12 Most Beautiful Places in Belgium to Visit

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Most Beautiful Places in Belgium
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Are you considering a trip to Belgium this year? Here are some of the most beautiful places in Belgium to explore. These captivating sights and destinations will take your breath away.

Belgium, a charming country nestled in the heart of Europe, holds an irresistible allure for globetrotters. A wonderful blend of historic richness and modern elegance, Belgium rewards every visitor with its timeless appeal. From towering medieval castles to picturesque cityscapes, from delectable chocolates and waffles to artisanal beers, this land is a treasure trove of delightful experiences.

When you’re considering the most beautiful places in Belgium, there’s a splendid array of destinations that come to mind. The country presents a unique collage of awe-inspiring architecture, vibrant culture, serene landscapes. The fascinating history that will enchant any traveler. From the bustling streets of Brussels to the tranquil canals of Bruges, the best places to visit in Belgium are a testament to its enduring charm.

This guide will take you through the most scenic places in Belgium, each one a gem waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a history buff or a nature lover, you’re sure to find your niche in Belgium’s diverse landscape. So, pack your bags and let’s embark on this captivating journey, exploring the places to visit in Belgium that make this country a must on every traveler’s bucket list.

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Belgium – where every path leads to a new discovery, and every moment is etched in the heart forever. These stunning locations in Belgium await you!

The most beautiful places in Belgium right now
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The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Belgium

Ready to delve into all the beautiful locations in Belgium? As highlighted, there’s something for everyone in this European jewel. So continue reading to uncover the magnificent scenery of Belgium.

Are you seeking picturesque city and cultural attractions? Or do you crave a tranquil retreat amidst nature? Whatever your plans may be, Belgium can meet your expectations. Here are all the best spots in Belgium you should be aware of:

1. Bruges

One of the most beautiful cities in Belgium, Bruges, is often compared to a page from a fairy tale book. Walking through its cobblestone streets, you’ll find yourself charmed by the medieval architecture, quaint shops, and whimsical charm that define this city.

Its old town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a maze of winding canals lined by perfectly preserved buildings from the Middle Ages. Don’t miss a tranquil boat ride on these canals, often called the veins of Bruges, to experience the city’s tranquility and stunning landscapes.

Visit the iconic Belfry of Bruges, an 83-meter-high tower offering a panoramic view of the city. For art lovers, the Groeninge Museum showcases an impressive collection of Flemish and Belgian art.

Sample the city’s renowned chocolates and beers, explore its bustling marketplaces, or simply enjoy a quiet moment in one of its many peaceful squares. The magic of Bruges lies in its enchanting simplicity and quiet elegance. A visit to this city is a timeless journey, a must on your itinerary when visiting Belgium.

Discover the enchanting beauty of Bruges, one of the most beautiful places in Belgium
Discover the enchanting beauty of Bruges, one of the most beautiful places in Belgium

2. Ghent

Second on our list of Belgium’s beautiful places is the vibrant city of Ghent. Often overshadowed by its more famous counterparts Brussels and Bruges, Ghent is an unspoiled gem that deserves recognition in its own right. With its rich history, stunning architecture, and dynamic cultural scene, it’s one of the best places in Belgium.

The city center is a car-free zone, making it perfect for leisurely strolls. Take a wander through the narrow cobblestone streets and soak up the atmosphere of this old city. The Graslei and Korenlei, two streets along the Leie river, are absolutely breathtaking and are the place to be during summer evenings.

Ghent’s skyline is dominated by the three towers: Saint Nicholas’ Church, the Belfry, and Saint Bavo’s Cathedral. The latter houses the world-famous painting “The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb” by the Van Eyck brothers. Make sure to take the time to climb the Belfry for an unforgettable view of the city.

From its thriving culinary scene to its diverse range of festivals, Ghent offers a unique blend of historical charm and contemporary vibrance. It is indeed a unique place to visit in Belgium.

Aerial view of Ghent, Belgium with its picturesque medieval buildings and waterways
Aerial view of Ghent, Belgium with its picturesque medieval buildings and waterways

3. Antwerp

Welcome to Antwerp, a city that blends old-world charm with contemporary fashion and culture. This makes it one of the most beautiful places in Belgium. Known as the world’s leading diamond city, Antwerp’s vibrant history is as faceted and brilliant as the gems it trades.

The city’s beating heart is the Grote Markt, a picturesque square adorned with beautiful 16th-century Guildhouses, the stunning City Hall, and the iconic Brabo Fountain. The medieval fortress Het Steen by the Scheldt river offers breathtaking views of the city.

For art aficionados, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts and Rubenshuis, former home and studio of the painter Peter Paul Rubens, offer an insightful exploration into the city’s artistic heritage. Antwerp also has a fashion-forward scene, thanks to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, one of the world’s most prestigious fashion design schools.

