The 13 Best Camping Showers: Portable Showers to Buy in 2024

by Jon Miksis
Portable camping shower on a lake
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Ready to up your camping game? Here are the 13 best camping showers of 2024. As someone who’s spent years testing and comparing outdoor gear, I’ve analyzed prices and features to find top picks for every budget.

Portable camp showers are one of the best travel gear products available to modern-day campers. Not only is it a great way of bringing the comforts of home into the wild, but it also promotes better health and hygiene.

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly solar shower or a high-pressure, vehicle-mounted system, I’ve got you covered. Each shower is selected for its durability, ease of use, and user satisfaction. Stay fresh and make your camping adventures more comfortable with these must-have camping showers!

The Best Portable Showers for Campers in 2024

Most outdoor camping showers come in one of three main types. First, there are hanging bag showers, which use gravity to create a steady stream of water for you to clean yourself with. Then there are pressurized hose showers, which are bulkier and more high-tech, and are more similar to traditional home showers. Finally, there are shower tents, which require the most work to set up but offer a greater degree of privacy and luxury.

Below, I’ve hand-picked 12 of the best camping showers of 2024. They’re divided up into the three main types of camping showers, so if you’re looking for a specific kind of shower unit, you can scroll down to the section highlighting that product type.

Don’t have time to read the full article? Here are my top picks at a high level:

Now, let’s cover all the top camping showers you should know about in 2024:

Epic camping shower on a campground in nature
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Best Hanging Bag Showers

1. DkOvn Solar Shower Bag

The DkOvn Solar Shower Bag, one of the best camping showers on the market today
This 5-gallon bag is one of the best camping showers for those seeking an affordable option.

The DkOvn Solar Shower Bag is the ideal shower for budget-minded campers who are looking for a traditional gravity camp shower at the best possible price. This shower is the cheapest on the list, and buying in bulk will give a significant discount.

The DkOvn Solar Shower is a 5-gallon hanging shower built for efficiency and durability. The capacity is enough for about three showers, depending on how you ration the water. Placing the bag under direct sunlight for three hours will raise the temperature of the water up to 105 °F (be careful not to burn yourself!). The bags are comprised of plastic and a PVC hose that is resistant to being deformed.

This hanging shower also has an on/off valve at the base of the hose as well as a sling to hang the shower head. The bag’s reverse side is also clear to give you an exact view of how much water is left. Overall this camp shower is a great choice for the price and can be used in combination with a shower tent. 

2. Unniweei Solar Portable Shower Bag

The Unniweei Solar Portable Shower Bag, a bag-style outdoor camping shower
The Unniweei Solar Portable Shower Bag offers ease of use and superior features at a budget price.

The Unniweei Solar Portable Shower Bag is a good choice for campers who prefer the traditional gravity camp shower but want a few more features than the DkOvn offers. This camp shower is entirely made of durable PVC. It has a 5-gallon capacity and a heat-up time of three hours under direct sunlight. This is the same as the DkOvn, but it also has a temperature gauge that shows hot the water is.

The handle on the Unniweei shower unclips to hang it securely around an object, and the bag itself has two mounts for the shower head for hands-free use. This shower also features a mesh pocket on the outside to hold toiletries. The hose on the Unniweei is more robust than the DkOvn and has an on/off valve directly on the nozzle for easier access.

This bag weighs less than a pound when empty and folds for easy carrying in a backpack. It is also made of strong material, so expect it to last much longer than cheaper bags. Overall this bag is one of the best portable camping showers for travelers looking for something that is lightweight but can be reused a few times.

3. Extremus Camping Shower Bag

A portable camping shower bag by Extremus
The Extremus is a unique portable camping shower with a generous 6.6-gallon capacity.

The Extremus Camping Shower Bag shares many characteristics with the Unniweei bag, but has a few more features and a larger capacity for a higher price. In fact, it retails for roughly the price of four DkOvn showers. The durability is better, however, and it has all the quality-of-life features of the Unniweei plus a little bit more. This is a good portable camp shower for people who plan on multiple people showering from the same fill-up. 

While the previous two bag showers have a 5-gallon capacity, the Extremus is a 6.6-gallon shower. The designers at Extremus took advantage of this extra capacity by shaping the bag in a narrower, longer shape than any other shower bag we’ve seen, utilizing gravity to increase the water pressure significantly beyond that of other bag showers.

There is also a six-gallon variant that does not have quite as much water pressure but is more affordable. It has a pocket to hold items and a hands-free mount for the shower head, as well as a shower head that controls the flow of water simply by pushing and pulling the nozzle. Overall this bag is good for camping groups looking for a shower that multiple people can use in one fill-up, and the increased pressure and extra features make it worthwhile for the price. 

4. Advanced Elements Summer Shower

The Advanced Elements Summer Shower, one of the best camping showers today
With multiple capacity options and high build quality, this is one of the best camping showers today.

