12 Best Things to Do in Menaggio, Lake Como: Must-See Attractions

by Emil Backup
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Are you looking to visit Menaggio on Lake Como soon? Here are some of the most fun and unique things to do in Menaggio. These serene sights, activities, and attractions are sure to make for a memorable vacation experience.

Perched on the shores of Lake Como, Menaggio beckons travelers with its enchanting landscapes, charming architecture, and tranquil ambiance. It invites you to pause and savor the moment. When you visit this place, you’ll discover a multitude of things to do in Menaggio, allowing you to immerse yourself in its natural beauty and cultural charm.

Menaggio is not just a picturesque retreat. it’s a gateway to the experiences that Lake Como has to offer. Its central location makes it a strategic starting point for exploring the lake’s captivating surroundings. This allows you to immerse in the rich tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty that this region is renowned for.

Whether you’re yearning for a leisurely stroll along cobblestone streets, a culinary journey through quaint trattorias, or an adventurous hike through verdant trails. Menaggio offers a diverse palette of experiences to satiate your wanderlust. The town’s local charm and more reasonable prices compared to its glamorous neighbors like Bellagio and Varenna, add to its allure. This makes it a favored choice for those seeking an authentic and more affordable Lake Como experience.

So, let the allure of Menaggio draw you into its embrace, and discover the treasures that await in this charming Lake Como gem. Here’s everything you need to know about these fun things to do in Menaggio, Italy.

The best things to do in Menaggio right now.
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Best Places to Visit In Menaggio

Ready to jump into all the coolest things to do in Menaggio? As noted above, there’s something for everyone at this charming vacation spot in Italy. So keep reading to discover all these unique Menaggio places to visit.

Are you looking to explore charming streets lined with shops and cafes, offering a delightful taste of Italian culture and cuisine? Or would you prefer to go hiking, do water sports, and experience leisurely boat rides on the serene Lake Como? Whatever you’re planning, these must-sees in Menaggio can accommodate your needs. Here’s all the best attractions in Menaggio that you should know about.

1. Menaggio and Cadenabbia Golf Club

Embark on a journey to one of the oldest golf clubs in Europe, the Menaggio and Cadenabbia Golf Club. This prestigious club, with its panoramic views and meticulously maintained greens, is a haven for golf enthusiasts. It’s not just the sport that draws visitors; the club’s rich history and the stunning backdrop of the lake and mountains make a visit to this golf club one of the best things to do in Menaggio.

Founded in 1907, the club has preserved its traditional British character. It offers a distinct blend of heritage and modern amenities. The challenging course layout, coupled with the unpredictable winds from the lake, promises an exciting and rewarding experience for players of all levels.

After a thrilling game, relax at the club’s elegant restaurant and savor the exquisite Italian cuisine while soaking in the breathtaking views. The Menaggio and Cadenabbia Golf Club is not merely a sports venue. It’s a place where tradition, nature, and relaxation converge, offering a holistic experience for its visitors. 

Cadenabbia Golf Club: Where fairways meet the beauty of Lake Como.
Cadenabbia Golf Club: Where fairways meet the beauty of Lake Como.

2. Parco Val Sanagra

Situated in the heart of Menaggio, Parco Val Sanagra is a natural oasis. It offers a tranquil escape from the bustling town. This park is a treasure trove for nature lovers looking for unique places in Menaggio. It’s a realm where lush greenery, crystal-clear streams, and diverse fauna coexist, creating a harmonious environment.

The park’s extensive network of trails is a paradise for hikers and walkers, allowing them to explore the diverse landscapes, from dense forests to open meadows. Each path unveils the park’s hidden gems, be it a secluded waterfall or a panoramic viewpoint overlooking the lake and the surrounding mountains.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the soothing sounds of nature, the rustling leaves, and the babbling brooks, finding solace in the park’s serene ambiance. Parco Val Sanagra is more than a recreational space. It’s a sanctuary where one can reconnect with nature and experience the enchanting beauty of Menaggio’s landscapes.

Parco Val Sanagra: Italy's natural gem, where lush landscapes and diverse wildlife create an enchanting escape.
Parco Val Sanagra: Italy’s natural gem, where lush landscapes and diverse wildlife create an enchanting escape. | Photo credits: explorelakecomo.com.

3. Castello di Menaggio

Menaggio’s rich tapestry of history is beautifully encapsulated in the ruins of Castello di Menaggio, a place steeped in tales of yore. This ancient castle, perched high above the town, offers some of the best places to go in Menaggio for panoramic vistas of Lake Como and the surrounding alpine scenery.

