reminisce with classics from the ’80s on Ultracade. The fun doesn’t stop at the games; the Nutella burger and cotton candy milkshakes are as adventurous as the arcade selection.

This unique restaurant in Brooklyn also offers a social experience like no other. You can reserve a table for a birthday party and play board games, or enjoy the bar area for private events. The vibe is all about community, fun, and great food.

Action Burger is the only sci-fi, comic book, and retro video game-themed eatery in the city.
Action Burger is the only sci-fi, comic book, and retro video game-themed eatery in the city.

9. Surf Bar

Are you itching for some sun, sand, and surf? Surf Bar in Williamsburg is a slice of the beach set in the urban landscape, making it one of Brooklyn’s best restaurants for a unique dining experience. As you step in, the sand beneath your feet and the surfboards on the walls transport you straight to the seaside. This place is a celebration of all things oceanic, from the decor to the seafood-focused menu.

The culinary offerings at Surf Bar are a testament to the treasures of the sea. You can start with coconut shrimps or guacamole with chips, then dive into a bowl of Clam Chowder or savor the fresh taste of oysters and ceviche. For something heartier, try the fish burritos, shrimp tacos, or the mahi-mahi burger, each bursting with flavor.

Surf Bar stands out as a unique restaurant in Brooklyn, where the atmosphere is as important as the food. The drinks menu complements the seaside theme, with a selection of cocktails, many rum-based, and beers from New York to Hawaii. Imagine sipping a cold Red Stripe from Jamaica, feeling refreshed as if you’re lounging on a Caribbean beach!

Surf Bar is a beach-themed escape, offering sand underfoot, surfboard decor, and a seafood-focused menu.
Surf Bar is a beach-themed escape, offering sand underfoot, surfboard decor, and a seafood-focused menu. | Source: https://www.new-york-city-travel-tips.com/

10. Patti Ann’s

Patti Ann’s is a fresh face in Brooklyn’s dining scene, quickly becoming known for its Midwestern comfort food with a twist. The chef behind this venture, Greg Baxtrom, is already celebrated for his other Brooklyn eateries, Olmsted and Maison Yaki. Patti Ann’s follows suit, offering a cozy, family-friendly atmosphere with a menu that brings a sense of nostalgia.

The restaurant’s interior is described as ‘schoolhouse chic’, with pops of color and board games, creating a welcoming space for families and friends. It’s a place that feels like home, where you can enjoy a meal without any pretense. The menu includes items like a bread basket, a port wine cheese ball, and a pig in a blanket, each with a hint of the past yet fitting perfectly into the present.

In the realm of unique restaurants in Brooklyn, Patti Ann’s stands out with its approach to classic comfort dishes. The duck meatloaf, for instance, is a bold take on a traditional favorite, coated in a cherry ketchup that’s both unexpected and flavorful. Other menu highlights include the Saltine-encrusted salmon and a chicken fried pork chop that showcases the kitchen’s technical skill.

Patti Ann’s offers fresh comfort food with a twist from chef Greg Baxtrom in a cozy, family-friendly setting.
Patti Ann’s offers fresh comfort food with a twist from chef Greg Baxtrom in a cozy, family-friendly setting. | Source: https://www.pattianns.com/

11. Snowday in Brooklyn

Snowday in Brooklyn is a seasonal pop-up that transforms Sunday in Brooklyn into a winter wonderland. This unique restaurant in Brooklyn brings the magic of snow-covered streets indoors. With twinkling lights, baubles, and cozy blankets, it’s a festive retreat from the city’s chill.

The pop-up’s cocktail list is a winter dream come true. Drinks like the Grinch Don’t Kill My Vibe mix mezcal with festive flavors. Hot for Santa warms you up with honey, cider, and a zing of horseradish. Each cocktail is a limited-time offer, making each visit special.

This place is a celebration of the holiday spirit. It’s where friends gather to toast under a canopy of lights. It’s a spot where every sip and laugh feels like a holiday. With 15 new drinks to try, there’s a taste of Christmas for everyone.

Snowday in Brooklyn captures the essence of the holidays. It’s a place where the season’s joy is served in a glass. Whether you’re in for the vibe or the drinks, it’s a must-visit.

Snowday in Brooklyn is a seasonal pop-up, turning Sunday in Brooklyn into a cozy winter wonderland.
Snowday in Brooklyn is a seasonal pop-up, turning Sunday in Brooklyn into a cozy winter wonderland.

12. Sisters

In the heart of Clinton Hill, Sisters stands out as a beacon of beauty and taste, a true contender for unique restaurants in Brooklyn. The space itself is a visual feast, with ceilings that draw the eye and a bar that’s both a marvel of marble and a hub of activity. During the day, a skylight bathes the interior in natural light, making the ambiance as appealing as the menu.