The Advanced Elements Summer Shower is the most expensive bag shower on this list, but has the highest build quality. This bag has all the utility features of the other bags on this list. However, that’s aside from the pressure-increasing shape of the Extremus.

This outdoor camping shower comes in four different, capacities: the standard give-gallon version, a more portable three-gallon version, a super-lightweight 2.5-gallon version, and an extra-large ten-gallon version(bear in mind this one may be difficult to lift at full capacity). 

Whichever one you buy, you’ll find that the Advanced Elements shower has all the necessary elements of a quality camp shower. This includes a nozzle with an on/off switch and a pouch for toiletries. It also has a buckle for fastening the bag securely and mounts for the shower head and temperature gauge. 

What sets this one apart and makes it worth the higher price is the four-layer design. This bag has an insulator panel and a reflector panel on top of the solar panel. Its design significantly increases heat retention and absorption as well as increases the durability of the bag significantly. The temperature of this bag can reach up to 110 °F under optimal sunlight, making it one of the very best hot water showers for camping.

Best Pressurized Hose Showers

5. AFISHTOUR Camping Shower Bag

A pressurized hose-style portable camping shower made by AFISHTOUR
This camping shower from AFISHTOUR is the most affordable pressurized-hose unit on this list.

The cheapest pressurized shower bag on the list is the AFISHTOUR Camping Shower Bag. This camp shower has a lot of the necessary features. For one, it is ideal for mobile camping experiences due to its collapsible nature and included carrying bag. Though affordably priced, this camp shower is ideal for campers looking to spend a little more for a shower that you don’t have to hang up anywhere. This shower is also great in combination with a shower tent. 

This camp shower has a 3.17-gallon capacity. That’s smaller than some other camp showers, but the pressurization is what makes it worthwhile. This camp shower requires no electricity but still provides water pressure through the nozzle like a normal shower thanks to its air pump. Simply step on the air pump a few times every so often. Voila, you can use this pressure shower anywhere there’s water. 

Leaving this shower bag in the sun will heat up the water to up to 120 °F. That’s higher than most solar shower bags. It also gives you more time with hot water and more pressure build-up inside the bag. Overall this is a good choice for campers looking for affordable campground showers that, unlike bag showers, don’t need to be hung from overhead.

6. Ridgewinder Portable Shower

An outside camper shower manufactured by Ridgewinder
Compact and easy to store, the Ridgewinder is one of the best camping showers for travelers on the go.

The Ridgewinder Portable Shower is a pressurized shower with a more compact delivery system and easier storage than others. This shower uses a dry bag as its reservoir, which is essentially just a foldable bag. It can hold water and an electric hose with a nozzle as the delivery system.

If you are camping with access to electricity or only planning on using the hose once or twice, this camp shower is ideal. This is due to a fully charged battery pressurized spray for 60 minutes. With a small power bank, this tool can last for as many showers as you want, making it the most compact portable shower for campers while still being functional.

The Ridgewinder comes with several features that other shower bags do not have. Notably, this camp shower is ideal for washing dishes because the nozzle detaches to allow the use of a more pressurized hose. It also has more pressure in the shower head because of its use of electricity. The bag has a 2.5-gallon capacity, and the format of this shower makes it the most compact for carrying when not in use. That said, the nature of this shower’s design means it has no heating element, so that’s something to keep in mind.

7. Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Camp Shower

The Helio from Nemo is one of the best portable showers for campers
This portable shower unit uses solar power to heat water, allowing you to enjoy a hot shower anywhere.

Looking for a similar shower to the AFISHTOUR camping shower, but you have a larger budget? The Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Camp Shower is a similar product with more features and better quality. This pressure shower, originally designed for surfers, is an all-purpose pressure washer designed for not just showering but also washing dishes, camping equipment, surfing gear, or even vehicles.

The Nemo Helio uses the same type of foot-pump pressurization as the AFISHTOUR. However, its system provides more pressure and with a longer seven-foot hose. The Nemo Helio’s capacity is 2.9 gallons, but a 5.8-gallon model is also available. The 2.9-gallon model has a spray time of five to seven minutes, and it has a set of feet for stability on any surface.

The unit can be folded and stowed as well as deployed quickly, and it weighs less than a pound. The Nemo Helio also utilizes solar heating and will reach peak temperatures when left under the sun for a few hours. Overall this is the best camp shower for campers and surfers. This is due to the high-quality materials that are resilient to everyday wear and tear.

8. Yakima RoadShower Portable Pressurized Water Storage

The Yakima Roadshower, a powerful and versatile outdoor campshower
The Yakima RoadShower is one of the best camping showers for car campers.

