Top 19 Warm Places to Visit in February in the USA

by Jen
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February’s chill has a way of sparking dreams of warm, sunny escapes, and I’ve got the inside scoop on where to find the best warm February destinations in the USA. With the promise of cheaper prices and fewer crowds, this month offers the perfect opportunity to explore America’s diverse landscapes in peace.

From sun-drenched beaches to vibrant cities basking in winter sunshine, I’ll guide you through the top spots that boast temperatures of at least 59°F (15°C). Many of these February vacation destinations are even higher – with temps hovering in the 70s and 80s.

Get ready to swap your winter coat for sunglasses and sunscreen as we dive into the warmest retreats the US has to offer this February.

Florida Keys

I’ve discovered that the Florida Keys are a slice of paradise, especially in February. Waking up to 76°F weather daily is a dream when elsewhere is just so cold. Imagine yourself with a cold drink, feet nestled in warm sand, and that salty breeze that never gets too hot—perfection, right?

Duval Street is the vibrant heart of Key West. It’s where culture pulses and the festivities never seem to end. I can spend hours just soaking up the unique vibe here. And when it’s time to relax, beaches like Smathers and Higgs become my go-to spots. These sandy shores are where serenity meets the ocean.

It took just one visit for me to fall in love with Old Town’s historic allure. The charming streets, flanked with old-world architecture, hold secrets of a bygone era. And let’s not overlook undersea adventures here—snorkeling or diving at coral reefs exposes a kaleidoscope of marine life that’s utterly enchanting.

If you’re looking for a warm beach in February, the Florida Keys will not disappoint!

The Florida Keys is one of the top warm places to visit in February in the USA.
The Florida Keys in February offer a slice of paradise with daily 76°F weather, a dreamy escape from the cold elsewhere.

San Diego, California

I’ve discovered that San Diego’s reputation for mild weather year-round isn’t overstated. Daytime temperatures in February hover around 65°F (18°C), just right for meandering through the city’s beaches and outdoor spots. I’m especially drawn to Balboa Park with its assorted museums, gardens, and the globally renowned San Diego Zoo.

In this city, culture and nature merge seamlessly. The San Diego Museum of Art sparks my creative side, while the San Diego Natural History Museum satisfies my curiosity about the region’s fauna and flora. And the San Diego Zoo? It’s a window to the world with a collection of exotic wildlife that amazes kids and adults alike.

San Diego’s February climate feels like an open invitation to explore. From the serenity of the Pacific coastline to the lively Gaslamp Quarter nightlife, there’s never a dull moment. Whether it’s a leisurely beach stroll I’m after or vibrant cultural experiences, San Diego always delivers.

San Diego's mild February weather around 65°F invites exploration of its beaches and outdoor attractions.
San Diego’s mild February weather around 65°F invites exploration of its beaches and outdoor attractions.

New Orleans, Louisiana

I’m always on the hunt for a city that buzzes with cultural vibrancy during the chilly times of the year, and New Orleans checks all my boxes.

Picture this: it’s February, and the streets are alive with the rhythm of jazz, the air mingled with palpable excitement as Mardi Gras looms on the horizon. The city’s average high sits comfortably at 64°F, while lows hover around 48°F, setting the stage for days filled with exploration and nights warmed by the thrum of the city.

As the heart of this celebration, New Orleans embraces visitors with a sea of colorful floats and an electric atmosphere. Imagine catching beads thrown from parade participants and dancing along to music that seems to flow from the very soul of the city. Here, every bite of food tells a story—a blend of African, French, and Spanish influences creating a culinary masterpiece.

When I wander through New Orleans, I don’t just see sights; I partake in traditions. I bask in the warmth not just from the sun but from the locals, whose stories and smiles are as inviting as the city itself. My advice? Dive into this cultural melting pot and let the warmth of New Orleans in February rejuvenate you.

New Orleans captivates with vibrant floats, lively music, and a rich culinary fusion during its festive celebrations.
New Orleans captivates with vibrant floats, lively music, and a rich culinary fusion during its festive celebrations.

Puerto Rico

Looking for the best beaches in February? When I think of escaping the winter chill, Puerto Rico immediately springs to mind. Nothing beats its comfortable temperatures that range from 70 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit in Feb.

