12 Unique Restaurants in Clearwater, FL: Discover Clearwater’s Quirkiest Cafes and Coolest Kitchens

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Unique Restaurants in Clearwater FL
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In our guide, we spotlight the most unique restaurants in Clearwater FL. You’ll discover places with one-of-a-kind menus, unforgettable views, and dining experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Let’s introduce you to the spots that make eating in Clearwater truly special.

Welcome to Clearwater, Florida! Beyond its sunny beaches, it’s a treasure chest of one-of-a-kind restaurants waiting for you to explore. Picture this: one day you’re biting into a dish you’ve never heard of before, and the next, you’re sitting by the water, enjoying the freshest fish you’ve ever tasted. This beautiful spot in Florida is full of surprises when it comes to eating out.

From cozy spots that feel like you’re dining with family to fancy places where each plate is a work of art, there’s always something new and exciting to try. And it’s not just the food that’s unique; each restaurant has its own vibe, making every visit special.

Whether you love exploring different cuisines or just enjoy cool places to eat with friends, Clearwater has got you covered. So, are you ready to discover the coolest and most unique restaurants in town? Let’s dive in and see what delicious adventures await us in Clearwater!

The top restaurants to visit in Clearwater, FL right now

Unique Restaurants in Clearwater FL: 12 Incredible Clearwater FL Eateries

We’ll take you on a journey to spots where the food and atmosphere are unlike anywhere else. Get ready to explore what makes dining in Clearwater a must-do experience!

1. Clear Sky on Cleveland

In the heart of downtown Clearwater, Clear Sky on Cleveland stands out as a must-visit for anyone looking for unique restaurants in Clearwater, FL. This spot is part of the Clear Sky family, known for its diverse menu and creative dishes. Imagine starting your day with an incredible Cinnamon Bun French Toast, a favorite for brunch lovers.

But it’s not just breakfast that gets people talking. The evening vibe is perfect for family dinners or catching up with friends. Picture this: you’re enjoying live music, sipping on cocktails, and sharing laughs, all while dining under the stars on their spacious outdoor patio.

What’s on the menu? Chargrilled Oysters with cajun garlic butter and parmesan, Pan Seared Scallops and Pork Belly with a side of vibrant kimchi, and the Fort Harrison Steak Sandwich are just a few of the hits. Each dish is a blend of textures and flavors, designed to please any palate. With large portions, a varietal menu, and a cozy atmosphere, it’s a gem in downtown Clearwater.

Clear Sky on Cleveland is one of the unique restaurants in Clearwater, FL.
Clear Sky on Cleveland offers a diverse menu with creative dishes.

2. Pierogi Grill

Pierogi Grill stands out in Clearwater for its authentic Polish flavors. This spot is a gem in Florida for anyone eager to dive into dishes filled with tradition and taste. Here, the homemade chicken noodle soup tastes like it’s straight from a Polish kitchen, warming hearts with every spoonful.

In this best place to eat in Clearwater, FL, choosing from the pierogi menu is a delicious challenge. Options range from spinach to meat, and each pierogi is boiled then sautéed with onions for that perfect finish. The potato and cheddar pierogi, creamy and rich, are a crowd favorite. Not to be missed, the stuffed cabbage, tender and topped with a savory tomato sauce, rivals homemade recipes.

Beyond the plates, Pierogi Grill invites guests to explore their European market. Here, you can take home a dozen homemade pierogi or sample their homemade kielbasa. For those with a sweet tooth, the nut roll and Kolachki cookies are must-tries, perfect for enjoying Polish sweets on the go.

Dine at Pierogi Grill, which serves authentic Polish flavors.
Dine at Pierogi Grill, which serves authentic Polish flavors.

3. Columbia Restaurant

For over 115 years, the Columbia Restaurant has been a favorite in Clearwater Beach. This place is special because it serves Spanish and Cuban dishes that have been in the family for generations. Imagine tasting dishes like Paella “a la Valenciana” or the Original Cuban Sandwich that have been made the same way for over a century!

At Columbia, they make a salad called the 1905 Salad® right at your table, which is pretty cool to watch. You can also try a pitcher of Sangria or Mojitos, or pick a Spanish wine that you like. It’s a fun place to try different drinks with your meal.

One of the best parts about eating here is the view. Columbia Restaurant is one of those scenic places in Clearwater FL to eat where you can look out over the water. You can sit inside in a room that makes you feel like you’re in the Mediterranean, or outside on the deck to enjoy the breeze. They’re open every day, so you can visit anytime you’re in Clearwater Beach.

The Columbia Restaurant offers Spanish and Cuban dishes that have been in the family for generations.
The Columbia Restaurant offers Spanish and Cuban dishes that have been in the family for generations.