The journey to the castle is among the coolest things to do in Menaggio, with winding paths leading through charming old streets. This reveals glimpses of Menaggio’s architectural heritage. Once at the summit, the expansive views are nothing short of breathtaking, a visual symphony of azure waters, verdant hills, and distant mountain peaks.

While much of the castle now lies in ruins, the remnants of its walls and towers evoke a sense of nostalgia. It whispers secrets of battles and sieges from centuries past. It’s a spot where history and natural beauty intertwine. This provides a distinctive insight into Menaggio’s storied past and stunning landscapes.

A historic fortress on Lake Como's shores, preserving centuries of Italian heritage.
A historic fortress on Lake Como’s shores, preserving centuries of Italian heritage. | Photo credits: comoeilsuolago.it

4. Piazza Garibaldi

In the heart of Menaggio, Piazza Garibaldi buzzes with a vibrant energy. This makes it one of the coolest activities in Menaggio for those seeking a lively atmosphere. It’s a hub where locals and tourists mingle, surrounded by colorful buildings and the gentle hum of conversation.

Wondering where to go in Menaggio if you’re a food enthusiast? The piazza is lined with a variety of cafes and restaurants. It offers a taste of local cuisine and a chance to indulge in the Italian tradition of ‘la dolce vita’. Whether it’s sipping on a rich espresso or enjoying a leisurely meal, the experiences here are quintessentially Italian.

Beyond culinary delights, Piazza Garibaldi is a great starting point to explore the surrounding streets, filled with quaint shops and boutiques offering rare finds. It’s a place where every turn reveals a new discovery, from artisanal crafts to locally made products.

The lively ambiance and diverse offerings of Piazza Garibaldi encapsulate the spirit of Menaggio. This provides a slice of local life and a plethora of enjoyable experiences.

Piazza Garibaldi: A bustling Italian square where history, culture, and vibrant daily life converge with timeless charm.
Piazza Garibaldi: A bustling Italian square where history, culture, and vibrant daily life converge with timeless charm.

5. Menaggio’s Lido

Menaggio’s Lido offers a tranquil escape, a place where the gentle lapping of the lake’s waves and the warm sun create a serene atmosphere. Exploring the lido is one of the unique things to do in Menaggio to unwind and soak in the stunning surroundings.

The lido provides a range of amenities, including swimming pools, a beach, and a restaurant, catering to all your relaxation needs. It’s a haven for those looking to spend a day lounging by the water, with the option to indulge in delicious local cuisine when hunger strikes.

For the more active traveler, the lido also offers opportunities for water sports and other recreational activities. This allows you to enjoy the beauty of Lake Como from a different perspective. Whether it’s kayaking or just a refreshing swim, the experiences here are bound to leave you rejuvenated.

Menaggio’s Lido is not just a place to relax. It’s among the Menaggio attractions where the beauty of nature and the joy of leisure activities combine to create unforgettable memories.

Menaggio's Lido: A lakeside oasis on Lake Como, where sun, relaxation, and crystal waters embrace tranquility.
Menaggio’s Lido: A lakeside oasis on Lake Como, where sun, relaxation, and crystal waters embrace tranquility.

6. Village of Nobiallo

Situated just north of Menaggio, the charming Village of Nobiallo beckons travelers with its quaint allure and picturesque marina. It’s a place where time seems to slow, allowing visitors to savor every moment. This village is one of the best places in the Menaggio area. It offers a glimpse into the tranquil life by the lake.

The marina is a hub of activity, with boats bobbing gently on the water and the distant mountains providing a stunning backdrop. It’s a perfect spot for photography enthusiasts looking to capture the essence of Lake Como’s beauty.

Wandering through the narrow lanes of Nobiallo, you’ll discover charming houses, ancient churches, and friendly locals, each adding to the village’s enchanting atmosphere. The scent of blooming flowers and the gentle breeze create a soothing ambiance. This makes every stroll a delightful experience.

Nobiallo offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle. It allows you to experience the authentic charm and tranquility of Lake Como. Is this among the top things to do in Menaggio, Lake Como? 100%!

Nobiallo: A charming lakeside village on the shores of Lake Como, where history and serenity coexist.
Nobiallo: A charming lakeside village on the shores of Lake Como, where history and serenity coexist. | Photo credits: mylakecomo.co

7. Antiquarium della Val Sanagra

The Antiquarium della Val Sanagra is a goldmine for history enthusiasts and anyone keen to delve into the rich past of the Menaggio area. It’s one of the must-see in Menaggio for those who appreciate learning about the local heritage and culture.