I love that feeling of warm sand beneath my toes, and here, the beach days seem endless. The island’s dry season spans from December to March. Trust me, this is the time to soak up Puerto Rico’s finest weather.

San Juan, the island’s vibrant capital, captures my heart every time. It’s all about those leisurely strolls through Old San Juan or soaking up the sun next to the sea. And when I’m yearning for a dash of nature, El Yunque Rainforest is just a short trip away. It’s part of Puerto Rico’s exquisite national forest system, offering an unforgettable adventure.

What adds to the allure of Puerto Rico is the simplicity of travel. Families, friend groups, or solo travelers—I’ve seen them all relish the ease of staying within the US territory. From sandy beaches to historical richness, Puerto Rico never disappoints. It’s a winter sun sanctuary without an ounce of exaggeration.

Puerto Rico is one of the top warm places to visit in February in the USA.
Puerto Rico’s charm lies in easy travel within US territory, offering beaches, history, and genuine winter sun without hype.

Sedona, Arizona

On crisp February mornings, I find Sedona’s red rocks kissed by the sun, a sight so stunning it’ll have you reaching for your camera before your morning coffee. With an average temperature of 59°F, Sedona beckons travelers with promises of outdoor adventure and spiritual renewal.

Whether I’m ambling along the Red Rock Scenic Byway or marveling at the Chapel of the Holy Cross, there’s an unmistakable energy here that’s both invigorating and calming all at once.

Hikes through these mystical landscapes offer more than just exercise, they’re journeys amidst nature’s artwork. After a trek, I can’t get enough of listening to local tales or simply soaking in the views. The nightlife in Sedona is also a fun adventure!

Sedona offers a February vacation experience that stays with you, wrapped in the warmth of the desert and the serenity of its vistas. It’s truly one of the warmest places in the US in February, hands down.

February in Sedona delivers an unforgettable vacation, cocooned in desert warmth and serene vistas.
February in Sedona delivers an unforgettable vacation, cocooned in desert warmth and serene vistas.

U.S. Virgin Islands

I’ve got to say, my trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands in February was unforgettable. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, with an average temperature flitting between 74°F and 83°F. It’s like summer decided to stick around just for us!

On my island jaunt, I discovered the St. Croix International Regatta. Picture this: sleek boats, azure seas, and a vibrant community cheering from the shorelines. Sailors from around the globe flock here, and it’s clear why – the thrill is contagious.

For those moments when my stomach growls louder than the waves, Blue Eleven on St. Thomas dished out the tastes of the island. Their tasting menus? Crafted purely from local finds. That’s fresh, that’s authentic, and let me tell you, it’s delicious to the last bite.

Lodging? I treated myself at Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove. Imagine waking up to serene views of Charlotte Amalie Harbor. Dip in the pool, taste the local cuisine at the resorts’ restaurants, or just chill at their spa. Trust me, you’re in for a treat.

The buzz is real – the islands entertain you with their charm, leaving no room for boredom. Catch me here next February, soaking in the relentless sun.

February escape to the U.S. Virgin Islands—perfect weather, thrilling regattas, authentic flavors, and endless island charm.
February escape to the U.S. Virgin Islands—perfect weather, thrilling regattas, authentic flavors, and endless island charm.

Oahu, Hawaii

I’ll never forget my first glimpse of Oahu’s emerald hills spilling into the sapphire sea. It’s Hawaii’s third-largest island and a paradise for those seeking both adventure and relaxation in February. Honolulu, the vibrant heartbeat of the island, greeted me with its exotic blend of city and shoreline.

Strolling down Waikiki Beach, I reveled in the golden sunsets that painted the sky hues I thought only existed in paintings. The 80°F days are perfect for surfing or simply basking in the warm sand. I ventured to the North Shore, where the surf competitions had me on the edge of my seat—or rather, my beach towel.

Away from the water’s edge, the lush trails of the Manoa Valley are a hiker’s delight. Every step through these ancient pathways promised an escape into a world of tropical serenity. Without a doubt, Oahu’s beauty leaves an indelible mark on all who visit.

Oahu: Where emerald hills meet sapphire seas, offering adventure and relaxation in February.
Oahu: Where emerald hills meet sapphire seas, offering adventure and relaxation in February.