4. Salt Cracker Fish Camp

Shining brightly on the Clearwater Beach dining scene is Salt Cracker Fish Camp. This eatery, one of Clearwater’s best restaurants, is known for its fresh seafood and inviting atmosphere. Its striking design, resembling a modern, tiered structure, welcomes guests into a world of delicious flavors and scenic views.

From the moment the doors open in the morning, diners can enjoy a wide array of breakfast options. Later in the day, it transitions into a lunch and dinner menu filled with diverse and tasty choices. Signature dishes like the smoked fish camp dip and airy hush puppies set the stage for a memorable meal.

The grilled grouper, a highlight of the menu, is served with perfectly seasoned whipped potatoes and a side of “Aztec corn,” offering a harmonious blend of flavors. Salt Cracker Fish Camp excels in creating dishes that celebrate the bounty of the sea, paired with the beauty of its waterfront location.

Salt Cracker Fish Camp shines with its fresh seafood and inviting atmosphere.
Salt Cracker Fish Camp shines with its fresh seafood and inviting atmosphere.

5. Lenny’s Restaurant

Ranking high among fun restaurants in Clearwater FL for its standout breakfast menu is Lenny’s Restaurant. This legendary spot serves up a hearty breakfast that’s sure to start your day off right. With options like eggs, bacon, pancakes, and more, there’s something for everyone.

The thick bacon at Lenny’s is a crowd-pleaser, known for its crispiness and rich flavor. The silver dollar pancakes also steal the show. They may look simple, but a touch of butter and syrup transforms them into a treat you can’t resist.

The vibe at Lenny’s is just as inviting as its menu. During spring training, the place buzzes with energy, filled with Phillies fans and memorabilia. It’s a little slice of Philadelphia warmth in Clearwater, making everyone feel welcome. Whether you’re dining in a small group or grabbing a seat at the counter, Lenny’s offers a friendly atmosphere and delicious food.

Lenny's Restaurant stands out for its hearty breakfast menu.
Lenny’s Restaurant stands out for its hearty breakfast menu.

6. Ocean Hai

If you’re exploring Clearwater and hunger strikes, Ocean Hai at the Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach is a must-visit. This restaurant isn’t just another dining spot; it’s a culinary journey led by Executive Chef Sean Ragan. With a menu that dives deep into seafood and pan-Asian flavors, every dish is a discovery of taste.

Among the unique places to eat in Clearwater FL, Ocean Hai stands out. The menu, rich with options like sushi, sashimi, and pan-seared sea bass, showcases the freshest local ingredients. Chef Ragan, with a background that includes training with renowned chefs and accolades like the 2015 Best Chef of Clearwater Beach, ensures each plate is a masterpiece.

The Omakase dinner here is an experience in itself, offering a taste of everything Ocean Hai excels at. From the innovative Lobster Fried Rice to the Tetsubin Miso Soup, each course is a surprise. And with the backdrop of the Gulf’s waters, dining here is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate.

Ocean Hai is one of the unique restaurants in Clearwater, FL.
Ocean Hai offers a menu that dives deep into seafood and pan-Asian flavors.

7. Mirage Restaurant

In a bustling part of Clearwater, there’s a place where the flavors of Persia come alive. Mirage Persian Restaurant sits conveniently on Gulf to Bay Boulevard, a spot that’s as easy for locals to love as it is for visitors to discover. Here, the promise of a meal is also an invitation to experience something new and delightful.

Inside Mirage, the choice is yours: cozy up indoors or bask in the Florida sunshine outdoors. Each space is designed to welcome and comfort, setting the stage for a memorable dining experience. And for those eager to taste a bit of everything, the lunch buffet offers a tempting array of dishes.

Diving into the entrees, Mirage secures its spot among the best restaurants in Clearwater. The menu is a testament to the culinary prowess of its chefs. It features dishes like the house special boneless chicken kabob, marinated and charbroiled to perfection, and the succulent lamb shank, simmered slowly in a rich blend of herbs and Persian spices.

Each dish, from the flavorful chicken and beef koobideh combination to the mixed grill options for groups, is prepared with care, showcasing the best of Persian cuisine.

Mirage Persian Restaurant offers a taste of Persia on Gulf to Bay Boulevard.
Mirage Persian Restaurant offers a taste of Persia on Gulf to Bay Boulevard.

8. The Bait House

Stepping into a piece of history while grabbing a bite is a unique experience, and that’s exactly what you get at a certain spot in Clearwater. The Bait House, a blend of the old and the new, offers a dining adventure that’s hard to find elsewhere. It’s where the charm of the 1940s meets today’s flavors, creating a setting that’s both nostalgic and inviting.