The food at Sisters is a delightful array of familiar favorites with a twist. The fried chicken sandwich, with its light, crispy chicken, spicy mayo, and cabbage, is a must-try. For the vegetarians, the veggie burger offers a satisfying crunch, packed with black beans and flavor. Don’t miss the roasted cauliflower, adorned with chili crisp and a cool yogurt sauce, a dish that’s become a crowd favorite.

Sisters also boasts one of the neighborhood’s best heated outdoor spaces, ensuring the vibe and dining experience are year-round pleasures. Whether you’re there for a casual daytime hangout or an evening of shared plates and wine, Sisters delivers on both aesthetics and culinary delights.

Sisters is one of the unique restaurants in Brooklyn.
Sisters is a visually striking eatery with a captivating design and a delightful menu.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Unique Places To Eat In Brooklyn

Seeking insider tips on Brooklyn’s dining scene? Our FAQ section reveals all you need to know about the unique restaurants in Brooklyn, ensuring your culinary journey is as exciting as the borough itself.

What food is Brooklyn best known for?

When you think of Brooklyn, you might think of its famous pizza. Thin crust, rich sauce, and gooey cheese make it a classic. But that’s not all. Brooklyn is also known for bagels that are just the right mix of chewy and soft. And let’s not forget the trendy artisanal foods that have popped up in recent years. From craft ice cream to innovative vegan dishes, the borough is a foodie’s dream. Each bite tells a story of Brooklyn’s diverse culture and history.

What part of Brooklyn has the best food?

If you’re hunting for a culinary adventure, Williamsburg is the place to be. It’s a neighborhood where you can find everything from street food to high-end dining. The area is a melting pot of flavors, with unique restaurants in Brooklyn lining the streets. Whether you’re craving Italian, Mexican, or something totally new, Williamsburg has a table with your name on it.

What is the oldest Italian restaurant in Brooklyn?

Bamonte’s holds the title of the oldest Italian restaurant in Brooklyn. Opening its doors in 1900, it’s a place where time seems to stand still. The classic red sauce dishes and the old-world charm make it a beloved spot. It’s a unique restaurant in Brooklyn that has seen generations come and go, all while serving up plates of pasta that taste like they’re straight from Italy.

Bamonte's is a classic Italian restaurant known for its authentic cuisine.
Bamonte’s is a classic Italian restaurant known for its authentic cuisine.

What is the restaurant at the bottom of the Brooklyn Bridge?

The River Café is the gem nestled at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. With stunning views of the Manhattan skyline and a menu that’s just as impressive, it’s a must-visit. The restaurant is known for its fine dining and romantic setting. It’s a place where the city lights sparkle just as brightly as the dishes.

How do I find a unique restaurant in Brooklyn?

To find a unique restaurant in Brooklyn, start by exploring neighborhoods. Each area has its own flavor. Check out local blogs, ask residents, or take a walk and see what catches your eye. Look for places with a crowd, a sign of good food. And don’t be afraid to try something new. The most unique spots are often the ones you stumble upon.

Are there any waterfront dining options in Brooklyn?

Yes, Brooklyn offers several waterfront dining spots where you can enjoy a meal with a view. These restaurants range from casual to upscale, offering views of the East River or the Atlantic Ocean. Whether you’re looking for a place to have brunch or a romantic dinner, the waterfront restaurants in Brooklyn provide a memorable dining experience with scenic backdrops.

Can I find international cuisine in Brooklyn?

Absolutely, Brooklyn is a tapestry of cultures, and this is reflected in its food. You can travel the world with your taste buds here. From authentic Mexican tacos to Japanese sushi, and from Middle Eastern falafel to Russian borscht, the international cuisine available is vast and varied.

What makes a restaurant unique in Brooklyn?

A unique restaurant in Brooklyn often has a story, a theme, or a menu that sets it apart. It could be a historical setting, a creative culinary approach, or a special atmosphere. It’s a place that creates an experience, not just a meal. When you dine at one of these restaurants, you’re part of something special.

Final Thoughts on Unique Brooklyn Restaurants

As our journey through the unique restaurants in Brooklyn comes to an end, we hope you’re inspired to explore these culinary treasures. Each spot we’ve shared provides experiences that are as diverse and dynamic as Brooklyn itself. From the nostalgic comfort of a classic diner to the innovative twists of modern cuisine, these restaurants are the heartbeat of the borough’s vibrant food scene.

Brooklyn’s dining landscape is a canvas where chefs paint with flavors, and every meal is a masterpiece. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, there’s always a seat waiting for you at one of these unique tables. So, the next time you’re flying to New York, let your appetite guide you to one of these unforgettable spots in Brooklyn. Who knows what delicious discoveries await?

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