10 Safest Airlines in the US (in 2024)

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Embark on a journey through the skies with America’s safest airlines! From Hawaiian Airlines’ flawless record to Delta’s renowned reliability, we’re exploring the carriers that make air travel a secure and stress-free experience. Join us as we unveil the US airlines that set the standard for safety in 2024.

Air travel safety is crucial, and that’s what this guide is all about. I’m here to walk you through the safest airlines to fly in the US, focusing on their impressive safety records and commitment to passenger security.

I’ve analyzed everything from crash statistics to safety protocols to bring you this list. From Hawaiian Airlines’ impeccable safety record to Envoy Air’s dedication to secure flying, this guide covers it all.

Join me as we explore the best airlines in the US that make flying in 2024 not only enjoyable but exceptionally safe.

Safest Airlines in the US right now

The Safest Airlines in the US (Right Now)

Before we dive into our list of the safest airlines in the US, it’s important to recognize a fundamental truth: flying in America is incredibly safe. Every airline operating in the US adheres to stringent safety standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). These standards ensure that regardless of which airline you choose, safety is always the top priority.

From rigorous maintenance checks to comprehensive crew training, every aspect of air travel is meticulously monitored for safety. This commitment to safety means that incidents are exceptionally rare.

So, as we explore the best airlines in the US, remember that you’re choosing from a pool of carriers that are already among the safest in the world.

Now, let’s embark on our journey through the safest airlines in 2024, starting with Hawaiian Airlines. This carrier not only promises a journey filled with the Aloha spirit but also an impressive safety record that’s hard to beat. Let’s dive in!

1. Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines, a trailblazer in the skies, holds a record that speaks volumes. As the oldest American carrier, they’ve achieved what others only aspire to: no fatal accidents or hull losses. This track record is extraordinary, which makes them a top contender for the safest airline in 2024.

Their punctuality is legendary. Hawaiian consistently tops the charts for on-time arrivals. Delays, cancellations, and baggage issues? Almost unheard of with them. It’s this reliability that passengers love, knowing their travel plans are in the safest hands.

Behind this success is a culture deeply rooted in safety. From meticulous maintenance to comprehensive crew training, every detail is fine-tuned for security. Hawaiian’s commitment to safety is the core of their operations. They’ve invested over $800 million in new aircraft and safety enhancements from 2013-2022.

Travelers seeking peace of mind have their answer with Hawaiian Airlines. Believe me, they’re redefining safety in the air. For those wondering which airline is the safest to fly in the US, Hawaiian Airlines is a name that I can recommend highly.

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Hawaiian Airlines is the first stop on our tour of the safest airlines for 2024.
Hawaiian Airlines is a forerunner in the aviation industry with an impressive record.

2. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines shines in the aviation world for its stellar safety record. They’ve set a high bar for what it means to be one of America’s safest airlines. With a history spanning nearly a century, Delta’s commitment to safety is unwavering.

Their safety practices are rigorous. Regular maintenance checks and top-notch pilot training are the norm. This approach has paid off, making major incidents incredibly rare in their millions of flights.

Yes, Delta faced challenges, like the 1985 Flight 191 crash and the 1996 LaGuardia runway overrun. These events, while tragic, are exceptions in Delta’s long history of safe flying. They’ve used these experiences to further strengthen their safety protocols.

Today, Delta’s safety record is impressive. No major crashes in recent years is a testament to their dedication. For travelers, this means peace of mind. Trust me, flying with Delta is a journey, it’s one of the most reliable airlines in the sky.

In the aviation industry, Delta stands out for having an excellent safety record.
In the aviation industry, Delta stands out for having an excellent safety record.

3. American Airlines

American Airlines‘ safety record is impressive, especially when you look at the numbers. Despite a challenging history with 11 accidents and 858 fatalities, their recent performance tells a story of remarkable improvement and reliability.

Consider this: American Airlines operates thousands of flights daily. In 2023 alone, they safely landed over 99.9% of their flights. That’s a staggering number of journeys completed without incident, showcasing their commitment to passenger safety.

Their response to past tragedies, including the 9/11 attacks, has been to strengthen their safety protocols. The result is an airline that today stands as a symbol of safety in the skies. For the average traveler, these statistics offer peace of mind.

When you fly with American Airlines, you will see why it is considered one of the USA’s safest airlines. Their focus on safe landings and overall operational safety makes them a top choice for travelers prioritizing a secure flying experience.