Among the fun places to eat in Clearwater FL, The Bait House stands out for its rich history and waterfront views. Originally a bait shop from the 1940s, it has transformed into a beloved dining spot without losing its original charm. Here, you can enjoy the best shrimp in the South, along with a menu full of fresh, local seafood that captures the essence of Florida’s Gulf Coast.

This restaurant isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a journey back in time. With its location right on the water, dining here means enjoying breathtaking views while indulging in dishes that are a testament to the area’s culinary traditions. It’s a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the heart and soul of Clearwater through its food and atmosphere.

Visit The Bait House, where history meets modern dining, blending old charm with contemporary flavors.
Visit The Bait House, where history meets modern dining, blending old charm with contemporary flavors.

9. Caretta on the Gulf

At Caretta on the Gulf, located right on Clearwater Beach, you’re in for a real treat. This spot is a place where you get to enjoy amazing meals with a view of the ocean. It’s part of The Sandpearl Resort and is known for being super fancy without making you dress up too much.

You can look out at the Gulf of Mexico while trying some really cool drinks and digging into dishes that change with the seasons. The folks here make sure you’re having a good time, without any rush. And guess what? You don’t need to wear a jacket and tie. So, you can keep it casual and still fit right in.

When talking about the best food in Clearwater FL, Caretta on the Gulf stands out. They’ve got everything from tasty short ribs to fresh crab cakes that’ll make your mouth water. Plus, their sushi is something you’ve got to try. It’s all fresh and full of flavor, making every bite worth it.

Caretta on the Gulf offers oceanfront dining with a touch of elegance at The Sandpearl Resort.
Caretta on the Gulf offers oceanfront dining with a touch of elegance at The Sandpearl Resort.

10. Salty’s Island Bar & Grille

Right in the heart of Clearwater, there’s a spot where the beach vibe and tasty eats come together perfectly. Salty’s Island Bar & Grille has won over both locals and visitors with its lively atmosphere, stunning views by the water, and a menu that perfectly matches its seaside location.

This place is all about enjoying meals that feel like a beach holiday. From avocado egg rolls to seafood key lime pie, every item on the menu brings something special to the table. The “4 Way Shrimp” is a highlight, offering grilled, fried, sautéed, and specially seasoned shrimp all on one plate.

Salty’s Island Bar & Grille ranks high among the coolest restaurants in Clearwater FL. The entire experience, from the food to the beachy vibes, makes every visit memorable. Picture yourself chilling with a plate of their famous “4 Way Shrimp,” soaking in the ambiance, and enjoying the moment. It’s a place that turns every meal into a mini-vacation, making it a top pick for anyone looking to enjoy the essence of Clearwater.

Salty's Island Bar & Grille, where beach vibes meet delicious eats.
Salty’s Island Bar & Grille, where beach vibes meet delicious eats.

11. Another Broken Egg Cafe

In Clearwater, a new breakfast spot has opened its doors, and it’s already making waves. Another Broken Egg Cafe celebrated its grand opening by raising $7,000 for local nonprofits, showing it’s not just about great food but also about giving back to the community. Located on McMullen Booth Road, this place offers a cozy spot for breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch. It serves up southern-inspired dishes that are both fresh and nutritious.

With an indoor and outdoor seating area, guests at Another Broken Egg Cafe can enjoy a variety of dishes under the Florida sun. The menu is a treasure trove of flavors, featuring everything from eggs benedict and gourmet omelets. It also offers unique offerings like Bananas Foster over Belgian waffles and a southern crabstack. It’s the kind of place where every dish is prepared with care, using only the freshest ingredients.

Among the unique Clearwater FL restaurants, Another Broken Egg Cafe stands out for its commitment to quality and community. It’s a great place to visit if you’re in the mood for a classic breakfast cocktail or looking to try something new from their Healthy Side menu. It’s quickly becoming a go-to spot for locals and visitors alike, offering a delicious start to the day in a welcoming atmosphere.

Another Broken Egg Cafe serves up southern-inspired dishes and gives back to the community.
Another Broken Egg Cafe serves up southern-inspired dishes and gives back to the community.

12. Frenchy’s Rockaway Grille

Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill offers open-air dining that captures the essence of beach life. With its lively atmosphere and stunning views, it’s the perfect spot to unwind after a day in the sun. Here, the menu is all about fresh seafood and Floribbean-style dishes that bring the flavors of the Gulf right to your table.

Start with their famous smoked fish spread or baked oysters Rockaway, then dive into main dishes like Cajun fish tacos or the Caribbean jerk chicken sandwich. Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill is known for its energetic vibes and tasty eats, making every meal a good time.

