12 Fun Things to Do in Yerevan, Armenia: Top Attractions to Visit

by Flora Backup
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The first time I wandered Yerevan’s streets, those pink tuff-stone facades and the seductive scent of Armenian coffee drew me in. From the ancient manuscripts of the Matenadaran to the pulsating energy of Republic Square, Yerevan’s every nook and cranny murmured stories of bygone eras meshed with modern-day zest. Each visit peeled back another layer, showing me that Yerevan’s charm isn’t just rooted in its storied past, but in the rhythm of its present-day life.

Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, often catches first-time visitors off guard. It’s not just its ancient roots, with a history spanning over 2,800 years, but also its lively pulse as the epicenter of modern Armenian life.

The streets buzz with activity. Cafes are filled with locals enjoying traditional Armenian coffee, and conversations echo with both old tales and new ambitions. Republic Square stands as the city’s heart, with its mesmerizing dancing fountains and grand architectural designs.

A short distance away, the Cascade offers a vantage point with panoramic views. The silhouette of Mount Ararat, one of the most stunning places in Turkey, in the distance is a sight to behold. For those keen on diving deep into the city’s past, the Matenadaran is a treasure trove of ancient manuscripts.

Food enthusiasts will find joy in the local markets, where Armenian delicacies are in abundance. In Yerevan, the blend of the old with the new creates a unique tapestry, making every visit an exploration of contrasts and harmonies. To help you make the most out of your next trip, here are my top 12 things to see and do in Yerevan, Armenia.

best things to do in Yerevan, Armenia
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Best Places to Visit in Yerevan

Ready to jump into all the coolest things to do in one of the most beautiful places in the Caucasus region – Yerevan? As noted above, there’s something for everyone at this captivating vacation spot in Armenia. So keep reading to discover all these unique Yerevan places to visit.

Are you looking to visit museums, art galleries, and historic sites? Or would you prefer savoring delicious Armenian cuisine in local restaurants and exploring vibrant nightlife? Whatever you’re planning, these must-sees in Yerevan can accommodate your needs. Here’s all the best attractions in Yerevan that you should know about.

1. Republic Square

Republic Square ranks high on the list of best things to do in Yerevan. It’s the city’s central hub, drawing both locals and tourists with its vibrant atmosphere. With its vast open space, it often hosts various cultural events, festivals, and public gatherings, making it a focal point for community engagement. The meticulously designed patterns on the ground, made from multi-colored stones, form intricate designs that reflect Armenian artistry and craftsmanship. The square is surrounded by impressive Soviet-era buildings made of pink and yellow tuff stone, showcasing Armenia’s unique architectural style.

During the day, the area is bustling with activity. Street performers entertain crowds, while nearby cafes serve up delicious Armenian coffee and pastries. The History Museum and the National Art Gallery, both located on the square, offer deep dives into Armenia’s rich past and artistic prowess.

Republic Square is a top attraction in Yerevan, serving as the bustling central hub for both locals and tourists
Republic Square is a top attraction in Yerevan, serving as the bustling central hub for both locals and tourists

But it’s in the evening that the square truly comes alive. The famous dancing fountains put on a mesmerizing show, synchronized to music and lights. It’s a spectacle that shouldn’t be missed when in Yerevan. Whether you’re sitting at a nearby cafe or taking a leisurely stroll, Republic Square offers a genuine taste of the city’s spirit.

2. Cascade Complex

One of Yerevan’s most iconic landmarks, the Cascade Complex offers more than just a staircase. This massive limestone structure stretches up from the city center, providing visitors with a unique blend of art, architecture, and panoramic views. As you ascend its multiple levels, you’ll experience a unique perspective and encounter a series of modern art installations. These installations are a testament to Yerevan’s thriving contemporary art scene.

The Cafesjian Center for the Arts, integrated within the Cascade, houses an impressive collection of international artworks. It’s a must-visit for art enthusiasts and those curious about the fusion of traditional and modern Armenian culture.

Yerevan's iconic Cascade Complex offers more than a mere staircase.
Yerevan’s iconic Cascade Complex offers more than a mere staircase.

Reaching the top rewards you with a breathtaking view of Yerevan against the backdrop of Mount Ararat. Many visitors and locals frequent this place especially during sunrise or sunset. This timing captures the city in its best light. Nearby cafes enhance the ambiance, while sitting areas are also available, making it a popular spot for relaxation and socializing.

Whether you’re an art lover, a photographer, or someone looking to soak in the city’s vibe, the Cascade Complex is a Yerevan essential. It’s a place where culture, nature, and urban life intersect, offering a multifaceted experience to its visitors.

3. Matenadaran Museum

The Matenadaran Museum stands as a testament to Armenia’s deep-rooted history and its reverence for knowledge. Located at the heart of Yerevan, this place is truly special. This repository of ancient manuscripts is among the world’s richest, as it archives historical documents and medieval literature.