Its recent performance demonstrates impressive reliability and progress.
Its recent performance demonstrates impressive reliability and progress.

4. United Airlines

Flying with United Airlines, I’ve always felt a sense of confidence. Their safety record is exceptional. In 2023, United safely landed 99.8% of their flights. That’s an incredible achievement, considering the sheer number of flights they operate daily.

United’s journey to this level of safety hasn’t been without its hurdles. They’ve faced challenges, but each one has been a stepping stone to higher safety standards. It’s this resilience and commitment to improvement that really sets them apart.

For anyone asking which airline is the safest to fly, United’s recent performance offers a clear answer. Their focus on safety is evident in every flight and every landing. It’s reassuring to know that when you’re up in the air with United, you’re in some of the safest hands in the industry.

United Airlines excels in keeping their passengers safe, mile after mile. It’s this dedication that makes them a top choice for safe air travel in the USA.

Whenever I travel with United Airlines, I always feel confident.
United truly stands out for their tenacity and dedication to progress.

5. Frontier Airlines

Despite being a low-cost carrier in the US, Frontier Airlines stands out for its commitment to safety. Their approach to maintaining their fleet and training personnel ensures that safety is never compromised for cost.

Frontier’s safety record is solid. They’ve had no major accidents resulting in fatalities in recent years, a clear indicator of their effective safety protocols. Regular inspections and routine maintenance checks are part of their commitment to keeping their fleet in top condition.

In terms of operational performance, Frontier has an on-time arrival rate of 65% and a cancellation rate of less than 1%. While these figures might not be the highest, they reflect the airline’s efforts to balance cost-efficiency with reliable service.

For baggage handling, Frontier has a mishandled baggage rate of 0.9 per 1,000 passengers. This low rate shows their efficiency in handling passengers’ belongings, a crucial aspect of overall travel experience.

Frontier Airlines proves that affordable fares don’t have to mean compromised safety. They are a viable option for budget-conscious travelers who value safety as much as savings. Without a doubt, they’re one of the best airlines in the US when it comes to safety.

Frontier Travel is a good choice for those on a tight budget who choose safety over money.
Frontier Travel is a good choice for those on a tight budget who choose safety over money.

6. Southwest Airlines

Southwest has a noteworthy safety history. Despite having nine accidents, their record is still commendable. These incidents include two hull losses and four fatalities, which, while tragic, are relatively low given the scale of their operations.

The fatalities involved unique circumstances: one in-flight accidental passenger death, two ground fatalities not involving passengers, and one passenger death during an onboard incident. Importantly, no passenger has died due to a crash in Southwest’s history, a fact that underscores their safety commitment.

Southwest’s approach to safety is rigorous, contributing to their reputation as one of the safest airlines in 2024. They’ve managed to maintain a high level of safety while providing extensive domestic service across the United States.

For travelers pondering which airline is the safest to fly, Southwest’s track record offers reassurance. Their ability to maintain safety, alongside high customer satisfaction, sets them apart. Take it from me – Southwest is a safe, reliable, and enjoyable airline to fly with.

Due in part to their strict safety protocols, Southwest is recognized as one of the safest airlines in 2024.
Due in part to their strict safety protocols, Southwest is recognized as one of the safest airlines in 2024.

7. JetBlue Airways

Flying with JetBlue is one of the safest US airlines, hands down. They stand out for their impressive safety statistics. Since their inception, they’ve maintained a record that’s hard to beat, with no fatal accidents to date. This achievement is particularly noteworthy considering the volume of flights they operate.

Their safety measures go beyond just avoiding major incidents. JetBlue’s focus on regular maintenance, crew training, and adherence to safety protocols contributes to their high safety standards. This commitment ensures that every flight is as safe as possible, a crucial factor for travelers.

In the rare instances of emergencies, like the 2005 incident, JetBlue’s crew has demonstrated exceptional skill and professionalism. However, it’s their everyday operations, consistently free from serious accidents, that truly highlight their safety record.

Wondering which airline is the safest to fly? JetBlue’s track record offers a clear answer. They’ve established themselves as a leader in airline safety, which makes them a top choice for passengers who prioritize safety in their travel decisions.

There is no denying that JetBlue is among the safest US airlines.
There is no denying that JetBlue is among the safest US airlines.

