Unique Places to Stay in Denver: 10 Coolest Hotels & Lodgings

by Flora Backup
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There’s plenty of choice when it comes to choosing hotels in Denver. Our guide is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most unique places to stay in Denver, ensuring your visit to the Mile High City is memorable.

Are you ready to explore some of the coolest hotels in Denver? If you’re all about finding spots that offer something more than just a standard hotel room, you’re in for a treat. I’ve put together a list of 12 amazing places to stay in Denver, each with its own unique charm and character.

From the elegance of The Brown Palace to the artsy vibe of The ART Hotel, this list has something for everyone. Planning a romantic escape, a family trip, or just a solo adventure? You’re covered. These places aren’t just about sleeping – they’re about creating unforgettable experiences.

I’ll guide you through what makes each of these spots unique, who they’re perfect for, and some tips to make your stay even better. So, let’s get started and discover the best hotels in Denver!

The unique places to stay in Denver right now

Unique Places to Stay in Denver

Ready to discover the best places to stay in Denver? This vibrant city is renowned for its eclectic mix of accommodations, blending urban charm with mountain town spirit. From historic hotels to modern boutique inns, Denver offers an array of choices for every kind of traveler. Eager to find your ideal Denver retreat? Here’s a roundup of the best and most unique hotels in Denver that are guaranteed to elevate your visit to an unforgettable experience!

1. The Brown Palace

Stepping into The Brown Palace is like taking a walk through history with a touch of luxury. This iconic hotel, located in the heart of downtown Denver, has been a symbol of elegance since 1892. It’s a landmark that has hosted legends, from rock stars to presidents.

What makes The Brown Palace stand out? It’s the perfect blend of historical charm and modern comfort. The hotel’s unique triangular shape and stunning atrium lobby are a sight to behold, and its Victorian-era decor transports you to a bygone era. But don’t let the old-world charm fool you – the amenities here are top-notch. You’ll find a world-class spa and fine dining options that will tantalize your taste buds.

Brown Palace unquestionably ranks among Denver's top spa hotels, offering an unparalleled spa experience that stands out for its excellence.
Brown Palace unquestionably ranks among Denver’s top spa hotels, offering an unparalleled spa experience. | Image Credit: Tripadvisor

This place is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Whether you’re sipping afternoon tea in the lobby or unwinding in one of the sumptuously appointed rooms, you’ll feel like royalty. For the history lovers, the hotel offers fascinating tours that delve into its storied past.

The Brown Palace is one of the best spa hotels in Denver, hands down. It’s perfect for travelers seeking a luxurious retreat with a rich history. While it leans towards the expensive side, the experience is truly priceless. Remember to book in advance, as this popular spot fills up quickly!

2. The ART Hotel

The ART Hotel really puts the ‘fun’ in funky and the ‘wow’ in wow-factor. Without a doubt, it’s one of the coolest places to stay in Denver. Imagine a hotel that’s like a live-in art gallery, where every room is a canvas and every hallway an art exhibit. That’s The ART Hotel for you – a vibrant, colorful escape in the heart of the city.

Here, every detail screams creativity. You’re not just checking into a room. You’re stepping into a space where art and comfort collide. The rooms are bright, airy, and full of personality, with big windows that let the Denver sunshine pour in. And the art? It’s everywhere, turning your stay into an eye-popping journey of discovery.

The ART Hotel, a mid-range gem, effortlessly exceeds expectations of coolness, making it a unique place to stay in Denver.
The ART Hotel exceeds expectations of coolness, making it a unique place to stay in Denver. | Image Credit: Tripadvisor

But The ART Hotel isn’t just about looking good. It feels good, too. The beds are comfy, the vibe is friendly, and the rooftop terrace? It’s the perfect spot for chilling out and soaking up those city views. Plus, the on-site restaurant dishes out some seriously tasty eats – a feast for your taste buds and your eyes.

Perfect for art lovers, city explorers, or anyone who loves a bit of pizzazz in their stay, The ART Hotel is a mid-range gem that punches way above its weight in cool. And don’t miss the guided art tours – they’re a fantastic way to get the full, fabulous ART Hotel experience.

3. The Ramble Hotel

Get ready for a cool twist on Denver stays at The Ramble Hotel. This place is a standout in the RiNo District, mixing a hip, industrial vibe with the kind of comfort that makes you feel right at home. It’s one of my favorite unique hotels in Denver that I always recommend to friends and family.

Imagine a hotel that feels like your coolest friend’s urban loft. The rooms at The Ramble are just that – stylish, comfortable, and full of personality. You’ll find yourself surrounded by neat art and chic furnishings, all while sinking into the kind of comfort that makes it hard to leave your room.