For campers who rely on their vehicles as a base of operations and are unfazed by a hefty price tag, the Yakima RoadShower is the most powerful and versatile camp shower on the market. There are four, seven, and ten-gallon variants. If you are a regular camper it is worth the price. However, it functions in a completely different way than the other pressurized showers on this list.

The RoadShower is a pressurized metal tube built to be mounted on a vehicle. Filling the tube from the top valve with a garden hose will not only add water to the RoadShower but also pressurize it up to 55 PSI. Where other camp showers use gravity or pressurize through a foot pump, which can produce limited pressure that only mimics a shower, you will be shocked at the level of real shower pressure this camp shower can produce.

The mounted nature of this water storage system is what frees it to work the way it does. Though the unit weighs a whopping twenty pounds, your vehicle bears all the weight, leaving you free to use the hose as you would use a shower head. This shower, like many others, heats up in the sun and includes a temperature gauge. Although it is not cheap, the Yakima RoadShower is without a doubt one of the best camp pressure showers on the market today.

Best Shower Tents

9. Abco Pop-up Privacy Tent

The Abco Pop-Up Privacy Tent, used in conjunction with the best camping showers on the market
Just because you’re in the middle of the woods doesn’t mean you can’t still shower in privacy.

The Abco Pop-up Privacy Tent is a good choice for camp shower users in need of privacy. This tent is simple, but the least expensive on the list, and may be ideal for those who have already purchased an expensive camp shower. At only $38.99, it’s a bargain and just as functional as the others mentioned above, though a bit smaller.

This tent has no floor, allowing it to drain automatically. It also has a vent in the ceiling that can be completely opened. This allows the use of any pressurized or bag showers mentioned on this list. Pressurized showers can be used entirely within or their hoses can be fed through the hole, and bag showers can be hung from tree branches or other objects above the hole to create a private shower. The Abco is ideal for camping enthusiasts who often need to deploy quick outdoor showers for camping.

The floorless design makes it ideal for fast set up and take down, as there is no waiting to drain. This easy set-up design makes this tent Ideal as a changing room for places such as the beach as well. A compact carrying bag comes with it. And, inside the tent, there is also a pocket for holding toiletries.

10. Vingli 6.7Ft Shower Tent

A 6.7ft shower tent from Vingli
With more than 6 feet of headspace, the Vingli Shower Tent offers privacy and functionality at a good price.

Campers looking for a more robust tent with their camp shower will enjoy the Vingli 6.7Ft Shower Tent. This tent is optimal for showering using an external shower such as the aforementioned Yakima RoadShower or bringing your own foot-pump pressurized shower inside. It is not built for use with hanging shower bags with capacities above two gallons. 

This tent’s function leans more toward a combination of several possible uses. This includes a changing room or camp toilet. It is also much more spacious than cheaper shower tents and features a floor sewn into it with a built-in drainage system. This makes it feel much more like a private room than a compact camp shower tents. The tent also features pockets on the inside and the outside for storage of both toiletries and objects you need to keep dry. 

This shower tent is ideal for campers braving the elements while in need of a comfortable outdoor camping shower. It has a more robust and stable design than most privacy tents, as well as a rain fly. This tent comes in slightly pricier than the average shower tent, but is worth the price for the extra space. Overall, this tent provides just the right amount of utility for campers looking for a private shower.

11. Texsport Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

The Texsport Portable Outdoor Camping Shower, one of the best camping showers available
This combining shower unit and privacy tent is one of the best camping showers if you’re looking for form and function.

The Texsport Portable Outdoor Camping Shower is the best portable camp shower for campers looking for a fully private camp shower setup in one product. First, it offers one of the most spacious and feature-packed camp shower tents you can find. What’s more, it also includes a rain fly and a 5-gallon shower bag with overhead support built to hang. The rainfly also has a set of overhead windows to allow light into the tent.

The flame retardant walls are secured to the removable floor with rust-resistant chains and poles. Meanwhile, the included stakes will keep the tent secured to the ground. This tent is fitted with the most features for use as a shower of any tent. The inside shower rack pocket is by far the largest of any tent on the market. Meanwhile, the outside comes equipped with a towel bar within reach of the window for when your shower has concluded.

The windows also have an access point for a pressurized shower hose. This tent is also ideal for pressurized showers from high-capacity units like the ten-gallon Yakima RoadShower. Why? Because of its floor design. The floor can either be completely fastened or it can be reconfigured to have four large floor vents for optimal drainage.

12. AMM Double Shower and Changing Tent

The Double Shower and Changing Tent from AMM, which is large enough to accommodate two people and a portable camping shower
Although pricier than other camping shower tents, this unit offers extra room for multiple campers.

The most expensive privacy tent on the list is the AMM Double Shower and Changing Tent. This a unique entry because it is built as two privacy pods side by side. This shower is ideal for campers who may find most privacy tents’ single-person capacity annoying or parents camping with children too young to shower by themselves. 