No visit to Antwerp would be complete without exploring its gastronomy. From tasting Belgian fries at a local “frietkot” to dining in sophisticated Michelin-starred restaurants, there’s something for every palate in this city.

Antwerp is truly a city where history, art, and modernity converge to create an unforgettable Belgian experience. The city is truly a must-see in Belgium.

Uncover hidden gems and iconic landmarks in Antwerp - an urban playground for wanderers
Uncover hidden gems and iconic landmarks in Antwerp – an urban playground for wanderers

4. Brussels

Next up is Brussels, the vibrant capital city of Belgium. As one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium, Brussels is a city of contrasts with enormous diversity when it comes to sights and attractions. It’s a bustling metropolis with a human touch, encapsulating the charming contradiction at the heart of Belgium’s appeal.

Start your visit at the iconic Grand Place, one of the most beautiful squares in the world. It is surrounded by ornate 17th-century buildings. This includes the stunning Town Hall, it is a testament to Brussels’ rich historical and architectural heritage.

For a taste of Brussels’ whimsy, seek out the Manneken Pis, a small bronze statue of a little boy… doing his business. For art enthusiasts, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium houses a vast collection of art from Flemish masters such as Rubens and Bruegel.

And of course, you can’t leave without trying some of Brussels’ renowned culinary delights. From indulging in a box of decadent Belgian chocolates to savoring a fluffy Brussels waffle, the city is a food lover’s paradise.

When it comes to beautiful places of Belgium, Brussels unquestionably stands tall. It’s more than just a city—it’s a space where culture, history, and modern living coexist harmoniously, creating a unique rhythm that’ll keep calling you back.

Uncover hidden gems and iconic landmarks in Brussels, a perfect blend of old-world charm and modern allure
Uncover hidden gems and iconic landmarks in Brussels, a perfect blend of old-world charm and modern allure

5. Ardennes

Venturing into nature, the Ardennes stands as one of the most beautiful places in Belgium. This vast forested region stretching across the south of the country is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Also great for those who are seeking peace away from city life.

A walk through the lush, rolling hills will reveal a verdant landscape dotted with picturesque villages, enchanting castles, and clear, winding rivers. The region is home to a variety of wildlife, including boars, deer, and a myriad of bird species.

The Ardennes also has a wealth of outdoor activities on offer, such as hiking, cycling, fishing, and in the winter, cross-country skiing. It’s an area that lets you embrace the serenity of nature and the thrill of adventure in equal measure.

Don’t miss out on visiting the charming town of Dinant, nestled between the cliffs and the River Meuse, or the captivating Han-sur-Lesse Caves, renowned for their stunning stalactites and stalagmites.

With its beautiful landscapes and opportunities for adventure, the Ardennes is undeniably one of the prettiest places in Belgium.

A picturesque view of the Ardennes region, showcasing its natural beauty
A picturesque view of the Ardennes region, showcasing its natural beauty

6. Tournai

Discover Tournai, one of the oldest and most beautiful places in Belgium. This charming city brims with rich history and impressive architecture that draw history buffs and culture enthusiasts alike.

Tournai Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-see. With its five towering bell towers and stunning blend of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, it’s a symbol of the city’s historical significance. Inside, you’ll find the Shrine of Our Lady, a masterpiece of medieval silversmith work.

Explore the city’s past further at the Museum of History and Archaeology or take a leisurely stroll through the narrow streets lined with beautiful old houses. The Belfry of Tournai, another World Heritage Site, offers a stunning panoramic view of the city.

Tournai is also known for its vibrant events, such as the Grand Procession, a biannual event that dates back to 1092, featuring religious figures, guilds, and horsemen.

A visit to Tournai feels like a journey back in time, providing an intriguing glimpse into Belgium’s past. It is a unique place to visit in Belgium.

A stunning cityscape of Tournai showcasing a blend of traditional and modern architecture
A stunning cityscape of Tournai showcasing a blend of traditional and modern architecture

7. Mechelen

Mechelen might be small, but it’s a city that packs a punch. Often overlooked in favor of bigger cities like Brussels and Antwerp, Mechelen is a hidden gem among the most beautiful places in Belgium.

Steeped in history, the city’s medieval past is palpable in its stunning architecture. The Saint Rumbold’s Cathedral, with its remarkable tower offering panoramic views of Mechelen, is a must-visit. The city is also home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This includes the Belfry and the Large Beguinage, a collection of houses where semi-religious Beguines lived in the past.

Mechelen is also an innovative city with a vibrant contemporary arts scene. Visit the Mechelen Toy Museum or the Technopolis, an interactive science and technology center that’s a hit with kids and adults alike.

End your day with a boat tour along the Dijle River or enjoy a pint of locally brewed Gouden Carolus beer. Small but mighty, Mechelen is a charming city worth exploring when visiting Belgium.

