Polar Monkeys Cold Tub Review: The Portal –  Cold Plunge at Home

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Looking for a cold plunge that offers both functionality and style? The Portal cold tub from Polar Monkeys has everything you want and more.

When it comes to health and wellness, cold water immersion (CWI) is all the rage right now. And for good reason! It’s an effective, all-natural way of improving your circulation, reducing inflammation, relieving aches and pains, and boosting your immune system. It can even help you lose weight!

Though ice baths are nothing new, the recent rediscovery of this simple yet powerful recovery technique—whose advocates include Guinness World Record holder Wim Hof (AKA The Iceman), as well as celebrities like Jack Dorsey, Lady Gaga, and Usain Bolt—has led to a surge in mainstream popularity.

The result is that there are more cold tub products available today than ever before. Some incorporate innovative features, like temperature control and water filtration, while others are little more than oversized buckets with a fresh coat of paint.

Are you looking for a cold plunge that perfectly combines versatility and convenience in a sleek, stylish package? If so, The Portal cold tub from Polar Monkeys is for you.

Here’s everything you need to know about Polar Monkeys’ cold plunge in 2023.

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A limited edition of a Polar Monkeys cold therapy tub with graffiti-inspired artwork
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A quick look at The Portal by Polar Monkeys

Polar Monkeys offers four different cold plunge experiences, with The Portal acting as the base model. I’ll be mainly covering this ice bath during this Polar Monkeys review.

The company also offers an inflatable cold tub designed for easy transportation and storage, a deluxe fiberglass Brainpod cold tub with smart controls, and a high-end, wood-paneled luxury cold tub called the Star Treatment.

Though it doesn’t have some of the advanced features of its big brothers, The Portal is no slouch. Available in both 2x4x2 and 2x6x2 sizes, is an iceless cold tub that uses a built-in water chiller capable of cooling the water temperature down to 36°F (2°C). The chiller also doubles as a heater unit. This means The Portal can also be used as a private hot tub, capable of reaching temperatures of 110°F (43°C).

What’s more, The Portal’s steel tank construction gives it a unique advantage over cold plunge tubs made from other materials. Steel is an efficient conductor metal, meaning that it dissipates heat quickly. This helps The Portal cool your water much faster. Better yet, once you’re inside, it actually feels colder.

Last but not least, like all Polar Monkeys cold tubs, The Portal is supported by an easy-to-use smartphone app. It allows you to program, schedule, monitor, and adjust your cold plunge tub for maximum convenience.

A female athlete immersing herself in an ice bath using The Portal
The Portal is Polar Monkeys’ flagship cold water immersion tub. | Image Source: Polar Monkeys

Polar Monkeys Cold Tubs at a glance

Polar Monkeys is a company based out of Hallandale, Florida. Though founded fairly recently in 2022, the brand has already made a name for itself in the world of cold therapy products thanks to its quality builds, streamlined designs, and unique style.

The people who own and operate Polar Monkeys don’t just make and sell cold therapy tubs, they also use them in their own daily lives. As a result, Polar Monkeys cold tubs are crafted first and foremost with the end user in mind. They are engineered to be comfortable, durable, and easy to use, without ever sacrificing effectiveness or efficiency.

A Polar Monkeys cold tub with a 6-foot steel tank and iceless water chiller unit
Polar Monkeys cold tubs come with an iceless water chiller that also doubles as a heater. | Image Source: Polar Monkeys

What sets Polar Monkeys apart from other cold plunge manufacturers

Investing in a permanent, freestanding cold plunge is also a good way of eliminating the cost of individual CWI sessions using traditional cooling methods. Cold therapy using a regular tub can cost you around $10 per session, just from buying bags of ice.

Unlike other cold tub manufacturers, Polar Monkeys places a high priority on accessibility and affordability. The $2,990 cost of the company’s flagship product, The Portal, is significantly cheaper than the $5k+ price tag of many other cold water immersion tubs on the market today.

Affordability isn’t the only thing that sets Polar Monkeys cold tubs apart from the competitors, though. There’s also the fact that the company offers a wide range of models in addition to The Portal. This includes the fiberglass Brainpod, the luxurious Star Treatment, and even an Inflatable cold tub.

By far the most unique of the Polar Monkeys brand’s offerings, however, are its limited edition variants. The company regularly works with up-and-coming artists to create original graphics-wrapped cold plunge tubs emblazoned with cool, graffiti-style imagery and motivational slogans. These limited edition models offer a distinctive way for cold therapy users to express themselves as individuals. They are also highly collectible.

Ready to take a deeper dive into The Portal? Here’s what you need to know about this awesome cold immersion tub.