Orlando, Florida

If you’re after warmth in February, Orlando’s your paradise. Average temperatures hover around a glorious 70°F, making it a top-notch destination for those looking to ditch the heavy coats.

I’ve always found the theme parks particularly delightful this time of year. Imagine wandering through Disney World with nearly no lines—it’s like the place is yours!

One thing I love about Orlando is its variety. There’s an energy here that caters to any traveler. I can spend one day meeting my favorite characters at Universal Studios and the next, I’m basking in the tranquility of Wekiwa Springs. The nightlife in Orlando is always a good time as well. Cooler weather doesn’t mean cold; it means perfect for hiking without breaking a sweat.

And forget the postcard beaches for a second—Orlando’s natural springs have stolen my heart. They’re uncrowded jewels, perfect for a lazy float or snorkeling adventure. Let me tell you, it’s an entirely different kind of magic, completely disconnecting you from the world’s bustle. The best things in Orlando are cheap (or free)!

Orlando in February is perfect for shedding heavy coats and soaking up the warmth.
Orlando in February is perfect for shedding heavy coats and soaking up the warmth.

Austin, Texas

I just can’t get enough of Austin in February. With the sun shining and the breeze just right, it’s a slice of heaven when most places are still shaking off winter’s chill.

Average highs sit comfortably in the mid-60s to low 70s Fahrenheit. That’s perfect weather for wandering down South Congress Avenue, where quirky shops and the pulsating strums of live music fill the air. The food scene in Austin never fails to disappoint either!

Here’s a little tidbit that gets me every time: Austin bursts with vivacity during Texas Independence Day. There’s something about the blend of parades, tunes, and all-around high spirits that’s absolutely infectious. Plus, it’s a chance to toast to history with the locals—a genuine Texan experience!

And let’s talk outdoor adventures. Paddling on Lady Bird Lake always leaves me refreshed, and the Barton Creek Greenbelt’s winding trails? They’re a dream for hikers like me. It’s not just the variety that’s remarkable—it’s how each activity weaves into the fabric of the city. Austin’s got this relaxed, yet electric vibe that’s really something else.

Austin in February is pure bliss, basking in sunshine and perfect breezes.
Austin in February is pure bliss, basking in sunshine and perfect breezes.

Miami, Florida

I’m always on the hunt for places that keep my winter blues at bay and let’s just say Miami tops that chart with its sultry weather and vibrant culture. My time in Miami has shown me it’s the perfect escape; think 78°F of pure warmth, a comforting reprieve from the frosty shoulders of February elsewhere. The locals brag about their highs of 77°F and lows of 62°F, and honestly, they’ve got every right to.

Each day, I found myself drawn to the white sand beaches; the kind where popping open a beach chair felt like a little slice of paradise. South Beach is always my go to for fun in the sun. But Miami is more than just sunbathing. I was whisked away on an airboat across the Everglades, spotting wildlife that had me wide-eyed with wonder every second. And oh, the food in Miami? The Latin-American infusions had my taste buds dancing—a culinary adventure I still crave.

Exploring the art-drenched streets of Wynwood Walls or indulging in the opulence of Millionaires Row, Miami captured my heart. It’s more than just another warm place in February—it’s an experience that sticks with you.

Miami is one of the hottest cities in February, both in terms of temperature and overall vibe. It’s no wonder it keeps drawing me in!

Miami, Florida is one of the top warm places to visit in February in the USA.
Escape winter blues in Miami’s 78°F warmth, a vibrant haven in February.

Maui, Hawaii

Visiting Maui in February is pure magic. I’m smitten by the humpback whales that grace the warm lagoons, turning the waters into a lively sanctuary. They travel over 3,500 miles from Alaskan chills to bask in Maui’s embrace – what a journey.

I can’t recommend enough taking a whale-watching cruise; the sight of these majestic creatures breaching is a moment etched in my heart. With over 10,000 whales converging here, the chances of a close encounter are high.

I’ve found Maui’s Lahaina a perfect 82°F haven, ideal for anyone looking to escape the grip of winter. It’s not just about the warmth, though. The emerald valleys call for exploration and the golden shores urge you to unwind. You can feel the pulse of the island’s lush life with every breath.