Historic landmark in Mechelen, showcasing its captivating heritage
A historic landmark in Mechelen, showcasing its captivating heritage

8. Waterloo

The name Waterloo might ring a bell for history buffs. This small Walloon municipality in the province of Walloon Brabant was the stage for one of the most crucial battles in European history, the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, where Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated.

Today, the battlefield has been preserved as a historical site. At the Waterloo Battlefield, you can visit the Lion’s Mound, a large artificial hill. It offers panoramic views of the former battlefield. The adjacent visitor center houses a circular panorama painting from the 19th century that vividly depicts the battle.

For a more immersive experience, the Wellington Museum, previously an inn where the Duke of Wellington had his headquarters, provides a detailed account of the battle. Waterloo is not just about war history. It’s also home to charming shops, exquisite restaurants, and tranquil parks that make it a beautiful place in Belgium.

A trip to Waterloo is a journey through a pivotal moment in Europe’s history. It makes it a must-see in Belgium for anyone interested in the continent’s past.

A majestic lion statue, representing courage and history in Waterloo
A majestic lion statue, representing courage and history in Waterloo

9. Namur

Nestled at the confluence of the Meuse and Sambre rivers, Namur is a charming city with a laid-back vibe. Despite being the capital of Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium, it’s often overlooked by travelers. It only adds to its allure as one of the pretty places in Belgium.

At the heart of the city is the majestic Citadel of Namur, one of Europe’s largest ancient fortresses. The Citadel offers spectacular views over Namur and the surrounding Wallonian countryside. Don’t miss the chance to explore its network of underground passages!

The old town of Namur, with its winding streets and quirky boutiques, invites leisurely exploration. Make sure to visit Saint Aubin’s Cathedral, an impressive example of late Baroque architecture.

Namur also shines when it comes to gastronomy, with a host of charming cafés, patisseries, and fine dining restaurants. Try the local specialty, Flamiche, a delicious cheese tart.

For those seeking a less trodden path in their Belgian adventure, Namur is charming. It is also a relaxing and beautiful place in Belgium.

Namur - Belgian heritage and tranquil landscapes
Namur – Belgian heritage and tranquil landscapes

10. Leuven

A vibrant university town with a rich history and a lively atmosphere, Leuven is an enchanting destination that can rival any of the most beautiful places in Belgium. Located just a stone’s throw away from Brussels, this city is a treasure trove of architectural gems and cultural delights.

The centerpiece of Leuven is undoubtedly the Town Hall, a stunning Gothic masterpiece adorned with over 200 statues. Climb up its tower for panoramic views of the city. Nearby, you’ll find the iconic St. Peter’s Church, with its impressive twin towers and beautiful stained glass windows.

Leuven is also home to one of the world’s oldest universities, KU Leuven. This adds to the city’s youthful and lively ambiance. The university’s library, the University Library Tower, is an architectural marvel with an exceptional collection of ancient books.

No visit to Leuven would be complete without indulging in its beer culture. The city is known for its excellent brews. A visit to one of the many cozy pubs and bars is a must.

With its blend of history, culture, and a vibrant student population, Leuven offers a unique and delightful experience that makes it a beautiful place in Belgium worth exploring.

Immerse yourself in Leuven's cultural tapestry, where art, music, and festivals come alive in every corner
Immerse yourself in Leuven’s cultural tapestry, where art, music, and festivals come alive in every corner

11. The Belgian Coast

Belgium might be a small country, but it still boasts a picturesque coastline along the North Sea. Stretching for 65 kilometers, the Belgian Coast is dotted with charming seaside towns, wide sandy beaches. The unique tramline spans the entire length of the coast—the longest in the world.

The beach town of Ostend, often referred to as ‘The Queen of the Belgian seaside resorts’, is a lively place filled with beautiful Belle Époque architecture, art galleries, and the enchanting Fort Napoleon.

Moving along the coast, Knokke-Heist is known for its glamorous atmosphere, luxury boutiques, and the Zwin Nature Park. The charming town of De Haan, with its picturesque villas and tranquil ambience, is perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat.

Whether you’re seeking an active beach holiday, a family getaway, or simply a quiet stroll along the promenade, the Belgian Coast is a pretty place in Belgium that offers a fresh sea breeze away from the country’s historic cities.

A picturesque view of The Belgian Coast, showcasing sandy shores and tranquil waters
A picturesque view of The Belgian Coast, showcasing sandy shores and tranquil waters

12. Mons

Our final destination is Mons, a charming city located in the province of Hainaut. It’s an undiscovered gem among the most beautiful places in Belgium. It was even named a European Capital of Culture in 2015.

The centerpiece of Mons is the beautiful Grand Place, a spacious central square surrounded by a charming array of cafes, restaurants, and shops housed in old guildhalls. The square’s standout feature is the stunning Hotel de Ville, a gorgeous example of Brabant Gothic architecture.