This museum is home to a plethora of artifacts and exhibits, each narrating a tale of the region’s bygone era. From ancient tools to fascinating relics, every piece has a story to tell. It offers insights into the lives of the people who once called this place home.

The detailed displays and informative plaques make the exploration of the museum a rewarding experience. It allows visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the historical significance of the region. It’s a journey through time, revealing the layers of history that have shaped the landscape and the community.

Visiting the Antiquarium della Val Sanagra is not only an educational experience but also a chance to connect with the rich tapestry of Menaggio’s past. This makes it a worthwhile addition to your itinerary.

8. Osteria Il Pozzo

Osteria Il Pozzo is a culinary gem in Menaggio. It offers a delightful array of Italian dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Among the Menaggio things to do if you’re a food enthusiast is to visit this spot where the ambiance is as inviting as the menu. It creates a dining experience that’s both cozy and memorable.

The restaurant prides itself on serving authentic Italian cuisine, with each dish prepared using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The flavors are rich and robust, reflecting the culinary traditions of the region. From pasta to seafood, every item on the menu is a testament to the chef’s passion for creating delicious, hearty meals.

Guests can enjoy their food in the warm and welcoming dining area, where the rustic décor and friendly staff add to the overall charm of the place. The extensive wine list features a selection of fine Italian wines, perfect for complementing your meal.

A visit to Osteria Il Pozzo is more than just a meal. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and savor the flavors of Italy in a charming setting.

Osteria Il Pozzo: A culinary haven in the heart of Italy, where flavors and traditions unite.
Osteria Il Pozzo: A culinary haven in the heart of Italy, where flavors and traditions unite.

9. Lake Como

For those who love a bit of adventure, experiencing the variety of water sports available is undoubtedly a thing to do in Menaggio that should be right on top of your bucket list. Lake Como’s calm and clear waters make it an ideal location for trying out different water-based activities. It offers both excitement and stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.

Visitors can choose from a range of thrilling activities such as windsurfing, waterskiing, and wakeboarding, each providing an exceptional way to explore the lake and its beautiful surroundings. For those new to water sports, there are several local operators offering lessons and equipment rentals, ensuring everyone can join in the fun safely.

Kayaking and paddleboarding are also popular choices. It allows guests to navigate the serene waters at their own pace, discovering secluded spots and enjoying the tranquil ambiance of the lake. These activities offer a unique perspective of Menaggio’s scenic beauty and are a fantastic way to connect with nature.

Whether it’s the rush of gliding over the water or the peacefulness of paddling through quiet coves, water sports in Menaggio offer a diverse range of experiences catering to all preferences and skill levels.

Lake Como: Italy's jewel, where azure waters cradle picturesque towns, surrounded by majestic Alpine beauty.
Lake Como: Italy’s jewel, where azure waters cradle picturesque towns, surrounded by majestic Alpine beauty.

10. Menaggio Promenade

Strolling along the Menaggio Promenade is a delightful way to spend a leisurely afternoon. It offers a serene escape with panoramic views of Lake Como and the surrounding mountains. It’s one of the cool destinations in Menaggio where the beauty of nature and the charm of the town converge.

Thinking of where to visit in Menaggio for a relaxing experience? Menaggio Promenade is your go-to spot. The promenade is lined with vibrant flower beds and lush greenery, creating a picturesque setting for a leisurely walk. Benches are strategically placed along the way, inviting visitors to sit back and soak in the breathtaking scenery, with the gentle lapping of the lake’s waves providing a soothing soundtrack.

Cafés and gelaterias dot the promenade, allowing for pleasant breaks to savor a refreshing gelato or a cup of Italian coffee while watching the world go by. The promenade also leads to various points of interest. This includes quaint shops and historic buildings, adding a touch of exploration to the experience.

A visit to the tranquil promenade is one of the best things to do in Menaggio. It offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty and local charm. All of these makes it a wonderful spot for both relaxation and discovery.

A scenic lakeside stroll along Lake Como's shores offers captivating views and tranquil moments.
A scenic lakeside stroll along Lake Como’s shores offers captivating views and tranquil moments. | Photo credits: mylakecomo.co

11. Mylius Vigoni

For those looking to uncover the hidden gems of Menaggio, Villa Mylius Vigoni is among the Menaggio places to visit that you shouldn’t miss. This magnificent villa, nestled in the hills above Menaggio, is a beacon of art, culture, and history. It offers visitors a glimpse into the opulent lifestyles of the past.