8. Allegiant Air

Whenever I think about Allegiant Air, their remarkable safety record immediately comes to mind. It’s quite an achievement that throughout their history, they’ve had no fatal crashes. This fact alone speaks volumes about their dedication to safety.

For an airline that offers budget-friendly travel options, maintaining such a record is impressive. It shows that safety isn’t compromised for cost. Allegiant’s commitment to keeping their flights safe is evident in their operational practices.

Their focus on regular maintenance and strict adherence to safety protocols ensures every flight is as secure as possible. This approach has clearly paid off, providing peace of mind to travelers like me who are always looking for safe yet cheap flights in the US.

Allegiant’s ability to offer both safety and affordability makes them a standout choice. They prove that safe air travel doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

Allegiant Air provides affordable travel options; it's remarkable that they've been able to keep up this record.
Allegiant Air provides affordable travel options; it’s remarkable that they’ve been able to keep up this record.

9. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines‘ safety record is something I always find remarkable. They were the only U.S. carrier named in the top 10 safest airlines in the world by AirlineRatings.com, a significant accolade that reflects their commitment to safety.

Throughout their history, Alaska Airlines has managed to avoid any fatal crashes. This is an incredible achievement, especially considering the complexity and challenges of modern air travel. It’s a clear indication of their dedication to maintaining the highest safety standards.

There was a recent incident involving Flight 1282, where the aircraft experienced an issue soon after departure but landed safely back at Portland International Airport. While this was a serious event, it was an isolated incident and should not overshadow their overall safety record.

Alaska Airlines’ consistent focus on safety, combined with their ability to effectively respond to rare incidents, solidifies their position as one of the safest airlines to fly. It’s reassuring to know that when you board an Alaska Airlines flight, you’re flying with a carrier that’s recognized globally for its safety standards.

Fly with Alaska Airlines, known as one of the best airlines in the US..
Fly with Alaska Airlines, known as one of the best airlines in the US..

10. Envoy Air

Envoy Air, as part of the American Airlines Group, has a safety record that’s worth noting. While they operate primarily as a regional carrier, their safety standards are anything but regional. They adhere to the same high safety protocols as their parent company, American Airlines.

Envoy Air’s safety record is commendable. They’ve managed to maintain operations without any major fatal accidents. This achievement is significant, especially considering the number of flights they handle as a regional carrier.

Their focus on rigorous maintenance, comprehensive crew training, and strict adherence to aviation safety regulations ensures every flight is as safe as possible. Envoy Air’s commitment to safety mirrors the dedication seen across major airlines, making them a reliable choice for regional travel.

For travelers looking for safe and dependable regional air travel, Envoy Air stands out. Their track record in maintaining safety, despite the challenges of regional aviation, makes them a top choice for passengers who prioritize safety.

Envoy flight is a standout option for tourists searching for dependable and safe regional flight travel.
The accomplishment of Envoy Air is noteworthy, particularly in light of the volume of flights they manage as a minor carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Safest American Airlines

Are you still curious about which airline in the US is the safest to fly? Here are some popular questions (and answers) I get that will help answer your queries.

What is the most trusted airline in America?

The best airline in America often fluctuates, but based on customer satisfaction and safety records, Delta Airlines frequently tops the list. In my experience, Delta’s commitment to customer service and their impressive safety record contribute significantly to this trust. They have a history of minimal incidents and a focus on continuous improvement in safety measures.

Which airline has never had a crash in the US?

Hawaiian Airlines stands out as an airline that has never had a fatal crash in its history. This is a remarkable achievement, especially considering they’ve been operating since 1929. Their focus on safety, top-notch crew training, and modern fleet maintenance make them a standout in terms of safety.

The US airlines with the best safety records are those that prioritize passenger security and have a strong track record of safety.
The US airlines with the best safety records are those that prioritize passenger security and have a strong track record of safety.

What airline has crashed the most?

Historically, American Airlines has experienced a higher number of crashes compared to other major U.S. carriers. However, it’s crucial to put this in context. American Airlines is one of the largest airlines globally, and when you consider the volume of flights they operate, the percentage of incidents is relatively low. Plus, their safety measures and protocols have evolved significantly over the years.

What is the world’s safest airline in 2024?

As of 2024, Qantas is often cited as the world’s safest airline. This Australian carrier has a legendary safety record, with no fatal jet airliner accidents in its history. Their commitment to safety, innovative use of technology, and rigorous training programs set them apart on the global stage.

Safest Airlines in the US right now
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