Maui isn’t just a February escape, it’s where winter memories are painted with vibrant strokes. This island is filled with beautiful beaches to visit in February, so take your pick!

Maui in February: Where vibrant winter memories unfold amidst beautiful beaches—take your pick and paint your escape.
Maui in February: Where vibrant winter memories unfold amidst beautiful beaches—take your pick and paint your escape.

Palm Springs, California

There’s a little slice of paradise in Southern California that’s got my heart – Palm Springs.

Picture this: you wake up to cool, breezy mornings and spend the day basking in a sweet spot of 70s to low 80s Fahrenheit warmth. Here, the February sun is just right, not too hot, not too cold – it’s Goldilocks’ dream.

I always look forward to hitting the greens when I’m in town; the golf courses here are nothing short of legendary. And if you’re up for an adventure, the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is a journey you won’t forget. The tram takes you up the San Jacinto Mountains, where you can throw a snowball or two at the peak!

Let’s not forget Joshua Tree National Park – it’s an otherworldly outdoor escape. You’ve got options from camping under the stars at Lake Cahuilla to exploring hikes at La Quinta Cove. Each trail gifts you with views that’ll have you reaching for your camera every time.

Palm Springs: Cool mornings, 70s to low 80s warmth—February's Goldilocks dream.
Palm Springs: Cool mornings, 70s to low 80s warmth—February’s Goldilocks dream.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Let’s talk about Las Vegas. Its mild February weather, with daytime temperatures between the mid-50s and low 60s, is honestly the cherry on top. When I’m there, the serene Mojave Desert calls to me, promising memorable hikes at Red Rock Canyon or leisurely walks on the Strip, under bright, pulsating lights and the rhythm of live shows.

There’s something about Vegas in winter; it’s different. The strip is still the Strip, but it’s like the city takes a gentle breath, fewer crowds, more space to wander, dine, and play. I’ve had some of the best meals of my life in Vegas, with fewer people around, the service is top-notch.

Ah, and if romance is your game, Vegas in February won’t disappoint. I’ve found surprising sweet spots perfect for couples, from quiet corners for cocktails to lively shows that thrill. Below the bustling avenues and shimmering lights, the city beats with a heart ready for exploration. It’s one of the warmest US cities in February, and I recommend coming this time of year rather than over the summer.

Las Vegas is one of the top warm places to visit in February in the USA.
Las Vegas in February is perfect for exploring the serene Mojave Desert or strolling the vibrant Strip.

Los Angeles, California

Ah, Los Angeles, it’s really the city that has it all. On my last trip there, the sun graced us with its presence, painting every morning with those iconic warm hues. I mean, who wouldn’t love the varied landscapes? Beaches, mountains, deserts – you name it, LA’s got it. Even in February, the city’s vibe is unbeatably warm.

Boyle Heights, just a hop from downtown LA, stole my heart with its vibrant cultural heritage. Trust me, it’s the kind of place where every street corner tells a story. And hiking? The cooler weather is just perfect for it. No sweltering heat to spoil your outdoor fun.

But it’s not just about the climate in LA. The city comes alive with events like Grand Park’s Winter Glow and the Holiday Festival at Union Station, not to mention the enchanting Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade. They’ve got the winter holiday spirit down to a fine art. From Los Angeles food scene to its rowdy nightlife, there’s a whole to experience in Feb.

Los Angeles: Varied landscapes, iconic warmth—even in February, the vibe's unbeatable.
Los Angeles: Varied landscapes, iconic warmth—even in February, the vibe’s unbeatable.

Phoenix, Arizona

I can’t get enough of Phoenix in February. The city’s warmth wraps around you like a cozy blanket, offering a soothing break from those bitter winter blues. Daytime highs hover in the delightful 70s, perfect for exploring or just basking in the sun.

Strolling through the Desert Botanical Garden, the landscape bursts with life, enchanting with its unique beauty. Camelback Mountain calls to adventurers at heart, and I’m no exception. The panoramic views from the top are a reward worth the climb—a must-do for every visitor.

The distinct charm of Phoenix in February also lies in its events. I always recommend catching the sparkle of ZooLights or the serenity of Las Noches de Las Luminarias. These experiences are woven into the fabric of the city, creating a tapestry of lights and culture that’s riveting to witness.