The villa is surrounded by a meticulously maintained English-style garden, where the vibrant colors of blooming flowers and the soothing sounds of rustling leaves create a tranquil atmosphere. As you wander through the garden, you’ll encounter classical statues, charming fountains, and panoramic terraces offering breathtaking views of Lake Como.

Inside, the villa is a treasure trove of artistic masterpieces, antique furnishings, and historical artifacts. The ornate interiors and exquisite décor reflect the refined taste of the villa’s former owners, and each room tells a story of elegance and sophistication.

Visiting Villa Mylius Vigoni is not just about witnessing the grandeur of a bygone era. It’s about experiencing the rich cultural heritage and the timeless charm of Menaggio. This visit will undoubtedly leave you with a deeper appreciation for the town’s historical significance and architectural beauty.

Visiting Mylius Vigoni is one of the top things to do in Menaggio
Mylius Vigoni: A historic villa on Lake Como’s edge, where art, culture, and nature harmoniously converge.

12. Monte Grona

If you find yourself wondering what to do in Menaggio, consider a journey to the summit of Monte Grona. This towering mountain, standing at 1,736 meters, offers some of the most exhilarating hiking experiences and breathtaking views in the region.

The trails leading to the summit are a paradise for hiking enthusiasts, with varying levels of difficulty to suit both novices and experienced hikers. As you ascend, the lush greenery and the diverse flora and fauna of the mountain create a harmonious symphony of nature. This makes the hike a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle.

Reaching the summit is a rewarding experience, with panoramic views of Lake Como, the surrounding mountains, and the charming villages below. The sight of the sun casting its golden hues on the lake and the mountains is a spectacle to behold. This captures the essence of Menaggio’s natural beauty.

Monte Grona is not just a mountain. It’s a canvas painted with the vibrant colors of nature, a testament to the enchanting landscapes that make Menaggio a cool destination. So, lace up your hiking boots and immerse yourself in the beauty of Menaggio’s highlands!

A majestic peak in the Italian Alps, offering breathtaking vistas and thrilling hiking adventures.
A majestic peak in the Italian Alps, offering breathtaking vistas and thrilling hiking adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Best Things to Do in Menaggio

Looking for more content on the top things to do in Menaggio? Here are some popular questions (and answers) I get that will help you plan your trip to Menaggio:

Is Menaggio worth visiting?

Yes, Menaggio is worth visiting. This picturesque town on the shores of Lake Como in Italy offers stunning views, charming streets, and a relaxed atmosphere. Visitors can explore its historic center, enjoy lakeside promenades, and use it as a base to explore the beautiful Lake Como region.

What is Menaggio known for?

Menaggio is known for several distinct features and attractions:

  1. Scenic Beauty: Menaggio boasts a prime location on Lake Como. It offers stunning views of the lake and the surrounding Alpine peaks. Its picturesque promenade is lined with colorful buildings and lush trees. This makes it a favorite spot for both locals and tourists.
  2. Historic Old Town: The town’s historic center is a maze of narrow streets, charming squares, and old buildings. It exudes an old-world charm that transports visitors back in time.
  3. Lido di Menaggio: This popular beach area offers a combination of a sandy beach and a swimming pool. It provides a place for relaxation and recreation right by the lake. It’s especially popular in the summer months.
  4. Boating and Ferries: Menaggio serves as a key ferry point on Lake Como. Regular services connecting it to other famous towns like Bellagio and Varenna. The town is also a popular spot for renting boats to explore the lake.
  5. Golf: Menaggio & Cadenabbia Golf Club is one of the oldest golf courses in Europe and offers golfers not only a challenging game but also panoramic views of the lake and mountains.
  6. Hiking: The area around Menaggio is known for its hiking trails. They range from leisurely lakeside walks to more challenging mountain treks.
  7. Villa Mylius Vigoni: Located just outside Menaggio. This villa is known for its beautiful gardens and impressive views of Lake Como. It’s also a center for German-Italian relations, hosting cultural events and seminars.
  8. Proximity to Switzerland: Menaggio’s location near the Swiss border makes it a convenient base for those looking to explore both the Italian Lake District and parts of Switzerland.

How do I get to Menaggio?

To get to Menaggio, you can take a train to Como, a major city near Lake Como. And then, you can continue by ferry or bus. Alternatively, you can drive from major Italian cities like Milan or take a taxi from the nearest airports in Milan or Bergamo. The scenic journey is part of the experience.