Just a short walk away, the Belfry of Mons—the only Baroque belfry in Belgium and a UNESCO World Heritage Site—offers sweeping views over the city and beyond. Don’t miss the Sainte-Waudru Collegiate Church, a masterpiece of Brabantine Gothic architecture.

Also, be sure to check out the Doudou Festival, a unique local festival featuring a dragon fight that’s been part of Mons’ tradition for centuries. This event adds to the unique and vibrant culture that makes Mons a beautiful place in Belgium to explore.

Discover Mons - A fusion of nature and architecture in one captivating frame
Discover Mons – A fusion of nature and architecture in one captivating frame

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Visiting the Beautiful Places in Belgium

Interested in broadening your understanding of the most picturesque spots in Belgium? Here are some frequently asked questions I receive about the best Belgian attractions and activities.

Does Belgium have beautiful nature?

Absolutely, Belgium is graced with an abundance of natural beauty. It’s often overshadowed by the country’s more popular urban destinations like Brussels, Bruges, and Antwerp. From tranquil waterways to verdant forests, Belgium is a haven for nature lovers.

The Ardennes region, located in the south, has rolling hills, dense forests, and picturesque villages. It’s a popular spot for hiking, biking, and canoeing. The High Fens Nature Reserve, situated in this region, offers unique moorland landscapes and rich biodiversity.

Belgium’s coastline, although not extensive, is worth a visit. The Belgian coast stretches for about 67 kilometers and is characterized by sandy beaches and dunes. The nature reserve Het Zwin, often called ‘the bird airport’, is a beautiful coastal area that hosts numerous migratory birds.

Belgium also boasts a network of beautiful canals, particularly around Bruges and Ghent, offering idyllic boat trips amidst lush green landscapes.

The country’s natural beauty extends to its stunning gardens and parks, such as the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken, Hallerbos (known as the Blue Forest), and the National Botanic Garden of Belgium. Each of these spots offers a unique, serene environment, perfect for relaxation and leisurely walks.

In short, despite its small size, Belgium hosts a variety of natural landscapes that can captivate and delight visitors.

What is the best time to visit Belgium?

The best time to visit Belgium is during the spring (April to June) or fall (September to October) when the weather is mild and the tourist crowds are smaller. The country’s famous flower, the bluebell, blooms in the spring, particularly in the Hallerbos forest.

Do they speak English in Belgium?

Belgium is a multilingual country with three official languages: Dutch, French, and German. However, English is widely spoken, especially in larger cities and tourist areas.

What is Belgium famous for?

Belgium is famous for its rich history, stunning architecture, and diverse cultural heritage. It’s also known for its gastronomy—particularly chocolates, waffles, fries, and beer.

Is Belgium expensive to visit?

The cost of visiting Belgium can vary depending on your travel style. While it can be more expensive than in some other European countries, budget travel is possible with planning.

Discover the charm of Belgium's historic cities and picturesque landscapes
Discover the charm of Belgium’s historic cities and picturesque landscapes

How many days do I need in Belgium?

While you can get a taste of Belgium in 3-4 days, a week is ideal to explore more of the country’s beautiful cities, countryside, and coastline.

Where is the prettiest place in Belgium?

Beauty is subjective and can be found everywhere in Belgium. Some might argue that the medieval city of Bruges, with its charming canals and cobblestone streets, is the prettiest. Others might find the lush, forested hills of the Ardennes or the wide sandy beaches of the Belgian coast to be the most beautiful. The best way to find out is to explore Belgium for yourself!

Is Belgium a beautiful country?

Absolutely! Belgium is renowned for its diverse and beautiful landscapes. Its historic cities are filled with stunning architecture peaceful countryside and picturesque coast. It offers a wonderful mix of culture, history, and natural beauty, making it a truly beautiful country to visit.

Final Thoughts on Visiting Beautiful Places in Belgium

In the heart of Europe, a land of rich history, diverse culture, and incredible landscapes awaits. Belgium, often underappreciated and overshadowed by its larger neighbors, is a treasure trove of stunning cities, peaceful countryside, and charming coastlines.

Whether it’s the medieval grandeur of Bruges, the vibrant atmosphere of Brussels, the stunning coastline of Ostend, or the cultural richness of Mons, Belgium has something for every traveler. We’ve listed the most beautiful places in Belgium, but there’s so much more to discover in this small yet fascinating country.

If you’re wondering where to go in Belgium each place, unique and beautiful in its own way, contributes to the charm and allure of Belgium. If you haven’t considered visiting Belgium before, we hope that this list has inspired you to explore this beautiful corner of Europe. The only question left to ask is: which of these beautiful places in Belgium will you visit first?

The most beautiful places in Belgium for all types of travelers
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