Highlights of using The Portal

Thanks to its relatively inexpensive price point of less than $3k, there’s much less risk for anyone considering purchasing The Portal for themselves. This makes it an attractive option for cold water immersion newbies or more sporadic users.

At the same time, if you are a dedicated enthusiast who does cold therapy regularly, The Portal has everything you need to get your circulation flowing, soothe your sore muscles, and relieve everyday stress and anxiety. Whether you’re someone who is just starting out or has been around the block, The Portal is a solid investment that will definitely pay off as you use it.

The Portal, the flagship Polar Monkeys cold tub
Looking to express yourself? Polar Monkeys cold tubs are available with limited edition art graphics. | Image Source: Polar Monkeys

Here are some features of The Portal that I found interesting:

The Portal is available in two sizes: 2x4x2 and 2x6x2. The 4-foot tank is capable of holding 120 gallons and 100 lbs without water or 800 lbs with water. The 6-foot tank is capable of holding 170 gallons and 120 lbs without water or 1000 lbs with water. I myself am 6’4” tall and the 6-foot model felt roomy and comfortable.

– Thanks to the combination chiller/heater unit, The Portal can function as both a cold plunge tub and a personal hot tub. The unit can cool your water to temperatures as low as 36°F or heat it as high as 110°F.

– The chiller unit can be adjusted and monitored remotely using a free smartphone app. If you have a Wi-Fi connection, the app can be used to raise or lower The Portal’s water temperature. It can also be used to schedule temperature changes ahead of time.

– The tub comes equipped with a built-in filtration system that helps keep your water clean. Additionally, Polar Monkeys recommends customers use Sirona Sanitizer. This is a non-chlorine, non-bromine solution that controls bacteria growth and has an indefinite shelf life.

The Portal can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. For those interested in using The Portal outside, Polar Monkeys recommends purchasing an insulated cold tub cover for additional protection.

The Portal is available in three colors: white, black, or silver. For a small price, customers can upgrade to a limited edition version with unique graffiti-inspired artwork.

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A black cold water immersion tub from Polar Monkeys, connected to an iceless water chiller
The Portal uses a built-in filtration system to help keep your Portal Monkeys cold tub clean. | Image Source: Polar Monkeys

Who should buy The Portal?

– People who have already tried cold water therapy and want to take ice baths regularly in their own homes

– High-performance athletes and young professionals seeking superior physical recovery benefits. This includes improved blood flow, boosted immune system performance, relief from muscle pain and inflammation, and weight loss

– Individuals looking to express their individuality with a more unique cold tub featuring dynamic, limited-edition art

– Cold water therapy enthusiasts who are looking for more affordable alternatives to overpriced high-end ice bath tubs

– Anyone who wants a tub that can be adjusted for both hot and cold temperatures

– Gyms and wellness center owners interested in offering cold plunges to customers

– Retreat hosts and event organizers searching for a freestanding, easy-to-use, versatile cold tub

– Anyone who wants to be more proactive about taking care of their health and wellness

A silver Polar Monkeys cold tub set outside
Whether you like taking ice baths indoors or outdoors, The Portal is a perfect choice. | Image Source: Polar Monkeys

Who shouldn’t get The Portal?

– Anyone who is just dipping their toes into cold water immersion and hasn’t yet decided if regular cold plunges are right for them 

– Those looking for an ice bath with more advanced luxury features will be better served investing in one of Polar Monkeys‘ higher-end models, like the Brainpod or the Star Treatment

– People who need a portable cold plunge should look into purchasing Polar Monkeys’ inflatable tub instead of The Portal

In addition to Polar Monkeys, here are the other tubs I recommend for cold water immersion:

Budget: $Ice Barrel
Mid: $$The Edge Tub
Luxury: $$$Renu Therapy

My tips for using The Portal ice bath

1. Take advantage of The Portal’s versatility: With its cooling and heating capabilities, The Portal effectively works as both a cold plunge and a private hot tub. However, the range of its temperature control also means that it’s easy to adjust the cold level for your comfort. If you’re trying to acclimate your body to cooler temperatures, use the Polar Monkeys app to gradually chill the water more over time.

2. Pick the right spot for your ice bath installation: The Portal uses a steel tank that is not insulated, which means condensation can occur. This can result in wet floors and even water damage if your tub is not placed correctly. For best results, install The Portal in an area that has waterproof floors and easy access for safe water drainage.

3. Get an insulated tub cover for bathing outside: Polar Monkeys cold tubs are designed so that customers can use them either indoors or outdoors. However, leaving your cold therapy tub uncovered can allow debris into the tank. Even with The Portal’s filtration capabilities, this can damage your tub over time. For that reason, I recommend an insulated tub cover if you plan to use The Portal outside.