Can I find accommodation easily in Menaggio?

Yes, Menaggio offers various accommodation options. This includes hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, and bed-and-breakfasts. However, during peak tourist seasons, particularly in summer, it’s advisable to book accommodations in advance to secure your preferred choice and ensure availability in this popular Lake Como destination.

Visiting Menaggio: Exploring the enchanting town of Menaggio on the shores of Lake Como, where beauty abounds.
Visiting Menaggio: Exploring the enchanting town of Menaggio on the shores of Lake Como, where beauty abounds.

What are the dining options like in Menaggio?

Menaggio offers a range of dining options, from charming lakeside restaurants serving Italian and Mediterranean cuisine to pizzerias and cafes. You can savor fresh seafood dishes, pasta, and regional specialties. The town caters to different tastes and budgets. This makes it easy to find a satisfying meal with a view.

Is there much to do in Menaggio?

Absolutely! Menaggio is brimming with activities for everyone. It’s a haven for lovers of history, nature, and cuisine. It offers enchanting landscapes, historical sites, and delicious local food. Whether you prefer exploring charming villages, relaxing on serene beaches, or indulging in culinary delights, Menaggio promises a rich and varied experience.

How do you spend a day in Menaggio?

Menaggio, a picturesque town on the western shore of Lake Como in Italy, is a delightful destination with a mix of natural beauty, historic charm, and leisure activities. Here’s a suggested itinerary to spend a day in Menaggio:

Morning in Menaggio:

  1. Lakeside Breakfast: Start your day with a leisurely breakfast at one of the lakeside cafés. Enjoy a cappuccino and fresh pastries while soaking in the serene views of Lake Como.
  2. Stroll Along the Promenade: After breakfast, take a walk along Menaggio’s beautiful promenade. The tree-lined paths offer panoramic views of the lake, surrounding mountains, and charming villas.
  3. Visit Villa Mylius Vigoni: A short distance from the town center, this villa boasts stunning gardens and offers guided tours. The villa’s terraced gardens provide breathtaking views of the lake.


  1. Lunch in the Old Town: Head to Menaggio’s historic center and choose from one of its traditional Italian restaurants or trattorias for lunch. Savor local dishes like risotto with perch or fresh pasta.
  2. Explore the Old Town: After lunch, wander through the narrow streets of Menaggio’s old town. Discover its quaint squares, historic churches, and local shops.
  3. Boat Trip: Rent a boat or take a ferry to nearby towns like Bellagio or Varenna. The journey offers a unique perspective of Lake Como’s beauty and the grand villas dotting its shores.

Evening in Menaggio:

  1. Relax at Lido di Menaggio: This beach area offers a swimming pool, beach access, and a bar. It’s a perfect spot to relax, swim, or simply enjoy the sunset.
  2. Dinner with a View: Conclude your day with a dinner at one of Menaggio’s lakeside restaurants. Enjoy local wines, fresh seafood, and traditional Italian dishes as you reflect on your day.
  3. Evening Walk: After dinner, take a leisurely stroll along the promenade, enjoying the peaceful ambiance and the shimmering lights reflecting on the water.

Which is better, Menaggio or Bellagio?

Choosing between Menaggio and Bellagio depends on personal preference. Menaggio offers a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere with its serene landscapes and charming villages, ideal for those seeking peace and quiet. Bellagio, known as the “Pearl of Lake Como,” is more vibrant and bustling, renowned for its elegant gardens and exquisite villas.

Final Thoughts on Exploring Menaggio

Menaggio, with its enchanting landscapes, rich history, and vibrant atmosphere, is a jewel of Lake Como. It’s a place where the old-world charm meets modern comforts, creating a harmonious blend that appeals to travelers of all ages. From the serene waters of Lake Como to the majestic peaks of the surrounding mountains, every element in Menaggio paints a picture of unparalleled beauty.

Whether it’s the allure of historical sites, the thrill of outdoor adventures, or the flavors of local cuisine, Menaggio offers a myriad of experiences that cater to diverse interests. It’s a destination where every moment is a celebration of life, every view is a masterpiece of nature, and every journey is a voyage of discovery.

So, if you’re yearning for a getaway that combines relaxation, adventure, and cultural enrichment, Menaggio is the place to be. Come and uncover the myriad of unique things to do in Menaggio and let the charm of this picturesque town create unforgettable memories in your heart.

Best things to do in Menaggio for all types of travelers.
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