Inside, visitors will notice an extensive collection of illuminated manuscripts, ancient books, and rare documents. These pieces cover a wide range of topics, from theology and philosophy to astronomy and medicine. The museum not only showcases Armenia’s literary heritage but also highlights the country’s contributions to global knowledge.

Undoubtedly, exploring the Matenadaran is one of Yerevan's coolest experiences.
Undoubtedly, exploring the Matenadaran is one of Yerevan’s coolest experiences.

Exploring the Matenadaran is undoubtedly one of the coolest things to do in Yerevan. Beyond its vast collection, the museum’s architecture is equally captivating. The building itself, with its stone facade and intricate carvings, is a masterpiece. Guided tours offer deeper insights into the significance of the displayed items and the stories behind them.

For history enthusiasts, scholars, and curious travelers alike, the Matenadaran Museum offers a unique journey through time. It’s a place where ancient wisdom meets modern curiosity, making it a must-visit when in the city.

4. Vernissage Market

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in local culture and pick up unique souvenirs, the Vernissage Market is the place to be. Situated in the heart of Yerevan, this open-air market is a vibrant showcase of Armenian craftsmanship and artistry.

Stalls are lined with a diverse range of items. From handcrafted jewelry and traditional carpets to intricate woodwork and ceramic pieces, the market is a treasure trove for those seeking authentic Armenian goods. It’s also a great spot to find vintage items, antiques, and even old vinyl records.

For an immersion in local culture and one-of-a-kind souvenirs, head to the Vernissage Market.
For an immersion in local culture and one-of-a-kind souvenirs, head to the Vernissage Market.

The market’s lively atmosphere is complemented by the friendly vendors. They’re often eager to share the stories behind their creations, giving visitors a deeper understanding of Armenian traditions and crafts. Engaging with them not only enriches the shopping experience but also offers a genuine connection to the local community.

Visiting the Vernissage Market is more than just a shopping excursion. It’s an opportunity to experience the rich cultural tapestry of Yerevan firsthand. Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift,or if you simply want to soak in the ambiance, this place is ideal. The market always promises a memorable time, it’s an experience you won’t forget.

5. Khor Virap Monastery

A short drive from Yerevan brings you to Khor Virap Monastery, a significant pilgrimage site with a backdrop that’s hard to beat. Perched on a small hill near the Turkish border, the monastery offers unobstructed views of Mount Ararat. This makes it one of the most photographed spots in Armenia.

Khor Virap’s history is deeply intertwined with Armenia’s Christian heritage. It’s famously known as the place where Saint Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned for 13 years. Later, he cured King Tiridates III of a disease, and this miraculous event led to the king’s conversion to Christianity.

Among Yerevan's distinctive activities, a visit to Khor Virap is a standout experience.
Among Yerevan’s distinctive activities, a visit to Khor Virap is a standout experience.

Today, visitors descend to the underground chamber where Saint Gregory was held. The experience is both humbling and awe-inspiring. The monastery complex itself, with its beautiful chapels and courtyards, exudes a sense of tranquility.

Among the unique things to do in Yerevan and its surroundings, a visit to Khor Virap stands out. It’s more than just a religious site but a place where history, faith, and nature converge. Whether you’re drawn by its spiritual significance or the panoramic views, Khor Virap offers a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

6. Yerevan Brandy Company

For those with a penchant for fine spirits, a tour of the Yerevan Brandy Company is a must. As the producers of the world-renowned Ararat brandy, this distillery offers a deep dive into the art of Armenian brandy-making. This tradition has a history that dates back centuries.

The guided tours take visitors through the entire production process. Starting from the fermentation of locally grown grapes to the aging in oak barrels, every step is a blend of time-tested techniques and modern innovation. The cellars, housing barrels that are decades old, are a highlight, exuding an aroma that’s both rich and inviting.

A visit to the Yerevan Brandy Company is not only about brandy; it's a voyage through Armenia's illustrious spirits heritage.
A visit to the Yerevan Brandy Company is not only about brandy; it’s a voyage through Armenia’s illustrious spirits heritage.

Tasting sessions are the cherry on top. Here, you get to sample different varieties of brandy, each with its distinct flavor profile. The guides expertly walk you through the nuances, making the experience both educational and delightful.

Beyond the spirits, the Yerevan Brandy Company’s location offers splendid views of the city and Mount Ararat. Combining history, craftsmanship, and scenic beauty, a visit here is more than just about brandy. It’s a journey through Armenia’s proud legacy in the world of spirits.

7. Tsitsernakaberd

Tsitsernakaberd stands as a solemn reminder of the Armenian Genocide, one of the darkest chapters in Armenia’s history. Located on a hill overlooking Yerevan, this memorial complex is dedicated to the memory of the 1.5 million Armenians who lost their lives during the tragic events of 1915.