The Ramble Hotel is a gem for travelers who appreciate a touch of urban flair, offering a unique and vibrant experience.
The Ramble Hotel is a gem for travelers who appreciate a touch of urban flair. | Image Credit: Tripadvisor

The real heart of The Ramble Hotel is its buzzing communal spaces. Step into the lobby and you’re in the city’s living room, a place where guests and locals mingle, laugh, and relax. The on-site bar and restaurant? They’re the talk of the town, serving up delicious bites and drinks that capture the essence of Denver’s vibrant food scene.

For those who love a bit of urban flair in their travels, The Ramble Hotel is a gem. It’s a mid-range spot that feels like a splurge, offering a unique Denver lodging experience that’s as memorable as it is comfortable.

4. The Curtis Hotel

Dive into a world where pop culture and comfort collide at The Curtis Hotel. Right in the heart of downtown Denver, this hotel is a playful escape into a world of whimsy and nostalgia. It’s more than a place to stay – it’s an adventure through the fun side of pop culture.

Each floor at The Curtis has its own theme, taking you on a journey from the retro to the ridiculous. You might find yourself on the Sci-Fi floor, greeted by space-age decor, or in the midst of a horror movie scene on the Ghostbusters-themed floor. The rooms? They’re vibrant, full of character, and super comfy – perfect for both rest and play.

The Curtis is an excellent choice for those seeking unique hotels in downtown Denver, promising a distinctive and memorable stay.
For those seeking unique hotels in downtown Denver, The Curtis promises a distinctive and memorable stay. | Image Credit: Tripadvisor

The Curtis is known for its quirky touches, like the 5 & Dime filled with childhood treats and the fun, retro-themed lobby. It’s a place where you can let your hair down and embrace your inner child. These additions make The Curtis one of the most fun places to stay in Denver.

For those looking for unique hotels in downtown Denver, The Curtis is a fantastic choice. It’s a mid-range hotel that offers a playful escape from the ordinary. If you’re a pop culture enthusiast or just someone who loves a bit of fun, The Curtis Hotel is sure to leave you with a smile.

5. Patterson Inn

Next up on our list of unique hotels in Denver is the Patterson Inn. This National Landmark isn’t your typical hotel. It’s a Victorian mansion turned luxurious retreat, offering a unique stay with a historical flair.

The Patterson Inn features nine distinct suites, each themed and designed to tell its own story. Imagine sleeping in the Antoinette suite, draped in opulence, or the Prague suite, echoing old-world charm. Each room is a blend of historical elegance and modern comfort, complete with private baths and thoughtful furnishings.

The Patterson Inn is an ideal and unique place to stay in Denver for those who cherish history alongside luxury
The Patterson Inn is a unique place to stay in Denver for those who cherish history | Image Credit: Tripadvisor

What really makes the Patterson Inn a gem in Denver is its adult-only policy, ensuring a peaceful and sophisticated atmosphere. It’s the perfect spot for those seeking quiet luxury in a setting that whispers tales of the past.

For anyone who loves a touch of history with their luxury, the Patterson Inn is a perfect choice for a boutique hotel in Denver. It’s an experience that combines the charm of yesteryears with today’s comforts, making it a memorable stay in the heart of the city.

6. The Acoma House

Curious about where art and accommodation meet in Denver? The Acoma House in the Golden Triangle District is your answer. This hotel celebrates local art, offering a stay that’s as visually stunning as it is comfortable.

At The Acoma House, every wall and room is a tribute to Denver’s artistic soul. From the eye-catching exterior mural to the intricately designed interiors, local artists have turned this historic building into a living gallery. Here, your stay becomes an immersive art experience.

Looking for a fusion of art and accommodation? Acoma House stands out as a unique place to stay in Denver
Acoma House stands out as a unique place Denver stay with fusion of art and accommodation | Image Credit: Tripadvisor

You’re right in the thick of Denver’s cultural scene. Step outside to find coffee shops, diverse eateries, and museums. Want to explore more? Eco-friendly scooters and bikes are ready to whisk you away to nearby attractions like the Denver Art Museum and the Colorado Convention Center.

The building’s history adds to its charm. Once Denver’s first boarding house, it’s now reimagined as a creative haven by owners Michael and Christina. Their vision has made The Acoma House a standout destination, where art isn’t just decoration – it’s the essence of your stay.

For an experience that captures the spirit of Denver, The Acoma House is unmatched. It’s where art enthusiasts and travelers seeking something extraordinary find their perfect retreat. What more could you wish for when looking for accommodation in Denver?

7. Hotel Teatro

Looking for a stay that combines Denver’s historic charm with modern luxury? Hotel Teatro is your perfect match. Recognized as one of the best hipster hotels in Denver, it’s a place where every detail is crafted for an exceptional experience.