Note that this shower tent has no vent that can be completely open to the outside. This means it will not work with bag showers, only pressurized showers that you can bring into the tent with you. That makes the AMM Double Shower Tent a great choice is you have one and want to be able to use it simultaneously with another person to maximize water efficiency. You can also unzip the middle divider and make use of the whole room for yourself.

Either way, this large shower tent is one of the best portable showers on the market. The tent comes equipped with an adjustable rainfly and mesh zip-down windows as well as a pouch for soap or toilet paper in each pod, and the pods also both have their own personal towel bar. The floor has easy drainage as well as removal.

13. KingCamp Portable Shower Tent

The KingCamp Oversize Dressing Portable Changing Tent is designed for convenience and privacy during outdoor activities. Standing at 79 inches tall and 47 inches wide and long, it provides ample space for comfortable use.

The tent is made from durable, waterproof Oxford cloth, ensuring protection against the elements. Its pop-up design allows for quick and easy setup and takedown, making it ideal for camping, beach trips, or outdoor events.

The KingCamp tent features mesh windows for ventilation, internal storage pockets, and a removable floor mat. It includes a carrying bag for easy transport and storage, making it a versatile and practical solution for outdoor privacy needs.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about portable showers

If you’ve never used a portable camping shower before, you might have a few questions about how they work. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I get about the best camping showers today, along with my answers. I hope it helps you prepare for a truly unforgettable camping vacation.

What is the best shower option for camping?

When camping, a good shower option can greatly enhance your outdoor experience. The best solution is a portable camping shower. These compact, lightweight devices provide a refreshing shower right at your campsite.

Portable camping showers come in various types, including solar-powered bags and battery-operated pumps. Simply fill them with water, hang them up, and enjoy a refreshing shower in nature. They help you stay clean and rejuvenated, adding extra comfort to your outdoor journey.

Are the best camping showers really better than public showers?

Public showers aren’t always available at campgrounds, and even when they are, you’ll be sharing them with other campers. The ratio of showers to campers and the campground’s busyness can make access difficult when you need it.

These are reasons to prefer a portable camping shower over public showers. A portable unit is easy to take anywhere, allowing you to shower on the go with privacy. If privacy is important to you, the portable camping showers in this blog are a much better option.

If only camping showers in nature were this simple
If only camping showers in nature were this simple

What camping shower has the best water pressure?

Looking for a camping shower with good water pressure? Let me introduce you to the crown jewel of camping showers—The NEMO Helio LX Pressure Shower 22L. Prepare to be amazed as this portable shower unleashes a torrential downpour that rivals even the mightiest waterfall.

The secret behind the NEMO Helio LX’s extraordinary water pressure lies in its ingenious design. This beast of a camping shower utilizes an innovative foot pump system, allowing you to build up pressure and unleash a forceful jet of water that will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed. With its impressive 22-liter capacity, it ensures you have an ample supply of water for a luxurious shower experience.

Imagine standing beneath the Helio LX, feeling the exhilarating rush as water cascades down upon you with unmatched intensity. Every droplet rejuvenates, washing away the remnants of your outdoor adventures and reviving your senses. It’s a transformative shower experience that will make you forget you’re in the great outdoors.

Do outdoor camping showers provide hot water?

Hot water isn’t always easy to come by in the great outdoors. Fortunately, many outdoor camping showers come equipped with some kind of feature that makes it easy to heat your water. Although there are many benefits of cold showers, sometimes you just need a nice hot shower after a long day.

Some pricier higher-end portable camping showers incorporate electrical heating elements. Personally, I prefer more budget-friendly options like the Unniweei Solar Bag Shower and the Yakima RoadShower. These can be filled with water and placed in the sun. This heats the water naturally, albeit a little slowly. Nevertheless, with a little planning, you can enjoy a hot shower no matter where you are.

Outdoor camping at its finest
Outdoor camping at its finest

Are camping showers worth it?

For me, camping showers are like a hidden gem. Imagine this: after a day of exploring rugged trails and conquering nature’s challenges, a refreshing shower emerges from the depths of your camping gear. It’s a game-changer, a moment of bliss amidst the wilderness.

With a camping shower, bid farewell to feeling sticky, sweaty, and yearning for a proper cleanse. These portable wonders bring luxury to the great outdoors. They allow you to rinse away the day’s dirt and rejuvenate your spirit. Whether you opt for a solar-powered bag that warms up under the sun or a nifty pump system, camping showers transform your camping experience.

Camping showers offer convenience and efficiency, ensuring you stay clean in nature. They prove that camping doesn’t mean sacrificing basic hygiene.

If you want extra comfort and a refreshing shower after a day of exploration, camping showers are worth it. They add a touch of luxury to your routine, making you feel refreshed and ready for new adventures. Embrace camping showers to elevate your outdoor experience.

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