The Ice Barrel Review (2024): A Minimalist Cold Tub for Home

ice barrel cold tub review
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Looking for a simple and straightforward cold tub that offers exactly what you need for effective ice baths? The Ice Barrel is the way to go.

If you’re familiar at all with the health and wellness space, you’ve surely heard of cold water immersion. While this concept isn’t novel anymore, it has recently experienced a renaissance as a helpful way to renew your body and mind.

And ice baths aren’t just for athletes! People from all walks of like — celebrities and public personalities included —swear by the effectiveness of ice baths. Sitting in one for just five minutes while practicing the right breathing techniques can help to reduce pain and inflammation, foster bodily circulation, and calm the mind and emotions.

As in any industry that has exploded in popularity, there’s now an abundance of diverse ice bath products out there. You certainly have your choice these days. Features can include cooling and heating units, exact temperature control, and easy portability.

If you’re looking for simple, easy, and effective, I can’t recommend Ice Barrel highly enough. It’s easy to use and quite affordable as cold tubs go. Here’s everything you need to know about the Ice Barrel cold tub in 2024.

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a woman using the Ice Barrel in black

A quick look at the Ice Barrel cold tub

I’ve been saying that the Ice Barrel is simple and straightforward. That remains the best way to describe the product, and that is to its credit. While other cold tub companies have multiple product lines, Ice Barrel has poured all its science into one flagship product. That keeps things nice and easy when you own an Ice Barrel.

The product itself appears as a large, round barrel, just like it sounds. It stands at 42 inches high and 31 inches wide, with the opening being 25 inches across. The barrel itself is proudly constructed in Ohio from LLDPE (low linear density polyethylene). Basically, it’s a light but tough recycled plastic guaranteed not to fail over time.

You fill the Ice Barrel with water and then add your own ice to keep it to that optimal range of 33ºF to 60ºF. The company also offers a water chiller for your Ice Barrel if you email them. I’ve included their contact info at the bottom of this article.

Every purchase of the $1,199.97 Ice Barrel comes with basic accessories that you’ll need to do it right. You get a barrel lid, barrel stand, step stool, and UV cover. These things all make your use of the Ice Barrel easy and convenient. Finally, the barrel is built with a simple drain at the bottom. You can connect a garden hose to it to drain the water wherever is best for you.

In case you were wondering, the Ice Barrel is more than big enough to support users of all sizes. I’m 6’4” and fit into it perfectly fine in an upright position. The company also has videos showing much taller and larger individuals easily fitting into the barrel.

Ice Barrel at a glance

Wyatt Ewing invented the Ice Barrel product some years back. It was a labor of love born out of his own interest in the benefits of ice baths. He eventually took the product to market with the company that’s out there today.

Ice Barrel as a business follows through on Wyatt’s philosophy. When you buy an Ice Barrel, you know you’re getting an ice bath made by people who want to help you to optimize your physical and mental health. That’s why the product itself is so simple, lightweight, and convenient to use. It simplifies cold therapy for users to make their journey to wellness an enjoyable one.

What sets Ice Barrel apart from other cold plunge manufacturers?

I know I keep saying it, but everything about Ice Barrel is simple, convenient, and easy. Several factors set Ice Barrel as a company apart from other cold tub manufacturers.

One factor is the lightweight portability of the product. It’s only 55 pounds when empty. That means it won’t take much effort for you to move it around to wherever you need it. It’s also one of the few cold plunge tubs out there that allows you to soak while sitting in a completely upright position. The company says this lets users relax and focus, and I would have to agree. It does help that I can simply squat down into it and easily stand up whenever I want. I prefer this over lying down much of the time.

It’s also a huge time-saver to be able to drain the barrel from the bottom using a garden hose. The Ice Barrel is just everything I want in a cold tub with no difficult or confusing steps.

the Ice Barrel in desert tan, with the step stool nearby
The Ice Barrel also comes in desert tan | Image Source: Ice Barrel

Two types of ice barrels: The Ice Barrel 300 and Ice Barrel 400

In 2024, Ice Barrel has two products that they are marketing online: The Ice Barrel 300 and Ice Barrel 400. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Ice Barrel 400:

  • Price: $1,199.99
  • Design: Upright, comfortable, and natural. Perfect for submerging as much as you want.
  • Material: Durable recycled plastic, BPA-free, non-toxic. Easy to clean.
  • Size: Compact, needs about 5 square feet, supports 750 pounds when filled.
  • Suitability: Fits most body types up to 6 feet 6 inches and 300 pounds.
  • Extras: Includes a barrel, stand, lid, step stool, and UV/water-resistant cover.
  • Ideal for: Taller or larger individuals, those over 6 foot 2 inches or 250 pounds. Great for a relaxed upright position.

Ice Barrel 300:

  • Price: $1,199.99
  • Design: Fully insulated, sleek, with a comfortable upright seated position.
  • Material: Durable recycled plastic, BPA-free, non-toxic. Easy to clean.
  • Size: Compact and lightweight, fits through standard doors, supports 700 pounds when filled.
  • Suitability: Fits most body types up to 6 feet 2 inches and 250 pounds.
  • Extras: Includes a fully insulated barrel and lid, UV/water-resistant cover, and hardware.
  • Ideal for: Those living in warmer climates due to its full insulation. Easier entry and exit without a step stool.