Hotel Teatro has recently undergone updates to enhance your stay. You’ll find rooms with a 50″ upgraded television, custom oak wardrobes, chic decor, and comfortable furniture. These touches beautifully marry the hotel’s historic elegance with a modern vibe.

Hotel Teatro, Denver's finest accommodation, boasts a superb location and a perfect fusion of history and modernity for discerning travelers.
Hotel Teatro, Denver’s finest accommodation, boasts a perfect fusion of history and modernity for discerning travelers. | Image Credit: Tripadvisor

Guests at Hotel Teatro enjoy a range of amenities that make each stay special. From the complimentary happy hour to the convenient car service within 2.5 miles of the hotel, everything is designed for your comfort and enjoyment. Plus, with room service available, you can savor delicious dining right in your room!

Located in Denver’s Center Business District, Hotel Teatro is ideally situated for both business and leisure travelers. It’s directly across from the Denver Center for Performing Arts and just blocks from the Colorado Convention Center. Want to explore Denver’s nightlife? The historic Lower Downtown Denver’s “LoDo” District, along with attractions like Coors Field and Union Station, are just a short walk away.

With its superb location, exceptional service, and a perfect blend of history and modernity, Hotel Teatro stands out as a top choice for travelers seeking the best Denver hotels.

8. Capitol Hill Mansion Bed & Breakfast Inn

Discover the charm of the past with the comforts of today at Capitol Hill Mansion Bed & Breakfast Inn, a standout among luxury B&Bs in Denver. Built in 1891, this historic inn offers a unique blend of Victorian elegance and modern luxury. It’s a delightful retreat in the city.

Each room in the Capitol Hill Mansion is a celebration of Colorado’s natural beauty, with themes inspired by local wildflowers. The decor strikes a perfect balance between classic Victorian style and contemporary comfort. For an extra touch of luxury, some rooms feature in-room whirlpool tubs. Believe me, they’re ideal for relaxing after a day exploring Colorado!

Capitol Hill Mansion Bed & Breakfast Inn is a premier luxury B&B in Denver, offering a distinctive and indulgent experience.
Capitol Hill Mansion Bed & Breakfast Inn is a luxury B&B in Denver, offering a distinctive experience. | Image Credit: Tripadvisor

The views from the inn are simply stunning. Each room features views of either historic homes, the vibrant Denver skyline, or the majestic Rocky Mountains. These vistas add a special touch to your stay, immersing you in the beauty of Colorado.

The Capitol Hill Mansion has a rich history, evolving from a prestigious family mansion to a luxury hotel in Denver. Its restoration has preserved its historical charm while adding all the modern amenities you need for a comfortable stay.

At Capitol Hill Mansion Bed & Breakfast Inn, you get to experience the best of both worlds: the allure of Denver’s Victorian past and the luxury of modern-day amenities. It’s the perfect place for those who love history, elegance, and a bit of pampering in their travels.

9. The Crawford Hotel

In my opinion, one of the best places to stay in Denver is The Crawford Hotel. Located right above the iconic Denver Union Station, this hotel is a perfect blend of the city’s vibrant past and its dynamic present.

As soon as you enter through the bustling railway station, you’re greeted with a sense of wonder. The hotel retains historic details like 65-foot ceilings, soaring windows, and stunning chandeliers, making you feel like you’ve stepped into a piece of history. It’s not all about the past, though. The modern amenities here are top-notch.

The rooms at The Crawford are a treat. You can choose from Pullman Guest Rooms that recreate the romance of train travel, Classic Guest Rooms that offer modern luxury, Loft Guest Rooms with rustic elegance, or even the luxurious Crawford Suite for a Victorian-era experience. Each room type has its unique charm, blending historical elements with contemporary comforts.

The Crawford Hotel rooms in Denver uniquely blend historical charm with modern comforts, creating an inviting ambiance for guests.
The Crawford Hotel rooms uniquely blend historical charm with modern comforts, a perfect for all guests. | Image Credit: Tripadvisor

What makes The Crawford stand out is its location. You’re right in the heart of Denver, with easy access to the city’s best restaurants, shops, and entertainment options. The hotel offers courtesy transportation and priority seating at local eateries like Snooze, an A.M. Eatery. Plus, you’re just a train ride away from the airport.

My tip? Make sure to spend some time in the Great Hall of Union Station. It’s a lively spot where you can feel the pulse of the city. Whether you’re enjoying a beer at the Terminal Bar or just soaking in the atmosphere, it’s an experience you won’t forget.

10. The Rally Hotel

I recently had the pleasure of staying at The Rally Hotel, and it’s a game-changer for anyone visiting Denver. Situated right in the heart of the city’s LoDo neighborhood, this hotel is a haven for sports enthusiasts and those who love a vibrant, energetic atmosphere.