When considering Yerevan things to do, a visit to Tsitsernakaberd is essential for understanding the resilience and spirit of the Armenian people. The central monument, with its eternal flame, is surrounded by twelve slabs representing the twelve lost provinces. The design is both symbolic and evocative, encouraging reflection and remembrance.

Tsitsernakaberd is not just a historical site but a space for shared memory and national reconciliation.
Tsitsernakaberd is not just a historical site but a space for shared memory and national reconciliation.

Adjacent to the monument is the Armenian Genocide Museum. Through photographs, documents, and personal accounts, the museum provides a comprehensive overview of the events leading up to, during, and after the genocide. It’s a poignant experience that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

Tsitsernakaberd is more than a historical site but a place of collective memory and national healing. It’s a testament to Armenia’s ability to remember its past while looking forward with hope and determination.

8. Blue Mosque

In the heart of Yerevan stands the Blue Mosque, a stunning piece of Persian architecture that dates back to the 18th century. With its turquoise-blue dome and intricate tilework, the mosque stands out amidst the city’s predominantly Christian architecture. It serves as a symbol of Yerevan’s multicultural past.

A visit to the Blue Mosque offers a unique spiritual experience.

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The mosque, which is the only active mosque in the city, welcomes visitors of all faiths. Inside, the central prayer hall is adorned with beautiful patterns and inscriptions, creating an atmosphere of serenity.

A visit to the Blue Mosque combines admiration for its beauty with an understanding of its role in Yerevan's history and culture.
A visit to the Blue Mosque combines admiration for its beauty with an understanding of its role in Yerevan’s history and culture.

The mosque’s courtyard is equally captivating, featuring a garden with fragrant roses and a central fountain. It’s a peaceful oasis, perfect for quiet contemplation or a leisurely stroll. The mosque also hosts cultural events and exhibitions, further emphasizing its role as a bridge between cultures.

A visit to the Blue Mosque is about admiring its beauty and also understanding its significance in Yerevan’s rich tapestry of history and culture. It’s a testament to the city’s spirit of inclusivity and harmony.

9. Yerevan Opera Theatre

The Yerevan Opera Theatre, officially known as the Armenian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, is a cornerstone of the city’s cultural scene. Located in the heart of Yerevan, this architectural gem was inaugurated in the 1930s. The theatre has since been a hub for performing arts in Armenia.

Stepping inside, visitors are greeted with opulent interiors, reminiscent of Europe’s grand opera houses. The main hall, with its plush seating and intricate ceiling designs, sets the stage for world-class performances. From classical operas and ballets to contemporary productions, the theatre showcases the best of Armenian and international talent.

The Yerevan Opera Theatre visit delves into the city's artistic essence, offering more than entertainment.
The Yerevan Opera Theatre visit delves into the city’s artistic essence, offering more than entertainment.

Beyond the performances, the theatre’s location is prime. It’s surrounded by a lively square, frequented by locals and tourists alike. With cafes, fountains, and green spaces, it’s a popular spot for relaxation and people-watching. The statue of Aram Khachaturian, the renowned Armenian composer, stands proudly in front of the theatre, paying homage to the country’s rich musical heritage.

A visit to the Yerevan Opera Theatre offers more than just entertainment. It’s a deep dive into the city’s artistic soul, making it a must-visit for culture enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

10. Tumanyan Park

Tumanyan Park, named after the famous Armenian writer Hovhannes Tumanyan, is one of the city’s green havens. Located near the center of Yerevan, this park offers a refreshing break from the urban hustle. Exploring the park is one of the best things to do in Yerevan for nature lovers and families alike.

The park is beautifully landscaped with a variety of trees, flowerbeds, and walking paths. Benches are strategically placed for those who want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the serene surroundings. Children have their own dedicated play areas, ensuring the park caters to visitors of all ages.

Tumanyan Park exploration is a top Yerevan activity for nature enthusiasts and families.
Tumanyan Park exploration is a top Yerevan activity for nature enthusiasts and families.

Local artists often use the park as a backdrop for their performances, from live music to puppet shows. These impromptu events add a touch of vibrancy to the already lively atmosphere. Nearby cafes and eateries offer a range of local and international delicacies, perfect for a picnic or a quick snack.

Tumanyan Park is more than just a green space; it’s a community hub where locals and tourists come together. Whether you’re looking to unwind, enjoy some entertainment, or simply take a leisurely stroll, the park promises a delightful experience in the heart of Yerevan.

11. Zvartnots Cathedral Ruins

A short drive from the city center takes you to the ruins of Zvartnots Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Built in the 7th century, this once-magnificent cathedral is a testament to Armenia’s rich architectural heritage and its significance in early Christian history.