Who Should Get Which?

  • Ice Barrel 400: Perfect for taller or larger individuals. If you’re over 6’2″ or 250 lbs, this is your match. It’s also great if you prefer a more relaxed, upright position.
  • Ice Barrel 300: Ideal if you’re in a warmer climate, thanks to its full insulation. It’s also easier to get in and out of, making it a good choice for those who might struggle with taller barrels.

Both are priced the same, so it really comes down to your height, weight, and where you live. Dive into the one that suits you best and chill out!

Highlights of using the Ice Barrel cold tub

One of the prime selling points of going with Ice Barrel is that its product has the perfect design and price for ice bath beginners. Many ice baths cost thousands of dollars. With the Ice Barrel coming in at under $1,200, it’s a great way to start off in the world of ice baths. And, as I’m sure you get by now, the simplicity of design means new users won’t struggle to figure it all out.

That said, Ice Barrel has some other positive points that are worth highlighting here.

Here are the features of the Ice Barrel product that I found most unique and interesting:

Ice Barrel has gone all-in on its singular flagship Ice Barrel product. It’s a one-size-fits-all approach, and I like it because it keeps things easy for me. Even at 6’4”, I know the barrel is big enough for me to fit into with my knees bent. I also know that nothing else is required of me beyond filling the barrel and adding ice. This straightforward approach is refreshing among cold tubs.

– The Ice Barrel itself is made of recycled plastic. That translates into a robust, durable barrel that’s nonetheless lightweight and easily portable. It comes in at only 55 pounds when empty. That’s pretty lightweight, maybe not the lightest on the market, but it’s perfect for what it is. And don’t sleep on its plastic construction. The Ice Barrel is tough as nails and will hold up even if the water inside freezes during the winter.

Ice Barrel carries a number of other accessories to add on to what’s already included with the barrel. The Maintenance Kit has it all. A silicone brush, mesh net, cleaning soap, and water stabilizer all help to keep your water and barrel clean. The stabilizer helps to keep scum and bacteria from building up in the barrel. Meanwhile, scented epsom salts can soothe your muscles and relax your mind. Finally, you can get a shatter-resistant thermometer to keep in the water so you can monitor its temperature.

– The Ice Barrel comes in black and desert tan colors. The black standard barrel is made from 100% recycled materials.

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the Ice Barrel with a hose and an ice bag near it
Filling the Ice Barrel is as easy as placing the hose in it and adding ice | Image Source: Ice Barrel

Who should buy the Ice Barrel cold tub?

– Athletes who want a new, healthy way to help their muscles recover, reduce inflammation and pain, and promote their mental and emotional wellbeing

– Anyone who runs a gym, wellness center, or retreat program and wants to offer cold water immersion to customers

– People who enjoy cold water immersion so much that they want the convenience of having a cold tub in their own home

– Anyone who wants a simple and affordable cold tub to go up against the more complex and expensive offerings on the market

– People who want a safe and effective way to support their overall physical and mental health

Who shouldn’t buy the Ice Barrel cold tub?

– People who are still researching cold water immersion and aren’t sure if they want to commit to a tub yet

– Users who want more high-tech features in their cold tubs, such as self-cooling and heating capabilities

– People who prefer to recline in a longer cold tub rather than squatting upright in a barrel

In addition to Ice Barrel, here are the other tubs I recommend for cold water immersion:

Budget: $Polar Monkeys
Mid: $$The Edge Tub
Luxury: $$$Renu Therapy

My tips for using the Ice Barrel

1. Plan your ice buying around the seasons: Because the Ice Barrel is not self-cooling, you’ll need to add ice to it manually. That can get expensive in the heat of summer. In the winter, however, you may be able to rely on the colder air to handle your water temperature for you. If a frigid winter can save you money on ice, I say take it.

2. Be smart with your use of water: Ice Barrel recommends that you change the water in your barrel at least every four weeks. That’s good advice, since bacteria can eventually build up inside the barrel if it’s constantly wet. You can prolong the use of the water you put in by using Ice Barrel’s water stabilizer and detergent. This is advisable, since refilling the barrel too often can get costly.

3. Use the Ice Barrel thermometer to check the temperature of your water: With no way to control the exact temperature of the water, you’re relying on ice to do it. To get around this uncertainty, use a thermometer in the water. Cold therapy beginners may want to keep the temperature at around 60ºF. More experienced users can add more ice to bring the temperature down to 40ºF or so.

4. Store your Ice Barrel in the right place: Every Ice Barrel comes with a protective UV cover to stave off color fading from the sun. Still, be mindful of where you store your Ice Barrel when not in use. If possible, it’s a good idea to store it out of direct sunlight, even with the cover on. The black and desert tan barrels look sleek and modern. You don’t want to let sunlight ruin their looks over time.

a man using this cold tub product on an outside deck
You can use the Ice Barrel anywhere | Image Source: Ice Barrel

Other things to consider before buying the Ice Barrel

In addition to all the information presented above, here are some other important points to consider before you buy an Ice Barrel for yourself:

What comes with the Ice Barrel cold tub?