Among unique restaurants in Clearwater FL for dinner, Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill really stands out. It’s not just the food that draws people in but also the live music and the chance to dance on the beach. Plus, with signature drinks like the Rum Runner or Mai Tai, you’re in for a treat.

Frenchy's Rockaway Grill is one of the unique restaurants in Clearwater, FL.
Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill provides open-air dining with a beachy vibe, offering fresh seafood and Floribbean-style dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Unique Places to Eat in Clearwater FL

Our Clearwater FL restaurant guide is here to help you uncover the city’s most unique dining experiences.

What restaurant chain is based in Clearwater Florida?

In Clearwater, Florida, the Columbia Restaurant stands out as a notable chain with deep roots in the state. This place isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a slice of history, offering a blend of Spanish and Cuban cuisines that tell a story with every dish. Families and friends often choose Columbia for celebrations or casual get-togethers, enjoying its rich atmosphere and flavorful meals. It’s more than a dining spot; it’s a tradition that continues to charm locals and visitors alike.

What is the main strip in Clearwater?

Clearwater Beach Walk is the heartbeat of Clearwater, buzzing with life and activity. This strip is where the action happens, lined with a variety of places to eat and shop. Whether you’re hunting for cheap eats in Clearwater FL or craving some fine dining, you’ll find it here. The Beach Walk is perfect for anyone looking to soak up the sun, grab a bite, and experience the lively culture of Clearwater Beach.

Does Clearwater have bars?

Absolutely, Clearwater boasts a lively bar scene that caters to all tastes. From laid-back beach bars where you can sip a drink with your toes in the sand to sophisticated lounges offering craft cocktails, there’s a spot for every mood. Clearwater’s bars are great for winding down after a day at the beach, catching up with friends, or just enjoying the local nightlife. Each bar has its own vibe, making bar-hopping in Clearwater an adventure in itself.

Where can I find cheap eats in Clearwater FL?

Cheap eats in Clearwater FL are easy to find if you know where to look. Local diners, food trucks, and beachside shacks offer delicious meals without a hefty price tag. These spots serve up everything from seafood caught that day to hearty American classics. Eating on a budget doesn’t mean skimping on flavor here. You can enjoy a full meal, savor the local cuisine, and still have cash left for exploring what Clearwater has to offer.

Beach Shanty Cafe is a cozy beachside cafe with outdoor seating and ocean views.
Beach Shanty Cafe is a cozy beachside cafe with outdoor seating and ocean views.

What are some fine dining options in Clearwater?

Fine dining in Clearwater FL is represented by exquisite restaurants like Caretta on the Gulf, where the ambiance, service, and menu are all about luxury. These establishments are ideal for celebrating special moments or indulging in a gourmet experience. With chefs who use only the finest ingredients to create stunning dishes, dining at these restaurants is an event in itself. The elegant settings, often with beautiful views, enhance the meal, making any dinner an unforgettable experience.

Can you recommend any hidden gem restaurants in Clearwater FL?

Discovering hidden gem restaurants in Clearwater FL is like finding treasure. Tucked away from the main tourist spots, these eateries offer unique menus and a cozy atmosphere. They might not be featured in every Clearwater FL restaurant guide, but they’re worth seeking out, especially for those who fly to Florida. From family-run cafes serving homemade dishes to quaint bistros with secret recipes, these hidden gems provide a more intimate dining experience. They’re perfect for foodies looking to explore the local culinary scene.

Are there any themed restaurants in Clearwater?

Themed restaurants in Clearwater FL add an extra layer of fun to dining out. These establishments offer unique settings that transport you to another place or time. From pirate adventures to tropical paradises, the themes enhance your meal with an entertaining backdrop. Ideal for families or anyone looking for a meal with a twist, these restaurants combine great food with immersive experiences. It’s not just about eating; it’s about enjoying a story that unfolds with every bite.

What’s the best way to discover local seafood in Clearwater?

To truly experience the best local seafood in Clearwater, head to the waterfront eateries where the catch of the day is always on the menu. These spots pride themselves on serving seafood that’s as fresh as it gets, often caught by local fishermen and brought straight to your plate. From grouper sandwiches to seafood platters, the variety is endless.

Final Thoughts On Unique Clearwater FL Restaurants

We hope you enjoyed exploring the flavors of Clearwater with us. Our journey through the best spots to eat has shown that this city has something for everyone. From beachside grills to cozy cafes, Clearwater’s dining scene is vibrant and diverse, making it a delightful experience for those who choose to stay in Florida.

Remember, whether you’re looking for a fancy night out or just some tasty, affordable bites, our Clearwater FL restaurant guide is here to help you find the perfect place.

The top restaurants in Clearwater, FL for all types of travelers
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