The ruins, though partially standing, offer a glimpse into the grandeur of the original structure. The intricate carvings and the layout of the cathedral showcase the advanced architectural techniques of the time. Information boards and guided tours provide insights into the cathedral’s history and its importance in the region.

Zvartnots visit connects with Armenia's cultural and spiritual history.
Zvartnots visit connects with Armenia’s cultural and spiritual history.

Surrounding the ruins is a well-maintained garden area, perfect for a leisurely walk. The backdrop of Mount Ararat adds to the site’s beauty, making it a favorite spot for photographers. Exploring Zvartnots is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Yerevan, especially for history enthusiasts.

While the cathedral may no longer be intact, its ruins tell a story of resilience, faith, and artistic brilliance. A visit to Zvartnots is about connecting with a past that has shaped the cultural and spiritual identity of Armenia.

12. Erebuni Fortress

Erebuni Fortress, often referred to as the birthplace of Yerevan, is a site steeped in history. Founded in 782 BC, this ancient fortress predates Rome and offers a window into the early days of the city and the Urartian Kingdom that once ruled the region.

Perched on a hill, the fortress provides panoramic views of modern-day Yerevan. As you walk through its remnants, you’ll encounter well-preserved wall paintings and cuneiform inscriptions. These artifacts paint a picture of life during the Urartian era. The on-site museum houses a collection of items excavated from the fortress, including pottery, weapons, and jewelry.

Exploring Erebuni combines history, culture, and scenic vistas, making it a Yerevan must-visit.
Exploring Erebuni combines history, culture, and scenic vistas, making it a Yerevan must-visit.

The contrast between the ancient ruins and the bustling city below is striking. It serves as a reminder of Yerevan’s deep-rooted history and its journey from an ancient fortress town to a vibrant capital. For those keen on understanding the origins of Yerevan and delving into its past, Erebuni Fortress is a must-visit.

It’s not just a historical site; it’s a testament to the city’s resilience and enduring spirit. Exploring Erebuni offers a unique blend of history, culture, and stunning vistas, making it a highlight for any visitor to Yerevan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Fun Things to Do in Yerevan

Looking for more content on the top things to do in Yerevan? Here are some popular questions (and answers) I get that will help you plan your trip to Yerevan:

What is the best time to visit Yerevan?

Spring and autumn are the top picks. Specifically, April to June and September to early November offer the most comfortable weather. These periods see Yerevan come alive with cultural events and festivals. While summer brings heat, winter introduces cold spells and some snow. But each season has its charm, so consider your preferences.

Is Yerevan safe for tourists?

Absolutely. Yerevan boasts a reputation for safety among tourists. As in any city worldwide, it’s wise to stay alert and practice standard safety measures, especially when out late. The local community is warm and welcoming and often goes out of its way to assist visitors.

Can I get by with English in Yerevan?

While the primary language is Armenian, you’ll find many English speakers, particularly in the hospitality and tourism sectors. Picking up a few Armenian phrases can enhance your experience, but most travelers navigate the city using English without significant challenges.

Yerevan combines historical landmarks with modern attractions, creating a unique fusion.
Yerevan combines historical landmarks with modern attractions, creating a unique fusion.

What’s the local cuisine in Yerevan like?

Armenian food is a delightful culinary journey. Staples include khorovats, a type of barbecue, dolma, and the ever-present lavash bread. In Yerevan, traditional restaurants meet contemporary cafes, offering a gastronomic range that satisfies all palates. It’s a fusion of flavors waiting to be explored.

What is Yerevan famous for?

Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is renowned for its rich history, dating back over 2,800 years. The city boasts a mix of ancient landmarks, Soviet-era architecture, and modern establishments. It’s also known for its vibrant arts scene, delicious Armenian cuisine, and the iconic view of Mount Ararat.

Is it worth visiting Yerevan?

Absolutely. Yerevan offers a unique blend of historical sites and contemporary attractions. Visitors can explore ancient temples, enjoy local food at bustling markets, and attend cultural events. Its warm hospitality and diverse experiences make it a worthwhile destination for travelers seeking both adventure and cultural immersion.

Closing Thoughts on Exploring Yerevan

Yerevan is a city that’s easy to love. With its rich history and modern-day charm, it offers travelers a unique blend of old and new. The streets are lined with historic sites, reminding visitors of its ancient roots.

Contemporary cafes and shops showcase Yerevan’s modern side, while the friendly locals, proud of their heritage, are always eager to share a story or point you to a hidden gem. Whether you’re here to delve into its cultural landmarks, savor the flavors of Armenian cuisine, or just wander and soak in the atmosphere, Yerevan doesn’t disappoint.

It stands out as a genuine experience, making it a top pick for those keen on exploring cities that veer off the standard tourist path.

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