The base price for the Ice Barrel includes the following:

– Barrel lid

– Barrel stand

– Protective UV cover

– Step stool

How long does it take to set up?

The Ice Barrel has quite a simple setup. You secure the barrel to the stand, fill it with around 80 gallons of water, and add ice. It might take a total of 20 minutes, give or take, to set the ice bath up. You don’t necessarily want to drain the water after every use due to cost. However, draining it all out might take you another 10 minutes or so.

How should you maintain the barrel’s cleanliness?

It’s a simple fact that you can’t get into and out of the same water for weeks without it going bad. Eventually, you’ll have to clean your Ice Barrel. While the company sells its own detergent, you can use any soap you choose to wash the inside of the Ice Barrel. Then rinse it out, let it dry, and you’ll be good to use it again.

taking an icy cold plunge outside
Taking an ice bath in an Ice Barrel is simple and straightforward | Image Source: Ice Barrel

Warranties and guarantees

The Ice Barrel product warranty is pretty attractive considering what it covers. The company offers a limited lifetime warranty on its products and accessories. When you receive damaged products, or when a product fails due to defects, Ice Barrel covers replacements. However, know that Ice Barrel guarantees its products only when the damages result from manufacturing or shipping. Customers are responsible for protecting their Ice Barrel from weather damage and fading from UV light. Any questions about this warranty can be emailed to

Where to buy the Ice Barrel

You can buy the Ice Barrel directly from the Ice Barrel website. As mentioned, you can also pick up a number of accessories to use with it. Those include the water stabilizer, cleaning soap, and thermometer.

Ice Barrel: Ice bath specifications

Now let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of the Ice Barrel. Here are some technical details about the Ice Barrel cold plunge tub:

Net Weight:55 lbs (empty); 750 lbs (with 80 gallons of water)
Ice Barrel dimensions:42” x 31” x 25”
Tub Capacity:105 gallons (397 liters)
Product Material:Low linear density polyethylene
Operating Ambient Temperature:35ºF -60ºF

The Ice Barrel is affordable, lightweight, and easy to clean and reuse again and again. It’s the perfect cold plunge tub for beginners or anyone looking to enhance their overall health and wellbeing.

How long does ice last in the Ice Barrel?

The duration ice lasts in an Ice Barrel can vary based on several factors. This includes the initial temperature of the water, the ambient temperature, the amount and type of ice used, and whether the barrel is in direct sunlight. Generally, you can expect the following:

  • With Regular Ice: If you fill the Ice Barrel with a mix of cold water and regular ice (like bagged ice from a store), the ice typically lasts for about one ice bath session, which is around 5 to 10 minutes. After that, the ice will start melting, but the water should remain cold enough for use for a few hours.
  • With Larger Ice Blocks: Larger blocks of ice melt more slowly. If you use these, the ice might last longer, potentially suitable for multiple sessions or longer durations.
  • Insulation: Some Ice Barrels come with covers or are made of materials that offer better insulation. This can significantly extend the time the ice lasts, keeping the water colder for longer periods.

Remember, these are general estimates. Actual experiences can vary based on specific conditions and usage.

My final thoughts on the Ice Barrel

Ice Barrel stands out in the cold tub market for its straightforward approach to cold immersion. Unlike other tubs that require power to cool or heat, the Ice Barrel is exactly what you see. It’s a lightweight plastic barrel that you fill with water and ice and drain whenever you want. That’s it. And that’s what’s so refreshing about it.

The simplicity of the overall presentation means the Ice Barrel is perfect for beginners. If you’re just getting into cold therapy, you may be overwhelmed by some of the more luxurious tub options out there. Some of those feature powered cooling and heating units. With the Ice Barrel, you just add ice, get onto the step stool, and lower yourself into the barrel.

Those other, more complex tubs are much more expensive, too. The Ice Barrel comes in at less than $1,200. Those just entering the world of cold immersion will appreciate the Ice Barrel’s minimalist approach.

a man using a desert tan cold tub outdoors
The Ice Barrel can help with physical and mental health | Image Source: Ice Barrel

Is the Ice Barrel worth it?

If you’re interested in a simple and easy approach to cold immersion, the Ice Barrel is a worthy purchase. It requires only minimal setup and maintenance and is one of the most affordable tubs on the market. However, you have to balance out that price with the need to buy 40 to 100 pounds of ice for each soak.

At the same time, the Ice Barrel itself is rock solid and will last you a long time. As long as you keep up with regular cleanings, the product should deliver a lifetime of cold soaks.

So, ultimately, where does Ice Barrel fall in the overall cold tub industry? It’s a relatively inexpensive and simple cold tub that’s perfect for beginners. That’s its primary selling point, and it’s why I strongly recommend the Ice Barrel to anyone.

Ice Barrel – Company contact info

Do you need to get in touch with the team over at Ice Barrel? You can learn more about them on or by writing to Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram!

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the Ice Barrel and lid in black
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