What sets The Rally Hotel apart is its unbeatable location. It’s just a stone’s throw away from Coors Field, making it the ultimate spot for baseball fans. But even if you’re not into sports, the hotel’s location in McGregor Square means you’re right in the middle of Denver’s most exciting district. You’ll find great restaurants, shops, and entertainment options all around.

The Rally Hotel in Denver seamlessly integrates with your Colorado adventure, providing a uniquely immersive and enjoyable stay.
The Rally Hotel in Denver seamlessly integrates with your Colorado adventure, providing an immersive stay. | Image Credit: Tripadvisor

The rooms at The Rally are a modern twist on classic comfort. With curated art, unique furnishings, and thoughtful amenities, each room is designed to inspire and relax. And for pet owners, it’s a dream come true. The Rally is one of the most pet-friendly hotels in Denver.

One of my top recommendations is to check out the hotel’s rooftop pool. The views are incredible, and it’s a great spot to unwind and soak in the Denver skyline. When it comes to dining, The Rally doesn’t disappoint. The food and drink options are top-notch, perfect for fueling up for a day of exploration or winding down in the evening.

For those looking for fun places to stay in Denver, The Rally Hotel is a fantastic choice. It’s not just a hotel – it’s a key part of your Colorado adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Unusual Places to Stay in Denver

Are you looking for more content about where to stay in Denver? Here are some common questions (and answers) I get asked a lot about unique Denver hotels.

Is Denver walkable for tourists?

Absolutely! Denver is a delight for those who love to explore on foot. The city’s layout is quite tourist-friendly, especially around downtown and the popular LoDo (Lower Downtown) area, one of Denver’s best neighborhoods. You’ll find a lot of attractions, restaurants, and shops within walking distance. The 16th Street Mall, a mile-long pedestrian promenade, is a must-visit. It’s lined with cafes, shops, and street performers, making for a lively stroll. Plus, the city’s bike-sharing program is a great option if you want to cover more ground.

Is it best to stay downtown in Denver?

Staying downtown is a great choice, especially for first-time visitors. It puts you right in the heart of the action, with easy access to top attractions like the Denver Art Museum, Coors Field, and Union Station. Downtown Denver also offers a wide range of dining and entertainment options. If you’re looking for a vibrant atmosphere and want to be where things are happening, downtown is the place to be.

Where do celebrities stay in Denver?

Celebrities visiting Denver often opt for luxury and privacy. The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa is a popular choice, known for its opulent decor and historic charm. Another favorite is The Ritz-Carlton, Denver, which offers upscale amenities and top-notch service. These hotels provide a discreet and exclusive experience, which is why they’re a hit with the rich and famous.

Denver is a vibrant city with diverse neighborhoods, cultural attractions, and outdoor adventures that make every exploration a memorable experience.
Denver is a vibrant city with diverse neighborhoods, cultural attractions, and outdoor adventures that make every exploration a memorable experience.

How far is the airport from downtown Denver?

Denver International Airport (DIA) is about 25 miles northeast of downtown Denver. The drive typically takes around 30-40 minutes, depending on traffic. An excellent alternative to driving is the Denver airport train, known as the A Line, which connects the airport to Union Station downtown. It’s a convenient and stress-free way to travel, with a journey time of around 37 minutes. The best part, this airport offers affordable travel deals from Denver to other destinations.

What is the best month to visit Denver?

Denver is great to visit year-round, but if I had to pick, September would be my top choice. The weather is comfortable – not too hot, not too cold – making it perfect for outdoor activities. Plus, you get to see the beautiful fall colors. If you’re into skiing or winter sports, then January to March is ideal for hitting the nearby slopes. Summer (June to August) is also popular for its outdoor concerts and festivals, but it can get quite busy.

Final Thoughts: Denver’s Unique Hotels

Wrapping up, Denver has been an absolute joy to explore. The variety of unique stays has made the experience even more memorable. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be The Crawford Hotel. Its blend of Denver’s rich history with modern luxury, right above the bustling Union Station, offers an experience like no other. The convenience of being in the heart of the city, coupled with the charm of staying in a place with such a unique character, really stood out for me.

If you’re here for the mountain views, the city vibes, or a bit of both, Denver’s best hotels cater to all tastes and preferences. Each place I’ve mentioned has its own charm, ensuring your stay in Denver is not just comfortable, but also filled with delightful experiences. What’s more, if you prefer a self-catered place to stay, there are plenty of unique Airbnbs in Denver to choose from, too.

Happy travels, and enjoy your stay in the Mile High City!

The best places to stay in Denver for all types of travelers
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