4. Use the Shop Pay service to finance your cold tub: Even at the low price of $2,990, buying The Portal still represents a large investment. Fortunately, Polar Monkeys offers financing through Shop Pay. This allows customers to forgo paying for their tub all at once, instead breaking it down into smaller payments over time. APR starts at just 0%, so definitely consider using Shop Pay if you qualify.

A Polar Monkey cold plunge with colorful psychedelic graphics
Enjoy the physical recovery benefits of cold temperatures by taking an ice bath in The Portal. | Image Source: Polar Monkeys

Other things to consider before buying The Portal

In addition to the information above, here are some other important items to consider before you buy The Portal cold water immersion tub for yourself:

What comes with The Portal cold tub?

The base price for The Portal includes the following:

– Steel tank with inlet/outlet connections and drain valve

– Chiller unit (1 HP for 6 ft tanks, 1/2 HP for 4 ft tanks)

– Pump

– Filter

– Hoses

Side view of Polar Monkeys ice bath showing hookups for water chiller and filtration system
Setting up The Portal is quick and easy; you don’t even need any special tools. | Image Source: Polar Monkeys

How long does it take to set up?

Installing The Portal is relatively easy, although the steel tub can be a little heavy. It helps to have someone there to help you lift and arrange it. Connecting the tub to the chiller unit and filling it with water should take no more than 10-15 minutes. No special tools are required.

How long does it take to cool the water?

When starting from room temperature, or around 70°F, The Portal takes roughly 2-3 hours to cool the water below 50°F. Once you reach your preferred temperature, though, the water will remain that cold (or warm) until you change it.

Warranties and guarantees

The Portal, as well as other Polar Monkeys cold tubs, comes with a 1-year limited warranty that guarantees repair and replacement for any defective workmanship or materials. Polar Monkeys also offers a 14-day return policy. This means that customers have 14 days from the time to receive their cold tub to request a return. 

Where to buy The Portal

You can buy The Portal and other ice bath products directly through the Polar Monkeys cold tub website. A number of accessories are also available, including Sirona Sanitizer, filter replacement cartridges, insulated tub covers, and more.

Polar Monkeys: Ice bath specifications

Looking for some technical details about The Portal cold therapy tub from Polar Monkeys? Here are some product specifications collected together in one spot for easy reference:

Tank Dimensions:2 ft x 4 ft x 2 ft or 2ft x 6 ft x 2ft
Tub Capacity:120 gallons or 160 gallons
Temperature Range:36°F – 110°F
Water Chiller Horsepower: 1 HP or 1/2 HP
Energy Use: 510 watts or 870 watts

Despite its budget-friendly price, The Portal offers a state-of-the-art CWI experience. This makes it one of the best cold plunge products on the market in 2023.

My final thoughts on The Portal tub from Polar Monkeys

Whether you’re new to CWI or an old pro, The Portal is a high-quality cold therapy option with top-notch construction, a sleek design, flexible functionality, and an unbeatable price. I have no qualms whatsoever about recommending this product to athletes or anyone else interested in health and wellness.

More than just a physical recovery product, Polar Monkeys’ cold plunges have a distinctive flair that helps users make a statement. The Portal is hip and stylish in a way that makes you want to show it off to your friends.

Furthermore, the fact that The Portal doubles as both a cold tub and a hot tub means it offers twice the utility and comfort for half the price of more expensive products. Even with its low price point, The Portal doesn’t sacrifice build quality, energy efficiency, or any of the benefits of cold water immersion therapy. If you’re looking for a programmable freestanding ice bath you can use at home, this Polar Monkeys cold tub has you covered.

Is The Portal worth it?

If you want to be more proactive about your health, ice baths are one of the best ways to do that. They contribute not only to physical health but mental health as well, helping to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Buying a cold plunge tub is always an investment, even when the price is relatively low. It’s important that you weigh all the pros and cons of an ice bath before you make that investment. If you plan to engage in CWI on a regular basis and want a freestanding tub for your own home, I wholeheartedly recommend The Portal.

Thanks to Polar Monkeys‘ generous 1-year limited warranty and 14-day return policy, there’s no risk in purchasing The Portal or any of their other models. To make things even easier, Polar Monkeys also offers financing through Shop Pay. This makes the already low $2,990 price tag even more affordable. Compare that to competitors who charge upwards of $5,000 for cold tubs with fewer features, and it should go without saying that, yes, The Portal is absolutely worth buying.

Polar Monkeys – Company contact info

Want to get in touch with the cold water therapy experts at Polar Monkeys? Check out their official website www.polarmonkeys.com. Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram!

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A customer giving the thumbs up from inside their limited edition Polar Monkeys cold tub
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