Let’s not forget the smaller joys. Cozy nooks in boutique hotels like the AC Hotel Phoenix Biltmore or the serene Hermosa Inn make for the perfect winter retreat. Trust me, there’s a wellness and spa resort for every taste here.

Phoenix in February: Cozy warmth, perfect 70s for exploration or basking in the sun.
Phoenix in February: Cozy warmth, perfect 70s for exploration or basking in the sun.

Savannah, Georgia

February’s my excuse to head out to Savannah. I wrap my scarf, eager for quaint streets and southern mystique. Averages from mid-50s to low 60s keep things toasty in a season you’d expect to shiver.

Walking among the cobblestones, you’ll feel the city’s storyline. With tourism at its lowest, I stroll with ease, hotel prices taking a welcome dip. It’s chill, in vibe, not temperature. There’s something liberating about this city’s peace, shrouded in winter’s light jacket weather.

The beauty of this town lies beyond warm temps. I find myself lost in historic splendor, sipping on the legendary southern charm. It’s an open secret that Savannah’s February scene is meant for warming both soul and soles. Here, the promise of winter sun comes true.

Savannah's allure extends beyond warm temperatures; it's a historic marvel, sipping on legendary southern charm.
Savannah’s allure extends beyond warm temperatures; it’s a historic marvel, sipping on legendary southern charm.

Catalina Island, California

I’ve unearthed a February gem that’s a testament to California’s endless summer: Catalina Island. Scuba diving reigns supreme here, but there’s a catch. Picture it: One day a year. That’s your golden ticket to explore Avalon Bay underwater. It’s not just adventure; it’s about giving back, joining hands with locals to cleanse the marine habitat.

After the dive, my adrenaline still sought thrills. Enter the island’s zip line. It’s not your backyard zip. It whisks you 600 feet up, then sends you soaring on a scenic zigzag back down. Talk about a rush with a view!

Getting to Catalina was a cinch. I hopped on a ferry in Long Beach, feeling every bit the intrepid traveler without a car in sight. Avalon Bay was my haunt for easy entertainment. Shops and diners were all a stone’s throw away—how’s that for convenience? And golf carts – they’re everywhere. I’m telling you, the island vibe is real, and it’s spectacular.

Catalina Island in February: Exclusive scuba diving at Avalon Bay—adventure meets marine habitat conservation.
Catalina Island in February: Exclusive scuba diving at Avalon Bay—adventure meets marine habitat conservation.

St. Augustine, Florida

Imagine sipping a cool drink as history whispers around you. That’s St. Augustine for you, dripping with charm. I’ve strolled down rustic lanes here, each step taking me back through centuries. The Spanish architecture isn’t just picturesque; it’s soulful, really connecting you to another time.

February weather? Just perfect. It’s warm and sunny, inviting you to explore without a hint of discomfort. Trust me, the balmy breezes in this historic city are a respite from the lingering winter chill elsewhere.

I’ve lost count of the idyllic afternoons I’ve spent here, ambling through ancient sites. The Castillo de San Marcos is not to be missed, nor is the opportunity to unwind on the sun-kissed beaches. And the eateries, oh the flavors they serve! I relish the fresh seafood, and you should too.

Residents are the heart of this town. Their warm welcomes make every visit memorable.

St. Augustine is a great place to visit in February in the US
St. Augustine: Where history whispers in charming lanes, soulful Spanish architecture connects you to another time.

Laguna Beach, California

Venturing out to the West Coast, I’ve found that Laguna Beach, California is another haven for those seeking sunshine and mild temperatures in February.

This coastal paradise offers a unique blend of arts, culture, and natural beauty that’s simply unmatched. Whether you’re strolling through art galleries, catching a sunset, or just soaking up the laid-back vibe, there’s a sense of rejuvenation that comes with every visit.

So if you’re looking to escape the cold, these destinations promise a warm embrace when you need it most. Pack your bags and prepare for an unforgettable February filled with warmth, discovery, and relaxation.

Laguna Beach, California is one of the top warm places to visit in February in the USA.
Discover Laguna Beach, California—a West Coast haven for mild temperatures and February sunshine seekers.

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